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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  August 15, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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let's start with brittney shipp and our forecast. good morning. >> temperatures in the poconos in the 40s. grab a jacket if you're heading out and even in the city with temperatures right now in the low 60s. a beautiful shot of citizen bank park as the sun continues to come up. mostly clear skies and mostly sunny skies as we head into the afternoon. 70 degrees by 11:00 a.m. and by 1:00 p.m. 75 and heading into your afternoon hours, 78 degrees. plenty of sunshine for us today. pushing into the weekend, it's going to feel more like summer, especially on sunday with the return of our humidity and our temperatures back into the mid-80s. we're even tracking a chance of showers. i'll go over all the details on that coming up in my full forecast and for now a closer look at traffic with jillian. >> to you at home, as well, a live look at 422. this is right near trooper road. no volume to report just yet. things are quiet on 422. no accidents out there either. accident in chester county and
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limestone road that involves a motorcycle. use caution if you're heading out at that intersection and coatesville following police activity and a shooting overnight and south first avenue and remains closed right now due to an investigation between modena road. that is route 82. so, stick to that. that is going to be your best bet. ben franklin bridge, you can see traffic is moving along just fine in both directions. just ten minutes ago traffic stopped in both directions for a bridge opening so a ship can pass through and traffic is now moving on all of the area bridges. tracy? 5:31. now to the philadelphia school budget crisis. this could be a pivotal day. we should find out if schools should open on time. nbc 10 katy zachry is live at school district headquarters where the school superintendent will give an update later this morning in just a few hours. katy, tell us more. >> schools are supposed to open in philadelphia in three weeks. we'll learn later this morning around 10:00 if that is happening as planned.
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the school district contends that it does not have enough money to open schools on time or safely. the issue is, we have been talking about it for time a cigarette $2 per pack tax that will generate $8 million for philadelphia public schools and fill the current budget gap. lawmakers still need to vote to approve it and that vote is not scheduled until after schools are supposed to open september 8th. last week governor corbett advanced $265 million to the district, but superintendent william hite says that does not fill the $81 million budget gap that prevents schools from opening on time. a reality that worries. last year some of white's colleagues were laid off before the start of school. >> always frustrating as a parent and as a teacher watching where it just seems to become about numbers all the time and you don't put our children's faces to the numbers as you cut, cut, cut. >> and superintendent william hite is expected to make that
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announcement about whether schools will open on time this year and that is slated here at school district headquarters. reporting live in spring garden, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> you can watch the superintendent's remarks, his update on the budget and if schools will open on time live on our website. and then a complete live report coming up on nbc10 at 11:00. to the situation in ferguson, missouri. conflicting reports about whether the ferguson police department will release the name of a police officer who shot and killed an unarmed african-american teen. the name will be released, however, similar reports earlier this week and so far it hasn't happened. and you're looking at the latest protest in ferguson of a shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. it was noisy, but not violent. things calmed down after missouri's governor to handle
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security. new this morning in ocean county, police arrested a man who they say carved a swastika into his neighbor's lawn. scott cooney is facing charges after neighbors watched him make the symbol of hate in front of his home. they took a picture and called police. happening today a remembrance walk and a moment of silence will be held for a murdered philadelphia woman. laura araujo was found in a duffel bag outside an abandoned kensington house. police say she was strangled and her body dumped there. araujo was robbed and killed by this man, her west philadelphia neighbor jeremiah jackson. he is under arrest with murder. tonight's vigil begins at the art institute of philadelphia at 23rd and market street at 8:00 p.m. and the crowd will walk the schuylkill river trail to here. the art museum for a moment of silence. the driver killed in a race
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track wreck is laid to rest. funeral services for the driver who died after being struck by tony stewart's car. we'll also tell you if stewart plans to race this weekend. a local team getting set to play ball in the little league world series and make history in the process. we'll show you how philadelphia's planning to show its support for the first city team to play for the title. britt? >> looks like they're having a great time and we'll see fantastic conditions throughout our entire area. look at the sunrise at cape may. temperatures today staying in the 70s. i'll let you know if that's true for the weekend, as well. coming up.
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good morning. going to be a fall-like friday as we head into the rest of today. a cool start. temperatures ranging between the high 40s and low 60s. bring a jacket when you head out the door. below average temperatures will continue today and tomorrow and
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then we're tracking a chance of showers heading into your sunday. but a beautiful start to your weekend and into your workweek. for philadelphia right now, clear skies. 60 degrees. our humidity is at 69% and light wind speeds right now and throughout the rest of our area, only 48 degrees in the poconos. 56 in reading and 53 in westchester and 57 in mt. holly and a bit warmer, mild stone here in stone harbor at 63 degrees. a cold and chilly start if you're in millville. you'll probably need a jacket as you head into the afternoon, you'll get rid of the jacket and plenty of sunshine and temperatures staying in the 70s. 86 degrees and well below that average. start to recover and pushing into the weekend, 82 degrees on your saturday. a closer look at our satellite radar. we're seeing a few clouds moving into parts of the poconos, other than that, mostly sunny skies expected for us. today's high throughout our area and we'll start off in the
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poconos for 71 degrees. 76 in allentown and daytime highs only in the 70s for quakertown and closer to the shore, it is going to be a gorgeous day to head down to the beach. 78 degrees in atlantic city and 78 in cape may and rehoboth beach and 76 in voorhees and i'll do the seven-day forecast coming up. the bridge is back open, again, but looks like an accident out there. >> jillian mele has been following it. where is it? >> accident in chester county. mass transit, no problems to report there. bridges are clear of any delays or problems right now. this is route 202 out near route 29. traffic is moving along there just fine this morning. in fact, your drive time looking good. 202 southbound from 76 to route 30. 14 minutes on 76 westbound from the vine street expressway and blue route northbound from 95 to 76 will take you 18 minutes
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right now. to chester county an accident in upper oxford. use caution at that intersection. vai? today a fire station in the roxborough will reopen after it was shut down months ago because of dangerous fumes inside that facility. the station along the 7700 block of ridge avenue is closed back in december after tests found those chemicals and fumes. the building houses engine company 76. they have been working out of a different station about a mile away for months now. recent testing shows everything is okay now and today's reopening will take place at 10:00 this morning. a mother is arrested for a very unusual reason and this morning she's talking about it. >> never say that word out in public, again. >> we will tell you what she said that got her arrested in a supermarket. a big day today for the first philadelphia team to make the little league world series. a preview of their first game of the tournament happens today and
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show you how you can show your support. and a beautiful picture. this is the perfect time of morning to take a live picture of the skyline of center city philadelphia. 70 degrees outside and continue to follow the weather and get an update on your weekend forecast from brittney shipp in just a few minutes.
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and now to the crisis in iraq and the white house is giving credit to iraq's leaders
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for a shift in power. iraqi prime minister al maliki stepped down yesterday. a fellow party leader will be the new prime minister. the obama administration favored the change as the baghdad government battles a security threat from islamic state militants. 5:44 right now. the race car driver killed by nascar champion tony stewart was laid to rest. more than 700 mourners jammed a high school to say good-bye to ward jr. he was remembered as a talented and aggressive driver who had a bright future in motor sports. tony stewart, meantime, says he will not race this sunday at michigan international speedway, which is the second straight nascar race, sprint cup race that stewart has skipped since striking and killing ward. officials expect the investigation into ward's death to take two weeks. so far no evidence that has turned up to indicate criminal intent. philadelphia's hottest baseball team, the taney dragons
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play their first game today and jesse gary is live at city hall, sight of a pep rally and viewing party. jesse, so much buzz around this team. espn designated sports science to monet davis. that's how big this team is. >> the only girl on the team and the only one with a 70-mile-per-hour fastball. let's look at the video. run into people here at city hall where we have an emergency vehicle going by. davidson and all the dragons take their talent against south nashville later today. yesterday they got in some practice swings at the batting cages. this is a first time they're representing the little league world series and that not lost on this morning. >> also people that are younger that can also bring the team,
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also. >> a new breed of baseball fan from little league. >> yup. >> and the game starts at 3:00. before that a prep rally here at city hall. as i mentioned, we have people out this morning showing their dragon t-shirts and also fans that have traveled all the way to williamsport and we'll hear from them and get their perspectives coming up in the next hour. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. little league coverage will continue later on today here on nbc 10. tim furlong is on the band wagon there reporting live from williamsport as the team looks to advance. you can also get updates any time on and our mobile apps. wow, i've seen a lot of dolphins this season, but not that many at one time. crowds of people gathered on the 14th street beach in avalanche and watched a half dozen dolphins jumping out of the
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water just feet from the sand. this video taken from an nbc 10 viewer at 3:00 in the afternoon on wednesday and we thank that viewer for sharing that. that's awesome. that was great video. it's going to be a great time to head down the shore today, heading right into the weekend. sunday, however, we are tracking rain and the possibility of storms. it's a cool start to the morning today. temperatures ranging between the high 40s and low 50s and below average temperatures will continue and then tracking weekend rain chances. a live look outside right now and the sun continues to come up. clear skies over philadelphia. 60 degrees right now and humidity at 69% and light winds and we'll continue to see breezy conditions for the rest of today. our current temperatures in the poconos, 48 degrees. only 51 in potstown and 54 in westchester and 57 degrees in mt. holly and temperatures in atlantic city at 57 and the warmest spot is closer to the water at 53 this morning in
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stone harbor. we're down six degrees in the poconos and down six degrees in potstown and five degrees cooler in allentown. we'll see clear skies for us today and a few passing clouds near the poconos and dry air will continue to work in from the west. this is dry, cooler air and so all this cooler air stretches back to chicago and parts of ohio. our future weather shows passing clouds as we head into the rest of tonight. as we push into tomorrow, chance of showers on sunday, closer to 5:00 a.m. and starting to push to parts of the poconos and increase in our humidity, clouds and our temperatures are going to go up on sunday. so, the next two days are perfect. 78 for today and 82 degrees on your saturday. more humid, chance of storms and then 86 degrees. pushing into next week, we stay in the mid-80s which is our seasonal average for this time of year. we track another chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday.
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12 minutes before 6:00 right now. if you're headed out the door, let's get you updated on your way to work. >> jillian mele with all the details. jill? >> no accidents to report on the majors that includes the blue route which is clear in both directions. live look near 320. earlier this week, monday, a construction project was scheduled to start in the overonight hours part of a repaving project and that project didn't start monday and was pushed back and expected to start tonight. so, a lot of the blue route happening in the overonight hours, especially during the week until september. you can see road work near route 30 and 76 and basically spots along the blue route and delaware counties. that is expected to last until late september. an accident in upper oxford and a live look at 95 southbound side. no delays, no problems to report on 95. right now drive time is about 14 minutes both ways between wood haven and the vine.
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vai? the woman was taken into custody after a trip to the grocery store and you may be surprised to learn what she did that got her placed in handcuffs. he is set to become the first openly gay player in college football. this morning he's speaking out for the first time since he revealed his sexual orientation. and here's a live look down the shore at our camera in cape may. should be a beautiful day down there. this is beach avenue. i need to get down there and get a room before labor day. >> right? >> we'll be right back.
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live look this morning at center city from across camden at the adventure aquarium. off to a brisk start today. brittney shipp says more summer-like weather is returning and feels more like fall right now. first alert forecast coming up straight ahead. the mother of the three children killed in that carjacking crash in philadelphia have been laid to rest. family and friend gathered to pay their respects to keshia williams. she died last thursday. last month her and her three children were struck by two
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alleged carjackers. the mom and her kids were selling fruit to raise money for church activities when two men in a stolen suv plowed into them at allegheny and germantown avenues. two other people were hurt. cornelius crawford and jonathan rosa face charges in the carjacking case, including murder. a south carolina mom is arrested for using profanity in a grocery store. she was arrested at a kroger grocery store. wolf was handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct. she wants people to know she had just become fed up and lost her patience. >> mothers just have, you know, they just have that day. you know, like where they feel stressed out. every mother does. >> the woman who reported wolf at the store said she never expected wolf to be arrested. the two women have talked and both apologized and they want to put the whole thing behind them. speaking of motherhood, in
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texas a pregnant mom waiting in line to register her son in pre-k ended up having her baby at the school. vanessa deleon was already in labor when she was in line and she figured she could drop off the application and go to the hospital. the baby wouldn't wait and the school nurse had to deliver him. >> i'm trying to get on my dwluvs and i look and the baby is crowning. so, i threw there box down and got the phone here and i see the baby and i had no choice, we pull the baby out. >> he's so adorable. i love him, he's so cute. >> mom and baby and the rest of the family are doing great. and the school principal says the new baby will get an automatic spot when he's ready for school. no waiting. >> yeah, the brothers look proud. this morning for the first time, we are hearing from the first active openly gay player in major college football. yesterday morning we told you about arizona state chip seraphin. the senior came out this morning
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in a phoenix-based publication called "compete." he told his teammates he was gay last year and received support from the players, the athletic department and the entire university. >> athletes should be able to be themselves no matter what they are. you know, orientation, race, you know, religion, anything. you can be an athlete and be the magazine article he talked about the influence michael sam had on him. sam became the first openly gay player in the nfl. we have a couple recalls to tell you about this morning. first, the esl and interlogic smoke detector. radio interference can block the fire alert signal in a 400 and 500 series. if you have one, you can contact the manufacturer and get a replacement. also a recall of the electric space heaters. the problem is overheating and melting. some have caught fire. units were sold at target, home depot and other retail stores. if you own one, stop using it
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and take it to the store. you'll be able to get a replacement. an entire coastal village have sold for less than the cost. paid $15 million for the village. for that price he gets a quiet community surrounded by water and natural beauty. it even has a beach and cottages and golf course and shopping. for the past century the village was privately held by a family. and in houston a new attraction will soon oepen to the public. yesterday crews used a crane to hoist a replica space shuttle on top of one of the old boeing 747 that is used to carry the real shuttles. visitors will be able to tour both crafts when the exhibit is finished which is exfepected toe some time next year. a new hotel across from elvis' home, graceland. yesterday groundbreaking was
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held for the facility in memphis, tennessee. the hotel was on property that elvis hoped to develop himself. the city of memphis and the state of tennessee are? vesting $43 million for new roads and other improvements around the hotel. i don't think kids here today really appreciate how huge elvis presley was in his day. >> very, very big, right? you're watching nb xrrx c 1. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. decision day. today a big announcement will be made about philadelphia public schools. it's an announcement that could change your back to school plans. and we are off to a, well, i guess crisp for this time of year morning. it's right now 60 degrees in philadelphia and while we will see a warm up today, it will still be cooler than it normally is this time of year. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema.
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friday, august 15th, let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> heading into the weekend, really nice conditions. feeling more like fall with low humidity and below average temperatures. it is a cool start and we take a look outside right now. you can see barely a cloud in the sky and plenty of sunshine expected for us. 56 degrees in millville and take a look at the poconos, 49 degrees. only 52 in allentown. a bit warmer in philadelphia at 61 degrees and for today, our temperatures will range between 76 and 79 degrees. plenty of sunshine, low humidity and cool conditions. breezy with wind speeds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. i'll let you know if these fall-like conditions will stick around for the weekend and that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast and for now we say good morning to jillian. >> if you're heading out the door and taking 76, quiet and once you get past eastbound congested right near the curve
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and nothing out of the ordinary and traffic is still moving. average speeds on 76 in the mid-50s and 55 is what we're seeing on the pennsylvania turnpike and 50 on 422. and 55 right now on route 202. staying out in chester county, we have an accident upper oxford and newark road and that involves a motorcycle. that's been with us for a while this morning. leave yourself extra time if you're heading into that direction. a look at 42 freeway and the northbound side average speeds in the mid-50s and bridges are clear and so far no problems to report on mass transit. tracy? new from overnight, one person rushed to the hospital after being shot in chester county. police responded to the scene along south first avenue in south coatesville around 3:00 this morning. spain, one person taken to the al with a gunshot wound. but right now working to confirm if there may be another victim. police have not said what led to the shooting or if they made an arrest in the case. now to


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