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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 15, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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little league world series. >> that's right. the taney dragons' star pitcher mone davis, just 13 years old. she's what everybody has been talking about, one of the few girls to play in little league world series. she put on a show for the whole world to see. tonight, we have live team coverage as the dragons -- they just won 4-0 against the team from tennessee. matt delucia, the folks going crazy there? >> reporter: they are. i will tell you, we saw them with their excitement following that win. they are ready for the next one. just take a look here. it's cleared out. a few minutes ago, could you see this field by the academy, it was filled. now everyone is going home. but they are going home with their heads held high. i will tell you, there's also something to be said about the
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fund-raising that goes on with something like this. we have been throughout the city. you have these people out here who are very excited. three of the players here go to spring side chestnut hill academy. throughout sthe city, we have seen support, including t-shirts that have raised thousands of dollars. a few weeks ago the taney dragons were just another little league team. now -- >> looks smart. >> reporter: the hometown heros. >> thank you. >> i'm not a sports fan. but i like that. >> as soon as we got the shirts in, they have been flying out. >> reporter: this is one of three selling taney t-shirts. since they hit the racks tuesday, the manager tells me it's been hard to keep them in stock. >> we got in 400 more last night. i probably have about 75 left. hopefully, i will get another
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shipment in. >> reporter: all of the money goes to the team. by early afternoon, this store had sold 600 shirts. that's $6,000 andto kids sports. >> reporter: until now. >> we have to have some team from philly that at least going somewhere to the world series. i don't see the phillies doing it. >> reporter: did you think the response would be like this? >> we didn't. that's why we had the emergency drop-off shipment yesterday. we didn't know it was going to be this big. we thought it might be south philly. it's more like philadelphia. >> taney, go all the way. >> reporter: this is the shirt that is hard to come by. as you heard, they are trying to get more of these. i'm sure these are going to fly off the shelves more in the next couple of days before taney plays their next game. dick's is also selling shirts.
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they sold 300 earlier today for people who bought the combination, tickets for a bus ride up to williamsport, they got the t-shirt along with it. a lot of these folks out here, they are hopping on the bandwagon. the kids out here, they go to school with three of these players. mone and scott and jalil. a lot are excited. they are looking ahead to the next game. we will be there with them as they celebrate. live in chestnut hill, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> so much excitement there. all throughout the city. everybody feels like this is our team. >> let's go to tim furlong live in williamsport. so much excitement there, too. >> reporter: yeah. our little perch up there where we have been, we moved down here to the media room. we are expecting team players and coaches to talk to the media. mone davis, her -- i it should
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be called mone's. what a day she had here today. complete game shutout, 4-0, eight strikeouts including the final four outs in this game. she mowed them down. she did a great job. all day long and all day yesterday, we talked about nerves and how they would react. they were the last tieam to get to williamsport. they didn't get a lot of practice time because of the rain. it was not a great week of practice. they ended the interviews and things they needed to do to end the distractions. they came out and looked cool and collected. they did what they do, they played baseball. it was cool to see that here in williamsport and in the short while we will have the coach here. when that happens, if mone comes out to talk, we will bring you back live. we will have the post game reaction and response from family as well. everyone here just very excited, very pumped up. that's where we are live, tim furlo furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you.
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even state leaders are showing their dragon spirit. bob casey tweeted a picture in a taney t-shirt. rumor has it his administration reached out to mone davis to gauge her interest in joining the office softball team next season. >> maybe we can get her as well. the dragons will get an upgraded baseball diamond to play on. the councilman and the parks department will spend $100,000 to give the field a makeover at fdr park in south philadelphia. stay with nbc 10 and for continuing coverage of the little league world series. we will go back to williamsport later in this newscast for reaction to the game. it's a nice day for baseball that will last the entire evening, we hope. >> let's go to sheena parveen.
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>> they wouldn't today. congratulations to them. as we go into the weekend, they will play sunday. the weather tomorrow looks nice. 78 and sunny. sunday is the day that we are going to focus on since they won today. 79 on sunday. chance of a couple thunderstorms in the forecast. we can't rule that out. be careful if you are going to be out there because of any lightning that may be in the vicini vicinity. we will watch that as well. locally, back here at home, our weather for your friday evening looks really nice. today we're sunny. we are only in the mid to low 70s across the area. by 7:00 tonight, sunny, nice, mid 70s still. humidity stays low all evening long. by 9:00, mostly clear, 71. we continue to cool down. by 11:00 tonight, we should be around 67 degrees in philadelphia. cooler temperatures and they will continue to cool as we go into tomorrow morning. to start off your weekend, another cool start, below average temperatures. as we go into the afternoon
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tomorrow, it's a nice day. i am tracking showers for part of your weekend forecast. i will show you when those are set to move in. that's coming up. philadelphia schools will open on time according to the superintendent. but he says it's going to hurt. the this morning dr. william hite announced additional cuts of $32 million. the cuts include cutting transportation for some students and cleaning schools less often. teacher layoffs are still a possibility. christine maddela will have a break down on the cuts and the impact. new information about a plan to bring down one local high-ri high-rise. it will be imploded on september 13th, which is a saturday. that's a day earlier than originally scheduled. officials made the change after meeting with the local community. the hi the high-rise is now vacant.
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we remember this, back in 2008 the city imploded this building when it was determined it would cost too much to rehab the old west philadelphia public housing unit. the city has been working to rid the style of old-style housing to avoid high-rises and is more modern looking. to a developing story in center city where police are investigating a man found dead in his home. sky force 10 over the scene. police tell us the victim was in his 60s. they are calling the death suspicious. we have crews at the scene trying to get more information. atlantic city police say an elevator repairman was killed after he fell into an elevator shaft. he was in an apartment building when he slipped into the shaft. they are looking into how it
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happened. there are several new developments in the death of an unarmed teen in ferguson, missouri. within last hour, the family of michael brown responded to surveillance video being released. it indicates that michael brown fit the description of a suspect in a strong-arm robbery at a convenience store. the ferguson police chief says the officer that shot brown didn't know he was a suspect at the time. brown's family, they are outraged. friend with brown when he was shot and killed is con firlifir that the two stole cigars from a convenience store. >> no one contacted me. no one said we are looking for you, we want you, you are the prime suspect or nothing like that. i understand it's been a lot on their hands. in a situation like this, you want to get that quick. >> the police chief says darren wilson was the person who shot brown. peaceful protests continue today
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after violence earlier this week. police departments around the country and here at home are juning how the police in ferguson reacted to this violence. when the rioting and looting starts, a well armed and armored police department went into action. the initial police action was warranted. but he feels ferguson police should have scaled back their response when it came to protesters who would not disburse. >> when police organizations restore order, they are wrong. when police organizations don't restore order, they are wrong. so you are walking that fine line of how do you -- how are you successful? >> coming up at 6:00, how much is too much? when it comes to using military equipment in civilian disputes. like to missouri in 20 minutes from now. you can visit to find
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information on a protest that happened here in philadelphia. police say they are pursuing several substantial leads in connection to a shooting at the police department earlier this week. on tuesday, someone drove up and fired several shots at the police station. detectives say they were 40 caliber rounds. police released video of the culprit. the reward is up to $28,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction. relatives of a woman say they used a nannycam to cam the woman. she abused the elderly woman who was a resident of a facility. they say she can be seen on tape man handling her. she cried out and pleaded for them. relatives found unexplained bruises on the woman.
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a local veteran is upset about what happened to him at a local amusement park. he says he was turned away at six flags because of a shirt supporting the military. why some people might call his outfit a threat. it's time for kids to head back to class. why parents will pay more even for what their kids do after school. we continue to follow taney dragons victory in the first round. mone davis with the lights out performance. we will get reaction from williamsport.
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a remembrance walk and moment of silence will be held tonight for a murdered philadelphia woman. 23-year-old laura aroho was found murdered back on july 14th. she was a graduate of the art institute of philadelphia. her body was found in a duffel bag outside an abandoned home. she was strangled and her body dumped there. police say she was robbed and then killed by this man, her west philadelphia neighbor. he is under arrest charged with murder. tonight's vigil begins at the art institute of philadelphia at 8:00. the crowd will walk the schuylkill river trail ending here at the philadelphia museum
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of art for a moment of silence. an anti bullying summit in washington, d.c. tackled the death of robin williams. they discussed his daughter who quit using daughter after reading negative comments. the summit also announced a grant to help schools deal with the problem. >> we know that about 28% of kids in schools report being bullied at some point during the school year. it is a persistent problem. >> federal officials say schools can't do it alone. they need the support of u.s. agencies and political lead foe ers to fight the problem. what when extracurricular activities after school? tracy davidson has tips. >> reporter: so many schools across the country are so strapped for funds that parents are being asked to pony up more,
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especially when it comes to extracurricular, after-school activities. >> it's more expensive for kids to be involved in all these activities throughout the school year. >> reporter: this woman is with parents will spent $400 a year for their children to participate. >> schools aren't paying for as many things. maybe they provided uniforms and now parents are expected to contribute or uniforms for the sports team and parents are expected to contribute there. >> reporter: that's why budgets for the extracurriculars has never been more important. >> a little bit of a rainy day fund so they have a bucket to pull from should these things pop up throughout the school year. >> reporter: to cease upon another teachable moment, she said have the child contribute to the fund as well. tracy davidson, nbc 10 news.
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beautiful end to the week today. i'm sure everybody felt it. it does not feel like summer. it feels like early fall. the temperatures are below average. we will keep with cool temperatures tonight. a lot of dry air around. tomorrow afternoon, a little warmer than today. today where he in the 70s. tomorrow we should be in the 80s. we do have showers in the forecast for part of your weekend. it does look like sunday at this point. i will show you the timing in a minute. a nice picture of center city from across the river in camden. we still do have nice conditions outside. a few more clouds are moving in. we will stay nice and dry. 33%, that's what the humidity is right now in philadelphia. the air is still really dry. temperatures in the mid 70s only. winds near 17 miles an hour. it's ten degrees below average right now. through the lehigh valley, mid to low 70s. 70 in allentown.
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72 pottstown and west chester. below average temperatures all behind a weak cold front that moves through. it has knocked numbers down. tomorrow we will be warmer. 74 in glassboro. 76 in millville and 76 in dover. for tonight, we will be cooler and we will stay dry. we have clouds up to our north. but overall, they are not going to bring rain. the rain won't come until sunday. we have two weather systems. one in canada and there's one way off to our west around missouri. both of these will eventually come together by the end of the weekend and bring us at least a few showers across the area. until then, we do stay dry. tonight, temperatures cool down once again for your saturday morning. through the afternoon, saturday a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the mid to low 80s. more clouds move in sunday morning. we could start off with a few early showers through the afternoon we could have showers but will clear out north to south. you will see improvement later in the day sunday.
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we will start off with rain around. on saturday, good along the shore. 81 and sunny. on sunday, we will see mid 80s but a chance of thunderstorms around with the rain moving in. we clear out on monday. 79, really nice as we start off next week. the humidity stays around next week. tonight, mostly clear, cool temperatures, 60 for the low in philadelphia, 51 areas north and west. another below average night tonight. tomorrow, sunny, very nice. average high is 86. closer to that tomorrow, 82 to 858 85 to start off the weekend. showers could start as early as the morning hours. but then we clear out later sunday. monday looks good. for the rest of the next week, the humidity does hang around. we have a chance of showers and storms almost every day. pennsylvania is giving money for 39 rail freight improvement projects. they voted to approve nearly $36 million for the projects.
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the work will be done in philadelphia as well as bucks, burkes, chester and montgomery counties. everything from track replacement to bridge work will be done. who kidnapped two amish girls? >> hours ago police revealed new details. find out who they are looking for. her first words to her husband, i think i just drank acid. >> a woman poisoned after ordering iced tea as a restaurant. what was mistakenly poured into her drink?
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take a look at this. flames shot across a highway in tennessee. it happened after a truck crashed into an overpass causing both to catch fire. one person died. crush equipment also burned in this accident. prime minister al maliki stepped down days after saying he wouldn't give up his seat. he said he is stepping aside for a man he called his brother. the flow of refugees continues after thousands it ran to the mountains to avoid isis pill l militants. >> this will be a major step
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forward in showing the commitment of the international community to stamping out this threat and to supporting the new iraqi government. >> the u.n. says the crisis is far from over. the united states continues to launch air strikes against isis militants. nearly two dozen russian tanks are gathering along the border are ukraine. they are a sign of escalating tension in the region. all this is fighting between ukrainian soldiers and pro-russian rebels continues. new video leads to new questions. >> police in missouri say michael brown robbed a convenience store of a box of cigars. tonight, even the police chief can't say how this relates to the shooting of the unarmed teen. we are heading live to ferguson where a new controversy is now brewing. philadelphia schools will open on time. but they say they still need tens of millions of dollars or
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else your kids will suffer even more. i'm christine maddela, i will walk you through what the district says they will do.
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right now at 5:30, students, parents and teachers will notice the deep cuts announced today for the philadelphia school district. the one bright spot, schools
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will start on time next month. >> the school budget crisis really hits home. the superintendent announced today that some high school kids will not have the option to ride the bus to school if they live two miles from the school. also, schools will be cleaned less frequently. police officer vacancies will not get filled. teacher playoffs are still on the table. >> nbc 10's christine maddela joins us live. they are counting on the cigarette tax to pass and that's why schools will open on time? >> reporter: that's right. that's what he said when i talked to him after his announcement this morning, that schools will open on time. it's a risk because there's no guarantee that the cigarette tax will pass through the legislature next month. he says he does have assurances and the district still needs $82 million because that's the shortfall right now. the cigarette tax is one way to
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bridge that gap. >> number one, we are open. number two, where he not laying off a mass number of individuals. number three, we are calling for more significant contributions to benefits from pft. >> reporter: the philadelphia federation of teachers. they represent 15,000 teachers, counselors and nurses. they called on the union to pay for their members' healthcare. >> we are willing to make the same offer that we made to the district last august 31st. >> reporter: jordan wouldn't go into specifics but says they made offers last year that would have saved the district tens of millions of dollars but the district turned it down. >> what is offered has to be substantial enough to fill a significant gap. it has to be to the structural part of this. >> reporter: dr. hite says it doesn't need savings, it needs concessions and it needs additional funds and that funding would come from you.
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>> that's called savings. that's double-talk. >> reporter: the sub perintende is causing on them to come up with $30 million. the district assumes it will receive $49 million in revenue if the cigarette tax passes. >> it's extremely important. we're imploring them, you have to do this and it has to be done quickly. >> reporter: i called the house majority leader's office and spoke with his spokesperson. the representative he said was here if philadelphia and met with dr. hite on monday and in that conversation the house majority leader told dr. hite that the tax bill is a priority and he would do everything he could to get that bill passed. that is what led, in part, to hite's decision to open schools on time. live at the school district's headquarters, christine maddela, nbc 10 news.
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>> students who sat in on the news conference began chanting. they walked out yelling no education, no life. they wanted to come to at announcement to show they care about the school district and want to fight for their right to a quality education. they called on law makers to fund the schools. >> count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the philadelphia school budget crisis. we are crunching the numbers and posting the latest developments on the feel h-good story of th day. the tape taney dragons won the first game. >> tim furlong is live in williamsport. you just spoke to the head coach? >> reporter: not the head coach of this team. we spoke with mone's mom a couple minuting ago. where he in the quiet media room
5:33 pm
waiting for the new s conferenc to start. mone has taken over the complex. everybody wants to talk to her. we talked to her mom about how exciting it was. we heard from the nashville coach who said philly is the home team here. >> i'm so excited for my daughter. she pitched a very, very good game. it seemed like it didn't bother her. i was more nervous than she was. >> we see faster and faster pitching and that stuff before. it's a hard situation coming into the stadium with 20,000 people all over the place cheering for one player. it's kind of hard to -- they bought into the hype, also.
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>> reporter: it looked like nashville kids did buy into the hype. there were 16,000 people in the stadium. on that hill, it was something to see. i took a lot of pictures because it was cool to see it. most of the people were clearly here to see the taney dragons and the philadelphia team. lots of kids from delaware, little leagues all over our region came up here to support taney as they went up against nashville. they will now play the winner of the texas, rhode island game sunday night. it's just getting started. mone is the story. her mom was telling us, hey, you are mone's mom. she's the celebrity around here. a complete game shutout. she mowed them down. i keep using that. it's -- that's what you got to say when you have a name like mone. she was awesome. we are waiting for her to come in here in the media room and the coach. we will try to bring you back here live. tim furlong, nbc 10 news.
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it was a beautiful day for baseball. let's go to sheena parveen. >> a fantastic end to the week. temperatures well below average. the air is dry. we have seen great conditions. here is what it looks like locally. clouds north of philadelphia. overall, we are seeing a beautiful end to the week. this will really lead into a beautiful start to the weekend. here is what it looks like outside right now. this is center city from the adventure aquarium. a few clouds around but we are feeling fantastic weather. feels like early fall. if we zoom out here, immediately to our west we have dry weather moving in to start your weekend. a little further to the west, you notice wayrain here. a better chance for rain this weekend. it's not the entire weekend. just part of the weekend showers in the forecast. mid to low 70s, only 70 in allentown. 76 in philadelphia.
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76 in millville and atlantic city. as we go through the rest of your friday, it's going to be really nice tonight. temperatures will cool down once again. a cooler start to your morning. this is below average for this time of the year. the average high is 86. we got to 77 today. by 11:00 tonight, we will be in the 60s. more details on how cool it will be overnight tonight and which day out of the weekend we will see showers. that's coming up. new at 5 d:30. an amusement park is sticking to its guns. mario alehandra was asked to change clothes or leave when he tried to enter the park waring this t-shirt. the shirt -- trust me here -- it shows a picture of a red, white and blue machine gun with the words keep calm and return fire on the front of the t-shirt. he says he is a veteran and that the t-shirt supports marines. in a statement to nbc 10, six
5:37 pm
flags great adventure spokesperson says -- michael brown's family calling it a smear job in missouri. ferguson police just released this video claiming it shows the teen robbing a convenience store right before an officer shot him. >> nbc 10's correspondent jenna hanshor is live. what are police saying happened? >> reporter: police are saying that they spoke with witnesses inside of that convenience store as well as that store clerk and said that michael brown came in to that convenience store with his friend, stole a pack of cigars and at that point the clerk came out and said that,
5:38 pm
hey, you have to pay for these before you leave. michael brown, at least according to police according to this police report, grabbed the clerk by the neck, grabbed his shirt by the neck and pulled him up close to him. at that point he let him go and exited that convenience store. now, we haven't necessarily been able to confirm that that is, in fact, michael brown in that video. there was a press conference earlier where the attorney for michael brown said that michael brown's family says it appears that it could be him in the video, but it is not confirmed if it is him. as you said earlier, the family feels like this is a smear campaign, really diverting the attention from what they really want to know is what happened the moments right before brown was shot. >> what do we know about the officer whose name was just released in all of this? >> reporter: well, what we know right now is his name is darren wilson. we know he was a six-year
5:39 pm
veteran of the force. that's just about as much as we know. we don't know necessarily what his history was with the force, if he has had any sort of awarding or anything like that. we don't know much more about this officer than that. >> thank you. >> continuing coverage of the unrest in ferguson. coming up at 6:00, we will examine local police departments that are a similar size to ferguson. we are asking our police what type of equipment they use and how they would react in a similar situation. two amish girls kidnapped. >> the clues the victims are give to giving to police to find the people responsible. a new honor for robin williams. the way the actor will be remembered. i accused of preying on patient at a local hospital.
5:40 pm
the violent crimes this nursing assistant pulled off on the job.
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the taney dragons clinched the first game. let's listen in to mone davis. >> always wanted to be a basketball role model. but being a baseball role model is cool. hopefully more girls will play little league. >> you gave her some support. when that ball went out, what were you thinking? a big moment for you guys, too? a three-run homer in your first at-bat in a little league world series. what's that like for you? >> it was great. it got a lot of nerves out of me. i just wanted to help mone out.
5:43 pm
because i knew she was going to do well. but she needs a couple of runs. as soon as it went out, i was very excited. >> what was your thought when you saw that pitch coming at your thigh in your next at-bat? >> i don't know. >> what's been the best part of this week so far, other than the win? what's this experience been like for you? >> i like the equipment, the new equipment that we got. i like meeting new people. people from all over the world. different cultures. that was good. >> your perspective, how good was mone compared to other games she has pitched? >> she definitely had her game today. she was in the strike zone. pitching with good velocity.
5:44 pm
kept them off balance. >> we were listening to mone's teammate talking about them. what i loved about what mone said earlier was that, sure, the attention has been on her. but she said, this is a team effort. this is about the taney dragons performing today. >> everyone focused on her. she said it's everyone involved is. but there's no denying that the incredible game that mone and the dragons put on today. from baseball to football. >> ron burke is live with the eagles. >> you see players behind me warming up for tonight's second preseason game. they had a good week of practice. they say they benefitted from their experience. a live report coming up. i'm tracking rain coming in for part of your weekend.
5:45 pm
when to expect it in my forecast. in our airspace and over our neighborhoods, drones will soon be flying in south jersey. new at 6:00, the testing being done in our backyard and how the feds say they plan to protect your privacy.
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the eagles will go for their first preseason win tonight against the patriots. >> they practiced together leading up to the game. ron burke is live with more. >> tonight will cap four days of work for the eagles. they will take on the patriots. a big opportunity to bounce back from their lot ss last week.
5:48 pm
they say the week was invaluable. the first days they practices from 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day. they went with a two-hour practice followed yesterday by a walk-through that was lighter. it gave them an opportunity to break up the monotony of going against themselves. >> it's beneficial. any time you can get reps are, it helps you overall make your game better. it helps the coaches out in terms of what their designs work and stuff like that. it's like an extra preseason game. >> it's different but at the same time it was a great experience. you couldn't ask for a better team to go against. they are going to bring it every day. they have their way of doing things. we have our way of doing things. it helped both units to go
5:49 pm
against each other this week. >> the second and third preseason games are generally the most important. the starters are expected to play a half, which is more than last week. we will hear from mccoy on what he expects ou s out of himself tonight's game. a perfect day to entd out te week. temperatures below average for this time of year. we will have another cool night tonight. cooler temperature dozen sts do the forecast. another cool start to your saturday and through the afternoon it will be nice. a little warmer than today. then as we go into sunday, the showers come back into the forecast. i will show you what that looks like in a minute. a live look out, the art museum next to the schuylkill river.
5:50 pm
the temperatures comfort. 76 right now, humidity at 33%. it is very dry outside. average high, 86. today so far we have got tten t 77. tomorrow back into the 80s. sunday, back into the mid 80s. that's going to come with a little rain and then next week we will drop below average once again. it's not going to feel like summer for tonight or even into tomorrow. currently, through the lehigh valley, temperatures in the mid to low 70s. mount pocono, only 60. kind of cool up there through south jersey and delaware, temperatures in the mid 70s. we will be cool tonight. look at the low temperatures. these will hit around sunrise tomorrow. when you walk outside, it will feel cool. 51 for the low in allentown, 53 for the morning low in reading. around northeast philly, 60.
5:51 pm
57 doylestown and norristown in the morning. along the shore, mid 60s in the morning. 61 dover and around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs, we should be in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees in philadelphia. another cool morning for us. locally, we are dry. clouds north of philadelphia. on radar if we pull out, our sunday rain is still very far away off to our west and northwest. eventually, both will come together and give us some rain for the weekend. currently, we are dry. we stay dry into saturday. future weather doesn't show much except sunshine. there is a chance we could have showers through the afternoon on sunday. then we clear from north to south. for tonight, mostly clear and cool, around 60 philadelphia, 51 north and west. then tomorrow, sunny, beautiful day. 82 to 85, a little warmer than
5:52 pm
today. it's going to be dry. on sunday, a few showers in the forecast, maybe a couple thunderstorms. going into next week, we start off good monday but the lmd chuy comes back and so does the rain chance. spikes tea. >> the ingredient that critically injured is a woman. their job is to protect and serve our communities. who or what is protecting local police departments against brutality? the device that could soon be part of the uniform for philadelphia police and how it could help to crack down on crime.
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robin williams will be honored at this summer's emmy awards. the producer promised a meaningful remembrance. it airs later this month. williams committed suicide earlier this week. yesterday his wife said her husband, who struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past, was sober but suffered from parkinson's disease which he had kept quiet. a utah woman is in critical condition after drinking a sweet tea at a restaurant. the tea had been tainted with cleaning powder. the woman took a sip and immediately coughed it out thinking it was acid. they say it was two-thirds full of a cleaning chemical solution
5:56 pm
used to clean deep fryer equipment. now she has hired a lawyer. >> the manager or the employee put six cups of this white powder into the ice tea mixer. she took a sip and coughed it out. >> the president of the restaurant says safety is something they take seriously and that they are fully cooperating. authorities are looking for more than one suspect in connection to the apparent abduction of two amish girls from their family's farm stand in new york state. the 7-year-old and 12-year-old vanished wednesday night after a car pulled up to their family's stand. they turned up and asked for help getting home. next at 6:00 --
5:57 pm
>> a philadelphia mother believes poor decisions by her day care may have caused her son to be hospitalized. that story coming up next at 6:00. it feels like autumn in august. great weather to start the weekend. i'm matt delucia live in chestnut hill where fans of taney dragons are fired up after winning today.
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it was a trip planned. but they said they was going on a school bus. >> there was no school bus? >> no. no school bus. >> now at 6:00, angry, upset and demanding answers from her son's day care. a philadelphia mother says her 5-year-old was severely injured in this crash on the grays ferry bridge. the woman says her son's day care was negligent during the field trip. we are learning new information about the accident that we first showed you from sky force 10 on wednesday. only on 10 tonight, nbc 10's lu ann cahn found out why there could be bigger problems for that day care center. >> nobody called me to apologize or tell me exactly what went
6:00 pm
down. >> reporter: this woman says she gave the day care permission to take her 5-year-old son on a field trip to the movies. but that she did not give them permission to take her in a car. this lexus. it collided with a pickup wednesday afternoon. sky force 10 was there. her son is now hospitalized and had surgery today at children's hospital. his leg is broken in several places. he has head injuries. police say there were six people in the car, five were children. this car only has five seat belts. >> it was a trip planned. but they said they was going on a school bus. >> reporter: there was no school bus? >> no. no school bus. it was separate cars with children in it with no car seats and no sooeat belts. >> reporter: that's what this good samaritan told her. >> i said he's dieing. they he had me put him on a table. >> reporter: this woman was there after the accident happened. she


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