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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  August 15, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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pocono and 53 in allentown and 52 in blue bell. temperatures in washington township at 57. high 50s and wrights down closer to the shore mid-50s in atlantic city and as we head into the rest of today, 70 degrees by 11:00 a.m. mid-70s and a nice lunch break for you and then temperatures by 4:00 p.m., 78. a beautiful friday evening on tap for us. i'll go over all the details how long the cooler temperatures will last. looks like a lot happening on the roads behind you, jillian. >> crews are finishing up picking up the rest of the cones. part of that repaving project on 76 southbound and that should be gone and out of there. in chester county, two problems. one involving a motorcycle in upper oxford and limestone road and then the other problem is this police activity we're following in coatesville between
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modina road and oak street. you can take strode avenue if you need to get around it. that shooting overnight and breaking news. one person is hurt after a shooting in south coatesville and just minutes ago got video into the newsroom of the scene. police responded to the 500 block of south first avenue and within the past half hour, police and ambulance crews were there. officers were called to the shooting about 3:00 this morning. we're leaworking to learn what to the violence and the police investigation. will philadelphia public schools open on time this year? that question will be answered in about five hours when superintendent william hite addresses the massive budget shortfall that could prevent schools from opening and lead to layoffs. katy zachry is live outside school district headquarters with more. katy. >> we'll also learn if teachers or other personnel will be laid off or if the district will deal with a shortened school year.
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all actions on the table according to district leaders because right now they are dealing with an $81 million budget shortfall. the issue we've been talking about it for months is that cigarette tax. a $2 per pack tax that will generate enough money to fill the current budget gap. lawmakers in harrisburg still need to vote to approve it, though, that vote is not scheduled until after schools are slated to open, which is september 8th. governor corbett and failed leadership in harrisburg. he says it is because the problem has not been resolved here at home within the city of philadelphia and the school district. >> we've been looking at a situation like this for decades when it comes to funding. 55% of the funding comes from the state of pennsylvania. >> we are holding our children hostage because we're unwilling to fund education in this city to the extent we as pennsylvanians deserve to have
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our education system funded. >> you just heard from tom wolf who is running against tom corbett for governor. he was in philadelphia yesterday and weighed in on the budget crisis. philadelphia school district is pennsylvania's largest school district. at 10:00 this morning, we are expecting that district annou e announcement about whether or not schools will open on time and if there will be any layoffs. at 10:00 a.m., you can keep it tuned right here. live coverage of the school superintendent news conference streaming it on and nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. now to the situation in ferguson, missouri. conflicting reports about whether the ferguson police department will release the name of the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed african-american team. similar reports earlier this week and so far it has not happened. this is what happened last night. it was noisy, but gnaw a violent night in ferguson.
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police honked car horns to make themselves heard. earlier protests also very orderly. missouri's governor said people of ferguson want justice and peace. 18-year-old michael brown was killed last saturday night. police say it happened after a scuffle inside an officer's patrol car that spilled out to the street. two witnesses said brown was on the street with his hands in the air when the officer fired at him. if it could happen in ferguson, it could happen at philly. one of the comments in philadelphia's love park. organized entirely on social media, 400 gathered to remember michael brown and others who have died because of police brutality. >> you watch television when you're following people via social network, you can see yourself in them. >> i think it hit close to home because i have a little brother who is 22, a little brother and i can't imagine what the parents are going through. >> so close to my age. it hit home. i am 17, he was a year older. >> the vigil included a moment of silence shared at similar
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gatherings xroo s across the co. angry tweets about the michael brown situation, but from people who have the wrong state. some are confusing ferguson township in center county with ferguson, missouri. the police chief said her department has tweeted out who to contact. happening today, people will get their chance to pay respects to the four kids who were killed in that house fire in southwest philadelphia a few weeks ago. nbc 10 monique braxton is live in southwest philadelphia. monique, this memorial six weeks in the making. what can you tell us about it? >> the relatives of those four children are preparing to say good-bye this weekend. as you know, this fire began on july 5th. the viewing is going to be held here about 8:00 tonight. look at the video now. nbc 10 cameras were rolling when the fire began on the early morning of july 5th. one funeral is going to be held for 4-year-old twins maria
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bowah. patrick say, e holding his baby brother taj jcque. police told investigators and nbc 10 people were playing with fireworks near the porch where the blaze began. our news desk making calls to fire investigators on a daily basis. the fire marshal's office tells us this case is complicated and remains under investigation. now, the viewing will take place about 8:00 tonight. as you know, strangers began helping the families, reaching out to them. we're going to have more on that for you coming up in the next hour. live for now in southwest philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. 5:06 now. now to philadelphia's bid for the democratic national convention. city leaders say they're confident they put their best foot forward during the two-day pitch to party officials. the museum of art last night
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when the sight selection committee made the final stop in its trip. mayor michael nutter and ed rendell led the trip and both leaders believe that philly made a great impression. >> if i were to grade how we did, i would give us at every venue and every stop and every interview, we did 100 out of 100. >> i think they leave and go back to their respective areas knowing that this is a city that clearly can put on a major national convention. >> the 2016 democratic national convens convention could bring the city in economic impact. considered the front city among the five cities that want to host the event. columbus, brooklyn, phoenix and birmingh birmingham. they'll make their decision by the end of this year or early next year. eight people are now charged in connection with that casino heist at caesar's in atlantic city. the suspects include these five
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men. plumbers and evans robbed employees at gunpoint taking more than $181,000 out of cash machines. plumber worked as a security guard at caesar's and fired two weeks before that hold up. police spoke publicly for the first time since the robbery on july 21st. >> pretty good information when it was going to occur. >> investigators say they seized about $150,000 in stolen cash, marijuana and merchandise bought with the money that was stolen in the heist. good morning. you should start making your friday evening and saturday plans. we're going to see really nice and pleasant conditions as we head right into the weekend. a cool start this morning, grab a light jacket or sweater when you're heading out the door. below average temperatures will remain at least through sunday and then we'll warm back to average by next week. weekend rain chances mainly on sunday, on and off showers
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expected and not a whole lot of rainfall. for philadelphia right now, 60 degrees and mostly clear skies and humidity at 69% and temperatures or wind speeds out of the north, northwest at 5 miles per hour. our current temperature 48 degrees in the poconos. so, only 48 degrees. 53 in allentown and 51 in potstown and 54 degrees in westchester. in the mid-50s for millville. closer to the shore warmer in the mid-60s but entire area way below our average. typically only drop down to 68. dry air working its way in from the west and that will continue and our below average temperatures will remain at least through today and we are going to see a cool start with those clear skies that always contributes to the cooler overnight. a few clouds will move through as we head into tonight heading into tomorrow. plenty of sunshine and then take a look at what happens as we push into sunday. you'll see the clouds increasing moving in from the north and the west and our chance of showers will start to develop just outside of our area sunday
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morning and continue for friday down the shore 79 degrees today. saturday 82 and warmer but a chance of thunderstorms heading into sunday. i'll have your seven-day forecast, coming up. ten minutes after 5:00. before we can enjoy that lovely weekend, we have to get to work or wherever you're going this morning. let's look at the roads now. >> a look from jillian mele. jillian? >> we're following an accident in chester county. some construction is clearing 76 west just cleared a few minutes ago. burlington, we're still anticipating an opening on that bridge around a 5:15 this morning. that means traffic will be stopped for a few minutes, keep that in mind. i mentioned that accident in chester county, in upper oxford township at limestone road. still following the police  activity and south first avenue blocked off between modena road and oak street. take strode avenue if you need to get around it. 42 freeway and northbound side and heading out to the bridges. this is looking pretty good and also in delaware, no accidents
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to report on the majors. 95 is quiet right near route 86. new information in the death of actor and comedian robin williams. depression is not the only thing williams was suffering from. police make a miraculous discovery a day after a car crash. we'll tell you about this remarkable story.
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grandma, your biscuits are the best! these are from dunkin'. granny! i have a life, you know. [ phone rings ] oh, that's for me. ooh! dunkin's chicken biscuit sandwich is a tender breaded chicken filet on a southern-style biscuit. grab one for $2.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. 13 minutes past 5:00 right now. not guilty. that's the plea congressman
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fattah's son made in federal court yesterday. a grand jury indicted on fraud and tax charges. the government said he lied to get bank loans, filed fox talse returns. he denied the allegations. his father is married to nbc 10 news anchor renee skrrx henault-fattah. two amish sisters turned up safe after being abducted. the girls vanished wednesday night after a white car was seen pulling up to the family's stand. they were found last night 13 miles from their home and no word exactly what happened to them or if any suspects are being sought. a montana toddler survived a car crash and a very long wait for help. the 2-year-old boy's mother was driving when she lost control, rolled down an embankment killing her. the car wasn't found until a day and a half later and when troopers got to the accident scene, they found the little boy still strap under to the car
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seat alive and in good condition. now, to the situation in ferguson, missouri. there are conflicting reports about whether the ferguson police department will release the name of the police officer who shot and killed an unarmed african-american teen. the name will be released but similar reports earlier this week and so far it hasn't happened. jay gray is live in ferguson with an update. jay, good morning. >> good morning to you, tracy. always good to talk and a lot of people waiting to hear the name of that officer. as you said, we've been told it is going to be released in the past. it has not been and they'll continue to wait. maybe it was the new strategy or the new leadership for police on the ground overnight. maybe it was the call for an end to the violence first from the governor here and then from president obama. whatever the case, things were different here overnight. for the first time this week, ferguson was home overnight. calm. but by no means quiet. hundreds of protesters still
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spilled out into the streets. and police still stood guard. but this time it was a march. not the melee that played out the nights before. >> there is a different feel. there is not as much tension, but i feel a great positive force that's in the air. there's a lot of hope here. >> reporter: hope, it seems, for the first time since michael brown an unarmed teenager was shot and killed during a confrontation with police. the gas mask and riot gear now gone and state troopers walking with angry residents in a show of unity. >> i was extremely excited. almost emotion tool the point of tears because the unity between the people, regardless of the race, everybody holding hands. lifting up their hands. >> reporter: a sense of release and relief for this community led by one of their own.
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state highway patrol captain ron johnson, a ferguson resident, assigned by the governor to take control of security in the city. >> hopefully they'll go home and say this is going to be all right and we gain a sense of trust. >> reporter: trust that doesn't come easy in a community that is so angry and grieving for at least one night. marching away from the violence that had defined their city and these protests and instead now taking a step toward healing. yeah, but both protesters and police seem to understand it's just one step in what is sure to be a long and very difficult journey here. that's the latest live in ferguson, missouri, i'm jay gray. tracy, back to you. >> thanks. you can count on nbc 10 to bring you updates from ferguson as the situation there continues to develop. you can get updates any time at robin williams will get a
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tribute during the emmy awards that will be broadcast on nbc and now his wife says the actor comedian was in the early stages of parksonnen eparksonnenson's . williams was sober, but that he was struggling with depression, anxiety and the parkinson's diagnosis. which is what he wasn't ready to share with the public. schneider did not go into details when he was diagnosed or his symptoms. michael j. fox who was diagnosed with parkinson's back in 1991 tweeted yesterday say stunned to hear robin had pd. a true friend. i wish him peace. pope francis said he is coming to philadelphia next year. on his plane from rome to south korea, the pontiff told nbcann thompson that she would visit philadelphia to celebrate world family day next september. but official confirmation from the vatican won't come until
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about six months ahead of that event. pope francis continues his visit to south korea today. he is calling on catholics to reject materialism and economic systems that hurt the poor. celebrated his first public mass before 50,000 people. it was about 100 miles southwest of seoul, the world cup soccer stadium. the first papal visit to south korea in 25 years. it is about 5:20 on your friday. the weather is perfect. certainly the weather will cooperate, too, for a nice friday. >> jillian mele is jinxing it. >> i hope you didn't just jinx it. we do have traffic stopped right now for bridge opening and traffic is passing through and traffic stopped for a few minutes. if you leave yourself a few extra minutes and then head out, that is your best bet if you need to use that bridge. the rest of the area bridges are quiet and an accident involving a motorcycle in chester county. upper oxford at limestone road and this is also in chester
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county. the route 30 bypass and right near route 40. no delays, no accidents to report on the route 30 bypass. 202 is looking good right now and so is 422. as you can see the vine street expressway in center city, philadelphia, clear in both directions. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. really should start making plans. we're going to see such a nice day today. low humidity, plenty of sunshine. temperatures staying in the 70s at the shore and the city and low 70s for the poconos. it is going to be a cool start. head a jacket as you head out the door. and a chance of showers as we head into sunday. but a live look right now, mostly clear skies for us in philadelphia and temperatures at 60 degrees and light winds right now at 8 miles per hour out of the north, northwest. across the rest of the region, 48 degrees in the poconos. that's the current temperature. 56 degrees in reading. 54 in westchester and 60 in
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philadelphia and 57 at the a atlantic city airport and we're in the mid-50s if you're waking up with us in millville. the cooler air stretching detroit to chicago where temperatures are in the mid-50s. we'll continue to see dry air and cooler air coming in from the west. we'll also see an increase in our clouds, mainly in the poconos and plenty of sunshine for us today. clouds will be passing through as we head into the rest of tonight heading into your saturday. plenty of sunshine, once again. sunday things change and clouds start to increase in your early morning hours and our chance of showers start in the early morning hours and that will continue on and off throughout the day on sunday we could see anywhere from a tenth to a quarter inch of rain and not a lot of rain but on and off expected. for your friday really nice and 82 degrees and we warm up heading into sunday and a little more humid with a chance of showers continuing on and off on
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your sunday. a local teen will make history today just by stepping on to the field. the taney dragons the first philadelphia team to play in the little league world series. we'll show you how you can support the team today. ahead in our next half hour, the man who set to become the next openly gay player in football is speaking out for the first time since he revealed he is gay.
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coand join oure wtraveling celebrational as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery. fortunes could be elooking up for a popular retailer that has fallen on hard times.
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seema mody is here with that business news. >> jcpenney's turn around efforts may be bearing fruit. the retailer reporting a smaller quarterly loss as sales beat analyst forecasts on demand for home goods and jewelry. sales growth following two years of declines after jcpenney ditched popular items and promotions and that led to firing of ceo ron johnson and return of mike ohlman. >> thanks. as we head into the rest of today, we will see fall-like temperatures. we'll stay in the high 70s even in the city and low 70s in the poconos. jillian? >> good morning. we had traffic stopped for a bridge opening and now that traffic is moving again and on screen right now, traffic is moving along just fine on route 1 in bucks county.
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a live look right at pennsylvania avenue. coming up in just a few minutes, a live look at 422. it is shaping up to be a big day for everyone involved in the philadelphia school district. >> katy zachry is tracking that story for us. katy? >> 200,000 students and their parents and hundreds of teachers are all waiting to hear if schools will open on time this year. we should know in just a few hours. we'll get that answer and i'll have more coming up after the break. and a local little league team is just hours away from making history. if you haven't heard about the taney dragons before this week, you know about them now. we'll show you how you cheer them on as they play their first game in the little league world series.
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will philadelphia schools start on time and can teacher layoffs be avoided? a big announcement is expected this morning that could answer those questions. a dramatically different scene in the missouri town where an unarmed teen was shot by police. the situation is far more peaceful. we'll show you what's changed. a live look outside ben franklin bridge. hardly feels like august this morning. will we have more summer-like weather for the weekend. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema.
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let's start with brittney shipp and our forecast. good morning. >> temperatures in the poconos in the 40s. grab a jacket if you're heading out and even in the city with temperatures right now in the low 60s. a beautiful shot of citizen bank park as the sun continues to come up. mostly clear skies and mostly sunny skies as we head into the afternoon. 70 degrees by 11:00 a.m. and by 1:00 p.m. 75 and heading into your afternoon hours, 78 degrees. plenty of sunshine for us today. pushing into the weekend, it's going to feel more like summer, especially on sunday with the return of our humidity and our temperatures back into the mid-80s. we're even tracking a chance of showers. i'll go over all the details on that coming up in my full forecast and for now a closer look at traffic with jillian. >> to you at home, as well, a live look at 422. this is right near trooper road. no volume to report just yet. things are quiet on 422. no accidents out there either. accident in chester county


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