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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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. an arrest in the murder of a mother killed outside a lowell party, family members say 44-year-old, now a woman is facing assault and battery charges. louisa is joining us on this breaking news what do we know? she is expected to be arrested, prosecutors charged her with assault and ballet battery she was at a party when
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leave shortly later in a parking lot her family was jumped, beaten and maybe stabbed by a beer bottle with a group of women, the death is still under investigation. we'll have the latest as it develops throughout the day. thank you very much. more breaking news at noon, new details revealed in the investigation of a deadly tennessee bus crash that killed 5 elementary school students the mother of were ready to die that man is under arrest facing vehicular homicide charges . >> reporter: a tow truck hauled away the wreckage of the school bus that carried 35 elementary school children. it had flipped over on its side and wrapped around a tree killing one boy and four girls. >> one in fourth grade, one in
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a mother told cbs news the driver asked the students if they were ready to die moments before the crash. >> my daughter said right before the bus flipped that he was speeding around the curve. >> police arrested the bus driver. johnthony walker, charged him with five counts of vehicular homicide. >> just last week kids to shut the f up, she got a hang over. >> the most unnatural thing in the world for a parent to mourn the loss of a child there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father and so today city is praying for these families. the bus had a camera on board which investigators will take a look at, cbs news, chattanooga, tennessee. massachusetts does not
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buses there are only six states that do, california, new jersey, new york, louisiana and texas. boston's mayor is responding to allegations of a 6-year-old sexually assaulting other children on a school bus parents outraged and calling for change. nicole jacobs is live with the latest on nicole. >> there are monitors on some school buses that require attendants for special needs, now parents are calling for monitors, saying this latest disturbing story is one reason why by now the word has spread. >> i'm scared. >> as disturbing as the many detales are, they are trying to
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>> first circulation on facebook, molestation of a 6- year-old boy to others on the school bus the post reading if the kids refuse, he beats on them and threatens them saying he is going to bring a gun to school to shoot them and parents. >> it wasn't until weeks after that officials warned parents through a robo call on the we know initially, they did send a message to my cell phone. >> some parents are rallying together. >> we need to make sure there are monitors on these buses. calling for the mayor and superintendent to take action. >> our children are not safe on any school bus that does not have a monitor. >> the you shall shoe is the cost making sure, how do you do it appropriately.
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asking for privacy and respect for students. >> i don't know what could have been done differently. >> parents want transparency and safe for their children. boston police say they can't launch a criminal investigation because of the age of the students involved but they have referred the case to a social services agency to provide counseling in that situation i can involved. nicole jacobs wbz news. a house speaker is a freeman he was released from federal prison in north carolina about two hours ago, he and his wife are traveling back to massachusetts and arrive this afternoon, the 71- year-old battled cancer and granted compassionate relief, served five years of an 8 year sentence of corruption charges. a look over the city of
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day out there. >> danielle niles is here with a look at the rest. it is going to stay chilly, it is the winding the bite to the air the current wind chill is in the 20s and 30s feeling like midwinter again all though not quite as biting, wind chills in boston, 20 to 30 miles per hour we're not seeing gusts 40 plus like we had this time yesterday the wind does stay active actual temperatures have snuck up in the 40s the average high by the ti 5 to 10 degrees below that the sun shining we have clouds back through central and new england lake effect snow through central new york, otherwise you are traveling across the country, we have a big storm center across the midwest a chance for severe weather some storms fearing up through the tennessee river valley tomorrow for us, it is a quiet day up and down the eastern seaboard
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thanksgiving day itself that area of low pressure is going to approach with a little bit of light wintery mex even here in southern new england across the west coast a potent storm is coming to the pacific northwest. when outlining the time line here on thanksgiving morning where we'll be impacted most maybe an accumulation map, kate, chris? you can keep an eye on your weather for your holiday anytime for the cbs boston weather app, current radar alerts and your forec apple stores. a man is under arrest accused of ambushing an officer, otis mckane, saying he shot benjamin marconi in the back of the head while writing a ticket in his car, mckane said he was angry about a custody battle and lashed out
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it. a second officer badly injured is back at home matt morris was released he was shot in the leg responding to a call last month his partner was also jerked he was released from the hospital a week after the shooting. right now a meeting between president elect donald trump and the new york times is back on trump tweeted he canceled trump who altered the deal. president elect will not pursue charges with her use of private e-mail server, trump is laying out what he will do in a video released last night trump says he'll weather draw from the transpacific partnership and fine tune the nation's visa program. a first of its find holiday in massachusetts governor charlie baker declared massachusetts day of civility.
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do 24 random acts of kindness in 24 hours, you might want to keep that in mind hundreds of thousands hit the roads what could be the worse travel days of the year on 93 southbound the hov lane will open an hour from now to help. donna is live with more on the thanks giving travel crush, ana. >> reporter: officials are keeping an eon mass dot center. according to aaa, holiday travelers will be driving so they have advice before hitting the road. >> felling tires with air and tanks with gas, it is a busy morning at rest stops along the mass pike as people hit the road for thanksgiving. >> i'm going to cape cod. >> we will try to avoid the traffic. nationwide will see the highest number of thanksgiving
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according to aaa. in massachusetts, about 950,000 people are expected to drive through their turkey dinner up 5% thanks to lower gas prices that's why these drivers are trying to leave early. >> i'm leaving today so i don't have to fight the holiday traffic of course. >> mass dot crews working on the roads following the demolition of the toll booth will be off the road by 5:00 wednesday morning to help ease congestion. it without toll booths they are wanting to be mindful. without lines of the tolls traffic will move quicker but tuesday and wednesday will be heavy travel days with rush hour starting around 1:00 in the afternoon. >> get your travel done in the morning completed before noon and if you're trying to avoid congestion one trick you might think of is wait to ride it out
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officials say their biggest concern is safety they are reminding everyone to wear their seat belt and not to drink and drive and not text and drive. coming up, trouble in toy land, the items still up for sale this holiday season. ahead this noon parking lot problems the shocking number of accidents happening every year and what many are being blamed on. and a life of a pirate a cape cod ship wreck from hundreds of years ago
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. the holiday shopping season is here and it will kick into high gear for a lot this week. there is toy trouble to tell you about the group says they have items still for sale. >> this past year the u.s. consumer product safety commission recalled 44 toys but mass perg a public interest research group found that 16 are still being sold on line right now, this is part of the research mass did for their 31st annual trouble and toy
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us some of those recalls toy including the helicopter that the over heat and burn a child some are more obvious like the pacifier clip, others like this wooden monkey >> that alls have to do their research. >> we should be checking our homes for toys that have been recalls previously and second, that many toys that have been recalls may still be available on lean. it is a problem we've been consistently seeing throughout the years and we are working to alleviate. if your a parent go to
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you can make sure you don't have trouble recall toys. good info thank you very much. a new warning about the dangers of parking lots as the holiday season continues, 50,000 crashes happened in parking lots last year 500 people died 60,000 others got hurt december tracted driving is the leading cause of these accidents. >> when we look at the holidays we're looking at already very hectic and busy environment there could be over crowding where there is a lot going on parents separated from their children it is a dangerous environment. the report finds pedestrian accidents and parking lots are up too an average after 51 people are hit and killed by cars backing up. cambridge police say there
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number of deliveries are stolen, this tends to be a hub for package theft due to the house being close together and close to the roads. a sure sign of coldest weather a look at the frog bond a few hours ago by the way today is the first day admission is free from now until 4:00 this afternoon as they kickoff the start of the season. >> a lot of people out there right now. camera shaking around a little bit breezy and a little but puts you right in the spirit. we're staying colder than normal for the next several days so the frog pond will be good to go. i want to give you a rewind remember last year, balmy 59 degrees on thanks giving day, worcester, 54 we were about 10 degrees above the average this year we'll be about 10 degrees below average what's this snow icon on here? we'll track the chance for
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cold feel with highs in the mid to upper 30s, currently temperatures 41 in boston a letel bet above yesterday, yesterday we hit 38 coldest since the beginning of april, real feel 31 in boston because the wind even though it is not quite as strong as yesterday, in terms of the gusts still active 22 miles per hour gusting higher plenty of sunshine a beautiful looking day as long as you're dressed appropriately we have clouds building across the western manchester, pointing north and clouds that may build in the sky no precipitation to worry about through the remainder of the afternoon we have a couple flurries still ongoing lake effect snow band pulls up as that lull pulls away back to our west this is our quiet weather for traveling tomorrow then you run into moisture there is a developing storm that will bring the chance for
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if you're traveling the rest of the day tonight and tomorrow good weather we'll be chilly but no weather-related issues, solar glare may be the only thing you have to contend with highs in the low to mid-40s and the wind will still be strong out of the northwest 10 to 20 miles per hour but not quite as gusty as today wednesday night clouds move in thanksgiving morning alittle bit likely to be in the 20s and 30s as this little bit moves in, freezing rain and down south. this is not a significant storm it is light precipitation that comes in, mainly snow, though, thursday morning so if you're headed out to do some 5k's you have the turkey trots the
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there may be some slippery spots particularly north and west of boston where we may change south of town in terms of snowfall this is just an early estimate, nothing too significant coatings here in eastern massachusetts possible, lighter accumulation in the brookshire will be possible thursday mid to late morning there may be light snow or flurries in friday, and new england may get a mix particularly the further you go those 40s sticking around right through the start of next week, chris. thank you very much. the life of a pirate on display in cape cod with a pirate museum is about to unveil part of the ship it sank in a storm off cape cod nearly 300 years ago, showcase artifacts from the recovered caboose at 1:00
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pirates likely cooked their meals i wonder if they were any good? >> probably not. a fast food company claiming customers are getting more than what they thought
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. this noon, heinz is recalling pork gravy, it's been mislabeled, it contains milk and soy which could cause a problem for those with allergies the jars have a best by date of december 28th 2017 you can return the gravy to the store for a full refund. chipolte facing a new lawsuit. >> too full they advertise the burrito with 300 calories but two guys said it was more, they claimed the meat was 300 calories not the burrito itself or anything in it, the men are speaking unspecified damages. a little bit of orange for your gift list.
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that h will chunk your budget. temperatures are running 40 degrees, let's check in with eric the sun is shining 40 degrees if you can find something to stand behind and block the wind it is not too bad out that's the that wind is stell active sticking around
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. today at 5:00, the tradition continues wbz political analyst john keller breaks down his list of national turkeys of the year. always look forward to that. okay we're taking the cheese to a new level this a luxury catalog for real they have it available and ready to buy it online it is a gift called the eye of the cheetah, jewelry for $20,000, a chair and some hot pants but a lot of the stuff is already sold out danielle you can't put it on your christmas list. weather staying cold a wintery mix thanksgiving morning.
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newscast today at 5:00. at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. why move forward alone when we can move forward together?
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>> jill: oh, there you are! happy thanksgiving, darling. >> billy: it doesn't smell like thanksgiving. >> jill: well, of course it does. fall is in the air. can't you smell the scent of pine? >> billy: i'm talking about the smell of turkey. is almost done. >> jill: well, surely, god, you didn't expect that i would be cooking? >> billy: no, no, i know better than that, but i expected catered turkey at least. you lied to me? >> jill: no, no, no. you assumed. the food is getting ready down at crimson lights, where you and i will be feeding the homeless. >> billy: [ chuckles ] okay. all right. what's going on? >> jill: what do you mean, what's going on? >> billy: well, i'm not buying this sudden humanitarian impulse from you. >> jill: billy, i thought it would be nice if you and i gave back to the community, okay, something altruistic. it's not like the first time we've done this. >> billy: what's going on?


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