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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 15, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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well, today is the day that students, parents and teachers have waited for, some with dread, we'll learn if philadelphia public schools have enough money to start classes on time. the mid-atlantic champs from philadelphia hit the big show today. the little league world series. boy, it feels more like football weather out there this morning, though. 62 degrees in philadelphia, but the rest of the area seeing temperatures in the 50s right now. 40s if you're in the poconos. can you believe that? this is a live look at cape may. a cooler cape may this morning. you may need a jacket as you head out. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato.
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let's go to brittney shipp for an explanation of these cooler temps. >> the poconos like you mentioned, high 40s this morning. the rest of the areas in the 50s and 60s. grab a jacket as you're heading out the door. temperatures stay ibelow average. once again as we head into the afternoon, right now temperatures are at 49 in the poconos and 57 in allentown and temperatures in cherry hill at 58 degrees and only 57 in mt. holly. closer to the shore 55 degrees and 60s right along our delaware beaches and 62 degrees in delaware city. as we head into the afternoon, we'll push into the high 70s and still feels more like fall versus august. i'll let you know how long these cooler temperatures will stick around coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. for now we'll send it over to jillian for a check of traffic. route 202 northbound as you
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approach 76 some of that normal 202 construction that has been out there and this morning 76, little bit of activity out there, but no delays to report on 76 at this hour as a result of that construction. hetting to coatesville, some activity between modena road and strode avenue. more information now on what you just mentioned there the situation in coatesville. the police activity ais because of this breaking news. police are responding to a shooting on south first avenue. officers were called out there about an hour ago. this came across police scanners as two people being shot, but sometimes those reports are premature. we do know one person has been transported to the hospital. no word yet on what prompted this shooting and the nature of those injuries and police are on scene right now and we're
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getting a crew en route. as soon as we have more information we'll certainly pass that along. now, let's move on to the philadelphia school budget crisis. in about six hours from now, we may know if a lack of funding will delay the start of the school year in philadelphia. t katie is live with a preview. katie e? >> we'll also learn if the school district will lay off any other teachers or personnel or have a shortened school year. those are all options on the table because they're facing more than an $80 million budget cap. that is because the issue we've been talking about for weeks is the cigarette tax. a $2 per tax pack that will generate for philadelphia public schools. lawmakers in harrisburg still need to vote to approve it to send it to governor corbbett's desk. he has advanced money to the
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district and superintendent william hite says that does not means school can open on time this year. he eis going to make an announcement if schools will open on time or not. the district serves about 200,000 students. coming up at 4:30 you will hear from a teacher who was worried about those students, as well as her livelihood this year. reporting live in spring garden, katy za katy zachry. >> live comments this afternoon at 10:00 that is when that news conference is expected to start. now, to the situation in ferguson, missouri. overnight nbc 10 confirmed that the police department is expected to release the name of the police officer that killed that unarmed a eed teenagerer.
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before we get to the news on the officer's name being released it was calmer than it has been in several nights. >> much calmer. we also have this, the governor of missouri announced the state highway patrol will take over policing ferguson and the captain in charge is from ferguson. let's look at what happened last night. it was noisy, but not violent last night in ferguson. people honked car horns and streets to make themselves heard and an earlier protest also orderly. missouri's governor says the people of ferguson want justice and peace. >> they told me they want a community that is happy and healthy and safe. they want their streets to be free from intimidation and fear. they want peace, they want truth and they want to be treated with respect. today the message to the people of ferguson is that these voices have been heard. >> here's what this is all about. michael brown killed last
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saturday. police say it happened after a scuffle had spilled out to the street, but two witnesses said brown was on the street with his hands in the air when the officer fired him repeatedly. if it could happen in ferguson, it could happen in philly. that's one of the comments at a peaceful vigil last night in love park. organized entirely on social media, more than 400 people gathered to remember michael brown and others who have died because of police brutality. live in the digital operation center, tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. happening later today, a viewing will be held for the four kids who died in that house fire in southwest philadelphia last month. brothers pat and twin sisters died in that fire that broke out on the night of july 4th. it began on the porch of a row home on gesner street and destroyed several homes. witnesses there that night told us they heard fire crackers
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shortly before the fire started. i talked to the fire chief earlier this week and he said this is a complex investigation. now, tonight services will be held at divine mercy par sirxsh. now to philadelphia's bid for the democratic national convention. city leaders are confident that they put their best foot forward earlier this week. the museum of art last night when the sight selection committee made the final stop in this trip. ed rendell led the tour and city discussions. both leaders believe philly made a great impression. >> every venue, every stop, every interview. we did 100 out of 100. >> i think they leave and go back to their respected areas knowing this is a city that can put on a major national convention. >> so, they think they nailed
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it. the 2016 democratic national convention could bring the city $345 million in economic impact. philadelphia is considered the front-runner among the five cities vying for that event. philadelphia is up against columbus, ohio, birmingham, alabama. the committee will make their decision by the end of this year or early next year. batter up. the dragons played their first game in the little league world series. the city of philadelphia is ready for that big game. this is a live look at city hall where a prep rally is scheduled for later today and that's where nbc 10 jesse gary is live. a lot of people say philadelphia needed this feel-good moment that this team has provided. >> that's for sure if you're watching the phillies. that is, of course, another story. the festivities take place inside the courthouse of city hall. the last bit of hoopla before the first pitch. yesterday the team led by monet
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davis took to the batting cages. the dragons advanced to the little league world series blanking a team from delaware and now parents, spectators and the eyes of the nation focus on this product of south philly tenacity. the coach is glad. the talk and speculation phase is all done. >> it's good because they can get back to what they're here to do. play baseball and have a good time and stay focused. >> and the mayor and other dignitaries are going to be here at the prep rally. our own tim furlong is out in williamsport. we're working on getting some sound from the early morning commuters in center city about how they feel about the dragons and making it to the little league world series. we'll try to have that coming up for you in the next hour. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> everyone wants a t-shirt. those are on sale right now at modell sports. look at tim furlong's smiling picture there. he is happy because he's
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covering the dragons. you can watch for his reports this afternoon right here on nbc 10 news. feels more like football weather outside this morning and the eagles are playing tonight in a preseason game. a little short handed in tonight's game against the new england patriots. the birds are missing two starting receivers. riley cooper probably won't play and jeremy mackland is doubtful. kickoff tonight is at 7:30. first alert weather and meteorologist brittney shipp. >> temperatures today feel closer to fall-like conditionses the middle of august. so, as we head into the rest of your morning, expect to stay below average for today. so, it will be a cool start, as well. unseasonably cool. below average temperatures even as we head into your afternoon highs and then we will see a chance of rain as we push into the weekend. on sunday, your saturday is safe.
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a closerer look outside right now. the city skyline and mostly clear skies and mostly sunny skies as we head into the rest of this afternoon. we don't have a chance of showers, like we did yesterday. but a closer look at our current temperatures for philadelphia. 61 degrees, 70% with our humidity, wind speeds out of the north, northwest at 8 miles per hour. you're probably going to need a light jacket when you head out the door, especially if you're in the poconos or lehigh valley. experiencing cooler temperatures, we do have cold air coming in from the north and if you take a look at buffalo, only 5 5 degrees this morning and 52 in detroit. cold air extends to chicago. 55 degrees and 57 in cincinnati and little bit warmer to the south in the carolinas. throughout the rest of our area, 57 in mt. holly and only 49 degrees in the poconos and 57 in all allentown and temperatures in dover at 60 degrees. a closer look at our radar. you can see clear conditions here. we are going to see a few passing clouds as we head into the rest of today, but that area
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of low pressure that is to the north of us and we have dry air that's riding along that trough coming in from the west and we'll see below average temperatures. another cool start to the morning and as we head to the rest of today, plenty of sunshine expected and a few passing clouds. as we push into saturday and then see clouds increasing as we head into sunday. that's when we're going to see our chance of showers and you can see it will set up to the north and west of us. by 4:00, a chance of showers back in the forecast on your sunday. heading into your late morning hours, 66 degrees in philadelphia by 8:00 a.m. and temperatures today in the high 70s. what about the traffic this morning as you get ready to begin for you your final day of the workweek. jillian mele is in now with a look at traffic. >> a couple spots of construction. you can see it right here. lights set up on 202 northbound as you approach 76. it's dark out there and two right lanes blocked and road work on 95 northbound right near the philadelphia international
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airport. you can see it right in this area. that construction goes from 420 out to the airport on the northbound side of 95. so far so good on the area bridges and this is a dark shot. i can see it right in that area and around 4:20 this morning we are anticipating a bridge opening so a ship can pass through. traffic will be stopped for a few minutes and we're still following that police activity in coatesville. you can take strode avenue to get around it. chris? pressing the pope for an answer. will he or won't he take a trip to philadelphia next engineer? an nbc reporter asked him directly and you'll hear his answer next. some strange polices here. the unexpected spot police say these drinks were discovered.
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look at this. two parachuters made a hard landing in someone's backyard yesterday. police say the parachutes did open, but the pair still hit the ground hard. one of the jumpers, a man from delaware broke his foot. now, this is close to where a company called free-fall adventures offer sky diving lessons. not guilty. that's the plea congressman fata's son made in court yesterday. the government said he tried, he lied, actually, to get bank loans and filed false tax returns. he denies those allegations. his father is married to nbc 10 anks renee chenault-fattah.
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isaiah plumber taking more money out of machines. he was fired two weeks before the hold up. new jersey state police spoke publicly for the first time since the robbery on july 21st. >> they seem to have pretty good detailed information when this is going to occur and where this was going to occur. >> investigators say they seized about $150,000 in stolen crash, marijuana and merchandise bought with the money that was stolen in that heist. robin williams get will a tribute during the emmy awards on august 25th on nbc. the actor cuiomedian will. yesterday his wife said he was in the early stages of parkinson's disease and was struggling with depression and anxiety. well, two missing amish girls have turned up safe about
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24 hours after they were apparently abducted from their family's roadside stand in new york. they vanished wednesday night after a white car pulled up to the stand. they were found last night about 13 miles from their home. no word yet on exactly what happened to the girls or if any suspects are being sought. and listen to this, a montana toddler survived a car crash and a very long wait for help. the 2-year-old boy's mother was driving when she lost control and drove down an embankment. she died and the car wasn't found until a day and a half later. when troopers got to the scene, they found the little boy still strapped into the car seat alive and in good condition. an arizona teacher was arrested for being drunk on the job and it's not the first time. authorities say 57-year-old kathleen jardeen admitted to drinking on the job on  wednesday. she was cursing at students and admitted to drinking before school and at the lunch break. this is what school security says it found in her classroom.
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a bauottle of vodka, small bott of wine. she was fired from another school in 2011 for being drunk in class. pope francis continues his vit to south korea today calling on asia's young catholics to reject materialism and economic systems that hurt the poor. the pontiff celebrated his first public mass in south korea before 50,000 people. this was held 1,000 miles southwest of seoul. this is the first papal visit in 25 years. now, perhaps bearing the lead here a little. pope francis said he is coming to philadelphia next year on his plane from rome to south korea. he told ann thompson he would visit philadelphia to celebrate world family day next september. but official confirmation from the vatican won't come until six months ahead of that event. right now all is quiet in the middle east kriswise the longest cease-fire yet between hamas and israel holding.
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the five-day extension of the truce is due to run through monday. they're optimistic that a peace deal for gaza can soon be reached. they want to end a block aid of gaza, something that is necessary to prevent weapon smuggling by the palestinian militants. this is the leader of ukraine's populous radical party. he became a punching bag when he was arguing with another member of parliament about the plight of soldiers fighting in east ukraine. watch this. slugged him there. after that punch, the man kind of staggered and appeared stunned. now, brawls often erupt in kiev's parliament with deputies hitting each other and often throwing chairs. good morning. it's going to feel a lot like fall as we head into the rest of your friday. temperatures staying well below
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average or average for this time of year. 86 degrees. we'll struggle to even get into the 80s for today. it will be a school start, as well. some locations in the 40s this morning. below average temperatures will continue for the next two days. we are going to warm back to average conditions heading into next week and we have weekend rain chances as we head into your sunday. so, the second half of your weekend. but mostly clear skies right now along the philadelphia skyline. a little bit of patchy fog closer to blue bell. for philadelphia 61 degrees and humidity at 71% and wind speeds out of the north, northwest at 8 miles per hour. throughout the rest of our area, take a look at the poconos. only 59 degrees and 57 in allentown and mid-50s in westchester. cool start to the morning in wilmington and 59 degrees there and 57 in millville and a lot warmer down in stone harbor at 66 degrees. a closer look at our satellite radar here. we are seeing quiet conditions, once again. just a few clouds moving into parts of the poconos and an area of low pressure that remained
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off to the northeast of us. we have dry air filtering in from the west and also cooler air and that's why our temperatures are staying below average for today and we're also seeing a cool start to the morning. our future weather shows that we have nothing to worry about as we head into our friday or even into our saturday. plenty of sunshine on both days and things will change as we head into sunday. a chance of showers. you can see them start to develop entoyour overnight hours on saturday heading into your morning hours on sunday. today's temperatures range between 76 and 79 degrees. sunny, less humid and cool. i'll let you know when we warm things back up, coming up. 4:22 now. let's get a check of traffic and see if that bridge opening has occurred yet. jillian was warning us of that. >> usually we can swing four to ten minutes. traffic is stopped right now on the tacony palmyra bridge.
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that typically only lasts for ten minutes. still have this construction out there. 95 northbound. this is a live look right near route 420 and that's where that construction is this morning. it's not causing any delays right now. roads in the lehigh valley, this is 78 at lehigh street and no issues to report there. still following this police activity in coatesville. you can take strode avenue which is 82 if you need to get around it. vanishing act. up next, what is missing from a local pet shop this morning and why the store is concerned. >> ever say that word. out in public again. a poor choice of words. why what that woman said inside a supermarket landed her under arrest.
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4:25. the search continues this morning for this puppy. stolen from a northeast philadelphia pet store, the store manager told nbc 10 that a man just walked out of pets plus carrying the 2-pound yorky in his hands. the puppy needs to be fed regularly and needs vitamins. everyone in the store is worried. >> this is a very unfortunate incident and we are very, very upset about it and we hope this dog is found. >> there is another look at that little puppy. it it was born in june. and it's going to feel a whole lot like fall today. low humidity. temperatures staying in the 70s. i'll let you know how long these conditions will last. jillian? >> good morning. traffic was stopped so a ship
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could pass through. at 4:30 i'll get you updated on that and construction is clearing on 76 near vare avenue. coming up in a few minutes, a live look at 95 and katy zachry. >> we are in school district in philadelphia and previewing a live announcement coming up later this morning. will philadelphia public schools open on time and will teachers have to be laid off?
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will philadelphia schools open on time? that's what is at stake in a desishz from the philadelphia
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school district. the kids from philly hit the big time. the taney dragons will need all the fire power. a look in camden and it's on the cool side. 60 degrees in philadelphia. yeah, good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we saw jesse gary out wearing the jacket this morning. brittney shipp is in with the first alert forecast. chilly for august, right? >> grab a sweater as you're heading out the door. if you're in the lehigh valley if you're in the poconos you're in the 40s this morning. a live look at cape may and mostly clear conditions and mostly sunny skies heading into the afternoon. it's going it be a fantastic day, pleasant, low humidity eand temperatures staying below our average, which is the mid-80s for this time of year. right now temperatures in the 40s for the poconos and 57 degrees in allentown and 58 in atlantic city this morning and as we head into


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