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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  July 3, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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hot, humid. boathouse row. another round of strong storms heading our way. also a flash flood watch later on as well. that's the soundtrack many heard as storms rolled through overnight. nbc 10 cameras captured thunder, lightning and audubon, camden county. take a look at the shore. live look at cape may, jersey shore, popular destination this weekend. rough surf out there. there are some concerns about rip concerns because of hurricane arthur. that category up the east coast
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right now taking aim at north carolina. thousands of vacationers and residents have left popular but flood prone banks. ahead of arthur's arrival, already impacting fourth of july events in our area. we have team coverage for you nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn schwartz and brittney shipp focusing on neighborhood forecast. lets begin with glenn, though. glenn, you're tracking more storms. >> we have a threat of more thunderstorms. not only severe thunderstorms but today is another first alert day. severe thunderstorms in parts of the area. flash flood threat just about anywhere. arthur getting stronger and closer. a mix of sunshine in the area, a few clouds in others but it's generally on the dry side, that
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will be changing. a few showers south of delaware. the concern is related to how much rain we had yesterday. this is the radar estimate. areas in yellow and red. tremendous amounts of rain in parts of burks county. all sorts of flooding in the redding area. radar estimating 4.5 inches in parts of burks county 2.5 in upper bucks county and 2.5 in northern burlington county. there's some places more vulnerable than others later on today. here we are 3:00, storms are just building. they will build, they will get stronger. some will be severe. some will produce heavy downpours especially this evening starting west and moving through. then we are watching any effects from arthur. arthur well organized heading to
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north carolina. it's still moving to the north but it is strengthening. now up to 90 miles an hour maximum winds. it's also accelerating, moving faster. that is a good sign. a good sign of this thing hitting north carolina, the outer banks, and then curving toward the northeast. so the core of that storm is not going to hit us, but we are going to be affected by it. we'll talk more about that coming up. >> i'm also going to talk about how your fourth of july forecast is going to be affected by hurricane arthur. i'll break down each region for you right now. start off with some of our beaches. a closer look at the breakdown as we head into the big weekend, everyone wants to know what the fireworks forecast will be. start with 9:00 a.m. down the shore. our beaches expect temperatures 78 degrees. storms expected. also windy conditions.
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wind gusts closer to 30 miles per hour. as we head into morning hours. by 1:00 p.m. temperatures in the 80s. still dealing with a chance of storm or windy conditions. by 5:00 p.m., we'll start to see the rain ending, temperatures at 79 degrees. by 9:00 p.m. clearing, temperatures in the low 70s, which is good news for our fireworks forecast. if you're heading to the poconos by fourth of july, by 9:00 a.m. we are going to see light rainfall, mild conditions, temperatures 69 by 1:00 p.m. 73 with a few lingering showers. the poconos are a lot further away from the shore so we're not going to see as much rainfall. light showers by 1:00 p.m. by 5:00 p.m., 75 degrees. we'll see a little bit sunshine peeking through before we start to see sun setting closer to 9:00 p.m. with temperatures in the mid-70s. breezy conditions will remain for us for most of the evening. fireworks forecast for poconos looks good. i'll break down another set of areas for you. we'll go over the 95 corridor and suburbs to the north and west of the city when i see you
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again. keith. >> we'll keep checking in with you. in the last hour governor mccrory spoke about emergency preparations in the state. state officials are taking action to plan for a quick recovery in the aftermath of the storm. he said the primary goal was public safety on one of the state's biggest weekends for tourism. mccrory added he's hoping for a busy weekend after storms roll through. tsoll f theto still go urth of july parade on friday afternoon. again, we're ready for anything. and our major priority is to make sure we recover from the storm and deal with any public goveray ases assss hurricane moves north, more counties are likely to declare a state of emergency. some are already preparing to open up emergency shelters. people along the north carolina coast are placing for arthur. the firs hricane of the season. nbc national correspondent live in the outer banks in kill devil
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hills. what are conditions like out there right now, jay. >> keith, the forecast you talk about, we're going to have rough weather. conditions right now, not so much. it's been beautiful this morning. waves relatively calm of the wind has not been strong at all. of course that's all going to change. conditions are going to deteriorate and rapidly as we get into the afternoon and early evening. heavy rains, strong winds, even if the storm just brushes the coast, doesn't actually make the e, that is. it's still going to be a rough go. rlie what the governor, as you warning. especially for those that traveled here for the long holiday weekend. may not be experienced with storms like this. don't get out and get too bold as it moves through. they do hope they can get things cleaned up quickly and this storm moves through. there's still the potential for downed power lines and a lot of other major problems. the riptide going to be very severe both before and after this storm, so it's best to air on the side of caution.
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most that we talk to say we'll probably stay and ride it out and make sure we have a plan and make sure we're safe. >> nbc 10 correspondent in kill devil hills, north carolina. thanks very much, jay. back in our area, officials warning people who have plans to spend holiday weekend at the shore to be extra careful. the effects of hurricane arthur at the very least could create rip currents. jesse aguirre reports. >> reporter: ari sunny day provides perfect view of the conditions that are already turning up the ocean here. you can see the surf that is rough and rugged. the hurricane isn't even here take a look at the video. rip currents created by waves, energy that pile up along the shoreline. experts say water piles up and rushes back to the ocean creating rip current. people caught in them can be pulled away from the shore along with water. officials with the u.s. lifesaving association say each year more than 100 people unday a 14-year-old rr.
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philadelphia boy drowned off the 9th street beach in ocean city when a rip current pulled him out to sea. officials say if you're caught in a rip current stay calm and do not try to swim back against the current. you're only make yourself more tired. swim parallel to the beach. rip currents are generally narrow. if you're able to get out, you'll have no resistance to swim back to the beach. up and down eastern seaboard local officials are warning people to stay out of the water until after the hurricane passes. brigantine, atlanta county, new jersey, jesse aguirre, nbc 10 news. heat and more severe storms, be sure to get updates at the weather app. download it free on our website, as for fourth of july fireworks, the weather forecast caused towns that were going to have fireworks tonight to change those plans. for a complete list of dates and times go, to
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this just in in the past minutes. democratic national committee coming to philadelphia to determine if it will host 2016 convention. the skyline, the comcast center. the committee here august 13th and 14th. they will visit six cities. a final decision at the end of the year or early next year. fire officials in camden county working to figure out what started an early morning fire inside a vacant home. it started around 4:30 in the 2200 block of 39th street. fire officials tell us when they first got there, they fighting te from the inside. when the flames got too intense, they had to change plans. >> we attempted to operate on interior first but due to the conditions, safety of our personnel are primary. we removed everybody from the interior and switched to exterior operations to knock the fire down. >> took crews about two hours to get the fire under control. the coast guard has resumed
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a certainly for missing boater in northeast philadelphia. skyforce 10 at delaware river as helicopter crew searched for the man. five people were on a 24 foot sailboat when it capsized during last night's storm. four made it to safety. a 65-year-old man did not. back to a story we first brought you, breaking news last night at 11:00. a $2 per pack cigarette tax that will help philadelphia school district cleared a major hurdle in harrisburg. late last night the pennsylvania house passed the bill. it followed a two-day lobbying effort by a philadelphia delegation. the measure now impose to the state senate. from our jersey shore bureau, a ribbon cutting about to begin that will open a new boardwalk in monmouth county. governor chris christie there. ocean grieve. the old one was battered by superstorm sandy. another big event, camden
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freedom festival, kick it off battleship new jersey. camden's waterfront. a marine wounded in iraq set to fire one of the ship's guns to mark the beginning of the festival. starts sunday, concerts, fireworks display and events at the camden aquarium. just across the river the welcome america festival continues. tonight pops on independence concert. philly pops will celebrate america's holiday at the independence hall beginning at 8:00 p.m. has your complete guide to the festivities in philadelphia. find out about fireworks times, locations, road detours and more on the website, after two months of repairs, airtran service resumed. the airtran service shuttles passengers between terminals and also riders to new jersey transit and am track. the project was finished just in time for the fourth of july
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holiday weekend when an estimated 800,000 travelers are expected to fly into newark. speaking of flying, terror alert. the information that prompted u.s. government to order increased security at overseas airports. and the encouraging economic news that has the dow soaring this morning. glenn. >> well, we're going to be in for more stormy weather later on today. flooding is a concern, too. tracking it all plus the latest path of hurricane arthur. that's just ahead.
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well, arthur cngth, windp ts an hour. it may become a category two itnonavethn just a few minutes. >> all right. we'll keep checking with you, glenn. the unemployment rate reached its lowest since 2008. the jobs report released by labor department shows unemployment at 6.1% news of a strong jobs report has had huge impact on wall street. dow jones industrial average broke 17,000 mark in trading this month. the newly released report shows 288,000 jobs were added during the month of june. this the fifth straight month. that gain has been more than 200,000. the obama administration issues a new security warning for overseas airports. u.s. intelligence officials are
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concerned that al qaeda is trying to develop a new and improved bomb that could go undetected by airport security. the administration is specifically looking to tighten security at foreign airports with direct flights to the u.s. u.s. officials say the increase in security has nothing to do with the upcoming fourth of july holiday or any specific threat. firefighters in california say a wildfire in the napa valley is still growing. the fire has already burned more than 3800 acres. hundreds of homes have been evacuated. officials say the fire is not threatening any major vineyard no injuries have been reported. how about this. in vermont, seven firefighters recovering after they were struck by lightning while battling a house fire. investigators say a bolt of lightning struck a metal wellhead and shocked the firefighters in and around the building. the victims were taken to area hospitals and are luckily expected to be okay.
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>> announcer: now nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. things got pretty wild yesterday afternoon and night. it's going to be at least as wild in the next 24 hours. severe thunderstorms at least in parts of the area before the day is out. flood watch for the entire area later today and tonight. arthur continue to strengthen and will have some effect on parts of our area for the 4th. roads are dry now in center city, but it's not going to stay that way all day. 83 degrees at the moment. the wind is west at 9. it's 4 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. we're not going to get to 96 like we did yesterday but it should get to at least 90. the severe threat today covering a good bit of our area as you can see from washington all the way up into new england. and the temperatures continue to rise. it's into the 80s. 84 in allentown, 85 in redding,
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81 in blue bell, 83 in washington township, 84 in mount holly, 85 in wrightstown. at the shore, it's cooler. a southerly wind that's going to be increasing here. the seas are going to be increasing as well. it's going to get kind of rough at the shore and offshore in the next 24 hours. feels like temperature above 90. in some spots dover up to 95. it was up well over 100 yesterday. we're already seeing wind gusts of 24 miles an hour out of the south. that's going to help build the sea. we're going to be seeing more gusts later today and tonight. we're not going to get the worst of this storm, no doubt about that. a couple of showers approaching southern delaware right now but that's far ahead of where arthur is. arthur is a fairly compact storm. some are very wide. some are smaller. this is smaller.
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that's going to help us out some as well. future cast showing a few showers starting to build as early as noontime. they are going to build into big thunderstorms with torrential rains. gusty winds, damaging winds. it's going to take a while for all of this to come across. here we are at 6:00. then look how widespread this is. so this is not just scattered showers once it develops. just about everybody is going to get rained on by midnight. may take the shore until about midnight to happen. here is the future weather for tomorrow morning. i want to show you heavy rain at the shore. it's not directly related to arthur. arthur moves way offshore, and the core of the wind and the rain stays way offshore. again, that's going to help us. as soon as arthur starts making that right turn, we're going to see clearing. that's really going to help us out.
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now, the current conditions with arthur, 90-mile-an-hour winds. they have corrected the movement 10 miles an hour. so starting to move more to the northeast. that speed will go up. that will be proof that this forecast is going to work out. that forecast just went up to 105 miles an hour. it's a category two as it exits north carolina. so it's a good thing this front is coming through or else it would come up the coast. that front assures us that it will not come up the coast and it will not stall. so it is going to move out of there. we're going to be in decent shape for much of the weekend. the fourth of july we're going to see improving conditions, early rainfall clearing north and west. some morning showers and then
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rain and wind clearing late at the shore. even at the shore the fireworks tomorrow night should be okay. hot and humid with afternoon storms. some of them severe. some of them with some flooding. tomorrow we could get a rainy start. windy at the shore but improving conditions. gorgeous weather for saturday and sunday. low humidity both days. then the heat and humidity builds up again next week. >> all right, glenn. critical need. the huge demand for blood donations this time of year. blood types needed most and how you can help save a life. a live look at wrightsville beach, north carolina. that is not a fuzzy picture. you can tell waves are shown. all eyes on hurricane arthur and its bacteria on your fourth of july plans. our live team coverage just ahead.
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here is a radar picture of hurricane arthur. you can see it's getting better organized. it is moving to the north toward the north carolina coast. it's a fairly compact storm. we'll tell you all about how it's going to affect our fourth of july coming up. we searchers at the national institute of health say they identify genes that increase the risk of celiac disease. researchers singled out two gene groups and then studied 6,000 newborns with either of the two
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genes. researchers found a quarter of the children with both genes developed symptoms of celiac by age five. 12% of those kids developed the full blown disease. celiac occurs when immune system reacts to gluten. people with the illness try to avoid. need o negative, b negative and a negative blood. the red cross sees fewer donors this time of year because a lot of people are taking summer vacations. to find a place where you can donate go to as you just heard glenn a all eyes on hurricane arthur. mandatory evacuation orders under way as the hurricane heads up the east coast. impact on our weather as we brace for showers, thunderstorms and possible flooding later today.
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another humid day today as we look live over center city philadelphia. we could be in for more severe weather later today. on fourth of july holiday, it's mother nature providing the fireworks. check out this lightning over camden. thunder and heavy rain came with it overnight. of course all eyes are on arthur. it's now a category one hurricane. it's organizing as glenn mentioned before. it's heading up the east coast just in time for the holiday weekend. arthur is already impacting fourth of july events in our area. here is a live look at wrightsville beach, north carolina. you can see the choppy surf as arthur continues to strengthen and is moving faster towards north carolina as mandatory evacuations are under way. we have team coverage nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn
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"hurricane" schwartz and brittney shipp focusing on neighborhoods. >> glenn. >> we're seeing a lot of storms develop in the afternoon. we saw some yesterday but there are going to be more before today is over. another first alert day today not only severe storms but flash flooding. also arthur gets closer and arthur continues to strengthen. pretty quiet start to the day here. we have sunshine across much of the area. so some high clouds. but it is going to be a real question mark about the fourth of july. we're going to have to watch this. we have sunshine now. heat and humidity continue to build. now, we have a couple showers south of delaware. there's one shower just now developed in chester county. more in maryland. this is just the beginning of the development of the showers and storms. it's one of those days. we've got to keep in touch with
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the weather. if you have the phone app, give you the warnings. check the radars because there are going to be storms approaching. maybe not in the next two hours but later on today, they are coming. they are going to be pretty heavy. strong gusty winds and very, very heavy rain. this is not directly related to arthur. but tomorrow morning would be at least indirectly related to it. there it is and getting closer and closer to land. it's also intensifying, winds max at 90 miles an hour. it's getting close to category two hurricane and it is likely to be a category two by the time that it does hit north carolina. fortunately this front approaching is going to pick it up and take it up to the northeast and prevent it from coming straight up the coast. look at that, 105-mile-an-hour winds by friday morning.
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north carolina outer banks are going to get nailed. what about the effect on our fourth of july. meteorologist brittney shipp has more on that. >> that's right. breaking it down region by region for you. it already shows you what's going to happen in the poconos, now head to i-95 corridor and philadelphia. if you're staying in the city right along the parkway, the place to be for the fourth of july. here is how your day is going to break down. by 9:00 a.m. still dealing with the chance of storms, also windy conditions. the rain is going to continue by 1:00 p.m. we are going to see a tapering off towards your early afternoon hours. by 5:00 p.m., 84 degrees, the rain will end. by 9:00 p.m. well ahead of the fireworks. we are going to see clear and breezy conditions, temperatures at 71 degrees. we are going to be closer to our average. at least it will feel a little more comfortable out as we head into your evening hours. for the fourth of july forecast, if you're heading in the suburbs or live in the suburbs north and west of the city on the i-95 corridor, by 9:00 a.m. temperatures at 72.
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a bit cooler than the city. storms expected off windy conditions. windy conditions will linger into the afternoon. temperatures at 81 degrees by 1:00 p.m. as we head into your 5:00 hour, even a few hours before then between 1:00 and 5:00, we are going to see the rain ending, which will be nice for all the barbecues you have planned. that will be a good time to throw everything on the grill. 78 degrees by 5:00 p.m. we'll see temperatures at 70 degrees by 9:00 p.m. clearing but our breezy conditions are going to continue. the sun doesn't set until after 8:306789 we should be in the clear in terms of rainfall. just breezy conditions expected for us as we head into the evening hours on the fourth of july. keith. >> all right, brittney. off the coast of north carolina, arthur continues to strengthen as people prepare for impact. reynolds wolf has a look at what's happening now in wrightsville beach, north carolina. >> what is actually a very nice morning in wrightsville beach for the time being. up until 30 minutes ago, we had one of the feeder bands of arthur. rain sideways and the surf.
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it's still rough for the time being. you can see plenty of the whitewater in the background, rolling of waves and also plenty of people. with good reason. this is a holiday weekend. you have a lot of families making their way here to enjoy fourth of july. again, the big issue we have is arthur. you can see some of the fringes of that storm, that hurricane, way off towards the distance among the sound of the crying gulls. what we're going to be dealing with is crying gulls, a lot more wind in the afternoon, heavy rainfall. the water is going to pile up in some places. for that reason the governor has put on stand by swift water rescue teams across international guard, coastal waterway standing by to wait and see what the system is going to dish out. >> that is weather channel's reynolds wolf. here it's forcing communities to put events on hold. a look at what events have been postponed so far.
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>> reporter: one of the staples of the fourth of july, a fireworks show. there are activities planned in communities large and small all around the delaware valley. philadelphia, one of the finishing touches to welcome america celebration, philadelphia july 4th fireworks show. i checked in to see the impact on the annual plan now that arthur has become a hurricane. desiree tells me, "we are watching the storm closely and will have further updates as it becomes more clear what impact the weather will have." other communities have decided on a course of action. carnival firew from tonight to saturday. fireworks moved from today, sunday night, laurel springs tonight's fireworks are canceled. they will not be an fireworks show moved to july 12th. best bet, if you're going tonight, check with municipalities. hurricane arthur may have
11:36 am
altered the plan. atlanta county, new jersey, jesse aguirre, nbc 10 news. fireworks in the area, those that have changed their plans, go to for hurricane and the risk of more severe storms, get updates with nbc 10 first alert weather app. get it at any time. if you don't have it, download for free on the website. go to governor chris christie vetoed a bill that limited ammunition clips to 10 rounds. the current is 15 rounds. christie says itld do nothing to prevent mass shootings. instead called for reforms on mental health treatment. >> people with guns aren't committing the crime. people committing the crimes are people who haven't passed a background check. steal their guns, get them on the black market, out of state. >> we know the number of rounds
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matters. we should be limiting the number to ten, which is the federal standard we had in place for ten years during federal assault weapons ban. >> people are paying close attention to the republican governor's stance on guns ahead of his possible presidential run in 2016. immigration debate is getting heated as a surge of underage illegal immigrants overwhelm border towns in both california and texas. nbc 10 national correspondent danielle lee reports from washington. >> reporter: with texas facility busting at the seams, more unaccompanied minors sent elsewhere, arriving in planes in uma, arizona, california. in mayor yet, a, hundreds of residents packed a town hall meeting. they are angry some of the women and children who fled central america are headed for their >>. they came across here illegally. >> we can help you send a message to washington, d.c. that we're not going to put up with
11:38 am
this. >> earlier this week protesters blocked three buses filled with undocumented passengers. in an interview with rachel maddow, jeh johnson called the images disturbing. >> when someone interrupts the ability of the border control to process a migrant, you're preventing us from conducting basic health screening and basic background checks on who these people are. >> reporter: immigration activists holding rallies demanding compassion. >> saying send them back is not humanitarian. these kids will die. these family members will die. >> reporter: the government wants migrants to know most can't stay. a new advertising campaign airing in el salvador, honduras and guatemala warns people about the dangers of crossing the border and urges them not to come. later today house committee holding a field hearing in mcallen, texas, to examine the cris borderington iiee,
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nbc news. philadelphia area mob boss found breaking news, son of former guilty in a financial fraud trial. the federal jury returned guilty verdict just a few minutes ago. he was accused with eight others of using threats to take over a publicly held company and use those assets to buy cars, houses and a yacht. again, the son of former mob boss. goes by the nickname little nicky scarfo. found guilty. much monday on that. stay tuned to nbc 10 for latest updates. now for the oscar pistorius murder trial where physician testified today calling the double amputee runner a paradox. taking the stand for the defense, he said the olympic triumphs of the at looet are a sharp contrast from the daily more personal problems he endured because of his disability. he has a fear of being trapped somewhere and not being able to
11:40 am
move rapidly which may have come into play on the night he shot and killed reeva steenkamp. the story claims he thought she was an intruder. parents from missing five-year-old boy from canada made an emotional plea for his return. they held the news conference in calgary to ask for the son's abductor to return safely. nathan and his grandparents reported missing on monday. investigators are now trying to figure out if the estate sale held at the grandparents house has any connection to the disappearance. the evidence shows all three were forced from that home. >> you are our superhero right now. we're going to bring you home very soon. >> know that mommy and daddy love you more than anything in this world, and we can't be with you right now, but the best people that can be with you other than us is your grandparents. i know grandma is holding you so
11:41 am
tightly right now. >> authorities are hoping others at the estate sale can help them out, perhaps give them a new lead. happening today, the georgia father accused of killing his three-year-old son by leaving imin a hot car will appear in court. he faces charges of murder and second degree child cruelty. today he has a probable cause hearing where the judge will determine if there's enough evidence to keep him in jail. the 22-month-old boy died last month after spending hours in the hot suv. harris told police he forgot the child was strapped into the car safety seat when he went to work. got to see this video. police officer in florida dragged while hanging from a truck. it was all captured on his dashboard camera. the driver quickly pulled away and the officer held on until the truck stopped a little ways down the road. the driver said he never meant to escape or drag the cop. he said instead he was trying to move the truck out of the road. when the officer jumped in it
11:42 am
scared him and caused him to accelerate. you can be the judge there or perhaps a court will. a tradition you'll see on nbc 10. up next i'll talk with "america's got talent" host nick cannon about the macy's fireworks spectacular. i'm tracking the latest path of hurricane arthur as well as severe weather and flooding in our area. that's next. take at few of the stories, unique stories you're going to find in our lunch break section right now on
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uncle craig, what's the deal? can't record that many shows at once. why? you can't save every single cartoon. why? you know you can't pause the tv here and play it in another room. why? it's time for fios quantum tv. store up to 200 hours in hd. record up to 12 shows at once. pause and play live tv, room to room. plus, watch live tv on the go with the fios mobile app.
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redefining what tv can be. a radar shot of arthur, now a hurricane strengthening, moving toward north carolina. it may be the earliest hurricane strike ever recorded in north carolina later on today and tonight. more on its affect on our weather in a few minutes. celebrating america's birthday with an electrifying star stu-studded event. nick cannon host of popular "america's got talent" and hosting the live two-hour event. great to see you, nick. nick, can you hear me?
11:46 am
we've got a problem with this interview right now. busy guy, film, music, tv. nick, can you hear me? >> i think i can hear you a little better now. >> there we go, man. you're a busy dude. the music, the tv, radio. we're talking films. what the heck did your schedule look like? >> it's all over the place honestly. i mean, i consider it all one career at the end of the day i consider it entertainment. i try to fashion myself after great entertainers that come before me like bill cosby, bob hope, sinatra. they did everything as well. they were great businessmen, producers, comedians, dancers, singers. they did it all. i'm cut from that same cloth. i hope to have a fraction of the
11:47 am
career those type of gentlemen had. >> you're certainly on the way. agt on fire. another two-hour live event. you've got some big name performers for tomorrow's event. what are some of the biggest names? what are you looking forward, to nick? >> we're looking forward to having just a lot of fun out here. we get the opportunity to see entertainment from lionel richie all the way to ariana grande if you can imagine that spectrum. hunter hayes, miranda lambert, enrique iglesias and they just added miley cyrus. it's going to be a great show. >> "america's got talent," huge fan of howard in particular. talk about this season. how is it going for you? what do you think? >> season nine, as the judges have been saying quite a bit, is the best decision. one, i feel the judges have gelled and have a great time with their chemistry and joking around. they made a call to action they
11:48 am
only want the best of the best and only want amazing talent. i believe that's what's been brought across. second to none. >> the staple act there, staple gun. speaking of chemistry you work well with the judges. we look forward to the show. thank you for joining us live this morning. >> thank you very much. best of luck. macy's fireworks spectacular tomorrow night starting at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> not a lot of people sweating in new york about a hurricane about to hit north carolina and what effect it might have on that. ahead of that we've got our own issues. a severe thunderstorm threat. we've got a flood threat for later today and tonight. that's why today is a first alert day. pay attention to the weather one way or another.
11:49 am
today's technology, even when you're out with your cell phone, we can keep track with our weather app. arthur also having some effect on the fourth of july. phillies aren't trying to play tonight or they would be having some problems other than scoring runs. 83 degrees right now. the wind out of the west at 9 miles an hour. if we hit 90, it's our first official heat wave of the season. we'll be close to that. this is the area for potential severe weather today, covers about our entire region. at least before the night is over, just about any part of our area will be under the gun. temperatures generally low- to mid-80s. 88 degrees already in georgetown and delaware. some places surely into the 90s. the feels like temperature, dover already 97. that is likely to get over 100. we got up to 102 in philadelphia yesterday with the feels like. not quite that high today. still pretty uncomfortable. showers starting to develop in parts of the area. it's pretty early in the day.
11:50 am
that's a sign how moist this atmosphere is. see the showers developing in chester county. they are late now but will be growing. these other ones south of washington, they are moving up in our direction. that is an indication there's going to be a whole lot more. there's arthur moving to the north toward north carolina. it's a fairly compact storm. nowhere near the size of sandy, for example. the size of the storm is not just how strong it is not just the trek.soger storms the ocean a lot more than the smaller ones do. future cast showing showers and thunderstorms starting off north and west this afternoon, like yesterday. today they are even more widespread. they may be even heavier. there will be a greater threat of flooding because some areas got more than a couple inches of rain yesterday with the storms. that sets us up for that. tomorrow morning, at least,
11:51 am
we're not going to get the core of arthur. you can see some of the rain at the shore. but the worst of it is way offshore. so that's good news. then we kind of get out of it by afternoon. that sets us up for fairly good fourth of july and a great 5th and 6th. north and west, any rain will move out and be a really nice afternoon. it will be clearing during the afternoon in the philadelphia, i-95 corridor an it's going to be rainy and windy at the shore. but even there might be clearing late in the day. they will be okay for the fireworks there. the rest of the area no problem with the fireworks. the ocean 66. we've got morning rain tomorrow with the shore. look at the temperatures over the weekend. saturday is going to be warm because of the land breeze. got to watch out for rip currents, even when the sky is clear, take a while for the
11:52 am
ocean to stop churning. clear and breezy in the poconos tomorrow and sun and beautiful saturday and sunday. overall that's pretty good. hot and humid with afternoon and nighttime thunderstorms. some of them severe. some of them causing some flooding. friday a rainy start especially toward the shore but clearing as we go through the day from west to east as arthur makes that turn to the right. there's no doubt it's going to turn to the right. saturday and sunday, beautiful sunshine and very low humidity. but the humidity and heat builds up next week. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, it's "ellen," music mogul st. johawn diddy co. gambling north. the idea to take it out of atlantic city and other parts of the state. the meeting made public on nbc 10 news at 4:00. emergency landing, a small plane forced to find an unusual spot to land in delaware. a maneuver that put him down in front of fisherman. jackie will join me at the desk at 5:00 with that.
11:56 am
making progress. preparing the i-95 bridge. could more have been done before it was forced to close, tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. what they are revealing about actions taken before the emergency shutdown. we continue to track hurricane arthur and severe storms enour area, glenn. >> they are not directly related to arthur, a separate system. but it's one of the days you have to watch the weather if you're outside. take the phone, get the weather sooding. fs l for then tomorrow it's a matter of the timing as to how it improves. >> stay tuned to nbc 10 for that. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. e-mail keith jones. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us at nbc 10, have a great day and be safe out there.
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>> maggie: okay, jj, smile. >> jennifer: oh, okay. >> maggie: ah, ah...but in a well-educated way, please? >> jennifer: yes. >> jj: [laughs] >> jennifer: and put this diploma in the picture, please. >> maggie: [laughs] okay. >> jj: i bet there were days
12:00 pm
when you didn't think i'd get one of these. >> maggie: ah, good one. >> jennifer: oh, no, i never, ever, ever had a doubt in my mind. >> jj: you are such a liar. >> jennifer: [laughs] you may have taken the complicated route, but i always knew, in the end, you'd be all right. >> jj: which is just another way of saying that i put you through hell, but... mom, really, just--thaou, for hanging in there. >> jennifer: aw, i love you, baby. >> jj: thank you, i love you, too. >> jennifer: [laughs] let me see this again. >>bi>>j:h- >> abigail: i am so rry te>> because shis m biasn't sa.


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