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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 12, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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weather center trag the storm. >> we have heavy rain which has continued for this same area, new castle county, for quite a while. we have a flood advisory out for that area. a look at all the heavy rain. it's shown with the yellow and oranges. middletown seeing rain, newark seeing it. across the i-95 corridor into south jersey, we still do have the flood advisory up for new castle county until 7:45 this evening. two inches of rain have been reported. the rain continues to fall. pockets of heavy rain into chester and delaware counties. also into parts of camden and gloucester county. even into the rest of delaware, kent county seeing heavy rain approaching. it's all swinging in from maryland. in sussex county dealing with the heavy rain closer to the delaware beaches moving up into cape may and will have the rain around through the rest of this evening. your evening planner, 6:00, 71,
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cool outside with rain and thunderstorms around. 8:00, still in the low 70s, rain and thunderstorms. as we go towards 10:00, scattered showers. i will track the rain on radar and we will see if it will last into the morning commute tomorrow. that's straight ahead. >> track the showers with our real time radar on our first alert weather app for your smart phone or tablet. it's a free download you can get on to a developing story. we are learning details about the death of robin williams. investigators say the official cause of death is asphyxiation. they say williams' personal assistant found him with a belt around his neck in a bedroom. investigators say there were cuts on his wrists and a pocketknife nearby. authorities would not say whether the 63-year-old left behind a suicide note. at 5:15, we take you to new castle county and the spot where he filmed one of his famous
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movies. what those who met him are saying about his behavior back then. at 5:30, we take to you california where police are revealing new information about williams' death. another painful new chapter in the atlantic city casino crisis. the newest casino is the latest to fold. the bankrupt revel announced today it will close next month leaving more than 3,000 people out of a job. this all comes one day after we reported here on nbc 10 news that it didn't appear the gaming hall had any qualified bidders for its auction. >> it comes two years after revel debuted following a long struggle to open in the first place. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau report eer ted greenberg has be following this. >> you have been talking to people hoping for a different outcome. >> reporter: yeah. a lot of people even industry
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experts were confident that revel would survive. today though the company sent out this statement saying the massive casino will close in less than a month. >> to have casinos closing one after another, it has to stop. >> reporter: this man got the bad news from his wife in a text message this morning. revel casino, where she's been a hotel guest operator since the day it opened, will close by september 10th. >> to all of a sudden at the last minute say it's over, what can you do? >> reporter: it comes a day after nbc 10 first reported that the casino which opened in 2012 after being built for nearly $2.5 billion had found no qualified bidders in a bankruptcy auction. >> i thought revel was going to get a new buyer. >> reporter: this morning the company said in a statement that efforts to improve revel's bottom line have not proven to be enough to put it on stable financial footing. >> don't seem possible.
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>> i can't understand this is a great hotel. i don't understand it. >> reporter: revel says the property has been financially burdened by a considerable non-controllable expense structure. they point to this energy plant which provides the casino with electricity, heating and cooling at a cost of $36 million yearly. sources tell nbc 10 that proved to be a major obstacle in the bidding process. the casino statement said while it continues to hope for a sale in some form, it cannot avoid an ordinarily winddown of the business at this time. >> we hope something happens, someone steps in and say we will fix the situation. >> reporter: you may remember that the governor arranged for $260 million, more than $260 million in state tax credits to finish construction of revel. but that was contingent on revel
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turning a profit. that never happened. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. atlantic city started 2014 with 12 casinos. the atlantic club closed in january. then came news showboat will close at the end of august. followed by an announcement that trump plaza will shut its doors september 16. now revel to close september 10th at the latest. that will leave atlantic city with eight casinos. >> a closer look at the job impact. 1,600 people became job lsz when the atlantic closed. at trump plaza there's 1,000 please. revel has more than 3,100 on the payroll there. the potential job loss and these numbers are estimates, nearly 8,000. new tonight, we will talk to a local gaming expert live. he will give us his analysis on this latest development. we will ask him what the surviving casinos need to do to stay in business.
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while casino workers fight for their jobs, residents are fighting higher taxes. nbc 10 at a demonstration outside the atlantic city's city hall this morning, armed with signs, residents marched in a circle protesting a proposal by council last week for a 29% property tax hike. that's on top of a 22% tax increase last year. residents say owning a home in atlantic city is now next to impossible. >> i don't have a job. i'm not working. so i'm living on a fixed income. i cannot pay the taxes that they -- they doubled my taxes. >> atlantic city's mayor believe council members had no choice. if they rejected the budget the financially troubled city would have lost out on $20 million in state aid. new at 5:00, a settlement
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has been reached in a discrimination lawsuit about guide dogs in delaware county. in media this morning. a woman who fosters guide dogs would take them to work with her. a new director changed the policy and fired the woman after she brought the dog in. the two sides agreed to allow service dogs in public places as long as they don't cause any disruption. this grainy surveillance video is a critical clue police are working with to figure out who shot up a south jersey police station overnight and why. >> the target the west deptford police department. seven bullets hit the building. live at 5:00 is christine maddela. >> do police have a better idea of the type of fire power used on the building? >> reporter: they are trying to figure that out. they say that it was a large caliber weapon, possibly a .40
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caliber or higher. today i talked to members -- some employees who work here at the police department and who work in this building. the police department is one municipality that is operating in this building. there's the mayor's office. this is the west deptford township building here. the mayor's office, municipal court and licensed department. everyone say they were surprised th s attacked police here on their home turf. >> this is what it comes to that you have the adudacity to shoot at the police station? >> reporter: this woman has lived here for more than 30 years. >> i'm shocked. never seen anything quite as arrogant as this. >> it's brazen. we are believing the shots were within 30 yards of our police department. >> reporter: police say just after 4:00 this morning, someone
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in this black sedan fired seven shots at the police department building. five shots hit this door. one bullet hit this gutter. and the seventh shot went through the deputy chief's office and ricochetted around the room. no one was hurt. >> it was a target. i think our police department and police officers were targeted. >> reporter: the driver drove by a second time. the first drive-by was through the library parking lot, the second closer through the department's lot. >> when there's an attack like this, it's an attack on our community. >> it's crazy to know that even the people who are protecting you are targets. >> reporter: within the past hour, i talked to the deputy chief who said the reward for information leading to an arrest was just raised from $3,000 to $27,500. police say they are going to nearby businesses searching for more surveillance video. they will increase the number of
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officers they have patrolling the community. live in west deptford township, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. now to our delaware bureau. drivers in the first state can expect to see a lot more campaign signs during their commute. that's because transportation officials are allowing political candidates to put up road signs on state owned strips of land. these are allows 30 days prior to an election and 30 days after. candidates are not allowed to put the signs on utility poles. signs must be ten feet away from the road. here is a look at delaware's election schedule, the state's primary taking place september 9. the again election is november 4. pennsylvanians could pay for more alcohol. liquor control board officials say they want to increase the markup on the price of liquor and wine for the first time in two decades.
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he proposed raising it to 35% to offset expenses. the chairman says he views it as a last resort. a practice run for the air show, thunder over boardwalk got in before the rain. this just one of the planes that took some practice runs today. a philadelphia woman got to take the ride of a lifetime. she was selected as the u.s. air force thunderbird's hometown hero flier. she trains patients s parents advocates in schools. she volunteers for the ymca. today she was in the clouds. >> i thought maybe i shouldn't do this. he was like, you can do this. he made it wonderful. >> she did it. she had to get ejection seat training and be fitted with life
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support gear. new information about the final moments of robin williams' life. >> nbc 10 talks to someone who co-starred with him during a film shoot right here in our area. also -- >> the incident that happened is very ugly. >> boutique battle. a pennsylvania wedding store says i don't to a lesbian couple. one town is divided and talking about changing the way merchants do business. plus this -- >> bums are going to steal and rob. period. >> the search for a suspect. police have video of one man after he ripped off a home. they are hoping this will help them nab him before he strikes again. and this -- >> just not good. not right. >> a scare in the sand. a day at the beach turns into a police investigation when a little girl unearths a deadly weapon.
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the world is mourning the loss of robin williams. today, police revealed williams hanged himself inside a bedroom of his home. williams was best known for making us all laugh. it was his performance in "good will hunting" that earned him an academy award. one of his more notable film roles happened in our region. >> those who worked with him
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during the production in new castle county are reflecting on this loss. doug shimell is live in will wilmington. you spoke with people who recalled his behave wror back then. what did they tell you about him? >> reporter: they said that either saw an actor running at full speed or an actor lost in deep thought. they say there was no middle ground. sglt opening scene where they have the flags. >> reporter: the dining hall feels the same 25 years later. robin williams as an english teacher at a fictional academy. >> this was from the beginning of the film. >> reporter: all shot at the very real saint andrew's school in middletown, delaware. >> this is robin and myself. >> reporter: this man was a 17-year-old extra in the film and spent time with robin williams. >> he stopped the scene and went out and took photographs with certain people on the set, which i have photographs of.
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it was very humble he would do that. >> reporter: the chapel is where robin williams' character is introduced as the new teacher. eric was a second year math teacher at saint andrew's as he watched filming. >> he is walking along and a group of his students are running after him and catch up with him to show -- confront him with a picture from his yearbook. >> reporter: he remembers seeing two men. >> he was on or off. it was a switch. i never really saw anything in between. >> reporter: at this theater in the center of town where the play scene was filmed, the flowers and marquis said it all. a message echoed around the country tonight. live in wilmington, delaware, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> our coverage of the life, death and legacy of robin williams continues on our website. access that coverage from your computer and our mobile app on your smart phone or tablet.
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as you saw in doug's live shot just now, the rain blowing sideways. it's heavy through delaware. this is where we have seen 2 1/2 inches of rain so far through parts of new castle county. there you see around middletown and you see heavy rain by the yellow and averages. this does extend up into the philadelphia area right now. along the i-95 corridor, be careful if you have to drive here. the flood advisory out until 7:45 because of all of the consistent heavy rainfall. localized flooding on streets and creeks is likely. especially in kent county moving into dover, riverview seeing heavy rain moving in from maryland. also in parts of sussex county, closer to the beaches here. over ocean view seeing heavier rain. it's starting to slide into south jersey. cape may seeing heavier rain.
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this extends along cape may county and atlantic county. pockets of heavier rain in yellow. otherwise, we are seeing consistent, steady rainfall through much of south jersey. closer to the philadelphia area, west deptford seeing the rain. some of it is heavier shown by the yellow. into the philadelphia area, the heavier rain continues up to our suburbs. media as well along 476 and 76. all the major interstates surrounding philadelphia, the rain is tarting to get heavier slowly. it's moving from the south and west. thunderstorms around washington where there has been a lot of heavy rain. we could still see thunderstorms as we go through tonight. the rain is not ending any time soon. tonight, severe weather threat. all counties in yellow. chester county, lancaster county, parts of south jersey and delaware. tonight, we still do have a risk of thunderstorms.
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some could be locally strong with heavy rain, high wind, lightning and hail. right now, we are still seeing that consistent heavy rainfall in dole dell. not really getting a break through parts of delaware. future weather continues with the pockets of rain for this evening. some of this locally heavy. overnight, still scattered showers. this could linger overnight and into part of your morning commute. by 7:00, we could be dealing with rain. then clearing as we go through the afternoon. as far as our current temperatures are concerned, we are only in the low 70s because of all the cloud cover today and the rain. if you are heading to the shore tomorrow, morning showers. clearing, thursday and friday look really nice. sunny skies, high temperatures around 80. for tonight, showers, some heavy, some thunderstorms. tomorrow, temperatures mid to low 80s. some scattered early showers for some of us. then we clear out as we go through the day. thursday and friday look good, even into the weekend. we are watching a sunday rain chance.
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overall, it looks mostly dry. pseg customers have a chance to voice their opinion on a rate hike. according to the record newspaper, only two people showed up for the hearing yesterday. new jersey usa largest utility company is seeking to pass along to rate payers more than $240 million worth of repairs it made after five storms between 2010 through super storm sandy in 2012. yesterday's low turnout stands in contrast to the criticism and anger directed at the utility for taking up to two weeks to get the power back on after sandy. pseg has not said how much it would need to raise rates just yet. another meeting will be held thursday in mount holly. it's one of the top movies of the summer of 2014. >> those teenage moo tant ninja turtles that came to the rescue of people. nbc 10 has video of a turtle that was the one in need of rescue by humans.
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the operation off the coast of the jersey shore to save a trapped creature. a shocker in the sand. it wasn't your average day at the beach. fun in the sun turns to fear after a little girl digs up a loaded weapon. trading-in or selling your cart? le out ofling ijust 3 easy steps. one, g yr fr nealuation. two, book an appointme. d three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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today police in ferguson, missouri, backed off plans to release the name of the officer
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who shot and killed an unarmed teenager last weekend. the police chief is not revealing the name because there have been death threats directed at the officer who shot michael brown. more protests over his death today. they were far less violent than the last few days. civil rights activist al sharpton called for peace but he wants investigators to step in. >> local authorities have put themselves in a position, hiding names, not being transparent. >> the fbi launched a civil rights investigation into what happened. the brown's family attorney also represented trayvon martin's family. he says martin's family called to offer condolenced. president obama called a statement about brown's death calling it heart breaking. he said we should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds. a young girl looking for sea
5:26 pm
shells made a startling discovery. a loaded gun. the 10-year-old was digging in the sand when she found the gun yesterday afternoon. police say the weapon was filled with sand and it had to be cut into pieces to make it safe to handle. it had one bullet inside. the parents were disturbed by what happened but said it could have been worse. >> luckily it didn't -- something else didn't happen. that would have been even more tragic. >> i'm so glad the child didn't get hurt. >> it's not clear why the gun was there in the first place. i'm tracking rain moving into the region. i will let you know how it will impact your neighborhood in my first alert forecast. i have faith the town will not be afraid to do what's right. >> wedding dress debate. it wouldn't normally be an issue. when a lesbian couple went shopping at this small town pennsylvania store, it sparked a big controversy. on the trail.
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nbc 10 obtains video of a burglary suspect as he hops out of a window of a local home. police try to connect him to other crimes in the area. more accusations of attacks on guests of an atlantic city casino. the new lawsuits against security guards at harrah's.
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right now at 5:30, nbc 10
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first alert weather is tracking showers and the potential for summer storms. a live look outside shows dreary conditions right now. >> a couple of inches in some areas. as we look at the weather computer, we can see there's more rain ahead. now we head to the went ter center. . >> sheena parveen is here to tell us the impact of the rain. >> areas in delaware are dealing are localized flooding because of the heavy rain. look at the radar and see yellow and orange and red. this shows us where the heaviest rainfall is. we will zoom in to new castle county. this is where we have seen heavy rainfall. middletown seeing it, up to 295 and 95. we are seeing the flood advisory out, until 7:45 this evening. we have seen 2 1/2 inches in parts of new castle county and heavy rain has moved to the north and east of that. around 476 and 76, around philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs into lower montgomery
5:31 pm
county, along 276 as well. this is continuing to make its way through much of the area. you also see lighter rain in south jersey. that's been consistent this afternoon. in parts of kent county around riverview, this continues into sussex county, along the beaches into cape may. i will track the rain for you. we will look at what else you can expect tonight and if it will linger into the morning commute. that's straight ahead. >> when you down load the app from your smart phone or tablet, go to for details. more tonight about the suicide of robin williams. his friends and fans try to come to terms with his death. >> jay gray reports from outside williams' home in california. >> reporter: good evening.
5:32 pm
a memorial is growing outside of his home and in other areas across the country tied to the legendary entertainer as investigators and fans continue to search for answers. a day later, the shock of robin williams' death is starting to give way to the realization that the man who made the world smile ultimately could not escape the dark sadness he felt inside. >> he was just so giving, so amazing. we're all shocked. you never know the depth of depression. >> reporter: today investigators confirm his death was a suicide. >> the preliminary -- the preliminary results of the examination reveal supporti ini physical signs that his life ended from asphyxia due to hanging. >> reporter: authorities won't know if drugs played a role until toxicology reports are complete. we now know he was found shortly before noon and his wife last saw him the night before in
5:33 pm
their home. officers won't say if there was a suicide note. it's what did he leave behind that so many are clinging to right now. >> good morning, vietnam! >> a legacy of films, television shows and outrageous standup routines. >> he is someone who touched so many different people over so many decades in so many different kinds of projects. >> reporter: his unique sense of humor and timing, his compassion reeling a piece of his soul and touching the souls of millions around the world drawn to the places that he made special to honor and remember a legendary entertainer gone too soon. >> he had a beautiful soul, brilliant mind. he could make us double over with laughter when we were sad. >> reporter: a sadness that lingers now that the man who made so many laugh has suddenly left the stage.
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the coroner's office announced they have released his body to his family. at this point, there's no word on when or if there may be a memorial or funeral service. jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> to keep tabs on the new developments go to using your mobile app. the search for a suspect wanted for home break-ins. >> he doesn't always use the door. live at 5:30 in upper darby is rosemary connors. one victim's home surveillance system may have given police a break in the case. >> reporter: in fact, seasons upper darby police got their hands on the video, they grabbed images and put it around on a police report to send to everybody in the department. they believe the suspect may be responsible for as many as five break-ins in the area based on his description and his mo. the most recent incident
5:35 pm
happened yesterday right here. this time though, the suspect was being watched. >> caught him in the act coming out the window. >> reporter: once he gets his barings, you can see he scans the alley to make sure he doesn't leave behind any loot. at one point he looks up and seems to notice he is being watched on surveillance but continues on his way. >> i called 911. >> reporter: he climbed up the side of the house and got in through a window that the homeowner left open while they were out shopping yesterday. you think he heard you coming home, tried to get out this window? >> he did, i think. >> this video is a home run. >> reporter: investigators focused on what's in his right hand. they say it's the laptop he stole from inside the home. according to police, he also swiped checkbooks. >> the world of technology has really, really enhanced police department's ability to investigate crime.
5:36 pm
this say perfect example. >> reporter: while upper darby township police are grateful for the neighbor's cameras which caught the crime on tape, they are urging all residents to lock up, including windows above the ground floor as it didn't stop the burglar in this case. >> whether it's your car or home, you have to make sure that you are secure. these bums are going to steal and rob, period. >> reporter: we spoke to the man who was robbed. he is the head of a local church. he tells me he is praying that police catch up to this suspect before he breaks into somebody else's house. live in upper darby, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. new at 5:30, tom corbett helped break the ground on a new power plant today. it's the second of its kind in the state using natural gas to deliver power up to a million homes. he says the facility will deliver up to 500 new jobs, two dozen of them permanent. a power plant is expected to
5:37 pm
be fully operational by 2016. the governor says it will be one of the cleanest natural gas fuelled plants in the country. >> these developments are truly a result of our -- all of the above and below philosophy energy strategy that is putting this commonwealth as the forefront of the american energy revolution. >> the governor says the new power plant will contribute nearly $6 billion to the local economy within the first ten years of operation. it's an uncertain future for atlantic city after revel announced it's closing. >> an industry analyst talks about the gaming halls that are still standing and their next move. turtle in a trap. rescue crews off the coast of the jersey shore spring into action to save this 800-pound creature. instead of fighting fires, police say this local volunteer firefighter was behind as many as three fires.
5:38 pm
how investigators say he pulled off the arsons and who allegedly helped him.
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we have new information about a rash of home break-ins in burlington county. tonight police are investigating a possible sixth burglary that may have happened over the weekend. they broke in through the back door of a home. the homeowners came home last night. investigators say thieves took hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry from homes on the affluent east side of town. this week heros are making history in philadelphia. at the pennsylvania convention center for the kickoff of a national veterans wheelchair games. john runyan had the honor of the coin toss to start a rugby match. the games began in virginia with 70 participants and has grown so much xcompetitors are coming in
5:41 pm
from overseas. >> this week in philadelphia, we welcome more than 600 veterans who throughout the united states and great britain. >> the games begin at 6:00 tonight and continue through sunday. i'm vince lattanzio with this story. going from king of prussia from exton without getting on a bus. it's possible thanks to trails and in you plans to take people further on their own two feet or two wheels. read about how you will be able to go 130 miles without a car through parts of our area. more now on plans for one wedding hit a snag. >> a couple shopping for wedding dresses says they were refused service because they are a same-sex couple. one small town in pennsylvania tackles the sensitive subject.
5:42 pm
whether they should force merchants to do business with all customers. i'm tracking showers and storms on this tuesday evening. i will let you know which areas will see the most rainfall before things start to dry out in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. still ahead at 6:00, pay up for police services. that's the message the man in charge of philadelphia's money is sending to several local businesses, even the phillies. the $2.5 million debt that's costing the city.
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♪ the world famous fries you love, plus a shake of three new flavors you add.
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introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. shake up something new to love at mcdonald's. it's official. former microsoft ceo steve ballmer now owns the clippers. it was finalized today after a california court authorized shelly sterling to sell the
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franchise. her estranged husband was under pressure to sell the team after taped racist remarks he made went public earlier this year. it's another difficult day for workers in atlantic city's struggling casino market. >> as we have been reporting, revel will close next month just over two years since it opened. we are joined tonight live at 5:00 by ed ellers, a gaming law professor. he is the ceo of a river boat gaming company, the first in the midwest. >> thank you for joining us. by the end of the summer, four casinos could be closed. what do the remaining casinos need to do? >> they need to make sure they have the proper mix of machines and gaming opportunities for the people who are coming. they need to match the gaming opportunities with their customers. second of all, the existing employees, they are the best sales people.
5:46 pm
we have an expression in business that you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. so all of the existing employees really need to be on their game. people can back to gaming casinos when they know the employees, they know they -- they develop a relationship with them. it's important that they do that. the third, they will have to use their existing database marketing very effectively. i hope that they don't have to go to more promos and comps and things of that nature. those are drugs that people get addicted to and then you can't get them off it. it cuts down on profits, which ultimately is not good. long-term, atlantic city must develop an infrastructure. they are starting to do it. some of the things that need to happen right now, especially the revel, is icing without a cake. they need to build a very strong infrastructure around the casinos. that's been a big failing in atlantic city. if they can do that, i think
5:47 pm
atlantic city will do just fine. >> there's been talk of another casino opening in north jersey. some are making le ining the ca could hurt. others say it could help. >> short-term it could not help. there's been discussion about taxes from that casino being directed to atlantic city to help with infrastructure. in the long-term that might be useful. in the short-testimorm it's not. for new jersey, it may be a very necessary thing to defend against casinos coming in new york. i don't think in the short-term it will help atlantic city. >> thanks for joining us tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00. a rough week for atlantic city. >> thank you. >> read more about the challenging facing ac on our website. we have created a special section entitled atlantic city on the brink on
5:48 pm
breaking news from western pennsylvania. you are looking at live shots of a sinkhole that swallowed one car. this is happening in ross township. according to initial reports, a woman was rescued from the you can see the sinkhole. you can see the water there. is.are -- look we know one car at least went into the water. we do not know the condition of the women who was rescued from that vehicle. again this is in ross township in western pennsylvania. these pictures coming to us from wpxi, our affiliate in pittsburgh. we will keep you updated as we get more information. we continue to deal with heavy rain for part of the area this evening. most of the area around philadelphia and the i-95 corridor, south jersey and delaware have been dealing with rain. the lehigh valley, the poconos
5:49 pm
have been dry. we will zoom into new castle county. heavier rain shown by yellow and orange. even parts of gloucester county near the major interstates have . we have a flood advisory for new castle county. that's because we have seen 2 1/2 inches of rain there. one lightning strike north of marydale and more lightning in maryland right off thede there. dover is seeing heavier thare starting to develop. we could see them through our southern counties as we go through this evening. along the coast in sussex rai cape may. heavy rain moving into south jersey. this will continue along the shore as we go through the next several hours. u the coast to a city, we are looking at the steady lighter rainfall. egg harbor, along the expressway, steady rain continues. this is for south jersey, too.
5:50 pm
north and west of philadelphia, lower montgomery county, we see cherry hill dealing with the lighter rain all the way up to trenton and around the philadelphia area. still seeing the consistent rainfall. this will continue this evening. we are seeing some of the heavier rain with thunderstorm activity in maryland moving into parts of delaware. we will track this. we storms through south jersey into parts of lancaster, chester county and delaware as we go through tonight. with the risk of these storms, we will still expect heavy rain, high winds, lightning and the potential for hail asrougthe ne. future weather continues with the pockets of heavy rain around tonight. 8:00, still rain on the radar. by 11:00 tonight, still the scattered showers. this will last overnight into early tomorrow. by 8:00 in the morning, some of us could have rain around for the morning compute. then we clear out as we go through the afternoon and
5:51 pm
conditions improve through the day tomorrow. especially as we go into the end of the week. tonight, temperatures around 70 in philadelphia. scattered showers around, heavy rain with even the potential for thunderstorms north and west around 67. tomorrow, temperatures mid to low 80s, scattered early showers for some us. then clearing through the day. as we end out the week, conditions get nice. thursday and friday, high temperatures near 80. going into the weekend, we are dry. sunday there's a chance for a late shower. mostly dry and looks good into next week. this isn't your typical coast guard rescue. crews rescued a turtle that became entangled in fishing gear off the coast of the jersey shore. the animal, which weighed an estimated 800 pounds, was spotted saturday on a fishing boat. crew members from the coast guard station cape may and the marine mammal center found the turtle and then freed him. it's supposed to be the
5:52 pm
happiest time of their lives. >> instead that turned sour. divided over dresses. wedding dresses for a lesbian couple. one pennsylvania store says shop somewhere else. now the town is taking action that could change the way the store wants to do business.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a bridal shop owner says i don't to a couple planning their i dos. >> saying they don't sell to same-sex couples. now tsburg council may make it illegal to keystone sta. >> reporter: it was a packed hooverflow of people came out of town council.
5:55 pm
>> i think it's very important that we step forward when issues like this come up so that everyone knows there's something we can do. >> reporter: controversy sparked this month when w.w. bridal eetd away a same-sex couple. >> the incident is very ugly and needs to be addressed. >> reporter: when local businessowner and member of the democratic state committee duane heisler heard what happened, he brought up an ordinance. >> i believe it's important that the town recognize all of its arouinup town the feeng is mutual. >> i think that this situation highlights the need for protection against discrimination. i think it would be a shame if we have to start to protect people. if that's where we are, then i think that is what we need to do. >> reporter: other people say although businesses should have the right to make their own decision, sometimes those decisions could hurt the community. >> we don't need to have two
5:56 pm
sets of fountains or four different bathrooms. we're all here together. i think the easier it is to get along the better off we will be, all of us. >> reporter: after discussion of the proposed ordinance, town council decided to review the issue further before making a final decision. >> there's a reason why there's a local task force for racial equity in this to faith that th not going to be afraid to move forward and do what's right. >> the owner of the bridal shop has been quoted by local newspaper as saying that providing those two girls dresses for a samarriage would break god's law. heavy rain is soaking much of our area right now. >> our biggest threat for storms is still to come. i'm monitoring the threat for the rest of the tonight. i will let you know which areas could see the most rain in my
5:57 pm
exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. i was concerned. the person with whom i had a relationship was threatening tow jersey governor jim mcgreevy resigned and announced he was gay. new at 6:00, nbc 10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long goes one on one and asks whether he would have handled his resignation differently.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, nbc 10 first alert weather tracking showers and storms moving through the delaware valley. some of the heaviest rain is expected over the next several hours. nbc 10 in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia during afternoon downpours. most people prepared with umbrellas. keep them handy when you head out there tonight as well. aren't they cute? sheena parveen tracking where the heaviest of the rain is right now. >> if you have your umbrella, make sure you open it. it will work better. we do have heavy rain out there, especially in delaware. pretty consistent. we have seen 2 1/2 inches falling through delaware. new a newark dealing with heavy rainfall. we still have the flood advisory out for parts of new castle
6:00 pm
county until 7:45 because of this heavy rain. more heavy rain continues from maryland into parts of kent county. dover seeing the heavy rain, even lightning happening here as well. mostly in parts of maryland, but that heavy rain will continue to move through. the heavy rain that was in sussex county is moving up into south jersey. cape may county seeing the heavy rain. that will continue moving into south ey


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