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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kate merrill. >> i'm chris mckinnon. today is thursday, december 1st. we have breaking news right now at 6:00 to tell you about. a report of shots fired leads to a police chase and a crash. we're live with the search under way right now for two people in brockton. a mo year-old son due in court to face charges today. we're hearing from a neighbor who came to the rescue of that teen's grandmother. and a local town's public school is shut down today over a threat at the high school. plus big changes coming to major league baseball. but, first, we want to kick it off with danielle niles. danielle, the rain is moving out but we're warming up today. >> 65 for december 1st, can you believe it, chris and kate? the rain is pushing out here. we still have some pockets of light rain around in the southeast part of the state.
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to hug the south coast of the cape and islands. one downpour in nantuck et, going to clip chatham. that extends through the cape cod canal. right around route 1, fairly light, wipers on there. for the rest of us, still puddles on the road except for manchester up through central new hampshire, up to lakes region. you'll need the wipers on with persistent rain up and route 89 too. 60, mild in taunton right now, 51 in boston. 40s north and west of town, and any leftover rain in southeastern is massachusetts is going to be out of here, really over the next hour and a half, just a leftover shower on the outer cape by 7:30. sunshine breaking out, turning into a bright and mild and breezy afternoon. so showers ending, 6:54 sunrise, wind 10 to 20 miles an hour and fair and quiet for the ride home. sunset at 4:12. temperature right around 50. we'll take you through the
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>> thank you very much, danielle. let's take a live look out there at the roads for you this morning. and you can see the zakim bridge here aned leverett. the leverett is filled in making your way into the city. the zakim is moving along okay. no delays in the north of town. heads up if you're taking the red line, moderate delays now due to a power problem at the elway station, so heads up if you're on the red line this morning. breaks overnight, a police chase end with a crash in brockton and this morning officers people. >> anna has the latest for us from brockton. >>reporter: chris, police tell me they respondd to reports of shots fired on ford street around 12:30 this morning. when officers got there, they say they tried to pull over a toyota camry. that's when that car took off. police sped after the vehicle, chasing it through brockton. investigators tell me that chase ended with a crash. the cruiser colliding with the suspect vehicle after the driver stopped and parked it on pleasant street. both the driver and a passenger
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those two people, but they say they don't believe there is a risk to public safety at this point. that officer suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. live from brockton, anna meiler, wbz this morning. also breaking overnight, a police officer shot while responding to a domestic violence call in washington state has died. police believe the suspect is holed up inside a tacoma home. the neighborhood is on lockdown. a woman and two children inside the house during that shooting are safe this morning. the officer killed identified. all public schools in palmer are closed today after a threat was spray painted on a sign outside the high school there. here's the photo that was posted on palmer high school's facebook page. it reads shooting along with today's date. the person who shared the picture said the other side of that sign read kill along with a time. all classes and after-school activities are canceled for today. police and school officials are investigating. a brockton teenager charged with murdering his mother is due in court today.
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yesterday. his grandmother managed to escape. nicole jacobs is live in brockton this morning with the very latest on this story. nicole. >>reporter: kate, investigators have not commented on a possible motive, but we do know they interviewed this 18-year-old son yesterday and made the determination to arrest him and charge him with his mother's murder. inside this brockton home at 34 meritt avenue, violence and murdered, allegedly at the hands of her son while the grandmother escaped. >> i knew it was something bad, only because she was wailing and screaming and she did say 911, 911. >>reporter: mary ann monteiro rushed to the grandmother's aid and went back inside the home. >> the grandson came lunging at us, and i pulled her out of there. >>reporter: firefighters arrived to find 18-year-old france polinnese sitting outside. >> they just went around him,
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deck, went into the house, came out and put him on top of the car and sat on him until the cops got here. >>reporter: investigators say 44-year-old mannina minhe'd was stabbed to death. wbz has learn thad a knife was recovered at the scene. the district attorney's office is investigating. >> we need to find out exactly what happened, but for a mother/son relationship and for it to end this way, it's terrible, tragic and we need to make sure we find out what happened. >>reporter: that 18-year-old is expected to be arraigned hereat today. we're live in brockton, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. >>reporter: 6:05 right now. a massive water main break repaired in boston. take a look at that. that was the scene yesterday. this morning there are still some street closures there. crews have been working to repair the sidewalk and the road in front of washington street. we'll take a live look at the scene right now for you. as you can see crews still on the scene. the pipes broke at the front door of coffee and winebar
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water, but it did close several several restaurants >> by law we have to get all this gone and the health inspection comes. >> the break also caused three underground electrical fires sending thick toxic smoke into the air. that forced the evacuation of more than 100 people from a hoss till. 6:06 now. a former town chef in carver is accused of stealing from food pantry where he worked for six years. the chef, his girlfriend and her daughter are charged with larceny and conspiracy. police say surveillance video shows the three stealing food on weekends from the carver food pantry. lavoy is even accused of making his own special orders on the charity's dime. he was responsible for ordering items which is what makes it difficult to determine how far back we go, but in his ordering of items, one of the things he came up with suspicious was he decided to order buffalo chicken wings.
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food donations to be made to the shane gibbs thanks pantry on main street instead. police stepping up patrols at a new england mosque after it received a hate-filled letter warning muslims to leave the country or face genocide. the mosque in providence, rhode island is one of several mosques in seven states that received the identical letters. the fbi says there are no specific threats for them to investigate, but they are monitoring the situation and urging people to report any incidents. police here say they haven't received a formal request increased security at boston- area mosques, but they are ready to provide it if asked. a campus controversy end with a compromise. a painting dedepicting ku klux klan members will remain at an art exhibit, but now you'll have to lift up a drape to look at it. the art exhibit at salem state university was scheduled to reopen yesterday. it will run through december 14th. the exhibit is meant to illustrate the divisions caused by the recent presidential election. president-elect donald
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expected to announce more about a deal to keep jobs from being outsourced to mexico. federal officials briefed by carrier air conditioning say the agreement will keep about 800 union jobs in indiana. about 1,400 workers were set to be laid off. carrier says incentives offered by the state of indiana were, quote, an important consideration. and former alaska governor and vice presidential nominee sarah palin may be up for a job in the trump administration. the "new york times" reports palin is being considered secretary of veterans affairs. that's the same job former bay state senator scott brown is up for. a recount of the presidential election is set to begin in wisconsin today. green party candidate jill stein asked for the recount there as well as michigan and pennsylvania. president-elect trump narrowly won all three states. the recount is not expected to change the outcome, however, of the election. also today both trump and clinton's campaign managers will be at harvard to speak at
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the election. and new overnight major changes coming to major league baseball. the associated press reporting the winner of the all-star game will no longer get homefield advantage in the world series. instead, it'll be determined by the pennant winner with the better regular season record. that's according to someone familiar with the five-year collective bargaining agreement reached between the league and the players association at midnight. coming up on wbz this morning, 25 is the new 30 in boston. >> we're not talking about age, we're talking about speed slow down on city streets. also coming up this morning, good news for bicyclists in boston. the changes making riding through the city safer. plus a little life saver, the lesson an 11-year-old learned that helped her save her newborn sister. danielle, good morning. >> good morning, chris, good morning, everybody. temperatures today feeling more like october as opposed to december 1st as the sunshine breaks out and we dry out, temperatures climbing 55 to 60 this afternoon. outdoor recess should be good
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schools to highlight this morning, the lilja elementary school, had a blast with you guys. they were particularly interested in graft. i had a blast with -- in gravity. i had a blast with the fourth graders at the kennedy school in franklin. they are the ladybugs. i have to say they were very well behaved kids. have a great day at school,
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well, mo-vember ended last night. we want to congratulate one of our own. carlos grew his mustache to raise money for a charity through cbs cares. his team raised more than $2,000. although we loved carlos' mustache, we heard his wife is not such a fan and he beloved member of our morning team out there everyday. so we want to say congratulations, carlos. look at you. >> clean shaven, carlos. >> you look good, buddy. there he is. >> carlos, thank you. >> he is working hard. >> he is one of the hardest worker we have. he has such a positive attitude every morning. you walk in and it's, like, boom. if you're not awake, you're
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>> and that mo-vember. his wife is probably just so happy this morning, gone. >> but he did rock it, i have to say it looked pretty good on him. for a great cause. so december 1st now. >> crazy. >> 55 to 60 today. >> crazy. >> nice. >> you are luke ug it. >> we love it -- liking it. >> we love it. >> you're waiting for the flakes. we've turned the calendar, it's the first day of meteorological winter although the winter solstice is december 21st at 5:44 a.m. that's officially when winter degrees. it dips into the upper 30s by the end of the month and on average in december we get nine inches of snow in boston. the past few years we haven't had much. it was back in 2013 that we had above average, 11.7 inches of snow that fell at logan airport. no snow this morning in southern new england. it is rain and the rain is tapering off in most areas. we get some downpours clipping chad right now, back down towards mawmoye. these conditions are shifting to the north and east. still some light rain along the
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bristol and plymouth county. then it's mainly dry for the rest of us until you get back into central new hampshire. concord just about to get out of the rain. it does extend east towards rochester and up through 93 and into the lakes region too. 43 in concord, new hampshire right now, but 51 in boston. mild start to the day. 60 right now in taunton. 56 in chatham, 61 on the vineyard right now. contrast that with the 30s, west, pasty snow coming down across northern maine right now. our storm will cone going to happen here is the sun is going to be breaking out over the next several hours, giving way to a brighter afternoon. it does turn a little bit breezy today. the wind is already gusting over 20 miles per hour. that will continue. not a bad end to the week. tomorrow sun and clouds, not quite as mild. we'll be around 50. mountain snow showers will drop a fresh couple of inches in the highest terrain, the highest summit ises of the green and white mountains. great news for snow lovers. and then our weekend does look
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sunday. it's going to drag in some chilly air out of canada. highs will be in the 40s as opposed to 50s. 58 in boston for a high today, most of us 55 to 60 degrees. a few clouds tonight, 32 to 38 in the suburbs, 40 downtown, but there is going to be an active wind. so at times the wind chill will be in the 20s. and that includes as you wake up tomorrow morning. tomorrow won't be as mild, but december 2nd 50 degrees in boston, still not bad, well above average. 50 in norwood. pats this weekend 1:00 game on sunday, sun and clouds, an do turn cooler. so 41 degrees, the wind chill will be in the upper 30s at times. you do want to be bundled up. other than that no weather- related issues. seven-day forecast brings us out to temperatures even a little bit colder on monday. there will be a chance of a flurry or two and we'll be around 40 through mid week. kate. all right. taking a look at the roads right now, 6:16 on your thursday, albeit a little foggy out there and wet, the roads are looking pretty good. the tough spot, of course, the expressway right here. you see traffic is building there.
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as you approach 128, also route 3 starting to slow down in weymouth. and crews are still working to clean up and make repair from a major water main break there yesterday. these are live pictures of kneelon street. we just learned that traffic on neilon is still restrict there had. drivers are urged to avoid the area if they can. washington street, however, has been reopened. 6:17 right now. drivers are going to have to slow down on boston streets. the boston city council voted yesterday to lower the speed miles an hour to 25 miles an hour. they hope it'll make the streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. the change goes into effect january 9th. well rg riding a bike in boston -- well, riding a bike in boston has gotten safer. a harvard study says there was a 40% drop in injuries from 2009 to 2012. the study credits changes made by the city like expanded bike lanes and better signs. it says the more bikes that are on the roads, the more aware drivers become.
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activate a gas pipeline through several boston neighborhoods today. the globe reports the company will begin transmitting gas through the pipeline in west roxbury. residents have been protesting this for the last two years. the pipeline runs near a quarry where dynamite is regularly used. neighbors fear it's only a matter of time before an explosion will happen. the city also says spectra energy which runs that pipeline has not turned over crucial safety plans. some life-saving lessons pay off 11-year-old elise from abregas has known for months she was getting a baby sister, so she paid extra attention in cpr and heimlich maneuver classes in school. and when 2-day-old miranda started choking on some formula, elise knew just what to do. >> is she's, like, mom, calm down, this is what you have to do. turn her this way, you gotta pat her this way. >> i told my mom to turn her around at an angle and pat her back, that way the spitup could
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that's amazing. baby miranda is going to be just fine thanks to her big sis. elise told us she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up so she can save animals as well >> hey, she works well under pressure, so -- >> i want to have her babysit for me. i wonder how much she charges. >> good idea. >> i know. ahead, a candy company's promise to lower sugar without changing the taste. also coming up this morning trick or treat, the massachusetts lawmaker proposing to change the way we celebrate high halloween. and soccer going to th the game stopped when a seagull gets hurt. see who came to the rescue. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday.
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? why do banks treat you and your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances.
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and built a checking account that's free of all that nonsense. no fees. no minimums. no gotchas. at capital one, your money stays your money.
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new rules banning smoking in public housing across the
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into effect early next year. it prohibits any lit tobacco product inside or within 25 feet of buildings. the new rules are expected to save more than $150 million every year in damage from preventible fires and other repairs. buildings have is 18 months to comply. some students in new hampshire will get to sleep in a little longer next year. according to the portsmith herald, the school has approved an 8:30 start time for middle schools and 8:25 schools. they fit the updated guidelines for teenaged sleep. the changes won't come cheap, it'll cost about $164,000 to add more buses and bus monitors because the older students will be going to school at the same time as elementary students. potential students at one college can find out in a snap if they're getting n. the university of wisconsin at green bay is promising to send acceptance messages through senatechat. the admissions department says it's a way to connect with an age group that grew up on phone
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students will also still get their acceptance packet in the mail. >> i mean, are they going to use a filter? >> will the parents believe them once it's here? >> i don't know. crazy. a new push to change the way we celebrate halloween in massachusetts. josh cutler who represents pembroke just filed a bill to celebrate halloween on the last saturday in october rather than on december 31st. supporters say the idea makes sense. kids wouldn't be out trick or treating while most people are driving home from work. well, santa's home is listed on zillow. don't worry, he's not moving and the home isn't for sale. you can get a look at the home that sits on 25 acres. it includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an oven with 12 different cookie settings, of course, a sleigh program, reigndeer stables and, of course, a toy workshop. it's estimated to be just under $67,000. >> only three bedrooms. i wonder where all the elves sleep. oh, they sleep next door is what we're being told.
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nnchts money watch this morning, netflix users are getting a chance to binge on the go. the video streaming service says users now have the option to download movies and shows to watch offline later. that means you won't need a wi- fi or self signal to access your favorite shows and movies. the feature is free, just make sure you have the most recent netflix app on your device. nestle says it's discovered a way to cut the amount of sugar in its chocolate by 40% without changing the taste. it alters the sugar so that it amounts. nestle says it will gradually implement the change in its chocolate like kitkats and butterfingers. >> it alters the sugar, okay. >> less calories. >> okay. >> good news for us because we like chocolate. anchts parrot in the philippines is now an internet star thanks to an impressive set of pipes. >> turns out he's a fan of the hit song "chandelier."
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>> video has been viewed on facebook more than 1.5 million times, but after chris has watched it so much this morning, it's probably closer to more than 2 million views. a seagull got a little too close to the action at a soccer game in australia. you can see it here get hit by yeah. it took officials a few minutes to stop play. one of the goalies actually went out and carried it off the field, giving the seagull a little pat on the head. it will get checked out. the bird was not seriously hurt and eventually flew away. how come our seagulls don't act and behave like that? they always steal your food >> they're not as cute when they steal your food and they're circling you. still ahead in the next half hour, recreational marijuana set to become legal
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leaders over funds for the law. this is jon jon keller, what's the best way to deter people from driving drunk? the ingenius method police have come up with in canada as wbz
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my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays.
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breaking news right now at 6:30, a busy night for police in brockon. reports of shots fired leads to a police chase and crash. we're live at the scene with the search for two people. a couple arrested. police say they were passed out in their car with it running and their two infants inside. and we're not sure if it's cruel, but this is definitely unusual punishment. why police are playing nickelback good morning to you. 6:30 right now, thanks for joining us, i'm chris mckinnon. >> and i'm kate merrill. it is december 1st on your thursday morning. although the weather, danielle, does not feel anything close to december like. >> we're in the 60s right now, chris and kate. for some cities and towns south of boston, it's feeling more like october as opposed to december 1. three-mile visibility in boston right now. there is some fog.
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yesterday, but you'll encounter it in patches as you head out the door this morning. a bit of a gusty breeze too, gusting over 20 miles per hour, manchester back down to bedford and over 20 for the cape and the islands. wind will stay a little bit strong, but won't be damaging today. drying out too with just a bit of leftover rain now. you'll get a quick sprinkle south and west of boston on needham, dover, norwood seeing a little bit of light rain. that extends south towards walpool, franklin, medway and milford and then into foxborouin minutes or so. another batch of rain from the south shore, really ducksbury down toward plymouth and the cape cod canal and the sagimore bridges and light rain for the outer cape too. 51 in boston right now, but it's 60 in taunton. any leftover showers are going to end in the next, really, 45 minutes or so and then the sunshine is going to be breaking out in spots, so it turns into a brighter day, breezy and mild. sunrise coming up in just about
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sunny and breezy, quiet for the ride home. it will still be breezy and mild, sunset at 4:12, temperature right around 50 degrees. kate. we're starting to see some headaches on the roads at 6:32. as we take a live look at route 1, you can see the slowdown is beginning. also trouble on the expressway going north, 24 going north and also 93 south heading towards the city. we also have an accident in weymouth right near route 18 northbound which is causing some slowups there. and breaking news just track causing some delays in needham. officials say the needham train 602 will leave from needham center and they're urging passengers to take mbta route from need ham heights to needham center. we will continue you to bring you updates as soon as we can. breaking overnight, a police chase ends with a crash in brockton and this morning officers are looking for two people. >> anna meiler is in brockton this morning with the very latest on this story.
6:33 am
shots fired on ford street around 12:30 this morning. when officers got there, they say they tried to pull over a toyota camry. that's when the car took off. police sped after the vehicle, chasing it through brockton. investigators tell me that chase ended with a crash. the cruiser colliding with the suspect vehicle after the driver stopped and parked it on pleasant street. both the driver and a passenger got out and ran. police are still looking for those two people, but they don't believe there's a risk to bl that officer suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. reporting live from brockton, anna meiler, wbz this morning. anchts brockton teenager charged with murdering his mother is due in court today. police say the 18-year-old stabbed her inside their home yesterday. his grandmother escaped. wbz's nicole jacobs is live in brockton for us this morning with the latest. nicole. >>reporter: chris, that 18- year-old is set to be arraigned here at brockton district court
6:34 am
it happened yesterday on meritt avenue. police were calld to that home around 1:00 in the afternoon, and they found 44-year-old min ea minead inside the home. she'd been stabbed multiple times and was pronounced dead at the hospital. 18-year-old france polinnese has been charged with his mother's murder. right now the district attorney is not commenting on a possible motive, but the boy's grandmother was also inside the home. she escaped and ran to >> she just grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the house. the grandson came lunging at us, and i pulled her out of there. >> state police and the district attorney's office are investigating. we're live in brockton, nicole jacobs, wbz this morning. 6:34 right now. a heartbreaking scene in lawrence. police found two parents passed out in their car with their two kids inside. officers say the couple, jacob
6:35 am
drugs in lawrence. a passerby thought they were dead and called 911. first responders found a 23- month-old on the woman's lap and a 9-month-old in a baby seat. dcf now has custody of both kids. lawmakers could tap the state's rainy day fund to cover startup costs of a new recreational marijuana law. the senate president tells the globe he would consider borrowing from the crisis fund and then repaying that money once the state begins collecting taxes on retail marijuana sales. that plan is similar was legalized. governor baker opposes that idea. a drakeet man accused of stalking a whalen school principal and trying to publicly humiliate her is facing charges. police say 49-year-old kurt sanborn dated the woman for a few weeks after she broke up with him, they say he started stalking her and leaving flyers on cars all around whalen, calling her names and insulting her job performance. at the time of his arrest, police say sanborn was on
6:36 am
police in hudson, new hampshire are looking for the man who held up a walgreen's. police say the suspect was armed with a knife and demanded cash. the clerk handed over money and the man took off. no one was hurt. the robber is described as a white man about six feet tall, wearing a gray jacket with a hood over his face. you may not think it's cruel, but it's definitely an unusual punishment. >> police in canada are using one band to help crack down on drunk driving. our jon keller explains. po the season of celebration is at hand, but whatever you do, please don't drive drunk. it's the worst possible thing you could do to yourself and to others. and in kensington, canada, the police feel so strongly about this they've resorted to extreme measures. in a facebook warning to those, quote, dumb enough to feel they can drink and drive, the kensington cops promise that if and when they catch you, quoting again, on top of a hefty fine, a criminal charge and a year driving suspension
6:37 am
with a bonus gift of playing the office copy of nickelback in the cruiser on the way to jail, end quote. oh, the horror. but it turns out this is far from the first time the authorities have resorted to really bad music as a form of torture. u.s. troops reportedly used metallic a records and copies of the kiddy tv show "barney and friends" to break down prisoners of war. at other times the m&m album meow mix commercial theme song have also been used for this purpose. and perhaps most famously when pan mainian dictator manuel noreiga tried to hold up an ementz building in 1989, the troops bombarded him with van halen music and copies of the howard stern show until he surrendered. i think political speeches are an underutilized resource in
6:38 am
and republican conventions again and again or any given john kerry or charlie baker speech on a loop. now, that's what i call a deterrent. as the cops in canada put it, you don't drink and drive, and we won't make you listen to it. talk back to me via e-mail or use twitter keller at large >> massachusetts and rhode island are among 18 states sharing a federal grant preschool. massachusetts will get $15 million and rhode island will get $6 million to expand access to high-quality preschool from children -- for children from low or moderate income families. the grant comes from the department of education and health and human services. if you have trouble completing tasks on time, you may be able to blame your parents. a new study finds people who had consistent daily routines growing up were less likely to have problems with attention and time management later on in life. researchers think regular routines help children help
6:39 am
expectations and boundaries. >> always blaming the parents. we're just doing the best we can. it's hard. bringing in the holiday season, some generous donors giving rings to the salvation army. a woman dropped off three rings, in fact, outside wal- mart in whitensville. another donor dropped off a diamond ring at a kettle in walesham. one ring is appraised at about $700. >> the next day when we opened up the kettle and we're counting it to bring it to the bank, we heard a different noise, and it was coins. and when i looked inside, there was this diamond ring. >> a few weeks ago the salvation army raised nearly $27,000 from an auction of 60 pieces of jewelry donated over the past two years. ? ? christmas comes early at symphony hall. the holiday pops kicked off last night.
6:40 am
the orchestra and conductor keith walsh on stage to read "twas the night before christmas." santa will stop by as he will for every concert between now and christmas eve. that's a lot of concerts >> it is. it's a lot of work for a guy who has a very busy night in store. >> good thing he has a lot of helpers. >> absolutely. just ahead a check of the day's top stories, including new information about threats against mosques, including one in new england. also coming up police investigating a threat in palmer that's closing public schools there today. and some roads still closed in the area of yesterday's we'll have an update just ahead. but, first, danielle, you got some weather watchers on this thursday. >> we are drying out this morning, kate, yes, and several weather watchers giving us rainfall reports. dose two, round of rain that came down, right now temperatures running in the 50s. it's a real mild start and these are sovment rainfall totals. over an inch of rain in a lot of spots. route 2 corridor, metro west, about a quarter and half inch south of town and about an inch through central new hampshire and southern maine as well.
6:41 am
and if you have a report or want to join the weather watcher network, you can just head on over to our website. coming up, we're in indianapolis with details of donald trump's plan to save more than 1,000 manufacturing jobs. plus the dramatic impact of taking an aspirin a day. dr. david with groundbreaking new research coming up on "cbs
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boston children's -- boston children's museum going all out with some fun that will knock your socks off. it began its snow-mazing event yesterday where kids can skate indoors wearing just their socks. olympic medalist nancy kerrigan was there to kick it all off. you can do that in my living room too. >> floors are nice and polished. >> yes, exactly. doesn't feel like december 1st, though, today. >> no, it doesn't. we're dealing with rain, now 50s. what's going on, danielle?
6:45 am
feeling more like october, though. of course when you start to think more like snow when we have the first day of meteorological winter. on average under an inch of snow in december in 2015, little if anything in 2014. over the last six years, 2014 was -- we have 3.4 back in 2012 and just a trace in 2011. we had a trace ba as well. back in november, like it was still long ago, but, yes, we did. now no snow in southern new england this morning. tracking rain, last of the showers exiting southeastern is massachusetts. a little bit of light rain stretching up to fal mut into sagimore. these sprinkles right over rochester and north of laconia now, north back into northern and western portions of maine. 51 in boston, 60 in taunton currently 61 on the vineyard. colder the farther north you go and that's where we're tracking
6:46 am
northern maine, coming down at a rate of one to two inches per hour, so a different story when you get back to the crown of maine. for us the storm continues to depart. sunshine breaks out. we turn bright, we turn breezy, we turn mild today. again, 55 to 60 degrees. end of the week tomorrow sun and clouds. you'll notice some snow showers in the mountains, the green mountains, the white mountains. it's going to be a fresh couple of inches in the high summits, by the way, the northern greens and whites by the time we get the snow guns are blasting as well. sunday breezy, sun and clouds, similar on sunday, but the wind is coming out of the northwest. it's going to drag in some colder air out of northeastern canada, so we won't be talking about 50s, we'll be talking 40s for highs for the upcoming weekend. 55 to near 60 degrees today. again, more typical for the end of october. a little cooler in the wocester hills. sun and clouds, we're already in the low 60s in southeastern massachusetts. we'll be right around 60 for
6:47 am
in the suburbs. about 40 in boston. the wind is going to stay active. so at times the wind chill will be in the 20s overnight tonight. still a little bit breezy tomorrow too, sun and clouds, not as mild, but still above average, right around 50 degrees, and your weekend planner features cooler temperatures, sun and clouds, seasonal, 45 on saturday, low 40s on sunday. a little chilly to start next week. could be a few flurries on monday, chris. >> all right, thank you very much, danielle. let's take a live look at the zakim id you can see things are still moving okay. the lever connector is completely filled in. you're on the brakes from 495 past 128 and again from stoneham street on in to sullivan square. breaking overnight, a police chase ends with a crash in brockton. a cruiser colliding with a suspect's vehicle. police say the driver and passenger both got out and ran. police are still sirching for them now -- searching for them now. the officer suffered minor injuries, he's expected to be okay.
6:48 am
around 12:30 when they tried to pull over a vehicle it took off. also breaking overnight, a police officer shot while responding to a domestic violence call in washington state has died. police believe the suspect is holed up inside a tacoma home. the neighborhood is now on lockdown. a woman and two children inside the house during the shooting are safe. the officer killed has not been identified. it is 6:48 right now. checking our other top stories for you this morning, an 18- year-old will be in court today in brockton, accused of stabbing >> france polinnese's grandmother was also in the home but managed to escape to a neighbor's house. when police arrived, polinnese was sitting outside. he's charged with homicide. investigators say they recovered a knife from the home. all public schools in palmer are closed today while police investigate a threat spray painted on a sign outside the high school. this photo was posted on palmer high school's facebook page. it reads shooting along with today's date. the person who shared that picture said the other side of the sign read kill along with
6:49 am
school activities are canceled in palmer for today. police are stepping up patrols at a new england mosque that received a hate-filled letter warning muslims to leave the country or face genocide. the mosque in providence is just one of several mosques in seven states that received the identical letter. the fbi says there are no specific threats for them to investigate, but they're monitoring the situation and urging people to report any incidents. crews are still working to clean up and make repairs from a major water main break in boston yesterday. we know that washington street has been reopened but traffic on neilon street is still restricted this morning. drivers are urged to avoid the area all together if you can. 6:49 right now. still to come this morning, plenty of offense between the celtics and pistons. >> and some wild shots too. but this game would come down to the better defensive team. we have the highlights. and today is the first day of meteorological winter. it may be warm in boston, but it's starting to look like winter in the city. the new attraction that's about
6:50 am
and great service. over seventy-five years. wait. seventy-five years? that is great. speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings.
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the celtics taking on pistons at the garden last night and their defense came back to haunt then. cs trailed by six at the half. in the 3rd, this bucket doesn't count, but check out the third shot by isaiah thomas there from behind the back board and in. unfortunately it was not a shooting foul -- yeah, a defense side. pistons starters had double digits before the 4th quarter even began. celtics lose this one, 121-114. patriots back to practice but missing key players, brady, grong, edleman all missed practice yesterday because of injuries. brady has a knee injury, grong hurt his back and addleman is still nursing a foot problem. bennett also did not practice. he was out there riding a stationary bike. the good news, matthew slater took part after missing all of
6:54 am
for more on sunday's pats/rams matchup, be sure to check out "patriots all access," that's tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. right here on wbz. as for sunday, wbz starts you off with "patriots game day" at 11:30, immediately followed by the game. that's at 1:00. be sure to tune in to my tv 38 for "the fifth quarter post- game show" to brap it all up. 6 -- wrap it ul a up. here's what's happening on "cbs this morning." >> checking in with gayle king in new york. good morning to you, gayle. >>reportergo and chris. we continue our gonch from guantanamo bay. we'll look at some of the detainees at the prison who have never been charged. and dr. david joins us with his new groundbreaking research on how aspirin could save close to a million more lives. wow! the news is back in the
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
crews are putting the final touches on the winter wonderland at boston city hall plaza. boston winter opens up tomorrow. it'll include an ice skating loop, shops made to look like chalets, food, massive decorations and a spot for santa. it will be open seven days a week. there are charges, though, for certain activities. >> i love it. i love it so much. we have an update on that breaking news in needham we told you about this morning. commuter rail train hit by a car parked close to the tracks
6:58 am
fire chief to show you what's going on here. thankfully no one was hurt, but this is causing delays right now on the needham line. so stay with wbz online and on air for updates. >> yeah. the trains are leaving from needham center instead of needham heights this morning. all right, weather. >> rain out of here in the next 20 minutes or so. sun breaking out, 55 or 60, how about that for december? >> i was tired of living in seattle. i want to be back in boston. "cbs this morning" is coming up next, everybody. >> we'll see you in 30 ergy produce. eversource buys it at a set price and delivers it to you. but the pool is shrinking, causing energy costs to go up and down. so we're working to increase the supply of clean, affordable energy across the region. because more energy means lower energy costs for you and the communities we serve. ?
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? president-elect trump goes to indianapolis to save thod manufacturing jobs and this morning new details are emerging to keep those jobs from moving to mexico. >> powerful storms that killed five people in the south causes new damage in the carolinas and thousands of people who fled deadly wildfires could find out today when they can check on their homes. plus, dr. david agus has ground breaking new research on aspinnrin aspirin. how the drug could extend the lives of thousands of more americans. we begin this morning with a


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