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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  WCAU  August 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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police, would have been coming out of. he was killed when a woman struck him in that area. he has been a township supervisor for a very long time. i'm told just recently re-elected to his sixth term. survived by a wife and two children. it happened around 12:30. they are terming it as an accident. they say the female driver crashed into the grocery store here and struck the doctor but they are not saying exactly how that happened, whether she simply lost control of her car or something else may have caused her to do that. we are told that she is cooperating with police. the doctor, of course, was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead there. i did talk to officials here this afternoon. they say they do not care to comment about this incident. other people in this area have come here for shopping. they said they were just completely shocked that something like that could happen. once again, just a terrible situation, a terrible incident that happened out here.
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we are keeping in touch with police and looking to bring you more updates as we get them. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. now to the flooding aftermath. a man struggled to push his car to higher ground. sky force 10 captured these images. some areas got hit with nearly nine inches of rain setting records. now that the rain has moved out, calmer conditions are setting in. >> people can start to assess the damage that the rain left behind. sky force 10 over millville this morning where roads, backyards, even an area surrounding a school were completely covered by floodwater there. you see people walking around. in vineland, very similar story. flooded roads shut down. this is the area of utopia lane where the creek spilled over its banks. now ted greenberg shows us,
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survivors of super storm sandy are dealing with another mess. >> ted is live in seaside heights to show us what they are dealing with there. >> reporter: before today, there was a frame of a new house right here. it was toppled in the storm which officials say caused the worst flooding they have seen in this community since sandy. >> i put my feet down and i was in water. >> reporter: mike long woke up at 1:30 a.m. to what sounded like a waterfall. >> i had a flash back. i'm like oh, my god, sandy again. >> reporter: after losing his house in the super storm. >> it's a mean rain. >> reporter: this morning his new place was flooded as it turned local streets into rivers. >> are you to laugh. otherwise, i will try. this is the second or third time i have been through this. >> reporter: workers spent the day tearing apart this house they just started building after high winds knocked it down overnight. >> i could not believe it. this is the first time anything
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has happened like this. >> reporter: parts of ocean county were hammered with more than seven inches of rain including stafford township. so much water that it caused part of an access road along route 72 to collapse leading to a diesel spill. >> it was horrible. the rain was so hard. you have never seen anything like this. >> i doubt that's repairable. >> reporter: at this yacht club, waves toppled and sank this man's 22-foot boat. >> i fuelled up. i wanted to go fishing friday. this is what i seen. not happy. >> put everything back together and here we are again. >> reporter: back in seaside heights, the rugs are ripped out. sandy swamped his place as well and on top of that, he lost two businesses in last year's boardwalk inferno. >> this is three strikes you are out. hopefully, this is the end of
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it. >> reporter: hopefully it will be the end for him. as for what happened here, they will start all over again. the contractor says thanks to the storm, about $30,000 is now down the drain. live in seaside heights, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. let's look at some of the numbers from last night's storm. >> sheena parveen has been analyzing the data about the rainfall and the wind. >> yes. we have seen a lot of rainfall last night through the late evening hours into the early morning hours. millville saw the most. almost nine inches of rain. this is a record -- pretty much a record. it's the second highest since records have been kept. stafford county, 7.25. atlantic city, 5.5. west franklin township a little over five and oceanville, almost four inches of rain. this is a lot of rain in a very short period of time. we just had heavy showers move in one after the our. the good news is that we are drying out.
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you see things are very different right now. a lot of sunshine moving in. drier air filtering in. we are not looking at heavy rain. the only showers are through the poconos, through the lehigh valley. these are small, very isolated and not heavy. they are quick moving. it's nothing to worry about. we keep on drying out. skies keep clearing. by 8:00, temperatures will be in the upper 70s. by 10:00 this evening, mid 70s, mostly clear for pretty much everybody. then tomorrow morning, we will have cooler temperatures. below average. we will look at those numbers coming up. we weren't the only ones dealing with flooding. a sea of abandoned cars. this is in long island after record-setting rain there that fell overnight between five and seven inches within a matter of hours causing flash flooding, and forcing some people to evacuate. fire crews had to rescue drivers that were trapped on the roads.
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when severe weather strikes, know about it and plan for it with alerts from the nbc 10 weather app. download that free app for your smart phone or tablet right now at our website, happening now, philadelphia is rolling out the red carpet wooing members of the democratic national committee. they are hoping to bring the 2016 convention to town. a cheering crowd of supporters greeted members of the committee as they arrived this morning. they had a tour that included cheese steaks at pat's in philadelphia, a rocky sighting and a trip to the wells fargo center. that's where the convention would be held if they are chosing. what are the chances? >> all conventions take a significant financial resources. they are working to see what funds would be able. >> ed rendell insists the city
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can raise the money from private donors. officials are making a formal presentation tomorrow. philadelphia landmarks are firing up the red, white and blue. you are looking live at the dnc-phl on the side of the building. brooklyn, columbus, birmingham and phoenix all hoping to lure democrats. count on nbc 10 news to provide could ha coverage on this. as soon as they decide on a host city, we will bring that to you. a surprise apology in court today from one of the two men accused in the deadly carjacking and crash that killed three philadelphia children and their mother. 19-year-old jonathan rosa waved his right to a preliminary hearing. he grabbed the microphone and blurted out a statement asking for forgiveness.
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his attorney learned minutes earlier that the mother had died last week. her two sons and a daughter were killed in the crash on july 25th. they were participating in a fund-raiser for their church when an suv that had been carjacked plowed into them. rosa and crawford face charges including murder, kidnapping and sexual assault. rosa will be back in court next month. crawford's hearing has been postponed until october. two men are charged with trying to break in a home that nbc 10 learned belonged to a mother killed last week in pen yi pennypack park. one man who tried to break in claims to be related to her. police have not confirmed that. meantime, her husband is charged with killing his wife. investigators have video that shows him driving up alongside his wife at which point the two started arguing. philadelphia police say he confessed last weekend to
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strangling her. new numbers out tonight show tough times for atlantic city's casinos. with them bracing for closings in the next few weeks, a state report shows how much those casinos won and lost from gamblers last month. figures released show the 11 casinos won $274 million last month. compare that to last year, that's down 11%. those figures include the $10 million in internet gambling revenue. revel had the largest decline down more than 36% from last july. today revel told a bankruptcy court judge it's negotiating with potential buyers. they received no qualifying bids for tomorrow's auction. it announced it will close on september 10th. revel asked for the auction to be postponed indefinitely. tomorrow, the atlantic city alliance will run ads showing that the city is more than casinos.
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the ad mentions beach, shopping, dining, entertainment and other attractions. ♪ one of the images that they are using features a photo shoot of the free lady antebellum concert. a couple of days before that, blake shelton also put on a free concert on the atlantic city beach. another showcase event in atlantic city is the air show. >> it attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. live at 5:00 on the boardwalk is christine maddela. many agree that this is exactly the kind of event atlantic city needs to survive. >> reporter: right. the atlantic city air show is one of the biggest events of the year here in atlantic city.
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even though it wrapped up more than an hour ago, there's still a lot of people out here on the boardwalk. they are sticking around. >> i think it's great. >> reporter: this woman lives in philadelphia. >> easy place to come. we get here in about an hour travel time. once we are here, we put the bags in and we out enjoying ourselves. i love it. >> reporter: she takes her kids to atlantic city every year. this is the first time she's come to town for the air show. she wasn't the only one in town for the show. spectators packed the boardwalk and the beach. >> atlantic city is still alive, it's still a place i come every summer in spite of the other trips that we go on. atlantic city will still always be number one for me. >> i'm surprised to see so many people here now. i didn't think there would be that many people with all the casinos closing.
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>> reporter: this couple live in philly. they do ac every summer. but that may change. >> i don't know what's going to happen. it's a shame. it really is. >> reporter: they are worried about a decline in customer service and a potential increase in crime. >> i'm going to listen to the news and see what's happening down here. if it's not good, we might not -- we might go to a different ocean point. >> reporter: he likes to gamble but that can he get elsewhere. >> in philly, i can go somewhere else. that's a hurt on atlantic city. >> reporter: you might not need to come here to gamble? >> no. >> reporter: out here today organizers say they estimate there were a few hundred thousand people on hand for air show. as for business owners, they have had a great summer and they are hoping people continue to come to atlantic city for more events, the restaurants and for the shopping. live on the atlantic city boardwalk, christine maddela, nbc 10 news.
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we are following a scare in a retirement village. >> two men are telling their story. >> i tried to make friends when i first moved in. my name is fred. >> instead, they say he thumbed his nose at them. police say he didn't stop there. flooded out. inches may have fallen but some people are dealing with feed t water. phone fraud alert. the caller who managed to swindle more than 70 grand from an elderly couple in our area. what you need to know the next time the phone rings.
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tributes are pouring in as the entertainment industry continues to remember actor and comedian robin williams who died monday of a suicide. tonight, the broadway community will honor him by dimming marquis lights. he took his own life in his home had appeared on broadway several times. at 7:45 tonight the marquises of the great white way will dim for one minute. three nights of clashes between police and protesters have the community on edge in ferguson, missouri. >> that unrest follows the fatal shooting of anticipate unarmed teenager by police over the weekend.
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>> reporter: the body the michael brown has now been released to his parents. what hasn't been released at this point in time is the autopsy which will tell us how many times he was shot and where he was shot. there is a lot of questions about what led up to the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. police in riot gear are patrolling the streets night after night in ferguson as this community on edge struggles to deal with the unarmed shooting of michael brown. a policeman shot and critically wounded a man tuesday night who authorities say pulled a handgun on the officer. in a separate incident, another person was injured in a drive-by shooting. it's not clear if it was related to the protests. the latest violence is prompting the police department to ask protesters not to assemble after dark. in a written statement the police department said --
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the parents of michael brown and community leaders are calling for calm while demanding answers. >> i want some policeman to stand up and say that an unarmed young man should not be shot. >> reporter: there are conflicting reports sur rournding what led up to the shooting saturday. eyewitnesses are denying claims by police that there was a physical confrontation between brown and the officer before brown was shot. the officer has told investigators he was pushed into the patrol car as brown tried to go for the officer's gun. witnesses say brown was shot in the street unarmed with his hands up. in a move that has further angered this outraged community, the police department delayed releasing the officer's name because of ongoing threats. the police department said they will continue to work with the
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st. louis county police as well as the fbi as well as the department of justice. here is some time lapse video of the skyline in philadelphia. lots of clouds today sweeping across the sky. breaks of sunshine before we completely clear out as we go through tonight. you see what we have gone through today after the rain. looks cool when you put it in a time lapse. we are still seeing clouds around but we will see more clearing. cooler temperatures with the clearing skies. when you wake up in the morning, some of you will be a little surprised. i will show you the numbers in a minute. less humid tomorrow than today. it will feel really comfortable and it will be very nice as we go into the weekend. another nice weekend. here is a live look outside. we have more sunshine around
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today than we had yesterday. of course, with all the rain. we are drying up. 84 in philadelphia. look at the wind gusts, near 30 miles an hour. it's a breezy day today. the winds will die down. then tomorrow afternoon, a little breezy. look at our temperature trend. average high is 86. tomorrow so far we hit 84. then as we go into tomorrow and friday, we will be about six to seven degrees below average for this time of the year. then we warm back up as we go into the weekend. things will feel pretty comfortable over the next few days. locally on radar, we are dry. if you look up through the lehigh valley and poconos, a few showers. one thing i want to mention, rip current risk. we have a high risk for the rest of this afternoon and until tonight. this is something you want to remember if you are down the shore or any of the delaware beaches, just be very careful out there. a closer look at the lehigh valley and poconos, light showers passing through. we don't expect anything heavy like yesterday. in fact, the drier air is
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continuing to move in. tomorrow, you will notice it a little more because it will feel drier out with lower humidity. currently outside, we are in the low 80s through much of the lehigh valley. 69 in mount pocono, feeling very nice up there. 83 mill haveville, 83 in atlant city. tonight, dropping to around 53, areas north and west. you can actually open your windows tonight. 62 for the low in philadelphia. mostly clear skies and as we go into tomorrow, we will see mostly sunny skies, much less humidity. 78 to 81 degrees, a really pleasant day tomorrow. we could have a couple sprinkles tomorrow afternoon, a small cold front will move through. it's not going to be a big deal. on friday, 79 for the high temperature. morning low around 60. saturday morning, low temperature, 59 degrees in philadelphia, around 50 areas north and west. looks good going into the weekend. sunday we are hotter, more humid
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and we could have a coupleaft afternoon showers. a food recall. >> this involves a popular food for children that could have plastic in it. we will tell about you that. from jabs to jokes, the two men vying for pennsylvania's top job will try to deliver punch lines. operation orange squeeze. a warning to drivers. the big orange highway trucks may not be what they appear. this could cost you big time.
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an elderly couple were scammed out of more than $70,000 over a month-long span. investigators say the couple got
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a call from a man posing as an employee of microsoft. the couple had recently purchased a computer and the man told them they were entitled to a $300 refund. they gave the man their check account information. the man deposited money into the bank. they called back saying there was too much money. they mailed him back the money. he said they didn't receive the money. they would send it again. $72,000 was gone from their account. police are looking for this man. he is accused of depositing fake checks using an atm. he used the card at a number of stores racking up more than $1,800 in charges. a recall of frozen chicken nuggets to tell you about. p perdue farms is recalling them
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due to potential contaminations. boxes of applegate naturals chicken nuggets may contain plastic. if you have that chicken, take it back to the store for a full refund. drive sober or get pulled over. that's the mess samg from the national highway traffic safety administration. today was at announcement for the annual labor day crack down on drunk drivers. yes, labor day. according to a recent report, it costs the nation $47 million in direct costs. that's $152 for every person in the u.s. then there's the personal toll, of course of dui crashed. this man was convicted of manslaughter a decade ago. he hopes sharing his story will save lives. >> i was drunk that night. i was driving. i crossed over the double yellow line, hit another car. a young life was taken because of that. the young girl had just turned
5:27 pm
18. she had just graduated from high school and was off to university. she would have had a full life. >> more than 10,000 police departments and law enforcement agencies will support the campaign. it begins friday and continues through the labor day holiday weekend. tonight there are tensions in a retirement village in new jersey. >> two men became victims at the hands of their neighbor. >> i started shaking because i just -- i got fearful. >> threats and intimidation. now an arrest. a decision from the victims about whether they will stay or go. soaked by the fear. the fear and danger left behind after mother nature left her mark in this area. how would philadelphia fund a 2016 democratic national convention if they get the bid? i'm lu ann cahn. i will have that story next at 6:00.
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right now at 5:30, some say it's the worst flooding they have seen in decades. heavy rain flooded out homes, cars and businesses. now people are left with a big mess to clean up. >> for some they have no place to go.
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cydney long shows us, the water is receding but the danger is far from over. >> reporter: there's a smell of gas right here in this neighborhood. probably the hardest hit here is this home. look at this mud-filled swimming pool. this damage is nothing compared to the power of mother nature and the damage that she did here last night. this woman is lucky on this block. >> not that much thunder and lightning. i would rather have hail than all this water. >> reporter: tuesday night's record rain, over nine inches that hit millville, closed roadways and stranded drivers. >> havei have been in the fire department 40 years. i have never seen this. we had several areas of town under water, roadways. this was the worst. >> reporter: the worst hit -- on
5:32 pm
rhonda drive. the force of the flooding tour an air conditioning unit from the base. it broke through a wall and crushed this man's daughter. he says she could have drowned in a matter of moments. >> one pinned her down and then her boyfriend turned around and ran back. if she could watch the news, i love you. >> reporter: 100 people had to leave their homes. >> 1:30 they told us when he to evacuate because there was gas lees leaking over the neighborhood. >> reporter: these people are soaking up the last eight inches. next store, it's more like eight feet. >> we were lucky with the gas -- the amount of gas. >> reporter: you can see the cracks in the foundation. the inspector along the fire chief tells me this is one home that will not be habitable. this man is just worried about
5:33 pm
his daughter's recovery. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. a look at the headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. breaking news we have been following for you. a longtime township supervisor, dr. robert white, was killed when a car crashed into a chester county supermarket. market. the drive is cooperating with police. philadelphia is hoping to lure the 2016 democratic national convention. hundreds of supporters greeted the committee this morning. they will look at venues and attractions around the city. the convention could bring $350 million in revenue to the philadelphia region. look at that. hundreds of thousands of people spent the day down the shore. it wasn't just for the sun and the saltwater. their eyes were to the sky for the thunder over the boardwalk air show. demonstrations and fly-byes included the u.s. army, air force, coast guard and marine
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corps and others. a woman who was supposed to be caring for an elderly man is now charged with stealing from him. 50-year-old lisa johnson is a home health aide. the man she was caring for tells police johnson and her boyfriend stole jewelry from his home in egg harbor township. the two pawned that jewelry. police are still looking for brown. the man accused of shooting and killing his caseworker and injuring his psychiatrist has been arranged on charges in the case. 49-year-old richard plotts was arranged by video yesterday from prison. he is charged with first and third degree murder. he was previously arranged at a philadelphia hospital. but they say his return to delaware county required another arrangement. he is charged in the shooting that took place at mercy wellness center on the campus of mercy fitzgerald hospital. he was there to visit his caseworker when he allegedly became upset about signs at the
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hospital prohibiting firearms. theresa hunt died that day. the psychiatrist was grazed in the head and thumb during that shooting. he pull out his own gun and fired several times injuring plotts. plotts is due back in court later this month. we have new video on a story we brought to you yesterday at 5:00 as breaking news. a car has been pulled from that sinkhole in western pennsylvania. the owner of the car was trying to back out when the sinkhole opened up. she made it out of the car safely. crews worked hard to pump water out of the car and pull it out of there. this was the scene we brought you yesterday as breaking news. that sinkhole opening up after a storm drainpipe broke outside a tanning salon. contractors are surveying the area to make repairs. it has been almost a month since the speed limit increase to 70 on part of the pennsylvania turnpike. while police say they haven't seen a significant change in crashes or tickets, they changed
5:36 pm
how they are catching speeders. officers are running radar out of orange turnpike vehicles. the speed limit in the work zone on the turnpike is now 55 miles per hour. today they caught one driver going 70. that's 15 over the limit. >> can't say it enough. i can't say it any more emphatically than i do. it's dangerous for the people on the side of the road. they need to slow down. whatever we need to do to make that happen is what we want to do. >> state police say two pennsylvania turnpike workers have died on the job in the last year and a half. happening now, one of the most popular free beaches in new jersey may not be free for much longer. wildwood is considering charging a fee to use its beach. the topic is being discussed now at a board of commissioners meeting. the idea of charging isn't a new one. it's been discussed and rejected several times in the past, most recently last year.
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retirement is supposed to be a time to kick back and relax. >> for two local men it turned into a time of fear and worry. >> hateful words, swastika in the yard all from a neighbor they don't know. from politics to punch lines, the two candidates for pennsylvania governor are about to show their silly side.
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look at this. a floating restaurant in philadelphia was hit by a burglar. this was broken into early sunday morning. this is the suspect police are looking for. police say he took a number of items valued at about $5,000. people who live in philadelphia woke up to find someone slashed tires. most were parked in the rear alley behind homes. police are investigating to look
5:40 pm
for the tire slasher. new information about a mailbox bandit in south jersey. a suspect is under arrest. he is charged with burglary, theft and possession of burglary tools. he admitted himself to a psychiatric hospital. the incidented were caught on camera last month. police say he stole large tin snip scissors from the maintenance room and used them to pry open the mailboxes and steal mail. i'm vince lattanzio with this story. a major trauma center is expanding in a very big way. penn medicine has begun asking construction companies if they would be interested in building a massive new tower for the hospital of the university of pennsylvania in university city. the new tower is said to be so big it will double the hospital's capacity. tap on the nbc 10 app to find out just how big the new tower
5:41 pm
will be, what it will feature and where it's expected to be built. you can read more now on they tried to be neighborly. >> one man in their community apparently didn't want that. now he is accused of terrorizing two men in their retirement community. this symbol of hate on the lawn is only part of the story. a look at our weather with sheena. >> the storms last night have moved out. i'm tracking cooler drier conditions until the next rain moves in. i'm looking ahead to the weekend in my nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. new still ahead at 6:00, local counties collaborating to answer your 911 text messages. the benefits for people on both ends of the emergency message. why one county opted out of the service.
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it was a busy day for the tawny dragons. they play this week in the little league world series. >> they practiced today and will be part of a parade to honor all of the teams tonight. john clark has more on the first team from philadelphia to make it to the little league world series. >> it's very surprising the
5:45 pm
taney dragons are on this national stage. they weren't even eligible for the little league world series until two years ago when they became a chartered little league program. look. they practiced in williamsport today for a little bit. the star of the team, mone da s davis. the first american girl to play in the world series in ten years. little league didn't even allow girls to play until 40 years ago. the housing units for the teams in williamsport, not co-ed. she's very humble about all this. >> i'm kind of tired of hearing it. it's not just about me. it's about the whole team. if it wasn't for team, i don't think we would be here right now. i guess people are just like excluding the team. people are excluding the team and worrying about me when it's the whole team who -- who had a part in this journey. >> mone is getting a lot of national attention.
5:46 pm
imagine what's going to happen if she tips to dominate in this little league world series. it all starts friday. more on her at 6:00. nbc 10 news will bring you live coverage from the little league world series starting tomorrow right here on nbc 10 news. both candidates for pennsylvania governor are going to try their hand at standup comedy. tom corbett and tom wolf will perform tomorrow in philadelphia. the event raises money for non-partisan charities. after all the rain yesterday, we are seeing nice, clearing across the area as we go through tonight with the clearing. we are going to have cooler overnight low temperatures. areas will be in the 50s tomorrow, less humid through the day tomorrow. you will notice that. it will feel drier outside.
5:47 pm
the weather actually for the good side of it we stay nice all the way into the weekend. that's really nice. 84 in philadelphia. 77 only in allentown. 80 in pottstown. 84 in bensalem. closer to the shore, low 80s. uniform across south jersey and delaware. locally, here is a look at boat house row. you notice the camera shaking a little bit. winds are near 30 miles an hour as the drier air starts to move in. again, this will give us cooler temperatures for tonight. locally on radar, we are dry. up in the poconos and lehigh valley, we have seen a few showers pass by. another thing to mention is high risk of rip currents along the shore. this is this afternoon and into tonight. if you are along the shore or delaware beaches, be careful today. in the poconos where the showers are coming to an end. same thing for the lehigh valley. everyone is starting to feel
5:48 pm
this dry air moving down. skies will tcontinue to clear. the rain has pushed up into the new england area. no heavy rain this evening. low temperatures tonight, north and west, we could be down 53 in allentown, 55 in reading. clear skies and 50 in the pocono poconos. 62 northeast philly. for some of our suburbs like norristown, upper 50s. 57 in mount holly. overnight, 58 for vineland, 62 in dover and around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs upper 50s to the low 60. our average low is 69 degrees. it will be quite a bit cooler than that. as we go into the weekend along the shore, thursday, friday and even into saturday, mostly sunny skies, temperatures around 80 degrees. a great start to your weekend, especially along the shore. tonight, mostly clear skies, cooler temperatures. 53 areas north and west. you can open the windows
5:49 pm
tonight. tomorrow mostly sunny, humidity a lot lower than today. it will feel really comfortable with the lower humidity. even as we go into friday, sunny and very nice. morning low around 60. afternoon high friday, 79 degrees. the average high is 86. saturday we could be waking up to the upper 50s in philadelphia. even cooler in the sub uurbs. we may have a few showers sunday afternoon. new jersey's public employees received one of the most expensive health benefit plans in the nation. that's according to a new study. the survey release d shows the average monthly premium paid by the state and its employees was $1,334. that's compared to $963 nationally. the survey's authors caution against comparing states across state lines because there are many factors that influence
5:50 pm
premiums. bringing messages of safety to the stage. today kids showed off their acting chops while teaching important lessons. >> cigarettes? no thank you. smoking is a very bad thing. if you are going to smoke, you need to take it outside. >> nbc 10 was at the finals of the annual fire prevention drama conte contest. they took the stage this morning performing fire safety skits that they wrote themselves. this year's theme from freedom from fire, be safe and smart through community risk reduction. >> we already know, there's two ways out, from the back to the front. we're so smart. remember be safe. >> their own spin. awarding were handed out in a number of categories including outstanding cast, best actor and
5:51 pm
best fire prevention message. >> gi wood way for them to lear and remember. >> a lot of talent. fear in a place called leisure village. >> two retirees were menaced by messages of hate. coming up at 6:00, one of america's most iconic brands is suing a chester county company. the profit coca-cola says the company collected from its vending machines even after the two firmless parted ways.
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police quickly arrested and charged a man for a crime against his neighbor today. this follows months of what the victims say was anti-gay and anti-jewish intimidation. >> the tipping point, the etching of a swastika in their front yard. >> reporter: fred and pete took me out to the front yard of their home here to show where it happened. this is the picture they took sunday of the swastika they say they saw their neighbor draw.
5:55 pm
>> i started shaking because -- i got fearful for my own life. >> reporter: they traced for me all that's left. in this retirement village, they couldn't believe what they say they have endured since moving in last month. from this man, 45-year-old scott kooney. >> i tried to make friends. i said hi. i get your name is scott. my name is fred. >> reporter: instead they got a nose thumbing from their neighbor as depicted in this photo. then on many occasions, they claim both anti-gay and anti-semitic speech. >> he mentioned that fred's mother should have burned in the ovens and he should get it next. >> i didn't believe that he could speak german and quote hitler and death. >>. >> reporter: they had enough. they called police.
5:56 pm
after interviewing kooney, he was arrested and charged. sooner or later, they do expect him back here. then -- >> i don't know how it can go forward. where it will go. >> reporter: fred and pete tell me they are staying. they have no intention of leaving their neighborhood. in lakewood, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. next at 6:00, connector cost. turnpike officials are coming up with all kinds of budgets to build an interchange with i-95. the foreign investors helping finance this and the unusual incentive they get in return. a house knocked down by high winds and victims of sandy flooded again. >> you have to laugh. otherwise i will cry. >> the toll this took on jersey shore. the rain left behind a major mess. the good news is we are drying out. i'm tracking more comfortable conditions and looking ahead to the weekend in my exclusive nbc
5:57 pm
10 first alert forecast. nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news tonight. a township supervisor run down and killed when a car crashed into a grocery store. live coverage next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
a freak accident at a local grocery store that took the life of a township supervisor, dr. robert white was hit while in
5:59 pm
the parking lot of a shoprite. nbc 10's harry hairston is live in west chester with more on this tragedy. >> reporter: i just have to tell you, this is something you never think about. you are out shopping and then all of a sudden, in this case, someone drives through this wall and they kill a prominent politician here. >> it's sad. what can you say? he was a doctor, too. >> reporter: police confirm dr. robert white, a township supervisor and a longtime public servant was killed 12:30 this afternoon. sky force 10 over the scene as they responded to the shopping center. police say a woman driver crashed into this wall and struck white. >> he was just walking by. somehow the truck went into reverse. i guess she didn't see him and took him through the wall. >> reporter: police tell us they took him to a hospital where he died. >> it's unbelievable.
6:00 pm
unbelievable when it's your time, it's your time. god bless every day. >> reporter: police tell us right now that the investigation is continuing. the female driver is cooperating with them. i want to let you know dr. white is survived by his wife and two sons. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. at 6:00, philadelphia pulling out all the stops for the democratic national committee. a couple of hours when the super sets over philadelphia, parts of the skyline will light up red, white and blue to welcome the dnc. philadelphia trying to lure the committee's 2016 convention to town. the city is one of five finalists vying to be host. the last convention philadelphia hosted was in 2000 when george w. bush and his running mate dick cheney came to town. for that event, philadelphia put up $60 million overall, $39


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