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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  August 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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want to stay outside and not go in the house. >> you need to make your plans right now because we'll see such nice conditions and the great thing is you can be anywhere in our area and you'll find comfortable conditions. down the shore, in the city, the poconos. some temperatures in the poconos at 48 degrees. only 52 in allentown. 48 in quakertown. 55 in washington township. if you're waking up with us in wilmington, 59 degrees. down the shore staying mild with ocean water keeping us nice and warm. 68 in atlantic city. 68 degrees in beach haven. for the rest of your morning heading into early afternoon, expect temperatures at 68 degrees in the city by 9:00 a.m. by 1:00 p.m., 83 our high today. we'll push back into the mid 80s which is below our average. we'll warm up and i'm also
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tracking storms. find out when in our seven-day forecast. an argument in a chinese take out restaurant leaves a man dead. two men were arguing when one shot the other in the neck. the shooter is still on the loose. the victim died at the hospital. also new from overnight, police suspect -- >> what was going on during the course of this argument by obviously it led to a shooting so we don't really have a description of who did the shooting. we're currently working the investigation looking for surveillance footage in the area and witnesses that may help us. >> again, police still looking for the shooter. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. also new from overnight, police suspect drunk driving to be the cause of a crash careen an suv and a septa transit police car that happened just before 4:00 this morning. a septa officer suffered minor injuries. he is expected to be okay. today people will come
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together in a philadelphia neighborhood to pay their final respects to four kids killed in a fire. brothers patrick sanyeah and damage jacque and twin sisters maria bowah and marialla will be laid to rest. >> reporter: the family decided to hold one service here on chester avenue. this is what it looked like last night. family and friends held a small service for 4-year-old twins maria and marialla bowah and brothers patrick sanyeah and taj jacque. now it was more than a month ago early on in the morning of july 5th a fire started on the porch of a home on the 6500 block of gesner street. that fire spread quickly and
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four children could not be saved. within the past 24 hours the philadelphia fire department offered an update on this fire. the fire commissioner says after consulting with the fire marshal that they don't know the cause of the fire. as of now ruled undetermined. the fire marshal's office and arson investigators went through this scene but the damage was too extensive and destroyed any evidence that was out there. as we look live once again here in south philadelphia, it has been a difficult month. it's quiet out here now but family members expect a crowd. we've seen the emotion from these family members and this morning at 9:00 they will say good-bye. live in southwest philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new video from overnight shows some heated moments between police and demonstrators in ferguson, missouri. there were about 200 people
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gathered holding their hands in the air as police asked them to disperse. authorities say officers dressed in riot gear started using tear gas. democrnstrations have been goin since last saturday when 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer. yesterday as police identified the officer involved in that shooting as darren wilson, they also released this surveillance video. authorities say it shows brown stealing cigars from a liquor store a short time before he was shot. ferguson's police chief says wilson did not know brown was a robbery suspect at the time the unarmed teen was shot. philadelphia police officers could soon have body cameras to record their daily interactions with city residents. police commissioner charles ramsey says his department is currently working on a pilot program. he would like to launch it by the end of the yore. philadelphia's police union president tells he's against the move because it
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would be another way to second-guess police. other local departments that are already using this type of technology include richland township, evesham township and septa. a man was found on the first floor of his home by contractors who just arrived to work on the house. investigators say there is no sign that someone broke in. neighbors tell us he was a kind man but mostly kept to himself. from our jersey shore bureau a woman charged after a deadly accident on the atlantic city expressway. police say 45-year-old was driving a pickup truck when she hit a guard rail and flipped over. the accident happened on june 20th on the expressway in hamilton township atlantic county. police say she had five passengers in the vehicle. three were riding in the bed of the truck.
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a 35-year-old and 4-year-old boy were killed. she's charged with two counts of death by auto while under the influence of alcohol. turning to philadelphia's school budget crisis. superintendent dr. william hite says classes will start on time even though the district has an $81 million budget gap. hite will make $32 million in cuts he hopes are temporary because he's counting on the cigarette tax bill to pass through the state legislature next month. high school students that live within two miles of the school will not be able to take the bus and to save money schools will be cleaned less frequently and vacant school police officer jobs will not be filled. >> determine that opening on time with these further cuts was the least harmful decision for students and families. >> if the $81 million shortfall is not closed, he'll have to
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make drastic cuts including about 1,000 layoffs. count on nbc 10 to follow the developments on philadelphia's school budget crisis and how it will affect the next academic year for the city's children. a resurfacing project that will impact drivers has been pushed g ee eed back again. crews will repair and resurface the southbound side of interstate 476 between i-76 and route 30 and northbound between route 3 and montgomery avenue. the project has been postponed twice before. philadelphia's taney dragons have one win under their belt. taney jumps out on top with a three-run homer putting them up 3-0. and then mo'ne davis throws a
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complete game shutout. eight strikeouts. she only gave up two hits. taney beat south nashville 4-0 and davis is the first female pitcher to win a game in little league world series history and talked about becoming a role model. >> very unreal. i never thought that at the age of 13 i would be a role model but kind of now it's real. always wanted to be a basketball role model but being a baseball role model is really cool. >> the team takes on texas tomorrow night. you can count on nbc 10 to follow the taney dragons on their quest for a world series title. happening today, the regatta. here's a live look at boathouse road. it starts in just a couple hours at 8:00 this morning and runs until 4:00 this afternoon.
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kelly drive is closed for the event and detours are in place from strawberry mansion drive to the bridge. the road will reopen at 6:00 tonight. >> it was just an accident. >> one local family is raising concerns about this panhandler they say scared their family outside a popular children's museum. it's not the first complaint about him. plus, we're getting our first look at the couple accused of abducting two amish sisters. what police say the pair planned to do to the girls.
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6:11 on your saturday morning with a live look at jersey shore. cape may. it's going to be a gorgeous day at the shore today. going to the poconos, fantastic
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there as well. brittney is back with a full forecast in just a few minutes. philadelphia police are on the lookout for an aggressive panhandler who scared a family. the man approached the family outside of the museum on thursday morning. she says when the man came up to them, he started screaming and got too close to her kids. the museum officials told us they heard of several encounters with the same aggressive panhandler in other parts of the park but thursday's encounter was the first on museum property. >> just abruptly came up out of breath and red in the face saying his wife was just in a car accident and he needed to get to her immediately and he need money and he would pay me back for money that i gave to him and he just started demanding cash. >> my wife was just in an
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accident. >> the mother confirmed it's the same man who scared her family. we blurred his face because he's not been charged with any crime. our crew called police who are still searching for the man. new information this morning about the new york couple charged with kidnapping two amish girls. steven howell and another woman attempted to abuse the girls ages 12 and 6. the couple is held without bail. the two sisters were abducted from the side of the road on their family's farm near the canadian border in upstate new york on wednesday. they were found safe on thursday night. authorities say the girls were dropped out about 15 miles from where they were taken and walked to the closest home they saw and asked for help. a grand jury has indicted texas governor rick perry on two counts of abuse of power.
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perry is accused of breaking the law by promising to veto funds meant for travis county district attorney rosemary lehmberg. perry asked lehmberg to resign after a drunk driving conviction. the veto threat was meant to coerce a resignation and then vetoed $7.5 million meant for lehmbe lehmberg's office. the general counsel defended perry's actions saying "we'll continue to aggressively defend the governor's lawful and constitutional action and believe we will ultimately prevail." for our delaware bureau, chip flowers is ending his re-election campaign. he announced the decision yesterday just days after his former deputy filed a police complaint charging him with harassment. flowers said he was quitting the race because he was tired of defending himself from her
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attacks. flowers is leaving delaware to move with his fiance to massachusetts. the university of notre dame has launched an investigation into four football players for suspected academic dishonesty. the university president says allegations surfaced that someone had done course work for them. reverend john jenkins says it's too early to determine if four players acted together. the players are barred from practice and games during the investigation. it's prompting state officials to issue a state of emergency. dozens of people overdosing on synthetic marijuana. what people are doing with it that can be deadly. fantastic start to our weekend, brittney. >> you took the words out of my mouth. we are going to see such nice conditions as we head into the rest of your saturday and really your sunday but storms are back in your seven day. when, i'll let you know.
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introducing mcdonald's shakin' flavor fries. shake up something new to love at mcdonald's. good morning. start making your outdoor plans. we're going to see a beautiful start to your weekend. temperatures today staying in the 80s. below average for us. our average for this time of year is 86 degrees. warmer than we saw yesterday. yesterday's high 77 degrees. we're tracking a few passing showers as we head into sunday and your temperatures right now a cool start especially in the poconos only 48 degrees. 54 in reading. 52 in allentown. 53 in trenton. temperatures in mt. holly this morning at 54 degrees. a lot warmer if you're closer to the water. 69 in stone harbor. 62 in dover. as we head into the rest of today, our temperatures are going to stay below the average of 86 degrees.
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we'll warm to 84. by tomorrow we'll be back to average as we head back into next week though we drop back below the average so this has been a cool august for us. a closer look at radar here and your satellite. we're seeing a few clouds moving into parts of the poconos and allentown and we're also checking out a little weather disturbance that's bringing scattered showers to the southern part of delaware just starting to push offshore near long neck. we have high pressure that's going to stay in control for us. that's why we'll see plenty of sunshine today. but we're going to keep a close eye on unsettled weather that's just to the north of the great lakes. that's going to swing a little bit closer to us as we head into tomorrow. so what that basically means is we're going to see our clouds increasing as we head into sunday morning right around 7:00 a.m. we'll see light rainfall moving through parts of allentown stretching down into trenton and philadelphia. on and off showers throughout tomorrow and by 3:00 p.m. it's mainly going to be situated in the southern parts of delaware and parts of south jersey clearing out again so sunday evening will be great.
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we're not expecting a lot of rainfall. just passing showers in your morning hours and then possibly throughout the afternoon. as far as your afternoon goes, mid 70s by noon. by 4:00 p.m., 82 degrees. by 8:00 p.m., 76. it's going to be a great night to eat outside. it's going to be really comfortable for us with our humidity remaining low as we head into the rest of today. maybe you're heading up to the poconos or you're in the poconos. 74 degrees. a chance of a passing shower or isolated thunderstorm. temperatures at 77 degrees and then take a look at your monday. 74 and nice. seven-day forecast shows 84 degrees today. warming tomorrow. a little bit more humid. a chance of a storm heading into your monday. 83 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. chance of storms return tuesday, thursday and friday. we have new information about how an industrial cleaning solution ended up mixed in the sweet tea at a barbecue restaurant chain.
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a former employee told authorities the cleaning solution was accidentally mixed into a bag of sugar a month ago. last weekend 67-year-old jan harding took a sip and immediately coughed it out thinking it was acid. she was rushed to the hospital with severe burns to her mouth and throat and currently is not able to speak. police are waiting to see what happens with her condition before moving forward with any arrests or charges. this morning new hampshire remains in a state of emergency because of a health crisis after dozens of people overdosed on a synthetic form of marijuana. it's known as spice and sold as incense with names like mr. nice guy, smacked or k2. more than 40 people have od'd on the drug in just a few days. it's sprayed with a chemical similar to the one in marijuana. people are smoking it or brewing it in tea which causes a dangerous high that could be deadly. >> you never know what you're
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getting. when some of the products can contain chemicals that cause things like blood pressure proble problems, seizures, and can cause death. >> 40 other states and the federal government permanently banned the sale of synthetic marijuana but manufacturers can evade the law by modifying the formula making it difficult for authorities to police the product. next, why a mom says she didn't get the full story before she gave permission for him to go on a field trip.
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welcome back. 6:25 on your saturday morning as we take a look at the pocono mountains. 62 degrees in philadelphia right now. no doubt cooler than that in the poconos. if you're headed to the mountains today, a fantastic day. now to a story you'll see only on nbc 10. a philadelphia mother says her 5 year old was on a field trip with her day care when he was injured in this crash.
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sky force 10 was over the scene of the crash on wednesday afternoon. she tells us her son's leg was broken and he's being treated for head injuries at children's hospital. the driver of the car was a 20-year-old worker from first choice day care on south 49th street. police say there were six people in the car. five were children and the car only had five seat belts. >> they said they was going on a school bus. >> there was no school bus? >> no, no school bus. it was separate cars with children in it with no car seats and no seat belts. >> nbc 10 reached out to the day care but they would not comment about the accident. police are now trying to find out who was and who wasn't wearing seat belts. "nbc 10 news today" comes back in just a moment with another half hour of news. family, friends and the community are getting set to say their final farewells to four children who were killed in a
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fire last month. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in southwest philadelphia. matt? >> reporter: the funeral will be held later on this morning but family members began saying their goodbyes last night. details on the public memorial to be held at 9:00 this morning coming up after the break. temperatures will warm up as we head into this weekend. i'll let you no he what to expect and i'm tracking the return of storms. your seven-day forecast is coming up.
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saying good-bye to four children killed in a fire last month and fire officials have released their findings into the cause of that blaze. the details ahead in a live report. plus, tension boils over again in missouri overnight as hundreds of protesters clash with police following the death of an unarmed teenager who was shot and killed by police last
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week. we take a live look at the center city skyline. you might notice it's a bit cool outside right now. 62 degrees in philadelphia. cooler than that outside the city. we're going to be warming up again today. another repeat of yesterday's beautiful weather is on the way. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "nbc 10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. it's 6:30 on this saturday, august 16th. brittney, i don't think anyone is complaining about the weather in the last few days. >> a few people said it may have been too chilly for them yesterday. so if that's true, you'll like today even more. temperatures are going to push back into the 80s for us but our humidity will stay down. that is a great combination. look at that beautiful sunrise right now over the city. temperatures in reading, 54 degrees. grab a light jacket if you are heading out in the next hour or so. mid 50s at the atlantic city airport. warmer than that closer to the water. temperatures mid to high 60s and for philadelphia right now, 62 degrees with a few clouds. plenty of sunshine expected for
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the rest of today. our temperature range between 82 and 85 degrees. sunny and nice. westerly wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. i'll let you know about the storms back in the seven-day forecast coming up. new from overnight, an argument at a takeout restaurant leaves a man dead in philadelphia. two men were arguing outside the lucky garden when police say one shot the other in the neck. the shooter ran away. the victim died at the hospital. also new from overnight, a septa transit police officer is in stable condition after this crash involving that officer's cruiser and an suv. police suspect the driver of the suv was drunk when the crash happened at fifth and market in old city. the officer suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. the other driver was not hurt. happening today, a funeral will be held for four children who died in a fire in southwest philadelphia last month. brothers patrick sanyeah and taj
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jacque and twin sisters maria and marialla bowah were trapped inside and killed. matt delucia is live on the scene with more. an emotional day. >> reporter: those four children come from two different families but the family members decided to hold one funeral service that will be held later on this morning at the divine mercy parish on chester avenue. last night, take a look. family and friends held a small service for 4-year-old twins maria and marialla bowah and those brothers, patrick sanyeah and taj jacque. their photos on display. it was more than a month ago early in the morning of july 5th a fire started on the porch of a home on the 6500 block of gesner street. that fire spread quickly and eventually damaged 13 homes and five cars. the four children could not be saved. just within the past 24 hours, the philadelphia fire department
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offered an update on this case. the big question on the minds of the people in that neighborhood is what was the cause? how did the fire start. the fire commissioner says after consulting with the fire marshal, they quite frankly don't know. they still don't know what caused this fire. it's been ruled as undetermined as of yet. the fire marshal's office and arson investigators and philadelphia police interviewed several people and they processed the scene but that the damage was just too extensive and destroyed any evidence that was out there. it has been a difficult month for the families involved as we look live here at the church in southwest philadelphia. it is quiet right now. family members are expecting quite a crowd later on this morning. this will be a public service. we have seen the emotion from these family members for the past month and a half and this morning at 9:00 here at the church here divine mercy parish, they will say their final goodbyes and then those four children will be laid to rest.
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live in southwest philadelphia this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. over the next few days, a team of fbi agents will be in ferguson, missouri. it has been exactly one week since 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by a ferguson police officer. last night there were heated moments between police and demonstrators as officers used tear gas to disperse a crowd of about 200 people. the officer identified as darren wilson says he shot brown after a struggle but witnesses disagree and say there was no physical confrontation. on the same day ferguson police identified the officer who shot brown, they also released this surveillance video. authorities say it shows the teen stealing cigars from a liquor store a short time before he was shot. ferguson's police chief says wilson did not know brown was a robbery suspect at the time of the shooting. brown's family called the release of this video character assassination. people in philadelphia came
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together to remember a murdered woman whose body was found stuffed in a duffel bag and left on the sidewalk. a crowd of people walked in memory of laura araujo last night. friends, family and community members marched from the art institute where laura was a recent graduate to the art museum where they held a candlelight vigil for the 23 year old. >> that's what makes this so hard to bear. the way she died. i'm sure she's probably up there right now smiling. >> laura's body was found next to an abandoned home in kensington on july 14th. she had been beaten and robbed. police say her neighbor, jeremiah jakson killed her before stuffing her body in duffel bag and leaving it out for the trash. now to philadelphia's school budget crisis. despite an $81 million budget gap, dr. william hite says classes will start on time this year, september 8th. the start of the new school year still comes at a cost.
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more cuts. hite says he had to make several smaller cuts that he hopes are just temporary. the $32 million in reductions means no buses for high school students who live two miles or less from school. also, schools will be cleaned less frequently and school security vacancies will not be filled. that means high schools will keep the same number of school resource officers and more elementary schools will share officers. count on nbc 10 to follow the developments of philadelphia's school budget crisis and how it will affect the next academic year for the city's children. the president and vice president of st. joseph's university have announced they are stepping down. the reverend kevin gill eespie will resign next june. john smithson will leave next year. both leaders recently received no confidence votes from faculty groups and the shakeups come following a proposed plan to
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accept more than 200 new students this fall to boost revenue. critics said it would make the school appear less selective. the plan eventually fell through after protests from students and faculty. happening today, volunteers will be out along cobbs creek parkway in philadelphia. this is part of the summer of peace program that aims to teach kids about alternatives to violence. starting at 10:00 this morning, volunteers will work and the event will include free food, basketball games and music. after learning this week that atlantic city's newest casino will close next month, now we are learning workers will be out of a job sooner than they thought.
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just about 20 minutes before 7:00 on your saturday morning, you see the sun is now up as we look toward the delaware river and camden from our camera atop the comcast center. 62 degrees in center city right now. it's going to be warming up into the mid 80s today in the city. from our jersey shore bureau, the revel casino will close earlier than planned. earlier this week the casino said it would shutdown by september 10th. last night revel announced it will close the hotel at 11:00 a.m. on september 1st and for gamblers the casino will shut its doors at 5:00 a.m. on september 2nd. all concerts and events after closing dates will be canceled. revel could not find a qualified buyer when it filed bankruptcy for a second time. it's atlantic city's tallest
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building which opened in 2012 at a cost of nearly $2.5 billion. revel is one of four casinos to close or announce their closing. the showboat plans to shut its doors on august 31st. trump plaza will close on september 16th. and the atlantic club shut down earlier this year. we have a recall to tell you about this morning. ford is recalling nearly 160,000 vehicles because of a wiring problem that could cause those vehicles to stall. the recall impacts 2013 and 2014 focus sts and escapes. it only affects models with the 2.0 liter engine. no accidents or injuries have been reported because of this. time for a look at what moved the markets this week in the world of business. from cnbc, sue herrera. >> it was a volatile week on wall street as flare-ups in the russia/ukraine conflict impacted stock markets here and around the globe as well as the price of oil and gold and even yields
6:42 am
on u.s. bonds. a new record was set on wall street this week. one class a share of warren buffett's hit a high. troubling news about the u.s. consumer. retail sales were flat in july. the worst monthly report since january and there were no snowstorms last month. macy's and walmart lowered their sales outlook for the full year but jcpenney appears to be on the rebound. advertising jobs in the month of june shot up to a 13-year high. first time jobless claims unexpectedly spiked higher last week. and just this past week, cisco systems announced plans to layoff 6,000 workers. 8% of its workforce because of worries about weakening sales in emerging markets like china. soda sales on the decline so
6:43 am
coca-cola branched out spending 2 billion for a 17% stake in energy drink maker monster beverage and a new survey from fidelity finds half of u.s. workers would sacrifice higher paychecks right now for a bigger contribution to their 401(k) retirement savings. i'm sue herrera. get your business news on cnbc. concerns in last night's preseason game. could the birds do anything to stop the new england patriots? we'll show you highlights next in sports. first, here's brittney. >> expect another beautiful day. temperatures staying below average. low humidity. we'll warm up and i'm tracking the return of storms. that's in your seven-day forecast coming up.
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good morning. we are going to see a beautiful start to your weekend so make sure you make plans to be outside. below average temperatures will continue for us. our average for this time of year is 86 degrees. yesterday in the 70s. today will be a bit warmer than what we saw to end your workweek. on sunday we track the chance of a few passing showers but not a washout by any means. a live look in the poconos where temperatures are in the 40s. you'll probably need a jacket as you head out the door. a cool start to the morning. philadelphia, 62 degrees. humidity at 80%. air is calm right now. it's just nice, comfortable start to the morning if you are closer to the shore. again, closer to the poconos, 48 degrees. 54 in reading. 52 in allentown. 53 in trenton. 54 in mt. holly. at the atlantic city airport
6:47 am
we're at 56 degrees but take a look at stone harbor closer to the water, a mild start at 70 degrees. 62 in dover this morning. and 59 degrees currently in wilmington. as we push into the rest of today, our temperatures are going to warm from what we saw yesterday but still stay below average. average for this time of year is 86 degrees. take a look at today at 84. tomorrow we'll warm back up again with high pressure rebuilding over our area so we'll be closer to that average, which we haven't seen in the past couple days. our radar shot shows quiet conditions. clouds moving into parts of the lehigh valley and into the poconos. partly cloudy skies for philadelphia. a closer look at southern part of delaware we see scattered showers to the south of long neck pushing offshore. as we head into the rest of your next 24 hours here, we are going to see a few changes. high pressure is in control right now. you can see unsettled weather here over the great lakes and as this system gets a little bit closer to us, we'll see it moving in from the northwest the tail end of that trough bringing
6:48 am
us a chance of passing showers closer to 8:00 a.m. you'll wake up to clouds tomorrow and even possibility of light rainfall and a few sprinkles in your morning hours and closer to 2:00, 3:00, we'll see another round next to the shore and even parts of dover. isolated thunderstorms are a possibility as well and then heading into the rest of today and the poconos, 74 degrees and beautiful. 77 tomorrow with a chance of storms and then as we head into monday, 74 degrees. for today, range between 82 and 85. sunny and nice for us. dry air coming in from the west keeping us nice and dry and comfortable. isolated storms on sunday with temperatures warming to average and into next week, expect unsettled weather tuesday, thursday and friday. >> brittney, thank you. the "today" show is coming our way in 12 minutes. let's go to new york now and say good morning to lester holt and erica hill for a look at what they have for us this morning. >> coming up on "today," breaking news in ferguson, missouri.
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a new wave of violence over the shooting death of michael brown and what sparked the latest clash between protesters and police. a health alert for you. doctors raising a red flag about tick bites. how to protect yourself. and we'll talk about a new movie "the giver" and get his thoughts on tragic death of oscar winner robin williams. a major change to the most famous crosswalk in the name of keeping tourists safe. we'll tell you what you may soon see. that's ahead when we see you here on "today." >> we'll see you at 7:00. thank you so much. in sports this morning, the phillies played late into the night going extra innings against the san francisco giants. in the tenth inning, utley was hit by a pitch with bases loaded. that forced the winning run for the phils. howard followed with a sacrifice
6:50 am
fly to drive in another run and phillies won 5-3. here's the rest of your morning sports. >> eagles without two starters in their second preseason game last night in new england but chip kelly thinks they're going to be able to practice tomorrow. patriots offense driving down the field. tom brady and his receivers. a mix-up here. williams picks it off. the patriots are cheaters. remember, he said that. 77-yard interception return for the touchdown. but he pulls his hamstring on the play to his night is done. pats get the ball back. eagles defense not looking good. 74-yard drive right here. tom brady touchdown. 7-7. eagles offense turned it over. pats score again and then josh huff who returned a kick last week for a touchdown, he got rocked there. hurts his shoulder. leaves the game. that's a concern. eagles offense gets it going in the second quarter. what a catch.
6:51 am
that sets up foles for the touchdown. that's the first touchdown for the birds starting offense in the preseason. foles 8 for 10. mark sanchez looking good. 11 for 12. a catch here, no, what a play. eagles lose 42-35. defense had ten penalties. >> overall you just are disappointed in turnovers and penalties. we need to clean that up if we're going to win any football games. >> friday was mo'ne davis day. the first female pitcher to get a win in the little league world series. look at the kids with their cell phones. her mom and friends made the trip from philly and check out this sign. show me the mo'ne and she delivers. throws the second straight complete game shutout.
6:52 am
eight strikeouts. gives up two hits. taney beats south nashville 4-0 and mo'ne knows she's inspiring young girls everywhere. >> i never thought at the age of 13 i would be a role model but kind of now it's real. always wanted to be a basketball role model but being a baseball role model is really cool. >> she had lil' wayne tweeting. she'll face texas tomorrow night at 7:00 in game two. i'm john clark from comcast sports net. >> you can count on nbc 10 to follow the taney dragons. they take on texas in game two tomorrow night. we'll be right back.
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more than 160 medical students began their journey into medicine at the university of pennsylvania. members of the newest class in the perlman school of medicine were given their first white coats yesterday in a special initiation ceremony and this is a milestone year for the nation's first medical school
6:56 am
perlman is celebrating its 250th birthday. an upper darby native is coming home to delaware valley. tina fey will be at the upper darby performing arts center tonight. there will be a screening of the movie "mean girls" followed by a q and a with her. if you haven't bought your ticket yet, you can go online and get one before the event. proceeds go towards a new sound system for the theater. folks going to that screening will have dinner outside tonight. >> absolutely. make your plans now. we'll see such nice conditions. just gorgeous out. no matter where you decide to go. maybe cape may. take a look at that beautiful sunrise. a few clouds this morning. if we switch you over to the poconos, we'll see cooler temperatures staying in the low 70s for us today. and then a closer look at the city where we start off in the 60s this morning but if you're in the lehigh valley or poconos, we're in the 40s and 50s so grab a jacket as you head out the door.
6:57 am
81 degrees on your saturday. by tomorrow, we'll see a chance of passing showers and isolated thunderstorms and i mean extremely isolated. by monday, 79 degrees and nice for us. as we head into the next couple of days for the poconos, again, we stay cooler. 74 today. 77 with a chance of storms sunday and 74 on monday. your seven-day forecast shows 84 degrees in the city. really nice today. a chance of showers for us as well here in the city. 86. heading into next week unsettled weather and temperatures stay closer to average. >> we'll take advantage of today. thank you, brittney. thank you for being with us. the "today" show is coming up next. for brittney shipp and all of us here at nbc 10, i'm ted greenberg. we're back with a full hour of news at 8:30 this morning. have yourself a fantastic weekend.
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good morning. breaking news overnight. violence returns to suburban st. louis, nearly a week after the shooting death of an unarmed teenager by a police officer. protesters clashing with police on looting a store that's become a new flashpoint in all of this. the information released by the police that has stoked even more outrage. under arrest, a new york couple in custody this morning, charged with kidnapping two young amish sisters. while those girls are reunited with family and police credit one of them for helping lead officers to the alleged captors. indicted, texas governor rick perry charged with two felony counts of abuse of power after he allegedly tried to strong arm a political


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