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tv   Today  NBC  August 13, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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weather on our website, and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. watch for back pain or any nerve xarelto® may increase your risk of bleeding thanks for watching. or muscle related signs or symptoms. have a great day. if you take certain medicines. do not take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve xarelto® can cause serious bleeding, and in rare cases, may be fatal. or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, good morning. tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. under water. xarelto® is proven to reduce the risk of dvt and pe. record rain triggering historic flooding. on the east coast some places with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring see a month's worth in hours. and no known dietary restrictions. two hotels evacuated. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for me. while roads washed out in arizona and it's not over. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about xarelto® today. indelible. lauren bacall. for more information including savings options, one of the most glamorous stars download the xarelto® patient center app, from the golden age has died. call 1-888-xarelto, or visit >> you know how to whistle, don't you, steve? you just put your lips together and blow. >> this morning the sultry gaze, distinct voice, and iconic style that made her one of a kind. last photo? >> announcer: "today's" stale is an image shows a fan with robin brought to you by famous williams just weeks ago as more footwear. famous brands fa.
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tributes pour in. victory is yours. parents, we're about to make >> oh, captain, my captain you your mornings easier. no more meltdowns about what will be missed. your kid is going to wear to and kerry sanders is getting school. >> we allow kids to choose their set to jump out of a plane this favorite looks from some of the biggest trends. they got a little help. morning. wednesday, august 13th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news this these are kid approved. >> right. each kid got their own rack of a is "today" with matt lauer and specific trend. they picked the begins of their savannah guthrie live from outfit. let's show what they picked. this is the sporty trend. studio 1a live on rockefeller every kid i know would go to plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a school in their baseball or wednesday morning. soccer uniform if they could. the things we put kerry sanders we got tips on how to take it from the gym to the classroom. through. we'll explain what he's going to so jonah picked a great soccer be doing and why in a couple jersey. and the new sweat pant that's minutes. >> it's for a great cause. kind of like a pant. thanks to kerry. also coming up, sadly >> okay. another death in hollywood. cool. >> and some great high tops. and then -- legendary icon lauren bacall is >> here comes mom. now gone, as you've heard. >> here's a great trick. we're going to be speaking to you add a button down shirt tom brokaw who was good friends which he actually picked out as with her.
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share some of the stories of her over the years. well. which suddenly -- let's start with the top >> wow. i love the wristbands. story. that is the dangerous flooding >> then we added one of our from potent storms that have dumped more than a foot of rain favorite transitional pieces. in some parts of the east coast. this is from carter's. take a look at this. a little puffer vest. that's the southern state just $20. parkway in nassau county in long a fun soccer backpack to go island. less than an hour's drive from >> i think he liked it when it was just the way it was. where we're sitting. cars stranded there. dylan has the latest on this. >> that's not driving into flood >> let's go visit our friend lucy. you're looking good. waters. that's down pours coming at such >> she has some great trends a rate there's nowhere to go. with lots of patterns. i love it. 5 inches in islip, new york. that came down in one hour. >> it's all about patterns. no one can mix and match like a that's the scene we've seen up little one. i like to step back and let the and down the coast. yesterday in maryland we ended magic happen. she picked a bold printed dress up with about 10.5 inches of from hannah anderson. rain in a 24-hour period. equally bold tights. and then threw in a great that's enough rain for two glitter stripe ballet flat. month's worth. the atmosphere is holding about so what we did -- >> we're running out of time. as much water as it can. >> we give it a quick jean because of that we are seeing jacket. flooding like this. goes with everything in her this stretches out ahead of a closet. sort of tones it down a little
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cold front. bit. >> lucy, like the jean jacket? you have these valleys and dips in the roadways where we end up >> yeah. >> cool. with extreme flooding. we were seeing it all over as >> and a little backpack. >> looking good. people were being rescued. it's not just the east coast, >> all right. it's the west coast too. we ended up with 2 inches of let's visit hennessey. rain falling in just about an >> you had great floral prints hour. and animal prints. that's monsoonal moisture. >> we love it for the animal it's still torrential downpours print for the adults. but it's all about animals on that come down too fast in a the outfit for the little ones. very short period of time. so she picked a great deer over the weekend in nebraska, take a look. applique and bird applique. in carney, nebraska. >> so cute. the cafeteria here just to show you the sheer force of these a faux fur vest. flooding waters race through when the doors couldn't handle >> do you like it? it anymore. >> yeah. >> you look great. all of that flooding rain kept you look beautiful. really quickly get to caleb. pouring in. it is very hard to drive out of. >> caleb and his dad over here, by the way. this is the mini me trend. it is so unbelievably powerful. >> and a little bomber jacket to go with it. take a look. the idea is anything you see for in greenhaven, maryland, 10.5 a big guy, a little guy can wear too. >> thank you. nearly inches of rain in that we're back in a moment. area. this is "today" on nbc. mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this. you can watch as it stretches
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into southern new jersey, 5.5 inches of rain. and in islip, 7.23 inches with 5 of those in a couple hours. new york city itself picked up just a half inch of rain. it was this band that moved in overnight. it is going to continue to make its way into new england for today. parts of boston could end up with 5 inches of rain. now flooding concerns will continue to make their way into new england. that will be the next issue to follow today. >> we'll get your local forecast in a little while. >> thank you. meanwhile, hollywood is mourning the loss of yet another icon this morning. lauren bacall died at her new york home at the age of 89. one of the last stars from the golden age of movies. many tributes on twitter this morning. seth mcfarlane saying thank you for teaching us all how to whistle. you'll be missed, but more than that you will be celebrated.
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and mia farrow tweeting now we have lost the great lauren ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles bacall. rest in peace. - but nothing can stop their determination. kristen dahlgren has more on mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. bacall's life. >> you know how to whistle, ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. don't you, steve? put your lips together and blow. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, >> reporter: with that legendary it was my job to help her reach her goals. line, she burst onto the screen at the age of 19. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! launching a career that spanned eight decades. born betty persky in 1924, her ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams. father left home prompted her to take her mother's name bacall. 18-year-old bacall was spotted on bazaar. and casting her opposite the biggest movie star in the world. humphrey bogart. >> who wouldn't fall in love with him at the age of 19 in you'd have to be crazy. >> they married in 1945 and became hollywood's hottest
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couple. on screen they costarred in three more movies together. off screen they started a team hello, everyone. with son steven and daughter >> hello, ladies. >> hey. >> what do you have coming up? leslie. bogart succumbed to cancer in >> the ice bucket challenge? >> i might. 1957. four years later, bacall started >> cold. >> and jon hamm. a new chapter. she moved to new york, married jason robart, gave birth to a third child sam, and returned to the stage. conquering broadway the way she had dazzled hollywood. winning two tony awards. she continued taking roles including a cameo on "the sopranos." >> still love it as much when you're in front of the camera? >> i do. i like it better in a way because i'm more relaxed than i used to be. i used to be so tense and so nervous all the time that i just was thrilled to get through it. >> reporter: in 2009 the motion picture academy awarded her an honorary oscar. her grandson telling t ining la good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. it's 9:56.
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let's get your first alert forkaes with meteorologist night -- >> catch her on a bad day, she'd brittney shipp. how are things looking out? let you know about it but behind >> with record rainfall we're that she was a great person. seeing things clear up. mostly cloudy skies for >> reporter: lauren bacall, a philadelphia, but as we head into the afternoon, we'll see a wonderful actress who never met a role she couldn't master and bit more sunshine. closer look at the radar, you make her own. can see that system now right kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los over boston and continues to push into new england. angeles. >> and tom brokaw was a longtime across our region, 74 degrees in redding and 75 right now in friend of lauren bacall. philadelphia. atlantic city at 72 degrees and he's with us by phone. good morning to you. for the rest of today, we will >> good morning. >> of course she had an stay in the 80s. extraordinary life. today, philadelphia is you two were good friends. putting out the welcome mat for what was she like and what stands out to you about had her? the democratic national committee. >> well, what stands out about the city makes its pitch to host her to me was she was never not the 2016 democratic national a star. convention. the committee members will be from the time she was 19 years greeted by mayor michael nutter old until we lost her yesterday, she was always a woman who could and ed rendell in center city. fill the room when she walked in. and i saw a couple of years ago lunch at pat's steaks in when she was confined to a philadelphia. just after 5:00 p.m. they'll wheelchair in new york and she caused a buzz when she was tour reading market. wheeled in. now, philadelphia hosted the i know she wasn't happy to be republican national convention back in 2000. confined, but people would say you see the video here of former
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my god that's lauren bacall. dnc chairman said the city was she was already in her 80s. actually a frontrunner to host the democrats that year, but the i met her four years ago at a gop picked it afirst. a decision on the 2016 party and she came over to me democratic convention is not expected to come until later this year or early next year. we may have to wait a while to and i said my god it's lauren see if this sales pitch today is bacall. no entourage o kind and effective. another update for you in 25 very strong opinions about almost everything. minutes. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather at often they were expressed and if you were even her friend, she i'm chris cato, now back to would confront you if you said something she disagreed with. "today" show. have a great wednesday. so she was never not interesting, never ever someone who had a big entourage of some kind. always knew that she was a star. she could be tough on her fans. there was no question about that, but she was always betty bacall. >> of course a lot of people think of her along with humphrey bogart. that marriage seemed to define her in some ways yet she said as happy as she was during that time, she didn't want it to be
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the two of them always associated together. she wanted to define her own life after he passed away. right, tom? >> she did. and although he was the love of her life, it also complicated her life in some ways. she confided to me more than once that as she -- after bogart died and she was beginning to see other men, they were almost all intimidated by his presence even though he was gone for some time at that point. it was a mixed blessing for her. she loved him dearly, but from then on bogart was a part of her life. if i can, i'll just tell you one quick story i've always cherished. i once said to her what was the magic moment for you with bogart? she said i was 20 years old, we were making "to have and have not," he called me from the beach and said come get me. she went down the pacific coast highway and saw humphrey bogart
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walking down the highway in a boutonniere in his blazer got in the car and the rest is now legend. >> legend and history. >> doesn't happen anymore. >> there you go. thanks so much for sharing your stories with us. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. she was a great lady. >> she was definitely. we're also learning more about the tragic death of another hollywood icon, robin williams. as his family and fans struggle to come to grips with his death. joe fryer is outside his home in tiburon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. many are still trying to figure out whether money problems played any role in what from nbc news, this is happened. last year williams told parade magazine he was downsizing his life in a good way and trying to "today," with kathie lee gifford sell his ranch because he could no longer afford it. but some friends say money and hoda kotb, live from studio problems simply weren't that big of an issue. 1a in rockefeller plaza. also this morning we're getting a look at one of the last photos of robin williams. >> hey, everybody. so glad you're with us today for it was taken in late june at a wines day wednesday. dairy queen in minnesota near it's august 13th. his rehab center. we're very excited because we do have golden globe winner jon
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the last time robin williams was hamm with us. >> he is such a sweet guy. seen alive was sunday night by his wife inside their home. >> doll. >> do you know there are 20 monday morning authorities say fridays up till christmas? williams' personal assistant found him in a bedroom with a >> what? >> bearer of terrible news. belt around his neck. >> the preliminary results of >> that was so jarring when i saw it. 20 fridays. the forensic examination people are getting out a revealed supporting physical calendar. maybe i'm wrong. but that's what i've read. signs that mr. williams' life >> oh. ended from asphyxia due to i just want that it's halfway hanging. through august already. >> reporter: even those in the we need words of wisdom from comedy world who knew him well you. >> from the great maya angelo. didn't know he was depressed. if you have only one smile in >> he never wanted people to feel sad for him. you, give it to the people you he always want to see people love. don't be surly at home and go happy. >> reporter: in the wake of his out in the street and start death, this iconic scene from grinning "good morning" at total dead poets society has sparked a strangers? she's right. >> yeah. >> okay. trend with many showing respect >> who you are at home is who you really are. for williams by standing on and only those people know. their desks. yeah. it was good will hunting that >> be the person that you want not only earned williams an to be with. oscar but launched the careers sorry. of damon and affleck. little inside -- >> she's repeating that. >> what do you do for a guy who >> i know. i'm sorry. does that? >> one quick --
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>> i get a kick out of it. everything. williams was close with the late >> one photo if i can. christopher reeve. i went yesterday to chop. after reeve was paralyzed, these kids, you guys, we're williams was the first to make going to show you right now, are him laugh. >> he was the first one to show terrific kids. going to star in this music up in virginia when i was really video we're working on. in trouble. he came here one afternoon and i want to show you their faces. went to chop in philly. >> children's hospital of just thank god i wear a seat belt in this chair because i philadelphia. world renowned. >> great kids. i wanted to show them and let would have fallen out laughing. >> reporter: he had the same you know -- >> were they excited? impact on cameron stanley who >> they are going to be in a music video and we're going to was battling cancer in real life show it now september. these kids are the stars of it when she was in this film. and should be. >> god love them. and their families are there >> he almost made us frerorget. with them. >> it's special. >> beautiful. >> the ice bucket challenge continues. >> yes, it does. myself and all the kids that we you guys remember your loving were sick. >> reporter: he competed in devoted son. triathlons with a double >> cody. amputee. >> took the ice bucket challenge today rudy is a two-time and then called out someone, all to benefit als. >> he. >> he challenged me. >> and greg gutfeld. >> i did >> yep. >> two, one. paralympic. >> reporter: his daughter zelda >> challenged three people. says while i'll never understand i challenged drew brees. how he could be loved to deeply
7:13 am
>> right. and not find it in his heart to >> blake shelton and you. stay, there's minor comfort >> me. >> first of all, drew brees knowing our grief and loss in some small way is shared with accepted my challenge along with two other saints coaches. millions. investigation into williams' >> what power you have. death continues. joe and rob. take a look. >> this is drew brees, toxicology results could still quarterback for the new orleans take a few weeks. saints i've been challenged by matt? >> all right, joe fryer. hoda kotb for the ice bucket thank you very much. challenge. coming up we'll talk to henry here we go. >> oh. bink l winkler who helped give him his >> cool. big break years ago. >> that was classy. >> awesome. you have more on violence >> the guy is injured. he's at camp and injured and did overnight. >> third straight night of that dive. violence near st. louis after >> drew is injured? the shooting death of an unarmed >> yes. he's injured. >> that's a man. teenager. >> he's a real man. and there's news this morning of another police shooting. >> they did it in honor of steve gleason a former new orleans nbc's john yang is in ferguson, saints' player who does suffer missouri, with the latest als. developments. good morning. >> drew challenged governor >> reporter: good morning, craig. that's right. that shooting happened about bobby jindal, bubba watson and ellen degeneres. 1:00 this morning. this is the ground zero for >> ellen had been challenged. these protests. >> when drew says get wet, you police responded to reports of a know what you do, get wet. >> get wet. man or several men with guns. >> blake shelton -- >> then blake also took the they found one man who turned challenge. >> let's see what went down there.
7:14 am
with a revolver toward an >> hey, everybody. officer. i'm blake shelton. the officer fired. >> hey, guys, carson daly here. the man is in critical condition. police did recover a gun at the we've both been challenged the ice bucket challenge for great cause for als. scene. an hour after that a woman was who were you challenged by? >> freakin' hoda. >> hoda. shot. there's some questions about that. all this after a night of >> never hated two people more constant confrontations between in my whole life. >> this one's for you. >> oh! police and protestest. police using tear gas to >> that was great. >> all right. disperse crowds. >> i thought we had a deal. then they would regather >> had a deal. elsewhere and confront police >> do it quick. >> who will you calling out? again. one spark or a couple of sparks for this anger, the police >> okay. >> cold, right? >> i hate you. decision not to release the name i still love you, hoda. of the officer involved in the shooting of michael brown. still love you, hoda, still love you hoda, still love you hoda, and also the naacp officials saying they have witnesses who still love you hoda. >> all day long. challenge the official version >> who did he challenge. of events. >> pharrell. the investigator's version of >> oh. >> gwen stefani and adam levine events that brown assaulted a who happened to walk over at the police officer inside his car time and adam got dumped on. watch what he did. before he was shot. >> oh, lord. the officials say they have >> please. >> are you ready for this? witnesses who say there was no >> wa wa. confrontation.
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>> john yang for us this >> great cause. one, two, three. morning. thank you. this morning 130 additional >> wow. u.s. troops are in iraq as >> freezing. advisers. they are there to help >> way to go, buddy. minorities being threatened by >> thank you. islamic militants. >> should have gotten his hair keir simmons is in northern wet. iraq. the rule should be get your hair keir, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good wet. don't you think? morning. the families you can see camped >> i love those two guys. behind me have walked across a one person who i love more than mountain to be here. both of them combined. tens of thousands of them are she's sitting next to me and i running from i.s.i.s. didn't know if you were really biblical scenes in the 21st going to do it. >> why not? >> because you said, maybe you would write the check. century. >> i'm doing that toop. fear has turned to fury here. >> of course you do. you do it all. >> i've been waiting for this. an entire people facing do it. persecution. >> cody challenged hoda to the today they set fires and als ice bucket challenge. protests crowding around to tell she did it. us of i.s.i.s. blood thirsty god bless her. i have not have accepted had her reign. and how they kill. they shot them and then cut challenge, but i challenge kenny their heads off. i.s.i.s. is well armed but sheer loggins, and billy bush. terror may be their highest okay. frank. >> are you naked? power. men marched to their deaths.
7:16 am
>> it's a medieval mind-set to >> oh. oh! kill anyone who disagrees with them. >> yes. >> reporter: divisions that only you were naked in the tub threaten to tear iraq apart. doing it. >> i had a bathing suit on. these people are an ancient frank's never seen me naked. are you crazy? religious minority. no arabs, no islam, they shout. >> was that cas laughing. every time a vehicle tries to >> cas was shooting it. come down this road, they're >> making a lot of money by the way. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is working for als. attacking it throwing stones. up to $3 million and it's going they are angry and desperate. to be growing. >> i think we all have someone >> we need obama help us. in our lives who has suffered >> reporter: why? what do you need him to do? from that or continuing to suffer from it. >> we need food, everything. it's a horrid, horrid disease. >> reporter: and the men millions raised now in a very -- and it's become a fun thing. confronting i.s.i.s.? >> it has. >> it really has. these are kurdish troops. >> so as often happens after a great tragedy like losing our they are waiting for american weapons. robin williams, then yesterday we hear that lauren bacall had the world is just waking on to passed away, died in her home of who i.s.i.s. are, but they will suspected massive stroke, 89 not negotiate. years old. the world has rarely seen >> yeah. i mean she made her movie debut when only 19 years old "to have ruthlessness like this. >> keir, thank you. and have not" opposite the world health organization has declared it is 44-year-old humphrey bogart. i didn't realize there was that
7:17 am
ethical to use untested drugs and vaccines in the ongoing much of an age gap. >> oh, yes yes. they had quite the love affair ebola outbreak in africa, but and she -- that movie had that the small supply of one famous line. you know how to whistle, don't experimental treatment has been you steve. you put your lips together and depleted and it could be many blow. >> you don't have to say anything and you don't have to months. the supply is now exhausted. do anything. not a thing. meanwhile canada said it would oh, maybe just whistle. provide some of its experimental vaccine in africa. and the u.s. coast guard you know hows to whistle, don't you, steve? came to the rescue this weekend you just put your lips together not for stranded boaters, but and blow. for an 800 pound leather back turtle entangled in fishing gear. they spotted the struggling turtle off the coast of new jersey and alerted the coast guard. one of the officers said it was >> wow. one of his best experiences >> great iconic moment. >> she won two tony awards and ever. that's one of the largest oscar nominated in "the mirror reptiles in the world there. has two faces" and the american >> and unharmed. it swam away. film institute named her one of that's cool. good job to the coast guard. the most 25 significant movie >> like in nemo. or >> this song is such a great
7:18 am
dude. song. even if you didn't grow up with what else do you have, miss them. when you heard this song it's like having a love affair. such great lines. >> yeah. dryer? >> watch out for flash floods in >> we wish her family all the best. >> yes. we certainly do. >> what else? >> "america's got talent." areas like boston through maine. >> yeah. down in florida we'll see rains everybody is talking about this acrobat, right, who's just crazy. >> the hit of the evening. again. your local forecast is coming up in just 30 seconds. christian stunif. >> god bless you. >> incorporating his dog scoobby into his balancing act. this what is he did last night. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my gosh. oh. ♪ i'm first alert >> oh. meteorologist brittney shipp. after record-breaking rainfall, we are going to see clearing as
7:19 am
we head into the rest of today. breezy conditions expected. [ applause ] warm temperatures ranging between 81 and 84 degrees. a cold front will help drop our temperatures as we head into the rest of your workweek. ♪ take a lack at tomorrow. >> we have a winner. mostly sunny, 81, beautiful on >> give them the prize. >> it's over. >> that's adorable. friday. 79 degrees. take a look at what happens as >> he had that little dog since he was a baby. we head into the rest of your weekend. scoobby is 11 years old. 83 degrees on saturday, a slight >> oh. chance of showers by sunday. >> all right. this is interesting. have you heard about the unplugged wedding? how do you feel about wedding >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. guests taking photos during a thank you very much. willie's here filling in for wedding? it's gotten to the point where everybody has a camera up carson. online reaction continues to pour in over the death of robin instead of watching the wedding. >> you watch a bride walk down williams. >> yeah. the aisle, everyone was looking this is a special one. and beaming and now everyone has i have an incredible photograph an iphone up trying to capture a to share with everybody. little bit of the back story. moment. this wedding photographer got there's a gorilla named koko in upset named cory annnd took to her blog and talked about how northern california. guests are always ruining all of 2001 sad about the death of another gorilla, robin williams the great shots. >> she's a professional. comes in, tickles koko, hugs >> the people want. so here's one. this guy stepped out into the aisle way and took one. koko. williams said we shared laughter and love together. some of the guests block the they formed this friendship. view, others throw up camera well, now go ahead to yesterday. flashes and blast out what's going on. like these are i guess photos koko overhears the staff at the that the couple wanted.
7:20 am
they hired the photographer and instead getting the backs of gorilla foundation talking about people. >> that's -- >> here's the flash. the death of robin williams. >> you know what, but i also have -- i can see the other side and here's the news about his of things as well. friend robin williams, her now sometimes the videographer friend robin williams. and the photographers are so in look at this remarkable photograph. you can see the sadness on her face, hunched over. the way that those of us who are friends and family who have come staff said her lip was quivering to the wedding can't see. when she heard about robin >> trying to look around. >> so they're in front of you williams. you can see the sadness on her taking the -- i don't know. i just missed the good old days face right there, guys. it's incredible. when people went to a wedding, we talked about the connection took out the kleenex and just robin williams has had with people. this was a gorilla robin went and danced and had a wonderful time and kept the williams met a couple of times causing that reaction to the memories. >> on my phone i have videos of news of his death. many people's weddings. >> wow. that is powerful. >> you never watch again. >> i never watch. at that moment you kept thinking >> willie, thank you very much. coming up, the small part oh, my god, i have to catch this, it's so beautiful and now that launched robin williams' you find yourself looking at an iconic movement through a little screen that big instead of it's legendary career. live in front of you. "happy days" costar henry >> we're missing it. >> i agree. winkler will join us. >> what do you think? >> go to our facebook page. >> jessica simpson is getting a plus kerry sanders suited lot of push back i guess. >> all right. >> she looks so phenomenal. up. we'll tell you about it but first this is "today" on nbc. i think i'd walk around in a coming up, one diver's close encounter with a bathing suit all the time.
7:21 am
>> her sister's bridal shower. everyone is dressing up in regular bridal shower attire. except jessica. she wore a bathing suit. >> so did the other girl. >> who is the other girl? >> i don't know. a friend. >> a friend. anyway, so they did -- this what is picture she posted. she does look great. >> she looks amazing. >> then there was a group shot that got tweeted out later that showed everybody else. everyone looks like -- >> a pool party. >> oh. >> maybe everybody else had bathing suits on underneath. >> cover-up. >> yeah. >> some do. but -- >> i say give her slack. she took so much flack for her weight during the times when she -- you know, after "daisy duke." >> what do you think of this? jennifer aniston is doing something a lot of women don't like to do. she revealed her weight. her weight, she likes to be between 110 and 113. >> who doesn't? >> look, if i weighed between
7:22 am
110 and 113, promise you, everybody would know it, okay. i would be telling anybody who asked me. what's your name? i'm 113. it would be so fun. >> you're tall. you're 5'9". she's 5'3" she says or 5'5". there's been a -- anyway. >> anyway. >> she says -- >> she's over her goal. >> no one likes to hear skinny people talk to about her weight. she said it's harder at her age. >> what is she 42. >> it gets harder. >> i guess whenever a small person talks about weight, i want to drop two or three pounds, it's just -- it just doesn't feel right. >> hoda goes postal, is that okay to say. >> yeah. >> starring in a new movie, probably see this weekend, aussie hottie brenton thwaites from "the giver" is here. >> what's better than one hot actor, two hot actors. >> "mad men's" -- >> jon hamm will sit down with us. >> if he's got the guts. >> ♪
7:23 am
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nbc 10 news suqrts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. we're in for a much nicer day today. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> the record-breaking rainfall is clearing out of our area. we'll see more sunshine as we head into thecloser look at the skyline. a few stray showers moving into . jon hamm with his hit show parts of allentown. "mad men" wrapping up next year, clearing is expected. temperatures will stay below jon moved on to another average. 83 degrees by 2:00 p.m. critically acclaimed period piece as executive producer and by 4:00 p.m., 81. let's get a check on traffic star of "a young doctor's and an update on that accident notebook". >> he plays the alter ego to his on 59 with jillian mele. >> northbound 95 right near the younger self offering advice on commodore barry bridge, a everything including the young man's quest for a beautiful aris serious accident blocking two lanes. stow crat. >> this is just another
7:27 am
that accident has cleared. take a look at what it did. self-destructive obsession you highland avenue, drive time hold together with lies. northbound 59 from the delaware >> lies? state line to the blue route is what lies. >> all of them. about 30 minutes. you have destroyed the poor and this is what it's going to 95 in delaware as you can see. girl. >> natasha. >> yes, natasha. it is just a parking lot on 95 she puts on a brave face but she northbound, a delay of five is alone, fragile, vulnerable. miles. that will start to loosen because the accident just >> but you do think i have a cleared. for now, definitely leave yourself extra time. chance? overnight flooding left some >> hi. >> hello, jon. >> hi. cumberland county residents out >> you furry faced guy. >> i know. >> what's going on? of their homes. >> taking a break? one of the hardest hit areas is millville. >> yeah. rains inundated this i wrapped "mad men" about a neighborhood on rhonda drive. month ago. three families had to be >> really wrapped it. >> this is what happens. evacuated because of severe >> wow. >> it turns into this. damage to their homes. one woman had to be rescued after a wall collapsed in her i've been on vacation basement she suffered broken essentially. >> good for you. >> this show was so interesting. bones. you're the one that handpicked three homes have had gas leaks but they've since been shut off. daniel radcliffe, right? we'll have another update in he was your first choice? >> we got really lucky. 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather it was this curious little show that a friend of mine over in on send you back to the "today" england decided to put together show. and sky atlantic -- sky arts see you in about a half hour. decided to pay for and we hired some writers and made this thing
7:28 am
and all of a sudden we're like why don't we try to get daniel radcliffe. after everyone stopped laughing because no way would he ever do it, shouldn't we just ask. >> the guy never sleeps. he's here every month with a new movie and now he's got this. >> he is. >> hardest working guy. when we shot the second series -- >> the sweetest. >> he was, in fact, doing a play on the west end every night. he would shoot the show in the morning and do a play every night. when i was 25 i barely made it off the couch. >> but you had a different career path by far, didn't you? >> you did. >> i was reading with interest how you were just not right for almost anything for the longest time. how did you hang in there? what was your odd job while you were not actually working as an actor? >> i had a lot. i was a day care teacher when i was in college. i was a bartender and a waiter after college. i taught high school after college as well. i had tons of like jobs that, you know, catering, the classic sort of situation and it was,
7:29 am
you know, it is what it is. you work until you get something else. >> or else you give up along the way. >> or else you give up. i was very practical about it. i said when i came out to l.a. at 25 from st. louis, missouri, i was like i'm going to give myself five years. by the time i turn 30 i'm not actually doing this, then maybe the market has spoken. >> what was the first gig you got some. >> the very first job. >> paying gig. >> i think was weirdly, was a commercial for the very first espys hosted by samuel jackson. >> yeah, sure. >> i did a commercial for it and 20 years later i hosted the show. >> you're kidding. >> you have to hang in there. it's a tough business. >> you've become so well known as don draper and then you have to do what daniel is doing, get people to forget you're don draper, forget that you are harry potter, and do weird period things like dr. zhivago have we spent so much time in
7:30 am
russia. >> it's interesting. i mean that's all i can say about the show, is that it's different and the sort of landscape out there, there's so many different things out there. this is another funny, fun, weird, dark. 7:30 now on a wednesday >> dark. >> lot of surgery with buzzsaws. morning. it's the 13th day of august 2014. >> there's a lot of that. that is the scene on long island i just watched an episode of "the nick" and that's -- there's just about an hour from here in new york city. a lot -- pretty dark as well. heavy flooding leaving a lot of >> where can people see this? cars stranded on the southern state parkway. >> it's on ovation, which is one of those channels that you need >> that is topping our headlines this morning. also, a number of drivers to like dig deep into your -- >> got to want to go there. stranded in raleigh, north >> you got to want it. carolina, as well as two motels it's also -- it's also on-line there having to be evacuated because of the flooding. >> dylan will have more in her and on demand. >> which is where everyone is watching tv now. forecast. >> that's how you do it. also legendary actress >> great to see you. enjoy your vacation. lauren bacall has died. she starred alongside her say hello to is jen. >> i saw. >> the second season of "a young husband humphrey bogart in several movies. doctor's notebook" premiers she won two tonys and an tuesday on ovation.
7:31 am
honorary oscar during her >> get ready for another incredible career. 130 additional u.s. troops thrilling game of who knew. >> i can't wait. are now on the ground in iraq. >> and if you're thinking about the pentagon describes their replacing your gutter before mission as temporary to assess fall -- the scope of a humanitarian >> can we talk about gutters? >> you know who's going to be crisis there in the wake of militant attacks. and this may be going too here. >> who. far. ♪ lou manfredini he's got a name we have already subjected him to things like swimming with ♪ sharks. we've also had him put his hand in a cage of mosquitoes. this morning kerry sanders is at ♪ it again from ft. bragg getting ready to jump out of a plane. as my dear friend and [ male announcer ] fresh, local milk, real cream, and no preservatives. predecessor bryant gumbel would say, why? from the farm to our fridge in just six days. >> reporter: because i'm with the golden knights and we're philadelphia® cream cheese. ♪ drawing attention to the hiring our heroes. so rich, creamy, and delicious. the sergeant here is going to get me into the strap. now, noah, i'm going to be only philadelphia®. jumping with you. and we're doing a tandem jump. now, so rich, creamy, and delicious. drench lips with glossy wet color. >> we are. new revlon colorstay moisture stain™ >> reporter: you've done this weightless, creamy lipstain saturates lips... before? ...with brilliant shine and vivid color
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7:35 am
that is the honest truth. 1968? two words, five words, 10 words this man was from another plane. or 26,000. >> sure you don't want to go out you know, his imagination flew in the rain with me? out of him out of every pore >> also actor brenton thwaites from "the giver" is with sfus like a torrent. >> he suffered for years from never slip on your area rug addiction and depression. the most unimaginable thing about depression to me is he again. ♪ lou manfredini >> is [ female announcer ] how do you eat your eggo? could have had so many fans and admirers and friends and still ♪ you can start with the syrup, pour it on top, maybe not ♪ died alone in a room. ♪ apple chunks and cinnamon and honey if you got ♪ >> absolutely. ♪ bring on the chocolate spread ♪ ♪ somethin' green, somethin' blue, somethin' orange, somethin' red ♪ i'm very lucky i don't have ♪ ham and egg, tomato sandwich ♪ cut it nice and do some damage ♪ depression, but i imagine that ♪ cream cheese, pomegranate when you are depressed, you ♪ make it look like jack or janet ♪ ♪ x's and o's and a tic tac toe ♪ don't see what is just beyond ♪ you can fill in the holes, let the syrup flow, yeah ♪ ♪ stack it, snack it, maybe you can bend it ♪ the inside of your own brain. ♪ you can slice it up and dice it up ♪ ♪ and big it up and friend it and it is so tragic. [ female announcer ] there are millions of ways to eggo! because he was so loved. try one of our fun recipes on facebook... and eggo your way! by koko, he made a connection ♪ just l'eggo my eggo with the gorilla. it's just amazing how he touched the world. with new jolly rancher filled gummy bites? >> we hope he's hearing the not today. applause and the outpouring of
7:36 am
love this morning. henry winkler, it's always nice bites. little greatness. to see you. wish it were under better circumstances. >> next time. >> you got it. let's get a check of the weather now once again from the kids went to take zznana's house... like... dylan. >> we're talking about rain on for the whole weekend! the east coast and also on the west coast. we have some heavy rain that's zzzquil, the non-habit forming sleep aid, going the move into the phoenix that helps you sleep easily, area again today where yesterday and wake refreshed. we saw flash flooding. because sleep is a beautiful thing. also near seattle. but a closer look in seattle you can see it's actually moving even when we needed stuff for the home. from east to west. there's this area of low i was a negative nancy. but, thanks to, pressure and this counterclock now we can shop with low monthly payments, wise rotation producing heavy and they've got over 70,000 items rainfall in seattle. to the east of that, though, we from brands like samsung, kitchenaid, xbox. have very dry conditions. two words: mini donut maker. we could see thunderstorms that produce the lightning without uh, that's three words. just click on over to the rain. for the credit you deserve that could lead to an issue as to get all kinds of great stuff. [ doorbell rings ] far as fires developing. oh, i hope that's our new espresso machine. we have the possibility in red and that hot delivery guy. here from southeast of ♪ washington into oregon and idaho. we could see damaging winds, lightning, and hail is possible and even isolated tornado not out of the question. we'll focus on that area,
7:37 am
i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. after record-breaking rainfall, we are going to see clearing as we head into the rest of today. good morning, everyone. breezy conditions expected. warm temperatures ranging i'm chris cato. between 81 and 84 degrees. 10:26. we finally got the rain out of a cold front will help drop our temperatures as we head into the here. let's see what the rest of the rest of your workweek. day is looking like. brittney shipp with the take a look at tomorrow. forecast. brittney. >> overcast skies but a mild start to the morning. mostly sunny, 81, beautiful on as we head into the afternoon, friday, 79 degrees. sunshine, which will be nice down the shore. take a look at what happens as we head into the rest of your a live look at our cape may weekend. 83 degrees on saturday, a slight camera. temperatures in philadelphia, chance of showers by sunday. 76, 75 northeast philly, 72 >> and that is your latest atlantic city. forecast. >> thank you. temperatures this morning in dover at 73. coming up on "trending," mystery solved? your seven-day forecast shows drier air is going to move in. the two men now taking credit it will be less humid thursday for that dangerous flag stunt on and friday. beautiful conditions to end your the brooklyn bridge. and up next, did edward workweek. only 79 by friday. >> let's take you to this new video we just got into the snowden leave behind secrets of what he stole. newsroom. and the photo that will raise breaking news from the frankford eyebrows. right after this. neighbor in philadelphia police ok. are investigating after tires were slashed on about a dozen we'll start looking for an suv...
7:38 am
vehicles, 5800 block of akron street. most of those parked in a rear alley behind homes there. "fire' by firenze" this video, just got it in showing the damage. we'll stay on top of the story and bring you updates on nbc 10 at 11:00 in about half an hour. today philadelphia has "sir?" rolled out the red carpet for the democratic national committee as the city makes its start your search online with over 35,000 carmax quality certified used cars. bid to host 2016 national convention. a live look at the center which carmax. start here. will be lit up in red, white, and blue to greet dnc officials. ♪ [ male announcer ] stock up and save. buy a year's supply of air filters philadelphia is considered among the front-runner among the five for only $16.97 at lowe's. cities vying for the convention. the air show begins in about an hour. if it doesn't work fast... nbc 10 was there as one of those planes went on a practice run you're on to the next thing. yesterday. thunder over the boardwalk clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. starts at 11:30 a.m. free show it targets fine lines and wrinkles on the boardwalk. with the fastest retinol formula available. i'm chris cato. back with a full hour of news at 11:00 a.m. you'll see younger looking skin
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7:41 am
including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver, our good friend, "entertainment and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, weekly" senior writer tim stack. and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. >> hi. >> we asked this question, how tell your doctor if you've been to areas long was alfred hitchcock's where certain fungal infections are common, acceptance when he was awarded and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, an honorary oscar in 1968? are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. two words, five words, ten words, or 26,000 words? don't start humira if you have an infection. what was the answer, tim. talk to your doctor and visit >> the answer was b, five words. this is humira at work not the shortest in history. he walked up to the mike and just said, thank you, and then pause and said very much indeed losing your chex mix too easily? and then just walked away. deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag. >> that was it? >> yep. he's a baller, dropped the mike, with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix has twenty bags of interesting. bye. hitchcock. >> across to kathie lee. pick your mix. >> hi stackable. all right. this lovely lady is a graduate of temple university film school. you better get this right. all right. what was the name of the hotel in hitchcock's 1960 film "i could psyco"? midnight inn, norman's bed and breakfast, no tell motel or the baits motel. >> that would be the bates
7:42 am
motel. >> that education is paying off. >> she went to college. back now at 7:42 with nsa the bates motel where norman and his mom run the hotel where janet leigh was famously killed leaker edward snowden speaking in the show. you can visit it at universal out again today. we're now seeing these studios they have a replica on the back lot. provocative new pictures of him in "wired" magazine. >> over to kathie lee. >> talking to these lovely folks from baltimore. will see sat down with the team all righty. what is the highest grossing that met with him in moscow. suspension horror film of all >> this cover photo behind me reveals here for the first time time? "the exorcist," "the blair witch it's going to get a lot of attention. this is the man u.s. officials project," "the sixth sense" or have called a traitor and coward wrapping himself in the american "the conjerry." flag. that even as he extends his stay no cheating. doesn't mean he's right. in putin's russia. out from the shadows. >> "the exorcist". >> my name is ed snowden. >> he was right. it's "the sixth sense". i used to work for the government. >> sold more than "the and now i work for the public. exorcist". >> reporter: in front of the flashbulbs. >> made $293 million domestically and over $670 million worldwide. appearing at times exhausted, at it's huge. but yeah, the movie came out in august of 1999, very famous times defiant. wearing a bouncer's t-shirt. did you feel like he took a twist ending. a huge movie and only cost like different tact in making this $40 million.
7:43 am
a huge return investment. more about himself in this piece >> back over to kathie lee. than he has previously? >> a couple celebrating their >> he came in quite nervous to 50th wedding anniversary and the shoot. he said i love my country, i have wonderful, wonderful tastes because he said he would much feel like a patriot. it was at that moment we knew we rather win my cd. had the cover. okay. what was the working title for >> reporter: "wired" writer jim michael jackson's "thriller," "halloween," starlight, midnight banford had unprecedented access or zombies. >> zombies. >> you got your wish, buddy, spending three days with snowden happy anniversary. in moscow. >> i would have guessed that >> there was a bit of intrigue too. the correct answer seems odd, there because i didn't know when, where, or how i was going starlight. >> the songwriter rod temperton to meet with him. >> i received a phone call at my was going to call it hotel room and it was ed. "starlight," thought about he knocked about 15 minutes "midnight man" and woke up and later. thought it should be called >> reporter: what's it like to open your door and see who you "thriller". >> imagine dancing to call the man who knows too much? >> it's a remarkable moment. "starlight." >> no. >> reporter: snowden told >> back to kathie lee. "wired" of a top secret program >> which film actor wore pounds of prosthetics to portray alfred called monstermind which hitchcock in the 2012 film automatically retaliates to cyber attacks to foreign hitchcock? malcolm mcdowell, nicolas cage, countries. >> if you turn around and anthony hopkins or robert den automatically fire back, you may near ro? >> anthony hop kins. >> yes, indeed. >> anthony hopkins played
7:44 am
be starting an accidental war. >> reporter: they released hitchcock in a 2012 movie. recordings of snowden. it only took -- pounds of makeup >> our generation is facing a but only took an hour and a half time where governments around to do it because they were so -- the world are questioning the makeup team was so great and whether or not individuals can got nominated for an oscar. >> look at him. be trusted with the power of >> like jowls, he has blue eyes, technology. and while i don't know the answer to that question, what i brown contacts, different hair, do know is that governments shouldn't be the ones to decide. intense. >> amazing. kathie lee, over to you. >> from saratoga springs which we should. of the following is a real >> reporter: snowden disputes he took 1.7 million documents as place, bloody springs, the government alleges. saying the number is much mississip mississippi, screamtown, smaller. california, witch's brew and he wouldn't comment on kentucky, or goblintown, recent reports that he has massachusetts? inspired other leakers. >> there is another snowden out bloody springs, mississippi. there some place. >> what a darn good guess that was. >> that was a great guess. the question is whether he's >> yeah. still in there, whether he's >> really a place? >> there is a bloody springs. out, whether nsa is looking for it's very small in mississippi him. >> reporter: snowden said he on the boarder between left a trail of digital bread mississippi and -- close to alabama? crumbs to show the nsa exactly >> you don't even know. >> i don't know. >> you don't know where it is. what he took from an internal >> it's real, though. server but the nsa missed the i'm sure people are watching from bloody springs and lovely. clues. i figured they would have a hard it was named bloody springs the rumor has it because of the time, snowden told "wired." civil war. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. i didn't figure they would be fun.
7:45 am
>> back across to kathie lee. completely incapable. >> good morning. >> he had access to material lovely lady came the farthest well beyond top secret. way over most anybody's head at from manhattan. author and poet edgar alan poe nsa. >> i gave this information back to public hands to give you back is said to haunt multiple locales of what city? a choice about the country you want to live in. newark, new jersey, charleston, >> snowden told "wired" he wants south carolina, washington, d.c., or baltimore, maryland? >> i'm going to guess baltimore, to come home to the united states and would volunteer to prison as long as it serves the maryland. >> yeah. you almost didn't. right purpose. >> that was an excellent quick the nsa said if mr. snowden change. baltimore? >> yes. his family is from baltimore. wants to discuss his activities, he lived there a period of time that conversation should be held with the u.s. department of and this bar, the last place he justice. he needs to return to the united was seen drinking at called the states to face the charges against him. horse you came in on supposedly after that cover photograph, a is haunted by him. lot of people are going to be live show from there. talking about it today. >> kathie lee, by the way, tim says he's -- kathie lee, can you the same photographer took these hear me? photographs you'll see inside >> yeah. >> is obsessed with your the magazine. bathtub. >> i am. he brought props with him and >> who isn't? snowden said yes, give me the >> all right. flag. >> no question. before you remove that wall paper in the bathroom, lou some people already angry at manfredini has advice and he's snowden, even more angry after already a huge deal in australia seeing that. thank you. but now making a name for coming up, jimmy fallon's himself stateside in "the thank you. coming up, jimmy fallon's tribute to robin williams. giver," actor brenton thwaites is with us.
7:46 am
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raise your hands if you have accepted the ice bucket okay. . you may not know this adorable challenge. >> twice. aussie just yet but whoda and i >> target, target, target. here with new participants. are already in love. >> yes, sir. >> 24-year-old brenton thwaites we've got a friend here in the orange room with me. stars in "the giver" opposite hollywood heavy weights jeff matt, you got us started on the bridges and meryl streep. >> plays the receiver of "today" show. >> that was brilliant. >> i took a challenge yesterday memories in a society wheres from natalie. there's no crime, no pain and no color, until he sees red for the and then my kids come in and pour salt in the wound. first time. take a look. they were having too much fun. >> it's red. just like her hair. little more. >> yes. i got the challenge from miss >> red, green, blue. natalie who did a nice job. many different colors. she challenged carson. that'll be important in just a second. with our people, they chose to and here you are, hoda. do away with all of them. >> i got drenched. they created samists. i challenged drew brees, we'll if we were different we could be show him later. i challenged kathie lee. envious, angry, consumed with and i challenged blake shelton. hatred. >> carson, blake, did you do it? we need sameness. let's watch. don't you think?
7:51 am
>> i completely agree. >> for a great cause, carson! >> go, go! but still, it's all so oh! beautiful. >> yeah. >> hey. so nice to meet you. >> how are you, brenton? it's colder than you ever >> i'm well, thank you. what i just realized i should imagine. have said, that's red, just like this one's for you. >> oh! her hair, and the telephone. i thought we had a deal. bright red toll phone. >> are you ready for this? a great-looking phone. >> it's a little late now. >> it's a great cause. can't pick that. >> one, two, three. >> what a delight. you're not a newcomer to the industry but had to be >> oh, freezing. unbelievable to be on the same >> so blake took his challenge movie set as meryl streep and from hoda and immediately challenged adam. jeff bridges? adam coming out. q. come on? >> a dream come true. >> i like seeing blake shelton >> yeah. to be honest it was great. >> did they give you pointers or on the rocks. >> i know you do. one of those things each of you did your own thing? guys, we have fun with this. >> i mean my pointers came from it's far good cause. watching them work, watching the als association. them prepare. i worked with jeff a lot in the they're fund raising this month because of all this ice bucket scenes you saw and he was very dumping. absolutely through the roof. open to ideas and very it's up $3 million from where it encouraging. >> what did you learn from was this time last year. watching him? so keep it going, guys. >> yeah. what was it that he does right? most people donating along with >> he's very impulsive and very taking the challenge. in the moment. that's one of the things we try >> has nobody challenged the to do, the hardest thing is to president who's on vacation on
7:52 am
kind of if you have an idea don't be afraid to express it martha's vineyard? and do it. >> i think ethel kennedy did. >> had you read the book? >> all right. i loved this book. it came out many years ago but >> he wrote a check instead. it's brilliant, new berry award >> good to know. winner, had you studied it in thank you very much. school? >> i hadn't. and he's on his way up. i didn't study that much in school. kerry sanders gets set >> you were that guy. >> you were a surfer. >> you can't tell, right? ♪ >> did you get bitten by the acting bug early in life? >> i did. when i was about 16 i did play called "romeo and juliet." >> no, i wanted to. ♪ i played romeo. >> yeah. >> but the monologue, got me into drama school. >> yeah. >> so that was my moment. ♪ >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> your family encourage it. often that's the last thing that parents want to hear, i want to be an actor. >> true. they encouraged it. my mother was very supportive. my sister also. and my fathers i was lucky. >> did the parts come easily for you or did you have to work to
7:53 am
gets cast in some of these movies and things? >> some were very easy. some i didn't have to audition for. the signal, will said let's work together. i was shocked. >> you're kidding. >> what do i have to do? what's this about? this film i had to audition for 11 times. >> yeah. >> 10, 11 times. >> what was the vibe on the set given shot in south africa. what did it feel with merle and with one small catch.en use ♪ dove bar for 7 days? jeff bridges and everybody? >> it felt like we were telling no mirrors. a story that had a message, very everyday they wash with dove beauty bar powerful message, and with that but can only feel what's happening. comes, you know, a lot of on the seventh day pressure and responsibility. beautiful skin is revealed. the support of the crew and dove is different. with one quarter moisturizing cream philip and jeff. it helps skin feel more firm and elastic. >> director. >> philip north is the director. really want to feel the difference? it was okay. take the dove 7 day test. >> i can't wait to see this. >> we were supposed to give him words to memorize. acidity was in my diet...much >> oh, shoot. >> here they are. that it was damaging tickets, book, bridges, baby, the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it right away. kiss. what did we say? >> tickets, book, baby, my dentist recommended pronamel. he said pronamel can make my teeth stronger. something kiss. >> good enough.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. we're just drying out today. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. >> drying out and clearing up as we head into the rest of your morning and afternoon. see a little bit more sunshine, more than what we're seeing right now. overcast skies. as we take a look at the comcast center, if you take a closer look at our radar shot, a few isolated showers are still passing through the poconos. the big part of our system is off into new england at this time. right now temperatures at 71 in philadelphia, mild start to the morning in wilmington at 72. 68 in millville and temperatures today will push into the 80s. >> thank you. let's get a check on traffic and the majors. specifically 59 with jillian mele. >> that's right, vai, that accident on 95 northbound near the commodore barry bridge cleared 30 minutes ago but we
7:57 am
have delays out here. the they are improving because 30 minutes ago this was backed up into delaware. this portion of the delay is clear. but we still have some delays as a result of that accident. in newark, an accident eastbound route 2 kirkwood highway at redmill road. a judge is expected to decide whether to grant bail to the accused ring leader of six philadelphia narcotics officers. investigators say liciardello is responsible. the indictment followed years of complaints about the narcotics squad. defense lawyers say the charges are overblown and they're vowing to clear their clients. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather on now back to the "today" show. have a great day.ç we'll see you in about a half hour.
7:58 am
♪ all right. time now to help you fix all those pesky problems around the house when we ask lou, is this where we do it? >> no, we keep reading. >> you do it. >> from painting over wall paper to preventing your rugs from slipping ul all you need are a few smart tips from "today" contributor and house smarts,
7:59 am
now hoda. ♪ lou manfredini he's got a name that rhymes with tortellini ♪ >> that's very good. thank you. i love tortellini by the way. >> people are flooding us with questions, we picked just a few. the first is aaron bowman from swan see ya, illinois. this is her question. what kind of caulk can you put on the bottom of rugs to prevent them from slipping? >> none. >> wow. >> little harsh. >> the reason i don't want you to use kcaulking it will stick o the floor and when you want to move the rug you can't. use a double sided car pet tape like this. tape the back of the area rug such as this. >> corners. >> peel away the sticky part here and then place the rug where you want and stick it down. this is a very durable tape that goes on. it grabs my fingers but will remove from the flooring. if it's hardwood floor. >> won't damage the floor.
8:00 am
people use that stuff but you say don't do it. >> you can use this. these are car pet mats you can cut to shape. what you typically want to do is cut this about two inches ♪ narrower than the rug so the rug lies flat and gives you a it's 8:00 on "today." curvature so it doesn't cause a coming up, taking the plunge. trip hazard. if there's a residue on the our kerry sanders gets set to floor, take nail polish remover, jump out of a plane live on our air. all for a very good cause. cotton swab, and take it off. >> doesn't harm the floors? plus remembering robin williams. >> with floor finish, don't rub how the actor's struggles are like, like crazy. there's acetone. now helping shine a light on >> like she's going to rub anything. addiction and depression. please. that's funny. and from the screen to the stage. >> i'm the one with the "mad men's" jon hamm on his question. okay. not over here. latest role. >> come with us. while carson sits down with the >> next question. hottest band in the world. >> julie wrote in, replacing >> this is a great success story, the five of you. my -- you just read it. it's something historic. >> replacing my gutters and down >> impossible really, isn't it? spouts what can i use to avoid having the black coils throughout my landscapes to move the water away from the house? >> one direction. today august 13th, 2014. she says thank you in advance. ♪ >> a lot of people what they do is run these big long pieces of
8:01 am
plastic on the yard. it looks really terrible. >> so attractive. this is your down spout coming down. retractable sleeve when the water comes down, connected properly, rolls out and the water goes and then retracts >> we're from south carolina. >> good morning iowa. bad. not bad. >> we're "today" show junkies this is a buried line. this is the bubbler pot. you will have a landscape from madison wisconsin. >> at the "today" show, my contractor come and install this. these fitters are different. dream. down spout into this. >> it's my 50th birthday and if it were to clog the water this is where i wanted to be. on the "today" show to would come over the top here. celebrate. but under normal circumstances this is all under the ground at >> we're back now 8:00 on a the end this little pot when the wednesday morning. water comes goes up like this, it is the 13th day of august cascades on to the lawn, and 2014. not such a nice day weatherwise then when the water stops goes here in the new york area. back down. lots of people gathered under run the lawn mower over the top of it. >> isn't that cute some. umbrellas. we had as dylan told us today >> yeah. >> cute for me. just nasty rainstorms move >> adorable. through the area. >> laurie davies wants to know hopefully they'll get out of here soon. >> it will, but the flooding is painting over wall paper versus removing? >> oh, yeah. >> painting. going to linger. when you have a foot of rainfall >> i'm not a huge fan of on long island, it's going to painting over wall paper the take awhile to go away. reason the wall paper will lift.
8:02 am
>> we're waiting on kerry remember that the glue that's on sanders. here is water based. he's flying at ft. bragg with when you introduce paint on the top, you can do it, you need to the golden eagles. wash the walls and you can paint, but don't think that it's he's going to be -- i'm sorry. going to last because it's not. golden knights. he's going to be jumping out of you want to strip this wall a plane for a great cause in paper. this is a terrific cleaner just a little while. called chomp which is a wall first let's get a check of paper removal. the top stories from craig this is a tool called a paper tiger. melvin. >> dangerous flash flooding on the wall paper, you make overnight has left streets and these holes in the wall paper. cars under water. >> okay. >> i'm stopping. scenes like this one in long i did that there. once you make the holes, you spray the stripper on top of island, new york, with cars this. the idea i want that to soak in. then with a scraper like this, stranded. two months's worth of rain fell you start -- i've pretreated a in a single day. little. it comes off. >> comes off that easily? flooding in north carolina >> it does. forced the evacuation of two i sprayed this about 20 minutes ago. motels there. that's about how long it takes. and out west, sudden heavy water >> that's good. >> when i peel all this away, i washed out roads in tucson, wash the walls, i paint it. you can use some of the paint arizona. officials have released new details about the death of actor and primers in one. >> love to do that. robin williams. >> you like -- >> i love stuff like that. they revealed that williams had >> so this comes off and you a belt around his neck when he clean that off and it works was found by a personal great. one of the cleaners like this, assistant in his home monday chomp product will do a terrific
8:03 am
morning, an apparent suicide. job. investigators are still awaiting then you can paint and then it will last. toxicology results. >> that was perfect. meanwhile, a new type of tribute >> that was excellent, lou. is taking off on social media. we're glad you're lou. >> me too. fans are standing on desks to >> we're going to be back with more. >> first this is "today" on nbc. recreate the oh captain my captain scene from williams' performance in "dead poets society." and with the political hey, uncle craig, rivalry heating up, hillary what's the deal? can't record that many shows at once. clinton is vowing to hug it out why? with her old boss, president i guess they didn't feel like it. obama. you can't save every single cartoon. senior white house correspondent chris jansing is on martha's why? vineyard in massachusetts. you can't just watch tv wherever you want. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, why? craig. this beautiful quiet island of martha's vineyard will be the epicenter of two old rivals you know you can't pause the tv here and play it in another room. why? tonight. everything seemed fine until a it's time for fios quantum tv. series of sharp exchanges where store up to 200 hours in hd. record up to 12 shows at once. to a point late yesterday both sides were doing damage control. it had seemed so friendly. pause and play live tv room to room. but suddenly this week, the plus watch live tv on the go with the fios mobile app.
8:04 am
obama/clinton relationship had redefining what tv can be. all the tension of 2008. >> hillary, i'm looking forward upgrade to a fios triple play and get $250 back to you advising me as well. >> reporter: it all started with a magazine interview where with a two year agreement. plus an extra bonus from verizon wireless - clinton took a shot at the way this free lg tablet or up to $200 off any tablet from verizon. the president has described his foreign policy. great nations need organizing call 1.877.797.fios to join today! principles, she said. don't do stupid stuff is not an call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v organizing principle. >> her team looks at the president right now and his approval ratings are falling. if she's going to run for president, she's going to have to find a way to have separation with his foreign policy. >> reporter: the intensity escalating until late tuesday clinton picked up the phone, then put out a statement. the secretary called president obama to make sure he knows that nothing she said was an attempt to attack him, his policies, or his leadership. and the white house called on its deputy national security adviser. a policy guy to calm political waters. >> she reached out to the president because they have the type of relationship where we see this difference in public. they can talk it out. >> reporter: later today clinton will sign her book at a martha's
8:05 am
vineyard bookstore the president has visited in the past. then they head to the same party where clinton's statements suggest like any two friends who have to deal with the public eye, she looks forward to hugging it out when they see each other. are they going to hug it out? >> that was the indication. we'll have to wait and see. what are you doing? willie: protecting my password. natalie: that's good. can i see? >> reporter: whether there's a willie: no, it's a secret. hug, a hand shake, whatever natalie: i was just testing you. keep your password to yourself, happens we probably won't see and protect your online information. it. but fireworks are highly both: the more you know. unlikely. this kind of brouhaha isn't good for either side given the problems abroad. >> chris jansing, thank you. and here's a baseball player who's not afraid to get close to the fans. check out this. padres hosting the rockies last night. chris nelson chases that one down in foul territory, makes the catch. hits the wall, flips into the stands. hangs around for awhile, but he's okay.
8:06 am
wow. padres went on to win that game, by they we. 8:05 right now. time for another check of the weather. >> good morning. we've got people out here on the plaza. i love this. your 50th wedding anniversary whose idea was it to pack along the rain bags? you married a safe man. you live in washington, you get used to packing rain bags all over. we are looking at heavier rain possible in parts of the northeast and even down into orlando, florida, our pick city of the day. 94 today. we'll stay in the 80s through the end of the week. nothing that warm except for up so don't forget who i called in montana and southern texas. out for the ice bucket but everyone pretty much below challenge. average. western new york and kenny loggins billy bush and pennsylvania, highs only in the mid to upper 60s. meredith vieira. >> get ready to get wet. we could see flooding rain in new england today. >> billy has been challenged. especially up near boston. we'll find out what everybody keep that in mind. did tomorrow. you could see flash flooding >> also tomorrow mira sit downs with us. much like >> and before your kids head back to school adorable and easy
8:07 am
hi, i'm first alert fall hair styles. >> ambush makeovers. >> have an awesome wines day meteorologist brittney shipp. after record breaking rainfall wednesday. >> guess what tomorrow is? we'll see clearing as we head to the rest of today. breezy conditions and warm >> thirsty thursday. temperatures ranging between 81 >> you're right. >> bye, everybody. and 84 degrees. the cold front will help drop our temperatures as we head to the rest of your workweek. take a look at tomorrow, mostly sunny, 81 and beautiful on friday and 79 degrees. take a look at what happens as we head into the rest of your weekend. 89 degrees on saturday and a slight chance of showers by sunday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. coming up only a couple minutes away, kerry sanders and the golden knights taking a leap for a good cause. and carson catches up with one direction. and don draper himself is here. jon hamm on his latest project. and an interesting encounter, i'm told, on a plane with mr. lauer. but first these messages.
8:08 am
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"what's trending" today. remember a few weeks ago we told you about those bleached white flags that appeared atop new york's brooklyn bridge? some thought it was a snub at america. others asked if someone can do that to a famous new york landmark, what could terrorists do. well, now two men are coming forward and saying they were responsible. >> yeah. they are the daredevil artists from germany and they tell "the new york times" they didn't intend for it to be seen as anti-american. they wanted to celebrate the bridge and its german-born engineer. the police are still investigating it. >> you got to think there are other ways you could pay tribute. >> i would think so. it's dangerous. and also highlighted the risk that we're all still under. >> plus they trespassed. sure the police will want to talk to these guys. >> now to a pair of divers.
8:13 am
these guys got quite the scare while enjoying the atlantic ocean. that's not the whale screaming, by the way. that's a massive whale shark joining the party. coming right at some divers with his jaws wide open. >> clearly doesn't like divers. >> whale sharks are the largest fish on the planet. but they only eat plankton and very small fish. nothing to worry about. >> just coming at you. >> as we've been talking about again this morning, there's no bigger trending topic than robin williams. last night jimmy fallon took a moment to honor what he called
8:14 am
the muhammad ali of comedy. >> we were all shaken up when we learned that genius comedian and actor robin williams passed away. he was one in a million. he was unbelievable. he would just get into it. yes, what going on there and there's a kid going and martha graham and bag and kick. yes thank you. oh captain, my captain, you will be missed. >> fitting tribute. and you just hear the emotion in his voice. again, can't say enough about the impact that he had. meanwhile, williams' death highlights a significant problem that all too often remains behind closed doors. we're talking about depression. kate snow has more. kate, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. robin williams' death has sparked such an outpouring of grief from everyone who knew him and those who loved his work. and for anyone who suffered from depression or seen family members go through it, the loss
8:15 am
has really triggered a lot of emotion. on stage robin williams always went for the laugh. >> i'm melting. help me. >> reporter: but now we're beginning to understand the man behind the curtain. williams was seeking treatment for severe depression. >> i've talked to many comedians now on the heels of williams' death. they all say the same thing. we need to love, we need that relationship. it's almost like a drug when we're out there on stage. but it does nothing to fix the underlying disturbance. >> reporter: back in 2006 williams spoke with matt about being in and out of rehab. >> not the first time you've done this. >> the first time i did it alone. i did it solo. this time it was good to know there's others out there. you know who you are. we won't talk about the names specifically, but once you go through it, it's good to be back. >> reporter: that same year he told npr's fresh air he was not clinically diagnosed as
8:16 am
manic-depressive. >> do i perform sometimes in a manic style? yes. am i manic all the time? no. do i get sad? oh yeah. does it hit me hard? oh yeah. >> reporter: about 25 million americans experienced major depression in 2013 and only half got treatment. there's one suicide every 13 minutes. >> when i hear somebody has committed suicide, it just hits me like a punch in the gut. >> reporter: rachel called her post why robin williams' death shook me to my core. she remembers what it felt like to contemplate suicide. >> just feeling absolutely consumed by darkness and feeling absolutely alone and like if i committed suicide, it would take care of that problem not just for myself but for the people around me.
8:17 am
>> reporter: so painful you could understand the urge to push them away, use humor as a defense. >> comedy is so much cheaper than therapy. it's better to go, i'll be laughing now. >> reporter: now he's gone and other celebrities are speaking up. chevy chase acknowledged they were great friends suffering from the same little-known disease. depression. and while it's too late for williams, his final act could be a wakeup for others. >> somebody who brings us such joy can have this condition, maybe it gives other people permission to talk about their psychiatric conditions and symptoms and hopefully get help. >> reporter: sometimes even a simple hello from a stranger can make all the difference. and this is personal to my family. we lost someone very special to us in the same way. and so we've been talking as a family about how maybe this allows some other people who are suffering from depression to get help. and there's more information on our website, guys, about where you can go. even a hotline number.
8:18 am
>> spotting the signs of depression so important. thank you so much for shares. if you have having thoughts of suicide or know someone who may be thinking about suicide, please call 1-800-273-talk. that's 8255. we'll also have resources on the website and we're back in 30 seconds. we're back at 8:18. the big moment has arrived for
8:19 am
our own kerry sanders. he's flying above north carolina with the golden knights. kerry in a warm embrace with noah watts. guys, take it away. >> reporter: we're two miles up. we're all doing this to draw attention to hiring our heroes. so do we make a layover? >> about 30 seconds over there we're going to be heading right to the door. army strong. >> reporter: he's got my back. this is army first class noah watts. i've got my life in your hands. okay. here we go. i can't believe i'm doing this. this is "today" on nbc. okay. >> he disappears so fast. >> he does. that plane gets tiny in a hurry. technically we're going to lose him for awhile here while they're free falling. once they're under canopy, we should be aebl to communicate
8:20 am
with kerry and talk to him about what he's experiencing as he floats back to earth. >> it's a great initiative for hiring our heroes. so important to highlight all the veterans who come home weather ser whether serving abroad. >> these people have served their country. they put in their time, get out of the service and then struggle to find fulfilling jobs which just should not be the case. and so if something like this draws attention to that, great effort. >> wow they're moving. >> are they supposed to be smoking? >> chute's up. >> that's a good sign. >> hopefully kerry will start talking when it's possible. >> what is that smoke? >> i think that's a flare on them to spot them. makes it easier. don't worry, dylan. >> kerry, any chance you can
8:21 am
hear us? >> we can hear him a little bit there. >> matt, you've done this too, right? >> i did it twice but back in college in the old days. i did where they hook you to the plane and falling from the plane is what pulls your rip cord. >> i don't think i'd like that one. better to have someone on your back. >> we've got some people waiting for kerry to land on the ground. we have got master sergeant anthony gilbert and specialist robert marsh. these are people, by the way, who have served their country and are going to be in the position of looking for great jobs. captain smith, let me start with you. you served in afghanistan just last year training female afghan officers. what kind of work are you hoping to find from today's job fair down there at ft. bragg? >> well, matt, to be honest, i'm ready to utilize the skills i learned in the military. so i'm open to really anything that helps me transfer that easily.
8:22 am
and this is a great opportunity to kind of see what fits, you know, see what sticks. >> we've got master sergeant anthony gilbert as well. and sergeant gilbert, i know you served almost 20 years, going to retire in three months. as we watch kerry about to land. what are you hoping to find? >> right now i'm currently looking for some type of manager position for some type of human resource position within the local fayetteville area. looking to transition. i've actually started networking yesterday. talking to some key companies here within the fayetteville area and the outer line areas to try to find a job. >> specialist marsh, i understand we have you on the ground as well. i hear you're almost done and planning to retire soon but you want to go to school before looking for a job. what do you want to study? >> i want to be studying criminal justice. >> and then after that what's the plan? >> after that i'm planning on
8:23 am
applying to some law enforcement departments in the d.c. area back home. >> all right. i think kerry is getting close to the ground now making the final turns before he lands with sergeant first class noah watts. can you hear us? >> legs up. legs up. >> looking like a good landing here. great job. >> reporter: that was wonderful. >> what a thrill. >> reporter: amazing ride. noah, thank you so much. >> most certainly, sir. most certainly. >> reporter: wonderful. let's come on over here. >> kerry, talk about the experience. >> reporter: it was insane. i got to say, the drop felt about five seconds, but i know it lasted about a minute, that drop, right? >> that one was probably about 30 seconds. >> reporter: but it was intense. but i guess the hardest part is to look out the door and actually say i'm doing this. but we did.
8:24 am
and we're doing this far good cause. >> kerry, we spoke to those folks on the ground there about what they're hoping to get out of this job fair. my favorite part of the jump, kerry, was when dylan thought the smoke coming from you was a problem. >> i was very concerned for you. >> special effects. >> reporter: it was fabulous. >> tell me more about the job fair down there today. >> reporter: well, you know, we're lucky. the weather turned out great. their timing of all of this is really quite intricate. you're down to the second on when you do this with the plane up there. >> we try to be. >> reporter: and as we said, we've spoken to these folks here. we're hear because of hiring our heroes. i was just sort of curious. you have been to afghanistan. you've been to iraq. you've been deployed in war zones. you've given 18 years of your life in service. you'll eventually be leaving the service yourself.
8:25 am
do you feel that the civilian world, that businesses owe you a job? >> i don't believe they owe me. i would also think that i speak for all soldiers. it goes along with our values. if anything, we'd like a chance, but we don't need anyone to owe us anything. we'll earn that. >> reporter: well, you've earned my respect today and you've earned the nation's respect, all of you, for what you do and how you've done it representing our country. back to y'all. >> we appreciate you bringing him down safely to the ground for us. and by the way, our company
8:26 am
good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. britney? >> showers continuing to clear up and we'll see sunshine as we head into the afternoon. here's a live look outside right now. overcast skies but clearing is expected towards the afternoon. and if we take a closer look at the satellite, you can see that no showers in our area right now. temperatures are going to stay below average between 81 and 84. on the road, another accident on 95. jillian mele eis watching that. where is it, jill? >> also in delaware county. 95 southbound right near the blue route 352 and 320. the left lane is blocked and you can see that line of yellow.
8:27 am
we have a delay as drivers pass that scene. leave yourself extra time there. eastbound route 2 and kirkwood highway and drivers in lehigh valley. a lot of this normal rush hour volume on 22. a look right near airport road and no accidents to report on the majors in new jersey. nothing too big out there and if you're taking mass transit on or close to schedule. a structural collapse at a group home in cumberland county. we have a picture of the home in vineland. jesse gary reports that a 30-foot section of the basement wall gave way while everyone was asleep this morning. they discovered the collapse and they evacuated the house and everyone was taken to an alternate location. another update in 25 minutes. i'm tracy davidson.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
with the same system that produced up to a foot of rain. five inches to a foot of rain in parts of the mid-atlantic yesterday. nice weather right through the middle of the country and flooding rain again possible out in the southwest and could see strong storms today in the pacific northwest. same goes for tomorrow, too, with a chance of some of those thunderstorms producing the lightning, the heavier downpours, the hail, the gusty winds and then the east coast finally clears out tomorrow.
8:32 am
we're looking at temperatures to cool down, too. we should be in the upper 70s and lower 80s. i want to point out when you can't be here, get your face printed on a sign here. who is this? >> colin, my ibrother. >> going through boot camp. that's a look at the weather across the country and now here's a peek out your window. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. after record breaking rainfall we will see clearing as we head into later today. warm temperatures ranging between 81 and 84 degrees. the cold front will help drop our temperatures as we head to the rest of your workweek. take a look at tomorrow. mostly sunny 81, beautiful on friday, 79 degrees. take a look at what happens as we head to the rest of your weekend. 83 degrees on saturday and a slight chance of showers by sunday 37.
8:33 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. natalie? >> dylan, thank you. four years ago one direction was just beginning to make their mark on the music world. fast forward to this month and liam, nile, harry, louis, and zane are now the best-selling artists in the world. and carson caught up with one d while they were on a break from their stadium tour. >> reporter: 45 million records sold. 91 number one hits around the world. but one direction started here on the "today" show. now they're going to continue their climb in the only direction they know. up. this is a great success story, the five of you. it's turned into something historic. when you guys are together, what do you say to one another about this. >> it's impossible, really, isn't it? >> we had a moment like on this tour when you step out to these stadiums and stuff.
8:34 am
we end up kind of spending the first 20 minutes standing and looking at each other like look where we are. it's just unbelievable. ♪ baby you light up my world like nobody else ♪ >> how's the stritransition bee? >> i remember i was watching the super bowls and were thinking how are we going to play for that many people? it's amazing. ours fans are so amazing. >> reporter: how about writing for a new record? you working on that? >> i believe it's going to be more edgy. but we feel we've got good songs and we're happy. >> we've all taken hand in the writing this time. ♪ the story of my life >> reporter: you have your third fragrance now called you and i. tell me about this. >> we're happy with this one. looks good. >> it does look good. >> have you smelled it? >> reporter: i haven't, actually. >> are they real?
8:35 am
>> reporter: yes. >> grab one of those. we wanted it to smell fruity. we had the coffee beans out. >> she's beautiful on the inside and the outside. >> had you smelling fresh there, carson. coming up, we're making your home a little bit cozier on a special steals and deals considering designer pillows. like those. up next, jon hamm on his dark comedy series. a big honor he has coming up and why he was invading my privacy on a flight. but first this is "today" on nbc. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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8:37 am
we're back now at 8:37 with jon hamm. his character watches over and tries to advise his younger self
8:38 am
played by daniel radcliffe as he faces challenges including a n constant struggle with addiction. >> it wasn't all bad. >> wasn't all bad. i am proud of you. come here. and look at this. i've been here two minutes and you haven't asked me for morphine once. i was right. there's more to us than morphine. >> good morning. welcome back. >> how are you? >> i'm good. dark comedy, is that right? >> i would say so. it's a very particular little piece. it's based on the writing of a russian author most famously known for a novel called the master margarita. >> and when did you read these? >> back in, you know, college. i was an english major. so i was exposed to a lot of this. and it was presented to me as an opportunity to do it as a miniseries on uk television. i jumped. it was interesting. >> so the older you advises an counsels the younger you played
8:39 am
by daniel radcliffe. that was the first thing you notice. first of all, i notice the beard. awesome. >> this is all fake. >>s did -- it is? >> no. >> secondly the british accent. you hadn't done that before. >> not in public. >> you did bad monty python? >> all the time. that's how i learned it. you know, it's -- it was fun. it's really fun. you know, i'm staring over your shoulder, there's a picture of daniel radcliffe at harry potter as a 16-year-old. so it was fun to be able to work with dan who's an incredibly talented young man. and, you know, i was in safe hands. >> but the way it was explained to me was he actually helped you with the accent. >> yeah. he and alex who directed the first season of the show read every one of my lines into a recorder so i was able to at least hear how it's supposed to sound. and then sort of sound like that. i ended up sounding like a sick
8:40 am
james mason. >> i think you pulled it off great. "mad men," final half season of the series. you told me exactly how it ends. >> i know. i'm sorry. i felt bad. >> and it's shocking. just tell everybody. you shared it with me. >> it ends in space. >> see. i didn't see that coming. >> no one did. and now everyone does. so sorry. >> are you the kind of guy that plotted out the next year and a half after "mad men" or do you want no plans on the horizon. >> i've been off the show for about a month and this is what i ended up looking like. so i don't have a lot of plans. but i do realize and understand that obviously it's over. and we were finished shooting the show and it was very emotional to finish it up. but again, the show was ended but we still go on and our friendships and the folks on the show are still all really good friends. so we'll still have those relationships. >> let's catch up with what else is going on in your life.
8:41 am
are you still violating people's lives on airplanes? >> listen. that was a mutual decision that i feel like we both had. >> can i tell the story quickly? we flew coast to coast together. we got on the flight and then sat across the aisle from each other. halfway through the flight, like two and a half hours into the plane, i'm listening to my music minding my own business and for some reason i look over and you're smiling, this is no longer mutual. i found you were secretly videotaping me. >> not videotaping. >> taking stills? >> yes. >> who does that? >> i believe i explained this to you. i was above board in all of this. they may have shown these photos. but i don't know. i was in a discussion with everyone else -- there you go. >> but i hadn't agreed to that. >> you're laughing. look at that. >> because i caught you red handed. >> hilarious reaction there. i had told everyone on the set
8:42 am
of "mad men" who were all still working that day that matt lauer wanted to say hi. >> it's not true. >> that was later. that was mutual. >> that is true enjoyment. >> they should have a warning poster of your face up on planes before people get on it. >> you probably know this when it's not just me. but i've been the victim of that as well. you always know when someone is taking your photo because they're weirdly checking their e-mail like this and then looking around. so i apologize and thank you. >> you're an odd man. you're going to throw out the first pitch at a st. louis cardinals game. is it next week? >> monday. >> nerve-racking. >> is it? i've never done it. >> have you seen 50 cent? >> well -- >> roll that video. this could be you. look at that. >> first of all, he's left-handed, so it definitely won't be me. but second of all, no. i will get it way closer. >> will you get it as close as
8:43 am
dirk nowitzki got it? i'm not trying to jinx you. that could be you. >> no, no, no. he's too tall to throw a baseball. >> the big night in st. louis, they have created the jon hamm bobble head doll. >> that's what i'll look like on the mound. terrified and now i look like a fire hydrant. >> you do look a little like -- i'm sorry. >> talk about ambushing someone. that's what that looks like. that is horrifying. >> just know that tuesday morning on the show we will run the video. don't bounce it, buddy. >> i will airmail it. >> jon hamm. you can catch the season premiere of "a young doctor's notebook and other stories" next tuesday on ovation. nice to see you. >> likewise. up next, steals and deals.
8:44 am
but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we are back now to the special edition of steel steals and deals. jill martin is our "today" contributor. good morning. >> good morning. let's get right to it. first, got gorgeous sheets. these are great transitional sheets summer to fall. >> first of all, i want to say amazing shopping here. because of our 30-day detox. you cannot shop. and crystal our viewer cannot shop either. everybody else, please enjoy the deals. >> i can for the home. just not for me. >> no. the retail $200 to $240. they're linen and cotton. available in full, queen, king, and california king in a variety of colors. it retails $200 to $240.
8:47 am
the deal $60 for the set. >> and they're not going to get wrinkled. >> and sort of a pop of color if you want to put them in your kids' rooms. >> this is a top seller. we've got this set from bliss. the body lotion and the soap. right? >> so this is a kind of a bathroom makeover. bliss body butter and soap set. the retail $94. full size limited edition. scent-s scent-sational. the deal is $29. that's 70% off. >> full size kwb four of them for 29 bucks. can't beat that. >> and a lot are telling me they would buy the four and wrap one separately for four gifts. >> let's come over here. and these are throws for the home? >> they pose as throws but they're towels. a lot of people don't use these.
8:48 am
how pretty are these? retail $98. they're linen home towels. turkish cotton. 18 colors and styles. 38 inches wide. 69 inches long. versatile. you can kind of use them as a shawl, put them on a couch. >> outdoors these would look gorgeous. patio furniture as you have it here. >> pretty, right? the retail $98. deal of $22. 78% off. >> fantastic. now we've got these wonderful scented candles here. >> these always do so well here. the retail $104. set of 14 candles. each has a hundred hours of burn time. four different scents. on the cover you can see the little match box in there. the retail $104. the deal $37.95. that's 64% off. >> amazing.
8:49 am
and last but not least, these beautiful pillows from frog hill. >> aren't these so nice? again, this spruces up a room in your house that needs a pop with great color. these are indoor. the retail $159. 20 styles and you see all different patterns and color. you can go to to see all the options. with a hidden zipper closure. that means you can sort of watch them. retail $159. that's 84% off. >> i feel like we've got the whole outdoor thing here complete. >> she's very strict with this. i cheated once on the detox. i'll tell you about that later. thank you, jill. meanwhile, again the products are the sheets, the body butters from bliss, the home towels, and candles and throw pillows. if you have questions about these products or any past orders, just head to the steals
8:50 am
and deals page right there on our website at we'll be right back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:51. we are back on this wednesday morning. time for some special birthday wishes from willard scott. hey, willie. >> we are here at the saybrook
8:52 am
point inn. you'll love it. come see us. we have georgie calcutt. 100 years old. this is harold siegel. he is from buffalo grove, illinois. 100 years old today. and enjoys all kind of family outing and friends. bertha gough from washington, d.c. where all your money goes. 100 years old today. she loves to watch football. these are on tv. if she can she'll go to fedex field and have a ball. francis newton, bless your heart from st. charles, missouri. has a great sense of humor at 100 today. you bet. now back to new york where they're always happy. >> we are. >> yes, we are.
8:53 am
>> thank you very much. well, we've been sharing more memories of robin williams all morning long. he share a special bond with christopher reeve. a bond that grew stronger after reeve was paralyzed in that horse riding accident. is a short time later reeve opened up about the relationship right here on "today" in a candid conversation with katie. >> the funniest guy in the world. i think the reason we were friends was from the very beginning i never did the schtick to get him to be my friend. i was just my boring old self. sometimes he needed to unwind and talk to somebody and i guess i was there for him. and he certainly has been there for us. his generosity. he was the first to show up in
8:54 am
virginia when i was really in trouble. and he came in as this crazy russian doctor as you probably know. and i laughed for the first time after the accident. he came here to kessler one afternoon and thank god i wear a seat belt in this chair because i would have fallen out laughing. in the middle of a tragedy like this, in the middle of recuperation, you can still experience genuine joy and laughter and love. if anybody thinks life is not worth living, they're totally wrong. there are people much worse off than i am. but you go forward with what you've got and i've got a lot. a lot. >> beautiful interview. >> they were buddies, struggling
8:55 am
artists here in new york at julliard. they said whoever makes it first takes care of the other one. one became superman and the other became popeye and they knew they were going to be okay. >> crazy they're both gone too. >> and amazing they maintained their friendship during that time. what else coming up in the next hour? >> we're going to reflect more on robin williams. >> and lauren bacall as well. >> and we've got some actors stopping by as well. rob riggle. >> no more koko the gorilla? >> oh, matt.
8:56 am
good morning, i'm tracy davidson. the rain has moved out. what's ahead. let's find out from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> our temperatures will stay down below average, which is nice. we'll actually see less humid conditions as we head into the rest of your workweek but mostly cloudy skies throughout philadelphia.
8:57 am
a closer look at our radar. you can see that system is pushed off to the northeast and as we head into the rest of today, clearing conditions expected. we'll warm into the high 70s by 11:00 a.m. by 2:00 p.m., 83 degrees and even cooler by friday. today a judge is expected to decide to grant bail to the accused ring leader of six narcotics officers charged with corruption. he is charged in more than a dozen gunpoint robberies. prosecutors say he allegedly robbed suspected drug dealers of cash and property. the judge previously approved bail for five fellow officers charged in the case. today philadelphia will roll out the red carpet for the democratic national committee as the city makes its pitch to host the 2016 democratic national convention. a live look outside and later today it will be lit up in red, white and blue to greet the dnc officials. philadelphia is considered the frontrunner afumong five cities vying. a former dnc chairman said the
8:58 am
city was a frontrunner to host the democrats that year, but the gop picked it first. a decision on the 2016 is not expected until later this year. you can always get the latest news and weather at i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching. now back to "today" show.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a drizzly wednesday morning, august 13th, 2014. we're grateful to the people on the plaza. al and tamron are off all week. we're talking again this morning about mr. robin williams. we're getting more details as the tributes continue to p i about the way he died. a lot of people wondering if the sheriff's office could have spared the details. >> too much detail. >> they gave details in the press conference to how he was
9:01 am
found. we're not going to get into it for you. >> because the family asked for privacy and to respect and mourn him. it's understandable. i mean, they raised -- the questions were brought up by the media, obviously. it raises a lot of questions about how much you need to tell and how much you need to know in this day and age. >> and the press and public can access this information, usually the media sifts through it and decides what is important for the public to hear. and this came out really in graphic detail. i'm not sure they needed to do that. toxicology results could take a few weeks still before we know exactly what's going on. but it has shined a bit of a light on depression. the world health organization says it affects about 350 million people globally. think about that. 350 million people. it's incredible. we did get a chance to speak to henry winkler who worked with williams on "happy days." he talked to matt about his friend earlier on "today." >> unless you were in the
9:02 am
ground, you knew that you were in the presence of greatness. and that is not -- that's not talking because now we're making a tribute. that is the honest truth. this man was from another plane. his imagination flew out of him out of every pore like a torrent. >> interesting because it was on "happy days," that they debuted the character mork. that is where, of course, robin williams got his huge break in the acting world. as you heard henry say, you know, you saw genius right there. you couldn't not see it. >> what about the passion you hear all these people talk of. these are not token condolences. the way this man affected people, the performances he gave, he was one of a kind. we use that term often but robin williams was really one of a kind. >> not just on screen but off screen as well. we heard from so many about the
9:03 am
charitable acts he did. the uso tours over the years supporting the troops. one of the most poignant tributes, jimmy fallon had great words to say about robin williams. take a look. >> before we get into the show, we like all of you were shaken up a bit last night when we learned that genius comedian and actor robin williams passed away. he was one of a kind, he was one in the million. he was unbelievable. he would just get into it. oh, yes, thank you. going what going on there yes. and a kid going yes. and martha graham, gal and kick and chain. yes, thank you. oh, captain, my captain, you will be missed. >> to see some of that comedic energy from robin williams in jimmy fallon. >> he inspired so many comedians. so many emulated him.
9:04 am
the voice of olaf in frozen talked about what impact he had on him. he said he wanted to be like the genie from aladdin. >> we saw "dead poets society" from jimmy fallon. a lot of people were doing that yesterday a tribute to that scene, that great scene in the movie. when he walks in and all the students are standing on the desks. now people on twitter and facebook are doing it at home, in their place of business. >> i love that. well done. another sad passing out of the hollywood world as well. another legend, lauren bacall, she died of a stroke yesterday at the age of 89. and i love her back story. you go back to early on in her career. 19 years old, she was a model on the cover of harper's bazaar when she was discovered.
9:05 am
then she was cast opposite humphrey bogart. this is the line, though, that made her a star. you know you don't have to say anything. you don't have to do anything. not a thing. oh, maybe just whistle. you know how to whistle don't you, steve? you just put your lips together and blow. [ whistles ] >> well, that's how she captured him as well. they ended up, of course, the legendary couple. humphrey bogart and bacall. they were married for 12 years. they starred in other classic films together. and they remained married until his death in 1957.
9:06 am
they had two children together. >> that's a 19-year-old putting the biggest movie star in the world at the time back. >> she stole that scene. >> she later married jason robarts. they had a son before divorcing. she had a long and wonderful career. and again as is the case with robin williams, you see the outpouring of support for her. >> she was a wonderful star. and broadway star as well. in fact won two tony awards. so incredible. >> tough week in hollywood. >> yeah. let's move on to other stories. >> lighter news. >> completely different note, want to tell you about this survey. from -- >> what are we talking about? >> food. >> i was like, whoa, again? >> what your first date food says about you. if you go on a first date and order burgers and fries, you're saying i don't care what you think. i want something delicious because i'm hungry. you may judge me for it so go ahead. i like that.
9:07 am
>> i'm a burger and fries kind of girl. but i'm more of a pizza girl. this means i'm down to earth. i'm not too uppity but i might not be very adventurous. >> that's not true of you. >> i can be adventurous. >> chicken fingers. i'm a child trapped in an adult body and i'm unaware you're judging me. >> you're a steak kind of guy? >> i like a steak or chicken. >> he's dominant or powerful or so he would like you to think. >> it's a power steak, we call it. how about this one? according to, if you order anything with garlic on a first date you're telling your date i have no self-awareness or foresight. i don't like you. >> don't bring those lips near me. >> coming right out with it. >> exactly. >> well, it seemed to live up to the challenge. the ice bucket challenge to support als an als association. i did it two days ago, right? >> yep. >> then i issued my challenge to you. that was my challenge.
9:08 am
>> you called out me, carson, and dylan. there was ice in there. some people in twitter said you were supposed to put ice in it. >> i had the same problem. started to lt iwas freezing cold. here i am answering the bell from my friend natalie. >> okay, natalie morales, i accept your ice bucket challenge on behalf of the als association and i do so in pouring rain. here goes. that's cold. that's real cold. okay. now i pass it onto my friend andy cohen, brooke shields, and county music superstar dierks bentley. good luck, guys. look, my kids are here. you have to tall for me? >> nice! >> count on your kids to kick you when you're down. >> good job lucy and george.
9:09 am
i paid them extra for that. >> i don't have anything to report yet, but -- >> no word from brooke? >> i understand andy may do this in spectacular fashion. brooke shields is in. she's going to do it also in spectacular fashion. and dierks bentley who i challenged -- turned out he's already done it. >> but dylan had already done it and dylan did it again. right? >> i couldn't turn you down. i was debating all day. it took me until the end of the day before i got the courage to it. >>id it? it facebook, yeah. i did it in the shower -- had clothes on. i didn't have anybody to shoot it for me. i had balanced it. >> it was a selfie ice bucket challenge. >> that's even better. props to you. >> so then dierks has to do it again apparently. >> i think so. so what about the weather? a lot going on there. >> yeah.
9:10 am
willie you did it in the pouring rain, right? >> yeah. >> downpouring in parts of the northeast yesterday. and we saw torrential downpours in maryland. baltimore ended up with 6.3 inches of rain. other areas ended up with two months' worth of rain in hours. point pleasant, new jersey, 5.5. and in lip, 13 inches of rain with 5.5 of those falling in just one hour. so we saw a lot of cars just being stuck on the roads. all of a sudden start floating because the rain was coming down so intense. we are looking at this rain now to move into eastern connecticut. it's moving up into parts of rhode island and boston too. because of the track record of some of these downpours, we could end up with another 4 to 5 inches in these downpours. you can see the rain is coming down in boston. it is going to rain throughout the day. we can see isolated areas with as much as 3 to 5 inches of rain
9:11 am
because of the track record we've hi, i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. after record breaking rainfall, we'll see clearing as we head to the rest of today. breezy conditions expected and warm temperatures ranging between 81 and 84 degrees. the cold front is going to help drop our temperatures as we head into the rest of your workweek. tomorrow sunny, 81. beautiful on friday, 79 degrees. take a look what happens as we head to the rest of your weekend. 83 on saturday and a slight chance of showers by sunday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> i'm told we're going to see that video later in the show. your second ice bucket challenge. >> we must. up next, very excited ab this. he was one of the biggest scene stealers in his role as a cop in hehangover" among others. now rob riggle back on the beat
9:12 am
again. and he's funny in his new movie. i saw it the other day. that's you, rob. we'll talk to him after this. ♪ yeah, girl ♪ you know, i've been thinking about us ♪ ♪ and, uh, i just can't fight it anymore ♪ ♪ it's bundle time ♪ bundle ♪ mm, feel those savings, baby and that's how a home and auto bundle is made. better he learns it here than on the streets. the miracle of bundling -- now, that's progressive. me? i' got a few. that's why i use excellence hair color by l'oreal. the exclusive non-drip creme gives me triple protection for color perfection.
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get the premium softness you need toss the tube for good with scott naturals tube-free. rob riggle has become one of hollywood's go-to guys for comedy. he's appeared in big movies like "stepbrothers" and then "the hangover" and in "21 jump street." >> now he's in "let's be cops" playing a real officer while the others are just pretending. >> i'm sorry, sergeant. i didn't see the stripes. we've been getting a lot of i'officersiever.en copcars this is officer jackson. >> sorry. >> don't let it happen again. >> yes, sir. >> i don't mean to scold you. i was young and hungry once too. i get it. this is officer o'malley.
9:16 am
this is my best friend and partne >>the me. >> rob riggle, good morning. this movie is funny. it's going to be great. want to turn back to robin williams. you were able to perform with him. >> we did an improv show together. that was one of the great thrills in my life. i remember we were at the uso gala together. wh y do shows for them they arn washon e oth we were there. i had gone to iraq and done a had done the same so he was there. the entertainment that night was supposed to be brian mcknight but his flight was canceled. so they didn't have any entertainment for the whole
9:17 am
night. and this is a black tie event. the president is speaking at this thing. it's a big deal. they came over to the table, we were eating dinner. i was sitting with robin. they said you can say no but we are in a jam here. any way you could do just ten minutes on stage tops of some comedy? and he finished his salad and said let's go. and he got up on stage and did about 25 minutes of killer material. just destroyed the room. and it was so much fun. and i remember just sitting there watching him thinking that's why he's one of the best there is. because he can just do that with no preparation, no thought. and it wasn't like he went to the well and grabbed some old material. he was doing very topical stuff. stuff that was going on -- the headlines of the day. so he's very special and i'm sad like everybody else. >> thanks for sharing that story. i hadn't heard that that's really cool. you mentioned the uso. you're a marine. 23 years, right? >> yeah. >> i'm always fascinated by your
9:18 am
story. hodo you g from marine to "snl" and show." >> i was a theater and film major in college. a fan of comedyolfe. but when you're a theater or film major, it d't matr whe you go, you're goingbe a waiter for a l time. but i also had had my pilot's license when i was an undergrad t a guaranteed flight contra with the marine corp so t gun, waiter. i wanted to serve my country. that was important. i did it. >> good for you. >> but then -- i wanted to pursue my dream of acting and comedy. i stopped flying. i became a ground officer. i actually came to new york city, worked in the public affairs office here in new york city. did the marines from 7:00 to 5:00 every day and then do improv every night. >> let's talk about this mo i'm sure having been a man in uniform, you don't endorse letting people just try on the
9:19 am
iform unless the rll earn their stripes. and e guys are fake cops. >> that's right. >> you're the real one. >> jake and damon, they're real friends off camera. they're good friends. and so it just carries onto the screen. and the story, you know, they're going through hard times. they're both struggling with their lives. they can't get on track. they end up going to a party dressed as cops. and all of a sudden they get respect from people and attention from the ladies. s pretty good thing. they keep playing i as they do, they g themselves in more and more trouble. i'm one of the real cops they dupe. i end up getting in trouble a bit. >> we were watching this in a screening room. it's the two of us and we were laughing out loud. there's one scene we can't show here inside a hardware store. >> people talk about the hardware store scene. >> for that alone, see the movie. >> i think damon wanted that scene more than anybody. >> he may have regretted it afterwards. i gd stuff though.
9:20 am
"let's be cops," thank you s much. ill, i've got all the news you need before you alk out the do.> an later the a all the news you need before you alk out the do.> an later the a the biggest in snack time takes mercy on no one. it can be an unforgiving foe of rational thought. an adversary of better judgement. and when it has it's sights set on you, it isn't about to play nice. an adversary of better judgement. but snack time has finally met it's match. sargento cheese snacks a natural source of protein and calcium. whesd ll of fresh flavor. sargento cheese snacks are the smart way to tame snack time. choose our family's wholesome, natural cheese snacks. sargento taste threal difference. itwas in my diet.f h much i was so focusedn making good fo choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. of my teeth.
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well, thatse! you ain't lying! let quicken loans help you save your money. >> taking a look aheadlines on this wednesday morn recaing more tha of contamination. an e big of ate naturals chickennuggets. the company has received complaints that small pieces of plastic were found in these boxes. the world health organization declared it is ethical to use untested drugs andaccines in the ebola outbreak in africa. but the small surprise of one experimental treatment in the united states has been depleted. and it could be many months until more is available.
9:24 am
meanwhile, canada said it would provide some of its experimental ebola vaccine for use in west africa. the number of children born to unmarried parents has steadily declined in this country since peaking in 2008. a government report reveals there were 1.6 million births to unmarried women in 2013. that's about 40% of all births. hand sanitizers might not do as much as parents hoped to keep kids safe. 68 schools where children were taught about the important of hand hygiene, dispensers for alcohol-based sanitizers were put in while other schools had to rely on soap and water. the number of absences due to illness, about the same in both groups. and the u.s. coast guard came to the rescue this weekend in a big way. they rescued an 800 pound leather back turtle stuck in fishing gear.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. 9:26. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> more sunshine as we head into the afternoon. temperatures today staying below average and mostly cloudy skies throughout the philadelphia skyline right now and it's a mild start to the morning in philadelphia 73 degrees and 66 in mt. pocono and 71 in mt. holly and 70 degrees in atlantic city and take a look at our seven-day forecast and we'll see clearing skies and 83 degrees today and 81 tomorrow and ending your workweek in the high 70s. this morning, philadelphia police are looking for two men who pistol whipped a worker it happened at 3:00 this morning on
9:27 am
oxford avenue. that employee was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. a wall collapse forced people out of a group home in cumberland county this morning. this video just in shows the home on genoa avenue in vineland where a 30-foot section of a basement wall gave way while everyone was asleep this morning. the staff evacuated the home. no one was hurt. from the nbc 10 jersey shore bureau, the 12th annual air show begins later this morning. that's one of the planes taking a practice run yesterday. went along for the ride as the usair force thunderbirds home town hero flier. she trains parents to b advocates in schools and also a volunteer with the ymca. you can watch the show today for free starting at 11:30 this morning. another local update for you in about 25 minutes. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather at
9:28 am for now, i'm chris cato. back to "today" show.
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ welcome to "today." it's wednesday morning, august 13th, 2014. the rain is holding off a little bit so the people can get outside here in new york city. i'm willie along with natalie. al and tamron have the week off. >> this is a hot topic for sure. >> one mother claims she was kicked out of a pizzeria for changing her daughter's diaper in the dining area. she has filed a complaint saying she took her three daughters to brothers pizza express in spring, texas. said there was no changing table in the bathroom. she was alone with the kids. she didn't want to take them all back out to the car. so she changed her 4-month-old's diaper on a chair that she said she covered with a changing pad. she put the pad on the chair,
9:31 am
changed the diaper. not on the table. she was adamant it was the chair. the manager told us she was changing the diaper in the middle of the lunch rush. the smell was not so good. customers were staring, but too afraid to say anything. so he asked first that she not do it. and then when she continued to do it, asked her to leave. they did pack up her food and say you can take your food to go. time to leave. you say? >> so is it okay to change a dirty diaper in a restaurant? i think all of us would say no, not a great thing to do. especially people are eating around you. however, when -- i do take issue when there is not a changing table in a restaurant. or in a bathroom. i've done it on flights sometimes with my own children when they were babies if we were flying short distance and there was no changing table. you have to take care of the child. look, i feel for her. it's a hard position to be in. >> yeah. i'm always on the mom's side as
9:32 am
a father of two younger children, no diapers anymore thank goodness. but you got to figure something else out. it's a dining room. there's people eating. >> i know. you've got two other kids. you drag everybody to the car, i guess. i guess you have to. all right. >> by the way, before we get this check of weather with dylan, she was discussing about 30 minutes ago the second now ice bucket challenge she took. the one from natalie about the als association. >> video proof. >> i saw the rules about doing this more than once. but i am not going to turn her down. so i will once again donate to als research and for some reason i will also once again pour ice water over my head. it is just as cold as it was the first time. wow. but i am going to use this opportunity to send this ice bucket cha
9:33 am
gebrothers and an matt. you have 24 hours. >> you are a good sport. >> and the fact you did that on top of toilet paper rolls. >> i set up a toilet paper tripod kind of thing. my dog was staring at me. >> well done. >> i'm trying to spread it out west. speaking of west, we've got rain moving here. in boise we'll also see a couple of scattered showers and storms. it's very dry out there. a lot of times these develop with the lightning but not the rain. that can trigger forest fires. something we have to keep an eye out on. that's why we have that area on in the pacific northwest. also rain in the northeast. that is going to make its way up into new england. watch out for flash that's
9:34 am
i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. after record breaking rainfall we'll see clearing as we head into later today. breezy conditions and warm temperatures ranging kn between 81 and 84 degrees and a cold front will help drop our temperatures as we head to the rest of your workweek. take a look at tomorrow, mostly sunny 81 and beautiful on friday. 79 degrees and take a look at what happens as we head into the rest of your weekend. 83 degrees on saturday and a slight chance of showers by sunday. >> and that's your latest forecast. odeya rush stars in one of the most anticipated films of the summer, "the giver" based on the 1993 best-selling novel. >> she plays fiona where she lives where everyone must take daily injections to suppress emotions but she realizes there's more to life than she's been led to believe. >> i can tell why you've been acting this way. your injection levels are
9:35 am
extremely low. i can correct this. and then we will address what's happened. >> i know that there's something more. >> fiona. >> something missing from our lives. not missing. something that has been stolen from me and from you. i don't know what it is exactly, but jonas does. >> odeya, good morning. >> hi. how are you? >> i'm great. you're only 17 years old and you're already working alongside of some of the biggest names in hollywood. it's amazing. >> thank you. >> how has it been for you? >> it's been amazing. it's been really fun. and this whole press tour has been fun. it's good to see everybody again. and do these things together. >> this is a big project. a lot of people are anticipating it. you had to audition six times for this role. is that rt? >> yeah. >> what's that like? >> they're a different type of
9:36 am
director. this one was an hour. and i think at the end he kind of just threw me one word. he's like, okay, good. >> ooh. >> like good good? >> i don't know. so i walked out and i thought i'm never coming back. this is never going to happen for me. >> then they called you back. >> five more times. and then thing is, i wore the same shirt because my manager -- my first manager told me always write down what you wear to auditions in case you get a call back because that's the way they like you. i said this is how they know me. but six times they probably thought it was my only shirt. >> you wore that same shirt all six times? >> yes. >> you should frame it. >> by the way, i have more clothes. it's not my only shirt. >> that's your lucky shirt. i understand there's a scene where you're opposite meryl streep and you -- it's a crying
9:37 am
scene, it's an emotional scene. >> yeah. >> how is meryl's reaction to your acting? >> well, i think when you look -- when meryl is in her character, you don't see meryl. she just completely -- she loses any drop of meryl in her. she's just completely the chief elder. and so it is real fear. it is real tears. that's why i think actors are so good around her. i don't know if we're trying harder, but you feel like you're really talking to the person. >> is there any intimidation? i played basketball. it's like being a 17-year-old you go after your big first game and you go against michael jordan. i mean, it's meryl streep. didn't you say my gosh that's her across from me. >> i got to meet her before. she's really sweet. her and jeff put people as ease. i don't know if they know how any actor would feel prior to meeting them. but they're very easy going. >> people are starting to know
9:38 am
who you are. and meanwhile your six brothers are poking fun at you as well. >> when are they not? >> what have they been saying about your new fame? >> i don't know. i don't know if they care. they just like making fun of me. there's a bunch of people outside of the premier saying can i get a picture, can i get a picture. one of them was chasing me. saying odeya rush, can i get a picture? >> classic little brother move. >> meryl streep's nothing when you have six brothers. you're fine. >> i'm ready. >> there you go. odeya, thanks so much. coming up next, who has more common sense? will it be willie or me? we're going to go to go head-to-head in a showdown. after this. did you get my e-mail? [ man ] i did. so, what'd you think of the house? did you see the school rating? oh, you're right. hey, babe, i got to go. bye, daddy. have a good day at school, okay? ♪ [ man ] but what about when my parents visit? okay. just love this one.
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♪ you can start with the syrup, pour it on top, maybe not ♪ ♪ apple chunks and cinnamon and honey if you got ♪ ♪ bring on the chocolate spread ♪ ♪ somethin' green, somethin' blue, somethin' orange, somethin' red ♪ ♪ ham and egg, tomato sandwich ♪ cut it nice and do some damage ♪ ♪ cream cheese, pomegranate ♪ make it look like jack or janet ♪ ♪ x's and o's and a tic tac toe ♪ ♪ you can fill in the holes, let the syrup flow, yeah ♪ ♪ stack it, snack it, maybe you can bend it ♪ ♪ you can slice it up and dice it up ♪ ♪ and big it up and friend it [ female announcer ] there are millions of ways to eggo! try one of our fun recipes on facebook... and eggo your way! ♪ just l'eggo my eggo and eggo your way! l'oreal presents volume filler. have you always dreamed of thicker hair? our first haircare system with filloxane. increases hair's diameter. so it's amplified, densified. feels 2x thicker. l'oreal volume filler... ahhh! what is it? there are no marshmallows in this box of lucky charms! huh... weird... seriously? what? they're magically delicious
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nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus. if you plan on doing a little online shopping today, here's something to think about. should you use your credit or debit card? >> one of those is better than the other and for some purchases
9:43 am
cash is king. here to help us figure it out with a spirited game of common sense is financial editor jean chatzky. >> great to see you guys. i've got a bunch of questions and you give me the proper form of payment. are you ready? here we go. question number one. you're at one of your favorite small shops i the neighborhood and you really want it to stay in business. credit, debit, or cash? >> take my money. >> taking your money. >> i'm giving you my credit card. >> willie wins on this one. you want to use cash. >> why is that? >> this is because credit cards charge interchange fees. of up to 3%. and that could be a really big deal to a small store. for the same reason when you're tipping at a hair salon or even at a restaurant, try to tip cash because sometimes they take that 3% out. >> all right. learned something. >> number two. you are a frequent online shopper. groceries, clothing, doesn't
9:44 am
matter what it is. you'd rather shop online. so should you use credit or debit? cash not an option here. >> i'm using credit. >> debit. >> natalie wins on this one. and here is the reason that credit rules online. we are in this era of frequent data breaches. you want to protect yourself. credit cards have better protection. if somebody gets ahold of your debit card number, they can swipe money out of your account. but it could take a couple weeks to get it back and that can be a hassle. >> all right. i gave you that one. >> we're tied at one a piece. we're keeping score. number taken a couple of hits, but lately it's on the mend. you're getting better. >> okay. >> should your primary form of payment be credit or debit or cash? >> bills? >> i'm going cash. >> if you can which is not easy. >> and debit is the other good choice here. i'm not going to say that you're wrong with cash. because cash is a good way to
9:45 am
pay if you can't handle credit. but you do need to use credit in order to build credit. so put on automatic payment like your gym on your credit card and then set it up to pay that bill automatically. you don't have to do anything. >> all right. >> okay. this one's tricky. you're in your favorite store and at the cash register they can sk do you want to use your saks card or other store card? should you use your store card, regular credit card, debit, or cash? >> i'm going store card. for loyalty points sometimes. >> and you're both wrong. you got to give it over. give me that card. >> okay. all right. >> here's why. the interest rate on store cards on average according to a new survey from credit, eight percentage points higher
9:46 am
than your credit card. >> but if you pay it off -- >> right. then you can get your loyalty points, but i would show you if we had time for a detailed analysis, that the frequent flyer mile points that you typically earn are better value. >> even when they say we'll give you 20% off. >> they only do that one time. then you get a hit on your credit for establishing that card. i would say just say no. >> so we end in a tie. >> all right. we can take a tie. >> jean, thank you so much. coming up, whether you use credit, debit, or cash, parents will be spending their hard-earned money on back to school clothes soon. but these outfits were picked out by kids. >> love them. out by kids. >> love them. >> right after this. keep t♪e change. at famous footwear we're not just selling back to school shoes, we're selling straight up confidence. we've done our homework to find the hottest shoes to send your kids back in style.
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