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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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that is about to get even bigger. patriots are going through another stretch without one of their dominant players. >> there is rob gronkowski, appears to be going to the locker room. >> not the news they wanted to hear. rob gronkowski already had a shortened season because of a hamstring injury. it took him awhile to get up to speed. >> you know about hamstrings, you definitely have to be careful. you you can't go full go 100%. i wish it was like that. i can't wait. i am going crazy out there again. >> when he did, he was a force and he was feeling good. he didn't want to jinx his health. >> i don't even want to talk about it. >> [ laughter ] >> it turns out rob had good reason. in seattle he took a huge shot
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>> that was a big hit for sure, probably one of the hardest i got hit in my career for sure, knocked the wind out of me a little bit. you know what that feels like. >> reporter: the repercussion was a chest injury. he missed the next game against the 49ers, then the jets. this guy did something to rob gronkowski's back. he walked off the field, but didn't return to the game. they have played without him, but they are getting red do that again. >> the first thing i thought about when we first started reporting it, how many surgeries has he had since 2009 and the number is nine. for such a young player. >> it is pretty scary. >> yes. the second thing, they have all these free agents where does this put bennett? does that run him up the list where they have to sign him pause you don't know the future of rob gronkowski? he is injury prone.
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not going to foe away for awhile. rob gronkowski is such sa big target and had his share of injuries. you heard nine. tomorrows will be his third back surgery since 2009. he had an ankle sprain. he played in the super bowl but he ended up needing surgery in 2012. blocked on an extra point in week 1. then hurt the arm agai texans. it later got infected and needed four surgeries when it was all said and done. he had back surgery in june of 2013 so he didn't start the season until mid october. then in december, his right knee wassed when ward hit him low. he tore his acl and mcl and only played in seven games that year. last november, it looked like he had a right knee injury after this play in denver.
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lucked out, only missed one week. we spoke with the doctor who operated on him in the past and he thinks he will return this season. >> 6 to 8 weeks might be reallies stick tort first time and if this is at a new level, sure it is realistic. it is more than likely going to be rat one of the recurring levels where closely involved, there is more than the medical side of it. i would be surprised if he would come back again. >> reporter: back in 2010 he didn't miss a practice or a game. let's hope he gets healthy real soon. that is the story here in fox puru. this story will drag out for awhile. >> back to you. >> steve, thank you. the pats started out without
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jim smith live getting the pulse of patriots nation. jim. >> reporter: you know david it is amazing despite this terrible injury news, fans down here are still confident. that is the impact of four super bowl championships but at the same time they are upset rob gronkowski with be out. >> that is too bad. the poor guy kills himself playing but gets hurt all the time. >> big trouble for the pats? >> i >> cloudy skies over jill let stadium,. news of rob gronkowski's latest injury wees spreading quickly among fans. >> it is a big downer because we need him. he is a big dude and gets hurt the i don't know. >> i'm disappointed for rob gronkowski. he is a warrior but he has had his difficulties within gers and surgeries over his lifetime so to speak. >> but fans are still confident about a super bowl run.
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and we're going to kill these guys this week. >> they going to figure it out? >> they will find a way. bell le chick always does. >> he is a crucial guy. >> he is. we have bennett, but still it is rob gronkowski. >> when he is healthy, he is the best but during his star studded career it has been an issue. >> i think he is just a big guy and big trees fall hard. and goodness knowshe the stadium all think that despite the fall, rob gronkowski will get back up and suit it up being in a pat trot's uniform again. this friday night 7:00, patriots all access. we'll have an inside look what it will take for them to beat the rams and other teams. will other big names be
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sunday morning at 11:30 here on wbz. then fifth quarter on my tv 58 from tom brady and bill belly chick. >> >> a more breaking news. the body was found near the river off water street. the eagle tribune is reporting the body was discovered and the victim was decapitated. we have a crew headed there and this newscast and on cbs just days before the deadly stabbing, the woman tried to put her son on a plane to haiti but he refused to go. christina hager has more. >> reporter: lisa, a crime scene cleaning crew is working its way through the home right now. this was a very violent scene
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unimaginable. >> flowers at the home where police say she was stabbed to death by her own teenage son, a family trend stopped by. >> can say she was quiet, very hard working. she loved her family. she loved her friends. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was out of camera's view during his court arraignment but this is his police mugshot. >> she had been stabbed multiple times about the face, neck >> reporter: according to court documents the recent grad had been going through depression and stopped eating and just days ago refused to board a plane when his mother bought a ticket for him to return to their native haiti. >> she called 911. police stopped by to talk with her today. she says the victim's mother ran to her house, grabbed her and pulled her to the murder scene to help. she saw him come out.
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>> does that look like what you saw? >> his eyes were really bugging. he was like his eyes were like really open wide. >> he is a good boy. he just graduated with my son. >> this friend who came to court said there were no signs and the district a sign says no known motive. >> we're dealing with a terrible tragic situation for an 18-year-old person murdered his 44-year-old mother and you know, how around that? >> reporter: the court documents did indicate he recently dropped out of nursing school and had become depressed but no one who knew him imagined anything like this would happen. he is now being held without bail. in brockton, christina hager, wbz news. a bill requiring new safety reasons is on the governor's
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drivers from giving the tours. they were involved in surge crashes this last year including one where a woman was killed on her scooter. they started implementing the changes and will have them in place next year. power lines were smoking after a transformer exploded there. trees fell on top of wires on cambridge road. at one point 1700 people lost power. the lights are back on tonight. the good news here is no one was hurt. donald trump another victory a month before the inauguration. today he and vice president- elect mike pence toured the factory in indiana where he brokered a deal to keep roughly 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> he stood up for us. from the getgo. no body else would. he stood up for us and he made
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>> the deal provides carrier with millions of dollars in incentives. hundreds will still be out sourced. john keller joins us now. being able to say you saved jobs, that has to be a politician's dream come true. >> we have seen it before. elected leaders want to do everything they can to create or save jobs but the emerging jobs of this carrier deal show the upside and down side of thisd the good news, carrier parent united technologies will cancel plans to ship roughly 1100 jobs to mexico. the company gets reported $7 million in tax breaks. at less than $5,400 per job, that is far cheaper than other tax break teals like the solar bet with a state sank $21 million in a marlboro company to keep them from shipping 800
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tan $26,000 per job. as you recall the jobs eventually did leave after all. >> john, weigh in on this. the trump camp is saying this is just the beginning. he made a promise and kept it. this hands on approach with carrier is what he will use in the future to keep jobs in the u.s. >> that sounds great, but we need to see the fine print on the steel. fortune magazine reports trump promised the co that any money lost will be far out weighed by juicy tax breaks on money they have been sitting on overseas. that is something they have lobbied for for years. 10% of this company's revenue comes from federal contracts that may now be more politically secure. so while this is great news for 1100 workers in indiana and for voters who wanted to see washington getting more
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corporation that doesn't address the economic forces that have been sending our manufacturing jobs out of the country for years. >> all right. thank you. a senior citizen, the victim of a violent home invasion. >> the man tased and then tied up with his own suspenders. what's the thieves were after here. a man driving over 100 miles per hour and livestreaming it on facebook and then comes end. >> white wine, increasing your risk for cancer. >> another mild day. temperatures will start to take a tumble as we enter into the weekend. when we'll have highs in the 30s coming up. coming up at 6:00, robbers storming a store wearing scream masks but the clerk far from fairfide. why he thought they were in his
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$%c1 police say a man who livestreamed himself is in serious condition after crashing into a garbage truck and concrete barrier. the map's facebook live video shows him driving more than 100
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out of traffic. the 20-year-old then lost control and crashed on route 6. police say he hit the truck, crossed three lanes and then hit the barrier. >> well, a wild crash near the commuter rail tracks has an even wilder explanation. a commuter train hit a car that an employee parked too close to the tracks at the station. that car hit and flipped a thoughts car, it also belonged to an employee. he oh lis operates the terrail. no one was hurt, but there were delays on the line because of it. >> oh, dear. pamela is here on this beautiful day. eric has the day off. this was pretty magnificent. >> this was nice. temperatures especially, and happy meteorologist cal winter. >> that is a hard word to say. >> meteorological. >> and koom my low nim bus. try to say it. meet your logical winter starts today. we're done with fall and onto
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today was gorgeous. we didn't have any snow to track yet but some snow may enter into our seven-day forecast, at least towards the end. i'll show you that in a r couple minutes. for the month of november, we just had a trace of snowfall above average. we should have 1.2 in. s of snort month and we're below normal. we have been below. especially for december, too, same deal. we have been below normal for the last couple of years. so far, question mark. it looks like we pick up the winter like forecast for the end of that seven-day forecast. right now, it is glorious and 57 in boston. we were well, above it. not close to a record but that sunshine felt fantastic and it allowed for a lot of that rainfall to evaporate and the roads to dry off.
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is gusting. this evening quite comfortable international space station flying by, 5:53 p.m. for about 3 minutes you can see it. a lot of clouds will break apart as the sun continues to set. traveling to the southwest and then east southeast. lows tonight in the 30s, but a rather mild night for this time of year. tomorrow afternoon, just as wonderful. still mild, still above the average highs which should be in we'll be 50 degrees. sun and clouds and breezy still, making it feel like the mid-40s from time to time. the weekend, notice the cooling trend. 50 for friday. sunday down to 42. we're going to continue to get a little colder as we get into next week. the food news is if you have plans to be outside for both saturday and sunday it is good to go. no precipitation expected. there are a couple areas of low
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it will help develop snow showers in the mountains, ski lovers good news for you. you'll find fresh powder friday night into saturday and sunday. just to our east and that is means northwesterly west air flow. we'll get a little cooler. we have the potential for an isolated sprinkle friday. >> 46 sunday. and the chance for a couple flurries. big pattern change as his the upper 30s for tuesday into wednesday. we're tracking a system that could be significant midweek. we'll keep you up to tate but there could be a wintry mix and maybe some light snow. back to you. >> it is that time of year. thanks. on the health watch, researchers are taking a closer look at two illegal drugs as possible treatment for mental illness and here is more. >> a lot of people are talking
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amazing. we're talking about magic mushrooms and molly which is also known as ecstasy. the mush rooms are ha lose na jen tick and it may provide mental health relief for patients with cancer. up to 80% of the cancer patients were less depressed and. benefits lasted six months or more. and as far as help people dealing with posttraumatic stress disorder. they gave large clinical trials the green light. in a smaller study, just a few doses could reduce symptoms significantly. all of these patients were monitored closely so do not foe out and take things drugs. they could make your symptoms worse. >> but they dud become prescription drugs at some point. >> which is hard to imagine but
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solutions and this is two of them, but this is not great for white wine lovers. a warning tonight. >> i like white wine. >> there was a link to drinking white wine and a risk of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. each has a 13% higher risk. oddly, beer, red wine and liquor did not appear the same affect. it may have something to do with what is present in high ear mounts in wine and antioxidants in red wine can offset those affects. we don't know. it is a guess at this point. >> you can drink your white wine. it was in areas of the body that don't get a lot of sun exposure. the trunk. >> thank you. >> you're welcome.
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n they have been adding more bike lanes but that has created a new frustration. drivers parking in those bike lanes so people on bicycles can catch the drivers in the act. cars in boston bike they can submit pictures of the offenders. this is a big prm people are not realizing that section, stay away. it is dangerous when people are on bicycles. other news tonight and you'll like this. the new collaboration. >> dunkin' donuts and pop tarts. they have unveiled two limited edition flavors not based on donuts but instead based on coffee. frosted chocolate mocha and frosted vanilla latte. >> you're not going to try these? >> i'll try them.
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blueberry pop tart. >> i like them all. >> do you ever warm them up? >> no. >> nobody ever does. >> they celebrated with something they always wanted. >> wedding portraits. they got married in 1946. the ceremony lasted just 15 minutes andn't reception was at her family's home. her daughter contacted her to set up a shoot to reenact the wedding and take the photos they never had. while the couple now has four kids, eight grandchildren and eight great grand children all treating those photographs as treasures. >> that is one of those stories i get the goosebumps when reading it. lisa and i will be back at 6:00. here is liam a controversial natural gas pipeline in boston is up and running but the fight to stop
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with breaking news. a body found in lawrence near the river off of water street. they are reporting that that body was decapitated. state and local detectives are still there on the scene. we have a crew on the way gathering information for you and we'll bring any new details as soon as we get them. also breaking news, rob gronkowski has a herniated disc and will go under the knife tomorrow. he might miss the this injury is just the latest in a series of issues for him. >> how the team fared without him, steve burton is live at the cbs scene. wow steve. >> reporter: that is the question. how will this team fair without gronk. they played their fair share of games without him. there is no question about that. his absence has been felt. he is a dangerous weapon for tom brady and the offense so


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