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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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and patience is key. although determined, motivations vairy. >> this year, laptops. >> reporter: this woman traveled from cape cod to toys r us for her 11-year-old son. >> he is autistic, and he knows what he -- it's hard. >> reporter: why -- why is it hitting you like that right now? >> it's just -- he for much. >> reporter: back at best buy, it was a successful early black friday shopping day for many. did you get all the things you wanted? >> we did. a 50" tv, 4k. >> awesome. >> reporter: and although the doors just opened, there is still plenty of time to shop here at best buy. they close their doors today at 1:00 a.m.
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chantee lans, wbz news. this video sent in from effingham, new hampshire shows snow, and we have ice in upton this morning. of it only lasted a minute but definitely not what you expect to see. it's mutual, eric? it's a mix here. it's not your standard snow or rain and graupel which is like a it's not the perfect dendrite if you will. it's like the cousin of sleet. taking a look at the radar, a wintery mix moving through and light snowfall across new amp hire and northern massachusetts, and temperatures all benefit freezing. if you are traveling, no major issues. 35 in worcester and 36 in keen and 32 in pittsfield, and we
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overnight to freezing. so especially from worcester northward into southwestern new hampshire and western mass and vermont, extra caution is needed as we take a look at the overnight. tomorrow morning out there early, clouds and drizzle, and we'll take a full look at the holiday forecast and the holiday weekend coming up in a few minutes. >> i went by and started driving up behind them. in danger to lp others. a good samaritan sees a wrong- way driver and did the unthinkable, driving the wrong way also, flashing his lights to warn other drivers. unfortunately, this story story not have a happy ending. the driver slammed into another car killing himself and injuring the other driver. anna meiller has the story. >> reporter: this is the deadly collision that greg sanford was trying to prevent when he saw the drive of a red
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495 south on thanksgiving morning. >> i was trying to do whatever i could to try and stop whatever it was. >> reporter: he turned his own car around, driving the wrong way to warn traffic. >> flashing lights so oncoming traffic could see the lights and react before something like that happened. >> reporter: troopers said that they were on the way and to turn around for his own safety. >> the original car was ow way. advised him to stop. >> reporter: moments later, police say the wrong-way driver, a young man from norton, was killed in a collision. the 21-year-old woman driving in the white suv was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> i feel bad for other families that have to deal with that on a day that means so much to be together with one family. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out how and why the
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they have extra patrols on the road for the holiday and they are reminding everyone to be extra careful and pay attention to the speed limits and do not drink and drive. anna meiller, wbz news. a former friend of aaron hernandez who claims that hernandez shot him in the face is suing cnn saying that it invaded alexr of his wound without his concept. honoring a fallen hero at a high school football game. a state tribute to state trooper thomas clardy who tragically lost his left earlier this year. ryan kath has the story. >> reporter: joined by her six kids, backed by state troopers
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side, reisa clardy felt someone watching from above. >> i felt it was my husband. it was snowing, and i thought it was a sign that maybe he was looking down, wishing he could be here to see the support from everyone. >> reporter: thomas clardy lost his life in a traffic stop in march. and his youngest, noah, made the coins to -- coin toss in >> i think it's appropriate for all tom did for his country. >> i would like to have all my braves and the state police know this is what we do, and we take care of our own. >> reporter: a tribute that means more than just the action
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about memories. >> reporter: the players are literally wearing the memory on their helmets and on the marlboro side, a marine logo because trooper clardy was also a veteran. >> he calmed people down in the worst situations because of humor and professionalism. >> reporter: friends say it's hard to accept. >> it's still loss. it >> reporter: it was a holiday that trooper clardy took off every year to be with his family and the community tried to help fill the enormous void around the thanksgiving table. >> i am honored to be here with the tribute for my husband and the support from the commute to know that they are still thinking about us after all this time.
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offering food and fun to hundreds who need it, and an exciting end to a high school football game. did you see the most incredible part? what you may have missed, and a bold move by a group of turkeys who risked it all to take a stroll this thanksgiving
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on the annual day of giving back, lombardo's people in need. the story is all new at 6:00. >> reporter: a thanksgiving gathering worth noting where those who might not otherwise have an opportunity can eat. >> the warmth that you feel the minute you walk in is wonderful. >> reporter: you can see it on their faces what this day means, not only social but the family. >> it's so wonderful. >> reporter: more than four
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family had the idea of giving back. >> i registered 868 people. >> reporter: the guest list of seniors and those in need has grown, and a list of volunteers has, too. >> you see a lot of people having a good day here. >> reporter: charles foley is the retired randolph fire chief and rounded up others and afterhours of meal prep and dona served. >> green bean cast roll, stuffing, butter-braised carrots. >> reporter: it's the least that david lombardo said they can do. >> it hit our soul and our hearts. >> they are so generous. >> reporter: they are giving everyone a sense of belonging. >> they really know how to treat the people nice.
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it to -- than surrounded by love? >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: and the lombardo family donated 200 meals to non- profits to provide dinner for their community. nicole jacobs, wbz news. if you are planning to head to the malls tonight or tomorrow to perhaps work off the extra pie, eric, can what we expect? a little drizzle, a couple of things to battle but a lot of people with plans and travel. this year is different. last year, 60s. today, we are seeing snowfall and many towns are seeing temps almost 20 degrees colder but most is light rainfall and snow in the berkshires and light rainfall in northern massachusetts and northern new
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am sure they are happy to see that with the skiing through the course of the weekend. worcester at 35. 36 in keene and a few towns will hover close to freezing overnight tonight. a little bit of light icing taking place in the slick areas, usually overpasss, the decks in the backyard, the front step. keep an eye north worcester and southwest new hampshire, the highest odds of icing. north and east, no issues there. the coldest temps again well off to the north and west. tonight, a batch of light rain and snow moving through in the next couple hour and then just clouds. if you are camping tonight or out and about tomorrow, it's not going to be raining outside or a real soggy day, just mainly cloudy skies and drizzle and a few light showers and
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no significant rainfall, just a damp and gray day. drizzle and cool tomorrow morning, temps in the upper 30s to low 40s, and we see look to friday evening, a couple of showers. the sunset at 4:15. for high temp, 50 across the cape, the islands and the south coast. colder temperatures inland and reaching the low 40s tomorrow afternoon. and then we look toward the weekend, and we are act together to the east but it's too far to the east. so saturday, a slight chance of a shower and a mix of sun and clouds to start the weekend, and sunday, a few flurries and colder air will rotate down but the accumulating snow is in maine. so we will have a reinforcing shot of colder air. the weekend, upper 40s on saturday and partly sunny and a slight chance of a shower and a
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a little bit of fresh snow for the ski areas. a couple snow showers tonight and tomorrow and a couple more on saturday and on sunday, the best chance of snow in maine, especially northern maine. we had hurricane otto make landfall. this is the strongest hurricane ever recorded so late in the season in the atlantic, and the farthest south hurricane recorded, just north of costa rica and mudslides will be the biggest issues overnight for that. monday, bright and we have a few light rain showers and heavy rainfall for wednesday and thursday. katie? >> thank you, eric. and the weather has been good for the high school football games. levan reid has more. it was good to see the kids out center. kid there.
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lynn classical and lynn english, english down 15-12 when they hit a 21-yard touchdown pass and take the lead with 8 seconds left to play. you are assuming that the game's over. oh, no. they have to kick off. after scrambling, to marcus rivera and marcus has got skill and he goes right up the right sideline and gets blocks and lynn classical win. now, urged 8 minutes to play, brighton with under 1 minute to go, the bengals to jared clark who had his demand a cast. couldn't stop him. 32yards, and jared clark, you,
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paper, 28-20, brighton. and hanover controls their game all the way. wheeler, touchdown. that's number two for him. hanover up 14-3 and the 4th quarter, you guessed it. third time's a charge. hanover wins, 21-3. they are headed to the division 3 bowl. and undefeated falmouth. clippers up 7-0. how about this running back after missing 5 games. look at the effort to make it to the end zone.
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getting it done. falmouth win and improve to 2- 0. spartans and reading with the razzle dazzle. 14-7, and stoneham wins, 28-13. a nice cold day for bath. central mass action. ryan richards puts them up 14- 0, and later, he does it with his arm deep to zach hunter who reels it in himself.
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first trip to the biggs since 2011. the next stop, division 1 super bowl. and hudson and marl blow and this was all marlboro. the panthers win 44-0, and you are all caught up on the high
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a big shout out to all our photographers who got it up early and got out to the games, and getting all the scores in, a solid effort by everybody. i could not get it deputy without the guys. katie, happy thanksgiving.
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>> thank you. and you could call it risky business for these turkeys who decided to head out for a
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? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan.
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here is a question of the day. a turkey trot or a mold move? the turkeys were spotted strutting down the street in wilmington. some people spectacular they must have been headed to
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a final look at the weather, eric. a little drizzle and a couple of snowflakes and in northern worcester county,
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are you doing shopping? >> got mine all done. >> cyber, baby, cyber. >> happy thanksgiving. >> quijano: police under fire. officers are ambushed during routine traffic stops in several states. >> this incident shows that can happen right in our backyard. >> quijano: also tonight, the long shot of long shots-- who's leading the battle for a recount a simple program is making life on the streets more bearable. >> it kind of adds a little dignity back into the equation. >> quijano: and a family reunion-- the women and their guardian angel. >> reporter: do you have any daughters of your own? >> no. those are my kids. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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