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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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waiting. take a listen to what they had to say. >> i've been here since 5:00 yesterday, like 5:00 p.m. why? just so i'm first in line. >> reporter: how do you get here? >> drive and park your butt in a chair. >> i've been to some store where is i couldn't get a tv. not even being like 50, i would say the 50th place in line. it was coming down. it did it for 10, 15 minutes and then stopped. other than that, it was just the cold and we combated that and rotated going in and out of the truck. we're okay. >> reporter: neither of you had thanksgiving dinner? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: you're okay with that? >> i'm okay with that, yes. >> we'll go home and be taken care of. >> reporter: although the
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is plenty of time to shop on thanksgiving, and these doors will remain open until about 1:00 a.m. >> thank you, chantee. eric fisher, some people saw snow. yeah. we heard there it was called hail. not hail. that was something you see this is grapple, like a snow pellet like a dipping dot. it ticks off the ground like a snowflake, part is of the winter smorgasbord. most of this moving through is very light. a few rain showers here and there, mostly rain from the pike and areas south and east and a chance for light snow inland especially north of the pike and there could be a few
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freezing drizzle. the temperatures are above freezing. 32 in pittsfield and in pockets in northern worcester and northern new hampshire, we could see the temps down to around freezing. the main headline, it's a damp evening and there could be light icing across the far interiors. if you are going to be out and interest, you could see the temps near the freezing mark. 32 to 35 north and west and most of us, close if you are out late tonight or early tomorrow morning, expect the temps to hover, won't be raining terribly heavily and the temperature difference, colder inland and milder south and east. tomorrow, a busier day for many of us. we'll take a look at the forecast and the weekend that follows coming up. katie? >> looking forward to it. thank you, eric. thanksgiving morning
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a man was driving on 495 when he slammed into an suv. one driver saw what happened and tried to warn others. this is the deadly collision that greg sanford was trying to prevents when he saw the driver of a red toyota corolla going the wrong way on 495 south early on thanksgiving morning. >> i didn't want someone's thanksgiving ruined. i was trying to do whatever i could. >> reporter: he called 911 and turned following the driver down the highway to warn oncoming traffic. >> flashing lightsy s -- lights so oncoming traffic could see and have a warning. report he was >> reporter: he was warned to stop for his own safety. moments later, the wrong way driver slammed into an oncoming
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he was killed. the 21-year-old woman in the white suv was taken to rhode island hospital with serious injuries. >> i feel bad for other families that have to deal with a day where it means so much to be together with a family. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out how and why the driver got going in the wrong direction and they have extra patrols and are warning people to be extra careful and pay attention to the and signs and do not drink and drive. a special honor at the high school football game between hudson and marlboro, the game dedicated to the memory of state trooper thomas clardy. his family was there in celebration of his life and the holiday he loved. >> reporter: joined by her six kids, backed by state troopers
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on both sides, reisa clardy felt watched from above. >> i thought it was my husband. it was snowing, a sign that he was looking down and obvious wishing he was here. >> reporter: trooper clardy lost his life in a traffic stop in march. >> there you go, big man. >> reporter: his youngest, noah, made the coin toss. >> i thought it would be appropriate, what a great day, an for all tom did for his country. >> reporter: lieutenant tim murphy, a coach for marlboro, had an idea to honor his colleague. >> i would like to have all my braves and the state police know this is what we do, and we will do it and take care of our own. >> touchdown, marlboro! >> reporter: a tribute that means a lot more than the action on the field. >> high school sport, we try and tell them, is about
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>> reporter: here on the hudson sideline, the players literally wearing the memory on their helmets, and on the other side, also because he was a veteran. >> he calmed people down with his professionalism and wit. >> reporter: the loss is still tough to accept. >> it's still a loss. it's still something i'm struggling with. >> reporter: that trooper clardy took off from work every year to be with his family, and the communities tried to help fill the enormous void around the thanksgiving dabble. >> - - t a ble. >> it means a lot to have the support from the community and have my kids see that 7 still thinking of us after this time and honoring my husband in a special way. >> reporter: in marlboro, ryan
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field destroyed during the festival got the first test. the art official turf was replaced at the stadium. lawrence and central catholic faced off on it today and central catholic won, 32-6. and high school football games are a tradition for many and this year, no exception. levan reid has the highlights. levan? this is truly love football, and to many families, getting out with the pigskin is something we can relate. to at the bottom of the screen, you can see the highlights from the high school scores and running through the rest of the newscast. please pay attention. the bulldogs take the lead 20- 15 with 8 seconds to play.
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oh, stay in your seat. they have to kick the ball off, and here we go again. grabbing the ball and scrambling around and the rock gets to marcus rivera. this kid goes up the right sideline, gets a couple of blocks, 80 yards to the house. the final, english. next, a one-handed catch by jared clark from brighton. we have more high school games and scores later in the show. to the big boys, and the pats got in work today getting ready for sunday's matchup against the jets. there was no media access this
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the question of the day was what are they thankful for on thanksgiving day? >> i'm thankful to have a team that comes in and works hard every day and brings in the next level of folk when you say they walk in the door and it makes it fun to come in. >> thankful for everybody, enjoy the good food and football . >> thankful for my family and everyone who supports me and just very thankful to be organization like this and my teammates. a lot of things to be thankful for. in other news, tom brady, martellus bennett, and matthew slater were not at practice. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you, levan. and wbz is proud to be your official patriots's station on friday night at 7:00 on channel
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game day at 7:30. the game has a 4:25 kick off and the 5th quarter is on my 38 after the game. coming up, the fast-moving games that tore through a century old new hampshire home and looking to stretch your holiday budget? who isn't? the advice you need to hear before you buy anything, and the unprecedented security efforts for the pa new york and coming up new at 6:00, honoring tradition.
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icare guide with no obligations. you can call us at 1-888-800-8813 or visit us at ? the balloons, the bands and floats, for some, it's must see tv on thanksgiving morning. this year's parade went off without a hitch. >> reporter: member of the u.s. military marched along the parade route much to the delight of the crowd. >> it's freezing but we're having so much fun. >> reporter: what do you think of the parade so far? >> i think it's awesome.
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from near and far to see new balloons of classic characters. >> i think it's nostalgic and people need reminding that we have been doing this for 90 years and everybody loves charlie brown and the peanuts. >> reporter: charlie joined the usual crowd pleasers like hello at this timey and felix the cat who first appeared in 1927. why is this so important? >> i mean. look. it's amazing. >> reporter: and visitors are seeing signs of highlightenned security like sanitation trucks blocking traffic from crossing the parade route. officers used bomb-sniffing dogs and isis called the parade an excellent target but it didn't deter the crowd.
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your head as a parent. >> reporter: cbs news, new york. eric fisher joins us once again and i think it was a decent thanksgiving. some folks saw snow. yeah, a few flakes here and there and graupel at my folks' house. this is snow in effingham, new hampshire earlier on, and thank you to scott for sending that video in, and a slow mo which is a great innovation. love that on cell phones now, and thanks to that and a wintery scene, and it's a different feel compared to last year. 60 in boston and 50s in worcester today, almost 20 degrees cooler in spots compared to last year. most of this is on the lighter side, a few rain showers and snowflakes and ice pellets that are mixed in. it shouldn't cause major
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couple of slick spots, one patch that will move through from west to east, all snow across northern new england and here, more of a wintery mix and quieter conditions and then a lot of clouds off to the west tonight. where we are most likely focusing in on is the chance of icy spots especially overpasss, the decks, steps in the yards and northern new hampshire and the berkshires. it won't be an boston or southeastern massachusetts. here, some of the overnight lows close to freezing and even if it stays 33 or 34, you can get ice to form at ground level. so be cautious. it will taper off to light stuff overnight and tomorrow, a damp day, not raining, raining and you will not out be there shopping in heavy rain.
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will just be looking at rain and no snow or ice tomorrow. drizzle out the door, the sunrise at 6:48 as we look toward midnight and temperatures rising into the 40s and drizzle and a few showers and if you are cooking again or warming up the leftovers, again, it applies to leftovers, temps in the 40s. a high of 47 for boston and 48 in taunton and above 50 for cape cod and the south coast north and west and interior areas just making the low 40s. this weekend's storm develops to the east but too far east. the bottom line for us, partly sunny skies and most of the day look to be dry. and then sunday, colder air will move in and a lot of clouds and a few flurries but a mainly dry day. sunday, low to mid-40s and breezy and definitely a colder
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if you are heading to the slopes, a couple of snow showers are expected tomorrow and a couple more on saturday, and the main snow on sunday will be in maine as a matter of fact. we could see significant totals for interior maine on sunday. good news for those folks. the accu-weather 7 day, bright as we head back to work on monday, and tuesday, a wintery mix, a wet and unsettled pattern for tuesday and wednesday. >> tha to stretch your holiday shopping budget, paula ebben sat down with an expert to give us tips. >> reporter: john is the ceo and founder of the frugal, a savings website based here in boston. thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> as the shopping season begins, this is it for the retailers, black friday coming up at the end of the week, and what is the number one way
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save money. >> you know, for a lot of people, shopping is a social activity. you want to go with your mom, your daughter, your cousin and hit the stores and have fun but if you are really looking to save money, online is the answer. it will be easier to find deals, easier to find coupons, cash back. all of those things online. >> anything new to cybermonday? i know people have the black friday monday is engrained in the culture. any new trends? >> it was always big with apparel. people tend to get that online having looked at stores on friday, saturday, and sunday, and the other big thing online are video game consoles. people want to look at the picture quality and play with
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save a lot of money on this year if we look for the deals? >> retailerrings are super aggressive but it's watching the retailers, and ideally, you dot coupon and cash back sites or sign up for the e-mail list or follow their facebook page and you'll know what's going on that's the best way. >> what are the biggest expenses connected with online shopping and people worrying about shipping? how can you get heavy-duty shipping costs? >> shipping, that's the advantage. online, you want to hit the minimum order amount, maybe $100 or $150 or get a code for free shipping or use the ship to store option if it's a big box retailer with a store nearby and many times, they will give you free ship figure you pick up. >> no excuses.
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should save money? unless you have fun with a family member. if it's a social thing, online can't compare. >> go have fun. you can learn more at hundreds of volunteers came out in boston to make sure that everyone who wanted one had a great thanksgiving, 83 turkeys, 700 pounds of potatoes, and gallons of gravy. >> just letting people know how grateful i am. we have made pretty good advances the last couple years, housing 1000 people but it's a need and to let people know that i appreciate them. >> in addition to the meals,
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hit the streets, serving those who didn't want to come in. serving thanksgiving with
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julian edelman posted this picture while the bradys said they were going to have a quiet thanksgiving. gisele said she has no idea how to cook a turkey, and they pick their vegetables from their home garden and they make their own salad. >> do you really want to go to their like tofu and smoothies? >> i would go. >> no one is showing up for vegetables. no one is going to eat a full meal. they gallon somewhere else to
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hipster said. this is just a week after they launched with 500 sets selling a day. >> i didn't see the video of this, so i was all about the nativity scene. i liked the old one but if i can be honest, just do the selfies, hipsters will get into that. >> i like the old school. >> i love the old school. >> exactly. and seeing a thief with a cell phone may be just what you need to smile. the thief is the baby. adorable. the child's mom is laughing while trying to catch the tot who is running faster because mom is running after here. >> that's adorable. i was waiting for it to be dropped in the toilet. it would not have been enjoyable. it would have been so and so what did do you to my cell
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it's true. but when they drop it or snatch it, it's still your child. >> your child and your phone. still ahead at 5:30, kidney transplant patients accepting infected organs. how a new process could save
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now at 5:30, a devastating
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you can see thick smoke poured through the roof. firefighters got the blaze under control quickly but the damage was already done. wbz's jim smith shows us that the family's two cats are still missing. >> devastated, shocked. >> reporter: a bittersweet thanksgiving for paula defelice, weeping for the loss of the house that her parents called home but thankful they are both alive. >> all that went through my mind is that my family's safe and they're safe. we may have lost one of our animals, but my mother and father are safe. >> reporter: her father said that the fire seemed to be caused by an electrical problem. >> i heard a crackling sound and looked at an outlet in the bedroom that was sparking and clothes on the clothes rack, and the clothes had begun to


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