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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  August 17, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, a part of the philadelphia skyline will disappear this morning. you can say good-bye to the pnb letters in center city. a state imposed curfew couldn't stop unrest in ferguson, missouri overnight. officers fired at protestors who refused to obey. looking at cam dem aquarium, our weather is coming to an end. thanks for being with us. it is 5:30 a.m. on the this sunday, august 17th.
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wet weather is already moving in the area. first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking that. good morning. >> showers you shapushing into poconos. here's a live look at the city skyline. we'll see clouds increasing on this mostly cloudy start on this sunday. you can see where the rain is moving in. mainly combined to poconos. we're going to see more shower activity moving into the lehigh valley area. temperatures range 84-87 degrees. after the a.m. showers we see more clearing. i'll go over the exact details and break down your day hour by hour coming up. 5:31 and happening now. a part of the philadelphia skyline is changing as crews get ready to remove the letters from the iconic building. nbc 10 matt delucia is live in center city. that's going to be a busy area this morning.
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>> reporter: it will be ted. construction crews will be moving in very shortly as a result there will be road closures in this area. there's the building there, pnb sign. letters on each side of the building at one south broad street n. the past 30 minutes we can see activity up there. it's lit up there, the underside where the bell is located. letters are not lit up. we saw workers with flashlights # getting this sign ready to be removed. those letters have been up there since the 1950s. here's what it looks like in the daytime hours. it's one of the more recognizable pieces of the skyline. the letters at philadelphia national bank. they owned the building until the mid-90s. it was recently bought for $6 million. if you think taking the letters is solely up to the letters, think again.
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that approval was granted last month. looking at the building live again. this is how this affects you this morning. if you plan on driving in center city at all this morning, plan an alternate route. in less than 30 minutes, full road closures from 13th to 15th, jfk to chestnut. broad, market, jfk, arch, all big roads will be affect add in some way. setpa is rerouting buses during this sign removal. the work is expected to last until noon and just in case you're wondering how they're going to get letters off the building, they're going to bring in a helicopter. each letter weighs 3,000 pounds. it will be a site to see. we'll monitor the progress throughout the morning hours. for now i'm matt delucia for nbc 10 news. now to developments in ferguson, missouri. over a hundred protestors
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refused to follow the midnight curfew rule that took effect. those prothe testers stood on the streets chanting no justice, no profile. police fired smoke canisters in an attempt to disperse the crowd. these protests have been going on since last thursday since a police officer shot michael brown. hundreds came together for a vigil one week from the date he was killed. they gathered on the street where the officer shot the unarmed teen. here's a look at why missouri governor jay nickson decided to order the curfew. looters began raiding stores at the convenient store where brown was before he was shot. the governor says there must be
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peace. >> this is not the silence of ferguson, this region or others but to contain those drowning out the voice of the people with their actions. we will not allow a handful of looters to endanger the rest of the community. >> over the past week, people in our area have been keeping a close watch on confrontation between officers and protest thors. it was the top of discussion at the african-american discussion in bristol where people told us it would be hard to imagine having the same clashes with law enforcers. >> i think we have a great relationship with the cops. >> our police department is here walking around interkting with the crowd. >> in north philadelphia a peace vigil was held. organizers of the economic development group. you can go online to for updates at any time as well as pictures, videos and stories. later this morning, jay nixon
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will appear on "meet the press" at 10:30 here on nbc 10. we're getting a glimpse of the final moments of a murder victim shot and killed in a neighborhood. nbc 10 obtained this video of paul mckernan. he walked into a chinese restaurant friday night. when he walked out, there was a confrontation with another man. >> a man followed him and shot him in the throat. it feels like my heart was ripped from my chest. >> police are reviewing surveillance video to track down the suspect in the case. today a fund-raiser is held to benefit the family of the four children killed in the fire. it it take place 2:30 this afternoon. yesterday those young victims
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were laid to rest. >> the service for 4-year-old twin sisters maria and marial bowah, patrick sanyeah and taj jacque was held. friday, the officials ruled the cause of the july 5th fire that killed the kids as undetermined. parents of those young victims want answers. >> what happened? how it happen? so i want to know how it happen. >> the fire marshal says the damage at the scene was too extensive to determine an exact cause. tonight philadelphia's own taney dragons take on texas in the second game of the world series. the team pulled out a win over south nashville in the first game friday. davis who pitched the shutout
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won't pitch tonight due to regulations. the team's a coach talked about the excitement of the team's first win in williams port. >> come to williams port. everyone says getting to william williams port is the prize. that's true. to get a win is that much better. >> a lot of different languages. it's nice to see new cultures. >> taney goes for their second win tonight at 7:00. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom corbett is set to take a kayak trip in # montgomery county as part of a two day effort to push pa tourism. yesterday he was on the river in bradford county. after paddling the river he took part in an archery demonstration in a state park. a photographer getting up to the front lines of a war. we'll show you where rival
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. back live now at 5:41, 65 degrees in philadelphia as we take a live look from the jersey shore. beach avenue in cape may. maybe not as good as a beach day as we had yesterday, but not bad at t the moment. sun not up yet, but it will be soon. brittney ship is back with the forecast in a few minutes. we're learning more about yesterday's series of air strikes in iraq. the u.s. targeted the militant group isis in nine air strikes
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near the mossul dam carried out by aircraft. the strikes were to support humanitarian efforts in the country. meanwhile now, high demand for weapons in iraq's kurdish region with militants drawing near. kurds stock up on guns as they prepare to fight isis. many are reportedly quitting their jobs to battle efforts. officials in ukraine say russian separatist rebels have shot down a ukrainian fighter plane in the eastern part of the country. according to reports, the pilot managed to eject the aircraft and is now safe. meanwhile, ukrainian officials have signed off on an order that recognizes a russian convoy stuck at the border as humanitarian aid from the red cross. it's unclear when the convoy will be allowed to enter ukrainian territory. they've been there since thursday. initially ukrainian officials
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worried the trucks could be carrying supplies for russian backed r backed separatist. buildings are destroyed and rubble is lying on the sides of the roads. some are weight for the government backed aid to arrive. back here at hope, protestors are demonstrating the process in ukraine. ukrainians led the this unity march many center city yesterday. they're demanding the russian government stop supporting military efforts in eastern ukraine. libya has asked the united nations for an international intervention after the worse violence the country has seen in years. rival militias battled it out near tripoli airport. seven were killed and around a dozen injured in the gun battle. thousands of people have fled the country after the recent
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flare up of violence this is the worst violence since the ousting of the president in 2011. inmates have recorded their escape on a mobile phone as they worked their way through the tunnel escaping. the prison guard on duty is suspended and said the jail cell had not been monitored for months. two have been captured. others are on the run. phillies wrap up their series with the giants today. could they hang on for the win? learn how a mix up hurt the team coming up in sports. first, here's brittney. >> tracking showers moving into the poconos. i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of the area. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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. good morning. as we head to the rest of today, we are going to see a chance of showers for your morning hours. temperatures warmer today than yesterday. we stayed in the low 80s. today we push to mid 80s. storms next week, and then humidity is returning. going to feel like summer as we head to next week versing what we've been dealing with, fall like conditions. philadelphia 66 degrees, humidity 81%. wind speeds out of the southwest 8 miles per hour. across the rest of the area, 60s in the poconos. big difference from 40sing yesterday. 59 allen town, 66 philadelphia, 62 degrees in mount holly. temperatures at atlantic city airport at 65 degrees. we're at 71 now in stone harbor. closer look at dover in the mid-60s as well. our average 86 today.
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back to average as we head to tomorrow, close to that average. those below average temperatures are going to go away for at least the next few days. here's a closer look at light rain starting to push into parts of the poconos. it is moving in from the northwest. if you're in the poconos, you're waking up to wet conditions. this continues to track southeast as we head to the rest of this morning. so pushing into the next few hours, closer to 8:00 a.m. little bit of light are, isolated thunderstorms to the north of philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies along the shore as well. on and off showers expected closer to 10:00 a.m. for the rest of our area. then we notice clearing in the late afternoon hours. as the clouds clear, we see another round of showers. that will be closer to 3:00 p.m. not going to be a washout. still a mix of rain and clouds. if you're heading down to the
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shore, delaware beaches, 81 degrees today. the chance of a passing shower or thunderstorm heading into monday. plenty of sunshine, very nice, 80 by tuesday. our chance of thunderstorm returns again. 86 today with the chance of storms. storm 85 degrees. tuesday, humidity returns and going to stick around most of next week. so will temperatures in the low to mid 80s. good morning to you. happy sunday. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. eagles back to work today after their loss friday night in new england in the second preseason game. the game did have are positives including a defensive play early in the contest. have a look. kerry williams put the eagles on the board first with this pretty pick six. he tweaked his hamstring on the return and left the game.
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williams previously called the patriots cheaters but apologized to bell belichick before the game. i made the best of that opportunity. i told him how i felt. it was genuine and from the heart. we make mistakes. i have my share of mistakes i've made. sometimes my mouth can get the best of me. we hashed it out. that's that. >> like a guy that tells it like it is. romo gets preseason action for the cowboys. tony romo and dez bryant hook up. he makes a nice adjustment on the touchdown. tied at seven. cowboys take it 37-30. phillys fought back friday night in the opener. giants back at it yesterday in san francisco. this didn't start well. in the first, the homer. living the hard knock life.
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solo shot, 1-0 san francisco. we go to the fifth. phillies on top 3-1. big p coming through again. 5-1 phillies. things fall apart like the fourth album. pablo sand boll pops in. that opens the four run frame that ties the game at five. a run singled in for the giants. that's all. giants win this one 6-5. one 76er using his off season to help youngsters with the game. carter was hosting his own basketball camp. he took part in camps as a kid and said his parents ran most of them. he's happy to give back. >> i just want to give them a
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chance to pick my brain a little bit, to see how nba players interact with young kids. how to be a good role model is something i'm trying to teach them. even life outside of basketball. even school work. i want them to have a good time. >> ncw out and about in the community. steshl first pitchterrible the years. what was that, miss texas. under hand before last night's rangers games. just a bit outside. my goodness. she bowled it up there. she was elegant with it, right? not taking herself too seriously. my goodness. she was having a good time and had fun. what can you say? that's a look at sports. i'm danny pommells. the start of the school year is just around the corner.
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this year, parents are paying more and more for school supplies. not just because prices are higher. there are other reasons cost is rising.
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five minutes before 6:00 on this sunday morning. 65 degrees as we look at city hall in center r city, philadelphia from our camera a top the lowe's hotel. brittney tracking showers in the area. second part of the day looking better. the forecast in a few minutes. j school is a word few students want to hear this time of year. in many part of the country, kids are back in the classroom this week. there's sticker shock over what moms and dads are calling ridiculously long school supplies list. janet takes a look. >> it's a madness on the back to
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school aisle. some parents say it's the schools that have gone mad with list of supplies that have never been longer. >> it seems it gets more and more expensive. it seems they're asking for way too much stuff. >> if parents like kimberly brown in california bought everything on her child's list, the tab could be as much as $400. teachers say the lists are just suggestions. >> if someone doesn't bring it, there's nothing said to anyone that doesn't bring it. >> flash drive, headphones, pencils, scissors. >> from scissors, sanitize hers to staplers, you could stock an office with the list. this one calls for 120 pencils. tennis balls are an unusual request. coffee filters, even ice cube trays. add it up, and k-12 parents spend on average more than $100
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per student for school supplies, up 12% from last year. at tampa twice as nice consignment shop, parents can buy new or gently used school supplies at a lower cost. >> that brings your total to $32.68. >> two rm toer teachers opened the store after spending hundreds of of their own money on supplies. >> people think it magically appears in the classroom. doesn't. >> even kids know weather. >> that was janet reporting. school supplies are just the beginning. add in clothing, shoes, electronics and the average cost of sending a student back to school this year is $669. wow. nbc 10 news today continues in a moment with another full hour of news. matt delucia is following a change to philadelphia's skyline. brittney is tracking showers.
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that's right. i'm tracking showers moving into our area now. i'll let you know where they're heading and how long they'll stick around coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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the pnb letters have been a philadelphia skyline fixture six decades, but that will end this morning. letters are coming down. a state imposed curfew could not stop social unrest in ferguson, missouri overnight. officers fired smoke and tear gas canisters at protestors that ignored the curfew. we take a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. you might see a little rain moving into the area this morning. good morning everyone. welcome back to nbs 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. it is 6:00 a.m. on sunday, august 17th. let's say good morning again to meteorologist brittney shipp in the first alert weather center. some are already seeing wet weather. >> that's right. if you're in the poconos, already seeing light to moderate rainfall. you could see a few passing showers along the i-95 corridor closer to


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