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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  August 17, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, more violence and protests overnight despite a midnight curfew in ferguson following the shooting death of an unarmed teen by police. an aerial effort underway now to take iconic letters off the top of a philadelphia building live in center city. we take a live look at the skyline. not a lot of sunshine so far for your sunday. cloudy skies and showers around. things clear out later today. good morning everybody. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. it's now 10:00 a.m. on this sunday. we say good morning to meteorologist brittney shipp in the first alert weather center. hi brittney. >> seeing showers and increase in humidity as we head to next week. tracking storms next week. the weather is finally changing. we've seen nice conditions towards the end of last week. as we head to today, we are
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going to see mostly cloudy skies down at cape may. there's a live picture now. we've seen light sprinkles, same thing in atlantic city. if we take a closer look at where rainfall is, isolated. confined mainly to parts of reading and moving to lancaster county. if i widen out the picture, you show the batch of moisture that continues to track east. i-95 corridor, philadelphia should see light rain as we head to the next hour or so. live look philadelphia. our range today between 84 and 87 degrees. a.m. showers and clearing as we head to the afternoon. i'll do an hour by hour break down to help you plan your sunday coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. 10:01. following developments after overnight violence in ferguson, missouri. first night of a curfew rule ended with a shooting, several arrests and tear gas by police. the person shot is in critical condition. police have not talked about the
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circumstances of the shooting but say they're searching for the gunman. seven protestors were charged with failing to disperse during the midnight to 5:00 a.m. curfew. this morning police justified the response efforts including the use of tear gas. >> we have a shooting victim that's in critical condition that may lose their life. we had a subject standing in the middle of the road with a handgun. we had a police car shot at tonight. yes, i think that was a proper response. >> johnson said no officers were injured when someone fired at that police car. missouri's governor ordered the curfew to ease tension temperatures one week after a police officer shot and killed michael brown who was unarmed. a vigil was held yesterday. they hope what happened in ferguson never happens here. they want a working relationship with police.
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the police department in ferguson township pennsylvania is taking a lot of heat after the shooting in ferguson, missouri. the police department is responding back to posts on facebook and twitter saying you've got the wrong guys. they're 750 miles from where the shooting happened many in ferguson, missouri. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to follow developments in ferguson on air and coming up next on "meet the press" at 10:30, andrea mitchell talks to jay nixon about the escalating tensions ferguson. one by one, the helicopterer bringing down these letters from the top of the philadelphia national bank building. they've been a part of the city skyline for decades as you know. nbc 10 matt delucia is lye in center city. you've got a front row for this. you've been waiting all morning. now it's happened. >> reporter: yeah, and ted it's
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very loud out here. that helicopter just dropped off the second letter. we started seeing letters come off since 9:30 this morning. it's starting to quiet up now. let's show you the ground many in front of city hall, 15th and jfk. the first letter down, the p and now the b. they're removing the letters on the south side of the building. currently you see north and western sides of the building. they're removing the first two of the 12. s going to be a process that's going to take a couple of hours according the construction crews out here. this was a long time coming at least for this morning. the crews got out here around 5:30-6:00 shuts down roads in the area trying to make sure everything is safe.
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as of right now, we saw the helicopter. it looks like it departed for the moment. we're waiting for it to return. as of right now, two of those letters taken off the building. of course this has been a historic, iconic lettering on this building. pnb of course the philadelphia national bank. that lettering had been up there since the 1950s. so a lot of people out here are bringing their cameras, taking pictures. they brought their families to witness what they believe to be a historic moment. some folks remember watching this building go up. they remember watching the lettering go up there. of course as we talk to people out here, they're reliving the memories if you will. we'll stay out here and watch as the lettering continues to come down off this building. new owners of this. it had to be approved by the philadelphia historic commission to make sure it was okay to get the letters off the building.
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you can watch live online at for now we're live in center city waiting for the next letter to come down. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> you've been telling us each of the letters weighs 3,000 pounds. can you tell now how tall each of them is? >> reporter: we'll give you another look as one of the trucks comes in here to pick this up with a crane to put it on a flat bed. it looks to be at least ten feet fall from our vantage point. underneath the letter the support structure what the crews were in the process of removing throughout the morning. we saw them unbolting the steal from supports on the pnb to get the letters off. it would make it easier once the helicopter came in to get the letters off. we're seeing the process unfold
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now. you see letters there. they're going to load them on trucks, take them out of here. we talk about the situation in the area. all around city hall, it's shut down for the moment. we understand they're trying to get reopen by noon. given the late start of getting letters off the building, it's unclear if that's going to be the exact time the roads will reopen. as of now, it's a spectacle. people come here to love park to watch letters come off the building. >> matt delucia live in center city this morning. thank you. from our south jersey bureau, investigators in burlington county are trying to figure out how a fire started at a building that happened at an auto body shop. it happened before 2:30 this morning. no one was hurt. witnesses saw someone running from the scene. police are investigating. police in cumberland county are investigating a deadly shooting that happened around
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1130 in bridgeton. so far no arrests. police have not released victim's identity. from our jersey shore bureau, a victim is dead after crashing at a racetrack. this happened yesterday during a race clinic at wall stadium speed way in wall township. a woman was driving a midget car when it hit a wall killing her. no one else was hurt. the victim's name has not been released. the track kansasl cancelled the rest of the races for the night. police are looking for this man. this sketch has been released. the cab driver drove him lakewood to lacy friday morning. then the man tried to pay with $100 bill. then the driver refused to take the money thinking it was counter fit. the officers say the man choked the driver with a phone cord and
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took $124 before he ran away. we're getting the final moments of a man's life before he was murdered. mckernan walked into a restaurant on friday night. when he walked out, there was a confrontation with another man. police say that man followed mckernan, pulled out a gun and shot him. detectives are reviewing surveillance video from the area to track down a suspect in the case. a fund-raiser will be held today to benefit the families of four children killed in the horrible fire in southwest philadelphia. it will take place at christ international baptist church on south 65 street starting at 2:30 this afternoon a. yesterday hundreds of people said a final farewell to those children. the service for 4-year-old twin sisters maria and marialla
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bowah and brothers patrick sanyeah and taj jacque was held. 500 attended the funeral. on friday, officials ruled the cause of the july 5th fire undetermining u undetermined. the fire marshal says the fire was too extensive to can determine a cause. taney dragons take on texas in the second game of the little league world series. the team pulled out a win over south nashville in the first game of the tournament friday. davis captured national attention after pitching a shutout in the game. tonight jared lot will take the mound. before the start of the game, michael nutter will host a pep rally party for the taney dragons at 6:00 in the courtyard city hall. count on nbc 10 as the dragons for their second win. at 7:00 tonight they take on
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texas pear land east. the south jersey baseball team is the 2014 cal rip ken world series winners. this was sent top us of the big win yesterday in virginia. the 10-year-olds beat a kentucky team 9-1 for the win. way to go guys. awesome job there. prowling for easy targets. that's what authorities say about the couple accused of abducting two amish sisters. the new information we're learning about the case. he threatened to kill his debate coach before going on a shooting rampage at his high school killing a classmate and himself. what disciplinary records now reveal about the suspect's threat level.
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13 minutes after 10:00.
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we take a look at the bank building where an operation is underway to remove the pnb letters from the top of the building. the building was recently sold. the letters are being repofed. one of them attached to that crane that a helicopter has removed from the top of the building and lowered to the ground. in the crisis in the middle east, this morning a palestinian negotiator said his side is less optimistic about the peace talks with israel. also today, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says israel will not be forced to agreements. netanyahu vows to strike hard following a new threat of fighting from hamas. peace negotiations have been going on since last week and are aimed at ending the conflict between israel and hamas in the gaza strip. a five day ceasefire is due to end late tomorrow. we have new information this
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morning on the fighting in iraq. kurdish forces have taken over parts of the mosul dam captured by the group isis earlier this month. today's operation was backed by u.s. and iraqi fighting is stil. air strikes were targeted near the dam. we're hearing about what happened to the amish girls abducted by the couple in upstate new york. the 7 and 10-year-olds were sexually abused while being held. officials say stephen howells jr. and nicole vaisey were targeting opportunity and did not grab the girls because they were ammic. they were ta -- were amish. they were taken from their family's farm wednesday and dropped off 15 a miles from where they were taken thursday. they then walked to the closest home they saw and asked for
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help. police in maryland are trying to figure out who's bullet killed a 3-year-old that died after being caught in the crossfire between a shootout of police and a man believed to be her father. it happened in prince george's county, maryland. the man shot at police, and six officers returned fire killing him. then police found the girl in the car with a gunshot wound. she later died. the man led them on a chase after shooting and critically wounding two people believed to be the child's maternal grandfather and great grandmother. new information about the investigation into last year's deadly school shooting in colorado. according to disciplinary records, the teen gunman was deemed not a high level of threat after he shouted a death will threat against his debate coach. carl pierson was allowed to return to class in september. in mid december he walked into
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arapahoe high school with a shotgun, killed one student before taking his own life. the debate coach that was his intend target escaped the school. it's double the size of texas and growing. more on what's being called the great pacific garbage patch. as the controversy continues to surround the jersey jam bridge scandal, we learn how much garden state taxpayers are on the hook for governor christie to defend himself. i'm tracking showers on this sunday plus the return of humidity and heat. i'll let you know what to expect as you head back to work and rest of your weekend, coming up.
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slowly moving to reading. we're seeing storms back in your seven-day forecast and our humidity is going to return. our average temperatures as well. live look outside now at poconos. for philadelphia, rain is coming down at the air. 73 degrees, humidity at 61%. light wind speeds now. there's a look at rain as it continues to make it's way in from the west. it's tracking to the east. if you're right in philadelphia or closer to reading, you're seeing rainfall. the if close to the shore or central parts of delaware not seeing rain yet. mostly cloudy skies in those locations. if we look at exactly where the rainfall is now, you can see the last batch of rain pushed to lancaster county, south of reading and tracking east. it's going to move through parts of philadelphia as we head into the next couple of minutes. also seeing a batch of rainfall in hanover and moving out of lancaster. as we head to the rest of your late morning hours, we continue
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to see this batch of rain tracking east. it will move south jersey and offshore. this is closer to 11:00 a.m. as we approach, noon, 1:00, most of that moisture is isolated in nature. it's going to be closer to the southern parts of burlington county. we could see another batch moving into mount pocono. on and off spotty showers. it's though the widespread rainfall over the entire part of our area. it's very spotty. it's short lived. even by 3:00 p.m. dealing with some clouds around the the area. a few rounds of spotty showers, then we see clearing, closer to 5:00, 600, mostly clear the rest of tonight. that's going to set us up for the rest of the day into tomorrow. 64 poke moe, 69 trenton, 73 wilmington. warmer closer to the shore. average this time of year 86 degrees. close to that average. as we head to monday, 85
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degrees. today range 84 to 87. morning showers and clearing into the afternoon. if if you're heading down the shore, know we have a chance of an isolated shower as all of that moisture continues to make its way closer to the shore by the northwest. tomorrow, beautiful conditions, 80 degrees and nice. heading into our monday forecast for the city, mid-80s, nice showers and humid conditions return on tuesday. the humidity sticks around on wednesday. more storms by thursday. a california research team has returned from a trip on the ocean after exploring what's known as the great pacific garbage patch. on the two month journey, 1,000 miles off the coast of california, the crew found garbage stretching hundreds of miles long. they even came across an island of trash big enough to stand on. five garbage patches have been identified in oceans across the globe. all are hundreds of years old. scientists are studying how this debris is working it's way to
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the food chain. taxpayers are in new jersey are on the hook. more than $6.5 million for the law firm governor christie hired to represent his firm. the firm represents the governor's office in the state and federal investigation into last september's lane closures on the george washington bridge. it published a report finding christie and top staffers were not involved in the lane closures. now what we can expect in the week ahead in the world of business. it's august vacation time for many of us. even though things should be quiet on wall street, investors keep a close eye on housing data and volatility in ukraine for impact on the global economy. also garnering attention, the annual jackson hole, wyoming
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first since janet yellen took over. second quarter earning season has been a mixed bag for big retailers this week. we'll hear more from big chains like home depot, lowe's, target, dick's sporting good, staples, dollar tree and gap. hewlett packard, sales and medical equipment giant medtronic also. one time ceo steve balance per paid $2 billion for the la clippers this. week he gets to meet players and fans at the fan appreciation day. just as millions of students begin heading off to college, forbes magazine has the annual list of best and most affordable colleges. get all your binusiness news on cnbc. reuniting military service members with stray dogs they found overseas in wars. how one local pet store makes
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sure this dog doesn't get left behind.
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a dog from afghanistan could soon have a new home in the united states. her name is betty. a local charity called no dog gets left behind is raising money to bring her here. the charity reunites service members with stray dogs from war torn countries. betty is special. she'll be trained for people with post-traumatic stress disorder. pet smart gave the charity a $10,000 check. the entire effort to bring betty here will cost $13,000. a worthy donation. >> a lot of clouds around but you've been telling us sun is coming out later. >> yeah, the sun is going to make an appearance as we head to the afternoon. it's going to take a while. seeing mostly cloudy skies throughout most of our area,
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even showers in lancaster area. same for reading, light rainfall reported at the airport a. on and off showers expected mainly the rest of your late morning heading to early afternoon. you can see by 11:00 dealing with rain along the i-95 corridor. heading to south jersey, temperatures in the mid-80s. >> monday is looking fantastic. always that way. "meet the press" is coming up next. have a great sunday.
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next on "meet the press," the racial divide in america. new developments this morning as the slaying ofn unarmed black teenager by a white police officer turns a st. louis suburb into a combat zone. the search for answers and the national debate over race and policing that prompted president obama to weigh in once again. i'll be joined by the governor of missouri and key voices from law enforcement and the political world. and taking on the isis threat. does president obama's refusal to intervene in syria doom attempts to stop the terror group from taking hold in iraq and beyond? and how deep is the risk between hillary clinton and the president on the use of force in the middle east. plus, remembering comic genius


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