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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  August 14, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00 philadelphia is continuing the push to convince democrats that the city of brotherly love is the only place to be for 2016. leaders in philadelphia say philadelphia can match any other city still in the running for the conviction. mayor michael nutter and city council are making a big push today. >> reporter: the second day and only hours left. moments ago we spoke with mayor nutter about the breakfast meeting he had with business leaders in the community. check out this video. as you may know 18 members of the dnc site committee are in
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town for a two-day visit. nutter said yesterday the focus was on showcasing city attractions. they stopped by terminal as well as independence mall where the dnc committee participated in a candle light tour. the mayor says today's goal will be answering questions including logistics, security and how the city will raise as much as $80 million. >> crucial issues are delegates, donors, democratic nominee, details. it is all about the ds. all of those are covered. >> we will do whatever we need to do to get the convention within reason obviously. >> reporter: when asked about how business leaders are feeling about the possibility of two major events here one year apart the ceo of independence blue cross told us no problem they can handle.
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the pope coming to town in 2015 and democrats coming to town in the summer of 2016. we will let you know what the outcome is. right now the toughest competitor on record is new york. live for now monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> you can read more about how philadelphia is trying to impress the dnc committee on our website, police are looking for a driver who led them on a chase. officers tell us they tracked a stolen van to the area and when the driver hit a dead end he started running. we spoke with witnesses. >> white passenger van came driving down the tracks all erratic. he wanted to get out here but the cop blocked his way. he turned around and smashed an suv on the sidewalk and turned around and went into the container corporation.
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>> marines searched the nearby river. so far no arrests. a man shot outside a philadelphia concert for peace has died. gun fire erupted at the dell music center last night. police say the 20-year-old victim got into an argument with another man in the parking lot. according to investigators the shooter opened fire and shot the man twice. he died at the hospital. >> it makes me feel bad for the simple fact of the matter is we work for this. this is what we work for and it is defeating the whole purpose. >> no one else was hurt. police are checking surveillance video to try to track down a suspect. one man is dead after a stabbing at a camden apartment complex. police have not said what led to the stabbing. police are looking for a gunman following a shooting in south philadelphia. two 18 year olds were shot just
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after 11:00 last night. police say one victim was on a bike and the other running when he was shot. both are in stable condition. the search is on for three suspects. police say a man was shot multiple times just after 12:30 inside a house. police tell us he is in critical but stable condition and is expected to be okay. several other adults and a 1 year old in the house at the time of the shooting were not hurt. in delaware county police are looking for the person who shot a man in the leg. it happened just after midnight. it is not clear what led to the gun fire. funeral services are underway for the mother of three children killed in a carjacking crash in philadelphia. this morning people gathered to pay their respects for kesha williams. she died over the weekend. right now a private service is being held in north philadelphia. last month she and her three
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children were struck by an suv by two alleged carjackers. 10-year-old joseph read and williams and tarrance moore were killed in the crash. their mom passed away from the injuries last year. happening today we may learn of more arrests in connection of last month's heist at kecaesar' hotel. three people are already charged. plummer worked as a security guard for caesar's. police say on july 21 two armed men wearing masks and gloves robbed the casino. they will discuss more details of the case at noon and subsequent arrests. philadelphia police are looking for two suspects who
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robbed a man in the city of belmont neighborhood. police say one of the men pulled a gun on the 62-year-old victim. the other hit him from behind and got away with his wallet, cash and cell phone. happening today court hearing scheduled. he was indicted on federal charges that include bank fraud and theft. prosecutors say he lied about his income to get hundreds of thousands of dollars of business loans. he says the charges are politically motivated. your nbc 10 first alert weather. sunshine and low humidity, those are the words we like to hear in the middle of august. it feels more like fall. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the cooler than usual forecast. >> it is a good combination to
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see sunshine and low humidity. as we head into the next few hours here and as we approach your friday we are going to see temperatures dropping down even more down to 79 degrees. closer look at our right now temperatures. we are at 64 degrees in the poconos. 69 degrees. low 70s in wilmington. temperatures stay in the 70s in your 11:00 hour. as you take a look at 4:00, 80 degrees. a stray shower is possible. that is mainly to our suburbs. that is going to happen as we head into early evening hours. closer to 6:00 p.m. we see a chance of a few passing showers. it is going to be short-lived. we will start to clear out. as we head into tomorrow we expect plenty of sunshine. temperatures warm as we head into the weekend. plus i'm tracking the return of showers coming up in my first
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alert forecast. new jersey governor chris christie steps in and says he will lead a bipartisan summit to talk about the future of ac and the challenges the city faces. nbc 10 learned that revel is still talking with potential bidders. the casino hotel said it will shut down no later than september 10. new this morning in the jersey bridge scandal a survey shows nearly half don't believe governor christie's claim. 47% don't believe governor christie. 23% do believe him. 24% say they somewhat believe the governor. the unrest is escalating in missouri. police use tear gas and smoke
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bombs to try to control another night of protests over the shooting of a black teenager. and pope francis asked about coming to philadelphia for next year's meeting of families. it feels more like fall. we'll let you know how long the mild conditions stick around and tracking the weekend forecast. what you need to know coming up in my first alert forecast.
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today the black lawyers for justice organization will hold a
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briefing on the violence in ferguson, missouri and the demonstrators who have been arrested. clashes continued overnight and more protesters were arrested along with two journalists. >> reporter: for a fourth straight night intense clashes turn a street of america's city into a battlefield. tear gas sends hundreds fleeing for safety. dozens of heavily armed police, s.w.a.t. teams, military style vehicles enforcing an order banning large gatherings after dark. police say they responded with tear gas when bottles and molotov cocktails were thrown at them. as night approached a huge show of force by police, some weapons pointed at the crowd. >> you are subject to arrest if you do not leave the area
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peacefully. >> reporter: a man on crutches was removed by the officers. this woman apparently got too close. >> we want peace and unity. we want to partner with the police to find out what happened and bring justice. >> reporter: police insisted their tactics were necessary because of what they faced. >> the officers from area departments have been subject to assault with rocks and gun fire directed at them. >> reporter: now some reporters claim the police were heavy handed forcing them to leave a mcdonald's where they were writing stories near the protests. >> slammed me into a soda m bag and phone. >> reporter: with investigations expecting to take weeks many here fear still more confrontation. >> that was nbc's ron allen
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reporting. the news conference is scheduled for 1:00 this afternoon. rescue crews had to jump into action after two people were swept away during a flash flood. the rescue in albuquerque was caught on camera. the teen says it happened so fast. >> we were standing and the water came. i was screaming help and nobody heard me. >> crews say the man travelled about three miles in the water before being rescued. parts of maine are drying out. some spots got three inches of rain in about han hour and a half. some drivers became stranded. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> as we head into the rest of the afternoon clouds are increasing and fall-like temperatures for today and tomorrow warming a bit as we head into the weekend. and we are tracking the return of storms and that is going to
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happen over your weekend. you can see clouds have started to develop along the city skyline. as we push into the rest of your evening we see a chance of a few passing showers. philadelphia 73 degrees. humidity is low at 44%. it will be nice and comfortable throughout the day. as we head into tomorrow we are also going to see dry conditions which will be nice. 64 degrees in the poconos. 69 in allen town. high 60s. 69 degrees in west chester. low 70s in atlantic city. temperatures in wilmington in the 70s. a mild morning for you. heading 92 t the afternoon we stay mild, temperatures below average for us. we are seeing colder and drier air moving in. it is not just us dealing with cooler than average temperatures. 74 degrees in cincinnati. look at chicago, 67 degrees. only 63 in detroit. so as we head into tomorrow we see more of the same.
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our average for this time of year is 86 degrees. for today we will head into the low 80s. 79 degrees on our friday. a nice way to end your work week. pushing into the weekend we see temperatures recovering. you can see clouds starting to make their way in from the west. we see a dry westerly flow moving in. breezy conditions expected for us. we see wind speeds between 10 and 20 miles per hour. as we head into your 6:00 and 8:00 timeframe this evening we see passing showers. plenty of sunshine on your friday and beautiful conditions remain. feels more like fall with low humidity and temperatures staying closer to the high 70s. for today we range between 78 and 81 degrees. the stray shower chance as we head into the evening hours. as far as your shore and beach forecast we see temperatures at 81 degrees on thursday, 81 on friday. for your saturday 80 degrees sunny.
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this is the perfect time to head down the shore or stay in the city. really can't go wrong with the 79 degrees your friday. on saturday 83 degrees. nice conditions. as we head into sunday hotter, more humid, moist air from the south and we see temperatures recovering closer to the average of 86 degrees. another chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. sick of being stuck in traffic? the new app that takes travel complaints to capitol hill. can your beloved pooch turn into a green eyed monster? the study that suggests your dog may get jealous.
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this is nbc 10 news. studies show aspirin or other anti-inflammatory drugs may help some breast cancer patients reduce the risk of disease coming back. obese women who used aspirin had a 52% lower rate of occurrence. researchers say there could be a link between growth hormone treatment and increased risk of stroke in early adulthood. it is used to treat children with growth hormone deficiency. a study suggests vitamin d deficiency may lower a woman's
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odds of conceiving through in vitro fertilization. they found patients with sufficient levels of vitamin d were almost twice as likely to become pregnant as those with low vitamin d. a new warning from the food and drug administration about pain medication used on teething babies. fda officials are worried about serious and potentially deadly side effects. >> reporter: on average the experts say children get one new tooth a month between the ages of 6 months and 3 years. a cry sometimes an indicator. >> teething is a normal process. babies teeth often without us noticing it. >> reporter: when parents do notice we want to make it better so we may reach for these. >> i think the overall upside is
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that babies should not have medicine for teething pain. >> reporter: the interim pediatrician says it has gotten to the point where the fda is taking a stand. >> at the end of june the fda came out with a warning against 2% lidocain. >> it is not just prescription. it is over-the-counter bensocain. the problem is this. if the numbing topicals are used inappropriately or too often there could be consequences. >> those children could have seizures, confusion, heart abnormalities and there were several deaths. >> reporter: dr. flangon says
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parents are better off using natural remedies. >> teething ring or cool wash cloth you put in the fridge kids can suck on it and it can be a soothing thing for them. >> that was nbc barbara silver reporting. doctors say parents can rub the gums with a finger to help ease the pain. some experts say man's best friend can become jealous. during the study dogs and owners were video taped while owners were playing with stuffed animals. some experts don't buy into the study. a new app lets users share travel nightmares with lawmakers. those complaints or concerns go directly to members of congress on capitol hill. >> reporter: whether on a run
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way or roadway we have all been through it, that moment where you really need to get somewhere and suddenly you are stuck. >> weather condition or sometimes there's delays for broken planes. >> reporter: what do you do on the tarmac or in traffic? honk your horn, maybe yell out the window or the person next to you. instead of being stuck in a bad mood get unstuck with the app i'm stuck. >> complaining in your vehicle about your traffic is going to do nothing. it may annoy people in the car with you. if your member of congress hears it they have the power to do something about it. >> reporter: the app delays commuters to directly and immediately e-mail their u.s. representative or senator to share frustration. >> if members of congress hear from constituents they are more likely to act. >> reporter: the more people that use the app the more
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effecti effective. open it, tap your situation and let it out. the app allows users to upload images. >> maybe in a pot hole if you get 170 complaints perhaps they might fill it in. >> reporter: the overall goal is aimed to improve america's travel infrastructure. with a number of americans already disapproving of congress many are skeptical the app will work. >> how do we know it is going to the congress person? we don't know if it is going to him or one of his secretaries or answering service. he might get so many it probably gets pushed to the side. >> the app is free to download and available for apple and android devices. the new comments made by pope francis this morning about a possible trip to philadelphia next year. what authorities say a teenager was doing inside this wall smart store that has so
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many concerned.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> checking on our top stories. this is day two of philadelphia's sales pitch to the democratic national committee to try to lure the 2016 convention to town. philadelphia police are looking for a driver who they say stole a van and led them on a chase that came to an end. officers tell us they tracked a stolen van to the area and when the driver hit the dead end he got out and ran away. philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot a man outside of a concert for peace. the 20-year-old victim died overnight. no one else was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> it feels more like a fall day in parts of our area. here is a pretty picture. this is a live look. and then let's go to the beach. a beautiful day at the beach. there we go. beach goers from our camera atop the hotel in cape may. let's find out what is ahead with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> about a ten degree difference between the shore and the poc o poconos. pretty close to the low 70s. as far as we are concerned we see temperatures in the city right now at 69 degrees. 64 degrees in mount pocono. 72 in redding. 73 degrees in the city. temperatures in mt. holly at 71. closer to the shore at 71 in avalon. 69 degrees in delaware city. a mild start to your morning. take a look at what happens as we head into the afternoon we
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see temperatures in philadelphia close to 80 degrees. we are staying at 69 degrees for mount pocono. low 70s for allen town. as we head into the evening hours tonight mild temperatures settle in. as we approach tomorrow our temperatures will be similar. we stay at 79 degrees for a daytime high tomorrow. range between 78 and 81 degrees. we will see our clouds increasing and a chance of a few stray showers as we head into the evening. i will have more details on that coming up. a renewed cease-fire is underway. a truce was extended by another five days for both sides to work out a long term cease-fire mediated by egypt. troops were seen after a shaky start to the new cease-fire which saw rocket fire from both sides, both arguing over fishing
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territories among other things. a russian convoy is heading to eastern ukraine today. the operation raised fears about russia possibly planning an invasion. moscow has denied that. 260-truck con voy is set to be delivering more than 2,000 tons of aid to those traps amid fighting. now to the crisis in iraq. u.s. forces say the conditions of the country's religious minority are not as great as first reported. nbc 10 national correspondent richard jordan is in washington with what the administration plans to do next. >> reporter: u.s. special forces atop sinjar mountain found fewer than expected. humanitarian food and water drops are helping to keep the refugees alive. the u.s. conducted the seventh air drop last night and air
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strikes pushed militants back. >> air strikes i think are appropriate. >> reporter: the white house considered air lifting refugees trapped. now they say rescue operations are less likely and so are boots on the ground. >> you look at different ways to move people to a safer position and that's exactly what our team is doing on the ground now in iraq. >> reporter: relatives fear there is no safeway out. >> they cannot move freely like in long convoys. >> reporter: i.s.i.s. remains committed to terrorizing the religious minority. >> this is the greatest terrorist threat we have had. >> reporter: a threat that requires u.s. and international involvement. britain says it will spend special forces to iraq. france will be supplying weapons
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to kurdish fighters. richard jordan, nbc news washington. sheila von wise's body was found stuffed in a suitcase while on vacation. her daughter and boyfriend were taken into custody yesterday in connection with the death. the suspects requested a lawyer from the united states. in california a man accused of killing four family members remains behind bars. nicholas holder is charged can killing his parents, two sons and a dog at a home on monday in santa barbara county. investigators say holder called 911 and told the dispatcher he killed his family and told detectives he committed the crimes to fulfill his destiny.
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aaron hernandez is expected in court for a pretrial hearing in the deadly drive by shootings of two men in boston. here is hernandez in court earlier this week. the d.a.'s office says today's hearing is to give both sides time to prepare for trial. he pleaded not guilty in both cases. happening now funeral services for racecar driver kevin ward jr. hit and killed saturday by a racecar driven by tony stewart. here is a live picture from syracu syracuse, new york. the services being held inside a high school where ward graduated two years ago. the investigation into the accident is still ongoing. it was a bump from stewart that sent ward's car spinning into a wall. ward climbed out of his car and walked to the middle of the
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track. stewart's car seemed to fish tail and ward was thrown into the air. an army major general killed in afghanistan will be laid to rest. he was killed august 5. he was part of a delegation of high ranking u.s. british and german officials training when a gunman ambushed the troop. the gunman was shot and killed by a body guard. we are learning new details about the days leading up to robin williams death. some friends say they could tell something was wrong. >> reporter: in the weeks leading up to robin williams' death some say they noticed a change in the man known for making people last. a friend said williams seemed detached. >> he lost weight and looked a bit frail. he wasn't all there.
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>> absolutely. >> reporter: in may williams' cbs sit calm wcom was cancelled one season. a family spokes woman says reports suggesting robin may have had financial issues are simply false. >> president of the united states of america. >> reporter: at the time of his death williams had four films in the works including another "night at the museum" movie due out in december. >> could have been wildly successful and wealthy and in his eyes it may not have met the standards he set for himself. >> reporter: throughout his career williams was candid about battles with addiction and depression. >> it's trying to fill the hole and it's fear and you start thinking rehab would be great.
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>> reporter: friends and family hope people will focus on understanding depression. >> it is a major loss. i love the guy, what can i say? he was an icon to the world and our friend, very sad. >> while there has been great support for the williams' family his daughter says she has received negative messages on social media. officials in new york reported several have conducted mrsa. officials did say they are being treated and extra precautions are being taken so they can continue to train at the facility. mrsa is a highly contagious staph infection that can spread quickly. it is resistant to routine treatments. shoppers are questioning security at wal-mart after a run
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away teen was discovered living inside one of the stores in texas. police discovered the 14-year-old boy living in boxes he carved out along aisles of the store. police said the boy was visiting his aunt when he ran away late last month and found two days later at the store. school board members at a california high school voted to send a controversial sex education textbook back to publisher. parents complained the your health today book was not appropriate including references to bondage and dating websites. the superintendent says he hopes the publisher can make necessary changes. a hospital in australia is apologizing for sending out death notices to 200 very much alive patients. in a statement the hospital said the letters were supposed to be
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discharge notices. they blamed the computer template. the company stressed patient care was not effected. some superhero window washers are bringing smiles to sick kids in california. this is the scene outside los angeles. spiderman, captain america, batman and woman scaled down the building. many of them got to meet the superheroes. bill cosby will be in town today. the comedian will perform for 200 guests tonight at 7:30. men's gymnastics is one of the programs temple cut to save money. it functions as a club sport supporting itself entirely through fundraising and donations. the candidates for
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pennsylvania governor will try their hand at standup comedy tonight in philadelphia. tom corbett and tom wolf will be raising money for the variety children's charity. after several delays the newly renovated plaza is finally set to open in center city. an announcement with the official date is expected next week. nbc 10 learned the area will reopen in september. it's been renamed dillworth park and will include a public space with 200 benches and chairs, a large lawn, tree groves and a fountain. the overhaul began in january of 2012. there is new technology desired to help prevent injury. we check out high tech helmets ahead. i'm tracking fall-like temperatures. as we push into the weekend we have changes underway.
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i will let you know what to expect coming up in my first alert forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> a high school football team in tennessee is trying out new technology to help protect players this season. the goal is to keep the team a step ahead when it comes to concussions. this high tech helmet has censors that track significant blows to the head. the censors are linked to a hand
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held monitor. it shows which player was involved where on the head and the speed of the collision. >> one of the kids was wearing it and got hit in the head. the censor went off on the sidelines. our trainer was able to pull the kid from the scrimmage quickly evaluate him and get him back out. >> an athletic trainer keeps track of the collisions from the sideline. the team will be using six censored helmets and is hoping for the safest season ever. the little league world series began. authorities say they conducted checks of more than 150 registered sex offenders living within 20 miles of the tournament. it is part of a program called operation safety net. meantime they will play their first game tomorrow. the dragons were part of the little league world series parade last night. one player getting a lot of attention. the first girl in ten years to play in the tournament. the players are also getting in
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some homework, some really work on the field. we were there for batting practice ahead of the team from nashville, tennessee. first pitch for tomorrow's game is at 3:00. nbc 10 will bring you coverage. watch for our live reports throughout the tournament. and a new member of the "today" show family. "today" show anchor savannah guthrie and her husband welcomed their daughter into the world. her mom says she has blue eyes and a little bit of blondish hair and the chubbiest cheeks you have ever seen. congratulations to the new family. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we are going to see a nice day today and by nice i mean temperatures staying below average, lower humidity. it is going to be a bit breezy.
11:47 am
fall-like temperatures settle in. we push into the weekend will warm back up closer to our average for this time of year 86 degrees and storm chances are back in your forecast mainly for sunday. a live look outside right now at the city skyline we are seeing an increase in cloudiness. that will continue as we head into the rest of the afternoon. it is going to be a beautiful day especially for august standards where normally we are in the high 80s with high humidity. humidity only at 44%. speeds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. feeling like low 70s. feels cooler than that in the poconos. the cooler conditions are affecting not just here in the northeast but stretching to the midwest. temperatures in detroit 63 degrees. 67 in chicago. 67 degrees in minneapolis. basically what we are seeing is cooler and drier air coming in behind an area of low pressure off to the northeast of us. we will also see a cold front kicking up our wind speeds as we
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head into today and keep temperatures down for tomorrow. right now we are at 70 degrees in trenton. 73 degrees in millville. temperatures in the low 70s for dillber stretching into wilmingt wilmington. to the shore wind direction coming off the land here moving in from the west. we see a nice day towards the shore. 70 degrees in atlantic city. 79 in prime hook. water temperature staying in the 70s. comfortable at the shore and our delaware beaches. a few clouds starting to make their way in from the west. we are going to see clouds increasing heading into the afternoon. there is the area of low pressure to the north of toronto. woo we have a cold front to cross over the region as we head into the rest of today. you notice wind speeds kicking up and future weather shows we will see a chance of a few passing showers closer to 5:00 p.m. mainly for the poconos and
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allen town. the window really only lastsunt we start to see more clearing as we head into tonight. for friday plenty of sunshine expected and temperatures staying down and so will our humidity. that is a great combination especially for this time of year. as we head into the rest of your day 78 degrees by 2 p.m. 80 degrees by 4:00 p.m. with the possibility of a stray shower. we don't want you to be caught offguard. we are really only talking about sprinkles. for the rest of today 78 to 81 degrees. mostly sunny, less humid. our wind speeds between 10 to 20 miles per hour. we are going to stay cooler in the poconos. 69 degrees for the high today feeling more like fall. as we head into your evening hours it will be a mild night ahead. closer to the shore on our beaches for the next three days this is the place to be. 81 degrees on your friday. on your saturday 81 degrees, as well. seven day forecast shows tomorrow sunny and nice, low
11:50 am
humidity. great conditions carry over into the start of your weekend. on saturday 83 degrees. still below average but kick it up a notch. hotter and more humid. a chance of storms on sunday. 86 degrees. heading into next week we stay closer to the average with a chance of showers again tuesday and wednesday. this just in. we have just learned president obama will make a statement to the country in about 20 minutes. president is on vacation in martha's vineyard expected to talk about the police shooting of an unarmed man in ferguson, missouri. you can watch the special report live when it happens here on nbc 10 and on we will be right back.
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right now pope francis is in south korea as he begins a five-day visit to that country. the pope read a speech in english. he talked about the lack of peace there. the pope is expected to travel more than 600 miles. it is his first visit to the country in 20 years. nbc travelled with the pope and asked if he would be attending the world meeting of families in philadelphia next careyear and pope said yes. nbc 10 reached out to the archdiocese this morning and a
11:54 am
spokesperson said there was no official confirmation of the visit. it is expected official confirmation will come about six months prior to the event. the odd wrns for 3 d tv has not been all that was hoped for. there are still some challenges. >> reporter: whether it is called ultrahd or 4 k they are both the same thing, potentially the next big thing in television. sets with nearly four times the screen's resolution or sharpness. >> ultrahd was really a term created by the industry to deal with the fact that 4 k was technically misleading. >> reporter: jim williamsen operates the show room. >> most customers come in here
11:55 am
and stand in front of this tv and go my gosh. there is that level of visual difference. >> reporter: consumer reports tested various tvs including the new 65 inch samsung curved model. electronics editor says content makers need top. sonand samsun drives to get preloaded movies. netflix is starting to stream some 4 k. >> reporter: unlike the recent transition from standard to hi definition. >> regular iic looks better. >> reporter: that comes with a hefty price tag. >> the tv behind me is about $3,500. >> reporter: prices range up to $25,000. >> if you can wait a couple of months we are expecting prices to drop in the late fall and around christmas buying season. >> reporter: consumer reports says that drop may be as much as
11:56 am
30%, a figure that could sharpen ultra hd's appeal. coming up this afternoon on nbc 10 news starting at 4:00, erosion concerns. a viewer sent us this video. residents say nearby homes are in jeopardy and we are sending a crew to check it out. we will show you what we find plus details on a beach replenishment project this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. all new a scare at a salon. local women getting manicures are frightened when a man bursts in with heavy duty fire power. ten members of the local iron workers union were indicted and now nbc 10 learned three of them plan to plead guilty. the intimidation tactics prosecutors say they used to try to secure jobs. let's get you updated with the forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> gorgeous conditions today and
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tomorrow and into the weekend. temperatures today between 78 and 81 degrees. a stray shower later on. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm tracy davidson.
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