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tv   WBZ News  CBS  November 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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midnight madness the count down to get in some deals. when gunmen opened fire at his children's football game. plus the final play no one saw coming. the last seconds that had local fa now at 11:00. late night showers moving off the radar but creating some slick spots there on the road. we're in for a drizzly start and soggy start to the holiday weekend. >> let's take a look at the conditions tonight. we see light rainfall moving across the area.
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temperatures are borderline in spots that's kind of been our concern for now. wooster is at 33 degrees. 35 in orange. just had a report from a viewer in rutling said things are icing up right there. we're watching an area from about wooster all points north with drizzly spots through tomorrow morning. watch those first steps out of the house, be driving through the day on friday and saturday. staying above the freezing mark so no icing concerns there. other wise just a pretty gray looking friday forecast. a couple of showers. we'll see drizzle, cloudy skies. some better news for the week end. we'll take a look at that coming up in a few minutes, katie. >> look forward to eric. right now a caravan of cars lining up as eager shoppers
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and hundreds are at the premium outlets tonight to save big on black friday deals. wbz's giovanni is there live where doors are opening in less than an hour, right nick. >> right, katie and this actually just felt like the daytona 500. you had hundreds of cars lined up outside the entrance, revving the engines waiting to be waved on in. the only thing missing was the pace car. >> th >> anticipation is mounting for midnight madness in massachusetts. the official beginning of black friday in the big state. >> everybody does it. it's like thanksgiving you have to be thankful for everything you have and then go get more. >> reporter: cars flooded in two by two. once they were waved into the renton village parking lot. others sprinted in. two hours before the stores could open. >> i was the first one in.
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are getting an opportunity to get in here and have fun and leave. after all this political nonsense we're going through. just take a breather. >> some shoppers have mapped out their ever move leading up to midnight. >> you definitely have to have a battle plan because i don't want to tussle. i don't want to have an incident. but i do want to be one of the first in line. i want to have fun, i want to make it you know good memories. >> reporter: clouds, renton's police chief says his team will have an increased presence all weekend long. >> you have to put a lot of resources into an event like this. because like anything, you get to plan for the worse but hope and pray for the best. >> reporter: so again, for now it's really just a lot of hurry up to wait for the time being. but in just under an hour, let the madness begin.
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giovanni. >> black friday shoppers show up early. the first person there claimed a spot at 5:00 wednesday night. to breaking news new at 11:00. >> no crowding, no crowding. >> reporter: police are investigating a deadly shooting at a high school football game. today police are looking for the shooter or shooters that opened football game. new video has been released that captured the moments the gunman started firing. hundreds of people were in the crowd at the time those shots were fired. two people are dead. four more in the hospital. we're told the city's mayor was just 200 yards away from those gunshots. he took to twitter to condemn the gun violence.
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case wide open. teresa gaylin was murdered when she was just 16 years old. and today her family hopes that her case will be solved. >> she was the type of girl who would talk to anyone who she came across. >> reporter: young and lovely, that's the way she rememb passed. december1978, teresa cogley had left a party at a bar when she was picked up by a group of men and allegedly sexually assaulted. the girl was seen hitchhiking but never returned home. her naked body was found in a ditch two days later. now kelly and her family are
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on saturday, they're holding a fundraiser to pay for the expenses because she says the district attorney's office will not pay. >> we understand the state has tried, did the best they could. but when we're being told that the one last thing that you could possibly do is to exhume her, to see if there could be any trace dna evidence under her nails, something from a suspect, that's the one thing now that my family is focused outstoupbding. -- outstounding. >> i cannot believe how many people remembered her. and want to help. a car crashed into another
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other driver. another driver tried to stop the offending driver moments before the crash. >> i didn't want somebody's thanksgiving ruined. flashing lights for oncoming traffic, they will be able to see the lights or react before something like that happens. >> reporter: state police are trying to find out how or why the driver got on the highway going the wrong direction. >> fire crews are searching for the cause of this devastating fire in salem new hampshire. firefighters were able to get the blaze under co home as you can see a total loss. >> president obama elect donald trump tweeted this thanksgiving that he's still hard at work even though he's spending the holiday with his family in florida. tonight he may be close to adding another name to his cabinet. there are reports he will tap wilber ross a billionaire investor to become commerce
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be -- the high school game was about more than football. a community came together to honor a fallen hero. his wife and six children were brought to sister field wh made the opening coin toss. trooper cardy always took thanksgiving off to be with his family. >> i thought of my husband, it was snowing. i thought maybe that was a sign that he was maybe looking down. wishing that obviously he was here to see the support from everybody. >> reporter: in honor of
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helmet with a logo to respect clardy. boston mayor marty walsh helped carve some of the turkeys given out to the community. cameras capture the wild moments flames start what sparked this fire. >> plus how many calories did you really eat this thanksgiving. don't lie. the one item you probably need to account for. >> if you're going outside tomorrow to exercise a little bit. a little drizzle but improving
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mom who vanished weeks ago in california has been found safe. police say she was kidnapped while jogging. 34-year-old sherry papini says she managed to free herself and then flag down a driver. tonight police are searching for two women who may have been armed and who are suspected of kidnapping her. a man burned when his e cigarette finally exploded in his pant's pocket. he s when his e cigarette started burning in his pant pocket.
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grople. it's a wet snow flake. makes a little pellet. looks like a dipping dot. we had some of that moving through today. no major issues out there. tonight it's just kind of damp and chilly. 40degrees in boston. we had some rain moving through the last of those showers exiting cape. as we have a lot of low level moisture around here to east. a little drizzle could create a glaze. the areas we're watching are from wooster, and they won't move all that much overnight. between there are a few pockets who are right at that freezing mark. i mentioned earlier, we got a report where it's moving over. light icing, it's be a very
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things to get quite slick, wooster. kind of a gray and dreary day. maybe if we're lucky a couple of breaks of sunshine and areas of drizzle and light showers. most of the day won't be actually raining. if we're going out and doing shopping, maybe grabbing a christmas tree, i would bring a raincoat or umbrella just to keep it safe. tomorrow drizzle and cool. and those days that it could be very icy. as we head through the rest of it, kind of a broken record. drizzle, few light showers and not too much wind expected tomorrow. sunset is at 4:15. high temps ranging from the low 50s toward cape cod and the south coast to the low 40s across the interior in northern wooster county. and wooster just around 40 for tomorrow afternoon. as we move through the
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see all this rain developing just north. the best chance will be across nantucket and the outer cape. we head into sunday and there's a bunch of snow getting thrown back into maine. for us it'll be just a couple of flurries and a a cool blast of air. we have a chance for a snow flake or two and high of 44. good news for the ski area. they have a couple of chance for a few more on saturday. not big totals but refreshing things a little bit. on sunday our best chance of snow is going to be across maine. it's going to be the winter for snow. a dry and chilly start for monday. tuesday is a day to watch. we might get a bit of wintery mix across the interior with rain across the north.
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is possible. >> thanks so much eric. when you look at those numbers not too bad when you need to work off some calories. because how many calories did you eat today? the number probably 4,500 and 200-grams of fat. that does not include appetizers and drinks. coming up next in sports, it's no thanksgiving without leven reed has the highlight
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wbz sports you by bmw. another great part of thanksgiving all of those high school football games. leven reed is so excited to talk about them. he's practically dancing. >> i'm doing some dancing. >> that wasn't really dancing. >> what would you call it? >> it was cheering.
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football. and we have left overs for days. and for the rest of the newscast you can see all the high school scores for the day on the bottom of your screen. english down 15-12. they hit a 21-yard touchdown pass and they take the lead 20- 15 with just eight seconds to play. so i guess they're assuming the game is over. stop it, they still have the kick off. he evidently gets the rock to marcus riv era and is got skills. he goes up the right sideline and gets a couple of blocks and the yards to the house. win classical wins, 21-20. another great game between bruten and latin academy. john gien throws one deep. to texeiro the score and with 20 to go.
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makes a one handed catch. you sir are going to get your name in the paper. everett taking on mastonomic. it's the crimson tide first turkey day game since 2011. everett made it count. everett wins 25-34. next stop for the crimson tide is the division one super bowl. another great day talvic. nick to michael lafronge. 57yards of pay dirt. clippers go up 7-0. about how running back sam coss. back after missing 6 yards. somebody wants a big piece of turkey. more from coheg he hits. hooks up with gene vasquez for another touchdown. great grab in traffic to get it
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headed to the division a super bowl. it was the injured carl and jeffrey willis show. ends up 7-0. to the third and the reverse tries it again. touchdown number two. fourth quarter and you get this. the trifecta. you bet cha. to wheeler, hanover wins it 7- 3. they're headed division three super bowl. stotem hosting redem. tray hednoni with the around. finds russell way down the field for the touchdown. stotem took the lead. and got it done on the ground.
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that will put them up 14-0. later, does it with this arm. throws this one deep. to zack hunter he reals it in. warriors win it 26-14. marlboro taking on -- she also threw for a score but panthers win 44-0. now let's get you all caught up on all the high
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big shout out to all the photographers here at the station. they got up early and made it to those games so we could bring them to you. and thank you for all the scores and getting all those highlights on the air.
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welcome back. how about some hockey. the bruins were in town to take ottawa. first period gets right back in the mix. on the power play. back hand flat out. boston up 1-0. but things will go south from there.
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careless with the puck. chris widening takes over. before that, the celtics hosted san antonio spurs tomorrow afternoon looks like the garden will be hard at work for the celtics change over. >> leven is going to catch his breath. and eric fisher is getting ready to bring you the final
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if you're heading out to the mall or maybe early this morning. >> it's a little drizzly. not necessarily raining outside, just wet, a little drizzly.
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thanksgiving and good luck tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs >> the cubs are going to the world series! yes, after 71 years of waiting, the cubbies have won the pennant and are facing off against the cleveland indians starting tuesday night. all thanks to a strong pitching rotation, hot cubs bats and the evil wizard who manager joe madden signed a blood compact with in exchange for a world series win. and the windy city is buzzing over the possibility that he might fulfill his dark prophecy and bring the cubs their first world series victory in more than 100 years. the cubs are favored in their match-up against the indians, thanks to their young, hungry lineup, as well as an ancient wizard who the elders in the


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