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tv   Today  NBC  August 17, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. showdown in the streets. police in ferguson, missouri, fire smoke canisters and tear gas as protesters overnight who took to the streets despite a curfew there. this as another shooting not by police leaves a victim in critical condition. the community is under a state of emergen this morning. we are live on the scene. remembering kevin. racing fans filling the stands at an upstate new york racetrack for the first time since driver kevin ward jr. was struck and killed there last weekend. this morning, the emotional tributes. and best man. 20 years after he saved a baby in distress, a dedicated police officer is there as she prepares to walk down the aisle for what is sure to be a wedding to remember today.
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welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm lester holt with jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. the situation is very tense this morning, despite that overnight curfew. >> we'll get you the very latest. we want to take a look back, just to remind everyone how we got to this point. last saturday, 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by a ferguson, missouri, police officer. brown was unarmed. what followed was a week full of protests, both peaceful and violent. officers in riot gear were brought in to handle a rash of looting and violence, but their heavily armed presence further enraged residents there. on friday, police revealed the
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name of the officer who fired that fatal shot, officer darren wilson. police also released surveillance video of michael brown allegedly robbing a store shortly before he was shot and killed. on saturday, missouri's governor declared a state of emergency and imposed a midnight curfew. >> it was hardly a quiet night. there were a lot of developments in this story overnight. ron allen has been working this for us throughout the evening. he has the latest for us. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. it was a stunning show of force last night. the police say their initial plan was to patrol the neighborhood plagued by violence on foot. they say that plan changed when they heard reports of armed gunmen and a shooting victim in the neighborhood. so the commanders gave the order to clear the streets. >> don't shoot! don't shoot! >> reporter: the tension had been building to a showdown through the hours counting down to the curfew. while many protesters obeyed the call to leave the streets, a defiant group dug in. scores of police, armed with the military style weapons, that have added to the anger and
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resentment. first came a warning. >> this is the police department. you are violating the state imposed curfew. >> reporter: then about ten minutes after midnight, police advanced forward. opening fire with smoke canisters, multiple rounds, sending the crowd running for cover. police said their response was appropriate because they had more to deal with than a demonstration? >> i say we have a shooting victim that is in critical condition that may lose their life. we had a subject standing in the middle of the road with a handgun. we had a police car shot at tonight. and, yes, i think that was the proper response. >> reporter: earlier in the day, missouri's governor had declared a state of emergency. >> we cannot allow the ill will of a few to undermine the goodwill of the many. >> reporter: he was responding to an outburst following the release by local police of a security tape showing michael brown allegedly stealing cigars
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from a store some ten minutes before officer darren wilson shot and killed the unarmed teenager about half a mile away last saturday. now, this. authorities have said that most of the protests here have been peaceful. they blame a small number of criminals for the violence. tonight, they seem determined to root them out. in less than an hour, police had taken back control of the heart of the besieged city. the protesters fleeing into the night. a heavy rain helping cool down the confrontation. the police considering their next steps as they try to keep the peace. it is important to point out that all that violence happened in a very small area, several blocks long. the rest of ferguson was peaceful, observing the curfew. officials have not said whether they're going to try to impose another curfew tonight. lester? >> ron, the lines of authority there are a bit unusual. the state police, heigthe highw patrol brought in to secure the
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streets, but my understanding is they don't have a role in the shooting investigation. does that leave them between a rock and a hard place? >> reporter: organizationally, yes, but they are out in front here. i'm sure they're assisting with the investigation in terms of gathering information. they made the point yesterday that the state police did that there were some 40 fbi agents here from the federal government going door to door in the neighborhood where michael brown was killed, canvassing, trying to find witnesses that will come forward. we talked to so many people in the community here who say they're afraid to talk to the local police, fearing retribution and retaliation. they don't want to give their names or addresses because that's the kind of climate that they live in here. so, yes, the state police are somewhat caught in the middle. but they're very much out in front and that's reassuring to the community, i would say, because they just don't trust the police. they also don't trust many of them, the county prosecutor here, the level of the organization that could bring charges against the officer who fired those fatal rounds, and
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that seems to be the key demand of so many here, they want to see charges filed against the officer, darren wilson, who allegedly shot and killed michael brown. until that happens, people here are going to be very angry. >> all right, ron, we appreciate your coverage. thanks very much. erica? >> lest, thanks. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is filling in as moderator of "meet the press" this morning. good morning. we know ferguson is a national story at this point. will be a major focus of the show for you this morning. a lot of what is surfacing as ron talked about too is this fearfulness, this fear of divide in the country. how much can and should the president be weighing in on that at this point? >> well, that's a big question. there is a big question about leadership, about why it took the president and particularly why it took the governor jay nixon several days to get to what people in ferguson are calling ground zero. he says he was engaged behind
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the scenes, i'll be talking to him and asking him both questions. also what next, what about the racial divide between majority african-american communities across the country and almost all white police forces as you know there are only three white -- three black police officers in the town of ferguson in a community that is 67% african-american. plus the militarization of the police across the country as we have seen in the days since the mid'90s. originally tempted for the counteracting the drug war, but now we see armored vehicles that look like a combat zone, and continuing protests with the reported mishandling of this by local police. still, no answers as to actually what happened with the shooting of the unarmed black teenager, michael brown, and why that report has not been released. >> and there have been a lot of -- there has been a lot of talk about the fact that that investigation does need to happen so the details can come
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out. as we talked about briefly at the beginning, as ron mentioned, federal investigators now going around the neighborhood, trying to get more information. is there a sense in washington that this is being handled as quickly as it should from that investigation standpoint. as you mentioned, it took a while for them to get there on the ground. >> while the federal officials, the justice department, the fbi were there rather kwukly, they still had not been interviewing witnesses around the housing complex, in that neighborhood in ferguson until only yesterday. as we all know with witnesses, first reports, first indications could be the most accurate. so i have a lot of questions about that as well. we're go being to be talking to the mayor of baltimore about what they do in the majority of african-american community where she will acknowledge -- i've been talking to her this week -- that they have not done as good a job as they could. they're working at making it more racially diverse, police
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and fire departments. there are a lot of questions across the country. this is something that many americans may be very surprised at. there is a real feeling of disengagement as to why a town like ferguson has so few african-americans in their leadership in the city council, school board and in the police. >> we'll be looking forward to hearing more of that this morning from you on "meet the press." nice to see you. thank you. >> you bet. good to see you, erica. nascar star tony stewart will be racing db wie ining -- racing. lester has more on that now. >> last night as the track reopened for first time since that tragic night, fans remembered kevin ward jr. in an emotional tribute. kristen dahlgren is here now and has more for us. good morning. >> good morning, lester. i heard this called a watershed moment for racing. nascar and many small tracks instituted new safety rules. but the biggest difference this
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weekend is that kevin ward jr. isn't there. >> kevin will always be remembered as an inspiration and a good man. >> reporter: in stands that are usually full of cheers and excitement, it was a somber tribute, a memorial to a young driver whose dramatic death rocked a community. >> to see a young kid like that get killed, it is heart breaking. >> reporter: it was here, just last saturday, that ward exited his car after a run-in with three-time nascar champion tony stewart. this video posted on youtube shows the young driver on the track, moments before he was hit by stewart's car. >> he hit him! >> reporter: the sheriff says the investigation could still take weeks. stewart remains out of the public eye. as the michigan international speedway later today, jeff burton will be behind the wheel in stewart's place. >> he's had a really tough time. he's hurting a lot. and, you know, so just from all accounts, from the people around him, he's really struggling. >> reporter: there has been no
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decision on when stewart will return. but this week, nascar changed its rules, issue a bulletin telling all drivers to remain in their cars after accidents until safety workers arrive unless at risk from fire or smoke. many small tracks have done the same. a big change in a sport sometimes known for short tempers and high drama. >> initially, you think is it going to take emotion out of the sport? you get to the bottom of it, i'm not going to criticize any organization or racetrack for doing something they think is going to make it safer. >> stewart's team is taking this one week at a time no decisions have been made beyond today's race. it was ward's father who encouraged them to get back to racing saying that kevin would want them to, lester. >> kristen, thanks very much. time for a look at some of the other stories from overnight. >> jenna is following those for us. good morning again. >> good morning, everyone. pope francis extended an olive branch to china today saying he
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wants to improve relations with the country's catholics. the pope made the remarks during a meeting with asian bush nisho south korea. china cut ties with the vatican in 1951 after the communist party took power. first african doctors are said to have received the same scarce experimental ebola drug that american doctors have already gotten. health care workers in liberia administered the drug z-maxx. health officials requested the drug after american ebola patient dr. kent brantly and nan nancy writebol received the serum. 27-year-old cory griffin from massachusetts died in a diving accident saturday. it happened just hours after he raised $100,000 in honor of his friend who struggled with lou gehrig's disease helped inspire the ice bucket challenge.
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police have released few details about the circumstances surrounding griffin's death. the utah woman who unknowingly drank iced tea laced with cleaning fluid is making progress this morning. an attorney for jean harding says she was able to whisper and get out of bed. suffering severe burns to her mouth and throat after drinking the toxic tea sunday at a restaurant. authorities say cleaning solution was accidentally mixed into a bag of sugar that ended up in the iced tea dispenser. so what is the difference between car pool and a car in a pool? well, everything. because they're nothing alike. i just felt like saying that. this driver is okay. it happened in the southern california town of altadena. he told officers his flip-flops got tangled up with the pedals, causing him to lose control of the car. he's fine. it does make for some interesting pictures. yeah? >> it reminds us of the story from dylan of something that
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happened to her husband in the car yesterday. >> we'll get to that in a second. that's cool. >> he's fine. >> everybody's fine. that's awesome. the pool's good too. refreshing. finally, a story about the agelessness of love. jim mongon and jean, both in their 90s, got married at their assisted living facility in wisconsin. their advice to younger people, jean says, be good to one another. jim was a slightly more jaded view of love says don't marry the first one that comes along. 90s. both decided it was time after, you know, years and years and years and years. >> don't want to rush into it. >> you want to take your time and think. it is a cerebral thing, the marriage thing. >> dylan is here with the weather. we set that thing up -- >> i'm sorry. >> the floor mat got under the accelerator and couldn't -- >> the floor mat set the accelerator going and it buckled up under the brake pedal, he
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couldn't hit the brake. he's going 110 down 95 because he couldn't stop the car. he's fine. pulled over. >> that's all i was thinking. >> what did i say? >> he ended up in a pool. everyone's fine. >> tell us about the weather. >> we're looking at really heavy rain in parts of kentucky. look at this map here. you can see the darker the reds and darker the purples the heavier the rain. evansville, indiana, down to parts of kentucky, that's where we see our heaviest downpours now. and advancing forward, we'll see this move to the east as we go through the day. we could see some heavier downpours. and slight risk of strong storms up through iowa and the northern plains later on today. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. we are going to see sunday morning showers, temperatures range between 84 and 87 degrees warmer than yesterday. we see more clearing as we head to the afternoon. not a washout for your sunday.
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definitely on and off showers for today. heading into tomorrow, plenty of sunshine pushing into next week so does the chance of showers. >> and that's your latest forecast. up next on "today," the touching story of a bride and one very special wedding guest f it wasn't for him, frankly, she wouldn't be around for the biggest day of her life. that's coming up after this. that's why there's a listerine® product for every mouth. one to clean your whole mouth. one for those hard to reach places. one to protect kids mouths from cavities. even one to freshen breath on-the-go. with over 100 years of innovation in oral care... there's a listerine® product for every mouth in your house. for cleaner, healthier mouths go beyond brushing alone. listerine®. power to your mouth ™.
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today, a beautiful bride will begin the next chapter of her life, one that she may not have seen if not for one brave man, who will be there, as she walks down the aisle. janet shamlian has their story. >> reporter: on the eve of her wedding, shima is at a relaxed picnic, surrounded by her family. one guest is not a relative. joe of the new york police department is as close to family as anyone here. >> i think you might be the daughter he never had. >> i love him. i do. and his wife helen. she means just as much to me as he does. >> reporter: 20 years ago the two met under what could have been tragic circumstances. when he hshe stopped breathing, saved her life. she was just two months old. >> it was only a matter of moments that all this took place. but it felt like it was an instant. >> reporter: in that moment, a friendship formed that survived time and distance.
8:19 am
the family stayed in touch. and he never missed her birth y birthday, not one. he saved more than a dozen lives in the 45 years he's been a police officer. but with none of those families has he bonded like he has with this one. the palestinian-american family calls barka her american father and they meet. when shima walks down the aisle today, joe barka from new york will be there. >> i'll be misty eyed, i'm sure. i had three boys, they're married. this girl here, i treat her as if she's my daughter. we have just such a strong bond. >> reporter: barka plans to retire next month. 20-year-old shima is a registered nurse and says it is her turn to save lives. >> my passion to be there for people and take care of them and nurse them back to life. what more could i want? >> reporter: a friendship brings joy among the happiest of occasions. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc
8:20 am
news, chicago. >> i love that story. i love the fact he saved so many lives. how many people can say that? what an honor to be able to do that. >> and how special too they managed to maintain that relationship. >> yeah. >> that's really lovely. up next, the married couple who discovered they shared an important bond that actually went further back than either one of them could have imagined. want proof that pantene makes your hair healthier... all the way to the end? put pantene to the test. watch: when hair loses protein, it splits and fails the needle test. but with pantene, the advanced pro-v formula helps prevent protein loss and stop split ends before they start. so your hair passes the test with ease. put pantene to the test. for hair so healthy you shine. now, drench lips with glossy wet color. new revlon colorstay moisture stain™ weightless, creamy lipstain saturates lips... ...with brilliant shine and vivid color
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picture left a florida couple speechless and the internet wildly amused. >> plenty of buzz about this one and jenna has it for us over in the orange room. >> here's the deal. when it comes to coincidences for jason and jessica ross it does not get much more cuter or coincidental than this. they got together while attending florida state university. or so they thought. a year and a half into the relationship, they start talking about preschool. because we all do. they realized they went to the same preschool, for a short period of time. they found this, jason goes back and searches through pictures for evidence and look what he found. this is jason and jessica. soon after the pic was found, he pops the question. they send out these save the dates. here's the save the date. in about 20 years, they'll turn around and catch his first glimpse of her. three years later, he'll ask her to be his wife. on april 9th, she'll say i do. how do you not have the chills? >> that is so fantastic. >> do you have a great story of
8:23 am
how you met in preschool and million years ago and then you have pictures and then -- but, wait, if you do, send it, #orangeroom. we would love to hear about it. this can't be the only story out there. >> you mean the rest of the world? >> sure, why not? >> going back to find the pictures in preschool where they're both in it at the same time -- >> really adorable. a restaurant community rallies around a chef after a life changing diagnosis. how the efforts grew into a unique program helping dozens of people when they need it most. mario armstrong is here to tell us about the lens that could revolutionize the way you take pictures with your iphone. wondering what that is? that, my friends, is everything. and with the quicksilver card from capital one, you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase. not just "everything at the hardware store." not "everything, until you hit your cash back limit." quicksilver can earn you unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you could possibly imagine. say it with me -- everything. one more time, everything!
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just about 8:27. good morning everyone. i'm ted greenberg. brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> showers moving into parts of our area. we already saw light rainfall in the lake and poconos. he's a live look now. you can see dark gray skies. if we look at where the rainfall is, it's move ed from the lehigh valley, poconos to the north of trenton, parts of norris town. starting to see a few showers near cape may and new castle county. as we head to the rest of the day, a.m. showers expected, then clearing temperatures push to mid 8 -80s. right now crews are getting ready to remove a piece of the pennsylvania skyline. this morning those iconic letters will be taken down by helicopter. we have been in center city all morning as police and safety crews take precautions to block off streets near the building. city residents have been
8:28 am
gathering to watch the taking down ft each letter weighs 3,000 pounds. the building was recently purchased for $68 million. tonight people will gatherer in center city for a different reason. a pep rally is planned at 6:00 to cheer on taney dragons as they go for their second win in the little league world series. that game against texas pair land east is this evening. more stories coming your way next. have a great sunday.
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shake up something new to love at mcdonald's. four, three, two, one. >> this is the "today" show! >> hi, grandpa in georgia. >> we're not ready for the summer to end. >> hi, dad. >> shout out to the world's finest. >> we love you, jenna. >> we're finally here. ♪ >> we are back on this sunday morning and happy to be here. august 17th, 2014, look at all the great folks in our crowd, sticking it out through some sprinkles out there. >> really good folks. >> how about that wolfe pack. >> the wall. we have pictures that people posted, putting up on the video wall outside.
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nice to have you all here. we're having a lot coming up, but first, a look at this morning's top headlines. police in a st. louis suburb fired gas canisters into a crowd of protesters and defied a midnight deadline. republican texas governor rick perry vowing to fight a criminal indictment on abuse of power charges. he says the indictment is nothing more than political theatrics. and the first african doctors are set to have received t scarce experimental oebola drug. it is the same drug taken by two american doctors suffering from the disease. and still to come in this half hour, we'll tell you about a unique program in atlanta launched by a group of restaurant workers. it started to help one man and his wife who was battling cancer an now it is helping entire community in their time of need to help them. it is a special story. >> look forward to that. you know and love him, mario armstrong is here with an app
8:32 am
that helps you find your inner calm anywhere, anytime. and a look at the stadium of the future. >> and also ahead, the extraordinary efforts one young woman made to reunite with her birth mother. we'll tell you how they finally reconnected 22 years later. >> first, college football season is right around the corner and one of the nation's most storied programs is already running into trouble. notre dame's football team known as the fighting irish, but as jacob rascon reports, they do not have the luck of the irish these days. >> reporter: less than two weeks until kickoff at notre dame stadium, and this hallowed ground is ground zero this morning for student athlete turmoil. four players, three of them starters, have been suspended from the team while they're investigated for academic dishonesty. >> young people sometimes make bad decisions. our job is to help them make the best decisions. >> reporter: the catholic university known for marrying academic and athletic achie achievement labels it while critics see a disturbing trend.
8:33 am
last year they suspend the starting quarterback after he was caught cheating on an exam. two other athletes were place on academic probation. >> right now with this academic investigation, it tarnishes the brand. >> reporter: that brand boasts nearly a dozen national championships and racks up some of the biggest processes in college sports. above all, head coach brian kelly says, the fighting irish pride themselves on integrity. >> it is a privilege to play at notre dame. it is not a right. and we hold our players to a very high standard. we don't say one thing and do the other. >> reporter: notre dame's president says there is no timetable for the investigation. the accused students who face possible expulsion have not commented publicly. as one of the most celebrated college sports programs scrambles to save a season.
8:34 am
for "today," jacob rascon, nbc news. we drew straws to see who would go outside in the rain. dylan lost. >> i always lose. i always pull the short straw. we have honeymooners here. where did you get married? >> in italy. >> in italy. i got married y eiey eied bosto honeymooned in italy. we have a budding meteorologist here. where are you from? >> plattsburgh, new york. >> you like math? >> yes. >> okay, good. that comes with the whole meteorology thing. let's look at the weather across the country. we're going to see a lot of hot temperatures. especially down here texas where -- with the humidity feeling like we're up around 110 degrees today. in the northeast, because of the clouds we have around, only in the 60s and 70s. we have a couple of spotty showers back through the midwest. also little unsettled in the northeast. it looks a little cloudier than it will actually turn out being. not going to be all that bad in the northeast today. we have a slight risk of strong storms today from north and south dakota to nebraska.
8:35 am
then tomorrow, we are looking at a small slight risk of storms in western iowa. we could see a couple of spotty showers and storms through the carolinas and into the gulf coast states. it stays hot in texas, with temperatures near 100. hi. i'm first a alert meteorologist brittney shipp. you can see the dark skies in the poconos. temperatures 84-out87, warmer t yesterday. definitely on and off showers today. heading into tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and nice. humidity returns next week and so does the chance of showers most of next week. >> and that's your latest forecast. erica? >> dylan, thanks. when a beloved atlanta chef found himself in need, the local restaurant community quickly gathered together to help. what began as an effort to help
8:36 am
one man and his wife focus on his cancer diagnosis and treatment quickly became much more. in december 2012, atlanta chef brian hidinger was just hitting his stride, closing in on his dream of opening a restaurant with his wife jen. then the 35-year-old learned he had stage four cancer. >> being diagnosed right before christmas of 2012 was definitely a hit to the soul and the heart. >> reporter: friends including ryan's boss mobilized almost immediately. >> essentially we said, can we have your permission to raise money. the last thing you need is financial distress. the goal, raise enough money so the hidingers could focus fully on ryan's treatment, not on the mounting bills. >> when you walk into a room full of close to 1,000 people and everybody is chanting hidinger, big deal. >> look at this, this cancer
8:37 am
diagnosis as a gift. it gives me the opportunity to re-evaluate my life. >> reporter: that initial fund-raiser, team heidi, brought in nearly $300,000. and opened their eyes to the need around them. >> people all over our city, in our industry, that are one crisis away from just financial disaster. >> reporter: very soon, team hidi morphed into the giving kitchen, a nonprofit that offers hardship grants to the atlanta restaurant community. >> i had a 7 1/2 inch tumor in the middle of my chest. >> reporter: just over a year ago, bartender brandon temp was diagnosed with stage four cancer. a giving kitchen grant helped cover his living expenses while he was unable to work. >> to not think about the financial aspects of it and to focus more on the actual situation at hand was quite a relief. >> reporter: in a little over a year, the giving kitchen helped dozens griffith the gap. while grants can't be used for
8:38 am
medical expenses, at an average of $200,000 each they often cover two months of rent and utili utilities. >> my husband was very selfless, very kind and very talented person. he knew really early on it had to be way more than just about one person and one couple. >> reporter: ryan lost his battle with cancer in early january. but the movement he inspired is thriving. a legacy that will soon be fueled by that dream of a restaurant. we're sitting in what will be staple house, which is a dream you and your husband shared. what is it like for you to be sitting in this space knowing that dream is being realized? >> it doesn't quite seem real yet. but magical all at the same time. >> reporter: staple house will open later this year, with all after tax profits going directly to the giving kitchen. >> the opening night of staple house, i can't even imagine what it is going to be like. can't imagine. he'll be there.
8:39 am
>> reporter: a powerful testament to a man whose own battle has now turned into a fight to help so many others. >> powerful story. >> it is such a great program and jen hidinger and ryan tur, really forces of nature and have this whole community behind them and they're focused on staple house and changing the way it will do business and give back. it is a great idea and one they would like to see be accepted and maybe adopted for other communities. >> very, very touching. up next, digital lifestyle contributor mario armstrong is here with his top tech picks of the week. that's coming up after these messages is how delicious it can be.
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this sunday morning with mario's top three. this morning, that includes a lens for your phone that could take your pictures to a whole new level. mario armstrong is today's digital lifestyle contributor. good it see you. >> good to see you too, lester. >> we get reported, candlestick park had their last event. they moved to levi stadium in santa clara, silicon valley, and high tech. >> hugely high tech. a billion dollars was invested into this place. they have more wi-fi hot spots throughout the stadium, four times as much than any other nfl stadium has out there. over 1200 wi-fi spots. an app that you can use to not only see the venue, help you with parking and order food right from your seat, from the concession stand, to be delivered to your seat. augmented reality and interactive museum inside with all types of things that people can do and experience. >> and green elements there, if i recall. >> a lot of solar and other green elements. in the heart of silicon valley, a few miles away from apple and
8:43 am
google and facebook. >> i like that you can find your seat with the app. the hardest part. >> you can find bathroom lines, a bunch of other things you need to find out about. >> you asked do i meditate? >> yes. >> you have an app that helps youed me trad ed you meditate. >> this is called calm. this helps people in the beginning stages that are just getting into it. the app d.-- that's not our app. >> but it is a great movie. >> this is called calm. it has seven steps of calm you can do on your own. 2 to 30 minutes for your time limit. it gives you the introduction through how to breathe correctly. >> if i never meditated, this would walk me through. >> would walk you through it. do it on your phone or computer as well. i think people -- look, reduce your stress in your life, to me, meditation is like a mental massage. it does help to give me a better
8:44 am
clarity, better vision and to reduce the stress. >> i'll try that. i notice on your phone, you have a little gadget hooked up here a camera lens. this is the -- the ola clip. this is called the four in one. many people are familiar with the three in one. what this has is a fish angle lens, wide angle lens. and screw these off, it gives you a macro lens, like microscopic. the pictures look amazing. it shows some of the photos we have taken with this. i took -- here is a fish eye shot of the plaza. you can see it gives a little bit of that. here is some other shots we're also -- that's from my -- that's from my feed. here are some other shots we also have taken. i also took one that i want you to see real closely here, the quality of my jacket. look at this. this is my actual jacket here. where did it go? i don't see -- i don't see my --
8:45 am
there we are. that's the actual coat. i put the macro lens on it to look at it, you see this particular image right here. so we're talking very microscop microscopic, four in one. beautiful cases hold this, also tripod mount as well. if you are a shutterbug with your phone basically and take a lot of photos and want great effects, this is what you want to look for. >> remember when a cell phone was just a cell phone? >> just dial a number? i don't know what he's talking about. >> led's head over to dylan and today's plaza fan of the day. >> we brought in two plaza fans of the day. we have tanika from boston and elaine from madison, wisconsin. i'll let you take over. >> up next, one woman's quest to find her birth mother so she could be there for the most important day of her life. >> but first, these messages. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard.
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8:48 am
a heart warming story of one young woman's determination to find her birth mother, despite years of setbacks. today's kyle michael miller is
8:49 am
here with more on what was basically a last ditch effort to help her share a very special day with her birth mom. good morning. >> good morning, erica. carrie's birth mother kelly gave her up for adoption 22 years ago, but it was always carrie's wish to reunite with her. thanks to the power of facebook and online community of friends and strangers, carrie found her birth mother weeks before the most important day of her life. >> the nurse finally came in and said, it is time. she pretty much had to take her from me. they told me it was too late to change my mind. >> reporter: kelly was unemployed, homeless and couldn't give baby carrie the life she deserved. >> every day was difficult. i prayed for her the entire time. >> reporter: carrie grew up in a loving home with two older brothers and played sports in
8:50 am
school. kelly wrote to her every year through the adoption center, but because it closed down, many letters never reached her. >> in all my letters, i told her, how much i loved her. >> all the time i felt like a part of me was missing. i started searching probably middle school. >> reporter: you called the courthouse? >> yes. >> reporter: the hospital? >> yes. >> reporter: and no success. >> they didn't have any record of me being there. >> reporter: it wasn't until giving birth to baby bill in february that she decided to continue searching. >> i could never give him up like that. and for her to do that, that's something that she's really strong to do. >> reporter: her manager at work suggested posting a photo and letter on facebook. >> i thought it was really dumb at first. i'm, like, there is no way that's going to work. >> reporter: within two days, hundreds of people shared her photo. and carrie was flooded with supportive comments.
8:51 am
a young woman named alesha saw her post and sent carrie an e-mail. >> she sent me a picture of her. it was unbelievable. but i'm, like, she has my nose, has my eyes, my features, that's definitely my sister. >> reporter: alesha center sen sent carrie's photo to her mom. >> i said she has my nose. it has to be her. >> reporter: carrie finally met her long lost family a few weeks later. >> i didn't want to let go. it was a long time. >> reporter: what do you say after 22 years? >> i don't think we said hi. i think we said, i love you, i waited so long to meet you. >> reporter: that meeting came just in time for carrie's childhood dream to come true. >> it was more than i could have asked for and more than i ever dreamed it could be. >> i love that photo.
8:52 am
in case you're wondering, carrie and kelly live three hours apart and talk or text with each other just about every day. erica, come on, doesn't get any better than that, does it? >> a beautiful story. you had us in tears. there is still much more to come this morning on "today," including some card throwing triplets who landed a spot on america's got talent. they'll show us their
8:53 am
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we're back now on a sunday morning with triplets, larry, dominic and phoenix.
8:56 am
together they are don the bomb triple threat. >> their variety act landed them a spot on in the top 48 in "america's got talent." they're here to chat with us along with their parents. this is super exciting. chrissie, i understand you may have helped foretell the future. you made a vision board for the family with america's got talent on it and the "today" show. >> yes, we did. >> did you have a hand in that? >> yes. >> he cut everything out, i believe. >> he put it on the vision board and the "today" show was on it with a few other key points. >> you guys are having quite a time. you're going to be celebrating your 9th birthday next week. what do you want for your birthday? >> cards. >> and more cards. >> you're getting off easy. >> yes. >> how did you -- a lot of kids
8:57 am
play soccer when they're little. how did you get into card throwing? >> two years ago i met this guy in cleveland, ohio, he's a card thrower. and a magician. and he taught me how. >> and you love it. >> yeah, i love it. >> we're dying to see you do this, all right? good luck. i'm told i need protective eyewear. >> okay. >> what am i doing? >> i'm going to hold celery too. >> yes. >> like this? >> okay. >> like that? >> oh. >> you're the man in charge here, buddy. >> okay. >> okay.
8:58 am
>> that was awesome, you guys! very nice. all right. great job. >> that was really neat. >> "america's got talent" airs here on nbc tuesday and wednesday night at 9:00, 8:00 central. >> andrea mitchell is standing by to tell us what is coming up on "meet the press." hey, andrea. >> good morning, lester. the slaying of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer turns a suburb into a combat zone. i'll be joined by the governor of missouri. remembering a comic genius, harry smith does an interview with barry levinson, director of the breakout role "good morning vietnam." that's all coming up on "meet
8:59 am
the press." >> that does it for us on a sunday
9:00 am
this morning, ferguson, missouri is coming off another night of unrest. a man is shot and critically wounded. police deploy tear gas and arrest protestors. we're waiting for a part of the philadelphia skyline to disappear this morning. here's a live look at center city where people will say good-bye to pnb letters on top the iconic building city hall. comcast center in center city you'll see showers and clouds. welcome to nbc 10 news toda


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