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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the rain. a majority of u.s in delaware ad the i-95 corridor are dealing with heavier rain. middletown seeing rain all the way up to newark and along i-95, the red and orange. this is salem county as well. it will get closer to fill. the green area into parts of new castle county, this is a flood advisory just issued until 7:45, localized flooding from rain which has been continuing in the area. now you see heavy rain up towards the philadelphia area. if we zoom out a bit, you can tell the motion is continuing to move up towards the philadelphia area, near trenton as well. we are basically going to continue with the blanketed rain with heavier rain int county, we have heavier rain up now and even lightning around millsboro.
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there is thunderstorm activity in southern delaware and farther to the south and west. heavy rain around washington. this will move up into the area as we go through evening. more showers in the forecast. some of us have the potential to see strong storms. we will take about what can expect that and a time line for when the rain will end. that's coming up. tfrjts, the demise of revel. two years ago, it opened as a shiny symbol of atlti hos. >> in a down economy, can you look for anything nicer or newer re inspiring openg up rightnow? tthis i >> it's horrible. it's terrifying. >> newest is a $2 billion shell. nbc 10 news explores what went wrong and what the future holds as three casinos prepare to shut their doors at the same time. reas supposed to lead a renaissance intltic city. this rev
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latest domino to fall in a year full of casino closore than 3,0 gone in a matter of weeks. 20 minutes of nonstop n 10 jseyd greenberg live in atlantic city. >> repr: certainly is. despite all of its struggles, many customers are absolutely come aer -- is rrifyi. reporte e news that revel will close by september 10th is doubly ther o dealer here and at neighboring showboat, which is slated to t month. >> it's horrible. it's liketerrifying. i work two jobs and you lose two jobs. it's horrible. >> reporter: some 3,100 revel workers will lose their jobs in a statement today, the bankrupt resort set it regrets the imbakt
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this decision has on its employees who have worked so hard to maximize the potential of the property. however, it is faced with several unavoidable circumstances. >> it sucks that it's going down like this. >> reporter: it comes after we reported yesterday that no qualified bidders had emerged in a bankruptcy auction. today the companyfforts to irove their bottom line have not proven to be enough to put it on stable financial devastated. i love staying here. i love staying here and i love stayat going to beg. >> reporter: it opened in 2012 after being built for nearly $2.5 billion. sources tell us a major financial burden that proved to be an obstacle in the bidding process is this adjacent plant which provides electricity, heating and cooling to revel at a yearly cost of $36 million. >> someone would step in, the
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governor, someone would step in and save us. this is atlantic city. >> reporter: i reached out to the governor's office for comment but have not received a response. revel says it still hopes for a sale of some form through the pending bankruptcy process. right now, cannot avo a shut down. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> atlantic city start twd 12 casinos this year and by the end of the year a quarter will be gone. the atlantic club was the first to go shutting january 13th. next is showboat scheduled to close august 31. then revel following on september 10 and finally trump plaza closing september 16th. a new jersey lawmaker says it's not too late for his constituents in atlantic city. he released a statement saying --
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>> stay with nbc 10 for coverage on the casino crisis. less than 30 minutes, our live team coverage continues with luann kaun. she's following the money. investment dollars dry up. visit for a section devoted to this crisis now unfolding in atlantic city. today, outrage in atlantic city. homeowners protested a tax hike outside city hall this morning. they are upset over a recent decision to raise property taxes by 29%. city leaders say it was necessary or the town would have lost out on $20 million in state aid. otherwise the mayor said taxes would go up 47%. people we spoke with say enough is enough. >> i don't have a job. i'm not working.
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so i'm living on a fixed income. i cannot pay the taxes that -- they doubled my taxes. >> some counsel members said tax appeals by casino and no hotel or luxury taxes coming in from the state put the city in that position to raise property taxes. this just in. the sale of the los angeles clippers is now complete. the deal between ballmer and shelly sterling was finalized today. sterling's estranged husband was under pressure, as you know, to sell the team after recordings of him making racist remarks were leaked earlier this year. it was a brazen crime. a car sprayed a police department with bullets. police are looking for the people responsible and they have upped the reward for the arrest to more than $25,000.
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nbc 10's christine maddela is live in west deptford. what kind of damage are we talking about? >> reporter: you can see the damage in this door here behind me. this is the door police officers use to go in and out to their patrol cars. you can see the large bullet holes left behind. above the door and to the right there's a surveillance camera. that camera was installed just about four months ago. the video from that camera is just about all the police department has to go on right now. >> the vehicle drove through the library parking lot. >> reporter: the parking lot isseis adjacent to the lot. >> we would assume shots were fired during the first pass. >> reporter: they think that's when he fired five shots into the door before driving off. >> a larger bullet. it's a larger mass. it could cause more damage. >> reporter: it didn't go through the door.
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>> another round was shot into the brick wall to the left of the door. >> reporter: here is the seventh shot. >> it went through my window. >> reporter: the deputy chief wasn't there. no one was. an administrator was at his desk two doors down. >> he took cover. stayed low into the station. >> reporter: the driver came back later. this time driving faster through the police department lot. >> if you are going to fire seven rounds into the side of a police department, this was not a warning and clearly out to hurt an officer. >> when the police are here to serve and protect us, now they have to worry about themselves coming out their own home. it's really disturbing for me to say the least. >> reporter: i asked the police what kind of gun was used in the shooting. they said they don't know exactly which weapon, but it was a high caliber gun, mostly a .40 or higher. they enhanced the video they showed you in the story. they were able to pick up more clues. they are trying to track down more surveillance video from
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area businesses. live in west deptford, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. a senior u.s. defense official says the pentagon is considering sending more military advisors to iraq. they have affected kurdish forces in northern iraq. the pentagon has 250 military personnel in iraq in advisory roles. the please chief in ferguson, missouri, will not release the name of the officer who shot and killed over this weekend. that's because the department has been getting death threats. he fears it will make the officer a target. nbc 10's jacqueline london is following all of the developments from the digital operation center. >> ferguson police chief tom jackson had planned to release the name of the officer involved today, but changed his mind after death threats were called in to the police department,
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city hall and posted on social media. the officer was placed on administrative leave saturday after shooting and killing 18-year-old michael brown. witnessed say brown was unarmed and had his hands in the air when the officer shot him. police have not said why the officer started shooting, only that it was preceded by some sort of scuffle. brown's death has sparked racial tensions, protests and looting in the small suburb outside st. louis. today reverend al sharpton joined brown's family in a call for calm. >> no one has the right to take their child's name and drag it through the mud because you angry. to become violent in michael brown's name is to betray the gentle giant that he was. >> county law enforcement is investigating the shooting. the fbi launched a civil rights investigation. police in ferguson are
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investigating another threat, this time the threat on social media. in a video posted online, computer hacker known only as anonymous is encouraging the people of ferguson to take a stand. >> we are anonymous. to look at people of ferguson, take heart and take your sheets. you are not alone. we will support you in every way possible. occupy every square inch of your city, demand justice, staying silent could result in the death of your kid tomorrow. >> anonymous goes on to threaten law enforcement warning them that any abuse or harassment of protesters will result in "every web-based asset of the department and government being taken offline." it calls on lawmakers to act to prevent future tragedies. hackers did get into the ferguson city website sunday night causing an e-mail outage. it's unclear if that attack is connected to the anonymous
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threat. live in the digital operation center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. construction is now under way on a dozen new energy efficient apartments in philadelphia's strawberry mansion section. the philadelphia housing authority broke ground today on the oak field street apartments. this is from the wider in library. the apartments are build with energy efficient features to make them more affordable. they are expected to open by spring of next year. a billion dollar boost to new jersey's critical water and sewer plant. they will get upgrades and storm protection measures under a bill signed by chris christie. some of the money will be used to better protect facilities impacted by hurricane san sandy which caused $2.6 billion in damage to waste water and drinking water unfra structure across the state. when it comes to his job as governor, voters are split on chris christie. they are pretty sure he is
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preparing to run for president. his job approval continues to hover just above 50%. a pole out today finds 52% of voters approve the job he is doing. 57% expect him to run for president. 48% believe his decisions on state issues are more influenced by his potential candidacy than what's best for new jersey. investigators say a power surge caused the power to go out at mory's peer last night. people were trapped when the lights went out and some of the rides shut off. an nbc 10 viewer showed us one of the rides that got stuck. everyone got off the rides okay and no one was hurt. the power came back on after 30 minutes. an update on breaking news in the death of robin williams. authorities reveal the actor committed suicide by hanging himself with a belt. he was found by his assistant yesterday in a bedroom at his
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san francisco bay area home. williams was last seen the night before. the actor also had superficial cuts on his wrists and a pocketknife was found nearby. investigators aren't saying whether williams left a suicide note. his death is stirring up memories for people across the country familiar with his work. >> dead poets are dedicated to sucking the marrow out of life. spirits soared, women swooned and gods were created. not a bad way to spend an evening. >> he was john keating of the dead poets society, a film shot in delaware. this afternoon, people around our area are taking a look at the legacy of robin williams and starting a new conversation on mental illness. nbc 10's doug shimell live in wilmington. you talked to a therapist who says this kind of high profile death can have an impact. >> reporter: it does.
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mental health clinics say a case like this makes them keep an extra eye on some of their at-risk patients. a celebrity suicide makes the ratio way too real for therapists. >> for every robin williams story, there are a lot of families, a lot of communities who are suffering and dealing with these issues on a everyday basis. >> was this a dagger i see before me? >> reporter: therapists say the sudden death of robin williams ended years of battling drug abuse, debregs and bipolar disorder. at places like this that deal with high-risk mental health patients, they advocate everyone should watch for sudden changes. >> more withdrawn, not communicating as much as they had in the past. maybe just, you know, doing things or conducting them schls differently. >> reporter: he says they have been checking on clients with suicide at tendencies. >> check in to make sure there
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are contacts with individuals multiple times weekly, not just phone calls but also face-to-face efforts. >> reporter: the key to keeping someone from hurting themselves is intervention. >> be willing to approach them. be willing to seek support and resources from community agencies, community programs. it will go a long way and hopefully saving a life. >> reporter: robin williams had suffered a heart attack several years ago. physicians say 33% of heart attack patients often go on to develop depression. live in wilmington, delaware, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> the oscar winning actor delivered many iconic lines over his long career. one of the most memorable came in a movie based on the life of a pennsylvania man. >> good morning, vietnam! >> who can forget that? that was williams in the 1986 film "good morning vietnam." he played a character loosely
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based on a man as a d.j. during the vietnam war. the pittsburgh native met with williams on more than one occasion. he spoke about the man so many saw but so few actually knew. >> you walk up to him and say hello and he starts doing a routine for you. he is always on. and the only time my wife and i have ever seen him drop that was when he was playing with his little kids. >> wow. williams was nominated for the best actor oscar for his role in the film. he lost out to michael douglas. >> stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage as we remember robin williams. visit to see messages mourners are leaving. we have a message from williams' daughter. yesterday we showed you how the kennedy clan gave president obama the ice bucket challenge. well, we got the president' response.
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the president appreciates mrs. kennedy thinking of him for the challenge. though his contribution to this effort will be monetary. there you have it. no bucket of ice for president obama. instead, the president will make a donation to an als charity this week. we are watching a lot of activity on the radar this afternoon. a lot of showers moving in. for some of us, this rain is pretty heavy and it's causing flooding concerns. this is this new castle county. from newark to middletown, this is heavy rain. this is into salem county along 95 and 295, lower alloways creek seeing heavy rain. we have a flood advisory for parts of new castle county until 7:45. this is because of possible localized flooding from the
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heavy rainfall. for delaware through kent county, still seeing heavy rainfall. sussex county seeing lightning strikes near longneck and still seeing heavy rain. georgetown seeing heavy rain. this is continuing to move up from the south. closer to philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, the rain is consistent but it is on the lighter side. for suburbs in new jersey along 295, 95, even 78, the major interstates surrounding philadelphia, we are mainly seeing lighter, consistent rainfall. some is heavier could move into the philadelphia area very soon, especially the heavy rain in delaware that you see. this could hold together and move into south jersey as we go through the next hour or two. the rain isn't over just yet. as we go through tonight, we still have a risk of severe storms for parts of the area. it includes lancaster, chester county, parts of south jersey and all of delaware. for the rest of this afternoon and evening, we still do have the potential in these areas of
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some heavy rain continuing. high winds with some strong thunderstorms, lightning, which we are seeing in sussex county right now. and the possibility of hail. there is more rain around the washington and baltimore area which will be moving up into our area. it's all part of a big weather system. you can see we are seeing a brunt of the heavier rain from this. not everybody locally but we do have a lot of heavier showers around right now. future weather keeps the rain around through the rest of the afternoon. by 7:00, 8:00, notice how you see heavier rain. this will mostly be confined to delaware, south jersey and the philadelphia area. if you are in the lehigh valley or the poconos, you won't see as much in the way of heavy rain. by 11:00 tonight, we have scattered showers around. by early tomorrow morning, some could deal with rain for the morning commute, 6:00 a.m. wednesday. as we go through the afternoon, we will see clearing and even through the rest of your wednesday afternoon, we will see developing sunshine. temperatures have been very cool with all the rain moving in. 72 right now in philadelphia.
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lehigh valley, low 70s. south jersey and delaware, only the mid to low 70s. it's a much cooler afternoon right now. as we go into tonight, temperatures will mainly be in the 70s. this is mostly for the overnight hours. we will continue to have those cooler temperatures in the forecast. as we go through the next seven days things will change. as far as wind gusts, gusting near about 25 miles an hour in philadelphia. coming up, we will talk about tonight's forecast and also a look at the next seven days. that's straight ahead. they call it the facebook fire challenge. people setting themselves on fire trying to impress their friends. >> this is a dangerous stunt. because of it, a mother is now facing charges. how police say she helped her son do this. plus, two men sue harrah's saying security roughed them up. the latest allegations and what's becoming a string of brutality allegations. our live team coverage continues on the crisis unfolding in atlantic city. revel casino shutting down and
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taking 3,000 jobs with it. we are running through the numbers and taking a close look at the cost of people in our area. longhorn knows what happens when you cross state lines.
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things get interesting. introducing new steaks across america, like the new kansas city bbq sirloin for $12.99 or the texas 3 chili pepper ribeye, drizzled with onion straws. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. a north carolina teenager
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doused himself in fingernail polish and set himself on fire. his mom knowingly allowed him to do this. can you imagine? now, 41-year-old janie talley is under arrest. it was part of a facebook challenge that encourages people to post a video of themselves on fire. authorities say she was aware of the event and she facilitated the recording. others put the fire out. the teen suffered minor burned to his chest and neck. we are following breaking news. deputies just revealed that robin williams died by hanging. he was found with a belt around his neck at his home. williams was 63 years old and had struggled with substance abuse and depression. go! go! wow! go power...oats! go! made from oats
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hollywood has the walk of fame. now fedup residents in a new york neighborhood have created an online wall of shame. this isn't for celebrities. it's for people who do not clean up after their pets. the wall features photos and videos of dog owners who don't pick up after their pets on walks. under city law, dog owners who don't pick up after their pets could face a $250 fine. it was a terrifying sight. >> if you took the odds of 1,000 babies being thrown over that
4:29 pm
cliff there, none would have lived. >> this baby survived despite his own mother throwing him off a cliff. what she said made her do it. i'm tracking showers and storms. i will tell you how long they will last and how much rain to expect. don't miss my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast next.
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first at 4:30, a look at
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radar. people in our area are seeing showers and storms. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking what we will see. >> this is mostly in delaware for new castle county. two inches of rain reported. here is a look at the radar. heaviest shown by yellow, orange and red. this is through delaware, especially along i-95. the i-95 corridor from delaware into philadelphia. we are seeing steady rainfall. heavy rain from newark. flood advisory out for new castle county until 7:45 because of localized flooding. we have seen two inches of rain already reported. the heavy rain does not seem to be migrating to the northeast as fast. it's just sitting in that area. closer to the philadelphia area, still consistent rainfall all the way up to trenton.
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this is steady lighter rain. it's moving in from the southwest. we will see this, even the possibility of thunderstorms late they are afternoon. i will show you another look at the timing of the rain. that's coming up. our other big story at 4:30, the future of atlantic city. now that revel is closing, what happens next? >> the announcement is sending shuders through the business community. revel will close next month. showboat and trump plaza are threatening to close as well. there are fears the economic impact could be devastating. lu ann cahn is live outside revel. talked to people who aren't in the casino business but still depend on it for their livelihoods. >> reporter: right. what you have heard about are the 3,000 employees who are expected to lose their jobs here when revel casino closes its doors. i talked to a baker and politician who is worried about
4:34 pm
his business and his employees. >> my grandfather started this business 95 years ago. >> reporter: for three generations, frank's family has made bread in atlantic city. bread sold at the iconic white house sub shop and about 25% of his bread business is based on what he sells to the casinos, including revel. losing a possible four casinos this year means a lot of dough is at stake. >> i have 50 employees that make 20,000 to 50,000 pieces of bread a day. we may not be here in our 96th year. >> reporter: he doesn't like depending on casino business so much. but he had to make up for other compliants that folded. >> in 1994, there were 130 businesses that had been here for 30 years or more. today there are seven. >> reporter: he is also the chairman of the atlantic county board of free holders. they are putting together work shops and retraining programs
4:35 pm
for employees expecting to lose their jobs at the showboat, trump plaza and revel. outside casinos are in town recruiting. >> let me ask you a question. you are a dealer at the showboat. you have three kids in the school system. your husband works at the airport. you are going to move? >> reporter: he worried casino investors are getting cold feet hearing lawmakers talking about opening casinos in north jersey. he is getting ready to make less bread. >> we will survive. will we have to take pain and bleeding? you bet. >> reporter: could there be a recession or even a mild depression? at least one expert thinks so. i'm working on that for 6:00. live in atlantic city, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. just 15 minutes, we will talk to a gaming expert to find out if more casinos could be in trouble.
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we have a special section about the trouble on a scuffle caught on video. two men claim security roughed them up at harrah's. still ahead, who else is accusing the casino of using excessive force with patrons? you heard the warning. wash your hands to stay healthy. this evening researchers say some soaps may be doing more harm than good. the warning f ining for pregnan next. at 5:00, boosting booze prices. the new analysis by one money man that could have local consumers shelling out more money for alcohol.
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a new health warning for expectant mothers. a product many people use every day could be hurting their unborn child. we are talking about soap. researchers at arizona state university say certain anti bacterial products may expos women and their fetuses to harmful chemicals. they found some of the compounds
4:40 pm
e transferr experts say there is growing evidencet canause developmental and reproductive problems.e he do it. that's what a washington state mo tossing herng child off a cliff. sh facing charges of assault. cot yesterday cuower 14-month-old son off a 50-foot praying just moments be she then kissed the boy and threw him overhehe baby up like back timehe t t and it went higher an child was is beig cared for shisa assault char she's in jail on 000
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osecutors trying to decide if charges torump plaza,vel. are aner inan ill getm tracking showers and thunderstos that o are seeingno. i will tell you when you can expect the rain in your neighbhood. n'ts exclusive nbc 10 first ale. new tonight at 5:00, the proposal to hike utility bifor people in our why it seems so few people really care about paying more. p
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here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:00. investigators confirm the death of actor robin williams was a suicide. police revealed williams hanged himself with a belt in his home. his assistant discovered his body. williams had been battling depression. he was 63 years old. revel casino will close next month after failing to line up a buyer. more than 3,000 jobs will be lost. the company says it still hopes to find a buyer through the braupt s bankruptcy process. it would be after the casino shuts down september 10th. what went wrong and will more casinos fall? >> we are about to get some insight into that from a gaming law professor at temple
4:45 pm
university. he was the ceo of a river boat gaming company, the first in the midwest. the market is said to be oversaturated in atlantic city. is that one of the reasons revel had so much trouble from the beginning? >> it's one of the reasons but not the only reason. it was the wrong casino for that market. atlantic city is a day tripper market. a lot of small bets. that sort of thing. revel was too over built. it was too much of a luxury property. it was a hotel trying to support a casino rather than a casino supporting a hotel. some of the things, for example, there was initially no smoking. gamblers want to smoke. there was no buffet. it was on the third floor, which is an imped iment to people getting there. in some ways revel was the wrong property for that market. >> so far, of course, as you know, four casinos have announced plans to close more. could more casinos follow suit in atlantic city in. >> anything is possible.
4:46 pm
i think as painful as it is for all of those workers and all of the people who are going to be affected, it's probably the only thing that's going to give atlantic city a chance to prevent another casino closing. because the market is contracting. the existing casinos hopefully should be able to absorb that amount of business. it's possible but this actually may help the situation. >> in the past few years atlantic city has seen increased competition from casinos in pennsylvania, delaware and maryland. is it likely those casinos will survive? >> it's highly likely they will survive. pennsylvania is a very different model than some of the other states. there's a limited number of licenses. there will be one more granted in the philadelphia area. that will have affect on existing casinos. could you see layoffs? i don't think so. think there's enough business in philadelphia in this market so that this should not happen there. delaware is going to face
4:47 pm
increasing pressure from maryland. that could create maybe a little less business. but i don't foresee that casino closing. >> there's reason for hope. sounds like revel was the wrong fit. thanks so much for coming in and talking to us, gaming professor at temple university. >> thank you. >> stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. our live team coverage continues in just 15 minutes. don't forget to check out our special section on filled with updates on the casino clapgs in atlantic city. some of us are seeing heavy rain this afternoon. here is a live look at the arra d rad radar. it has been sitting in new
4:48 pm
castle county along 95, 495, 295, the i-95 corridor from philadelphia into new jersey and also pennsylvania, closer to philadelphia. the heaviest rain has remained in new castle county. that's why we still have a flood advisory for parts of new castle county until 7:45. some areas have reported two inches of rain. that's localized flooding. be careful if you are driving in those areas. riverview seeing lighter rain. heavy rain from maryland. and we will see pockets heavy rain this evening. georgetown seeing some of it as it migrates to the northeast. longneck all the way to bethany beach in sussex county still seeing heavy rain. it's moving up toward cape may. along cape may, along the shore up near atlantic city, this is mostly on the lighter side until you see near galloway, this is heavier rain. up into the philadelphia area, this is mostly on the lighter side compared to what we are seeing down in delaware. all the way up to trenton, just
4:49 pm
rain on the lighter side. it has been fairly steady. through the lehigh valley and poconos, we are pretty much dry. we have heavy rain around washington and baltimore. this is all going to keep moving up into our area. for the rest of tonight, we still do have rain in the forecast. we still do have a threat for some potentially severe weather. all the areas in yellow, that's mostly lancaster, chester county, parts of south jersey and delaware, we have a threat for strong storms. the risk of storms, we could see heavy rain continuing, which we are seeing through most of the area. high winds with any of the storms, lightning and the potential for hail. it's all part of a big weather system, big area of low pressure spinning around the great lakes. we have a lot of wet weather, mostly moving into our area. future weather continues to bring pockets of heavy rain. by 7:00, we expect it. by 11:00, we expect scattered showers. even through the overnight hours, we will not dry out.
4:50 pm
early tomorrow morning by 7:00, we still could have scattered showers around for part of the morning commute. notice through the afternoon, the clouds start to clear from west to east. we get clearing as we go through the day, especially as we go into the end of the week. live look outside center city from the adventure aquarium. overcast skies. look at the temperature. only 71 degrees right now in philadelphia. through the lehigh valley, in the low 70s. south jersey and delaware, temperatures in the mid 70s right now. it is fairly cool outside. we will say around 70 tonight. scattered showers. tomorrow scattered early show showers. 81 to 84 for the high temperature. warmer than today. thursday, friday, into the weekend look fantastic. sunday there's a chance of a late shower. overall, it looks pretty good. two men say casino security is getting out of control. >> they say the security guards roughed them up. who else is making similar
4:51 pm
allegations. new tonight, caught on camera. a burglary suspect makes his escape from a local house by jumping out of a window. now, the police have this new clue. nbc 10 is there as they intensify their search for him and see if he is linked to other break-ins.
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right now, two men from our area are suing harrah's claiming they were attacked by security guards. >> since january, seven people have sued harrah's for similar incidents. harry hairston joins us to break down the latest accusations. >> reporter: the two men say they were pounced on by several security guards, including two off-duty atlantic city police officers. the men describe the attack gang style like. some of the video you are about to see may be disturbing. this surveillance video shows a man being dragged by casino security guards. the incident happened in september of 2013. he says he was talking to an employee about a misunderstanding when a security guard came out of nowhere. >> he just pissed off. he draws the baton, hits me in my throat and cracks me in my
4:55 pm
skull. >> reporter: his attorney tells me, two of the guards were off-duty cops. >> you will see in th background police officers ding watching people assaulted, beaten. >> they kicked smashed me bac they gave me a concussion, a serious juunprkov in may of thi year. he says he was trying enter a nightclub and had wordsith e man checking his >> the first thing i heardher, knew, securithiytcd without war. can't get the handcuffs on him. there's a supervisor who says, break his arms if you have to. >> reporter: he is suing the casino in federal court. the attorney for both men say the attacks show a dangerous pattern. >> there is obvious inf a sense security officers and the deptm.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: i reached out to harrah's and the atlantic city police department. both promised to respond with comments this afternoon. the police department says their legal department is reviewing the allegations. we have yet to hear from the casino. >> thanks. tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the potential much payele >> why the prices may not have people charged up like you might expect. wedding shop woes. ari to buy their dresses only to get turned away. a small towng problem. people are taking sides. i'm tracking heavy rain on the radar right now. some serviof us could see thunderstorms. the timing of the rain and if it will last into the morning commute. pouring on the prices. a proposal that could have local people digging deeper into
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thinking pockets to pay for alcohol. en you cross state li. introducing new steaks across america, like the new kansas city bbq sirloin for $12.99 or the texas 3hili pepper ribeye,
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right now at 5:00, nbc 10 first alert weather is tracking showers and the potential for storms. some people are already seeing heavy downpours depending on where you live. >> the latest weather technology shows we should be prepared for more of this wet weather as day turns tonight. let's find out where the rain is right now. >> sheena parveen is in the weather center trag the storm. >> we have heavy rain which has continued for this same area, new castle county, for quite a while. we have a flood advisory out for that area. a look at all the heavy rain. it's shown with the yellow and oranges. middletown seeing rain, newark seeing it. across the i-95 corridor into south jersey, we still do have the flood advisory up for new castle county until 7:45 this evening. two inches of rain have been
5:00 pm
reported. the rain continues to fall. pockets of heavy rain into chester and delaware counties. also into parts of camden and gloucester county. even into the rest of delaware, kent county seeing heavy rain approaching. it's all swinging in from maryland. in sussex county dealing with the heavy rain closer to the delaware beaches moving up into cape may and will have the rain around through the rest of this evening. your evening planner, 6:00,
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