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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  August 15, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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desishz from the philadelphia school district. the kids from philly hit the big time. the taney dragons will need all the fire power. a look in camden and it's on the cool side. 60 degrees in philadelphia. yeah, good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we saw jesse gary out wearing the jacket this morning. brittney shipp is in with the first alert forecast. chilly for august, right? >> grab a sweater as you're heading out the door. if you're in the lehigh valley if you're in the poconos you're in the 40s this morning. a live look at cape may and mostly clear conditions and mostly sunny skies heading into the afternoon. it's going it be a fantastic day, pleasant, low humidity eand temperatures staying below our average, which is the mid-80s for this time of year. right now temperatures in the 40s for the poconos and 57 degrees in allentown and 58 in atlantic city this morning and as we head into the rest of
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today, our temperatures will range between 76 and 79 and sunny, less humid, cool and a little bit breezy with the wind speeds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. how long are these temperatures going to last? i'll let you know coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. for now we say good morning to jillian. >> good friday to you at home. traffic is just about to get moving on the tacony bridge. arms had to open and traffic was stopped for a few minutes. still have this construction 95 northbound between route 20 and the philadelphia international airport. some construction out past york avenue that is starting to wrap up. it is tough to see in this camera, but some cones set up and not causing any slow downs. average speeds on the highway in the mid-50s. that's right near girard and 50 on 76 and right near city avenue and then 55 on the blue route for drivers in chester county.
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and majors are looking good and police activity between modena road and oak street. now to the philadelphia school budget crisis. this could be a pivotal day. we should find out if schools will open on time. nbc 10 katicat katj zachry is le the school superintendent will give a budget update. tell us more? >> a lot of students and parents awaiting this announcement. we'll learn if schools will open on time, september 8th. that is three weeks from now. the district contends there is not enough money to oepen schoos on time. the cigarette tax. we've been talking about it for weeks. generate more than 8$0 million for philadelphia public schools. lawmakers need to approve it and that vote is not scheduled until after schools are supposed to open september 8th. last month governor corbett
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advanced money to the district but william hite says that does not fill the $81 million budget gap that is preventing schools from opening on time. a reality that worries mom and special education teacher. last year some of oher colleagues were laid off before the start of school. >> always frustrating as a parent and as a teacher watching it where it just seems to become about numbers all the time and you don't put our children's faces to the numbers as you cut, cut, cut. >> and superintendent william hite is scheduled to make an announcement this morning at 10:00 a.m. at district headquarters here in spring garden about whether or not schools will open september 8th and if they open, if teachers will have to be laid off to make up for that budget gap. we'll know more at 10:00 this morning. >> we will have live coverage of the school superintendent's budget update this morning on our website on and then a complete report on nbc 10 news at 11:00. dragon fever.
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philly has it. the first game today in the little league world series. davis will probably be the starting pitcher for today's game. she and her teammates took to the batting cages yesterday for practice in williamsport. takes on the south little league all-stars. the city of philadelphia is ready for the big game. a live look here at city hall where a prep rally and viewing rally will be held at 2:00 this afternoon just before the game starts. full coverage nb xrrx 10 tim furlong reporting live from williamsport. watch his reports right here on nb xr nbc 10 news. overnight ferguson police department is expected to name the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed african-american teen some time today. that's what protestvers beers hn calling for all along. it was noisy last night, but not violent. this was last night's protest in ferguson over the shooting death
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of 18-year-old michael brown. much calmer than the last few nights. president obama called for calm yesterday and missouri's governor tapped a highway police captain from ferguson to handle security, to take over security. we'll have a live report from ferguson coming up at 4:45. new this morning from ocean county, police have arrested a man who they say carved a swastika into his neighbor's lawn. this is 45-year-old scott couldn't. neighbors watched him make that symbol of hate and they took a picture and called police. happening today a remembrance walk and a moment of silence for a murdered philadelphia woman. she was found murdered on july 14th. a graduate of the art institute of philadelphia. her body was found stuffed inside a duffel bag inside this abandoned home in kensington. she had been strangled. her body dumped there and police say she was robbed and killed by this man, her neighbor in west
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philadelphia. he is under arrest charged with her murder. tonight's vigil will begin at the art institute of philadelphia at 8:00 p.m. the crowd will then walk the schuylkill river trail for a moment of silence. a special education teacher accused of having sex with one of her students faces a preliminary hearing in philadelphia court today. >> stephanie amato is the woman charged and faces sexual assault and child endangerment. she turned herself in to police in june. she was suspended from her job in northeast philadelphia. the teen told a family court judge that he had sex with her on more than ten different occasions last spring. well, today a fire station in the rocksborough neighborhood will reopen after it was shut down months ago because of dangerous fumes inside the fire house. the station along the 7700 block of ridge avenue was closed in december after tests found that those chemicals and fumes were
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present. it houses engine company 66. they've been working out of a different station about a mile away for months now. recent testing shows that everything is now okay inside the building. today's reopening will take place at 10:00 a.m. dozens of patients back from the dead. >> a hospital is apologizing for sending out death notices to patients who are still very much alive. plus, a scare at a salon, some local women getting manicures are froitightened whe man busts in with heavy duty fire power. >> i love him, he's so adorable and cute. adorable and cute he may be but how that woman's fourth son arrived that maxs him stand out from the first three. temperatures in the 70. well below our average for the middle part of august. i'll let you know if they stick around as we head into the weekend and what to expect. that's coming up.
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good morning. we are going to see low humidity, below average temperatures continuing. plenty of sunshine without the chance of showers like we saw yesterday. so, this is going to be a really nice day. a great friday evening ahead for you, too. and a cool start. so, make sure you grab your sweaters as you're heading out the door. below average temperatures will continue for the start of your weekend and as we head into sunday and next week. also weekend rain chances back in the forecast for you. a live look right now at the city skyline and mostly clear skies throughout philadelphia. 61 degrees and wind speeds out of the north, northwest at 8 miles per hour and a closer look at our temperatures throughout the region. so, if you're in reading, we are in the 50s this morning. 57 degrees and 58 in atlantic city and if you're in the poconos, we're in the 40s this morning. you'll definitely need a jacket if you're heading out the door soon. 57 degrees in mt. holly and 60 degrees in dover.
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average for this time of year is 86. as we head into today, take a look at that well below average 78 degrees. we'll start to recover a bit as we head into saturday with a high of 82 degrees and lots of sunshine expected both today heading into tomorrow. a radar shows that we're seeing a few clouds moving closer to the poconos and dry air and cooler air continues to pump in from the west and we'll see below average conditions continuing. your seven-day forecast shows a high of 78 degrees, really nice conditions and 82 degrees on your saturday and perfect. take a look at what happens sunday and our clouds increasing and chance of showers and as we head into monday, warm and humid. temperatures back to average in the mid-80s and track another chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. 4:41. let's get a round up of what's going on on the roads. >> good morning. >> still have a little bit of construction on 76 westbound right near vare avenue and we have a little bit there. no delays. some construction 95 northbound that is still out there between
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route 420 and the philadelphia international airport. this is a live at the airport and both directions on the blue route and no directions, but if you remember earlier this week that repaving project was expected to start on the blue route and expected to start tonight. this 476 construction is expect today be out there tonight until late december and two spot that are hot spots. right near route 3 and route 30 and this is happening in delaware and montgomery counties on the blue route. some overnight construction similar to what we have been seeing on 76. again, a repaving project that is expected to be out there for roughly the next month and a half. guys? a change last night in ferguson, missouri. >> after four days of racial tension and clashes between protesters and police there. there was a dramatic shift overnight in the tone in that town. what brought that about, next, in a live report. plus -- >> mothers just have, you know, they just have that day. you know, like, where they feel
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stressed out. every mother does. >> that woman just learned the hard way that there are certain words you should not say in the superintendent.
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we're following breaking news in coatesville. first video from the scene. chester county. police are on the scene of a shooting. along south first avenue. we do know that somebody has been taken to the hospital. officers were called there around 3:00 a.m. and working to find more information and as soon as we do, we'll pass it along. now to the situation in ferguson, missouri. overnight, nbc 10 confirmed the ferguson police department is expected today to release the name of that police officer who shot and killed an unarmed african-american teenager over the weekend. national correspondent jay gray is live for us this morning in ferguson, missouri. jay? >> hey, there, good morning, chris, look, maybe it was the new strategy or the new
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leadership by police on the ground or maybe it was the call for an end to the violence. first from the governor and then president obama, whatever the case things were different overnight. for the first time this week, ferguson was calm overnight. calm. but by no means quiet. hundreds of protesters still spilled out into the streets. and police still stood guard. but this time, it was a march. not the melee that played out the nights before. >> there is a different feel. not as much tension, but i feel a great positive force that's in the air and there's a lot of hope here. >> reporter: hope it seems for the first time since michael brown, an unarmed teenager was shot and killed during a confrontation with police. the gas mask and riot gear now gone and state troopers walking with angry residents in a show
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of unity. >> i was extremely excited and almost emotional to the point of tears and the unity between the people, regardless of the race, everybody holding hands. lifting up their hands. >> reporter: a sense of release. >> hands up! >> reporter: and relief. for this community. led by one of their own. state highway patrol captain ron johnson, a ferguson to take security in the city. >> hopefully they'll go home and say this is going to be all right and we gained a sense of trust. >> reporter: trust that doesn't come easy in a community that is still angry and grieving, but for at least one night, marching away from the violence that had defined their city in this protests and, instead, now taking a step towards healing. now, look, both protesters and police here seem to understand,
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it's just one step in what is sure to be a long, very difficult journey here. live in ferguson, missouri, i'm jay gray. chris, back to you now. >> off the top we said today we expect the police department will release the name of that officer who shot and killed that young man. have you confirmed that and, if so, why the change in tactic there? >> no. and, in fact, chris, what we've heard going into last night was that is not going to happen for some time. look, we've heard in days' past that they were going to release the name of the officer and then always drawn back. i think we need to be cautious. a lot of talk about that happening today and there's a lot of push from the protesters and angry members of this community to get the name of the officer involved here. they think that's part of what would be a transparent investigation here. but, a lot of people within the police department here and even the prosecutor here has said now
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is likely not the time to release that name. so, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. but at this point, we don't have any confirmation from officials. >> jay gray live in ferguson. thank you, jay. now to the crisis in iraq and the white house is giving credit to iraq's leaders for shift in power there. iraqi prime minister al maliki stepped down yesterday. the obama administration favored the change as the baghdad government battles a security threat. liberian officials face a tough choice. who will get the last few doses of an experimental obeebola dru. two doctors will be among those to get the drug and deciding who else will be treated. the california company that developed the drug said it will take months to make more and a delaware county hospital is sending 40 hospital beds to help patients infected with ebola. the donated equipment will be delivered in three months and two volunteers will go along to
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make sure they're delivered safely. listen to this. in melbourne, australia, someone has some explaining to do. a hospital is apologizing for writing off more than 200 patients as dead. the hospital said it was an accidental click of the mouse that sent death notices to the family. the error was quickly fixed, but in one case, it was too late. one doctor called a family member to express his condolences. can you imagine? good morning, as we head into the rest of your friday, it is going to feel like fall today. temperatures are going to stay in the 70s throughout most of our locations. it will be a cool start. we're ranging between the 40s and the 60s for your early morning lows. and then below average temperatures will continue both today and heading into tomorrow. we are tracking rain chances pushing into sunday. a live look right now at the city skyline where temperatures this morning in philadelphia, 61 degrees. our average for this time of
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year for overnight lows closer to 68. we're below average now and we will be as we head into the afternoon. humidity at 70%. throughout the rest of our region, 57 in reading and 58 in atlantic city and under clear skies and patchy fog is happening right now in parts of blue bell and other parts of our area here this morning. we are seeing temperatures at 58 degrees in trenton and 53 in potstown and 57 in reading and a chilly start to the morning in millville at 57. temperatures, again, down in philadelphia. cooler than we were yesterday. down 6 degrees in mt. pocono and down four degrees in redding and three degrees cooling in rover. 78 today and 82 degrees tomorrow. satellite shows that quiet conditions will continue for us as we see dry air moving in from the west. that will provide the drier air that will decrease our humidity and make it feel nice and
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comfortable for today. temperatures range from 76 and 79 degrees and plenty of sunshine and westerly wind at 7 miles per hour and i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. if you're getting ready to head out the door on your friday, friday rush hour. let's get you updated on the roads. >> before we can enjoy the weekend, we have to get you to work and see if there are any problems out there. jillian? >> upper oxford township. 26th street southbound right at limestone road and that accident involves a motorcycle. use caution there. still have this police activity because of that shooting overnight in coatesville. strode avenue is a good option to get around that. and a final spot of construction on 76 westbound and that's still out there as you can see one lane of traffic is getting by. little tap of the brakes as drivers make that way past that scene and as soon as you get past the few cones 76 is then in the clear. salon scare.
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women were there for their manicures but local police got something they never expected. you'll see it for yourself, next. plus a supermarket arrest. the words you don't want to say why shopping here.
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five minutes before 5:00 right now. the search is on for the person who robbed a northeast philadelphia nail salon. he walked in and looked around and then came back armed with a rifle. he grabbed an envelope that was next to the register and took off. nobody was hurt. well, the mother of those three kids who were killed in that carjacking crash in philadelphia a few weeks ago has now been laid to rest herself. family and friends gathered to pay their respects to keshia williams. she died in the hospital last thursday. a private service was held yesterday in philadelphia. last month keshia and her three children were run over by an suv driven by two carjacking suspects. the children and their mom were there selling fruit to raise money. two other people were injured.
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now, cornelius crawford and jonathan rosa are the men facing charges in that carjacking case. they are charged with murder among other things. the race car driver who cause killed by nascar champion tony stewart has been laid to rest. more than 700 mourners jammed a high school in syracuse, new york, to say good-bye to kevin ward jr. he was struck and killed during a race last saturday. he was remembered as a talented and aggressive driver who had a bright future in motor sports. tony stewart said he will not race sunday at michigan international speedway. officials expect the investigation into ward's death to take at least two weeks. but so far no evidence to indicate any criminal intent. this new nasa attraction that will soon open to the public includes a replica space shuttle on top of one of the old planes that used to carry the real shuttles. yesterday crews used the crane to hoist the replica into place.
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visitors can tour boat crafts when the exhibit is finished which is expect today be next year. a south carolina mom who was arrested for using profanity in a grocery store wants to put the whole thing behind her. she was handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct sunday night after shopping with her husband and children. she wants people to know that she just had become fed up and she lost her patience. >> mothers just have, you know, they just have that day. you know, like where they feel stressed out. every mother does. >> the woman who reported her at the store says she never expected that she was going to be arrested. the two women have talked, both apologized and put the whole thing, again, behind them. >> what did she say? >> a profanity. >> she used profanity. okay. a pregnant texas woman waiting in line to register her son for pre-k ended up having her baby at the school. vanessa says she was already in labor when she got in line, but she thought it was important to reserve a spot in school for her
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4-year-old son. she figured she could drop off the application and go to the hospital. the baby didn't want to wait and the school nurse came to the rescue. >> i'm trying to get on my gloves and i look and the baby is crowning. i threw the box down and i got the phone here and i see the baby. i had no choice but to pull the baby out. >> he's so adorable. i love him. he's so cute. >> that's not a situation the school nurse ever expects to have to deal with. she did it very well. and mom and baby and the rest of the family are doing fine. the school principal says the new baby will get an automatic spot when he's ready for school. no waiting. >> he was there super, super early. >> thank goodness for a well-trained nurse, right? you're watching nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. a lot on the line this
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morning for thousands of students, their parents, teachers and other employees in the philadelphia school district. we may just be hours away now from hearing if classes will start on time and if there will be layoffs. people take to the streets again in ferguson, missouri, where an unarmed teen is shot. the weather dramatically cooler this morning. we are off to a crisp start on this friday as we see boathouse row lit up in red, white and blue because of the democratic national committee was in town. will it be an all-american weekend? we certainly hope so. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out and find out about the cooler temperatures with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> make sure you grab a sweater as you're heading out the door, the poconos and lehigh valley where temperatures are in the high 40s in the poconos. feels more like fall and that trend is going to continue even as we head into the afternoon with temperatures staying in the 70s. closer look at our right now
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temperatures. 48 degrees, actually, in mt. pocono and 53 in allentown and 52 in blue bell. temperatures in washington township at 57. high 50s and wrights down closer to the shore mid-50s in atlantic city and as we head into the rest of today, 70 degrees by 11:00 a.m. mid-70s and a nice lunch break for you and then temperatures by 4:00 p.m., 78. a beautiful friday evening on tap for us. i'll go over all the details how long the cooler temperatures will last. looks like a lot happening on the roads behind you, jillian. >> crews are finishing up picking up the rest of the cones. part of that repaving project on 76 southbound and that should be gone and out of there. in chester county, two problems. one involving a motorcycle in upper oxford and limestone road and then the other problem is this police activity we're following in coatesville


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