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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >>and i'm chris mckinnon. it is wednesday november 23rd. breaking news four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run. several officers dragged down a dorchester street. for the suspects. a new hampshire man badly burned while putting up christmas lights outside his home. the danger you should be aware of. and challenging governor charlie baker, the democrat who appears ready to run. we're hearing from a lucky win hard of hearing most new englanders are pretty -- winner who most most new englanders
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about the forecast. >>today's weather will cooperate, kate and chris. there will be some areas of snow. 17 the wind chill in worcester, 20 in boston. teens and 20s, similar to the past few mornings. you'll went the -- want the winter gear again. the wind will be gusting but will slowly subside today. 33 in bo 37 in chatham right now, milder with a few clouds in the cape. otherwise, we're quiet in new england and the northeast and mid atlantic but we've got rain, sleet and freezing rain and snow on the north side of the storm. that will impact parts of the midwest today. our weather quiet. real-feel will be in the 30s at times, not quite as chilly as yesterday, clear and quiet. upper 30s as you travel to your destinations
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side, upper 30s with pockets of showers. i'll take you through the hour-by-hour forecast coming up. we actually have an issue happening west of boston right now. there's been an accident out on 290 heading west. this happened at exit 25 for sal oweman pond road. it's blocking the left lane. a car went into the median and they're searching for a missing driver. this happened moments ago, so there's no this will be a busy area as the morning goes on. we'll make sure we share more information as we get it. we'll check in with you in a few minutes. four boston police officers rushed to the hospital after a hit-and-run in dorchester. >>some of the officers dragged down the street. anna meiler is live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: police tell us plain-clothes officers approached a car and asked the driver to get out but instead the driver took off dragging
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street. police say just after midnight investigators responded to reports of a person with a gun. when the officers saw a car fitting the description, they approached the vehicle and began questioning the people inside. when the officers asked the driver to get out, the driver accelerated dragging the officers down the street. >>the officers that went to the hospital subsequent to the injuries are non-life threatening, which we are thankful for that considering what's going on across the particular time right now. >> reporter: right now police are still searching for the driver. they describe the car as a gray or silver chevy. it was last seen in the area of draper street. there are cameras in the area police are looking at. if you have information, call police. reporting live from dorchester, anna meiler wbz this morning. all breaking overnight
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outside a wall green. police are searching the area of the 400 block of warren street. developing in detroit a police officer shot in the head at wayne state university. detectives are questioning a possible suspect there. the 29-year-old officer was investigating car thefts on campus when he was shot. he is in critical condition this morning. a new hampshire man badly burned while putting up christmas lights. the man was putting lights on a large tree at metal pole he was using touched a power line shocking him. this morning he's being treated at a boston hospital. the holiday travel rush is well under way but many more will be taking to the skies, roads, and rails today. if yesterday was any indication there, well, you can expect a lot of delays out there. we have live team coverage this morning. we'll start with nicole jacobs at logue -- logan airport. >> reporter: chris, i have to
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quickly the lines at the delta picture counter have gone away. look at this. just a few minutes ago we came to you live and you saw this line was backed up. now it's gone. we are seeing now a lot of people in the tsa line, so that's where we're going to see a lot of people backed up, i believe. i can tell you mass. port is doing all that it can to make the process as easy and convenient for travelers as possible. global travel this holiday season is up year and tsa is beefing up staffing and stepping up security presence to make sure all travelers are safe and feel protected. there are things that passengers can do to make the experience a little bit more pleasant and possibly more efficient. first, of course, planning your day is key. also, arrive early, two hours for domestic flights, 3 hours for international flights. there will be a lot of passengers arriving here at logan as well,
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lot until your guest is ready to meet at curbside. we've also talked to several passengers here this morning, and here's what they had to say. >>i'm here two hours before my flight, so i'm feeling okay now. we'll see as soon as i get closer to the front, but so far i'm feeling okay. >> reporter: so far so good, that's what we're hearing from a lot of people this morning who have gotten an early start. you're taking a live look now are moving quickly, but the tsa lines will likely give you a little bit of a wait. one reason why you should also check with your airlines before heading to the airport, there is a storm brewing in the midwest, and it could impact travel across the country. that's the latest from logan airport, nicole jacobs wbz this morning. >>and it's not just airports that will be busy. more travelers will be hitting roads and rails today. so brianna is back with the potential
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wave of travelers took to the roads yesterday and they were going nowhere fast. lots of brake lights across the state and it's not expected to be ber today. travelers we spoke with say they're focusing on getting to their destination. >>the plan is to get home early before the traffic hits. >>i think sitting in traffic makes you more tired. getting home i guess it'll be worth it in the end. >>the wattal plan, i like that. and amtrak tells us they have added extra trains help with the increase in passengers this week. some of the trains were sold out, some seats are still available. they are holding their first-ever black friday track friday sale. everything son sale this week, kate. a t employee attacked on a bus and transit police need help with the investigation. police say this is the person of interest wanted for questioning in the saturday afternoon attack. an mbta employee was
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intersection of talbot and colonial avenues in dorchester. anyone with information should call transit police. a visiting proffer at harvard law says he's the target of hate. he sells the globe he received a postcard with several slurs. he says this isn't the first time he's been targeted for his faith. president-elect donald trump expected to release another video message to the public today. this this. meanwhile he is reversing his stance on some controversial campaign positions as he moves closer to naming more cabinet picks. cbs's henna daniels with the latest. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump landed in florida tuesday night with several key roles in his administration yet to be filled. among them the job of housing and urban development secretary, a position ben carson says he's up for. >>i would say that was one of the offers that's on the table.
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has been a long term interest of mine. >> reporter: earlier in the day the president-elect met behind closed doors with reporters and editors at the new york times and seemed to back away from some of his most controversial campaign rhetoric. >>special prosecutor here we come, right? if i win we're going to appoint a special prosecutor. >> reporter: when asked about his campaign promise to prosecute hillary clinton, mr. trump told reporters live tweeting the sit-down " want to hurt the clintons. she went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways." the president-elect also changed course on climate change. mr. trump also stood by his pick for senior white house counselor steve bannon formerly head of the conservative website bright bart, once described by bannon
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the president-elect told the times "i don't want to energize the group." on bannon mr. trump said if he thought he was a racist he wouldn't think about hiring him. henna daniels, cbs news. >>now, the work times also asked the president-elect if he would consider kelly ayotte for a possible role in his administration to which he replied "no thank you." charlie baker could have his first challenger for the election. according to globe sources warren is making calls to democratic donors for campaign contributions. the paper says he's holding a fun razor next month despite announcing he won't seek re-election in newton. coming up on wbz this morning a wasted opportunity at the mbta. >>why the cash-strapped agency may be out nearly $2 million. and concerning accusations against a school bus driver in a deadly crash in tennessee. did
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and a damaging fire in jamaica forcing people out of their home ahead of thanksgiving. and we're checking in with the hour-by-hour forecast with plenty of sunshine today. temperatures will be rising into the 40s with a diminishing wind today. i'm tracking snow for thanksgiving day. the hour-by-hour forecast coming up. i want to say good morning to the hildreth elementary school in harvard, massachusetts. with them. they practice respectful, responsible, and safe behavior in school. and they actually complete chores at home to earn money for wednesday's child.
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there could a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. tonight's power ball jackpot is worth $359 million. tickets cost 2 dollars apiece. you have until 9:00 p.m. to purchase a ticket. we'll have the winning numbers for you tonight. >>it doesn't matter, 300, $400 million, because i have our
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>>can someone spot me? >>i suppose, because we don't want you to be the only one here at work on monday. >>here i am, where is everybody? >>we're at our houses in cabo. so it's chilly this morning again. and what a difference a year makes. here's a little turkey talk for the dinner table tomorrow highs last year in boston just shy of 60 degrees thanksgiving day. this year we'll be in the upper 30s. worcester was 54 for a high tomorrow. and a couple of snowflakes in the forecast as well. 22 the real-feel in boston right now. 16 in worcester just like the past few mornings. 33 in boston, lawrence, and manchester right now, 32 in taunton and 26 in worcester. skies clear except for a few clouds in the cape. either way, quiet weather for travel across the
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not quiet in the upper peninsula of michigan, also wisconsin stretching through minnesota and then rain the farther south you come. this will cause delays in parts of the midwest on the roads and in the air today. in the needlepoint for us here you're traveling anywhere today -- in the meantime for us here if you're traveling you're good to go. at 9:00 a.m., seat snowshoers, i wouldn't be surprised if new england here by mid to late morning tomorrow. by midday they're done, but notice not a ton of green or white showing up on the map for tomorrow. it'll be overcast and chilly but the morning will feature some light snow and tomorrow evening we get rain that fills in north of concord, back through vermont in the green mountains, we'll be dealing with pockets of snow tomorrow night.
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into friday it's going to be damp and dreary, but it may be just cold enough there may be one or two slick spots outside of 495 where we still have some temperatures right around freezing on friday morning. let's start with thanksgiving. in terms of snowfall we're expecting some scattered coatings here or there. this will not be a big impact. when you see some flakes flying, there is a possibility of an -- inch to an furtherer north you government for travel friday morning the greatest risk outside of 495 shaded in pink for some very light icing in slick spots. friday morning a lot of people will be out and about, and all it takes is a little trace to slick en anything -- slicken anything untread cloudy tonight, 20s in the suburbs and highs for thanksgiving day tomorrow
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north and west of town about 40 in boston, friday drizzles, showers, damp, saying unsettled to start the weekend, a flurry or two on sunday and cold for the start of next week. we have an updated on the crash. police have located the missing driver. the left lane will remain closed as they remove the closed. mass. dot is heading to the scene. we'lt problem and when it clears. the state says the mbta has not been collecting overdue balances properly and the money they're leaving on the table adds up to almost $2 million. a report by auditors say half of the debts are more than a decade overdue. it suggests writing off what can't be recouped and collect the rest. practicing safety is paying off for some massachusetts drivers.
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study says the top 25% of users cut their speeding by a thurmond the app uses your phone to measure things -- by a third. the app uses your phone to measure your driving habits. a boston school bus driver is placed on leave after accusations that a 7-year-old student was sexually assaulted by a 6-year-old student. the green bay is reporting the driver was put -- the glean is reporting the driver was put on paid leave. bus attend a charter school. the state says the school failed to notify them of that incident when it happened, and parents are so upset they weren't immediately notified about it. some parents are calling for monitors on all city united states embassy. six children are in critical condition this morning following monday's deadly school bus crash in tennessee, and there are questions about whether the driver veered into a tree on purpose. 37 elementary school students were on board when the
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chattanooga. five kids were killed. the driver is now facing homicide charges. a mother whose daughter was killed says her surviving children couldn't believe what the driver said before the crash. >>my daughter said right before the bus flipped that he was speeding around a curve and asked them "are y'all ready to die?"just last week he told kids to shut the f up he hangover. >>police say the driver was speeding at the time of the crash. 12 children are still in the hospital. fire tears through a part of a home in jamaica. crews were called to the scene this morning. nobody was hurt but three adults have been displaced by the fire. the back porches were charred and flames spread inside. the chief estimates around $400,000 worth of
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finding a new way to fund their classrooms. a puppy stolen from a pet store has been found. police say who swiped the little guy. and what's it like to go on a date with tom brady, ban affleck and matt -- ben affleck and matt day mom?
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- announcer: thousands of boston area families depend on home sharing to make ends meet. here at airbnb, we're committed to working with the commonwealth to develop new common-sense home sharing rules. we're working with policymakers to ensure our community can pay their fair share of taxes.
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. a campus controversy playing out in an art gallery at salem state. this work is part of an exhibit where artists were asked to weigh in on the election. and the divisions in the country it exposed. the artist is a vee unanimous vet who says he's bothered that white supremacists might be gaining a voice. for now the entire gallery is
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after thanksgiving break the school will hold another meeting to decide what to do next. we have a happy update for you this morning and guess what it's about? this cute little guy. a pup stolen from a new hampshire story has -- store has been found safe and sound. officers say a young girl took the puppy from the store. the dog was identified through a microchip. he was checked out by a vet and was in good health and police are considering charges. bo message for college students heading foam for thanksgiving. make sure you lock your doors and windows before you leave, double check the locks ahead of time to make sure they're working. air conditioners should be taken out of the windows especially windows on fire escapes and bring anything of value with you like electronics and ask a neighbor to keep an eye on things. if you're not leaving town, offer to help watch your neighbor's stuff. and crowds finding --
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$2.4 million in donations from a website which is set up specifically for schools. more than 90% of boston public schools have posted at least one request for funding on the website. a missouri man can brag about something new englanders would love to say. he shared a pizza with tom brady, ben affleck and matt damon. >>he won lunch with all three. he brought his also a die-hard pats fan. both say brady, damon and affleck could not have been nicer and were all very down to earth. >>i couldn't have eaten a thing i would have been just staring at them watching them talk. >>and then being, like, oh, yeah. >>it would have been very cool. lots more.
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boston where four officers were dragged down the street by a car. investigators are trying to track down the driver. we'll
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breaking news right now at 6:30 police looking for the driver that dragged several boston police officers down a dorchester street. we're live with the straight evident. anger and heartache in lowell. the woman charged in connection with a mother's death and we're now learning this case may be connected to another crime we're live with what you need to know this morning. live from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz news this morning. good morning to you, 6:30 now, i'm chris mckinnon. >>and i'm kate merrill. one more day of work and school. let's get through this, danielle, and get to the holiday. all eyes on the weather for this weekend. today is going to be quiet, which is good news for traveling. it's still another cold start this morning.
6:31 am
real-feel is 16 in worcester, 22 in boston. the wind chills will be in the teens and 20. 26 the actual temperature in worcester. lower 30s for a lot of us. the sun starting to show some color with the horizon. plenty of sun and the diminishing wind today. it's a gradual diminishing. 44 for a high today. this is the real-feel forecast for this afternoon. the end of dissemble thursday morning, termination high school football -- end of december. thursday morning, high school football. light snow will be possible with temperatures in the low 30s. you'll want to bundle up if you're heading outside for that. we'll take you to the hour-by-hour forecast to let you know who could see slick spots friday morning. stop and go traffic on the
6:32 am
milton up to savon hill. 22 minutes from the split to the pike. look this poor person broken down. south of boston 95 north through canton. route 3, no traffic. everyone was smart and left early yesterday. lots of people getting a headstart. things aren't too bad right now, chris and kate. breaking overnight police searching for the driver that dragged several boston police ce and some of the officers were dragged down the street. anna meiler is live on the scene with the -- scene with the latest. >> reporter: chris, police tells plain-clothes officers approached a car and asked the driver to get out. they say instead the driver took off dragging several officers down the street. police say just after midnight investigators responded to reports of a person with a gun when the officers saw a car fitting the description,
6:33 am
police say when the officers asked the driver to the out of the car the driver accelerated dragging the officers down the street. >>the officers that went to the hospital subsequent to the injuries are non-life threatening, which we are thankful for that considering what's going on across the united states at this time right now. >> reporter: police say the driver is still on the run. they describe the vehicle as a gray or silver chevy. it was last seen in street. police are looking at cameras that are located in the area. if you have any information, call police. reporting live from dorchester, anna meiler, wbz this morning. also breaking overnight a shooting victim found outside a walgreens in roxbury. the person was taken to the hospital. police were searching the area in the 400 block of warren street overnight trying to figure out where the shooting happened. emotions ran high when a woman accused of killing a
6:34 am
>>what am i going to do without my mom? >>prosecutors say the woman hit another woman twice in the head with a bottle after a paster saturday night and then got into the passenger seat of a stolen suv. the driver ran the victim over and led police on a chase down 495 before crashing into a home. the two ran away from the scene. z guilty. sal demacy is back in massachusetts. he was released from federal prison yesterday after being granted a compassionate release after two bouts of cancer, both in remission, but the chemotherapy has made it difficult for him to swallow. he will be confined to his home for the next six months, but he is grateful to be with his family. >>i want to say how happy i am and grateful and thankful that
6:35 am
fighter, so i'm going to fight this all the way. i'm just overwhelmed by being able to be home with my family. >>demacy was convicted of corruption for steering state contracts to a burlington software company and taking kickbacks. new details in donald trump's transition. nikki haley ambassador. mr. trump arrived in florida last night to spend the thanksgiving holiday in palm beach. earlier in the day he made headlines in a meeting with the new york times when he revealed won't pursue an investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. meantime a transition source says trump has offered dr. ben carson the position secretary of housing and urban development.
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yesterday. carson will consider the offer over -- offer over thanksgiving. mitt romney looks like the leading contender for secretary of state. trump and romney spent about an hour together last weekend. the holiday travel rush is well underway but many more travelers will be taking to the skies, roads, and rails today. and if yesterday was any indication, you can expect plenty of delays. we have live team coverage. let's begin with nicole jacobs live at logan airport nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, to you, kate. things are moving quite quickly here at logan airport. the lines are going away, much different from what we saw just a short time ago. people are transitioning over to tsa, which there is a little bit of a back-up there, but mass. port is certainly doing all it can to make the process as easy and as convenient as possible for travelers. we know global travel this holiday season is
6:37 am
last year. during this time tsa is beefing up security and staffing, stepping up security as well, to increase the presence making sure travelers feel safe and protected. there are some things passengers are doing to make sure that this is an easy day for them. they're taking out all they can, all of their travel arsenal, if you will, but even that makes it a little tricky. >>i kind of misjudged how long it's difficult to figure out where it starts, so we started down there and had to come down here. >> reporter: taking a live look now at logan airport, i can tell you things are clearing out quite quickly. that's good news. i can also tell you one reason why you should check your airlines before heading in, especially today, is because
6:38 am
midwest which could impact travel. that's the latest from logan. nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. nicole, thank you very much. it's not just the airports that'll be busy. more travelers will be hitting the roads and rails today. let's check in with brianna with more on those modes of transportation. >>the first wave of travelers took to the roads yesterday and they were going nowhere fast. and it is not expected to look any better today. amtrak is expecting 750,000 people to take the trai destinations, and this is video from south station about an hour ago. and so far things are running on time. to be fair, it is still early. amtrak calls this long weekend its super bowl of travel. >>last year for the thanksgiving holiday we saw about 750,000 people travel. this year we expect similar numbers. >>make sure you stay with wbz and as you head out today and we will let
6:39 am
travel-related problems. the white house rolling out the red carpet for artists, athletes and humanitarians for the nation's highest civilian honor. president obama presented 21 people with the medal of freedom yesterday. michael jordan, robert de nero, diana ross, just some of the honorees. ellen degeneres almost didn't make it to the ceremony because she forgot her her into the white house. she eventually got inside on time. the recipients got together for an all-star mannequin challenge. you can see tom hanks, ellen among the stars there freezing for fun in the white house. bus springsteen, bill gates. -- bruce springsteen, bill gates, unbelievable the star power in that room. they win.
6:40 am
do the mannequin challenge, come on, you're automatically going to win. we'll have a check of the day's top stories for you including a warning after a new hampshire man was seriously hurt putting up christmas lights. the democrat who appears today to run for governor. and how you can get your very own customized ugly christmas sweater. weather watchers checking in with temperatures that are again chilly as you head out right now. the wind-chill values in the teens and 20s. kathy checking in with 18 degrees in worcester. doug in tewksbury says 25. denise says 21. and aubrey says 29. the wind will anyone issue today. i'll let you know how
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ugly christmas sweaters fly off the shelves this time of year, but if they they were the
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you can design your own for around $100. >>what's going on yours? >>i think we've decided we're putting your face, so it'll be a cute ugly sweater. >>what's cute and ugly about it? >>i don't know. it's up to the eye of the beholder. >>i think it'll be a cute sweater. the ugly christmas te i saw some in stores the other day. we're talking about some snow the next several days. for friday through the weekend we're going to be in the 30s particularly the farther north you go, so mountains picking up fresh snow. snow making will be under way as well and this is great news for those heading out this weekend. sugar bush, sunday river, alone, mount
6:45 am
and wildcat opening tomorrow. and jiminy peak just a few opening as we head into the saturday of the weekend. are you heading out to a turkey trot tomorrow? barry burbank and i are tomorrow morning. it will be in the low 30s. feast or 5 in andover. you want to be -- you'll want to be bundled up. the real feel is 16 in worcester right now, 22 degrees boston, 33 is what the actual temperature is, but you have to factor in the wind. the wind will be subsiding during the course of day today. down the eastern seaboard if you head west you'll run into issues. there will be delays in parts of the ohio valley, midwest and back up into minnesota, michigan, the upper peninsula right now dealing with snow, and wisconsin too. this disturbance
6:46 am
highs today will be in the mid 40s, not bad. clouds advance in tonight. here a map tomorrow morning. look at the snow starting to develop. i wouldn't be surprised to see areas of light snow and flurries expanding across eastern massachusetts early to mid morning tomorrow. and most of the afternoon is dry. we start to see rain fill in tomorrow, and my concern is for those heading out late thursday night into friday morning that th few areas north and west of boston. let's start with thanksgiving day first. expected snowfall coating, not a huge impact. maybe an inch possible in worcester county and berkshires. thanksgiving day our highs will be 35 to 40 degrees and then friday morning keep an eye outside of 49 a 5 for icing in slick spots. all it takes is just a trace to slicken things up.
6:47 am
sunday will feature temperatures in the lower 40s and more sunshine coming out. it looks like we'll see additional showers heading into next week. danielle, a live look at some traffic building on 128 north in needham, the busiest around exit 19 for kendrick street and highland avenues. checking the pike, no issues in either direction. heading out of the city westbound, only 30 minutes to 495 and route 9 also clear as well in both directions. chris breaking overnight police searching for the driver that dragged several boston police officers down a dorchester street. four officers were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police say the officers were investigating reports of a person with a gun in a car. they stopped a vehicle matching the description. when they asked the driver to the out, the person took off. police are searching for a gray or silver chevy last seen near draper street in dorchester. anyone with information should call
6:48 am
outside a walgreens in roxbury. the person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. police are searching the area of the 400 block of warren street trying figure out where the shooting happened. 6:48 right now. new overnight fire tears through a home in jamaica plains. >>we know it was caused by the careless disposal of smoking materials. the fire started just after 4 this morning and charred the back porches and three adults have been displaced by the fire. damage is estimated at about $400,000. a new hampshire man burned while putting up christmas lights. he was using a metal pole to put lights on a tree at his home and the pole touched a power line shocking the man. he's now being treated at a boston hospital. charlie baker could have his first challenger for the 2018 election. the globe says outgoing mayor warren appears
6:49 am
is making calls to democratic donors for campaign contributions. the paper says he's holding a fundraiser next month despite announcing he would not be seeking re-election. still to come this morning concerns about the bruin's captain. >>and a big goal for the b's last night, the team adding to its place in nhl history books. >>james corden taking his take a look tonight prime time, the big
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. 6:52 right now. something may be up with chara, the bruin's captain. last night he skated for just one shift in the second period and left the ice and didn't come back. no update on his health r meanwhile david backes spent 10 seasons with the blues before signing with the b's. his first time going up against his his old -- against his old team last night. the 20,000th goal for the b's last night. the bruins would add one more goal, but they lost 4-2. >>i want to know the guy who has to count every goal and keep
6:53 am
numbers. patriots bennett is spending his time off the field in the best way possible. he visited with kids who are spending thanksgiving at boston children's hospital even helping some with art projects. bennett is the 4th on the field but he's also a children's book author and recording artist. the ice bucket challenge took over everyone's facebook feed a few summers ago. the smithsonian will display what bucket used back in july 2014. the bucket was used before b.c. grad pete prades promoted the challenge specifically as a fundraiser for als research. but he is credited with the success in raising more than $115 million for the cause. >>they will forever be trying to find a funs razor as popular for the rest of time. >>seriously. 6:53 right now. >>let's check in with gail king
6:54 am
ahead on cbs this morning from prosecuting hillary clinton to global warming and torture, we'll look at the several issues where president-elect donald trump is now changing his position. and target ceo is in studio 57 with this year's holiday strategy to take on the online retailers. the news, have you heard, is back in the
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james corden is taking his singing talent to prime time and will host the grammy awards. he has gained quite a following. you can watch music's biggest night february 12th on cbs right here. stephen colbert spent some time answering phones at the bitter ball hotline. >>the meat thermometer is saying it's 188? that's there's no way you want a turkey that hot. >>that's what i'm saying. you are a turkey expert. when they answered the phone you're described as an expert. >>that's mostly marketing. >>this is really a question about stuffing. >>do you call it stuffing or dressing? >>i call it stuffing.
6:58 am
bye-bye. >>so he went to the call have it r to volunteer and showcased the results last night on the late show. let's get a check of the 7-day danielle. >>chilly, but the weather looks quiet. friday morning for black friday could have a couple of slick spots. the roads look good guys, i'm impressed right now. >>have a cbs this morning is coming
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, november 23rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? tens of millions of people are on the move for thanksgiving many will find snow, ice, or thunderstorms on the way. we will take you inside the operation center of one of the nation's largest airlines. >> cbs news confirms that president-elect trump will nominate nick consisty he-- nik haley to be the next.


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