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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. breaking news at 4:30. four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run. several officers dragged down a dorchester street. a new hampshire man badly burned while putting up christmas lights outside his home. charlie baker, the democrat who may be ready to run. >>live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon wednesday november 23rd, thanksgiving eve, if you will. it shouldn't be too bad
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talking about temperatures in the teens. and once again as you're stepping out the wind chill is 17 degrees in worcester right now, pretty much where we've been the past few mornings. wind chill is 22 in boston right now. it's all because of the wind, but it will be diminishing through the day, just a gradual process, still gusting to 30 miles per hour right now. upper 20s in little bit above the past few mornings. clear skies, just a few scattered clouds. back to the west we've got rain, sleet, snow, freezing rain. this is going to be our next disturbance working our direction and will have an impact on thanksgiving. your traveling for today is going to be quiet, chilly wind, 30 this morning, sunrise at 6:45. the wind will gradually
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clear and quiet for the ride home. temperatures in the upper 30s and thanksgiving day will feature a little bit of light snow and maybe a shower or two, high temperatures in the upper 30s. i'll take you through the hour-by-hour forecast through thanksgiving in a few minutes. good morning. watching the mass. pike this morning, things have calmed down against last night. if you're heading out soon, you will be fine heading east or west right now. it's just 30 minutes from 495 in both directions. breaking news overnight four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and- run in dorchester. police are still looking for the driver. police say several officers were dragged by the vehicle down the street just after midnight. the officers were investigating reports of a person with a gun in a car. they stopped a vehicle matching the description. when they asked the driver to get out, the person took off. again, four officers taken to the hospital.
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to be okay. >>the four officers that went to the hospital are non-life threatening. we are thankful for that. >>the suspect's vehicle is a gray or silver chevy last seen in dorchester. you have information, call police. breaking overnight a shooting victim found outside walgreens in roxbury. police were searching the area overnight trying to figure out where the shooting happened. and developing in detroit a police officer shot in the head at wayne state university. right now detectives are questioning a possible suspect. the 29-year-old officer was investigating car thefts on campus when he was shot. he's out of surgery but still in critical condition. a new hampshire man badly burned while putting up christmas lights. the man was
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yesterday with a metal pole and touched a power line shocking the man. he's being treated at a boston hospital this morning. the holiday travel rush is well under way but many more travelers will be taking to the skies, roads, and rails today. if yesterday was any indication, you can expect some delays. let's check in with brianna with some potential problems and some advice. >>if you're heading to logan airport added extra service. about a million people are expected to travel in and out of logan in the next few days. because a lot of holiday travelers don't fly affect they'll have additional staff and volunteers on hand. officials at logan advise that you check your flight before heading to the airport and plan to arrive early. if you're picking someone up at logan, you're
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lot until they can meet you at the curb. the first wave of travelers took to the roads yesterday, and they were going nowhere fast. check this out. it's not expected to be any better today. travelers we spoke with say they're just focused on getting to their destination. >>the plan is to get home early before the traffic hits. >>i think traffic makes you more tired. getting home, i guess it'll be worth it in the end. >>i they've added extra trains and staff to help with the increase in passengers this week m trains are sold out, but there are still seats available. and they're holding their first-ever black friday track friday sale. a t employee attacked on a bus this morning. transit police need help with the investigation. police say this is a person of interest wanted for questioning in the saturday afternoon attack. an mbta employee was assaulted on board
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talbot and colonial avenue in dorchester. anyone with information should call transit police. a campus controversy playing out at an art gallery at salem state. artists were asked to weigh in on the recent presidential election and the divisions in the country it exposed. the artist is a vee unanimous vet from lowell who says he's both heard that white interimmists that might gaining a -- super cysts that might be -- supremecist who might be gaining a voice. >>it does not show what i felt when i walked in and saw the imagine. >>i don't think it gives us an opportunity to discuss truths, regardless of whether they're good or bad should be dismissed. >>for now the gallery is closed. after thanksgiving break, the
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to decide what to do next. president-elect donald trump expected to release another video message to the public today, this one focusing on thanksgiving. meanwhile mr. trump is reversing his stance on some controversial campaign positions as he moves closer to naming more cabinet picks. henna daniels has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump landed in florida tuesday night with several key rolls in his add his physician yet to be field. -- roles in his cabinet yet to be filled. >>it's personal that has been an interest of mine. >> reporter: earlier in the day he met with reporters and editors at the new york times and seemed to back away from some of the most controversial campaign rhetoric. >>special prosecutor, here we go. if i win, we're going to
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his campaign promise to prosecute hillary clinton, mr. trump told reporters live tweeting the sit-down, i don't want to hurt the clintons who went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways. he also reversed course on the issue of climate change telling the times "i think there is some connectivity between humans and climate change." he also stood by his pick of a group popular with white nash lifts agreed with the choice. the president-elect told the times i don't want to energize the group. if i thought he was a racist i wouldn't think about hiring him. henna daniels, cbs news. charlie baker could have his first challenger for the 2018
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sources, warren is making calls to democratic donors for campaign contributions. the paper says he's holding a fundraiser despite recently announcing he won't seek re-election. former house speaker salda massy is back in massachusetts after being released yesterday. his chemotherapy has made it difficult for him to he will be confined to his home for the next six months. >>i just want to say how happy i am, grateful and thankful that i'm home in boston. i'm a fighter, so i'm going to fight this all the way. i'm just overwhelmed by being able to be
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>>demacy was convicted of corruption for taking kickbacks. a wasted opportunity at the mbta. >>why the agency may be out nearly $2 million. and a stolen puppy has been found. who police say swiped the little guy. just in time for black friday, the new tool that could help you avoid the crowds next
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kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate,
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say more with kisses deluxe. . kate, we could have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. tonight's power ball jackpot is worth $359 million. tickets cost $2 apiece. you have until 9:50 we'll have the winning numbers for you tonight. >>i'm so excited. i got the tickets right here, no problem. i'm going to win them. >>we won a couple of bucks saturday. >>12 bucks, something to be proud of for sure. in today's money watch you're very own customized ugly christmas sweater. plus a tough break for some workers when it comes to overtime. and the big gains on wall street, jill.
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the record-setting post-election rally continues on wall street. the dow past the 19,000 mark for the first time. traders made these hats on friday and finally got to wear them yesterday. there was a cheer on the floor when the dow hit the milestone. the dow gained 67 points. yesterday the nasdaq finished 17 points higher. a texas judge blocks new regulation that was supposed to take state attorneys general sued to block it. the labor department says it is now considering all options. and google wants us to help you avoid the crowds this holiday season. it rolls out a new tool similar to its traffic app. it's a feature that could tell you when a store is at its busiest. if you've ever wanted an
4:45 am it will cost you about $100 per sweater. chris and kate. >>i like that it has your name on it, jill. that's pretty fancy. >> reporter: i didn't realize my producer had done that yet. we take these ugly christmas sweaters very seriously. >>all right, jill. thank you. >>i'm going to get one for all of you with my face on it. >>i think that's amazing. i will totally wear that own home. danielle i think that's a great idea. >>that would be a good idea, ugly christmas sweaters are so much fun. it's feeling like winter this morning. the real-feel is in the teens and 20 again. 17 in worcester, 22 in boston right now. temperature-wise we are in the 30s, upper 20s in worcester, 34 in boston not quite as cold by a couple of degrees as we were the past few mornings. a
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mainly clear skies and quiet weather across the northeast, up and down the seaboard today. if you're traveling through the new england or the northeast today you're okay. if you're drafting we feel -- traveling west it's a different story. we have a little bit of a wintry mix and then rain the farther south you go. this disturbance is going to be heading in our direction tomorrow. so today is fine. the wind will be diminishing, plenty of sunshine, temperatures in the low to mid 40s. the clouds move in tonight. this is the map for tomorrow. i think this little area of snow is going to extend into southern new england and bring us a little bit of snow adding to the ambiance tomorrow morning. there will somebody rain showers that mix in late tomorrow and my concern is thursday night. so tomorrow night into friday morning see these areas of rain, but it may be cold enough that it's a little bit of freezing
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but friday looks damp, raw for black friday with pockets of showers generally light through much of the day. let's start with snowfall tomorrow, mainly boston points north and maybe an inch possible nor northern worcester county be and into the berkshires. most will fall tomorrow morning. light snowfall, a couple of slick spots may result but the biggerce this morning. some light icing and slippery travel outside of 495 with a little bit of rain that may be freezing in spots. if you're up early for black friday deals there may somebody slippery spots on anything untreated with the high terrain. high temperatures today mid 40s. the wind will diminish. wind chills will be in the 30s this afternoon. cloudy tonight,
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low 40s. south of the pike will be in the mid to upper 40s. saturday there will be some lingering rain showers, a little bit of sunshine sunday and a flurry or two and we'll stay schooler an thanksgiving through the beginning of next week -- stay cooler through the beginning of next week. just a 10 minute ride from the split up to the getting to the expressway easy this morning, 24 and 95 north completely wide open. the state says the mbta has not been collecting overdue balances properly and the money they're leaving on the table adds up to almost $2 million. a report by auditors say half of the debts are more than a decade overdue and it suggests writing off what can't be recouped and actively
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and practicing safety is paying off for some drivers. studying data from the boston's safest driver app the city says the top 25% of users cut their phone distractions almost in a half and a speeding by a third. the app uses things like speed, braking and phone usage. >>brianna, thank you. we have a happy update this morning. this little guy, cute little guy, a been found safe and sound. police discovered the pup yesterday. a young girl took the pup from a store. the dog was identified through a microchip. he's in good health and people are considering charges. this might sound hard to believe but grout police say someone is stealing horse hair -- gloss ster say someone is stealing horse hair.
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last year. >>it's very upsetting because, first of all, coming on someone's property without asking permission and then just doing what they did, i just don't know what they were thinking. >>police say this has happened in other parts of the country too. the hair was used for wigs or jewelry. the thief is facing charges. we continue to follow breaking news this morning out of boston. a hit-and-run sending four boston police officers to the hospital. >>and some of them dragged down the street by a car. right investigators are trying to track down the driver. we'll have the latest for you. concerning accusations against a school bus driver in a deadly crash in tennessee. did
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breaking overnight four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and- run in dorchester. police are still looking for the driver. several officers were dragged by a vehicle night. the officers were investigating reports of a person with a gun when they stopped a car. the person took off. police are now searching for a gray chevy. anyone with information should call police. a man accused of killing a lowell mother faced a judge for the first time and emotions ran high. >>what am i going to do?
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hit this woman twice in the head with a bottle after a party saturday night. police say she got into the passenger seat of a stolen suv. the driver ran over the victim and led police on a chase down 495 south before crashing into a home. the two ran from the scene. perez was taken into custody monday and pleaded not guilty in court. 4:54 right now. a boston school bus drivers placed on leave after accusations a assaulted bay 6-year-old student. the globe is reporting the driver was put on paid leave as a precaution by the company that oversees the city's fleet of united states embassy. the students on the bus extend a charter school. the state says the school failed to notify them of the incident when it happened. parents are upset they weren't immediately notified. some parents are calling for monitors on buses. six children in critical condition this morning
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crash in tennessee and there are questions about whether the driver veered into a tree on purpose. 37 students were on board when the bus flipped and hit the tree. five students were killed. a mother whose daughter was killed says her surviving children couldn't believe what the driver said before the crash. >>my daughter said right before the bus flipped that he was asked them "are y'all ready to die?"just last week he told the kids to shut the f up he got a hang-over. >>police say the driver was speeding at the time of the crash. 12 children are still in the hospital. there will be another hearing today to stop boston's children hospital from expanding. the hospital is being sued because the
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families as a respite from grueling medical treatments. the expansion has already been approved by the state. something may be up with the captain of the bruins. last night against the blues he skated for just one shift in the second period and then left the ice. afterwards the coach had no update on his health. meanwhile david backes spent 10 seasons with the blues before signing with the b's in the off season. his fiti against his old team last night, bruins on the power play here and it's backes, burying the rebound right there. the goal, the bruin's 20,000th goal, the second team in nhl history to reach that mark. the bruins would lose 4-2. >>20,001 goals.
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james corde is hosting the grammy awards. he has gained quite a following with his carpool karaoke. you can watch the biggest night of music february 12th right here on
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>>i'll call him up and see what i can do. your traffic and weather straight ahead on wbz. breaking news right now at 5:00 four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run. several officers dragged down a dorchester street. the search right now to find the driver. a police officer shot in the head in detroit, a possible suspect in custody. and another busy day on tap as travelers hit the roads, rails, and what you need to know. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning thank you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is wednesday november 23rd, for a lot of you your last day of school or work before the holiday weekend. let's get a check of the forecast. the weather's going to


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