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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 15, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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down. >> reporter: this woman says she gave the day care permission to take her 5-year-old son on a field trip to the movies. but that she did not give them permission to take her in a car. this lexus. it collided with a pickup wednesday afternoon. sky force 10 was there. her son is now hospitalized and had surgery today at children's hospital. his leg is broken in several places. he has head injuries. police say there were six people in the car, five were children. this car only has five seat belts. >> it was a trip planned. but they said they was going on a school bus. >> reporter: there was no school bus? >> no. no school bus. it was separate cars with children in it with no car seats and no sooeat belts. >> reporter: that's what this good samaritan told her. >> i said he's dieing. they he had me put him on a table. >> reporter: this woman was there after the accident happened. she says when she saw the boy and didn't see police or an
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ambulance, she grabbed him and some of the kids and drove them to the hospital. >> i didn't unbuckle or see no car seats. >> reporter: the allegation is the child wasn't waearing a sea belt. we made calls to the day care. the only response we have gotten is no comment. >> my son is in this hospital. having to go through surgery. >> reporter: the 5-year-old may be hospitalized here for quite some time. police say they are ve investigating to see who was or was not wearing seat belts. lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. we have just learned revel casino in atlantic city is closing down sooner than expected. the hotel will now close at 11:00 a.m. on monday, september 1st. that is labor day. then the casino will close at
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5:00 on tuesday, that's the casino. as you know, the casino has had financial difficulty since it was built. silver lining of sorts. the philadelphia school budget crisis, despite an $81 million budget gap, the superintendent said classes will begin on time, september 8. the start of the you are new scr comes at a cost. he had to make cuts that he hopes are just temporary. $32 million in cuts means no buss for high school students who live two miles or less from school. also, schools will be cleaned less frequently. and school security vacancies will not be filled. this means high schools will keep the same number of resource officers and more elementary schools will share officers. the superintendent tells us the reason he made the decision to open schools on time and avoid the layoffs is because he's counting on that cigarette tax
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to pass through the state legislature next month. he says he is negotiating with the teacher's union asking them to make concessions and pay into their healthcare benefits. the two combined would make up the shortfall. hite if the tax passes and is implemented by october 1, he is expecting $49 million in tax revenue to help fund philadelphia schools. >> we have assurances from the house majority leader and from governor corbett and from the delegation that they will do everything possible to make sure that it is up, it's passed and they get it done as quickly as possible. >> hite says that $81 million shortfall is not filled, he will have to make drastic cuts including layoffs of up to 1,000 employees. >> we need a govern toor who wi
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stand up, do the right thing. >> this former gubernatorial candidate is holding corbett responsible for the lack of funding in all pennsylvania public schools. tom wolf released a statement saying, philadelphia schools should never have been placed in the place where they have to rely on cash advanced and cigarette taxes while facing massive layoffs and further program cuts. we caught up with the governor this morning for his reaction to the school budget crisis. he tells us he is glad that hite is opening schools on time. >> i think he pointed out what i have been pointing out, the leadership of the union needs to come to the table and bargain the concessions that are necessary in order to move forward.
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>> the governor says all the other important parties have to many could to the table to fix the table except the union leadership. count on nbc 10 to follow the developments of the crisis and how it will affect the next academic year for your child. a big win for philadelphia's taney dragons in their first round of the little league world series. >> proud of everything they are doing. >> i'm proud of her. pretty cool to have someone from my school to be the star pitcher on the teach m. >> mone davis shut out the team from nashville, tennessee, 4-0. what a win. we have team coverage of our taney dragons as they move on to play sunday. matt delucia live in chestnut hill where fans are celebrating.
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first to tim furlong who talked to the team after their big win. >> reporter: mone davis is the 18th girl to play in the little league world series. what she did today was remarkable. everyone is talking about it here on the complex in williamsport. everyone is talking about it and treating her like a rock star because it was a rock star performance. a complete game shutout, eight strikeouts including last four outs. that doesn't happen. it was awesome. she was dominating. we talked to her today, you ask her about being a role model, you ask her about what this means to her. she seemed very excited her instagram account is growing. she seems more excited about the governor being at the game today and talking about how great she is and how great it would be if she played pro ball. she seemed more excited about the fact that her idol tweeted her back. she was remarkable today. i asked other kids on the team,
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did you get bored? we would have liked more action. it was a team effort. they got the job done. they were nervous. they did their job and they did it amazingly well. you hear the 13-year-old little girl, mone davis. she has a huge arm and huge heart. she talked about what this means in terms of being a role model to others. >> very unreal. i never thought that at the age of 13 i would be a role model. kind of now it's real. >> this game blew me away. i don't think she had this many strikeouts. i'm not sure. this game blew me away. >> reporter: i think it blew all of us away. you see the folks watching the game on the hill at volunteer stadium. this team is going to play the winner of rhode island and texas which is on the main stadium where philly played today.
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that's at 8:00 tonight. the coach of the dragons told me he will make sure his team is watching both teams because they want to beat them. stunning performance today. matt, i understand you were with people who were there watching in chestnut hill. that had to be awesome, too. >> reporter: it was. but not as awesome as being out there in williamsport. the folks out here are not just supporting any local team. this is their team. three of the players on the dragons go to school here. look at this video. check this out. this is what it looks like when the taney dragons scored the last one to make it 4-0. then a few minutes later, they won the game and this crowd, as you can expect, went wild. friends, parents and teachers were out here watching a 25-foot screen lending their support even from far away. the three students who go here are scott, jalil and mone. their team, their classmates are
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now in the spotlight. >> i was really excited, because i'm just really proud of her. it's cool to have someone from my school to be like the star pitcher on a teach that's all boys except for her. >> i couldn't have been any more excited if i was watching my own kids. >> what do you think this does for student moral? >> it's tremendous. you can't put a price tag on it. it's invaluable for the school and the student body. this is something that kids will talk about for a very, very long time. >> reporter: no plans for another watch party for the next game on sunday. i will tell you, one parent i spoke with said that if she would have been in williamsport if she didn't have to work. this weekend it is looking better. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> count on nbc 10 to follow the taney dragons on their quest for a world series title. new at 6:00 from our delaware bureau, a nursing
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assistant is now charged with abusing her patient. she worked at a hospital in new castle councounty. a fellow staff member reported that she punched a woman all while cursing at her. the patient is okay. she is free on bail. funeral services tomorrow for four children killed in this fire in southwest philadelphia last month. there is a viewing tonight. the brothers and twin sisters were trapped inside their home and died. the fire began on the porch of a home along gesner street. investigate areas announced the cause of the fire may never be determined. they say extensive damage to the initial area of the fire destroyed the physical evidence required to determine the exact cause. tonight's services will be helped at divine mercy parish in southwest philadelphia. the funeral will be held at the
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same place tomorrow morning at 9:00. from our jersey shore bureau, drones will soon be tested in new jersey's airspace. the faa announced that a test site involving new jersey, maryland and virginia is now up and operational. that site will integrate drones into the national airairspace. it's in egg harbor township. is there such a thing as the over militarization of your police? designed to protect police. the device that could soon be part of the uniform for philadelphia police and why not everyone is on board with the technology.
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don't shoot. this is a universal call for surrend surrender. the officer shot him is what we heard. that is wrong. we want the truth to come out. we are sure it will. >> the family of michael brown expressing outrage over the release of this video in
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ferguson, missouri. police say it shows the teen stealing from a store shortly before he was shot by a police officer. that officer has been identified as darren wilson, a six-year veteran of the force. according to the police report, brown is seen grabbing cigars at a store and heading to the exit where he is confronted by a clerk. the family disputes what happened. tonight nbc 10 learned that more police departments are snatching up military surplus. does that create pressure for police to use that extra pourer? doug shimell live in upper darby. doug, you spoke with upper darby's police superintendent about this dangerous trend that could be created by this. tell us more. >> reporter: you know, when armored vehicles are used at the right time, police say they actually help protect the
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officers and reassure the community. correctic i critics say that's not what happened in missouri. they moved in last month when a mental health patient shot and killed a caseworker and wounded a psychiatrist. >> where is that middle ground? is it overkill because it's paramilitary in a protest over shooting, or is it tremendously positive? >> reporter: this man says the use of military-style hardware reassured scared workers and neighbors. scenes of paramilitary policing in ferguson, missouri, subduing rioters and looters after a shooting have sparked debate over how much response is too much. is there a danger of overmilitarization of local police departments? >> that's up to the leadership in an organization. they look at what's available and what do they want. >> reporter: the federal government is making surplus
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military gear and armored veb e vehicles available to police departments. they have been grabbing it. >> whatever military surplus they have, hopefully they are trained to probably use it, when, how and what the impact will be. >> reporter: before things progressed to this point, this man says police have to employ the old-school membthods. >> foot, bike, horses. you got to get involved in community. to me, that's the key for any successful community. you never know when one issue can ignite into this violence that we are seeing. >> reporter: mike says, often times simply using restraint works better than one of these just because you have it. live in upper darby, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. in a better effort to protect officers, philadelphia police department is planning to implement body cameras. the police commissioner says
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they are in the early staples of planning i -- stages of launching a pilot program. other local police departments are using this technology as well to protect against police brutality including richland township and even septa. "nbc nightly news" will have more on michael brown's death right after this newscast. perfect day to end the week. perfect way to end the week, actually, with plenty of sunshine. tonight, cooler temperatures around. we will be back down in the 50s for much of the area. as we go into the weekend, a great start tomorrow. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. then by the end of the weekend,
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the shower chances do increase. i will show you that many coulding up could i -- coming up in a minute. right now, in aellentown, down o 69. 73 in reading. 71 in pottstown. 76 in philadelphia. these are not normal temperatures for this time of the year. the average high is 86 degrees. 71 in trenton. 74 in mount holly. cool in south jersey and delaware, temperatures mid to low 70s. it's part of a cold front giving us the below average temperatures. here is a close-up look at the cam ca comcast center. dry on satellite and radar. if we pull out to the west, we start to see rain here. also up in canada. both of these will come together as we go into the end of the weekend and bring us rain. but until then, we will continue to see sunshine to start off your saturday.
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future weather here does keep us dry for tonight. clear skies, a cooler start to your saturday morning. through the afternoon, we keep the sunshine. warmer than today. sunday, more clouds move in. early showers are possible on sunday. through the afternoon, we start to clear out from north to south. we will have scattered showers but at least it looks like conditions will improve, especially into monday. along the shore, sunny saturday. showers on sunday. on monday, we will see nice conditions with temperatures in the upper 70s. tonight, clear skies. 60 for the low in philadelphia, 51 north and west. a cool night tonight. tomorrow, sunny, warmer than today, 82 to 85. the humidity will still be low. it will feel comfortable. on sunday, the humidity goes up, scattkacattered showers. we clear out later in the day on sunday. next week, the humidity stays around. temperatures mid 80s and a chance for showers. thank you. we will show you how dominating
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mone davis was and hear how mature she was after the game. live for eagles preseason game number two.
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i'm john clark. the tawny dragons have the star of the little league world series, mone davis. there has been over 9,000 kids to play in williamsport. mone is the fourth american girl to play on this stage. look at all the fans. a lot of phillies there. 16,000 fans there. the dragons jump out on top early.
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look at that shot. three-run homer. taney is up 3-0. mone davis steals the show. her mom and friend from philly cheering her on. look at this sign. show me the mone. she delivered. mows them down. her second straight complete game shutout. eight strikeouts. two hits. taney beats south nashville 4-0. the first female pitcher to win a game in little league world series history. >> very unreal. i never thought that at the age of 13 i would be a role model. kind of now it's real. always wanted to be a basketball role model. being a baseball role model is really cool. >> tons of pro athletes tweeting during the game. trout saying, she is straight
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dominating. next game sunday at 7:00. the eagles in new england. foles will be out maclin and cooper. let's get our starter ready. ron burke, get us ready for tonight. >> chip kelly said there's a lot of areas where mccoy can improve. the all-pro and reigning champ agrees with that. he says he wants to be great. here is lesean from wednesday on what he needs to accomplish in the second preseason game tonight. >> i think more friday would be the finishing touches. we did step one, two, three. friday we need finishing touches, breaking tackles, all the small things to finish this project up. >> a little more than an hour from kickoff. send it back to you. >> we are right back after this.
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thanks for watching. on the broadcast tonight, city on edge. new images tonight of a teenager shot to death by police minutes before his fatal run-in. as we learn the identity of the officer at the center of it all. show of force. assault weapons and armored vehicles in ferguson and across the country. is this the new face of america's police? getting high, it's legal, available and looks pretty harmless. but so many kids have overdosed, one governor has declared a state of emergency. and sea change. a popular summer destination gets a big makeover following the backlash over how it treats its star attractions. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world


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