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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>>i'll call him up and see what i can do. your traffic and weather straight ahead on wbz. breaking news right now at 5:00 four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run. several officers dragged down a dorchester street. the search right now to find the driver. a police officer shot in the head in detroit, a possible suspect in custody. and another busy day on tap as travelers hit the roads, rails, and what you need to know. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz this morning. good morning thank you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. it is wednesday november 23rd, for a lot of you your last day of school or work before the holiday weekend. let's get a check of the forecast. the weather's going to
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home, kate and chris, which is great news. another chilly start. the wind chill 16 in worcester right now, 23 in boston and in the 20s for many of us right now. it's because of the wind that's till active, but it will be subsiding through the course of the day today. wind gusts are between 20 and 30 miles per hour. it'll be a gradual ticking down in terms of the strongest wind through the afternoon. 33 in boston, same in manchester, concord, laen 27 in coster and mainly clear skies, a few clouds in the cape. some travel delays today with parts of the midwest with areas of rain, sleet, and snow. that is our disturbance heading our way for tomorrow. quiet weather. if you're planning things out for today. chilly wind this morning, real-feel in the 30s through lunchtime with sunshine and then clear and quiet for
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temperatures are in the upper 30s. thanksgiving day looks chilly, highs in the upper 30s with light snow and a rain shower. i'll have the hour-by-hour forecoming up. live look right now -- hour-by-hour forecast coming up. it's just 30 minutes from the state line before the o'neal tunnel. some extra people are on the roads but in the affecting drive times. route 1 all clear. 128 looks good too. if you're making the thanksgiving drive you'll make great time this morning. four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run in dorchester. some of the officers actually dragged down the street. >>anna meiler is live on the scene with the latest this morning. >> reporter: kate, police tell us that plain-clothes officers approached a car and asked the driver to get out of the car,
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the street. police tell us this started after midnight. investigators responded to reports of a person with a gun when the officers saw a car hitting the description, they approached the vehicle and began questioning the people inside. police say when the officers asked the driver to the out of the car the driver accelerated dragging the officers down the street. >>the officers that went to the hospital subsequent to the injuries are non-life threatening which we're for that considering what's going on in the world across the united states at this particular time right now. >> reporter: police are still searching for the driver. they described the car as a gray or silver chef yeah last seen in the area of draper street. there are cameras in the area they are looking at. if you have any information call police. reporting live anna meiler wbz this morning.
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the person was taken to the hospital. police were searching the area of warren street overnight trying to figure out where the shooting happened. in detroit a police officer shot in the head at wayne state university and detectives are questioning a possible suspect. the 29-year-old officer was investigating car thefts on campus when he was shot. the officer is out of surgery but still in critical condition this morning. a new hampshire man ladby burned while putting up putting lights on a large tree at his home when the pole he was using touched a power line shocking the man. this morning he's being treated at the hospital. the holiday travel rush is well underway and more travelers will be taking to the skies today. let's get out to nicole jacobs live at logan airport this morning with more on what everyone needs to know. nicole. >> reporter: chris, needless to
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full effect this holiday travel season. it's already good night. you can see right now passengers as far as the eye can see. this is the delta ticket counter and the line wraps and loops around. passengers are getting an early start this morning. the line seems to be moving which is good news. they are trying to make this process as easy as possible. global travel this holiday season is up by 2.5% from during this travel time tsa is beefing up staffing and stepping up security presence to make sure all travelers are safe and feel protected. there are some things passengers can do to make this process experience more pleasant and possibly even more efficient for themselves. planning, of course, is key. also, arrive early, two hours for domestic flights, 3 hours for international flights, and there will be a lot of passengers arriving here at
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should wait in the cell phone lot until your guest is ready to meet you curb-side. taking another live look this is the del a ticket counter at logan airport. you can see -- delta ticket counter at logan airport. also there is a storm brewing in the midwest which could impact travel which is another reason why you should contact your airlines before heading to the airport. that's the late fest logan, nicole jacobs wbz this that will be busy. more travelers will be hitting the roads and rails. if yesterday was any indication you can expect delays. brianna is back with the potential problems and some advice. >>the first wave of travelers took to the roads yesterday and they were going nowhere fast. it's not expected to be better today. travelers we spoke with are just focusing on getting to their destination. >>the plan is to get home early before the traffic hits.
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getting home i guess it'll be worth it in the end. >>it'll be worth it when you're full of turkey. and amtrak tells us they've added extra trains and staff this week. some trains are sold out, but there are still seats available. they're also holding their first-ever black friday track friday sale. >>it's all worth it once you police tell us the person scene seen in these surveillance pictures may know something about an attack on an employee at the intersection of talbot and colonial. if you recognize the person, you should call police. emotions running high when a woman accused of killing a local mother faces a judge for the first time. >>what am i going to do without
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>>prosecutors say this woman hit another woman with a bottle and then got into the passenger seat of a stolen suv and ran over the victim and led police on a high-speed chase before crashing into a home. the two women in the suv ran from the scene. she pleaded not guilty in court. a campus controversy playing out at an art gallery at salem state university. part of an exhibit where artists were asked to weigh in on the presidential election. the artist is a vee unanimous vet from lowell who says he's bothered that white supremacists might be gaining a voice. some students asked them to take the exhibit down because they say the kkk has no place on campus in any form. >>they need to understand that intention does not negate consequence and it does not
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in and saw that image. >>i don't think that something which gives us an opportunity as a university to discuss truths regardless of whether they're good or bad should be dismissed. >>the gallery is closed and has been since monday. after thanksgiving break the school will hold a meeting to decide what to do next. former house speaker sal demacy is back in massachusetts after being released from prison yesterday after being granted a compassionate release after two bouts with cancer. both are in remission but has made it difficult for him to swallow. he will spend the next six months confined to his home. he says he is grateful to be with his family. >>i want to say how happy i am and grateful and thankful that i'm home 234 boston. i'm -- in boston. i'm a fighter, so i'm going to fight this all the way and i'm just overwhelmed by
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corruption for steering state contracts to a burlington software company and then taking kickbacks. charlie baker could have his first challenger for the 2018 election. according to globe sources warren is making calls to donors for contributions. the paper says he's holding a fund razor next month despite announcing he won't seek re-election in newton. president-elect donald trump is expected to video message today focusing on this. meanwhile he is reversing his stance on some controversial campaign positions. henna daniels has the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump landed in florida tuesday night with several key roles in his administration yet to be filled, among them the job of housing and urban development secretary, a position ben carson says he's up for. >>i would say that was one of the offers that's on the table. >>it certainly is something
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of mine. >> reporter: earlier in the day the president-elect met behind closed doors with reporters and editors at the new york times and seemed to back away from some of his most controversial campaign rhetoric. >>special prosecutor, here we come. if i win we're going to appoint the special prosecutor. >> reporter: when asked about his campaign promise to prosecute hillary clinton, mr. trump told reporters live tweeting "i don't want to hurt clintons. she sent through a lot and suffed many different ways." the president-elect also reversed course on the issue of climate change telling the times "i think there is some connectivity between humans and climate change." mr. trump also stood by his pick of steve bannon. once described by bannon has a platform for the alt white a group popular with white nash
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the times "i don't want to energize the group"on bannon he said if he thought he was a racist he wouldn't think about hiring him. henna daniels, cbs news. coming up rolling out the red carpet at the white house. >>president obama handing out the medal of freedom and who almost missed the ceremony. staying safe on boston roads, a closer look at the app making people better drivers. morning, everybody. a lot of kids have a half day of school today. chilly this morning in the 30s and coming into the 40s with bright sunshine, quiet travel weather today, tracking snow for thanksgiving and some slick spots on black friday. i'll break down the details coming up. i want to say good morning to the hildreth elementary school in harvard, massachusetts. barry had a good visit with the students there.
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wbz net worker and they practice safe and responsible behavior in school. have a happy
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the white house rolled out the red carpet for artists, athletes, humanitarians for an honor.
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michael jordan, robert dah nero, and die -- dinero. ellen degeneres he did almost didn't make it to the show because the guards wouldn't let her into the white house because she forgot her id. right before the medal of honor ceremony the recipients got together for an all-star mannequin challenge. you can see tom hangs hanks, and he will en freezing for the white house. >>look at these people in this shot. it's unbelievable. >>do you think the president got all of their autographs? >>i would have. >>yeah, michael jordan. this definitely -- yeah, this is the best one, yeah. >>it's almost as good as ours. >>almost as good as ours [
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they do have bruce spring sustain, so they win -- springstein. it's cold again this morning. >>it feels colder than yesterday because of the wind. >>there's some snow on the way for tomorrow. it's 23409 going to be a huge impact but there will be some flakes. i don't want you to be caught off guard. if you're headed out tomorrow or to a -- a true and accurate trot or football game. 20s for -- a turkey trot or football game 20s for tomorrow. a lot of clear skies. we've had a few clouds in the cape and couple more across new hampshire, that is about it. quiet travel weather. we've got snow in parts of minnesota stretching
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peninsula of michigan and then rain the farther south you come. this is the disturbance that is going to be heading our direction tomorrow. so today no issues. solar glare maybe. grab some shades as you head out. the clouds will increase tonight. watch what happens by pre-dawn and into the early morning hours. i anticipate some light snow particularly north and west of present to morning until midday and then there will be -- north and west boston tomorrow this morning until midday. bit evening hours we get some pockets of rain that fill in. it will be mixed with and changing to snow the farther north you know, north of concord, new hampshire through the mountains. my only concern wednesday into -- sorry, thursday night into friday
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that it will be freezing rain for the interior. we'll talk about that. let's start with snowfall coating scattered across southern new england. there may be as much as an inch possible in places like southwest new hampshire, the berkshires. friday morning if you're heading out early for black friday deals, some light icing in slick spots will be possible. anything untreated could be slick friday morning. highs today in the mid 40 cloudy tonight, 25 to 30 in the suburbs, chilly for our thanksgiving, only in the you were a 30s to low 40s. there'll be some showers and drizzle friday and a lingering rain shower into the weekend. could be a flurry or two sunday, staying chilly through the saturday of next week. we have a steady stream of cars on 93 south now. 30 minutes from methuen to the tunnel. we're checking out
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in worcester. we are starting to see some yellow on the maps already. it's not stop and go just yet. we'll keep our eye on the pike. practicing safety is paying off for some massachusetts drivers. data from the boston's safest app, the city says some have cut their speeding by a third. they have measured gs speed, braking and phone usage. weekly prizes are available for good habits. gloucester police say someone is stealing from horse hair from a local farm. the thieves cut hair from the necks and tails of four horses and it's happened three times the last year. >>it's very upsetting because, first of all, coming on someone's property without asking permission and then just doing what they did, i just don't know what they were thinking.
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too. the hair there was used for heat are a cal wigs and -- theatrical wigs and juli. we have happy updates this morning. the puppy we told you about yesterday that was stolen has been found safe and sound in ames berry. the -- in amesbury. the dog was identified through its microchip. he was checked out by a vet health. coming up next a bad night for the b's at the garden. >>they lose the game and a key player. the questions this morning about his status. there's a new team in the nhl and you're not going to want to miss levan reid's reaction to their logo straight ahead in
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. the nhl taking a gamble on a new team. >>levan reid has more. >>good morning, everybody. something is going on with the captain of the bruins. charra skated for one shift in the second period and left the ice. afterwards the coach had zero updates on his health. the
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backes spent 10 seasons before signing with the b's. this is how you do it. bruins on a power play and backes buries home the rebound in front. bruins up 1-0. we move to the 2nd, tied at 1. dominick moore on the rush beats allen for his second shorty of the year. his 5th improver y'all, 2-1 ui -- his 5th overall. the bruins would put 17 shots on net, but they couldn't get any past the goal tender. spooner, allen finished with 39 saves. the blues beat the bruins 4-2. to football. the patriots had the day off as the team gets ready for sunday's match-up with the jets. for more on the
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7:00 right here on wbz. and then sunday patriots game day starts at 11:30. the pats and jets kick-off at 4:25 immediately followed by the 5th quarter post game show on my tv 38. check out the logo for the knights. don't you feel like the odds are going to be lasers. the team will hit the ice season. that's sports this morning i'm levan reid with wbz sports. >>okay. cats with lasers? >>sharks with lasers. >>it looks more like iron man to me. >>interesting look. still to come donald trump taking a break from his nonstop meetings. >>where he's spending the thanksgiving holiday and the
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contender for a cabinet spot. who are the biggest turkeys who made national news in 2016? so many choices, so little time. we'll share our turkey picks
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breaking right now at 5:30 police searching for the driver that dragged several boston officers down a dorchester street. the details coming in overnight. also breaking overnight a person shows up pharmacy with a gunshot wound. and donald trump eyeing a formal rival for a new position in his administration, plus his latest comments on hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. wednesday november 23rd. a lot of people heading the roads
5:31 am
traveling all across new england and the northeast. it is going to be cold. the wind chill is running in the teens and 20s and it's because of the breeze gusting 20-plus miles per hour right now. the wind will slowly subside today. temperature-wise we are 33 lawrence to boston down taunton. 27 in worcester and 30 in keene. mainly clear skies. back to the west you run into some snow, freezing rain and plain rain. direction for tomorrow until then plenty of sunshine, a diminishing wind, 44 for the high today, above where we were yesterday. when you factor in the wind, the real-feel forecast is going to be running about 35 to 40 degrees this afternoon. what about football forecast? early tomorrow morning it's going to be cold. low 30s and there will be areas of light snow and flurries around, particularly north and west of boston. i'm going to take you through the hour-by-hour forecast for thanksgiving and black friday coming up.
5:32 am
how things are shaping up. danielle, a live look at the westbound lanes of the mass. pike. if you're hitting the roads soon you will be fine, 30 minutes to boston from 495. you will hit light traffic out to worcester. we have light traffic on route 9 in both directions. we have a pocket of congestion east and westbound. route 290 also starting to pick up. k brianna. breaking overnight four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and- run in dorchester. several officers were dragged behind a car last night. the officers were investigating reports of a person with a gun. they stopped a vehicle and when they asked the driver to get out he took off. police are searching for a gray chevy last seen in dorchester. officers all
5:33 am
a shooting victim found outside a walgreens in roxbury. police were searching the area in the 400 block of warren street overnight trying to figure out where the shooting happened. to the latest on the trump transition. president-elect donald trump taking a break from his meetings with cabinet hopals. he arrived in florida last night. he will spend thanksgiving holiday in palm beach earlier in the day he made headlines in a meeting with the new york times when he investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. meantime a transition source says trump has offered dr. ben carson the position of secretary of using and/-- housing and urban development. he will consider the offer, he says over thanksgiving. and it looks like mitt romney is the leading contender for secretary of state. trump is leaning towards nominating
5:34 am
have asking the president-elect if he would consider seminar kellia yot for a possible role -- ayotte for a possible role in his this is and to which he replied "no thank you." john keller's annual list of the biggest turkeys of the year and today he's plucking the worst of the worst from the national headlines. >> reporter: how about aleppo and who >>you're kidding? >> reporter: no. as kennedy gifts go this was a beauty. gary johnson unable to identify the city at the center of syria's bloody civil war. when johnson a few weeks later couldn't name a single foreign leader he admired, even he knew what to call it, an aleppo moment. since taking office six years ago maine governor paul
5:35 am
generating machine. but he grabs honors for this unreal diatribe against a state rep he thought had called him a rapist. >>i need you to -- i want you to record this and make it public because i'm after you [applause] >>thank you so much, thank you. >> reporter: why was this heckling debbie wasserman shultz? because of e-mails showing she resulted her vow of neutrally -- she violated her vow -- violated her vow of disparity. when the president said that about west after he disrupted an awards show back in
5:36 am
how true it was. the latest headlines west says he didn't vote but would have voted for trump. and abruptly cancels his store. what's next? >>i have decide understand 2020 to run for president. >> reporter: if your favorites didn't make the list, don't despair. we can keep the dishonor roll growing online e-ma reach out on twitter at keller at large. tomorrow we choose the big of the local turkeys of 2016 from an abundance of options. i'm john keller at large wbz news. >>so many turkeys, so little time. almost 400 years after pilgrims arrived in plymouth researchers may have found new signs of their settlement.
5:37 am
century calf buried in the soil. the researchers think they may have pinpointed where they set up their town. they also found pottery, tins, and trade beads. still ahead this morning a record day on wall street that's 120 years in the making. plus smart phone status, what your phone says about your personality oh the lines are here. you can see here at logan airport travelers are well to their thanksgiving day destinations. we'll have everything you need to know coming up. several of our weather watchers are up early this morning giving reports and we appreciate them as always. temperature-wise we're running in the 20s out the door right now for most of us and even some 30s. 27 degrees. let's check in with kathy in worcester she says 27 with a few clouds. the wind chill is 16 degrees. we're
5:38 am
tracking light snow and rain. details straight ahead taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside.
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welcome back. designing your own ugly christmas sweater. plus what your smart cell phone says about you. jill wagger is live -- wagner is live with today's money watch. >> reporter: good morning chris and kate. the record-setting post election rally continues on wall street. the dow past the
5:41 am
ever yesterday. traders made these hats. they finally got to wear them. the dow gained 67 points overall. the nasdaq finished 17 points higher. investors think president-elect donald trump will cut taxes and ease regulation on the financial industry. what does your smart phone say about you? well british researchers interviewed hundreds of people and found that iphone owners are more likely to be female, that their smart phone is a status object and also less honest. andrade users are older, more agreeable, and more honest. if you've ever wanted an ugly christmas sweater you can design your own. you pick the sweater color, pattern, text and artwork. it costs about $100 per sweater and you can get your name on your sweater like i did. >>and, jill, i see you had one
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good employee. >> reporter: exactly. i'm representing. >>jill, thank you. appreciate it. >>what would you put on your ugly sweater? >>probably my face. it would be a cute ugly christmas sweater, right? >>whatever you say. coming up stranded sea turtles rescued after cape cod. and where to find the best deals on black friday, how much you can really save. we're following breaking news after dorchester where car dragged several police officers down the street. the driver is still on the run. i have a description of the car
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. 25 sea turtles rescued on the cape. the wildlife sanctuary that rescued them says they found 10 stranded monday and 15 they struggle when the water gets colder. strong winds and high tides pushed them closer to shore where rescuers could reach them. it is definitely cold for sure. it is frigid this morning. >>and the wind is still whipping it is kind of annoying when you step out the door. >>kind of annoying. >>and the wind is going to diminish today. chris and kate i want to make -- take a minute or two to talk about the snow
5:46 am
up. friday through the weekend temperatures will be in the 30s. at night we'll dip into the 20s. so snow-making is going to be underway and some natural snow as well. early-season skiing under way. brett en woods and killington is open right now. wildcat and sugarloaf ohm tomorrow and wanted an ugly chew set open tomorrow. a couple of members of our weather team taking part in a huge race with and also tons of 5 ks out there tomorrow. chance of flurries, it'll be cold with temperatures in the lower 30s but the wind chill won't be as bad as it is right now. it feels like 16 in worcester, 23 in boston. temperature-wise low 30s, lawrence, boston, 27 in
5:47 am
we have a few clouds in southern new hampshire and a few low-level clouds in the cape to the west you run into some rain, freezing rain in the pink and some snow on the north side. this disturbance working our direction for tomorrow. today we'll feature no weather-related issues if you're traveling to your thanksgiving destination across the northeast. highs in the mid 40s so below average but at least we'll have sun. skies are clear tonight. du pockets of light snow arrive. this may actually be a little bit underdone. sometimes when we get warm fronts that come in it ends up being more than we think. light snow showers that will linger until midday, the afternoon is dry and then rain showers fill in. my concern with thursday into friday this morning is that there may be some cold air hanging on long enough that we get some slick
5:48 am
so snowfall tomorrow, some coatings, nothing significant, an inch possible. high terrain of worcester county into the berkshires. and for early morning shoppers may feature some slick spots where we're at or below freezing friday morning. and during the day friday, it looks kind of gloomy, drizzle with some showers, rain chances saturday and still in the 40s but brighter for start of next week. we have traffic at the braintree split and in milton, your drive time going to almost 15 minutes to the pike. once you are on the pike we'll show you what traffic looks like. heading west to 495 is pretty good. you're going to hit light traffic but that's it. if you're heading to boston you're
5:49 am
day of holiday travel. four boston police officers hurt in a hit-and-run. our top stories begin with that breaking news. and police tell us the four officers were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries police say just after midnight they responded to reports of a person with a gun. when the officers saw a car fitting the description, they approached vehicle and asked the driver to get out. instead the driver accelerated dragging several officers down stoten street. police are looking for the driver. i have a description coming up. >> reporter: live in dorchester anna meiler, wbz this morning. also breaking overnight a shooting victim found outside a wall -- walgreens in roxbury. police are trying to figure out where the shooting exactly
5:50 am
patterns -- where passengers are getting an early start to holiday travel. lines are moving well this morning. mass. port says they'll have plenty to go around as travel is up by 2.5% from last year. tsa will have an increased presence to give those inexperienced travelers some terrible help and also assure safety and protection for everyone. another live look here at logan airpor quickly just in the last 30 seconds. coming up in the next hour we're going to outline for you some travel tips, and it starts with planning ahead. we're live at logan, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. first wave of travelers took to the roads yet and they were going nowhere fast. lots of brake lights across the state. it's not expected to be better today. amtrak has added extra
5:51 am
week. a boston school bus driver placed on leave after accusations a 7-year-old was sexually assaulted by a classmate. the driver was put on leave as a pre-suggestion. the state says the school failed to notify them of the incident when it happened. parents are also upset they weren't immediately notified. some of them are now calling for monitors on all city united states embassy. there are new questions this morning about whether mooned deadly school bus crash in tennessee was intentio there were 37 students on board when the bus flipped and hit a tree. five children were killed, six remain in critical condition. the 24-year-old driver is now facing homicide charges. a mother whose daughter was killed says her surviving children couldn't believe what the bus driver said before the crash. >>my daughter said right before the bus flipped that he was speeding around a curve and
5:52 am
die?"just last week he told the kids to shut the f up he got a hangover. >>police say the driver, johnthony walker was speeding at the time of the crash. the state says a report by an awedder say debts are overdue to turkey is great but for some the holiday weekend is all about shopping. this year electronics will be on a lot of black friday lists. according to leaked advertisements wal-mart is offering an iphone 5 for $99. target says it will sell an ipod air 2 for $274 and best buy is discounting a samsung
5:53 am
james cord en is going to be -- corden is going to be hosting the grammy's. you can watch it february 12th right here on cbs. he has had some phenomenal guests in the carpool karaoke. >>and i think the grammy version will probably be the best. still this come some unexpected advice this thanksgiving. >>what happened when stephen colbert took over the phones at the butter ball hotline. we've got
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back. stephen colbert is giving back this thanksgiving. >>he spent time answering phones at the butter ball hotline. >>the meat they remember ster is saying it's 188. >>188? >>yes. to blow. 188, there's no way you want a turkey that hot. >>you are a turkey expert. when they answer the phone you're described as a turkey expert. >>that's mostly marketing. >>this is a question about stuffing. >>do you call it stuffing or dressing? >>i call it stuffing. >>okay. wrong answer, bye-bye. >>colbert through to the --
5:57 am
night on the late show. i want to know where one gets those turkey leg antenna things. >>who knows. i can't imagine some of the questions that those people that answer the hotline probably get. >>are you going to call this year? >>tomorrow it's the big day and i think you can text this year, so i want to try that out. so tune in tomorrow morning. >>can't wait. keep it right here at wbz this morning. your top stories are straight ahead for this wednesday this morning.
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we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving.
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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it is wednesday november 23rd. breaking news four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run. several officers dragged down a dorchester street. for the suspects. a new hampshire man badly burned while putting up christmas lights outside his home. the danger you should be aware of. and challenging governor charlie baker, the democrat who appears ready to run. we're hearing from a lucky win hard of hearing most new englanders are pretty -- winner who most most new englanders


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