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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  August 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the pnb letters have been a philadelphia skyline fixture six decades, but that will end this morning. letters are coming down. a state imposed curfew could not stop social unrest in ferguson, missouri overnight. officers fired smoke and tear gas canisters at protestors that ignored the curfew. we take a live look at the philadelphia museum of art. you might see a little rain moving into the area this morning. good morning everyone. welcome back to nbs 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. it is 6:00 a.m. on sunday, august 17th. let's say good morning again to meteorologist brittney shipp in the first alert weather center. some are already seeing wet weather. >> that's right. if you're in the poconos, already seeing light to moderate rainfall. you could see a few passing showers along the i-95 corridor closer to 8:00 a.m.
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most of the rainfall confined to the poke mconpoconos. moisture work into parts of our area. north of reading now west of allen town. more activity in the next time line. mid-60s philadelphia partly cloudy skies. clouds have not made it down the shore yet. temperatures in the 60s, pushing to the 80s today with showers clearing into the afternoon. i'll go over the timing of your sunday in my full forecast. 6:01. new from overnight in burlington county, investigators are trying to figure out how a fire started at a vacant billing that used to house an auto body shop this. happened in river side before 2:30 this morning. luckily no one was hurt.
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websi witnesses saw someone running from the scene. police are investigating. happening now, the philadelphia streets department is shutting down roads in center city as crews get ready to take letters off the philadelphia sky scraper. matt delucia is live in center city. there will be road closures starting about now, right? >> reporter: yeah, ted. in a few moments police will be shutting down the roads. we see cars making their way through, but it will be the last for a few hours. we saw construction equipment move in the past half hour. this will be quite a site as we look up at the building. those letters weigh 3,000 pounds each. how are they coming down? by helicopter. where will the 12 letters be moved for the moment? on the north side of city hall. big and busy area impacted by this work today. speaking of work, look at this video in the past hour. workers a top the old philadelphia national bank
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building with flashlights preparing the lettering for removal. also in the past hour, accept after the buses made the last run before detours took effect. let's talk about this building located one south broad street, sought of city hall. built in 1932. we talk about the significance to the city, that pnb lettering has been a part of the philadelphia skyline since the 1950s. it stands for philadelphia national bank which owned the building until the mid-90s. the building was recently sold for $68 million. the historic commission had to approve the removal. they did so last month. this is how it affects you this morning. if you plan on striving in center city at all today, plan an alternate route. as of now, police are getting ready to shut down the roads from 13th to 15th street and jfk and chess a. we talk about broad, market,
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jfk, arch. all will be affected in some way from a few moments from now until noon today. again, setpa is rerouting buses during this sign removal. as we watch and wait, we'll have more on the history of those iconic letters coming up in the next half hour. live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we've gotten information about overnight violence in ferguson, missouri. one shot and several arrested after 20 people defied a new curfew rule. here's a look at the scene overnight as police started firing smoke canister and tear gas into the crowd. authorities have not released information about the circumstances of the shooting. we know the person who was shot is many critical condition. protests have been going on since last saturday when a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. to mark the one week anniversary of brown's death yesterday, hundreds came together for a
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neighborhood vigil. they gathered on the same street where the officer shot and killed the unarmed teen. here's a look at why missouri governor jay nixon decided to order the curfew. looters began raiding the stores including the convenient store where brown is accused of stealing cigars before he was shot and killed. in our area, a peace vigil was held in north philadelphia yesterday. organizers of the vigil told nbc 10 they hope what happened in ferguson never happens here. they want to have a working relationship with police. the police department in ferguson township, pennsylvania is taking heat on social media after last weekend's shooting in missouri. the department in center county is responding to posts on facebook and twitter saying you've got the wrong guys. they are about 750 miles away
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from the shooting in ferguson, missouri. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to follow developments in ferguson on air and online. later this morning, jay nixon appears on "meet the press" to talk about developments in ferguson. that's at 10:30. today a fund-raiser is held to benefit the em fas of the four children killed in the deadly southwest philadelphia fire. it will take place at christ international baptist on south 65th street at 2:30 this afternoon. yesterday hundreds of people said a final farewell to those owe children. the service for 4-year-old twin sisters maria and marialla bowah, patrick sanyeah and taj jacque was held. friday, the officials ruled the cause of the july 5th fire as undetermined. the fire marshal says the damage
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at the scene was too extensive to determine an exact cause. this morning we are hearing from the family of a man who was shot and killed after a night out in a section of philadelphia. the victim was murder along lands downe avenue friday night. nbc 10 obtained this video of paul mckernan moments before the shooting. he walked into this chinese restaurant for food. when he walked out, there was a confrontation with another man. police say that man followed mckernan, pulled out a gun and shot him. his uncle talked with us about the sudden loss. >> i don't see how this person could do what he did to my nephew. paul was a sensitive, caring, and strong person. >> detectives are now reviewing surveillance video from the area to track down a suspect in the
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case. anyone with information is asked to call police. today community members gather in delaware county to remember people that have lost their lives to gun violence. an insulation ceremony for the lost will be held at 2:30 this afternoon at the congregation ohev shalom. a dedication ceremony follows at 4:00. they'll remember the 144 victims of gun violence in delaware county over five years. tragedy at a racetrack. a driver was killed in a crash at the jersey shore during a race clinic yesterday at wall stadium speed way. state police say a 21-year-old woman was driving a three quarter midget car when it hit a wall. she was killed. no one else was hurt. the victim's name has not been released. the track cancelled the rest of the races for the night. it is texas versus the taney
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dragons. the philadelphia team hoping to win the world series takes the next step towards the dutitle. >> reporter: the taney dragons have inspired the little league community after the opening round victory over nashville. they had turbulence friday night when there was a water main break forcing the dragons to stay with parents in the hotel. >> water main break was a blessing. you know, they called us in like, sorry coaches but we have this issue. the kids are going to have to spend the night with their parent at the hotels. big smiles came across faces. >> despite the turbulence friday night, the team was in high spirits warming up in the batting cages with stars in their skies. >> it's fantastic. everyone says getting to williams port is the prize.
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that's true, but to come and get a win is, you know, just that much better. >> it's a lot of different languages which is nice. to see new cultures and stuff. >> the foe focus moves top sunday night. the dragons face the southwest region. a challenge they're accepting with open arms. >> we're going to have to have good offense and defense and have jared throw strikes. >> throw strikes and let the fielders do the work for me. >> davis won't make the start on sunday night due to little league pitching regulations. it is expected to be a great battle between texas and the taney dragons. i'm harry with comcast sportsnet. >> taney dragons play tonight for the step closer to the
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6:13 now, 64 degrees as we look toward the philadelphia museum of art and the river. 64 in philadelphia. parts of the poconos if you're watching from there, probably seeing rain now. most of us will see rain later in the day before things clear out. brittney is back in a few minutes. in the crisis in the middle east. a palestinian negotiator said his side is less optimistic about the peace talks with israel. negotiations have been going on since early last week are aim at ending the conflict between israel and hamas in the gaza strip. a five day ceasefire is due to end tomorrow. thousands of israelis rallied
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yesterday to show support for peace with palestinians. israel began the offensive in gaza july 8th. more than 1,900 palestinians and 64 israel soldiers have been killed. yesterday a funeral was held for italian video journalist. several hundred mourners turned out for the service. he was killed in gaza on wednesday. he was 35 years old. a cave rescue in the australian alps was caught on camera. this is video of the crew bringing the 27-year-old researcher to safety. he fell more than 20 feet from an underground ledge thursday and became trapped. it took a rescue team until yesterday to get to him and bring him to the surface. he suffered injuries including broken ribs and a concussion. in india, rescue crews have helped evacuate 30,000 people who were trapped in their homes because of flooding.
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two weeks of continuous rain affected more than 100 villages in india. more than a dozen were killed inned the landslide friday. residents have claimed the government has not taken initiative to provide proper assistance for those in flooded out areas. cleanup efforts are underway this morning after an earthquake in ecuador. authorities say no major damage or injuries after the 4.7 magnitude quake hit yesterday. it did cause traffic problems after large rocks and boulders collapsed on several roads. still ahead this morning, incredible video as a waterspout makes landfall. see what it did to this seaside resort. showers are already moving in our area for poconos and lehigh valley. i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of our area in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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take a look at this. a fast moving waterspout swept across a beach in belgium. waterspouts are common in this area. typically they stay above the sea. when it moved across the shoreline, it knocked over beach chairs and did damage to one terrace. they're triggered by cold air over the warm sea. good morning. we're tracking showers already moving into parts of our area. we'll continue to see those at least the next hour or so. storms next week and the humidity is returning. it's going to feel more like summer, mid august as we head to rest of today and today and next week with the return of humidity. live look outside now at the philadelphia art museum. 65 degrees, few clouds for philadelphia. if you're closer to poconos, lehigh valley, showers and rainfall now.
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wind speeds out of the west southwest 7 miles per hour. across the region, mostly cloudy skies. reading 63, mid 60s philadelphia, atlantic citysea i barely any clouds. it's going to take a while for clouds to work southward from the poconos and central pennsylvania. 61 allen town, 62 trenton, northeast philly 66, 61 mount holly, 65 degrees atlantic city. as you notice, it's warmer this morning than yesterday. up nine degrees in atlantic city, nine degrees in mount pocono, nine allen town, six pottstown. similar in philadelphia. here's the moisture that we're looking at moving into part of the poconos stretching down to lehigh valley. we're seeing light to moderate rainfall, not a lot of lightning or thunderstorms yet. you'll notice at read aing and
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allen town, next two cities to see showers moving in. most of the moisture is tracking east southeast. it's not going to directly transition all the way to philadelphia. it is going to skirt along the i-95 corridor. norris town could see more rainfall. we'll show you it on our future weather model. by 8:00 or 9:00, more moisture dragging south. it's going to stay north of philadelphia stretching out to toms river. still moving into parts of reading. as we head to the rest of your late morning hours, we'll get a better chance closer to 11:00 for center city. don't be surprised if you see light rainfall. not going to be a lot. you can see it's spotty. as clouds clear up heading into your 3:00 hour, we're going to see spotty showers trigger as the clouds and rainfall continue to move out of our region. we're also tracking the possibility of an isolated shower and spotty showers near atlantic city as we head to the
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evening. so what we'll see as we head to the rest of today, our forecast shows on sunday, 81 degrees, a chance of showers. an isolated thunderstorm. we'll clear up heading to your monday, 80 degrees. if you look at tuesday, a chance of thunderstorms and showers back in the forecast at 78 degrees. in the city, we'll see temperatures mid-80s today. same thing tomorrow. nice conditions return, plenty of sunshine. tuesday it changes again. showers and humidity. expect humid conditions throughout most of next week. another chance of storms thursday through saturday. we want to remind you about a couple of recent recalls. first is this esl interlogics brand spoke detector. the safety commission says radio blocks the signal of the 400 and 500 series. check your detector. if you have one, contact the
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manufacturer for a replacement. a company that makes a popular spice announced a recall over a salmonella scare. ground oregano shipped to 48 states have a best buy date of august 21-22. the spices were shipped to new jersey and pennsylvania. customers can contact mccormick and company for a refun. the audience for 3d television has not been what electronics retailers have hoped for. they've got their fingers crossed for next version of high definition tv. mark bar ger tells us about ultra hd. >> whether ultra hd or 4k, they're the boetth the same thi, the next thing in television. >> ultra hd was a term created
6:23 am
be i the industry to deal with the fact 4k was technically misleading. 4,000 lines was really 3820. >> jim operating a showroom and has seen customers stunned by this higher definition tv. >> most cust pomers stand in frt of of this and say oh my god. >> it was one of their top picks. electronics editor jim wilcox says content makers need to catch up to new technology. >> sony and samsung offer hard drives with preloaded movies. netflix is starting to stream 4k, but there's not a lot of content. >> unlike from standard to high deaf tv -- >> it looks better on you withe
6:24 am
ultracets. >> prices start around $1,500 and range up to $25,000. for now any way. >> if you can wait a couple of months, we're expecting prices to drop in the late fall and around christmas buying season. >> consumer reports say that drop may be as much as 30%, a figure that could sharpen ultra hd appeal. nbc 10 news. many parents know it's very expensive to insure teenage drivers, but there are ways to reduce those costs. we'll tell you how.
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6:26, 64 degrees at nbc 10 as we take a live look at
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philadelphia from our camera a top the comcast center. the city is dry now, but showers are moving into the lehigh valley. parents, you might like to hear there are ways to reduce the cost of insuring your teen drivers. chris has the details. >> last month the insurance institute for highway safety showed teenage drivers already some of the most unsafe drivers on the road. >> they get into crashes three times more often than older drivers. >> are also driving the most unsafe cars. parents are urged to spend more. >> think about the high risk crash of teens. think about spending more money when they purchase a vehicle. >> naturally expect that more expensive vehicle to be more expensive to insure unless your teenage driver gets good grades. >> high school students or college students, sometimes even graduate students up to the age
6:28 am
of 25, 26 can qualify for a good student discount if they're getting a b average or better. >> laura adams at insurance says other ways to reduce premiums is have your teen take driver safety courses. or sign up for a pay as you drive program. >> this is a special program that set your rate based on how you drive not so much on age, gender or old school demographics. >> a safer car may be more expensive, but insurance companies offer better rates for those with more safety feature, even when a teen is behind the wheel. nbc 10 news.
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a part of the philadelphia
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skyline will disappear this morning. you can say good-bye to the pnb letters in center city. a state imposed curfew could not stop unrest in ferguson, missouri overnight. officers confronted protestors who refused to a bide by the new curfew. we take a look at cape may depending on where you live depeyou could see rain today. i'm ted greenberg. thanks for being with us. it's 6:31 on this sunday, august 17th. let's head to the weather senter and say good morning again to brittney shipp. some folks in the lehigh valley seeing showers. >> that's right and in the poconos. if you're waking up with us in the poconos or lehigh valley, you're going to see a wet start. here's a live look out side. we are not seeing rainfall in philadelphia. i'll show you the radar.
6:32 am
it's moving through polk. it's approaching reading. we expect locations to see rainfall in 30 to 45 minutes. temperatures warmer this morning than yesterday. in the 50s pocono, 61 allen town, up nine degrees atlantic city. as we head to the rest of the day, we are going to see a.m. showers. temperatures range 84-87 degrees. more clearing as we head to the afternoon. maintaining on and off chance of showers. i'll show you what it looks like hour by hour planning your sunday coming up. 5:32. happening now, 6:32 rather. a piece of the philadelphia skyline will soon be removed. letters atop the old philadelphia national bank building will be taken down by helicopter. matt delucia is live in center city. what's going on there now? >> reporter: well, ted, the road
6:33 am
closures are beginning to take effect. take a look behind me. there's a lot of police activity out in front of city hall. this is a couple of blocks from the pnb lettering on top of the building that will be removed later on this morning. we're looking at that live right now. we saw workers making last minute preps to take that sign down earlier this morning. once they do, letters will be lowered to the ground in front of city hall where we're standing. as you see, the construction equipment is out here to facilitate this process. roads in the area were scheduled to close at 6:00. that was delayed a little. we've seen a couple of cars making their way through at 15th and jfk in the past few minutes. looks like police are getting in position to to make closures momentarily. look at video we shot in the past 30 minutes of activity we're seeing out here. people are going about their normal sunday activities. some having no idea the historic lettering is coming down this
6:34 am
morning. the building is located at one south broad street south of city hall. it was build in 1932. that pnb lettering has been a part of the skyline since the 1950s. it stands for philadelphia national bank which owned the building until the mid-90s. the building was sold for $68 million. the historical commission had to approve this removal. they did so last month. back in the day until is 1970s, that sign was used to be lit up in a way to let folks around here know what the weather was going to be like. a lot of nostalgia here. as we look live, we see the setpa detours are posted as well. a lot of effect happening in this area. people have been notified about the detours that are taking place and closures in this area. we see people walking around here for the moment. of course as we talk about the roads being shut down, we're
6:35 am
talking 13th up to 15th street and also from broad street from jfk down to chestnut street. we're a couple of blocks from where that building is. this will stretch in front of of city hall on the north side. it is shut down as we see now. traffic is getting by around this area. if you do need to travel in center city morning, it may be a good idea to make alternate plans. it's still early in the morning. not seeing a whole lot of traffic. it's good to keep in the back of your mind. when we see letters come off the billing, we're doing it by helicopter. if you wanted to watch live, streaming shot on along with a list of road closures so you can be apprise of the situation. for now we're live in center city, nbc 10 news. >> we'll see you in a bit. following developments out of ferguson, missouri. 200 people refused to follow a
6:36 am
new curfew rule. police say one was shot, and seven were arrest aed. police started firing smoke canisters and tear gas in the crowd. we know the person shot is in critical condition. protests have been going on since last saturday when a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. to mark the one week anniversary of brown's death yesterday, hundreds came together for a neighborhood vigil. they gathered on the same street where the officer shot and killed the unarmed teen. here's a look at why the governor jay nixon ordered the curfew. looters started raiding the convenient store where brown is accused of stealing cigars before he was killed. nixon is making sure justice
6:37 am
prevails, but says first there has to be peace. >> this is not the silence the people of ferguson or this region or others but to contain those drowning out the vice of the people with their actions. we will not allow a handful of looters to endanger the rest of this community. >> over the past week, people in our area have been keeping a close watch on confrontations between officers and protestors. it was the topic of discussion in bristol at the peace rally and also in north philadelphia. >> we need to employ more african-american officers on their force. that will bridge the gap between the communities. >> we don't want that to happen. we want a working relationship with them. >> member of the economic development organizing group expressed condolences to the
6:38 am
brown family. >> you can go online to for updates any time as well as pictures, videos and stories. later this morning, new jersey governor jay nixon appears on "meet the press" at 10:30. we're getting a glimpse into the final moments of a murder victim shot and killed in a pennsylvania neighborhood. paul mckernan seconds before the shooting walk into this chinese restaurant near north 55th street friday night. when he walked out, there was a confrontation with another man. >> a man followed him and shot him in the throat. it feels like my heart was ripped out of my chest. >> detectives are reviewing surveillance video from the area to track down a suspect in the case a. today a fund-raiser will be held to benefit families of four children killed in the deadly
6:39 am
southwest philadelphia fire. it will take place at christ international baptist on south 65th at 2:30 this afternoon. yesterday those young victims were laid to rest. >> the service for 4-year-old twin sisters maria and marialla bowah, brothers patrick sanyeah and taj jacque were held. friday, the officials ruled the cause of the july 5th fire that killed the kids as undetermined. parents of the young victims say they want answers. >> what happened? how it happen? so i want to know how it happen. >> the fire marshal says the damage was too extensive to determine an exact cause. notre dame football coach brian kelly says he's shocked and disappointed following the school's investigation into the academic misconduct of four of his players.
6:40 am
those four are not allowed to participate in practice temperatures during the probe. kelly says if they don't return, it will be difficult to overcome. he says the university has a job to do and reputation to uphold. >> it's a privilege to play at notre dame, not a right. we hold players to a high standard here at notre dame. i believe notre dame should be vigilant on that end. we don't say one thing and do the other. >> of four players under investigation, three were expected to be starters. we'll be back in a moment.
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coming up on 6:43 as we look at the center city skyline from our camera in camden. 64 degrees at nbc 10. you can see we're seeing clouds over the skyline. some parts of area including the poconos and lehigh valley already seeing showers. more of us could see that late area today. checking on wall street. cnbc has a preview of what a we can expect ahead in the week of business. >> it's august vacation time for many of us. things should be quiet on wall street this week. investors will keep a close eye on housing data and the volatile situation in ukraine. also the federal reserves in jackson hole, wyoming, the first since janet yellen took over as chair. second quarter earning season has been a mixed bag so far for big retailer this is week. we'll hear more from big chains
6:44 am
like home depot, lowe's, dick's sporting goods, staples, dollar tree and gap. tech names are reporting their latest results including hewlett packard, sales and medical equipment giant medtronic. $2 billion was paid for the nba la clippers. the new owner gets to meet the players and fans. many head off to college, force magazine has the best and most affordable colleges. get your business news on cnbc. the phils jumped out to a big league against the giants. could they hang on for the win? see what happened coming up in sports. wish we could hang onto sunshine. >> that would be nice. we see breaks in the afternoon. if you're in the poconos and lehigh valley mow, mainly seeing
6:45 am
showers. i'll let you know what to expect for the rest of your sunday coming up.
6:46 am
6:47 am
good morning. showers are starting to push into parts of our area. it's a cloudy start but a warmer start to your sunday morning. we'll track storms next week and also humidity is going to return. it are will feel like summer as we head to next week versus fall like conditions. philadelphia 65 degrees, partly cloudy skies, humidity 87%. winds light west 7 miles per hour. most of our region mostly cloudy skies. more rainfall moving into reading. 63 there, mid-60s philadelphia, 65 atlantic city airport. no clouds just yet, but we are going to see an increase down
6:48 am
the shore today. right now temperatures 58 poconos, 59 millville, 67 dover, 60 wilmington. it's a mild start to the morning. temperatures will push into the mid 80s today. warmer than yesterday. live look outside at citizen's bank park. cloudy skies versus yesterday we saw clear skies. our radar shot shows moisture starting to move into parts of our area. we take a closer look at rain now. light to moderate rainfall moving to poconos. light rain has started to push to allen town, milford. just north of reading. rain is tracking east and southeast. as we head into the rest of your morning hours, this is closer to 8:00, 9:00. reading stretching to allen town, parts of montgomery county, all seeing light rainfall going to stretch to trenton. by 9:00 going to see more rainfall north of i-95 corridor moving to parts of trenton.
6:49 am
closer to 10:00 we start to see light shower activity in parts of south jersey. mostly cloudy skies throughout most of your morning heading into part of your afternoon. by 2:00 another round of spotty showers. by your 3:00 or 4:00, clouds moving out. we're still going to see spotty showers associated with clouds that will push offshore. for today, temperatures are going to be warmer. more humid. we have more moisture in the sphere going to contribute to showers. 78 by noon. by 4:00, 83. if you look at 8:00 p.m., mid 70s. going to be a mild evening. if heading down the shore, 81 degrees. passing showers, isolated thunderstorms a possibility. as we head to monday, nice conditions. tuesday we track the return of another round of storms. sunday and monday for us mid-80s. chance of storms as we head to monday. nice conditions.
6:50 am
85 degrees, humid conditions next week. we head to an unsettled weather pattern thursday and next weekend. good morning to you. happy sunday. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet. eagles are back to work today after their loss friday night in new england in the second preseason game. the game did have positives including a defensive play early in the contest. have a look. williams put the eagles on the board first with this pretty pick six. he tweaked his hamstring on the return and left the game. within normal limits previously called the patriots cheaters but apologized to head coach belichick before the game. >> i just made the best of that opportunity. i told him how i felt. it's genuine, from the heart, so we make mistakes. i have my share of mistakes i've made. sometimes my mouth gets the best of me. we just hashed it out.
6:51 am
that's that. >> i like a guy that tells it like it is. last night, tony romo first preseason action for the cowboys battling the ravens. tony romo and dez bryant hook up. he makes an adjustment on the touchdown catch. 37-30. phillies fought back to win extra innings friday night in the series opener with the int juries. back at it yesterday afternoon in san francisco. didn't start well. living the hard knock life. solo shot, 1-0 san francisco to go to the fifth inning. phillies on top 3-1. third runs of the game. hudson as he does often. 5-1 phillies. things fall apart from will there like the ruth's fourth album. the ball drops in. opens the door for a four run
6:52 am
frame that ties the game at five. we go to eighth inning. blanco game nodded at five, singles in a run for giants. that's it. giants hang on to win 6-5. carter william was in hosting his own basketball camp yesterday morning. mcw took part in camps as a kid, and he said his parents ran most of them. he provided guidance and instruction to youngsters and happy to give back. >> i just wanted them to get a chance to pick my brain a little with bit. to see how an nba player interacts with young kids and how to be a young role model. that's something i'm trying to teach them. life outside of basketball with school work and other things. i wanted them to have a good time. >> mcw out and about in the
6:53 am
community. i'd be remiss if i didn't show you this. we see a terrible first pitches over the years. this might take the cake. miss texas. what was that? monique evans, under hand before last night's rangers game. just a bit outside. my goodness. she bowled up there. elegant with it right? not taking herself too seriously. my goodness. she was having a good time and had fun. what can you say? that's a look at sports. i'm danny pommells.
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6:56 now on your sunday morning as we take a look at the mountains. it's been raining there, lehigh valley as well. other parts of the region set to see showers as the day goes on as well. happening today, pennsylvania governor tom corbett takes a kayak trip along the river many montgomery county. hopefully it won't be raining for that. it's part of a two day effort to
6:57 am
push pa tourism. after paddling the river yesterday, he took part in an archery demonstration in a nearby state park. we'll be right back. but before we come right back, let's tell you about this. upper darby to hollywood and back. last night tina fey returned to her hometown for a benefit at the performing arts center. a viewer shot this video of the actress in her q&a. proceeds from the event go towards a new sound system for the theater. nbc 10 news today continues in a moment with another full hour of news. nbc 10 matt delucia is following the removal of part of philadelphia's skyline. good morning matt. >> reporter: good morning ted. we're waiting for that removal
6:58 am
to begin. we take a live look at building on south broad street with the big iconic pnb lettering. we'll keep you posted on what's going on as the work begins. it's dry where matt is now in center city. a wet start to the sunday morning in the poconos or lehigh valley. i'll let you know where rain is heading and how long it will stick around. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
6:59 am
7:00 am
right now on nbc 10 news today, more violence and protests overnight despite a midnight curfew in ferguson following the shooting death of an unarmed teen by police. plus the philadelphia skyline is set to change this morning. the letters on top of one building are going to be removed, and it's affecting traffic and causing changes to several setpa bus routes. and we take another look at the center city skyline from a different vantage point. we won't see the sun filled skies that we enjoyed yesterday. some areas might even see a stray shower or


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