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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. good morning thanks for joining us, it is it is tuesday november 22. a bus drive arrested after killing young students, hearing from a boy who survived. and a boy accused of sexually assaulting students on a bus why investigating. and a would be burglar, his weapon of choice didn't get the job done. a lawsuit against chipolte over a burrito, another chilly one as you head out the door. wind chills are running in the teens and 20s to another winter feel as you step outside, 2 the, 16 in worcester very similar to where we were
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the wind adding the bite to the air a few scattered clouds, worcester county to rhode island, a couple exiting from the south shore to the cape. it will be a bright day beautiful looking blustery still cold, breezy, 6:44 sunrise, improvement over the 20s, 41 by lunchtime gust 35 mile clear and blustery for the ride home sunset at 4:16 temperatures are back in the mid-30s. changes for thanksgiving we'll talk about them coming up we'll get you on the road. this accident on 93 in andover blocking the shoulder all the way in the rest of 93 completely clear. we have our usual stop and go
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milton to columbia road it is not looking too good, this is probably what it will look like with thanksgiving travel split, 128, 20 minutes from brain tree up to the pike, kate? breaking over night a school bus driver in tennessee arrested. charged in a crash that killed 5 young students police say 24- year-old johnthony walker was driving the school bus when he crashed into a tree flipped the bus nearly slicing it in 35 students from kindergarten to fifth grade on board, one describes what happened. >> he wasn't paying attention, was going real fast, he hit a garbage bag and hit real hard. more charges could come the ntsb will be on that scene
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bus' black box and camera. massachusetts does not require seat belts on school buses there are only six states, california, florida, new jersey, new york, louisiana and texas. those states require students to wear lap or shoulder belts on school buses. disturbing allegations against a 6-year-old accused of sexually assaulting other children on a school bus, parents are just finding out about those alleged incident. wbz nicole jacobs is investigation. the alleged incidents happened weeks ago parents, students were made aware monday it took awhile for them to address the issue i can tell you the school says immediately upon learning of these allegations the leadership team acted.
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aredisturbing and the details making the rounds on social media surrounding a 6-year-old student at boston renaissance charter school allegedly sexually molesting boys on the school bus, writing, if the kids refuse he beats them and threatens them saying he is going to bring a gun to school to shoot them and their parents, police confirm they were alerted on november 3rd but tell wbz due to the ages of the parties involved there ca be no criminal investigation now concern from parents that the charter school should do more school officials writing, we have taken this matter very seriously and have taken appropriate measures to ensure safety going onto write this is a highly sensitive matter and we ask our school community to have privacy of students and parents and allow the school to handle this appropriately. in the meantime detectives refer to a social services
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involved counsel. wbz has also learned the school buses are provided by boston public school system some parents say there should be a bus monitor on every single bus. live in hyde park, nicole jacobs. the former house speaker frees from prison, his wife expected to be there and travel back to massachusetts the 71- year-old who was battle cancer granted compassionate relief, served more than 5 years of an 8 year sentence on corruption charges. and president elect donald trump laying out plans for first 100 days in office after another day of high profile meeting with possible cabinet picks at trump tower. >> in a video posted to the president elect transition page on youtube monday, donald trump vowed to bring jobs back to the
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largest global trade deal in history on day one. >> i am going to issue our notification to withdraw from the transpacific partnership. he thought to assure world leaders after trump would make good on the agreement. >> people should take a wait and see approach in how much is policy proposal matches up with some of campaign. mr. trump met with some republicans on trump tower including senator scott brown with a role as va secretary. >> there are tremendous people out there. >> trump's aides say they want to hear viewpoints across the political spectrum as he continues to fill his cabinet.
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yesterday held a meeting with executives and anchor including charlie rose, gayle king, meet with new york times and other publications before heading home for the thanksgiving holiday. 6:07 a warning for people traveling abroad the state department says there is a heightened risk for a tax in europe officials are encouraging travelers to be careful, avoid large crowds ande transportation and visiting tourist sites the advisory issues yesterday says there is credible information that islamic state and militants plan attacks and sympathizers may try to execute attacks during the holiday season. people in japan told to stay alert a magnitude 7.4, a
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damage or injury. yesterday's quake was actually an after shock of the devastating 2011 earthquake. today could be a tough ride for drivers ahead of thanksgiving in the past few years the tuesday before thanksgiving is the worse to travel, ana miler is more on what drives need to know today, ana good morning. the roads don't look too bad but that could chan soon aaa says there will be more people on the roads this thanksgiving than we have seen in 9 years, now this is what the tuesday before thanksgiving looked like last year, could be worse this year, more than 950,000 people from massachusetts are willing to drive to their destination that's up 5% from last year
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the best day to leave is the sunday before thanksgiving but that day has come and gone and we're bracing for the first two days to travel, the tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving. here is what you need to know if you have to travel wednesday your best bet is to hit the road around 7 and avoid around 3 p.m. the worse way is saturday if you have to leave get out the around 4 p.m. the best day to come home is friday but plan on heading out around 6 a.m. avoid traveling around 4 p.m. mass dot crews working on road reconstruction following the demolition of the tole booth will be off the road by 5:00 tomorrow morning hopefully easing some of that congestion, wbz this morning. 6:09 ap burglar caught on
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convenience store you can see him throw a rock at the door, that bounces back and hits his truck there. he picks it up and tries again, no luck until he gets in his car and just takes off, he hasn't been caught. the owner says this is the second time in two months he was targeted and called the crooks the dumbest thieves 6 in brockton. >> can i point out he in the van and he was turning on, has the windshield wipers going on? he has a lot of problems. a lawsuit for the birds, seagulls to be exact, against hips neighbor in webster. and calories in a burrito. a puppy that was swiped from a pet store. the efforts to track down this
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the teens and 20s the kids definitely want to be bundled up we'll be in the low 40s a bright and beautiful day a quiet travel day tomorrow and then changes on the way for thanksgiving we'll break down the details coming up these are the kids at the 7 hills charter school they said happy thanksgiving in worcester hope you guys have a great day tomorrow and a happy
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. new hampshire police are trying to find this pricey little pup stolen from a store in portsmouth, the 2- pound chihuahua was taken from the little house of pets they think the customer swiped the $900 puppy, he has a microchip and they are trying to get the word out to vets in the area, i don't think that's him barking, imagine that's what he sounds like. did you see that pine cone in relation to the puppy? >> you could take him with you! >> someone probably swiped him.
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>> that's why you could have a pocket dog, it stays that small. >> that's the part we like. >> you're a fan of bigger dogs. >> little ankle biter, no thanks. >> it is going to be a great looking day but definitely still on chilly side, sunrise coming up under a half hour fr running in the 20s and 30s, 32 in boston same in taunton, 32 in chatham, 37 in worcester similar to where we were yesterday there is still a bit of a wind, the wind won't be as strong as it was yesterday afternoon we had gusts 40 plus, the wind chill is 16 in worcester, 22 in boston, 20s
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from southern worcester county back down in northern portions of rhode island, flurries in we know connecticuit, snow bands in parts of new york and the wind whips around the backside a little break in the action back to our west over the great lakes, you run into a little bit of everything from kansas with rain to some sleet and freezing rein in parts of iowa and minnesota and snow on the north side this disturbance is going to be heading in our directwi little bit of an impact on thanksgiving, if you're traveling today or tomorrow, quiet weather, guess it is going to be chilly the sun is going to be shining grab the shades no weather-related herb shoe the wind will be lighter tomorrow temperatures in the 40s clouds advance in wednesday night thursday morning on thanksgiving a little bit of snow breaking out and maybe just told enough too we get a light wintery mix, freezing
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could be for a couple slick spots depending how this comes in, that's the main thing we'll be watching thursday morning in terms of impact through the interior, a lot of thanksgiving will be dry and cloudy, thursday evening rain and snow showers fill back in notice the snow is confined to the hilly terrain back to the brookshire. not an extreme thanksgiving but not the best in terms 40s you have to factor in the wind feels leak the 30s clear skies cold tonight 31 downtown, 20s in the suburb, only in the upper 30s on thanksgiving chance of rain and snow showers, light snow on friday we could see a rain and snow mix, and beautiful shot behind
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traffic a beautiful shot of the bunker hill monument with sunrise so fitting for thanksgiving we'll go back to uglier things, this accident actually clears moments ago we have a slow down other than that you're good the drive time from the state line o'neal tunnel is 35 minutes. a new reported warning drivers and pedestrians how dangerous parking lots can be, 50,000 crashes took placparking lots leading to deaths and injuries. distracted driving is a leading cause of the accident. when we look at the holidays we're looking at compounding a very busy
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overcrowding, parents separated from their children it is just a dangerous environment. the report says pedestrian accidents in parking lots are up in average of 51 people die from being hit by a car that's backing up. chris? thanks. from one warning to another cambridge police, brianna just fell off he were stage there. a warning from cambridge police, thieves may be wa to steal your stuff! they showed the hot spots where a large number of deliveries are stolen, police say cambridge tends to be hot spot for package theft. a man suing his neighbor over seagulls, the problem is his neighbor is feeding the birds but then leave a mess on his property. he asking for $2,000 to replace
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they issued a seat and assist order, they call this case silly and deny his client is feeding the birds. and chipolte, the burrito is advertised to be 300 calories bach guys in los angeles ate that burritos they said they were too fold. chipolte, they may up. doesn't include the burrito ourang else you put into it. they are asking chipolte to fess up and stop using the information. >> all right. just ahead, a warning before you take another selfie. also coming up this morning no flags on campus the reason behind the new ban at a
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the most notorious pirates in history, 300 years after it
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. before you take your next selfie the number of people of deaths trying to perfect picture, researchers found since 2014, 127 people died many others got hurt this includes falling off buildings drowning, trying to take a photo posting a weapon the majority of the deaths happened in indianapolis in mabui classifying an area of no selfie zones because of it. kanye west is reportedly in the hospital sources say he is getting a psychiatric
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and severe sleep deprivation. earlier he canceled his saint pablo tour including a stop here in boston. governor charlie baker will be day of civility. encouraging people to do 24 acts of kindness in 24 hours. and an american burned officials say it was lowered to half staff and later burned on veterans day. they decided to replace the flag but decided not to fly flags on campus at all. they'll consult with the students how they'll move forward. college students in new york are getting a discount if they choose the right roommate, new york university rolling out a pilot program that will cut the cost of housing in half if students live with senior citizens they'll move into an
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citizen has an extra room to open up to mature seniors. if you want to be a real life pirate today is your chance this unveiled part of the ship that sank off cape code nearly 300 years ago you'll be able to see artifacts from the recovered caboose at 1:00 in the afternoon the caboose is likely pirates cooked their meals, sank back in 1717. >> i love it. i love it! so cool! >> kind of a far trip for us to go, though. >> i think it is a good one, maybe we'll have to do that. in the next half hour including a change in leadership at fidelity investments. a bus driver arrested over night and charged in a crash that killed 5 elementary school children we'll have the latest
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. breaking news right now at
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apparent explosion in philadelphia what we're learn. a child accused of assaulting students on a bus why police are not investigating this case. hitting the road for a thanksgiving holiday, today could be the worse day for drivers we have some advice to get you on your way. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. this is wbz news this morning. 6:30 thks a couple days away, tuesday, a lot of people wrapping up work and school for the holiday danielle, it is starting to feel like the holidays are here. we'll be really chilly the next couple of days temperatures below the average and the wind chill is in the teens and 20s, 16 the wind chill in worcester, lawrence
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32 in boston with clear skies, just a band of clouds from southern worcester county, plymouth county this will work off the south coast in the next hour, it is a chilly wind that won't be quite as strong as yesterday but still gust 30, 35 minute team frame that will create real feel in the 30s for the duration, the ride home clear and blustery, temperatures falling into the upper 30s. changes for thanksgiving we'll break down the details coming up we'll get you on the roads. sky eye over the scene of a car fire on the mass pike in newten this is 17 nor newten corner, two lanes of traffic, the left lay on the bike app pike and the right lane on the ramp. you can see this isn't an active fire a matter of
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expect delays eastbound on the mass pike in newton. police, they were investigating a suspicious package when some sort of explosion happened inside a man's kitchen. that man was taken to the hospital no word on his condition. a school bus driver in tennessee under arrest facing criminal charges after a crash that killed more to the hospital. the transportation safety board is heading to the scene to investigate. hena danielles has the latest. >> reporter: frantic friends and fam members rushed to the hospital shaken and shocking this woman fell to the ground hours earlier school bus carrying 35 kind departen through fifth graders slammed into a tree and flipped on its
6:33 am
lives today, their family, schools, their friends. the bus driver 24 year old johnthony walker. >> we do know it was a single vehicle only the bus was involved. a warrant has been issued to remove the black box and review video cameras on the bus. hena daniels cbs news. a 6-year-old accused on a school bus. we are live at hyde park with the investigation underway, nicole. >> reporter: school officials say they were made aware of that facebook post that outlined the disturbing details of these allegations all stem
6:34 am
old student at the school allegedly sexually molesting other young boys on the school bus, they were alerted of the incident but due to the ages they cannot launch a criminal investigation. details are seclating on social media. needless to say parents are returned. school officials are writing on the website we have taken the appropriate steps to protect were involved this is a highly sensitive matter it goes onto say we ask our school community to address privacy of students and families and to handle this appropriately. i can also tell you in lieu of that criminal investigation boston police have reffed this situation to social services agencies to help provide
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involved. nicole jacobs. police arrested a man accused of ambushing and murdering an officer in texas. 31-year-old otis tyronne mckane will be charged with murder, the officer was writing a ticket in his car outside of police headquarters, mckane was angry about a custody battle and shot at someone who didn't deserve it, that was one of four attacks the second officer is now back at home officer matt moore es was released spalding rehab, his partner was released from the hospital a week after the shooting. and honored at a state football game. including the national anthem,
6:36 am
marines, and a fly-over from the state police aerowing. the trooper's family will be doing the ceremonial coin toss. and to help the fam killed in a construction accident 2 days, $12,000 has been raised for jason's wife and three kids, he was killed when he was using a circular saw that kicked back and sliced him in the neck he was taken to the hospital where and donald trump spelling out an am pishes agenda, what he hopes no achieve as president. >> whether it is producing steal, building cars, i want the next generation of invention to happen in our great homeland, america. greating jobs and wealth for american workers. he pledged to negotiate trade deals but didn't mention
6:37 am
mexican border or repealing the act. the two he want at trump tower yesterday brown said the meeting went well but he is not the only one under consideration, he would focus on lowering the suicide rate among veterans and shorten wait times. he expects a decision from the president elect after thanksgiving. calls have anti-bias hot line, the new number to call the anti-hate rally. she crated the hot loin in response to the numerous reports of hate crime following the election. 6:37 today could be a tough day for drives in the past two years the tuesday before thanksgiving could be the worse day to travel.
6:38 am
drivers need to know. >> there are more cars on the road than we saw earlier this morning still isn't too bad that could bring change as the day goes on aaa says there will be more people on the roads than we've seen in a decade this is what it looked like last year, aaa says 950,000 people from massachusetts are expected to drive from last year thanks in part due to lower gas prices there are signs warning travelers to eve early a steady says the best day to leave is sunday before thanksgiving, that day has come and gone, we're bracing for the worse days, tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving. if you are heading out if you are to travel on wednesday your
6:39 am
7 and avoid around 3. the worse day to head home is saturday, if you have to leave get out the door by 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. the best day to come home is the day after thanksgiving on friday, plan on heading out around 6 a.m. and avoid traveling around 4 p.m. mass dot working on the demolition of the toll, off the road by 5:00 hoping to ease that congestion. it will donate 100% of black friday sales to environmental group that could mean a $2 million donation, they came up with the idea afternoon the election more than 800 organizations will ben if i want from the black friday event. they give sales to fight
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based fidelity investments edward johnson the third will hand over to his daughter. in an e-mail edward johnson says his daughter has been groomed to run the company, fidelity says he is not retiring due to health concerns. plainridge park may not be following the conditions, supposed to hie 90% of the work force from within the and towns but planeridge only hired36% of the staff from the areas. ahead of the top stories house speaker getting out of prison this morning. the burglar getting a lot of attention, the surveillance video you don't want to miss. where you can ice skate for
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escheating. it felt like winter the past couple of days, our weather watchers are checking in with temperatures in the 20s and 30s, denise checking in with 30 degrees in plymouth, says we got spoiled this cold weather snuck up on us? we'll outline your thanksgiving day forecast in detail when we
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. you are looking to hit the slopes you may want to head out to western massachusetts, two feet of snow was dumped on gimene peek last night the mountain says in 24 were blanketed to 18 to 20 inches of snow that practically matched last year's winter total snowfall. >> we have another one for you the frog pond will open up for ice skating there is a special treat for the first day. free admission from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. open throughout the winter seven days a week for sceating . certainly told enough the
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pushing, pushing, pushing! i think it is good there are opening on time, it is going to feel winter like, december like in terms of the temperatures the next several days you want to be bundled up if you're headed out to the frog pond, quiet week for travel today and tomorrow no weather-related issues if you're out there heading to your destination a lot of clouds on turkey day and light precipitation, we may be talking about wintery mix. 20s and 30s, 32 in boston, same in taunton, low 30s from burlington vermont back down to cape cod, with that there is also a wind and the win is gusting 15 to 30 miles per hour the wind chills is 16, boston, definitely dress for winter out the door, you'll want to have the scarves and gloves, mainly clear a few down in the cape in
6:46 am
compared to yesterday as our storm center departs in new york with leak effect snow bands. back in the west? that's our weather for tomorrow, quiet weather then you encounter rain, sleeting freezing rain and snow a little bit of everything with this next disturbance topped is question it the wind not quite as strong minute, tomorrow a little less wind, temperatures in the mid-40s with plenty of sunshine the clouds uncrease wednesday night thursday, rain and snow showers mixed with light freezing rain too, my concern is if precipitation moves in wednesday night and thursday morning particular hi through the interior because it will be so cold and it's been so cold.
6:47 am
chance of flurry or snow shower we'll see some of that fill in with thanksgiving, mucking with snow with the high terrain back into the brookshire, wind chills in the 30s, a little better than yesterday, high of 42, this is what it is going to feel leak wind chill in the low to mid-40s, mostly brisk, 10 to 20 miles per hour, high of 44, thanksgiving day itself chillier, not a wash out but watching rain and snow showers could be slick in spots thursday morning friday light pockets of spotty rain showers could see a hitel bit of a mix inland and still in the 40s through the start of next week. we have heavy delays from
6:48 am
about this said expect heavy delays expect an alternate route we have this accident on the dew pointive bridge, heavy, heavy delays on the mass pike, and the expressway into the city, chris and kate? thank you. breaking over night a school bus driver in tennessee arrested charged in a crash that killed 5 young students, vehicular homicide, he was driving the school bus flipping the bus slicing it in half the ntsb will be on the scene a warrant has been issued for the plaque box and cameras. our other top stories a 6-
6:49 am
facebook post accusing the school of trying to hide the investigation. boston police say they were notified but cannot launch a criminal investigation because of the ages of those involved. the house speaker this morning, his wife is expected to be there and travel back to massachusetts with him today. the 71-year-old was granted compassionate release and served more than 5 years of an 8 year sentence on charges. a burglary gone wrong in brockton, you can see him throw a rocket bounces back, no luck though he gets back in his car and takes offs he hasn't been caught yet the store owner posted a video on facebook. the patriots defense takes a big hit the mayers suspended for four games. we have the perfect holiday
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. the celtic with their way back against the timberwolves, caught fire in the fourth, a
6:53 am
down 81-78. and tied it up with this three here, gets the steal, and the huge, outscoring the wolves, celtics win 99-93. a tough hit for the patriots the key players suspended for four games. and steve takes a closer look at the allegations and the impact. good morning everyone the pats were off yesterday but they have news it is not good. the patriots ns for testing positive for marijuana but will appeal. could play until it is resolved. that could make him available for game, and big part of their interior run defense. the pats try and get defense back to a championship level. 6:52. time for a closer look what's
6:54 am
morning. let's check in with norah. ahead on "cbs this morning" we're in tennessee with the investigation into the deadly school bus crash. more from our conversation with jon stewart on 17 years of host of the daily show. the news is back in the morning we'll see you at 7:00. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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. looking to get something cheesy for your loved one this holiday? cheetos is out with a luxury catalog, all real and to buy online, called eye of the cheetah jewelry for $20,000, cuff links even a chair, the cheeto lounge paw and pants are alread we're doing a secret santa i do not want any of the cheetah gifts. >> i am definitely getting you the perfume for sure. it is like anchor man, black panther? that's so funny. >> i think that's over our price tag. so it is cold today the wind chills in the teens and 20s again over the next couple of days we'll see temperatures that are in the 30s for thanksgiving day a little bit of light rain and snow showers
6:58 am
storm maybe slick in a couple spots but quiet for travel today and tomorrow. >> mass pike not pretty there is a car fire in newton in the eastbound lanes give yourself some extra time if you have to get on the pike this morning. >> we're saying goodbye but be back on 7:30 on your facebook page join us this.
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? good morning. if is tuesday, november 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a tennessee school bus smashes into trees, killing five children, injuring more than 20 others. the driver faces multiple charges. more than three feet of snow buries parts of the northeast. another storm is brewing, with tens of millions set to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. and jon stewart reflects on the evolution of "the daily show." walking away from it all. what brings him joy right now. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> multiple children lost their lives today.


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