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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 14, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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shooting of that unarmed teen over the weekend. some of the protesters were throwing moltov cocktails. now that violence is getting the attention of the white house. >> today, aid like us all to take a step back and think about how we are going to be moving forward. >> and that was just hours ago, president obama calling for calm in this situation. >> but as nbc 10 national correspondent, jay gray, found out even officials appear to be divided how to handled the growing tension. >> reporter: at anchor and anxiety continues to build in ferguson now. >> it's a powder keg and we all recognize that. >> reporter: the city's police chief talked about the ongoing chaos again today but a little later than he had planned. tensions overflowing as protesters initially took control of the microphones. after a fourth straight night of violence between protesters and police -- >> each night this goes on the people in the community are getting more restless, the aggression by the police is being stepped up. >> i think they are trying to take a heavy-handed approach to
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squash these protests, but they are not gonna be able to beat these young people into submission. >> reporter: this afternoon, president obama, who met with attorney general eric holder while on vacation in martha's vineyard called for calm from both sides. >> now's the time for healing. now's the time for peace and calm on the streets of ferguson. now's the time for an open and transparent process to see that justice is done. >> reporter: missouri governor nixon traveled to ferguson today and heard from angry residents. >> the police have no respect at all for the community. >> reporter: but officers on the ground are again gearing up for what could be another rough night, understanding what's already happened. >> last night, we started getting -- started getting rocks, bricks, bottles thrown in and then a molotov cocktail and gunfire went off. >> reporter: concern like so many about what could come next. there is still no kur faw in place here around no indication
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from protesters that they plan to take a step back. in ferguson, missouri, jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 to bring you updates from ferguson as the situation there continues to develop. this is a topic that will be debated both locally and nationally. and remember, you can get updates any time on in philadelphia, police are looking for a person who shot and killed a man outside a peace concert. organizers of that concert say they plan to move forward with another event tonight. nbc 10's doug shimell joins us live from fairmount park where that shooting took place last night. doug? >> reporter: this venue is run by the city's parks and recreation department, most of the convenients are for a more older, adult crowd and more of an experiment, event organized by teenagers to promote non-violence, to promote peace, and this happened. they are picking up crime scene tape before tonight's brian mcknight concert, just feet from
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the chalk marks where the shell casing yous were. a 20-year-old man was killed wednesday night, according to police, just feet from the entrance of the dell music center and a concert promoting peace. >> this victim was involved in a verbal argument that turned into a physical fight, possibly over a female. then the male pulled a gun and shot our victim. >> the irony of it does make you feel bad, just for the simple fact of the matter is this is what we work for and defeating the whole purpose. >> reporter: the concert organized by teens to promote non-violence was not stopped and today, customers walked past the chalk marks to buy tickets. >> that's just something that just happened. i never had a problem here. >> a beautiful place for philadelphia and we have always been very, very lucky to have it. so, i'm very, very upset that that happened. >> reporter: detectives say they are looking to the security video from the parks and recreation cameras for leads on the 17 or 18-year-old gunmen who took off in a white chevy impala. enough's enough already.
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>> reporter: for a city already weary from gun violence, they vow the first teen event at the dell will not be the last. do you think for teen events in the future, you may have to beef up that security, sad as it may be to do? >> we had security here last night, police here last night, that's why they were able to act so quickly. >> reporter: it was police officers who rushed that victim to temple hospital, but the question has cropped up because this was somewhat of an experiment, a teen concert organized by teens to promote peace. will this be the beginning and the end of such experiments? that story at 5:00. live in fairmount park, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. today a community paid its last respects to a philadelphia mother killed in the carjacking crash that also claimed her three children. keshia williams died a week ago, two weeks after a carjacked vehicle slammed into her family on a street corner tioga. funeral services were held this morning at the north philadelphia seventh day adventist church.
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jonathan rosa and cornelius crawford are facing numerous charges, including second-degree murder. earlier this week, rosa apologized to williams' family. we have new information about last month's heist at caesar's hotel and casino in atlantic city, eight people are now under arrest in connection with that armed robbery. new jersey state police say isaiah plumber, a former security guard for caesar he is and aaron evans robbed security workers of two cash boxes from inside the casino july 21st. six other people accused of helping them pull off the heist. nbc 10's jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, is looking closer at how those suspects were arrested. look for his report coming up at 5:00. 20 minutes of non-stop news continues now with bogus bills. we are learning more about a south jersey couple under arrest, accused of making more than $77 million in fake money. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter, cydney long, has been following the story for weeks now. cydney, what have you uncovered? >> reporter: rein neigh, the
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secret service told me by phone today, despite some 13 arrests in this case, they can't comment further, the u.s. attorney general's office is still trying to figure out how this counterfeit operation operated under the radar just a few miles from here, between january and may of last year. what we know is the feds seized some $2.4 million in counterfeit cash and as much as $240,000 in real u.s. currency. >> it's just all frightening and too close to home. >> had an idea it was pretty big but not as big as it actually was. >> reporter: employees who work in this unassuming office park in cherry hill mash muched the may 28th raid play out. it began with a flash grenade in this unit, they know why secret service agents were so thorough. agentses say a husband and wife native to israel manufactured as much as $77 million in counterfeit $100 bills. some of it printed in israel,
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fake u.s. money that was spent or seized globally dating back to 2005. >> it's a a lot of money, a lot of small businesses, any business, it's just fraudulent, you know, taking advantage. >> reporter: kevin king is glad the counterfeit cash didn't come through his doors at this cherry hill framing workshop. >> i wouldn't know what to look for. >> reporter: captain greg carlin does. >> not only making into our general economy where it's affecting everybody, but it's in the black market, the same counterfeit bills being used to purchase weapons and narcotics and eventually, those proceeds make it out into the community, and our businesses are legitimate businesses and banks. >> reporter: businesses along the northeastism-95 core score where the money was passed. >> i'm just hoping a lot of the bills got caught. there's ways -- markers -- depends how good of bills they made. >> reporter: so, local businesses might be able to help themselves. we wanted to share this the secret service has a link on its
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webpage called know your money, with distinct things to look for including the seal, the serial number, even the texture of $100 bill so that other businesses or people out there don't fall victim to criminals like the ones charged. live in cherry hill, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. day two of philadelphia's sales pitch to the democratic national committee is wrapping up now, 18 delegates were taken to business at the comcast center. the group visit the national constitution center. mayor michael nutter says yesterday the focuses of on show cation the city's iconic transactions. today, it was tougher, answering questions about logistics, security and how the city will raise money. it could cost more than $50 million to host the convention. leaders say that funding will come from private donors, not the taxpayers. and an hour from now the two-day tour will finish with a good-bye party at the top of the art museum steps, a live look here at the art museum. more information on the timeline of philadelphia's pitch to the
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dnc. a and when they will make a decision which city will host will be on our website, pope francis says would he make a trip to philadelphia next year, he made the comments during a trip to south korea today where he gave his first speech in english. >> peace is not simply the absence of war, but justice. >> nbc news asked the pope if he will come to philadelphia and he said yes. and mentioned world family day, which will happen right here in philadelphialy next year. the archdiocese of philadelphia released a statement saying -- . the archdiocese of philadelphia released a statement saying -- new at 4:00, the son of u.s.
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congressman fattah pleaded not guilty to 23 charges today. as nbc 10 first reported last week, a grand jury indicted fatah on charges including fraud and filing false tax returns. harry hairston just left the courtroom where fatah made his appearance. >> reporter: a short time ago, i caught up with chaka fattah, jr., as he left the federal courtroom, flanked by both of his attorneys. where do you go from here and try to defend yourself and what do you feel about your chances in order to be found not guilty? >> i'm going to be completely vindicated, harry. >> reporter: just moments before that statement, chaka fattah, jr., stood before a federal judge who formally arraigned him on 23 charges. >> chaka fattah, jr. entered his plea of not guilty to each and every count in the indictment. and he is looking forward to his day in court at the time of trial. >> reporter: among the charges, fatah includes lying to banks to get more than $200,000 in bank
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loans. the feds say he filed false tax returns for 2005, '6, '8 and '9. you said the fbi wouldn't even be looking at you if it wasn't for the fact that your father is a united states congressman. you said it before, you say that again? >> i stand behind it. >> reporter: and the feds also say that fatah, jr. used some of his ill-got gaten gains to spenn dining, gambling at harrah's casino, which he denies. harry hairston, nbc news. >> he is the sop of congressman chaka fattah, married to nbc 10 news anchor, renee chenault-fattah. philadelphia police are looking for a driver who led officers on a chase and then crashed a stolen van in manayunk. look at this. skyforce10 showed us how the crash ended with the van landing in the middle of some trees. police tell us they tracked that stolen van and when the driver saw them, he took off. one witness tells us he saw the van jump the embankment. >> across the parking lot,
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wanted to get out of here, the cop blocked his way, turned around, smashed it, the suv up on the sidewalk up there turned around, threw into the container. >> had to have speed to get up over the embankment, probably seven, eight feet high. >> police searched the ground and a nearby river, but still no sign of the driver. the little league world series is now under way in pennsylvania. let's take a live picture now from williamsport where a team in our area will compete for the trophy. nbc 10's tim if you are long is in williamsport now and will have more on that later in the newscast. so, what about the weather in williamsport? nbc 10 first alert meteorologist, sheena parveen has a quick look at the forecast. what about it? >> it starts with to i do have your forecast for williamsport, little league world series tomorrow, the first one around 3 p.m. and the good news is the weather's going to be great, as we go into friday in williamsport, around 77 degrees,
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sunny, very nice, and for the weekend hours, looking at temperatures reaching the upper 70s, nice conditions saturday, mostly sunny. on sunday, we will have a chance of thunderstorm, this will mostly be in the afternoon hours but either way comfortable in williamsport for the little league world series and here at home. we will look at our forecast coming up. looks like a winning forecast. law enforcement officers in williamsport keeping a close watch on sex offenders near the little league world series. >> doing something, an operation called operation safety net. the u.s. marshals service is canvassing the homes of 164 offenders that live within 20 miles of the baseball tournament. they are making sure that registered sex offenders are complying with the terms of their probation or parole. so far, they tell us they found five potential violations. tonight, political punches will turn into punchlines. pennsylvania's candidates for governor are trying out standup comedy. republican governor tom corbett
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and democratic challenger, tom wolf, will take the stage tonight in philadelphia. the event is at 8:00 at finnegan's wake. it's a non-partisan charity fund-raiser. an important deadline in the philadelphia school budget crisis is just 24 hours away. superintendent william height says without millions in the bank tomorrow he will be forced to start laying off teachers and possibly push back the start of the school year. now, school funding has been part of a heated political debate in the race for pennsylvania governor. nbc 10's christine maddela joins us live with details on that deadline. christine, you spoke to both governor corbett and his challenger, tom wolf, today. >> reporter: i did and also today spoke with school district superintendent spokesperson who said the superintendent is still weighing his options and considering what to do by tomorrow's deadline. i just finished up -- wrapped up talking to governor corbett about that deadline and the ongoing challenge to fund philadelphia's schools and earlier today, i caught up with
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democratic counterpart and asked him what he would do to fund education. you are here as a candidate for governor. what needs to be done? >> first, we need to restore the funding cuts that were started in this administration, about $1 billion. >> reporter: wolf says to do that he would expand medicaid and institute a 5% severance tax on the marsellus shale gas industry. >> the biggest chunk of those hundreds of millions of dollars coming from that tax would have to go back into our schools. >> our kids, 200,000 of them, whether it be in charter schools, traditional public schools, are being held hostage because of some political foolishness going on that they can't control is a embarrassment. >> reporter: pennsylvania needs get back to each district's needs. >> i call on the governor to fully and fairly fund public
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education in pennsylvania, including in the city of philadelphia. >> reporter: today, tom wolf called on you to fairly and fully fund philadelphia schools. >> i would call on secretary wolf to look at what we are doing, $1.3 billion. i believe it's 55% of the education -- of the funding through the philadelphia schools comes from the state of pennsylvania. let me get my note here, i really want to make sure i have my notoriety so i don't give you the wrong number, we increased the funding this year by $53.4 million. and as i have said for weeks now, i fully support getting the cigarette tax authorized for the school district of philadelphia. >> reporter: and here's what we know about the school deadline for tomorrow. a special src meeting is scheduled for tomorrow morning. at that meeting, superintendant hite will announce two major announcements. he will announce if school -- if the school will open on time and also announce if anyone will have to be laid off from the
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school district. so, we will, of course, be there at that meeting tomorrow. >> one question, the governor touched on it a little bit there, the cigarette tax generate $45 million this year for schools and $80 million in subsequent years, where does that stand now? >> reporter: the state legislature set to go back to harrisburg in september. the advocates for that bill are hoping the legislature will bring that bill up again, but senator hughes today said he is not confident and there's no guarantee that that bill will resurface, if it does it will still be too late to get any of that tax revenue to philadelphia schools for the beginning of the school year. reporting live in montgomery county, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, christine. local school board members say they want kids to head back to school and they want them to do it in chester. >> here's what's going on today, the chester upland school district called on parents to enroll their kids. less than two years arc the previous school board voted no confidence in the district's recovery plan, but the current
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school board says the district's academics and finances improved. board members touted the cyberschool, a way for students to take classes and participate in after school activities. south philly icon has a new look. pat's king of steaks put up their knee onsign outside the cheese steak shop. the sign faces 9th street and passyunk avenue across from the sign put up by its competitors, gino stages, the first time in pat's 84-year history it's changed its sign. beautiful day today, a cooler start to the morning and continue with the cold temperatures, our high and low temperatures, even as we go into tonight, it will be another cool night, a little bit cooler than last night, if you felt it when you walked outside this morning, kind of surprising to feel the cooler air tomorrow morning. it's going to be a little bit cooler. we do have maybe a couple of
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showers though as go into the weekend, but overall, the forecast stays pretty nice. here's a live look at center city right now from the adventure aquarium, we have some cloud cover overall, mostly sunny, dry air in place, only 79 in philadelphia, the humidity still fairly low, but a little breezy out there, wind gusting around 25 miles an hour. temperatures through the lehigh valley, mid-70s, 75, pottstown and reading, 76, allentown, bensalem around 80 degrees right now, south jersey and delaware, we have spots in the mid-70s, comfortable, millville, 75 degrees, 76, glassboro, 77, stone harbor, 78, atlantic city, we are nice and dry, we do have some cloud cover parts of the lehigh valley, there could be a few isolated, very fast-moving showers with this, all part of a cold front that swings through, cooler, drier air once again, cool dry right now, cool, dry air into tomorrow.
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future weather does try to put a nice few sprinkles this afternoon, not everybody sees it a big deal, going into tomorrow morning, another cooler, drier day, even through the afternoon, high temperatures only in the upper 70s, average high this time of the year, mid-80s, going to feel really nice. as far as low temperatures are concerned tonight, down to 49 in allentown, 50, quakertown, 53, reading, around the trend area, around 57 degrees, 54 possibly, mount holly, closer to the shore, morning lows could be in about the low to middle 60s, 56 possibly in vineland, around philadelphia, 58 degrees in the morning, more clouds as we go through tonight, then late clearing and those temperatures, a couple degrees cooler that last night. for tomorrow, sunny day, low humidity, unseasonably cool temperatures ranging from the mid to upper 70s to end the week, starting off the weekend, really nice, low 80s, we could have a couple of showers or storms as we go into sunday afternoon and the humidity goes up, too. well, look at this, erosion
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concerns here, a viewer sent us this video, it shows large sections of a jersey shore beach just washed away. >> well, residents say nearby homes are in jeopardy from the receding shoreline. so, we are sending a crew to check this out. plus also ahead, we are counting down to our turn at-bat. we are live from the little league world series where the dragons will compete for the championship. swept away by rising water, cameras were rolling as rescue crews tried to reach two people floating in floodwater.
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i was screaming help and nobody heard me. >> two people rescued from a flash flood in albuquerque a teenage girl and a homeless man were swept away yesterday afternoon. the girl was able to swim to a shallow area and hold on until rescuers could get to her. the man was swept away for three miles before crews pulled him out. they are both doing okay. recapping our top story, the wife of robin williams says he was suffering from the early stages of parkinson's disease. she also says he was struggling with depression and anxiety at the time of his suicide.
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rolling chairs have been in atlantic city more more than a century, but ocean city is pushing back against a plan to bring the business to its boardwalks. tonight, the city council is taking up a ban that would also apply to any street or alley. ocean city says it received an inquiry from someone who wanted to start a rolling chair business, but city council members say they have safety concerns. well, the taney dragons of philadelphia are getting ready to compete in the little league world series championship. tim furlong?
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>> reporter: yeah, it's one of sports most iconic stages and a bunch of kids from philly are about to become part of it, we are live as the taney dragons get ready for their game tomorrow against a team from tennessee. folks, this is a first for philly sports, tell you all about it when nbc 10 news comes right back. floresson avenue.
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we want to take you back to developing news we have been following this afternoon since we went on the air at 4:00. missouri governor jay dixon and other officials speaking right
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now on the violent protest in the town of ferguson, missouri, in the wake of a police shooting that killed an unarticled teenager. nixon says the missouri state highway patrol will now take over the supervision of security in ferguson. this change follows four nights of violent protest in ferguson. nbc 10 will continue to follow this story and bring you any new information. another story of a much different tone that we are following right now at 4:30, the little league world series is under way in williamsport. it features the best of the best in baseball, across the country, in the world, and philadelphia's taney dragons are among the teams battling there. this time, the dragons will be on the field playing for the title. a lot of people are going to be watching, but as nbc 10's tim furlong, he is there, even though the game doesn't start till tomorrow, the taney dragons, i know it's got to be exciting. >> reporter: it really is. i tell you what, you first walk in here, the first thing you
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notice about the complex is the beauty. look at the stadium, lamade stadium in the hills. the next thing you notice, the wacky traditions here, look at the kids sledding down, hey, dude, why don't you slide down there see how it goes, see the kids sledding down the hills. from the kids sledding on the box, the outfield seat he is in the grass, this year, something new to talk about only the second season since joining the little league organization, yeah, the tapeny little leaguers the first philadelphia team to ever play in williamsport. it is arguably the biggest stage in all of youft sports and a bunch of kids from philly are going to be on it tomorrow. in its cables today getting ready for their friday matchup with americanville, the taney dragons were the last of the 16 teams to actually arrive in williamsport. the coaches and teams done with interviews and parades, now hunkered down, getting game faces on. for parents, a little more relaxed. >> here, the big show, and sucking in, still so real. a good time. >> reporter: monet davis, the
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talk of the tourney, the cables in her chase utley shirt this afternoon, one of two girls in this year's world series. this lights out pitcher and her teammates not just happy to be here, they want to win it for their city. >> these kids are working hard for a long time, it's great, glad people recognize it and glad philadelphians take pride in it. >> reporter: a lot of philly pride. you see all these people sitting up there, having a great time on the hills it is awesome. mo'ne davis will be the 18th girl to play in the little league world series, the tournament's 75-year history, taney the 32nd team from pennsylvania to play here. at 5:30, more of the taney little leaguers and look around the complex, lots of history, fun stuff to do bring you back here to williamsport at 5:30. i'm gonna go grab something to actor you saw the smoke here, the food is blowing our way and this place is all-american baseball. it's pretty awesome. live in williamsport, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> doesn't get much better than that, thanks, tim. comedian bill cosby is putting star power in the effort to save temple university's
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men's gymnastics program. cosby will headline a concert tonight at independence visitors center in philadelphia to help raise money for the program. temple dropped the school's varsity program in december. cosby is a philadelphia native, of course, and a temple alum. with his help, the program is on its way to surviving another year. along with men's gymnastics, temple cut six other programs from its varsity sports, they include baseball, men's crew, men's indoor and outdoor track and field, softball and women's rogue. temple says it had to cut its athletic programs because of a tight budget. delaware bureau now, we now know exactly how much it will cost for the catholic diocese of wilmington to go bankrupt. the diocese paid nearly $16 million in lawyers' fees and other expenses. it filed for bankruptcy in 2009 after being hit with lawsuits alleging sexual abuse by a former priest. the diocese emerged from that bankruptcy in 2011 after paying $77 million into a trust fund for victims. we have an update on an nbc 10 investigation we first told
4:35 pm
you about back in april of 2012. the cherry hill board of education and the new jersey department of children and families cleared a teacher accused of bully an autistic student. you may remember this boy, he was 10 at the time. he allegedly recorded bullying incidents involving a teacher and teacher's assistant. the boy's father, stuart chaffetz, sent the boy inside with the recorder. we now learned the cherry hill board of education and state department of children and families have both ruled that this recording was illegal. the teacher accused in the case, kelly altonburg, is now cleared of any wrongdoing. happening now the highest-ranking u.s. military officer to be killed in america's post- 9/11 wars is being laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. this is video of his body arriving in dover last week. 55-year-old major general harold green died in an attack in afghanistan earlier this month. he was killed when a gunman believed to be an afghan soldier
4:36 pm
opened fire at a military academy near kabul. greene's deployment to afghanistan in january was his first to a war zone. greene served 34 years in the army. too close for comfort. residents in one jersey shore town say the water has already washed away part of a state park here. now, they are worried about their homes. what they say needs to be done and done fast to save their properties. plus, preventing a reoccurrence, the research that shows how two common over-the-counter drugs can help fight breast cancer. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a scare at a salon. local women were getting manicures and they are frightened with a man burst in with some heavy-duty fire power. we will tell you what happened next. takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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researchers found healthy people can consume twice the amount of salt. people who consume 3,000 to 6,000 milligrams a day had a lower risk of death than people who consumed less salt. the studies were published in the new england journal of medicine. a new discovery for breast cancer patients, aspirin and ibuprofen could prevent the disease from reoccurring. >> researchers from the university of texas studied breast cancer patients postmen pausal and overweight or obese. women who took drugs were 50% less likely to have their tumors return. doctors say the drugs block an enzyme that can lead to tumor growth. vitamin d deficiency could make it harder for women to conceive through in-vitro fertilization. women who had enough vitamin d were twice as likely to become pregnant as those who didn't have enough. doctors say more research is need bud vitamin d could be an easy way to boost women's chances of becoming pregnant. from delaware county to
4:41 pm
sierra leone, a local hospital is sending help to patients infected with ebola. riddle hospital is donating 40 hospital beds and traction equipment. the hospital showed off those preparations to the media today. the hospital says it will wait three months before delivering the equipment. two volunteers will travel with the beds to make sure they are delivered safely. more than 1,000 new jobs to this area. >> still ahead at 4:00, the local group credited with helping create work and help small businesses get off the ground. and we will have a look at our forecast. sheena? >> that's right. a pretty nice-looking forecast. here is a look up in the poconos. we are see pretty nice conditions today, fewer clouds this evening, overall, some cooler temperatures tonight. we will talk about how cool it will get, coming up. oh, my god. >> all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, it was like seaworld at the shore, at least that's what those people thought. tonight, the nbc 10 viewer video that captured a moment that had
4:42 pm
those beachgoers cheering with excitement.
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here are some of the headlines making news at 4:00. robin williams' widow revealed this afternoon the actor was sober but in the early stages of parkinson's disease when he committed suicide earlier this week. in a statement, susan schneider said williams was struggling with depression and anxiety.
4:45 pm
she says william also not been ready to share his diagnosis of parkinson's publicly. the federal government says south jersey couple is behind one of the largest counterfeit operations in history. a husband and wife are accused of making more than $77 million in fake money. federal investigators say they found $2.5 million in counterfeit bills during a raid in cherry hill this summer. philadelphia school officials say we'll know tomorrow if kids will go back to the classroom on time and if there will be teach layoffs. superintendent dr. william hite says without more money for the underfunded school district that's what could happen. hundreds of small business owners from across the country are in washington this week, including many from our area. it was for a national leadership conference for a non-profit called score. score provides startup entrepreneurs with free noerngt guide their businesses. here's how it's impacting local businesses. in pennsylvania, score helped
4:46 pm
start 1200 business and create nearly 1,000 jobs last year and the group says the key is the volunteer mentors. >> most of the professionals in their life start a clock and charge by the hour. we hope to help businesses. >> score helped 1200 business start up and created 554 new jobs. in delaware last year, score helped 131 new business startups and created 235 new jobs. as atlantic city grab really is with its casino crisis, new jersey's governor is planning a summit about that city's future. the forum is scheduled for september 8th. by that time, showboat will be closed, joining the atlantic club, which closed in january. rebel and trump will shut down after that summit. golden gate says it will include business, political and labor leaders and there are signs of economic progress in atlantic city outside of gambling. meantime, half of new jersey
4:47 pm
voters aren't buying the governor's explanation of the bridge scandal. the rutgers eagle ton poll says 47% of the registered voters don't believe chris christie's story. he says he didn't know his staff hearse ordered lane closures near the george washington bridge in an apparent act of political pay back. 51% of voters say they think the republican has put that issue behind him and 72% say the allegations are just politics as usual. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4%. beautiful day today, we started off with cooler temperatures and tonight, a little bit cooler than last night. low average temperatures the morning and through the afternoon. today's high, only about the upper 70s throughout much of the area. cooler as we go into tonight, um can degrees cooler, last night, you wake up tomorrow morning, it's going to feel the same or again a couple degrees cooler than this morning, for the weekend, the weather pattern
4:48 pm
stays nice, we could see a few weekend showers in the forecast. i will show you that in just a minute. the lehigh valley, very comfortable, mid-70s, low humidity in philadelphia, 79, bensalem, 79, trenton, 76 degrees, with that low humidity, feels comfortable outside, does to the knot feel like summer at all, south jersey and delaware, temperatures ranging the mid to upper 70s, here is a live look outside, looking at the comcast center in philadelphia, still mostly sunny skies, a few cloudses around and for some of us, we are seeing a few more clouds as a very weak cold front tries to move through. once it does move through, it will be dropping our overnight lease couple of degrees, more than last night. 49 possibly for the morning low, you wake up in atlanta tomorrow, 50, quakertown, 53 possibly in reading, around trenton, 57, 56, doylestown tomorrow morning, norristown, 54 possibly in mount holly when you wake up. closer to the shore near 63, vineland, you could be coming in at 56 in the morning tomorrow, 60 in do every and around
4:49 pm
philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs, about the upper 50s. the average low temperature is in about the upper 60s, so, going to be ten degrees below that it is going to feel cool again as you wake up tomorrow morning. locally, we are dry, but notice how we have more cloud cover moving into the lehigh valley, moving into dover or delaware, i should say. it's all because of a cold front trying to sweep through the area, a weak cold front, some molds, like this one, for example, trying to pull out a couple isolated showers. so i wouldn't be surprised if we saw a few sprinkles this evening, it's not going to be a big deal, and any rain will be very short lived. going into tomorrow, another cooler day, dry air, through the afternoon, our high temperature will be quite a bit below average, some of us will not be getting out of the 70s tomorrow, kind of like today. for tomorrow, along the shore, sunny and nice, going into saturday, the low 80s, by sunday, we will have a chance for maybe an afternoon thunderstorm warmer and humidity up by the end of the weekend. tonight, more clouds starting to
4:50 pm
move in, late clearing again, cooler temperatures, upper 50s, philly, north around west, upper 40s. tomorrow, sunny, low humidity, unseasonably cool, highs in the mid and upper 70s, the weekend, fantastic, hotter, more humid, stay in the mid-80s, humidity stick around too. there is a new member of the "today" show family. >> that's right. and it's girl. today show anchor, savannah guthrie, and her husband, mike feldman, welcomed their daughter into the world yesterday. her name is vale guthrie feldman. she weighed eight pounds, five ounces, her mom saysville ale has blue eyes, a little bit of blondish hair and the chubbiest cheeks you have ever seen. congratulations to that new family. >> savannah told us a few weeks ago on nbc 10 news this morning that little vale has no choice to be an eagle fan because her husband, mining, is an eagles fan. raise her right. >> we like hearing that. still ahead at 4:00 -- >> a growing danger in one jersey shore community. >> part of a state park at the jersey shore shut down after
4:51 pm
water washed it away. >> no one seems to be doing anything to stop it. >> i'm ted greenberg, why some folks fear their homes could be next. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, accusations of bad behavior involving a local state treasurer. now some are calling for this elected official to step down from his office.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
water near homes dangerously close to shore. >> residents in this cape may community say beach erosion is a real problem and something needs to be done fast. it's happening at coursen's inlet state park at strath mere. >> ted greenberg shows us the problem and what residents say needs to be done about it. >> reporter: it is a hungry ocean, feasting on sand that's quickly disappearing in strath mere. >> it's very dangerous. you can't walk here down to the beach. >> reporter: a section of coursen's inlet state park is now closed a path leading to the surf ends with a steep cliff. residents of this section of upper township say about 50 feet of beach was wash aid way in the past couple weeks, including a bird sanctuary. >> all of us are very concerned.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: jack and patricia monahan are among a handful of waterfront home owners who are worried about how close the encroaching surf is getting to their houses. >> if it comes in and nothing's done to stop it, we have a chance of loses the house. >> reporter: the area is slated to undergo a major beach replenishment project by the u.s. army corps of engineers in november. but people who live here say they can't wait that long. >> if we have a big storm or even a nor'easter before that, it could be very detrimental. we need something more than sand because that will wash away, too. >> reporter: i reached out to upper township's mayer and the new jersey department of environmental protection but did not receive a response by our deadline. an army corps spokesman told met agency can't do anything before november. about six years ago, the homeowners spent tens of thousands of their own dollars to put up a protective steel wall, but they fear it soon will be undermined by the severe erosion. >> no one seems to be doing
4:56 pm
anything to stop it. >> reporter: waves of stress that soar for the monahans with every high tide. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. here are jacqueline london and chris cato. >> and next, all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, sick dogs for sale. >> that is the allegation against a local dog dealer. now, one state attorney general is taking action against her and her operation. also, pressing the pope for an answer. will he or won't he make a mill gr -- pilgrimage to philadelphia? we asked him directly and we have the pontiff's answer. sheena? >> a beautiful day for today, tomorrow morning, a little bit cooler and showers over the weekend. i will show you that forecast coming up. more trouble for the treasurer. the state of delaware --
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, the plot thickens in the high-stakes casino heist. at the jersey shore, police rounded up more suspects. the investigation now stretches from new jersey into pennsylvania and delaware and today, we learned that there are now eight people charged in the robbery at caesar's, including a recently fired security officer. >> we learned that the entire heist took just four minutes. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, has been covering that story since the crime happened on july 21st. and ted, today, you talked to the investigatorsing they describe how the whole heist went down and what those suspects allegedly did with all that money. >> reporter: chris and jackie, new jersey state police say the ronners came here to caesar's with very intimate knowledge of casino operations, but that didn't prevent them from getting caught. >> i don't think these were, you
5:00 pm
know, master criminals here. >> reporter: investigators say they were in and out of caesar's in four minutes, but within hours, authorities had at least one of the suspects on their radar. >> it just collapsed when everybody involved very shortly involved afterwards. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first time since the july 21st heist in atlantic city, new jersey state police announced the arrests of eight people, including these five men. investigators say yi yi plumber and aaron evans were wearing masks then they robbed employees at gunpoint, including a security officer was more than $181,000 that had been taken out of cash machines. >> one of the security officers thought that he was familiar with one of the people. >> reporter: why? plumber worked as a security guard at caesar's until he was fired less than two weeks before the holdup. >> they seemed to have pretty good detailed information as to when this was going to occur and when it was going to occur. >> reporter: two other men were waiting offen a side street in this hyundai na


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