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tv   NBC 10 News at 7am  NBC  August 17, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, more violence and protests overnight despite a midnight curfew in ferguson following the shooting death of an unarmed teen by police. plus the philadelphia skyline is set to change this morning. the letters on top of one building are going to be removed, and it's affecting traffic and causing changes to several setpa bus routes. and we take another look at the center city skyline from a different vantage point. we won't see the sun filled skies that we enjoyed yesterday. some areas might even see a stray shower or thunderstorm.
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good morning everybody. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. about 7:01 on this sunday, august 17th. let's say good morning to brittney shipp in the first alert weather center. some areas already seeing showers. >> that's right. showers moving into the lehigh valley stretching into the poconos. here's a live look at cape may. we're not seeing rainfall, just clouds. difference from yesterday. a cooler start, more sunshine. now we'll see a cloudy more humid day with the pocket of rainfall moving into the rest of our area. right now we're seeing light rain through parts north of reading, light to moderate rainfall milford and stretching to poconos. as we head to the rest of this morning, batch of moisture shifting east. temperature wise we're warmer than yesterday. by noon 78 degrees with the chance of showers continuing. by 4:00 p.m. we see clouds clearing up and warm conditions
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expected. 83 degrees by 8:00 p.m. mid 70s, mild night ahead. we'll clear as we head tonight time hours. by tomorrow, plenty of sunshine again. humidity returning and going to stick around most of your workweek. i'll go over what to expect in my first alert seven-day forecast. 7:02. new from overnight in burlington county, investigators are trying to figure out how a fire started in a vacant billing that used to house a body shop. this happened before 2:30 this morning. no one was hurt. witnesses say they saw someone running from the scene. police are investigating. new from overnight, rescue crews were call ed from the philadelphia neighborhood after officials say an amtrak worker got spooked while working on power lines. nbc 10 on tieson avenue and keystone street before 3:00 this morning. the worker more than 150 feet in the air was able to get down on his own. right now it's not clear what caused him to need that help.
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new developments this morning in ferguson, missouri. one person was shot overnight. seven others arrested on the first night of a new curfew rule. here's what we've learned in the past hour. this was not a police involved shooting. authorities say it happened on the street that's been a busy spot for protests. they're searching for the gunman. protests have been going on since last saturday when a police officer shot 18-year-old michael brown who was unarmed. police justified efforts including the use of tear gas. >> we have a shooting victim in critical condition that may lose their life. we had a subject standing in the middle of the road with a handgun. we had a police car shot at tonight. yes, i think that was a proper response. >> johnson said no officers were injured when someone fired at the police car. the seven people taken into custody were charged with
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failing to disperse during the midnight to 5:00 a.m. curfew. here in our area, a peace individual it was held in philadelphia yesterday. organizers told nbc 10 they hope what happened in ferguson never happens here. they want a working relationship with police. the police department in ferguson township pennsylvania is taking heat on social media after last weekend's shooting in missouri. the department in center county is responding back to posts on facebook and twitter saying, you've got the wrong guys. they are 750 miles away from where the shooting happened in ferguson, missouri. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to follow developments in ferguson, online and on air, later this morning, new jersey governor jay nixon appears on "meet the press" at 10:30 here on nbc 10.
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happening now, a part of the philadelphia skyline is changing as scrcrews get ready to removee letters from the iconic building. here's a live look at the philadelphia national bank building which will look different in a few hours from now. matt delucia is live in center city. what's happening out there now? you've been watching all morning. >> reporter: ted, good morning. sources tell me workers are trying to get going. police are trying to clear the area including pedestrians. we still see some this hour. traffic has been shut down around city hall and center area the past 30 minutes. it will be a site to see. those giant letters up there, pnb will be removed by helicopters. we'll see last minute preps this morning. once they do, 12 letters lowered
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to the ground in front of city hall. out here, plenty of construction equipment to facilitate this process. we have video that we shot in the past 30 minutes of the activity that we're seeing out here. police shut down the roadways around this area. mostly around city hall. we're talking about broad street, jfk. right now we're at 15th street. this area, there's plenty of construction activity, people waiting around for letters to be delivered if you will in front of city hall. now a little bit about this building. it's been built -- it was built in 1932, located at one south broad street, south of city hall. that pnb lettering has been a part of the philadelphia skyline since 1950s. it stands for philadelphia national bank which owned the building until the mid 90s.
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the building was sold for $68 million. the historical commission had to approve the removal and did so last month. this morning some are coming by. they didn't know this was happening. i've been talking to folks out here including one gentleman visiting from london. he tells me he didn't know this was going on and part of philadelphia history will be saying good-bye. take a listen. >> it's pretty massive. it's monumental what this city is about. all these buildings -- they're beautiful. this is crazy. this is big time. i've seen this board last several years i've been here. five, six years. it's crazy it's changed, will be new. that's what life is, right? >> reporter: and now as we look live once again, this sign's long and storied history in philadelphia comes to an end. a bigger impact for now as i
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mentioned is traffic. police shut down roads around 13th to 15th street, jfk to chestnut, broad, market, jfk, all affected. setpa is rerouting buses during the sign removal. work is expected to last until noon. a key point to mention here is that those letters will be taken down using a helicopter. a lot of people are coming out here. we've seen some with their cameras getting ready to take pictures. if you want to see this happen live when it does happen, we have it streaming on our website, we also have a list of all closures in this area. roads are closed in the area until noon. we'll be out here and keep you posted on what's going on with live pictures. for now we're live many center city. i'm mat t delucia. police are investigating a
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deadly shooting that around on the 300 block in bridgeton last night. so far no arrests. police have not released the victim's identity. a driver was killed in a crash at a racetrack. it happened during a race clinic at wall stadium speed way. a 21-year-old woman was driving a three quarter midget car when it hit a wall killing her. no one else was hurt. the victim's name has a not been released. the track cancelled the rest of the races for the night. we're hearing from the family of the man shot and killed after a night out in philadelphia. it's a story we told you about you on nbc 10. the man was murdered in the lands downe avenue area friday night. this video of paul mckernan minutes before the shooting. he walked into this chinese restaurant for food.
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when he walked out, there was a confrontation with another man. that man followed him, pulled out pa gun and shot him. his uncle talks about the loss. >> paul was a sensitive, caring, and strong person. >> detectives are now reviewing surveillance video from the area to try to track down a suspect in the case a. anyone with information is asked to call police. new this morning, former fbi director free, the man that led the internal investigation into the child sex abuse scandal at penn state wants a pending civil lawsuit against him moved to federal court. a judge ruled free's attorneys have to show why the suit should be moved. the president filed notice they plan to sue free for defamation
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of character. free says it should be held in federal court since he's not from the state. this started in 2011 if you remember when the sandusky scandal trial started. in 2012 a judge sentenced sandusky between 30 and 60 years in prison for sexual abuse of ten boys. happening today. philadelphia's own taney drag -- dragons take on their next game. davis won't pitch tonight due to little league regulations. there will be a pep rally ahead of the game at 6:00 in the courtyard of philadelphia city
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hall. tonight they play at 7:00 p.m. a south jersey baseball team is the 2014 cal rip ken world series winners. this is video of the reds' big win yesterday in virginia. 10-year-olds beat a kentucky team 9-1 for the win. way to go guys. a fighter jet has been shot down as the fighting continues to escalate between ukraine and pro russian rebels. we'll have more on this developing story coming up. plus prowling for easy targets. that's what authorities are saying about the couple accused of abducting two ammish sisters. new information we're learning about the case.
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this morning we're follow paying developing story on the crisis in ukraine. officials say russian separatist rebels have shot down a ukrainian fighter plane. it happened over the eastern part of the country. according to reports, the pilot managed to eject from the aircraft and is now safe. meanwhile, ukrainian fishes have signed off on an order that looks into the convoy stuck at the border. they've been there since thursday. initially the officials worried the trucks could be carrying supplies for russian backed separatists.
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we're hearing more on u.s. air strikes. officials say they targeted the militant group isis in nine air strikes near the mosul dam. the attacks were carried out by fighter planes and aircraft to support humanitarian efforts in the country. we're learning new information about what happened to the amish girls who were abducted by a couple in upstate new york. a prosecutor says the 7 and 10-year-olds were sexually abused while they were held. officials say stephen howell jr. and nicole veasey were targeting opportunities and did though the necessarily grab the girls because they were amish. they were taken from the side of the road on their family's farm wednesday. they were found safe thursday night. the girls were dropped off 15 miles were they were taken and walked to the closest home they saw and asked for help.
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it's double the size of texas and growing. more on what's being called the great pacific garbage patch. brittney? >> showers are moving into our area. i'm tracking the return of humidity and even storms. i'll let you know when coming up in my seven-day forecast.
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good morning. we're starting to see light rainfall pushing to poconos, lehigh valley. we'll keep a chance of showers for your morning hours. more clearing and sunshine as we head to the afternoon. storms are going to return back
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in our forecast as we head to next week. then the humidity is going return as well. this is a summer like pattern versus what we saw towards the ends of the workweek. philadelphia now, 67 degrees. humidity 76%. winds out of the west southwest 5 miles per hour. 63 reading, 67 philadelphia. mild start to the morning if you're in the city. at atlantic city airport, 66 degrees currently. as we approach the next few hours we start to see more of the moisture and humidity work its way closer to the city and stretching down the shore. right now temperatures 58 degrees in the poconos, 63 trenton. 65 wilmington, 69 dover. here's the rain that's already starting to push into parts of our area. that rainfall stretches back into the central and western parts of the state. we take a closer look at show you where the rainfall is. poconos are affected now. same with allen town. even moderate rainfall moving to allen town and light rain
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starting to push into parts of reading. a closer look at some of the heaviest rainfall. it's mainly situated east of allen town at this town. this is tracking mainly to the east here. it's not drifting southward into the city. it's going to track right out to the shore as we head into the next few hours here. our future weather shows by 8:00 a.m. the rainfall starts to stretch into trenton and pushing offshore. that's going to stay north of toms river. the heaviest rainfall stretching from allen town to parts of reading. spotty showers continue in the poconos. as we head to 10:00 hour, we start to see light rainfall. very light throughout parts of i-95 corridor and eventually stretching to parts of south jersey as we head to the rest of the afternoon. you're going to notice cloudy skies, especially 1:00 or 2:00. by 3:00 look at what happened. we see clearing here.
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poconos, lehigh valley one of the first to see the clearing. 6:00 or 7:00 we see mostly clear skies as we head to tonight. that will set us up for plenty of sunshine for monday. 81 degrees for us, chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm. heading to monday, expect to see sunshine, temperatures 80 degrees. tuesday, 78 degrees, chance of showers. your seven-day forecast shows a high of 86 today. warmer than yesterday. 85 heading to monday. if you look at the rest of the work week, humidity goes up. unsettled weather stays. another chance of thunderstorms thursday, friday, saturday. a ll ll ll ll lle -- a calih team returns after a two month journey 1,000 miles off the coast of california where the crew found garbage stretches
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miles long. five garbage patches are identified in oceans across the globe. all are likely hundreds of years old. >> areas of the ocean are completely trapped because areas are remote. they're not part of the conversation. we need to make them part of the conversation. >> scientists say they are now issue dig how this debris is work its way into the food chain. caught in the crossfire. a 3-year-old girl and her father are dead after he got into a shootout with police. now the question is, who killed the child?
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this morning, police in maryland are trying to figure out who's bullet killed a 3-year-old. she died after being caught in the crossfire of a shootout
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between police and a man believed to be the girl's father. it happened in prince george's county. the man shot and police, and six officers returned fire killing him. police then found the little girl in the car with a gunshot wound. she later dpiied. >> we don't know if that's a wound inflicted by her father or something that occurred in the exchange of gunfire with police. >> the man led them on the chase after shooting and wounding the child's maternal grandfather and great grandmother. i'm matt delucia live in center city where the iconic pnb letters will be removed in a short while. we'll show you what's going on and how this removal may affect your sunday morning plans. we'll have that coming up after the break. and i'm tracking showers
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moving in on this sunday morning. how long the rain will stick around and what to expect as you head back to work tomorrow. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. ♪ the world famous fries you love,
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midnight curfew did not keep people protesting the death of i a missouri teen off the streets clashing with police. we'll have the latest on the effort to control the unrest in ferguson. plus an aerial effort to take iconic letters off the top of a philadelphia building. how it could affect how you get around the city today. and taking a live look at part of center city now. city hall, comcast center there. a lot of clouds around center city. parts of our area including the lehigh valley, pocono seeing
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rain now. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. 7:31 on this sunday morning. we thank you for being with us. let's say good morning again to brittney shipp in the first alert weather center. some areas to our west getting wet now. >> to the north and west we're seeing rain moving into the lehigh valley and poconos. let's take a live look outside and show you what it looks like at mount pocono. we are going to see temperatures today staying cooler in the city. we are starting off in the high 50s with rainfall. hard to make it out on the live picture. showers push into allen town now stretching to trenton and north of reading. all of this moisture tracking east. as we head into the west of the morning. folks like trenton are going to see more activity. it's going to take a while longer if you're closer to the i-95 corridor. 84 to 87 degrees.
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we will see more clearing as we head to the afternoon and into the evening setting us up for a nice monday morning. more storms are in your seven-day forecast. i'll let you know when coming up in just a bit. thank you brittney. 7:32 now. new from overnight in burlington county, investigators try to figure out how a fire started at a vacant building that a used to house an auto body shop. this happened in river side before 2:30 a.m. luckily no one was hurt. witnesses say they saw someone running from the scene. police are thousand investigating. also new from overnight. rescue crews were called to philadelphia neighborhood after officials say an amtrak worker got spooked while working on power lines. nbc 10 ontyson avenue and keystone street before 3:00 this morning. the worker 150 feet in the air was able to get down on his own. now it's not clear what caused him to need help. we are following new
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developments out of ferguson, missouri. tensions escalated after 200 people refused to follow a new curfew rule. one person was also shot. seven were arrested. this was not a police involved shooting. authorities say it happened on the street that's been a busy spot for protests. they're now searching for the gunman a. demonstrations in ferguson have been going on since last saturday when a police officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown who was unarmed. over the past week, people in our area have been keeping a close watch on con tronatifront between officers and protests. at a peace rally it was the topic in north philadelphia. >> need to employ more african-american officers on their force because that will bridge the gap between the communities. >> we don't want that to happen
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at all. we want a working relationship with them. >> members of the group that organized this rally expressed condolences to the brown family. nbc 10 is watching developments in ferguson. you can go online to for updates any time as well as pictures, video and stories. the governor nixon talks on "meet the press." we'll have a preview with andrea mitchell in 15 minutes. happening now, crews get ready to remove a piece of the philadelphia skyline. here's a look at the philadelphia national bank building this morning. iconic letters will be taken down by helicopter. matt delucia has been live watching the situation there for us. what's going on now? >> reporter: well ted, we're still waiting for the letters to be remove ed from the building.
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a small crowd has formed here at 15th and jfk. you can see police have been trying to clear this area out. construction workers have been out here for about two who are hours. we have video we shot a short time ago with police putting up the police tape here along love park and trying to get this entire area around city hall and one south broad building where those pnb letters sit a top. they're trying to get this area closed off so it's safe and no one is walking around when they start removing the 3,000 pound letters. we've got 12 total letters going to be removed by helicopter at some point this morning. i've been told workers are trying to get moving on this project as soon as possible. hopefully within the next hour. we also have a lot of people who have come out to see this spectacle, this philadelphia
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icon, if you will, be remove ed from the skyline. i spoke with the gentleman not long ago from philadelphia. he says as soon as he heard what was going on down here, he had to come down and be ready to take pictures. take a listen. >> i've heard about the signs coming down. i had to check it out, grab pictures, see the spectacle i guess. it's supposed to come down by helicopter which is interesting. hopefully -- got a beautiful day so hopefully everything is safe and sound. >> reporter: we'll talk about this building here. it was build in 1932. that pnb lettering has been part of the philadelphia skyline since 1950s. it stands for philadelphia national bank which owned the building in the 90s. that was recently sold for $68 million. if you think the owners could remove the letters without approval, think antibiotgain.
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they had to get the approval from the historical commission. that came last month. the removal will happen later this morning. as we are looking live out here, the areas mostly cleared out at this point. just police and construction workers inside this i secure zone around city hall and around that building there at one south broad. keep that in mind. if you plan to travel through center city today, there are some road closures. those will be in effect until noon today. setpa is also detouring some of its routes that go through center city. as we look here over on love park, we can see some people who have formed to take pictures and waiting for these letters to be removed from building. we'll stay out here. we have a list on closures in this area on we'll stay on top of it. back at 9:00 a.m. for now i'm matt delucia, nbc 10
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news. from jersey shore bureau, police are searching for this man. lacy township police released this sketch of the suspect. the cab driver drove him from lakewood to lacy friday morning. then the man tried to pay with $100 bill. police say the driver refused to take the money thinking it was counter fit. that's when officers say the man choked the driver with a phone cord and took $124 before running away. today a benefit will take place at christ international baptist church for the families of the victims of the deadly fire. yesterday those young victims were laid to rest. the service for 4-year-old twin sisters maria and marialla bowah and brothers patrick sanyeah and taj jacque was held.
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500 attended the funeral. on friday, officials ruled the cause of the fire that killed the kids as undetermined. happening today, philadelphia's own taney dragons take on texas in the second game of the little league world series. the the team pulled out a win over south nashville in the first game of the tournament friday. davis who pitched the shutout won't pitch tonight because of little league regulations. jared lot will take the mound. the team's coach talked about the excitement of the team's first win in williams port. >> come to williams port -- everyone says getting to williams port is the prize. that's true. to come and get a win is just that much better. >> it's a lot of different languages which is nice to like see new cultures and stuff. >> taney goes for their second win against texas pair land east tonight at 7:00. there will be a pep rally at
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6:00 in the courtyard of philadelphia's city hall. count on nbc 10 as the team plays on the road to a world series title. mean while in south jersey, a different baseball team is waking up as the 2014 cal rip ken world series winners. this is video of the reds beating the kentucky team yesterday in virginia. the 10-year-olds were able to pull out a win 9-1. way to go guys. as the controversy continues to surround the jersey jam bridge scandal, we are learning how much garden state taxpayers are paying to defend governor chris christie. the story when we come back. prz
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. taxepayers are on the hook for the law firm chris christie hired to represent his office in the bridgegate scandal. the firm represents the governor's office in the state and federal investigation into last september lane closures on the george washington bridge. it published a report finding
7:44 am
christie and top staffers were not involved in the lane l closures. good morning. already seeing showers and light rainfall throughout parts of our area. storms will return as we head to next week. our humidity makes a return too. feeling more like summer, mid august versus what we saw twa d towards the end of your workweek that felt like fall. dark skies, light rainfall in that area stretching into the lehigh valley. a closer look at city skyline. mostly cloudy skies for philadelphia. temperatures mild at a 67 degrees. light wind speeds west southwest at 5 miles per hour. our humidity is at 76%. throughout the rest of our area, we're at 58 degrees in the
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poconos. 63 allen town. 64 degrees currently millville. here's the moisture and rain starting to move in from the west. it stretches back from the central and western parts of the state. we're seeing a few showers popping up near cape may. i'll show you a closer look where rainfall is. moving into parts of reading also allen town and stretching out to trenton. it's tracking mainly to the east and also the southeast. we have another batch of moisture that's started to develop a bit of light rainfall south of the estell manor and east of maurice river. we're dealing with light and spotty showers confined mainly allen town, reading and i-95 corridor. as we push to late morning hours, we'll slowly start to see showers drifting south and
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southeast north of toms river closer to the city. 11:00 hour, mostly cloudy skies. another round pushing to 3:00. then expect clearing tonight as we push to the start of your workweek. mostly sunny once again. temperatures will return closer to average just like close to average today. 72 degrees in mount pocono, 80 allen town, 81 quakertown, 83 reading, 83 high today in trenton with the chance of passing showers. 83 atlantic city. as we take a look at rehoboth beach, 83 the high. philadelphia warmer than yesterday about five degrees with the high of 86. 84 west chester and mid 80s wilmington. heading into top, nice conditions. 85 degrees and more humid. our humidity continues to rise heading to next week. that's going to contribute to our chance of storms for most of next week. all eyes on ferguson as tensions continue to grow
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following the shooting death of an unarmed teen by police. missouri's governor will be on "meet the press" this morning. we'll get a preview from guest moderator andrea mitchell straight ahead.
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the "today" show is coming our way in ten minutes. let's go to new york and say hello and see what they've got for us this morning. hi guys. >> good morning to you. just ahead on a sunday morning, we're following if development out of ferguson, missouri where protests became violent last night. one person shot, seven arrested as they tried to impose the midnight curfew. we'll be live on the scene for more on what happened. we'll show you the emotional tribute to kevin ward jr. as racing resumed at the track where he was struck and killed by nascar driver tony stewart last weekend. the heartwarming story about the generosity of strangers. the community coming together to launch a program to take care of its own in their time of need. we'll introduce you to the kitchen. the bride and wedding guests
7:51 am
without whom she wouldn't be here today. we'll have those stories on a sunday morning here on "today." back to you ted. >> we'll see you in nine minutes at 8:00. we've been telling you all morning violence continues to break out in ferguson, missouri following the shooting of unarmed 18-year-old michael brown. it's the lead topic on "meet the press." guest moderator andrea mitchell joining us live from washington. thanks for being with us will. >> good morning. great to be with you in philly. >> what does this mean for the larger discussion around race in america? >> i think there are a lot of questions that have not been answered. we're going to talk to the governor jay nixon and others on the ground there talking about the mixup of the town, majority african-americans. the fact there are only three black officers. the fact a black teen was killed
7:52 am
by a white officer. no answers come from the local police. they released a controversial sl video on friday about the convenience store robbery which reignited the protests in the street. there have been those taking advantage of the unrest and looting. there was a more confrontation again last night after a curfew was ordered by the governor. >> we look forward to your discussion with the governor. hillary clinton is critical of the foreign policy, the decision not to arm syrian rebels. what's the significance over the divide of hillary clinton and president obama between the violence in syria? >> those are good questions? those are the big questions of the foreign policy debate coming
7:53 am
forward in both political party, but particularly hillary clinton being more willing to use military force and president obama being less willing and more reluctant. what does it say about leadership going to the 2016 campaign cycle with the candidacy from the former secretary of state which i think is all but assured with all but expected eventual alty. >> thank you so much. looking forward to the program. >> you bet. again this morning on "meet the press," andrea mitchell talks to jay nixon about the flash point in ferguson as the after math of the shooting continues to play out. that's this morning on nbc 10 at 10:30. we're back in a moment.
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a dog from afghanistan, here she is. she could soon have a new home in the united states. her name is betty. a charity called no dog gets left behind is raising money to bring her here. the charity reunites service members. she will be trained as a service dog with people with post-traumatic stress disorder. yesterday in glenn side, montgomery county, pet smart gave the charity a $10,000
7:57 am
check. the effort to bring betty here will cost $13,000. not so nice today brittney. >> not such a nice start to your tuesday morning. we are tracking showers that pushed into the poconos and lehigh valley. here's a live look now at cape may. you can see mostly cloudy skies. yesterday we saw sunshine. you can see the dark skies in the poconos. a closer look at center city where we see mostly cloudy skies. closer look at radar now. we'll show you the rain and it is tracking east for us. as we head to the rest of this morning, we'll continue with the chance of showers eventually in the late morning hours. we'll see showers closer to the i-95 corridor. right now allen town stretching to trenton. another batch moved to cape may county. there moving closer to atlantic city. your seven-day forecast shows a high of 86 degrees, chance of
7:58 am
storms. next week, we are going to see more shows. >> thank you brittney. the "today" show is next. we hope you have a fantastic sunday.
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good morning. showdown in the streets. police in ferguson, missouri, fire smoke canisters and tear gas as protesters overnight who took to the streets despite a curfew there. this as another shooting not by police leaves a victim in critical condition. the community is under a state of emergen this morning. we are live on the scene. remembering kevin. racing fans filling the stands at an upstate new york racetrack for the first time since driver kevin ward jr. was struck and killed there last weekend. this morning, the emotional tributes. and best man. 20 years after he saved a baby in distress, a dedicated police officer is there as she prepares to walk down the aisle for what is sure to be a wedding to reme t


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