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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  August 15, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and traffic is still moving. average speeds on 76 in the mid-50s and 55 is what we're seeing on the pennsylvania turnpike and 50 on 422. and 55 right now on route 202. staying out in chester county, we have an accident upper oxford and newark road and that involves a motorcycle. that's been with us for a while this morning. leave yourself extra time if you're heading into that direction. a look at 42 freeway and the northbound side average speeds in the mid-50s and bridges are clear and so far no problems to report on mass transit. tracy? new from overnight, one person rushed to the hospital after being shot in chester county. police responded to the scene along south first avenue in south coatesville around 3:00 this morning. spain, one person taken to the al with a gunshot wound. but right now working to confirm if there may be another victim. police have not said what led to the shooting or if they made an arrest in the case. now to the philadelphia school budget crisis.
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later this morning we should learn if lack of funding would delay the start of the school year. the superintendent will give a budget update later this morning. ka katy zachry is live at school district headquarters with the latest. >> we'll learn if teachers or other personnel will be laid off or if the school year will operate on a shortened time table. all options on the table according to district leaders because they're operating with an $81 million budget shortfall. the issue here, we're talking about it for weeks now is the cigarette tax. a 2 there per pack tax that would generate enough money to fill the current budget gap. lawmakers in harrisburg still need to vote to approve it and that vote is not scheduled until after schools are slated to open september 8th. governor corbet says he rejects the tax and this situation is because of his failed leadership. he says it is years in the making and needs to be resolved
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locally. >> we have been looking at a situation like this for years. 55% of the funding comes from the state of pennsylvania. >> we are holding our children hostage because we are unwilling to fund education in this city to the extent we as pennsylvanians doserve to have our education funded. >> you just heard from tom wolf who is running against tom corb ett for governor. philadelphia school district is pennsylvania's largest school district. it serves approximately 200,000 students. the district announcement is slated for 10:00 this morning here at school district headquarters behind me. reporting live in spring garden, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. and we'll have live coverage of the school superintendent's news conference this morning on nbc 10 and on nbc 10 news at 11:00. it was noisy, but not
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violent. here is last night's protest in ferguson over the shooting death of an unarmed african-american teen by a white police officer. the scene much calmer than we've seen in the past few nights. new this morning, there are conflicting reports about whether the ferguson police department will release the name of the police officer who pulled the trigger. news reports say the name will be released, but similar reports earlier this week. so far it hasn't happened. 18-year-old michael brown was killed last saturday night and police say it happened after a scuffle inside an officer's patrol car had spilled out on to the street. but two witnesses said brown was already on the street with his hands raised in the air when the officer fired at him. if it could happen in ferguson, it could happen in philly that is one of the comments at a peaceful vigil in last night's love park. organized on social media, more than 400 people gathered to remember michael brown and others who died because of
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police brutality. >> when you watch television and following people via social network, you can see yourself in them. >> i think it hit close to home because i have a little brother who is 22 and i just can't imagine what the parent are going through. >> he was so close to my age. it hit home. i'm 17, he w >> nbc jay crgray is in ferguso and we'll get an update from him in a few minutes. from the four children who died in a house fire in southwest philadelphia last month. brothers patrick sanyee and taj jacque and twin sisters were trapped inside the home and killed. monique, what can you tell us? >> vait is quiet for now here outside divine mercy parish. this is where they'll be hosting that public viewing later on tonight. as you mentioned, the grief-stricken families decided to hold one family for 4-year-old twins maria and
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mariah bowah and patrick sanyee seen holding his brother taj jacque who perished. the three alarm fire raged out of control sending people fleeing intense flames. earlier in the morning on july fifth, charred debris that was all that was left for eight homes. people were playing with fireworks near the porch where the inferno began. our news desk has been making calls daily to fire investigators. the fire marshal's office tells us this case remains under investigation. in the weeks that followed, strangers donated food and clothing to a church nearby to the surviving fire victims. now, donations of funeral items, as well, have helped those services, make them possible tonight. so the families will begin saying good-bye to their loved ones who perished. live for now in southwest
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philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a domestic dispute in bucks county led to the arrest of a sex offender. a megan law's offender who hasn't checked in with state police in the last four years. they're required to update law enforcements every four months. they arrested him in bristol township last night. eight people are now charged in connection with a heist at caesar's in atlantic city. plumber and evans robbed employees at gunpoint taking more than $181,000 out of cash machines. plumber worked at a security guard at caesar's and fired less than two weeks before the hold up. new jersey state police spoke publicly for the first time since the robbery on july 21st. >> they seem to have pretty good detailed information when this was going to occur and where it was going to occur. >> they seized about $150,000 in stolen cash, marijuana and merchandise bought with the money stolen in the heist.
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now to philadelphia's bid for the 2016 democratic national convention. city leaders say they're confident that they put their best foot forward during a two-day pitch to democratic party officials. nbc 10 at the philadelphia museum of art last night when the dnc site selection committee made their final stop of the trip. ed rendell led the tour and committee discussions. both leaders believe philly made a great impression. >> if i were to grade how we did, i would give us at every venue and every stop and every interview, we did 100 out of 100. >> i think they leave and go back to their respective areas knowing that this is a city that clearly can put on a major national convention. >> the 2016 democratic national convention could bring the city $345 million in economic impact. philadelphia's considered the frontrunner among five cities that want to host the event. philadelphia is up against columbus, ohio, brooklyn, new
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york, phoenix, arizona, and birmingham, alabama. the selection committee will make its decision by the end of this year or early next year. good morning. fall-like temperatures on top for us as we head into the end of your workweek on this saturday. we'll stay in the 70s and a cool start to the morning, as well. below average temperatures are average for this time of year. 86 degrees and we won't even make it into the 80s. weekend rain chances as we head into sunday and the live look outside right now, barely a cloud in the sky. we're seeing just a few clouds from philadelphia and 61 degrees right now and humidity is at 62% and wind speeds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. it's a lot cooler for you in the poconos. only 49 degrees to start off this morning. 52 in allentown and 57 in glassboro and then closer to the shore here, 63 degrees in stone harbor. we're already in the 60s for dover, but a mild start to the
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morning and a look at our radar shows that we're going to show mostly sunny skies for today and future weather showing us a few passing clouds as we head into the evening. tomorrow another round of sunshine and sunday is where things start to change. as we head into your very early morning hours on sunday, the clouds will start to increase and even our chance of showers will start to increase, as well. on and off showers expected for sunday we'll also see an increase in our humidity and our temperatures. staying by the water for this weekend, we'll see temperatures today at 79 degrees. today, saturday 82 and 85 on sunday and with a chance of a few thunderstorms. in the city today 78 degrees and tomorrow 82 sunny and nice and as we head into your sunday, 86 degrees more humid and a chance of storms. your seven-day forecast coming up. let's say you live in cherry hill and you have an 8:00 flight, you'll be interested in what jillian has to say. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele.
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>> 95 near the airport is looking good. 76 no major slow downs to report just yet. in fact, no accidents on the majors, which is good news. an accident in chester county and a new accident in montgomery at meetinghouse road. that accident in chester county has been with us for much of the morning and upper oxford is still there and newark road at limestone road. heading outside the boulevard, southbound side and you can see both directions of the boulevard and this area are quiet right now. for drivers in new jersey, this is 295 in the midst of the construction zone. you can see it's still set up near route 168 and getting a slow down. 42 freeway looking good and no delays to report there and waking up in delaware, majors like 495 and route 1 are also quiet and looks like new jersey dot is zooming this in to see that backup and taking a look, you can see that slow down that we are seeing on 295 right now. but that is pretty much the only delay that we're seeing on the majors in new jersey.
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42 is clear and new jersey turnpike is also quiet and keep you updated on this construction and also those two accidents that we continue to follow. making themselves heard. the tone of the protests in missouri has changed now. take you live to ferguson and a big announcement could be made later today. cease-fire holding. the cease-fire has expanded extending hopes of a long-term peace agreement.
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6:14 right now. two sky divers are expected to be okay after landing in a neighborhood in gloucester county. not where they're supposed to. sky force 10 above the scene in twin oaks court. you can see what appears to be
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the parachute lying on the ground. free fall adventures operates out of the airport and one sky diver was taken to the hospital with an injured leg. happening today, dozens of educators and other professionals will attend a workshop to better understand sexual misconduct. this will be held at cubreeny college. katie kesner, the director of outreach services organized the event. >> we will talk about all the current statistics and research so that we can better adjust the problem. >> kesner is a victim of sexual assault and she said her experience motivated her to speak out on the issue and to help others. and the search is on for the person who robbed a nail salon. this is video of the hold up that happened in northeast philadelphia and employees say the man walked in and looked around and was looking for his mother and his sister. and he left. but he came back to the caster avenue store moments later armed
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with a rifle. he grabbed an envelope next to the register and then ran off. no one was hurt. calm overnight. while you were sleeping, four nights of violence over that police shooting of a missouri teen gave way to a noisy but peaceful demonstration last night and now there is word, we could find out the identity of the officer that shot the young man. jay gray is live in ferguson. jay? >> hey, good morning, tracy. maybe it was the new traggy or leadership for police on the ground but a call for an end to the violence first from the governor and then president obama. whatever the case, things were different here overnight. for the first time this week, ferguson was calm overnight. calm. but by no means quiet. hundreds of protesters still spilled out into the streets. and police still stood guard. but this time, it was a march. not the melee that played out
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the nights before. >> there is a different feel and not as much tension, but i feel a great positive force that's in the air. there's a lot of hope here. >> reporter: hope, it seems, for the first time since michael brown an unarmed teenager was shot and killed during a confrontation with police. the gas masks and riot gear now gone and state troopers walking with angry residents in a show of unity. >> i was extremely excited. almost emotion tool the point of tears because the unity between the people regardless of the race, everybody holding hands, lifting up their hands. >> reporter: a sense of release. and relief for this community led by one of their own. state highway patrol captain ron johnson, a ferguson resident assigned by the governor to take control of security in the city. >> hopefully they'll go home and
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say, you know what, this is going to be all right. and we duane gain a sense of trust. >> reporter: trust that doesn't come easy in a community that is still angry and grieving for at least one night, marching away from the violence that had defined their city and these protests and, instead, now taking a step towards healing. yeah, but both protesters and police seem to understand that it is just one step in what is sure to be a long and difficult journey here. that's the latest live in ferguson, missouri. back to you. >> thank you, jay. right now all is quiet in the middle east crisis with the longest cease-fire yet between hamas and israel holding the five-day extension of the truce is due to run through monday. negotiators in egypt say they're optimistic of a peace deal for gaza could be soon reached. hamas wants to end a block aid of gaza, something israel says is necessary to prevent weapon smuggling by the palestinian
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militants. 18, almost 19 minutes past 6:00 right now. this is when volume starts to build. let's find out what the roads are looking like. >> if you're heading out on 295, this little delay here right near route 168 on the southbound side because of this construction the right lane is blocked and expected to be active until 6:30 this morning. heading to 95 just starting to get that volume building southbound at girard avenue. indicating a delay and 14 minutes is your drive time right now from wood haven to the vine and i anticipate that number changing in the next few minutes. an accident county line road and we still have this crash out in chester county, involving a motorcycle. use caution if you are heading out at this intersection. you can expect to see a delay around that intersection. good morning. we are going to see fantastic conditions, especially for this time of year. mid-august. it feels more like fall.
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a cool start to the morning. some of our temperatures in the poconos in the high 40s. below average temperatures will continue and we are tracking a chance of rain as we head into sunday for most of our area. 53 degrees right now in reading. philadelphia at 61 and 56 in atlantic city and throughout the rest of our area, take a look at the poconos. coolest spot on the map, as usual. 52 in allentown and 54 degrees in westchester and you will need a jacket when you head out the door this morning. 56 in millville and 61 degrees in dover. we are going to stay below our average which is 86 degrees for this time of year and staying in the 70s for most of oour locations. you'll notice on the radar here, quiet conditions expected and for the taney dragons. they are taking on cincinnati today at 3:00 p.m. the little league world series in williamsport. temperatures are going to be fantastic. 76 degrees and sunny and mild as we head into saturday sunny and warm humid conditions with the
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possibility of showers and isolated thunderstorms and the thunderstorms will be true for our forecast here and we could see showers on our sunday. 82 degrees on saturday and 86 on sunday feeling more summer-like as we head into the second half of your weekend. happening today an emergency city council meeting is called in atlantic city. homeowners could save thousands. practice is done and now it's time to play ball. check in on philadelphia little league team in the world series today. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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happening today a local fire department will return to its home station after spending months away from the facility because of potentially dangerous fumes. the station is in the roxborough section of philadelphia and reopen at 10:00 this morning. it was closed back in december after tests found those
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chemicals and fumes. the building houses engine company 56 and working out of a different station for months now. recent testing, though, shows everything is okay. good morning, at 6:25. if you're heading out the door in the next few minutes. average speed not too bad. 76 near belmont and 55 on the blue route and the only significant slow down we're starting to see near girard and even that speeds are in the mid-40s right now. the vine street expressway in center city as clear as can be and so are the skies. take you outside to a live look at cape may where, brittney it seems like a great day down the shore. >> fall-like temperatures today warming up into the weekend and a chance of showers and storms return. our average for this time of year, 86. today 78 and 82 degrees on saturday. your seven-day forecast is coming up. i'm katy zachry live in
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spring garden where in just a few hours we'll hear from philadelphia school public leaders about when school will start this year and if there will be layoffs. and i'm jesse gary live in philadelphia city hall. it feels like football weather, but it's actually baseball season. little league world series baseball season, a little hometown love for the favorites, coming up after the break.
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grandma, your biscuits are the best! these are from dunkin'. granny! i have a life, you know. [ phone rings ] oh, that's for me. ooh! dunkin's chicken biscuit sandwich is a tender breaded chicken filet on a southern-style biscuit. grab one for $2.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. a big question that has been on the minds of many parents will finally be answered. today is the day we find out when philadelphia public schools will open and if more layoffs are to come. well, they had some fun and now it's time to get down to business. philadelphia taney dragons make their march towards a little league world series win. it is cool and clear and that's what we can expect this morning in the delaware valley.
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and you might even need a jacket say it ain't so. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> let's find out the forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> you want to bring a jacket this morning and you won't need it as we head into the afternoon and temperatures into the high 70s and a closer look at the city skyline and barely a cloud in the sky and as we head into the rest of your friday afternoon. 70 degrees by 11:00 a.m. and 75 by 1:00 p.m. and then today's high, 78 degrees. well below our average of 86 degrees. i'll let you know as these cooler temperatures will stick around heading right into the weekend and coming up in your first alert forecast. we'll look at jillian with a closer look at your f. >> no accidents to report and no delays here and that is definitely good news for drivers. drive times you can see a whole
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bunch of green lights. 76 westbound from the vine out to the blue route and 202 southbound from 76 to route 30. a 12-minute trip right now and heading out on 422 eastbound from oaks to route 202, that will take you seven minutes. we're still following two accidents right now. one in montgomery county and meeting house road and the other accident has been with us all morning long out of chester county and upper oxford township. newark road at limestone road. leave yourself a few extra minutes and if you're heading out on mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. will philadelphia public schools open on time this year? that question should be answered later this morning when superintendent william hite addresses the massive budget shortfall that could delay the start of school. katy zachry is live outside school district headquarters with more. katy? >> hi, tracy. leading up to today, today's announcement, school district leaders have considered a delayed start to this school year and a shortened school year
6:32 am
and teacher layoffs saying there is not enough money to open schools fully staffed on time. we have been talking about it for months now. the cigarette tax. the $2 per pack tax that would generate $8 million for philadelphia public schools and fill the gap. lawmakers still need to vote to approve it and that is not scheduled until schools are supposed to open september 8th. now last week you'll remember governor corbett advanced to the district and the hite says that does not fill the budget gap. 200,000 students and families and thousands of teachers are waiting for today's news about the start of school. >> always frustrating as a parent and as a teacher watching it where things have become about numbers all the time and if you don't put our children's faces to the numbers, as you cut, cut, cut. >> and dr. william hite will make his budget announcement at
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10:00 a.m. here at school district headquarters. katy zachry. nbc 10 news. >> thank you. happening today the city council will hold an emergency meeting at 9:00 this morning to vote on a resolution to reduce interest on late tax payments. if approved, late charges will be cut in half from 8% to 4% on the first $1,500 and in excess of $1,500. council will take up a measure to let taxpayers make payments on an installment plan. may feel like football weather, but one south philadelphia team is basking in the glow of warm affection. in the little league world series. jesse gary is live at city hall, site of a pep rally and the viewing party later. jesse, even at this hour, people are getting geared up for this game. >> that's right, vai. people actually showing up here wearing their t-shirts. and the pep rally takes place
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inside the courtyard inside city hall and people are showing up in preparation for the festiv y festivities and a big game. >> it's great. the whole city together and you have to get this, like i said, it's once in a lifetime now. but it's going to be great. it's going to be a great game. >> ron smith of south philly out sporting his taney dragon t-shirt. he's one of thousands of people eagerly anticipating and watching the pride of the city as they take on south nashville in the first round of the little league world series later today. the team polished up on their skills yesterday and some fans following the dragons look forward to viewing them on this international stage. >> you get to see the team play through the whole tournament and now get to see them play up here, it's going to be pretty cool. >> this is the first time a team from philadelphia is representing the keystone state in the little league world series. tim furlong out in williamsport
6:35 am
will cover the game for us online and on air. check his tweets all during the day and, of course, coverage coming up later this morning and in the afternoon. we're live outside city hall this morning, jesse gary, nb xrrx 10 nc 10 news. >> coverage continues here on nbc 10. how did tim furlong draw this assignment. the team looks to advance and also get updates any time on nb xr c 10 and our mobile apps. a special education teacher accused of having sex with one of her students faces a preliminary hearing. stephanie amato faces sexual assault and child endangerment involving a 14-year-old boy. she turned herself in in june and suspended without pay from her job at ethan allen elementary school. a teen told a judge he had sex with her on ten different occasions last spring. a remembrance walk and a
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moment of silence will be held for a murdered philadelphia women. laura araujo was found murdered on july 14th and a graduate of the art institute of philadelphia. tonight's vigil begins at the art institute at 23rd and market streets. that will start at 8:00 p.m. and the crowd will walk to the art mew zeforeign minister a moment of silence. her body was found in a duffel bag outside an abandoned new kensington house. she had had been strangled and her body was dumped there. she was robbed and killed by this man, her west philadelphia neighbor jeremiah jackson. he is under arrest and charged with her murder. your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. fall-like temperatures for us in the middle of august. as we head through the rest of today, below average temperatures. it will be a cool start to your morning and then weekend rain chances back in your seven-day forecast. our average for this time of year is 86 degrees. today we're dropping down to 78.
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we'll recover a little bit heading into saturday at 82 degrees, but still below the average for the start of your weekend. our current temperatures show 49 degrees in the poconos. you'll need a jacket if you're heading out in allentown. only 52 degrees and 61 currently in dover. temperatures today will push into the mid to high 70s throughout most of our area and we're seeing cooler air stretching back into parts of buffalo and only 55 degrees and 50 degrees in detroit and the cool air also reaches back to chicago. the reason why we still have an area of low pressure rotating to the north of us get that counterclockwise rotation and that will send cold, dry air from the west and that will be our trend as we head to the rest of today. taney dragons taking on nashville and world series in williamsport, pa. sunny and mild if you're sticking around for the rest of the weekend, sunny and warm and then we'll see a chance of showers as we head into sunday with temperatures at 80 degrees.
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for the city, saturday 82 and nice. take a look at sunday mid-80s warm. more humid and a chance of storms and then pushing into next week, we get back to our average, it's going to feel more like summer as we head into next monday. kind of monitor my tweets and i saw jillian tweeted out about the construction on 295. >> jillian mele. jillian. >> volume on the majorses in that construction zone and we have volume on 95 southbound and also 76 in the normal spots. an update on the accident in chester county and following a vehicle fire in blue belt and that is a truck that is on fire, so, watch out for police activity in that area. still have an accident at county line road at meeting house road and finally chester county, this accident just cleared and newark road at limestone road and staying in chester county, live look eastbound at route 322. you can see that volume is
6:39 am
definitely building and continuing to build on the route 30 bypass. we have the normal slow down on the eastbound side but the good news is for drivers in delaware, we have not had a single accident on the highways there and still no accidents in delaware to report. i mentioned that that construction that we're dealing with on 295. we do have a little slow down southbound at 168 and in new jersey, no accidents to report on the majors there either. we all heard the stories about babies that just can't wait and born on the highways and in taxi cabs, well, this is a new one. this mom gives birth while trying to register her son for preschool. and crowds gather to watch the spectacular site at the new jersey shore. wait until they tell you what's jumping out of the water.
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see what they're looking at? crowds of people gathered in avalon to watch a half dozen dolphins jumping out of the water. video taken by an nbc viewer. a man who carved a swastika into his neighbor's lawn. scott cooney is facing charges after his neighbors watched him. they took a picture and called police. three corruption are expected to plead guilty next month. they're due in court in september. they were among ten people charged in february with racketeering and conspiracy. walsh and gillian also accused of several arsons, including setting fire to a new
6:44 am
construction meeting house in 2012 causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. 6:44 right now. police in mammoth county made an arrest after a woman and her 10-year-old foster daughter were found dead in their home earlier this month. here's what happened, prosecutors say the woman's cousin strangled both victims in their apartment. he eis a registered sex offender and according to police, the woman found farmer taking pornographic pictures of the 10-year-old. a fight broke out and they killed the two victims. farmer then went to the victim's funerals. >> everything okay? how have you been? i said, i'm good. we exchanged hands and hugs and that was it. >> farmer is now facing two counts of first degree murder. now to the crisis in iraq and the white house is giving credit to iraq's leaders for a shift in power there. iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki stepped down yesterday. a fellow party leader will be
6:45 am
the new minister as the government battles a security threat from islamic state militants. liberian officials are deciding which ebola patients will get the few doses of an experimental drug. the last doses have arrived in liberia. doctors and health care workers are likely to get some of the medicine and they're deciding who else will be treated. california company that developed the drug says it will take months to make more. and the delaware county hospital is sending 40 hospital beds to sierraon to help patients infected. the donated equipment will be delivered in three months' time. two volunteers will go on to make sure that they're delivered properly and safely. producers of the emmy award show to be broadcast august 25th on nbc say robin williams will get a meaningful tribute during the show and now his wife says the actor/comedian was in the early stages of parkinson's
6:46 am
disease. in her second statement since authorities said williams committed suicide. williams was sober, but that he was strgling with depression, anxiety and the parkinson's diagnosis, which his wife said he was not ready to share with the public. schneider did not offer details on when williams had been diagnosed or his symptoms. the first wave of national guard troops are now posted along the texas/mexico border. several does soldiered deployed are part to the 1,000 troops called up by governor rick perry last month. they will serve as extra eyes on the border and report suspicious activity. the state estimates that the deployment will cost $12 million per month. and two missing amish sisters have turned up safe about 24 hours after they were apparently abducted from their family roadside stand in new york. the 7 and 12-year-old sisters vanished wednesday night after a white car pulled up to their family's stand. they were found last night about
6:47 am
13 miles away from their home and no exact, no word yet on exactly what happened to the girls and if any suspects are being sought. a montana toddler survives a car crash in a very long wait for help. the 2-year-old boy's mother was driving when she lost control and rolled down this embankment. she died, but the car wasn't spotted until a day and a half later. and when troopers got to the accident scene they found a boy still strapped in the car arrive and in good condition. a south carolina mom is arrested for using profanity in a grocery store. she was handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct on sunday night after shopping with her husband and children. the woman who reported her said she never expected her to be arrested. she has a court date set for next month. a pregnant mom waiting in line to register for pre-k ended up having her baby at the school. she was in labor but she figured
6:48 am
i could drop off the application and go to the hospital but the baby would not wait. the school nurse had to deliver him. the school principal says the new baby will get an automatic spot when he's ready, no waiting in line. >> cute little guy. your first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. get ready for temperatures to stay in the 70s throughout the day. plenty of sunshine, low humidity. feel more like fall versus the middle of august. the cool start to the morning and some of our locations like the poconos are in the high 40s. below average temperatures will continue for us until the start of your weekend. our average for this time of year is 86 degrees. only 78 for us today. warming back into the 80s on saturday and our humidity goes up by sunday. start making your plans for tonight and also tomorrow. your current temperatures 49 in the poconos. 56 in trenton and 54 degrees in mt. holly. mid-50s in atlantic city and 61 degrees in dover and low 60s in stone harbor and 57 degrees in
6:49 am
wilmington. our current conditions right now throughout the rest of our country, we're at 55 degrees in buffalo and 50 degrees in detroit and 55 in chicago and we're seeing cooler air affecting all of these cities, not just ours. you can see where the cool air starts if you take a closer look at the carolinas. we're mild this morning. but the reason we're seeing cooler conditions and the circulation around the area of low pressure, it's going to send in dry and cooler air from the west and as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will stay below average. so, really nice for us. plenty of sunshine and we won't have that chance of showers like we did yesterday. on your saturday, we'll see temperatures at 82 kgrees, plenty of sunshine and clouds increase heading into saturday night and sunday more humid for us and our chance of showers and our temperatures stay closer to average all next week. 6:49. time to get another look at your friday morning commute. >> first alert traffic reporter has a lot of information always coming into the traffic center. >> good morning.
6:50 am
good to say happy friday to you guys. new accident into this system and this is happening right now in east pennsylvania avenue or philadelphia avenue rather right at swamp pike and we also still have an accident that we're following in hatborough at meeting house road and that has been out there for 45 minutes to an hour. you can expect to see a delay at that intersection and a truck fire happening in blue bell right at michaels lane. so, leave yourself extra time there. if you're heading out on any of the majors this morning, 76 normal volume westbound and the curve. 295 southbound right at route 168 about 45 minutes ago we had the right lane blocked because of overnight construction and that did clear around 6:30 this morning. as you can see why we have some volume that delay that we're seeing is gone right now. that is good news for drivers on 295. volume northbound and still no accidents to report on the majorses in delaware. tracy? a motorcyclist is in the hospital after he was hit by a
6:51 am
fire truck on its way back from fighting a fire. it happened around 1:00 this morning in washington township. we are working to find out the condition of the motorcyclist and the fire truck driver was not hurt. and the first day of school is still up in the air for philadelphia public school students thanks to the budget crisis. katy zachry is live with what's happening out there three hours that could change your school plans. katy? >> vai, the isis the day that philadelphia students and their parents and students have been waiting for. in just a few hours we'll learn from district leaders when school will open this year. >> i'm jesse gary live at philadelphia city hall. this is a day when one certain team from south philadelphia has been waiting. a first for the city. we'll talk about it, coming up after the break.
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and here's a live look at cape may, new jersey. looks absolutely gorgeous there. the chairs along the beach look empty now, but probably get filled up later in the day as brittney shipp says temperature will be in the high 70s a little bit later on. and now to the philadelphia school budget crisis, today we could learn from the superintendent if the city schools will open on time. katy zachry live at school district headquarters with a look ahead. katy? >> a press conference. scheduled here at 10:00 a.m. superintendent hite will announce when schools will open. the district does not have enough money to open schools on time. the district is dealing with a budget gap because of that district leaders say they may have to start school late this year and layoff teachers or
6:56 am
operate on a shortened school year. the issue is the cigarette tax. it's a $2 per pack tax that will generate more than $80 million for philadelphia public schools and close the current budget gap. lawmakers still need to approve that tax and until they do, there is no guarantee that philadelphia public schools will open on time september 8th and fully staffed. we plan to learn much more at the press conference scheduled for 10:00 this morning here at school district headquarters. reporting live in spring garden, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. today people in a philadelphia neighborhood will remember four kids who were killed in a house fire. nbc 10 monique braxton is live in southwest philadelphia. what can you tell us about these services? >> tracy, no doubt, a tough weekend for the relatives of those four children. it is quiet here outside now outside divine mercy parish. hundreds are expected to gather for a public viewing. the grief stricken families decided to hold one funeral for
6:57 am
4-year-old twins maria and mariah bowah and patrick sanyee and taj jacque. the three alarm fire raged out of control early on the morning of july 5th, charred debris was all that was left when eight homes were destroyed. witnesses told nb xrrx c 10 as s investigators that people were playing with fireworks near the porch where the inferno actually started. our news desk making calls and so far the fire marshal tells us the cause of the blaze is under investigation. the public viewing at 8:00 and we'll have it for you on our show. all for now in southwest philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. happening today, philadelphia's hottest baseball team the taney dragons play their first game in little league world series. jesse gary the assignment of
6:58 am
covering them. >> vai, that prep rally takes place in the court yard area of city hall, you can't see it behind and in the middle and that takes place at 2:00 and already this morning, you take a look at the video and people showing up outside city hall wearing their t-shirts and taney dragons and a lot of civic pride. the first time a team from philadelphia had represented the keystone state in the world series. team getting into practice swings yesterday and the game is at 3:00. our coverage with tim furlong all afternoon and he'll be tweeting, of course, as well. we're live outside city hall this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. as we approach 7:00, updates for you on two accidents that we're following in montgomery county. east philadelphia avenue at swamp pike, that accident was only very minor and that has since cleared. hatborough and route 30 bipass and volume on the eastbound side and that volume and it is slow moving and same situation on 95
6:59 am
southbound heavy down to girard and still no accidents to report on the majors in delaware and new jersey. all right. expect a cooler than average day today. there is a live look at the comcast center in center city. plenty of sunshine down the shore and 79 degrees and saturday 82 and mid-80s heading into sunday and if you're staying in the city, we are going to see temperatures today warming between 76 and 79 degrees. plenty of sunshine, low humidity, wind speeds out of the west 10 miles per hour. bigger ratings, taney at 3:00. huge today at 3:00. >> trying to get our t-shirt for support. >> have to support the phillies, though. >> well, okay, yeah, we do, of course. >> just more eyeballs watching mo'ne davis. we'll see you for a local update
7:00 am
in 25 minutes. >> always get the latest news and weather and updates on the taney game on good morning. calm not quiet. with missouri state troopers in place, protests over the police shooting of 18-year-old michael brown are peaceful overnight. and nbc news has learned officials will receive the name of the officer who fired the fatal shot today. will that me things better or worse? stunning revelation. robin williams' wife reveals he was suffering from the early stages of parkinson's disease at the time of his death. could that have played a role in his decision to take his own life? two amish sisters are found alive a day after being abducted from their roadside stand. and swim


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