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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 15, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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that indicates michael brown fit the description of a suspect in a strong-armed robbery at a convenience store, according to the police report, brown is seen grabbing cigars and heading to the exit where he is confronted by a clerk. >> no justice, no peace. >> reporter: >> reporter: releasing the name of the officer has done little to he's tension. the release of the raised more questions. michael brown's family and attorney released a statement saying they are outraged. nothing can justify the execution-style murder of their child by their police officer. rallies continue in the wake of a calmer thursday night. the man in charge of keeping the peace, ronald johnson, is from ferguson. >> in our anger we have to make sure we don't burn down our own house, we don't vandalize our
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own buildings. >> nothing should deter figuring out how and why michael brown was killed. >> reporter: captain johnson told the crowd, this is not a black and white issue. >> this is our opportunity to show you that you can trust us. >> reporter: while the struggle for peace continues in the community. it was unclear how the alleged robbery led to the shooti inini michael brown. he said the officer who shot brown didn't know brown was a robbery suspect at the time. in ferguson, missouri, for nbc news. >> count on nbc 10 to stay on top of the developments. we will let you know when the fbi has new information about the shooting and whether they say it was justified. we will follow the unrest in the community. coming up at 4:30, could this happen here? a look at small-town policing in our own backyard. sky force 10 over the scene
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of of a suspicious death in center city philadelphia. police aren't saying much except the victim is a 65-year-old man. our cameras caught crime scene investigators outside the home this afternoon. count on nbc 10 to bring you any new information on the story as soon as we learn more. new information about this crash on pt grays ferry bridge earlier this week. nbc 10 uncovered children being driven by a day care worker were hurt in the crash. lu ann cahn spoke to the mother of one of those children. she has some real concerns about what happened that day. >> reporter: yes. the mother says she was stunned to learn that her son was in the car accident and was seriously injured during a day care field trip. we talked to one witness who seems to think that none of these children in the car were weari ining seat belts. >> his left eardrum is bust open. he received surgery on his left
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knee. >> reporter: her 5-year-old son's leg is broken in several places and he has a concussion. police confirm he was one of five children in this gray lexus struck by a silver pickup on the grays ferry bridge wednesday afternoon. sky force 10 was overhead when it happened. the children were all from a day care center t. they were coming back from a trip to the movies. >> it was a trip planned. they said they was going on a school bus. >> reporter: there was no school bus? >> no. no school bus. it was separate cars. >> that boy was in bad shape. he was bleeding from his ear and everything. >> reporter: this woman happened to be there right after the accident happened. she didn't see police or an ambulance. so she took the kids from the burning car to children's hospital. >> when i got there, i was able to just get them out. i didn't see the kids in no seat belts. i didn't see no car seats. >> reporter: the allegation is that the child wasn't waring a
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seat belt. we called the day care several times and knocked on the door trying to get a response asking if the children were supposed to be on a bus. did this parent give you -- the only response has been no comment. the lexus the children were in has seat belts for five people. police say there were a total of six in the car. a 20-year-old day care worker was driving. >> nobody called and said sorry or anything. my son is in the hospital having to go through surgery. >> reporter: she is grateful to the good samaritan who brought her child here after the accident. police say they are investigating to see who might have been at fault in this accident. live at children he's hospital, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. four kids killed in a fire last month will finally be laid to rest tomorrow. there's a viewing tonight.
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they were trapped inside their hope and killed. it began on the porch of a home along gesner street. no official cause of the fire. tonight services will be held on chester avenue in southwest philadelphia. the funeral will be held at the same place tomorrow morning at 9:00. philadelphia fire engine company 66 is back in its home station after spending months away because of potentially dangerous fumes. the station reopened this morning. it was closed in december after tests revealed the problem. testing shows everything is fine now. ♪ cheering and dancing for the home team. philadelphia mayor michael nutter hosted a pep rally for the taney dragons outside city hall. even the phillie phanatic joined
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in on the fun. the team competing right now in the little league world series. we have live team coverage of the game flr way right now. >> we begin with tim furlong live in williamsport. how are they doing? >> reporter: i keep hearing about all these people cheering down in philadelphia. how can there be anybody left in philadelphia? here at the game where philly is doing pretty well, we have 16,000 people here. philly well represented here. lots of philadelphia fans here coming out to support the mid-atlantic champs. it's a great day here. we talk about nerves and getting down to playing baseball. so far, so good. around the batting cages, practicing alongside their rivals, the taney kids looked loose. their families, not so much. >> mommy nerves, not baseball nerves. the kids love to do this. >> reporter: bus loads made the trip north today.
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mone davis, her teachers came up and made t-shirts. this is where you want to be right now. >> people said, you are going to the baseball? your kids are old. i spent ten years watching taney baseball. i'm not going to miss this. >> it's like the phillies. everybody that sees me wearing a shirt or knows i work with taney, they congratulate. they see the banners. >> reporter: all that's left is lly sports s to play history. it's time to have fun. >> hoping that they do their best so that they feel good about it. i know they're having a blast no matter what. >> reporter: having a blast so far. 3-0, mone davis mowing them down. i want to give a shout out to -- i got my little league guy here from near my house to represent. who is going to win? >> philly. >> reporter: that wasn't as spirited as i would have liked. are we pulling for philly? >> yeah!
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>> reporter: they are not getting it. so many people from philadelphia. those who aren't here, i understand are with matt delucia watching live on tv. matt. >> reporter: the folks out there seem to be having a good time. the folks out here are having a good time. if you can't be at williamsport, this is a good spot to watch the game. you can see they have a giant 25-foot led screen. we're in the courtyard at spring side chestnut hill academy. three of the players go to middle school near. here we have supporters, friends, classmates, teachers, anyone you can imagine. they also have food and beverages out here. they have the popcorn, cotton candy, making this feel like a ballpark. you have quite an atmosphere out here. have i be i have been talking with fans in the city. they know the team.
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you have dashira. come on over here. you know mone. how thrilling is it to be out here watching her play on the national stage? >> i would say it's very thrilling. and it's also good to know that she is very -- she's very talented. she has where she's outgoing. she's willing to never give up and always keep going and never stop at what she's doing. >> reporter: we wish her well. trevor, come on over. you know scott playing right now. you are watching this right now. the national stage, everyone is watching this team right now. you are out here with all the other fans watching as well. what's going through your mind? >> it's very cool that one of my own classmates is in the national league of baseball, even if it's little league. the cool thing about scott is that he's very good at athletics, as you can tell.
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but also, he is a straight a student in every class. he brings the same amount of compassion to school work that he does to athletics. >> reporter: you are a good spokesperson for him. all the folks out here are having a good time. i want to show you, they have goodies out here. they have signs out here saying good luck to the three players on the team who are playing right now. also, they have these t-shirts that are being sold throughout the city. you wouldn't believe how much money this has earned for the team. i'm working on that part of the story coming up. now, live in chestnut hill, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> when they play again depends on the outcome of this game. if they lose, they will play tomorrow night at 7:00. if they win, which, of course, we're hoping, they play sunday at 7:00. will the weather hold up for a weekend game? let's check in with sheena parveen to find out. which day is better?
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>> weather-wise, tomorrow. but tomorrow we don't want them to play, because then it's mean they didn't win. we want them to play on sunday. either way, the weather should be holding up, at least three part of the game on sunday. here is the forecast for williamsport. tomorrow, looks really good. sunny and nice. we don't want them to play tomorrow. we want them to play sunday because that will mean they won. 79 on sunday, with a chance of a thunderstorm. the storms look like later in the day at this point. either way, we can't rule out at least a few showers or storms. locally, we have storms in the forecast over the weekend, too. i will show you that plus your shorecast. 20 minutes of nonstop news with the philadelphia school budget crisis. william hite announced today schools will open on time. there were no math teacher layoffs. >> because of the $81 million budget deficit, opening on time means making cuts early where. nbc 10's christine maddela joins us live with a look at the
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budget cuts and what it means for the students. >> reporter: students and teachers are going to see some changes in their school in the form of cut backs to transportation and security. the superintendent says those will save $32 million. but hite says he hopes it will be temporary. >> we are hurting all over the place in our schools. last year was tough. we just learned that this year -- up coming year is going to be tougher. >> reporter: this woman say school nurse. this is her 20th year at the district. >> those of us who work on the ground and know the students and families, we have been watching it and been horrified. >> reporter: horrified that bus service will be cut to high schoolers who live within two miles of school. >> how do they expect them to get to school or home? that's a hard way. there's reasons why kids drop out. they don't have transportation. >> that's upsetting. most kids, if they -- that's
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they are pushing them to stop coming to school. >> reporter: schools won't be cleaned as often sglu went through philadelphia public schools yourself. >> yes, i did. >> reporter: you think it's worse now? >> very. it's way worse. >> reporter: as for police officers, there won't be as many. nearly 30 elementary schools will share officers. >> i want my child to get a great education and have limitless opportunities. it's not looking like that. >> reporter: the superintendent says the district is facing an $81 million shortfall they have to fill or else they could see massive layoffs as early as october. live in the school district headquarters, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> it seems the only way to fill that $81 million hole is with the cigarette tax money. what's happening there? >> reporter: that's right. the superintendent told me today that he is counting on that cigarette tax to pass. he has assurances that tax, if
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it is passed and implemented by october 1, could raise $49 million. then he is counting on the teachers union to make some concessions as far as healthcare payments go to make up the rest of that $81 million shortfall. back to you. >> thanks. nbc 10 caught up with tom corbett to get his reaction to the budget crisis. >> i think dr. hite pointed out what i have been pointing out, the leadership of the union needs to come to the table and bargain concessions that are necessary in order to move forward. >> his democratic challenger for governor released this statement about the schools.
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>> the school district after maximizing the opportunity -- >> count on nbc 10 and for continuing coverage of the crisis. logon now for a closer look at the programs being cut and remember, we will be there for the first day of school and we will let you know if the financial situation changes between now and then. robin williams will get a tribute during the emy awamy aw comes up. organizers are still coming to terms with his death and will give him the tribute he deserves. he was found dead monday in his home. he committed suicide. his wife revealed that williams had been diagnosed with parkinson's disease which he had not shared publically. we will have more on parkinson's before the ends of this newscast. nascar has added a new rule
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telling drivers not to approach the track or move vehicles after accidents. this all comes less than a week after nascar star tony stewart struck and killed kevin ward junior during a dirt track race in new york. ward left his car and walked down the track before he was hit. tony stewart will not be behind the wheel this weekend. stewart missed last week's race after the accident in new york. this weekend, just burton will raise in the number 14 car at michigan international speedway. the next race is saturday, august 23 at bristol. stewart has not announced if he will participate. we are more than a year away from the world meeting of families. >> we got a preview of what to expect. nbc 10 in kennet square. >> this painting will not only
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be on display during the event but will be used in all materials connected to the meeting. he spoke to us about what this means to him. >> as a professional, it's an honer to be chosen to be recognized for any technical skills. but more so, as a catholic, it's very humbling to have the opportunity to serve the church at large. sglt world meeting of families will be held in philadelphia september 2015. yesterday, we learned that the pope had said he would be in philadelphia for the celebration. the arch diocese says it's waiting for an official con if i mags. an absolutely gorgeous day across the area today. temperatures in the 70s, extremely low humidity. these are cooler than normal temperatures. this morning we were very cool. this afternoon, cool. these are all below average numbers, too. we will see that as we start off the weekend.
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a nice start to your weekend. plenty of sunshine and dry air in the forecast. then as we go into sunday for the second half of of why weekend, we have a little rain in the forecast. i will show you the timing in a minute. here is a live look at center city. we have seen sunshine all day today. few clouds trying to move in. overall, nice and dry. humidity very low at 37%. that's what makes it feel comfortable. 75 right now in philadelphia. the winds are near about 17 miles an hour. a bit of a breeze out there. through lehigh valley, temperatures in the mid to low 70s. it's only 70 right now in all allento allentown. trenton, 71. look at mount pocono, only 61. comfortable temperatures, 74 in millville. even mid 70s closer to the shore. we are dry but we do have some clouds moving in. most of the cloud cover is through the poconos and parts of
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the leaf high vhigh valley. if we look west, we have dry air. then up to our northwest and canada and just off to our west through parts of iowa, we have some rain developing for part of our weekend. not the entire weekend but it will be here for the end of the weekend. future weather tonight, dry for your friday evening going into saturday. looks really nice. by noon saturday, plenty of sunshine. comfortable temperatures. warmer than today. sunday being look what happens. more clouds in the morning we could have a few scattered showers around. in the afternoon, we could have scattered showers. we will dry from north to south through late in the day sunday. as we go into monday, we start to see things clear up quite a bit. along the shore for the start of your weekend, looking good. saturday, 81 and sunny. on sunday, a chance of a thunderstorm, mid 80s. monday we're nice again, around 80. in the poconos, saturday good. sunny, 74. on sunday, chance of a thunderstorm. looks a little better as we go into monday.
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we will see clearing early in the week next week. mostly clear tonight, cool, 60 for the low in philadelphia. 65 north and west. a little bit like fall again. into tomorrow, 82 to 85 for the high temperature. average high is 86. some spots below average. sunny and very nice to begin the weekend. on sunday, scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast. not for everybody with a thunderstorm. but we will have scattered rain around. monday looks good, but through the rest of the week, the humidity stays around and a chance for thunderstorms. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00 today, the connection between parkinson's disease and depression. one day after robin williams' wife revealed he was in the early stages of the disease. new research shows they are closely linked. how much police response is too much? local law enforcers react to the
4:21 pm
violence in missouri. i'm doug shimell. the story coming up. we are keeping up dated as the taney dragons are competing right now in the little league world series. this a shot from a party going on, a pep rally in chestnut hill. the game taking place in williamsport. longhorn knows what happens when you cross state lines. things get interesting. introducing new steaks across america, like the new kansas city bbq sirloin for $12.99 or the texas 3 chili pepper ribeye,
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a bucks county company is teaming up with two pennsylvania universities thanks to a million dollar state grant. tom corbett was there. they are working with two universities developing innovative new materials and manufacturing ideas. 13 projukts are already under way. recapping our top story. police in ferguson, missouri, identified the officer involved in the shooting death of an unarmed teen as a six-year member of the force with no previous complaints against him. they also released surveillance video alleging 18-year-old michael brown was suspected of stealing cigars hours before the shooting.
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there's a new waterfront park in philadelphia. the next perment nant park opened up along penn's landing. it celebrates the history of the area as well as the ecology within it. the former peer 53 was once the site of the immigration station and the nation's first navy yard. a mystery over memories. a man buys a used camera for a couple bucks and finds something priceless inside. the former owner's home videos, how he managed to track down the owner next at 4:00.
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right now at 4:30, outrage over the shooting death of a missouri teenager is sweeping the country. we learn new information about the officer who pulled the trigger and the events leading up to the shooting. darren wilson has been
4:31 pm
identified as the officer. >> the police chief says wilson was an officer for six years and never had any disciplinary action taken against him. ferguson police department released this video that indicates michael brown fit the description of a suspect in a strong-arm robbery. the chief says the officer that shot brown didn't know he was a robbery suspect at the time. brown's family and attorney are outraged the video was released. doug shimell checked in with local police chiefs about how they would handle this type of situation. >> he joins us live from upper darby. >> reporter: we tried talking to about 11 suburban police departments in pennsylvania and new jersey. none had any interest in critiquing the police response in ferguson, missouri. the upper darby police superintendent had no shortage of opinion. when the rioting and looting started in ferguson, mow, a
4:32 pm
well-armed and well armored police department went into action. >> when you see what's on the tube, it look like the police were out of control. >> reporter: upper darby police superintendent says based on the media accounts he has seen of the aftermath of the shooting, initial police action was warranted. >> and then it turned into rioting and looting. i don't have a problem with the police response. >> reporter: he feel they should have scaled back the response when it comes to protesters. >> when police organizations restore order, they are wrong, when they don't restore order, they are wrong. you are walking the fine line of how are you successful. >> reporter: several law enforcers tell us they worry about police departments that stockpile military hardware and feel compelled to use it. >> now with the givea wway
4:33 pm
programs, organizations are getting this. there has to be a balance. >> reporter: how do you achieve that balance between restraint on one hand and on the other hand hauling out the hardware? we are working on that story coming up tonight at 6:00. live in upper darby, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> this is a developing story. you can count on nbc 10 to stay on top of that situation in ferguson. the red cross is helping a number of people after a fire in west philadelphia this afternoon. firefighters work to clear the damage in this apartment building. the fire started on a third floor rear apartment. that's where the majority of the damage is. the fire marshal is investigating. no one was hurt. from our delaware bureau,
4:34 pm
the state treasurer is ending his re-election campaign. he announced the decision this morning just days after his former deputy filed a police complaint charging him with harassment. he says he was quitting the race because he was tired it of defending himself from her attacks. >> i love the people of this state. but i recognize that my -- that my political views of wanting to better the lives of the people are not accepted here. >> he is moving to massachusetts. according to the press of atlantic city, counselors voted to approve a resolution. late charges will be cut in half on the first $1,500.
4:35 pm
from 18 to 9% on taxes in excess of $1,500. a second resolution will allow individual taxpayers to set up a tax payment plan. let's get another check on our taney dragons of philadelphia playing right now in the little league world series. matt, how is it going out there? >> reporter: we are at spring side chestnut hill academy. we have a big crowd out here watching the game. three of the players on the taney dragons team go to school here. let me get out of the way. you can see the activity. kids out here, parents, families, teachers, supporters come out to show their love for this team. as of right now, we are at the top of the sixth. this game is almost over. the dragons are up 3-0. really close to moving on here. this is double elimination. if they lose, they will play tomorrow night. but it's looking more and more,
4:36 pm
fingers crossed, like they are going to win and would play on sunday. we will be keeping our eye out here on the results of this game and the party coming up live in chestnut hill, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> love to hear it. a mother arrested for using profanity in a grocery store says she just wants to put the entire thing behind her. she was handcuffed and charged with disorderly conduct sunday night after shopping with her husband and children. she had just become fed up and lost her patience. the woman who reported her at the store says she never expected her to be arrested. the two women have talked. both apologized and want to move on. a mystery has finally been solved. an indiana man bought a camcorder. he found something unexpected, home videos inside the case by the previous owner. >> wife came over and she was
4:37 pm
like, these belong to somebody's family. i don't think they meant to give them to goodwill. >> after seeing the images on line and on the news, a relative came forward to claim the precious memories. they are expected to meet over the next few days. talk about unusual art. the installation in one jersey shore town that only a dog could appreciate. running out of room. new numbers show the ebola outbreak may be more widespread than initially thought. how close we could be to a cure. all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a dress code battle at 6 flags. a t-shirt that led to an iraq war veteran being turned away. was it a threat of symbol of american pride? mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this.
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ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals.
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mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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dupont is building a new research facility that will focus on soy beans. the facility will be in newark. it will feature two automated greenhouses. it should be finished by 2016. the goal is to develop new seeds that yield higher oil and protein content. u.s. farmers planted 11% more soybeans in 2013 than the previous year. now to the latest on the ebola outbreak. >> the world health organization
4:41 pm
says beds and treatment centers are filling up faster than can be provided. that shows the outbreak is larger than the official count indicates. an 80-bed treatment center that opened filled up immediately. the next day dozens of others showed up for care. >> people who died have the most severe infection. their contacts are more likely to be infected. >> medical researchers in israel say a treatment for the ebola virus may be less than five years ago. doctors have been studying the blood of victims. they say they have isolated molecules that could provide vaccines and even a cure. in africa, more than 1,000 people have died and nearly 2,000 have contracted ebola during the deadly outbreak. you wouldn't think so since it's august, but it feels like football weather. how about eagles football? >> a few hours away from
4:42 pm
kickoff? >> yes. eagles players and chip kelly on the field right now in advance of the second preseason game. nick foles, another chance to share the field with and study the great tom brady. absolutely beautiful weather going into the weekend. here is a live look at cape may. a lot of people on the shore at the beaches this weekend. the weather looks good. i am tracking the chance for showers. all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, be ready to open your wallet. why parents will pay more for their kids s extracurricular activities. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:00. new video in the shooting of the unarmed teenager in ferguson, missouri. police released this video that they say is the teenager stealing from a convenience store shortly before he was confronted by a police officer. the officer was identified today as six-year veteran darren wilson. william hite says there will be more cuts to philadelphia schools. he announced this morning that schools will open on time but they will be clean less often and school police officers vacancies will not be filled. in addition, high school students who live within two
4:46 pm
miles of their school will lose transportation. fans and classmates are cheering on the taney dragons as they play in the opening round of the little league world series. three team members go to school in chestnut hill here. right now, the dragons are up 4-0. hopefully, the eagles can do as well. the eagles play their second preseason game tonight in new england against the patriots. >> the two teens have been holding joint practices all week. comcast sports net ron burke is in foxborough is there. >> for the eagles it has been a disappointing week because of last week's lost. they talked this week during their practices with the patriots about having better execution and not committing penalties. begin with foles because he was not sharp last week.
4:47 pm
he threw two interceptions. while sharing the field with brady, he had a chance to see a future hall of famer up close and personal. it gives him another chance to share the field with one of the game's greats. >> i'm watching, it doesn't matter who it is, watch the formula and what they do. tom is one of the best to play the game. it's great to watch him to see how he conducts an offense. it's great being out here from a learning standpoint. sg >> the eagles have injuries on offense to their top two servicerservice -- receivers. beautiful way to end out the week. fantastic looking friday, especially if you are lucky to have a three-day weekend.
4:48 pm
cooler temperatures in the forecast. we saw them this morning. this afternoon, below average high temperatures. a nice start to the weekend. we have plenty of sunshine in store for saturday. as we go into sunday, tracking a few showers in the forecast. i will show you the timing in a minute. the lehigh valley, look at these temperatures. allentown, 70 degrees right now. 71 in pottstown. 75 in philadelphia. the average high is about ten degrees warmer than this. 61 only in mount pocono. 76 right now in wilmington. mid 70s for glassboro. we are seeing the very dry air in place. really it does not feel like summer at all. it feels like fall. a few clouds as we look at the comcast center in philadelphia. very nice afternoon and evening for you. we will be staying dry for the rest of your friday evening. it will be nice out tonight. satellite and radar, we don't have rain. we have clouds over the poconos,
4:49 pm
lehigh valley, north of philadelphia. tonight, once those clouds start to clear out, the low temperatures will drop down. around ae 53 for the low in reading. 48 in mount pocono. trenton, upper 50s. closer to the shore, mid 60s. and around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, near 60. some of the suburbs could be in the upper 50s. so another cool start to your day. future weather does keep us dry into saturday. it looks good through the afternoon. mostly sunny skies and we will see nice conditions with a little warmer temperatures. on sunday, you notice more clouds moving in. we couee early morning scattered showers through the afternoon. we clear from north to south. we will have scattered showers
4:50 pm
sunday. as far as the shore, good saturday. sunny 81. sunday, mid 80s but a chance of thunderstorms. on monday, nice again, about 79 as we go into next. tonight, mostly clear and cool, 60 for the low in philadelphia, 51 areas north and west. then tomorrow, a nice day. sunny skies. a little bit warmer than today. today we are in the mid 70s. tomorrow, 82 to 85 to start off your weekend. going into sunday, more humidity in the forecast. more cloud cover, we could start with early showers. we should clear out later in the day. that tcontinues for monday. next week, the humidity stays around and so does the rain chance. talk about art going to the dogs. >> wildwood created art just for the dogs. the city is showing off a 5,000 pound fire hydrant at the dog beach. the 25-foot tall fire engine red display say gift. it was built from recycles
4:51 pm
parts. wildwood opens its first dog friendly beach on june 14th. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00, the commonly misunderstood side effects of parkinson's disease one day after robin williams' wife reveals he was battling the disease. tonight at 5:00, someone shot at a local police station leaving bullets in the door. the new clues that officers have that could help them find the person responsible.
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excellent news. taney dragons have just won their first game in the little league world series against tennessee. back to back no run shutout, mone davis who has been talked about so much. pitched a shutout. 4-0, taney dragons win this one. it was just yesterday that robin williams' wife made the
4:55 pm
startling revelation. he was in the early stages of w parkinson's disease. he had not been ready to share this publically. he was struggling with depression. >> while there's no information about his specific case, experts say the two conditions are often linked. erica edwards reports. >> reporter: a diagnosis of parkinson's disease can leave patients reeling. the disorder causes involuntary muscle movements and there's no cure. a new study confirms depression is more common among those newly diagnosed. >> you are visiting with someone newly diagnosed, it's not uncommon you might find they have solder depression. >> reporter: robin williams had been vocal about his battle with depression. there's no way to know whether his diagnosis played any role in his suicide.
4:56 pm
they are two distinct medical conditions. >> in the case of parkinson's, we know there's a loss of self in areas of the break and the link between parkinson's and depression is not fully understood from a pathologic standpoint. we know they are clearly linked. >> reporter: but neither condition causes the other. there are effective medications to control both parkinson's disease and depression. erica edwards, nbc news. next all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00 -- >> an elevator repairman killed. the freak accident in a local building. our changing weather. >> today was a beautiful day. it will be nice going into the weekend. i'm tracking showers. i will show you which days you can expect those coming up. as we just told you, the taney dragons from philadelphia
4:57 pm
moving on in the little league world series. the team won 4-0 over the team from tennessee. we are going live to williamsport where the celebration is set to begin.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
riets now at 5:00, is it new context or a speer job? new controversy in ferguson, missouri, after police release this video. officers say it shows michael brown grabbing a man while stealing a box of cigars. how did it lead to an officer killing the unarmed teenager? philadelphia schools will open on time. there's a catch. how the new cuts will affect students and why they could still spend less time in the classroom. we begin with the excitement from philly to williamsport. a thrilling victory as our hometown team is now on their way to the next round in the
5:00 pm
little league world series. >> that's right. the taney dragons' star pitcher mone davis, just 13 years old. she's what everybody has been talking about, one of the few girls to play in little league world series. she put on a show for the whole world to see. tonight, we have live team coverage as the dragons -- they just won 4-0 against the team from tennessee. matt delucia, the folks going crazy there? >> reporter: they are. i will tell you, we saw them with their excitement following that win. they are ready for the next one. just take a look here. it's cleared out. a few minutes ago, could you see this field by the academy, it was filled. now everyone is going home. but they are going home with their heads held high. i will tell you, there's also something to b


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