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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  August 14, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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city's attempt to bring the democratic national convention to town. and outside, the nipper building in camden, if you like cooler temperatures you're in for a great day. 65 degrees outside. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. we're keeping the good weather heading into the weekend. meteorologist brittney shipp will deliver that good news. >> that's right. part of the weekend, but the next few days are going to be fantastic. lower than average temperatures. we are seeing mostly clear skies, we'll see mostly sunny skies as we head into the rest of the morning and the afternoon, although there is a chance of a few sprinkles at 5:00 p.m. but a look at the temperatures throughout the area. mid-50s in the poconos. 65 degrees in doylestown. good morning to everybody in cherry hill. 63 degrees in washington
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township. and high 60s for atlantic city and beach haven. the philadelphia area, temperatures in the mid-60s. we'll move into the high 70s, low 80s. i'll let you know how long for those temperatures but now to jillian for the road forecast. if you're living in bucks county, we have an accident at route 1 at hulmeville road. you can see way down here, we have police activity. a couple of lane restrictions in this area. we're told that a vehicle went off the highway and struck a tree. so it's unclear exactly what's going on out there. we can't see too much, though what we do see is we do have lane restrictions. heading into center city philadelphia, vine street expressway good. the vine is clear the entire length between 76 and 95. the only other problem we're following this morning is this downed tree at atlantic city expressway eastbound.
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the left lane is loblocked in tt area. chris. breaking news from overnight. this dramatic new video coming to us from ferguson, missouri. police in riot gear firing tear gas at protesters some of some of those protesters threw molotov cocktails at police. it was sparked by an unarmed teenager over the weekend. this is the fourth straight night that police in riot gear confronted protesters in ferguson, missouri. this all started when 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed saturday night during a scuffle that happened out in an officer as patrol car and spilled on to the streets. two witnesses say brown was actually on the street with his hands raised trying to surrender when the officer fired at him repeatedly. and more of that dramatic video there. this is coming into the newsroom just in the past couple hours.
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the green tint there on your screen, is this through night vision lens on the camera. what you don't see on the video is what police say happened earlier, that's people throwing molotov cocktails and other things at police. protesters are demanding that police release the identity of the officer who shot and killed michael brown. this just in to the nbc10 newsroom. we've learned momentsing that the victim from a shooting at a peace concert in philadelphia last night has died. investigators say two men were argue, in the parking lot outside the dell center, possibly over a woman, whom that shooting kurd, one man pulled a gun, shot the other. the 20-year-old man died at temple hospital. we're learning that within the past hour, investigators are still looking for the shooter. new overnight from delaware county police are looking for a person who shot a man in the leg. this happened along the 7100 block of radborn road in upper
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darby after midnight. not clear what led to the gunfire. a live look outside. boathouse row. lit up in red, white and blue to welcome the democratic national convention to town. in hopes of landing the 2016 democratic national convention. nbc10's jesse gary joins us live. jess six you mentioned the millions of dollarses that would cost to bring that convention to philadelphia, who would pay for it? taxpayers, according to the man former governor ed rendell, former mayor also, begins making his pitch in center city. the city is already in debt as you know for funding for schools a continuing problem. rendell say it would cost tens of billions of dollars to most the convention unlike the rnc. money would come from cash
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reserves and donations. a tall order but the longtime politician is confident of the success. >> we're facing a lot of challenges, notwithstanding that, we're confident we can the mayor and i will be working the phones, and we'll do it. >> reporter: a lot of area the regional economic bump estimated upwards of $350 million. now, of course, new york, phoenix, cleveland, columbus, birmingham will have something to say as they're vying to host the convention as well. coming up in the next hour, i'll explain what makes philadelphia so attractive. live in center city, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." you can read more about how philadelphia is trying to impress the dnc selection committee on happening today, there is a court hearing schedule for chaka patel jr. prosecutors say he lied about his income to get hundreds of dollars in loans.
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they say he also stole money from the philadelphia school district grant. he's the son of congressman chaka patel. that congressman is married to an anchor. the message today from election opponent tom wolf. the democratic candidate will go into detail at a briefing at west philadelphia high school. last week, corbett authorized an advance of $265 million to the public school which is face an $81 million deficit. from our jersey shore bureau, now new jersey governor chris christie will be in ocean city today pushing his ideas on pension reform. it's part of a town hall series that the governor uses to talk about his plans to overhaul the state system. in the meantime, christie is fresh off the trip from alabama where he was showing support for
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republican governor robert. christie is the chairman of the republican governors association and a potential contender for the gop presidential nomination in 2016. all right. from politics to punch lines the two candidates for pennsylvania governor are about to show off their silly side in this area. plus, floating targets. the famous landmark in our area, but this morning, something is missing from the ship. >> got to give the kid credit, he's thinking. >> home sweet home. we'll tell you what one teen decided to do inside this walmart. and it's going to feel more like fall versus the summer the next couple of days. i'll let you know how long the great conditions will stick around coming up.
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>> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with
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meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. it's going to feel more like fall as we head to the next couple of days with humidity staying down. below average temperatures or average for this time of year, 86 degrees. high 70s, low 80s for today and we'll remain below average at least for the next three days. a live look outside at center city. mostly clear skies, philadelphia, 66 degrees, humidity is at 69%. so when you step outside it's going to feel comfortable already this morning and it's going to stay comfortables were we head through the afternoon. 61 degrees in reading. 60 degrees in westchester. good morning in bensalem where your temperature is at 64 degrees. 67 at stone harbor. 63 in millville. we're going to see quiet radar for the rest of the day. not a whole lot happening today at all. we'll see high pressure building
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as we head into tomorrow. one thing about today, although we'll see mostly sunny skies through the afternoon, we'll see a few clouds in the area. and 4:00 or 5:00, even a chance of a few passing sprinkles. this is going to be closer to your evening hours. the pocono mountains have the best chance of seeing the passing showers. as we head into tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, once again, same thing saturday. so the forecast really doesn't change until we head into sunday. for today, by noon, closer for mid-70s for philadelphia. 74 degrees in trenton, 65 in the pocono. and temperatures will be closer to 80 degrees and a mild evening as well. your seven-day forecast shows we'll see a high of 80 degrees in the city. 79 for your friday. 83 on saturday. just beautiful. take a look at sunday, hotter and humid conditions in store, and a chance of showers by sunday. about 20 minutes to 5:00 now. we have an accident on the local roads to tell you about.
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jillian mele was telling us about it and you just tweeted about it. where is it? >> bucks county. route 1 near hulmeville road. we saw all the activity here. we're told that the vehicle went off the side of route 1, lost control and went into a tree but this is one of those access roads. the high way itself which you and i would travel is right over here so it's not impacting travel on the highway itself but as you can see, we do have a lot of activity out there. as it speeds along, it could slow down traffic as people look at that scene. both sides on route 1 on the highway itself. southbound 95, right near cottman avenue in the midst of that long-term construction zone, no slowdowns to report on 95 right now. if your travels take you on 76, eastbound as we pass the courage and head to city avenue, you can see speeds averaging in the mid-50s the entire length of the way. i'll get you updated on the
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problem on the atlantic city expressway. the first ever team to represent philadelphia in the little league world series is getting ready for a showdown. >> everybody is talking about the team. plus, staking their claim, a new development in philadelphia's cheese steak wars. >> the can't misstatement that one is about to make to its biggest rival. inspected visitor. a school day some students won't forget.
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quarter to 5:00 right now. we have breaking news. this is new video from ferguson, missouri, just outside of st. louis. police in riot gear firing tear gas at protesters after some of them lobbed molotov cocktails at the officers. the clash is sparked after that deadly shooting of an unarmed
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teenager by a police officer. on the crisis in iraq, the number of refugees trapped by terrorists is far fewer than expected. nbc10 national correspondent richard jordan reports from washington. >> reporter: u.s. special forces found furia zeidi refugees than expected. the numbers estimated in the tens of thousands now appear to be far less. humanitarian food and water drops are helping to keep the refugees alive. the u.s. conducted its seventh air drop last night. and air strikes pushed isis militants back. >> air strikes, i think, are appropriate, given the limited situation that the president has discussed. >> reporter: now officials say rescue operations are less likely and so are boots on the ground. >> you look at different ways to move people in a very dangerous place on that mountain to a safer position. and that's exactly what our team is doing on the ground now in
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iraq. >> reporter: yazidi relatives fear there is no way out. >> they cannot move freely like in long convoys like with 60 or 70 decoys as usual. >> were cannot lose sight of the fact this is the greatest terrorist threat we've ever had. >> reporter: a threat that required u.s. and international involvement. and it looks like other countries are following the u.s. lead. france has agreed to send weapons to the kurdish fighters. britain will help to transport those weapons. and germany will be providing other supplies. richard jordan, nbc news, washington. back here at home the two candidates for pennsylvania governor will try their hand at stand-up comedy, republican incumbent tom corbett and tom wolf will be at the comedy night at finnegan's wake. it will raise money for the variety children's charity. the taming dragons are
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getting ready to take the feed at the little league world series. vai sikahema is live in the digital operations center. the kids from center city will be in the national spotlight. tell us more. >> tracy, the kids have been in the spotlight for the better part of the week because of their ace pitcher. we'll tell you one more day about her. they'll face a team from nashville, tennessee, tomorrow afternoon. take a look at the katy dragons. one player getting a lot of attention. there she is. she's the first girl to play in the tournament. players took cuts in the cage ahead of tomorrow's matchup. and we also got to hear from monet davis. davis is staying humble and making sure everyone knows it is a team effort. >> i'm kind of tired of hearing it, because it's not just about
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me, it's about the whole team. and if it wasn't for the team, i don't think we'd be here right now. it seems like people are excluding the team and worrying this town, and rarely have i met clubhouse that was as good as her in the clubhouse. by the way, first pitch tomorrow, 3:00, you can expect monet davis to probably take the mound for the dragons. live in the digital operations center, vai sikahema. >> nbc10 will bring you live coverage and watch the tournament. a new neon sign because it's the first time they've done it in its 84-year history. that sign will face ninth street. those of you who know that area
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will know it will be directly in the face of their number one rival, their cross-corner competitor, geno's. the new sign was delivered yesterday and could be in place sometime today. i'm going to predict that we will have video of that sign for you in the afternoon newscast. stay tuned. >> announcer: now, your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning, we have comfortable conditions on top over the next couple of days. society humidity's going to stay down and be even drier as we head into tomorrow. plenty of sunshine to tart but we'll see clouds increasing as we head into the afternoon. more sunshine in for for us on friday. the average for this time of year, 86 degrees. instead, today week going to barely make it into the 80s throughout the city and the rest the area. in philadelphia right now, 66 degrees. humidity's at 59%. winds out of the west at 9 miles per hour. and mid-60s in mount holly.
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61 degrees in westchester. and 62 at the atlantic city airport. stone harbor at 67. 63 degrees in dover, similar conditions here in wilmington. although it's going to feel nice when you step outside, you'll notice the difference this morning and yesterday morning. so it's drier and cooler temperatures. and our radar shot shows we are going to see quiet conditions as we head into the rest of today. there's the system that saw the rain yesterday. instead, we are going to see a westerly wind coming in. breezy conditions expected. we'll see plenty of sunshine as we head into the morning and beginning of the afternoon but as we push into the early evening hours, 5:00, 6:00, o'clock, woo e'll see clouds increasing. in the lehigh valley area. a few sprinkle, in the forecast. other than that, really nice and enjoyable conditions, especially as we head into tomorrow. our temperatures by 1:00 p.m.,
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in the mid-70s for philadelphia. 73 degrees in allentown, mid-60s in the poconos. and closer to 80 degrees for philadelphia. and trenton and temperatures along the shore are going to stay a bit cooler. i'll have the seven-day forecast when i see you again. 8 minutes before 5:00, last time we checked there was information of another accident coming into the traffic alert system. >> jillian mele is rounding that up for us. she's been feeting about it. >> on route 1 in bucks county, this accident just cleared. that is new information. at hulmeville road that out of there. atlantic city expressway eastbound, near berlin and cross keys, we do have a blocked lane. traffic can get by. the 42 freeway, northbound side at creek road. you can see no issues, no delays, no accidents. so that's good. this is northbound as drivers pass creek road and head out to
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the bridges. bridges are clear. if you're waking up in delaware, we are not reporting any accidents on the highways at all, chris. criminals hit a famous landmark in this area. the images want you to see. plus, what went on inside a walmart for the next few days. is it. and have you met the new student? he has quite a mouth on him. the creature who decided it was time to go to class. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
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a few minutes till 5:00. this is a live look at the mush shoe lieu on penn's landing. many of you have enjoyed dinner here. some burglars have been here. police are looking into the video of the floating restaurant. not a lot of chances to see his or her face there. but police say he took several
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items valued at around $5,000. the man accused of injuring his caseworker and killing his doctor. he's charged with first and third degree murder. he was previously arraigned the a philadelphia hospital. but prosecutors said that this return to delaware county required another arraignment. now he's charged with the july 31st of mercy hospital campus. he was there to see a caseworker when he allegedly was upset about signs at the hospital that prevent firearms. teresa hunt was shot and killed by plots. now from the jersey shore bureau. a woman who was supposed to be caring for an elderly man in atlantic count stiy is now char
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with kill him. police say the two pawned the jewelry that they stole from the home. johnson was charged and leased. police are still looking for brown. in the casino crisis in atlantic city, new jersey governor chris christie has made a move. he said he will lead a bipartisan summit september 8th to talk about the challenges of the city. nbc10 has learned that revel is still talking with potential bidders. revel told a bankrupt court judge that it is negotiating with bidders that it has not identified. happening today, former nfl player aaron hernandez is expected in court for a pretrial hearing of a deadly drive-by shooting of two men in washington. it gives them time to prepare for a trial next may. hernandez is also facing murder
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charges in a separate case. he's pleaded not guilty in both cases. shoppers, rightfully so, are questioning security at walmart after a runaway teenager was found living inside the store. security found the teen living in boxes throughout the store. reports say the teen pilfered food and clothes. the boy was visiting his aunt when he ran away late last month. he was found two days later inside the store. also in texas. an adventure before the first day of school here. sheriff's deputies can called to haul out this gator outside of houston. teachers were inside prepping for the start of school and trying not to go outside at the time. >> look, is that a gator outside the window? >> two days early for class.
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you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc 10 news today" starts right now. nbc10 breaking news. this is the breaking news we're following out of missouri. new unrelevant overnight. police shot tear gas into a crowd after the crowd threw molotov cocktails. plus, breaking developments locally after gunfire erupts outside a peace conference in philadelphia. this morning, the victim has died. and prepare yourself for near perfect weather. we like that, don't we? the "first alert" weather team is going to tell us how long the great round of weather will last as we take a look at center city, 62 degrees. good morning, i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. >> it say cooler start to the morning. we are going to so below average temperatures through the afternoon. plenty of sunshine to start, but then clouds will start to move in. even a chance of sprinkles other than that it's perfect over the
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next three days or so. here's a live look at cape may. expect the temperatures to warm into the 70s as we head into the 1:00 sk 11:00 hour. by 4:00 p.m., 80 degrees and we may see the best chance fire passing sprinkle or two, but tomorrow, the humidity drops even lower and so do the temperatures. i'll let you know what to expect pour the end of the work week and heading into the weekend. that's coming up in the seven-day forecast. good morning. the only accident has cleared off the route 1, you're good to go there. this is a live look at the boulevard near broad street. you can see we have construction set up. this is part of the construction project that started earlier this week. on the northbound side at broad street. we do have a lane restriction there. no construction on the boulevard southbound. both directions as you see clear of any delays.


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