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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 12, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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most people prepared with umbrellas. keep them handy when you head out there tonight as well. aren't they cute? sheena parveen tracking where the heaviest of the rain is right now. >> if you have your umbrella, make sure you open it. it will work better. we do have heavy rain out there, especially in delaware. pretty consistent. we have seen 2 1/2 inches falling through delaware. new a newark dealing with heavy rainfall. we still have the flood advisory out for parts of new castle county until 7:45 because of this heavy rain. more heavy rain continues from maryland into parts of kent county. dover seeing the heavy rain, even lightning happening here as well. mostly in parts of maryland, but that heavy rain will continue to move through. the heavy rain that was in sussex county is moving up into south jersey. cape may county seeing the heavy rain. that will continue moving into south jersey.
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heavy rain for salem and cumberland counties along the i-95corridor. we will continue to watch the showers and we go through tonight. we will continue to have the risk for thunderstorms also for parts of the area. by 6:00 or even by 8:00, rain and thunderstorms around. temperatures staying in the low 70s. by 10:00, we will have the rain around. some could linger for your morning commute. we will look at the timing of that coming up. tonight at 6:00, atlantic city's casino crisis takes a bigger hit. its newest casino revel announcing it will close its doors in less than a month. >> terrifying. you work two jobs and you lose two jobs. it's horrible. >> 3,100 revel workers will lose their jobs when the casino shuts its doors no later than september 10th. nbc 10 first reported yesterday that revel had not found a
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qualified bidder in its bankruptcy auction. in a statement revel said it regrets the impact the decision has on its employees who have worked so hard to maximize the potential of the property. however, it is faced with several unavoidable circumstances. the economic impact of the casino crisis on the local economy is just staggering. it has some experts fearing the fourth casino closing this year is enough to now send atlantic city into a recession. when atlantic club closed, 1,600 jobs went with it. when showboat closes at the end of the month, more than 2,100 jobs will go. trump plaza's closing will wipe out 1,000 jobs. with revel planning to shut its doors as well, more than 3,000 jobs will be eliminated. that's nearly 8,000 jobs just gone in a matter of months. lu ann cahn is live tonight in atlantic city. what does this do for the cit s
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bottom line? >> reporter: the weather here really fits the mood here on the boardwalk tonight. the mayor of atlantic city released a statement saying, this might be revel's last chapter but it is not the last one for the building. there's certainly a question about what if revel ends up vacant and boarded up on the boardwalk? what if that happens to other properties as well? >> i think this region could slip into a recession, even a mild depression. >> reporter: it's the first time industry expert roger gross has uttered those words this summer. with no buyer to immediately save revel and showboat and trump plaza threatening to close, the news is more dire. there's more finger pointing. >> this isn't a surprise. the city should have been prepared for it. the politicians seem to be shocked. >> if in 30-something years of cl in the eastern united states we didn't get our act together, shame on us.
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if we're pointing fingers, we will never fix it. >> reporter: this man is an atlantic county free holder. he runs a bakery that goes back three generations. he believes the casino industry has to right size itself but potentially losing four casinos or more this year -- >> there could be nothing worse. atlantic city will rebuild itself and it will come back if there is a wholesale change in the strategy of running atlantic city's government. >> reporter: local officials have talked about retraining programs for thousands of former casino workers. gross doesn't see it. >> there's not a lot of programs that go toward retraining these people or anything like that at this point. i'm surprised because this isn't a mystery. we knew it was coming. >> reporter: gross thinks at this point the state needs to step in and help, retrain the employees. in the meantime, there's no
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comment from the governor's administration today. in a down economy, you can look for anything nicer, newer, more inspiring opening up right now? where in the country? it's beautiful. it's in our backyard. >> whethn it opens, atlantic ci hoped revel would save the industry. it has been a rocky road. the casino never turned a profit in its short time along the boardwalk. plans for atlantic city's newest casino were unveiled in september 2007. by january 2009 revel was running out of money before the project was complete. it issued layoffed on march 26, 2012, revel received its license and opened to the public in april. less than a year later, the casino filed for bankruptcy. then it did so a second time in june of this year threatening now to close. that news became official today. doors are expected to close september 10th.
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the economic impact of the crisis is staggering. that's why we have a special section dedicated to this major local story on our website. atlantic city on the brink right now on new at 6:00, pay up now. the man who keeps track of philadelphia's money wants businesses to settle their $2.5 million tab for past police services. city controller wants to go after 389 businesses with unpaid police bills. 168 of them are 90 days or more past due. some are more than ten years old. for instance, the commonwealth of pennsylvania has owed more than $341 million since 2007. the phillies have an outstanding balance of $275,000 for services dating back to their 2008 world series run. you are looking live at citizens bank park.
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the department needs to take aggressive action to collect the outstanding balances. look at this surveillance video. security guards at harrah's are accused of attacking at least two of its guests. this isn't the first time harrah's has come under fire for similar attacks. in february, nbc 10 showed you this surveillance video capturing security guards detaining two cab drivers outside the casino. then in june, a north jersey man told nbc 10 he was taken down by guarding on the casino floor. with today's to new cases, nine people have now filed lawsuits. harry hairston joins us with the new allegations. attorneys are now calling on the feds to step in? >> reporter: that's right. attorneys say their clients' civil rights were violated the night security guards allegedly attacked them without provocation. you might find some of the video we are about to show you very disturbing.
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you are looking at harrah's casino surveillance video. it is another case of alleged brutality by security guards. this incident was in september of 2013. this man says he and a casino employee had a misunderstanding. but moments later, a security guard came out of nowhere with a baton. >> he just pissed. he draws the baton, hits me in my throat and cracks me in my skull. >> reporter: guards drag him across the floor. it looks like he is face down in his own blood. >> we have brought action in the federal court. >> reporter: he is suing the casino and the atlantic city police department claiming cops moonlighting at the casino were also involved. >> you will see in the background police officers standing by and watching, watching people assaulted, beaten. >> reporter: take a look at this video from may of this year. it shows security guards taking
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this man out of the casino. he says he was trying to enter a nightclub and had words with the man checking his i.d. >> the first thing i heard from anyone was as one guy says to another, i can't get the handcuffs on him, there's a supervisor's voice says, break his arms if you have to. >> reporter: he says the guards attacked him while he was on the ground. >> they kicked me. they smashed me in the back of the head. they gave me a concussion. they gave me a serious injury to the rib. it was all unprovoked. >> it matters not whether they break the law. it matters not whether they injure people. it matters not whether they use deadly force. they will do whatever they darn well please under the guise of security. >> reporter: i reached out to both harrah's and the atlantic city police department. both promise to respond with a comment this afternoon. the police department says their legal department is reviewing the allegations.
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we have yet to hear from the casino. >> thank you. to developing details tonight about the death of robin williams. this afternoon, investigators revealed the official cause of death as asphyxiation. they say williams' personal assistant found him inside a bedro bedroom. police say williams hanged himself with a belt and had cuts on his wrists. they have not said whether the 63-year-old left a suicide note. one of his most memorable film roles happened here in our region. it was actually the very real saint andrew's school in delaware. many scenes were shot on the campus in middletown. the dining hall and the mural still have the imposing feel from the movie some 25 years ago. the chapel is virtually
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unchanged. many still remember robin williams entertaining the cast and crew on campus in between takes. >> i stopped a scene and went out and took photographs with certain people on the set, which i have photographs of. it was very humble that he would do that. >> he was on or off. it just seemed to be a switch. i never really saw anything in between. >> in the center of middletown this theater where the play scene was filmed. in front were flowers today and a farewell message on the marquis. "nbc nightly news" will have the latest developments tonight at 6:30 right after this newscast. heavy pockets of rain drenching the delaware valley. first alert weather is keeping you prepared for the threat over the next several hours. sheena? >> that's right. we still have a risk for strong storms over next few hours
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through parts of the area. i'm tracking the timing into your neighborhood and when we will finally dry out in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. ten years ago today, the eyes of the nation on new jersey's state house. now we sit down with former governor jim mcgreevy to ask him what he would do differently and how far we have come on the conversation of homosexuality next at 6:00.
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my truth is that i am a gay american. >> it was new jersey's most infamous political speech. ten years ago today new jersey governor jim mcgreevy admitted he was homosexual and had committed adultery. he said he had an affair with a man weeks after being elected governor and now a decade later he tells nbc 10 he has no regrets about how he came out. cydney long sat down with the former governor today to talk about his life since the scandal. >> your past doesn't have to be your future. >> reporter: in his records, jim mcgreevy says he is finally comfortable in his own skin. i met him in jersey city where he is working with exoffenders
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living on the margins of society and sometimes without hope. >> god bless. >> reporter: he knows that place. >> my truth is that i am a gay american. >> reporter: when did you decide? was it that morning? i have to tell the truth. >> that's a great question. it's one i haven't thought about in a while. i was concerned. i mean the person with whom i had a relationship was threatening to sue. >> reporter: he recalls praying to his late grandmother for guidance two weeks before resigning. would you do it differently today now ten years removed? >> you know, i try to avoid hype th hypotheticals. probably not. >> reporter: they joked that his hair is graying. >> people say i recognize you. were you a weather man? >> reporter: he spoke about living a lie, being ashamed since boyhood about his sexuality but feeling like he had no choice in society but to
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hide his true self- >> i don't rememberment beingwr. many of us live in closets about our relationships, our families, our work. >> reporter: he was not willing to answer questions about how his own children have grown up amidst the scandal. he did say he believes his generation will be the last to not accept or imbrace homosexuality. >> i went to a college campus and talking about gay. they were like, yawn. i was talking to gay kids. they were out. they were comfortable. i look at that as a blessing. god forbid i had the revelation of that day on my death bed. every day is a blessed day. >> reporter: cydney long, nbc 10 news.
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nbc 10 in upper darby, delaware county, where some commuters got caught in the rain today near the 69th street station. sheena parveen is tracking where the worst of the rain is right now. when we will see a t dry out. >> we have seen some of the heaviest rain for the longest periods of time in delaware. we are not going to dry out until tomorrow. here is a look at the radar. new castle county has continued to see some of the heavier rain. suburbs north and west, lehigh valley, poconos, haven't seen much. along newark we are seeing heavy rain here. salem, cumberland county, heavier rainfall. the same spot in new castle county, still a flood advisory until 7:45. we have seen 2 1/2 inches of rain there. dover, camden and parts of kent county, this is moving in from maryland where there is move heavy rain as well. heavy rain around delaware bay moving into cape may county.
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this will continue moving into south jersey. there is heavy rain on the way for cumberland, came may counpe. more moderate to heavier rain through camden county. around philadelphia, all the way up to trenton and surrounding the i-95 corridor, we will see the lighter rain. it was heavier earlier but now it's consistent and on the lighter side. the rain continues moving in mostly from the south. around baltimore and washington, a lot of thunderstorm activity. we will watch for some of this to move in as we go through this evening. we still do have a light risk with all the areas in yellow here for delaware, parts of south jersey, chester and lancaster county for tonight, possibly the risk of strong storms with heavy rain, high winds, lightning and hail. right now it seems like some of this is coming to an end. there's another line of storms just back off to the west. we will watch this. it's part of one big weather system and we are just so
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happening to see some of the heaviest rain out of it. future weather continues to keep the showers around by 9:00 tonight. pockets of heavy rain still. even 11:00 and midnight, dealing with the rain. through the overnight hours, scattered showers. 7:00 tomorrow morning, some of us could have rain around for the morning commute. scattered in nature, but through the afternoon we see very nice clearing. here is a live look outside at the art museum where we are still seeing rainfall in philadelphia. temperature now 69 degrees. it's very cool outside with all the cloud cover today and all the rain. temperatures now are remaining right around 70 degrees. as we go through tonight, that's where they will be with scattered showers around. heavy rain, potential for thunderstorms. scattered early showers tomorrow then we clear through the day. as we go into thursday, even friday, a beautiful end to the week. low humidity, temperatures very comfortable going into the weekend. a little warmer on sunday.
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sunshine to cloud cover. wouldn't be surprised if we had a late-day shower. overall the weekend looks good. how did the eagles do against the patriots today? we will go to new england. we hear from the little leaguers from williamsport.
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i'm john clark. the eagles started practicing with the patriots today. cooper was in pads this afternoon. this is a good opportunity for
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foles to go against the pats. the defense held their ground. nick foles was outstanding last year and this is as excited as belly check gels. >> not sure that anybody totally saw that coming. they had a lot of explosive plays. >> it does surprise people. i don't look too much into it. he's one the greatest coaches to coach this gape. it's a great honor for him to say that. last year is over. >> phillies begin a two-game series tonight. they lost seven straight to the angels. they picked up a pitcher off waivers. the phillies and red sox could talk about a deal in the off season involving hamels. the dragon s getting some time in. they got their uniforms.
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they are ready. >> i think they are okay. i don't see nervousness. they know they are in williamsport. they seem fine. they are lose, playing games and heading over to the rec center. >> i nerve believed we could be here. i seen it on tv. i went up to watch a game. i never thought i would be there. i dreamed of it but i never thought it would come true. >> check out this cubs fan. in the last row bleachers, what a catch. almost hanging over the railing. he throws it back. we are right back.
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the rain is around now. we will have it tonight. tomorrow we start off with a few morning showers. then we clear out through the day. thursday, friday look great. into the weekend looking pretty good. temperatures stay comfortable over the next few days. >> not a bad forecast. thanks for watching.
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. the news continues now with nbc nightly news with brian williams. on our broadcast tonight, robin williams, what we're learning about his sudden and shocking death. the investigation into his apparent suicide as tributes pour in. his battle with depression, the same fight faced daily by millions in our country where there's a suicide every 13 minutes on average. record shattering rainfall catches thousands of drivers off guard. cars completely submerged. dramatic high water rescues for those on our highways. police in riot gear, tear gas and rubber bullets and fears about where this might be headed. nightly news begins now.


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