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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  August 11, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, the death of a comedy legend. >> my first day as a woman, i'm getting hot flashes. >> robin williams had a gift to make his millions of fans smile, but tonight that gift couldn't save himself. the oscar actor was found dead inside his california home today, an apparent suicide. tonight we look back on his performance in our area that inspired a generation. >> boy, you must strive to find your own voice. >> as fellow celebrities and even the president share their memories and condolences. president obama is calling robin will wraps one of a kind who shared his talent freely and
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generously with those who needed it most. nbc's stephanie stanton live in los angeles has the latest on williams' death. >> reporter: tonight, here in hollywood on the walk of fame, fans are remembering actor robin williams. not only for his dramatic side, but also his comedic genius. the death of robin williams left his family, friends, and a generation of fans across the world in shock. >> we lost a great, great, great person today. >> reporter: williams was found at his home north of san francisco today, an investigation into the cause of death is currently under way. although the county coroner's office preliminary report points to asphyxia. williams had been battling severe depression in recent weeks, having been in drug rehab in early summer. williams capture america's attention in the '70s on the sitcom "mork & mindy" made him a
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breakout star. >> good morning, vietnam. >> reporter: his comic mania carried into movies playing a wartime dj in good morning vietnam brought him a golden globe. so did the title role played in track in "mrs. doubtfire. "williams' wildly improvisati improvisational style in his one-man shows and many talk show appearances endured him to audiences and made him a favorite vocal talent for such animated films as "happy feet." the juilliard trained actor excelled in dramatic roles including "dead poet society" and "good will hunting." willi williams' films grossed more than $5 billion worldwide at the box office. the actor's wife, "as we remember the -- his sudden passing leaves those who knew him and those who watched him heartbroken.
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and in 2009, williams underwent heart surgery but had made a full recovery. he'd been working on several projects recently including, we understand, a possible sequel to the popular '90s hit "mrs. doubtfire." williams is survived by his wife and three children. in hollywood, stephanie stanton, back to you. >> and one of williams' most acclaimed roles was in 1989's "dead poet society." it was shot in st. andrews school in middletown. while robin william couldn't make the event. he signs the memorabilia for an auction. "dead poet society" was one of his first dramatic parts. read her about his life and legacy on our website, find a fwgallery of pictures of
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him through the years and reaction from hollywood. skyforce 10 over breaking news at the jersey shore. a power outage in north wildwood led to a scary situation tonight. it caused half the rides on morey's pier to shut off leaving people stranded on board. the mayor tells us all the rides were evacuated and everyone is okay. >> an next 10 viewer sent us this video showing one of the 14 rides that became stuck. see the chaotic moments as people were freed from the nor'easter roller coaster. tonight, power has been restored at the pier, but the cause of the outage remains under investigation. tonight, we're tracking rain for the morning. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here now. rain for the all-important rush hour, sheena? >> yeah, jacqueline, not just the morning rush. we're talking about the evening rush tomorrow, too. we have rain getting closer to the area. see it approaching parts of lancaster county. for tonight, though, any rain that moves in should be on the
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lighter side. the real rain won't get here until tomorrow. if you look off to our west and southwest, we have a lot of moisture to work with. this will all be moving in through the day tomorrow. but it will start with the morning hours. future weather here continues to bring the clouds in. maybe a few isolated showers overnight. now we're looking at the morning rush between about 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning. we should start to see some scattered showers around the area. then going through the day, periods of rain in the afternoon hours. notice how you start to see the oranges and yellows here. heavier rain. some of us have the potential for possibly some severe weather. so coming up, i'll show you who can expect that and how long the rain will last. that's straight ahead. hundreds of thousands of jewels stolen during a rash of burglaries in south jersey. police are warning neighbors in morristown, burlington county, to take extra precautions. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live with more on what sparked that warning. >> reporter: i've been talking to a lot of people in morris
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fomorristown tonight. some people feel so safe sometimes they forget to look their doors or set their alarms. police say, fwes whguess what, s know and getting away with a lot. >> someone broke into our home. >> reporter: r.j. marr admits the back door of his home may have been open saturday. the alarm system wasn't working. police say burglars probably walked right in when the family left for the day. >> they came right into the master bedroom and bathroom. >> reporter: marr says they took $200,000 worth of jewelry. actually, they just ripped out the bedroom safe. >> thought it would be safe in the safe. but that's not the case. >> reporter: since june the 9th, five homes on the affluent east side of morristown have been hit. >> oh my. >> reporter: burglars also broke into this home. the owner says he forgot to set the house alarm. expensive jewelry and cash literally went out the same window the burglars used to get in. >> quite often we find that these burglars are just driving
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around. they're looking for a house that's dark. they'll knock on the front door, nobody answers, they're going to burglarize the residence. >> you live in a nice neighborhood, something like this never happens. >> reporter: police aren't sure if the break-ins are the work of one burglar but whoever it is knows their jewelry. they only take the good stuff. >> has a lot of sentimental value. a lot of monetary value. >> reporter: meanwhile, morristown police are asking residents to keep their eyes open, doors locked, the alarm set. live in morristown, new jersey, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, a bomb scare forced an atlantic county police department to evacuate. pleasantville police cleared their headquarters at city hall after a man brought into what he thought was a pipe bomb. had pvc pipes taped together with fabric. investigators say the man found the device and brought it to the police station to be checked out. the bomb squad detonated it. new at 111:00, a major
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renovation project started on a busy road in philadelphia. 84,000 drivers a day will start seeing these changes. over the next three months, penndot will resurface miles of roosevelt boulevard from ninth street to the bucks county line. nbc 10's george spencer was there this evening as the work started. george, this is one of several big projects happening now. >> reporter: jacqueline, a huge burst of additional money from the state is allowing penndot to tackle a number of long awaited projects. just a little while ago, road crews closed off the inner lanes of roosevelt boulevard at ninth street and began one of their biggest projects yet. with lights flashing and engines rumbling, road crews wasted no time tonight ripping up the top layer of asphalt that will begin their 12 miles of work, resurfacing inner lane stretches of roosevelt boulevard, a major thoroughfare carrying some 84,000 cars a day. >> i think it's food.
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i mean, it's well over due. i mean, we had a bad winter, so there is a lot of potholes. >> reporter: to get an up close sense of the problem, we pinned a camera right above our news van's tire and saw some of the cracks and divots that need repair and also found the potholes and splitting penndot officials say have made this heavily traveled road a priority for upgrades. >> with the tens of thousands of motorists that use that road daily, the pavement can take a pounding. >> reporter: delaware valley commuters have been seeing a lo of road construction recently. penndot just repaved this stretch of i-76 near center city. repairs started today on the spring garden bridge and on friday, resurfacing work begins on the blue route. it's a burst of improvements, 100 miles' worth, made possible by additional penndot funding from the state legislature and governor. >> providing us with $2.3 billion extra. >> that's a game changer for you
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guys enter it's a game changer. >> reporter: along the boulevard, this project will run every weekday from 7:30 at night until 6:00 in the morning through the end of october. traffic will be diverted to the outer lanes likely meaning some significant slowdowns. yeah, even during the time that we've been out here, we have noticed obviously some congestion and honking from impatient drivers. penndot acknowledges the traffic concerns and asks you consider that when you factor in your travel time or consider taking an alternate route. live tonight in hunting park, along the boulevard, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. new pat 11:00, a suspect is behind bars after he called for backup after a fight with his neighbor then gunfire. police say leonard hampton started that fight but they're still looking for the man who then shot four people including a father in front of his wife and young children in north philadelphia. nbc 10's denise nakano spoke to one of the victims' familiesen to and joins us now live.
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denise? >> reporter: well, jacqueline, that victim remains in extremely critical condition here at temple university hospital. his family tells me tonight that he was in his car with his wife and 6-month-old and 6-year-old daughters when he was struck by that stray bullet. >> where my daddy? i want to talk to my daddy. >> reporter: the question, where's daddy, is one robert finds difficult to explain to his 6-year-old grandgranddaughtn the car with her infant sister and parents friday night when they got caught in a hail of gunfire in felt bville. two back seat passengers of another car were also shot along with the intended victim who ran in a pizza shop for help. >> you're not safe nowhere. you know, you go to the corner store, maybe you don't know you're going to come back to your house. >> reporter: police arrested and charged 43-year-old leonard hampton in the quadruple shooting. police say he got into an argument with his next door neighbor and called for backup. three men rolled up and opened fire hitting their intended
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victim twice in the leg and firing the bullet that pierced a 25-year-old father in the head. >> it sounded like fire crackers. >> reporter: the neighbor who was shot was released from the hospital tonight and had no comment. police served a search warrant on the home of his neighbor, leonard hamt enae recovered his cell phone. hamt b is not cooperating with the investigation. witnesses are troubled by the shooting that spilled out on to the streets and injured three people just passing through. including a young father with his family. >> i went to him. i tried to help him. i couldn't. and then the face of his wife is still here. >> reporter: now, two passengers in another car were taken to temple university hospital. they've been shot in the neck. they're now in stable condition. police are trying to still identify the three others including the shooter in this case. reporting live in north philadelphia, i'm denise nakano, nbc 10 news. next, a south jersey town in a fight over letting hunters
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kill geese. sheena? >> and rain tomorrow. i'll show you the timing of it coming up.
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breaking news in the midwest. officers threw tear gas at a large crowd about an hour ago in ferguson, missouri. there is a huge police presence tonight trying to avoid riots like last night after an unarmed african-american teenager was shot and killed by police in suburban st. louis this weekend. it all stems from saturday night when 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed during a scuffle with a police officer. tonight, an attorney for brown's participa parent claim the teenager was executed in daylight. angry protests and demonstrators demanding answers and action. the fbi is now investigating. >> it's my first born son.
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anybody that know me knew how i felt about my son. i just wish i could have been there to help him. >> brown's mother has publicly called for an end to the violence. today city leaders urged protesters to stay calm and promised justice in the case. family and friends said good-bye at the funeral for northeast philadelphia mother murder in pennypack park. nbc 10 was outside the funeral home where a steady stream of mourners came to pay their respects today. marie, a 46-year-old mother of two girls was then laid to rest. police say connie murray's husband, christopher, confessed to killing his wife after a heated argument a week ago. he was arrested over the weekend and remains behind bars tonight. marie's body was found last tuesday morning. she was strangled. new information now on an accident that shut down part of the pennsylvania turnpike. breaking news on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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skyforce 10 flew over a car that slammed into a toll booth at a toll plaza in bristol bucks county. no one was in the booth at the time. the driver was taken to the hospital. all but two lanes of the westbound turnpike have re-opened. those two lanes will remain closed for repairs. now to the casino crisis and more bad news for atlantic city. the new jersey casino control commission says it does not have the authority to force show boat and trump plaza to stay open past the summer for potential buyers to check things out. also tonight we learned not one of the bids from potential investors is qualified to rescue the revel casino out of bankruptcy which employs 3,200 workers. tonight, neighbors in a south jersey community are angry over a decision to allow the shooting and killing of geese close to public office buildings. happening in voorhees township camden county. the area designated to kill the
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geese is too close to an office complex on laurel oak road. an ordinance bans using a gun. tonight the township slolicitor says there's nothing he can do to stop it. now your nbc 10 first alert with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, big changes in weather as we go into tomorrow. the overnight hours tonight, more clouds are around, but tomorrow, we're going to have kind of a rainy day. periods of rain through the day starting with the morning commute for some of you. and even some strong thunderstorms as we go through the afternoon and evening hours. this will last into wednesday morning. so it's going to be more than a 24 hour period of kind of rainy weather. until the rain actually gets here, it's actually kind of comfortable outside. 73 degrees right now in allentown. in reading. same thing philadelphia.
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71 degrees in pottstown. upper 6 0s in mt. holly. 69 degrees. mid 70s closer to the shore in stone harbor. but with doe have mostly louddy skies. you notice the rain just off to the west approaching parts of lancaster county. this is mainly on the lighter side. we're not looking at anything heavy right now. if we take a wider view, to our west and southwest, there's a lot of moisture still has to come this way. and by tomorrow, some of this rain could be locally heavy and we could see some strong storms from this. so all the counties here shaded in yellow. this is the area where we do have a risk for severe weather. as we go into tomorrow. so it's mostly around the philadelphia area. south jersey and delaware. this is for some strong storms that could have heavy rain, high winds, lightning and also the potential for hail that will mostly in the afternoon and evening hours. so, of course, we'll be here tracking those for you. future weather could put a few showers in overnight. otherwise for your morning commute, 8:00 a.m., showers around through the afternoon. notice how some heavy rain is just south of philadelphia.
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so that is really going to be the best area for any severe storms if we see those. through the evening hours, that chance may be increasing, and even into wednesday morning, the rain kind of hangs around, but notice through the afternoon wednesday, quickly clears out. the dry air moves in. it stays around as we go into thursday. actually the end of the week into the weekend looks really good. along the shore for tomorrow, we'll see scattered showers. maybe some storms, upper 70s. on wednesday, we'll see morning showers then start to clear out. then on thursday, sunny, very nice. upper 70s along the shore. tonight, more clouds around. chance of a couple showers. upper 60s in philadelphia. mid 60s north and west. tomorrow, periods of rain, thunderstorms and heavy rain through the afternoon for some of us. temperatures tomorrow then will only be in the mid to upper. 0s because of the clouds and rain. as we go into wednesday, morning rain. 83 as we clear out in the afternoon. we'll see the dry air move in. also the sunshine. really tomorrow is going to be the rainiest day. wednesday morning we'll wake up to some. after the rain moves through, we
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start to see a great weather pattern setting up for the end of the week. this goes all the way into the weekend. and the temperature s are going to be really comfortable around 80 degrees. just have to get through the rain tomorrow. >> great weather pattern leading into the weekend. dicey tomorrow especially during rush hour. >> yes, have the umbrella and enjoy a perfect weekend. >> we'll look forward to that. sheena, thank you. the eagles, boy. time to talk about some football, john clark. >> yeah, they're gearing up for practices in new england. the phillies continue to get dominated by the mets at citizens bank park. mo'ne davis and the taney dragons captivated the city. her coach will tell us how he helped discover her. it didn't involve baseball. that's next.
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jimmyrollins wishing you all the best at little league world series. bring home that trophy, bring home that win to have you own parade down the street. mo'ne, do your thing. >> jimmy rollins with a message for the taney dragons, first team to represent philly in the little league world series. mo'ne davis, the first girl to play in this world series in ten years. >> mo'ne davis and the little leaguers. >> mo'ne representing center city in the world series but this is where she was discovered at the merion anderson rec center in south philly. on the first day six years ago, she wasn't throwing a baseball. >> i see this little girl just throwing effortless spirals with the football. every time. effortless spirals. and throwing it a long way.
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>> reporter: steve bandura saw how mo'ne was a girl amongst boys playing football. he's been her coach with the anderson mo anderson monarchs for six years. could you have seen this coming? >> this hasn't happened before. i've never seen it happen before. so, yeah, surprising. i keep expecting, you know, everybody, the boys to catch up to her. >> reporter: mo'ne pitches to steve's son, scott, the catcher for the taney dragons. she's inspiring her teammates and girls across the country. >> there's so many girls that just in this area, alone, from watching her play, that feel like, hey, this is for girls, too. >> reporter: mo'ne can throw 70 miles an hour, but her real love is basketball. heck out her crossover on this poor kid. her dream is to play for uconn and then the wnba.
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>> i can't say that's not going to happen, because she's done everything she want ted to up until now. >> special kid. the phillies lost 1 1 of their last 13 games at home against the mets. aaron rowan throwing out the first pitch at citizens bank park. in the fourth, darin ruf, first hit this month. two-run shot to dead center. phillies up 2-1. tied at two in the seventh. retired his last 17 batters coming into today. the mets' anthony wrecker wrecks this one. pinch hitting, chase utley. man on. he comes this close to a two-run homer. the umps review it. the fan reached out with his hat and grabbed it. it's a ground rule double. phillies lose 5-3. eagles up in new england practicing with the patriots tomorrow. we'll have coverage here. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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s well, we have rain coming
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tomorrow. showers start for the morning mute for some of us. we could see strong storms in the afternoon and evening hours lasting into wednesday. clearing for the end of the week. >> i'm jacqueline london. for sheena, all of us here, thanks for watching. "the tonight show with jimmy fallon" is next. good night.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- katie holmes,


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