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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  August 18, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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miles an hour. moist air coming up from the south. my full seven-day forecast, we'll check in with jillian for a look at traffic. >> good monday morning to you, britney. . >> the accident in plymouth meeting finally just cleared, sheffield drive at brighton road. average speeds on the highways looking great, 50 miles an hour is what we're seeing on 422 near the st. gabe's curve. 55 on the blue route, 58 on the pennsylvania turnpike. no big issues to report on the highways in the area. for drivers in chester county, route 100, quiet at commerce drive. just a few people out there right now. speeds are quiet. bridges in the clear this morning, the ben franklin bridge is looking good. this is what it's looking like. traffic is moving along just fine. that includesç the tacony pa a palmyra, burlington bristol. the bridges are clear. breaking news that we're
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following. the most violent night yet in ferguson. now missouri's governor is sending in the national guard. here's what is new from overnight, the governor did post a statement saying the national guard is necessary because of a coordinated attempt to block roads and overrun unified command center. school is canceled again today because of the violence. they used smoke and tear gas to break up that crowd. the head of the missouri highway patrol now in control there, said his officers had no choice. >> a sunday that started with prayers and messages of unity, peace and justice took a very different turn after dark. molotov cocktails were thrown. there were shootings. looting, vandalism and other acts of violence.
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>> this all started after an unarmed african-american teenager was killed by a white police officer more than a week ago. an autopsy performed by the family showed that he was shot six times. we'll have a live report from ferguson coming up at 5:15. also new from overnight, two jet skiers are doing okay now after being rescued in atlantic county overnight. the two men were stranded in the bay near the 2700 block of bay shore avenue in brigantine around 11:00 p.m. rescue crews went into the water and pulled the man ashore. no word yet on how they became stranded. the camden county police department is trying to find the person who tried to lure a child. around 6:30 last night, a guy approached an 11-year-old girl on baird boulevard and tried to lure him toward him. the man ran after her but didn't catch her. the suspect is described as thin, 6 foot, wearing a black shirt, white pants and red markings and a black hat.
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happening today in philadelphia, jury selection will begin in the criminal trial of a west philadelphia woman believed to be the person in it surveillance video here. she's charged with kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from her school and later sexually assaulting her. nbc 10's jesse gary is live outside the criminal justice center in center city this morning. you members of the juried in your last update the questionnaire being used to poll perspective jurors. >> that form has more than a dozen questions, half of them probe a person's ability to reach a verdict impartially. let's take a look at our video. 21-year-old christina rusgusters is charged with allegedly taking a 5-year-old from a school.
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i talked to her attorney, he wants to find out if they can be impartial. of course, the prosecution has its own ideas on the shape of this case, coming up in the next 30 mountains you'll hear from the prosecuting attorney in the federal lawsuit against her. that's coming up in 30 minutes. we're live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 çnews. a confessed hitman behind bars for killing a rabbi's wife will be released from prison later this year. 40-year-old paul michael daniels is scheduled to be released by october 31st. he spent more than 14 years in prison now for aggravated manslaughter. daniels and another testified they killed newlander in 1994 acting on orders from her husband. 68-year-old len jenoff, the
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other suspected hit man is also serving time in prison. he was released in january. newlander was convicted of murder and is serving a life sentence. now from our jersey shore bureau, representatives from revel casino are scheduled to appear in bankruptcy court today. during the hearing, revel will present its new closing dates to a judge. it announced it will close on september 1st, the casino shuts down the next day. about 3,100 people will lose their jobs when revel closes. all right. good news now. philadelphia's taney dragons are moving on in the little league world series. a dramatic walkoff win against texas last night. >> this one to short. fielded cleanly to first. high throw and philadelphia wins! >> the throw was high. the runner on third scored and that was your game winner, taney
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taking on texas in the second game of the tournament. they now advance to the u.s. semifinal against a team from las vegas. that game is on wednesday night. now, this was the scene at a watch party at city hall when that winning run came across. a lot of excitement there. this is the second viewing party held by philadelphia mayor michael nutter and of course, the crowd went wild when the dragons came through with that last inning heroics there. taney is getting professional love on twitter as well. off the win, the phillies congratulated the team, saying they aric ma pg the city proud. the eagles also showed their support by tweeting, let's keep philly in willey going. okay. we'll get a translation on that later. >> williamsport. >> britteny is so good this morning. let's keep philly in willey going. there are more tweets to tell you about.
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maybe britteny can read these. >> congratulions baseball. the city of brotherly love is behind you. that one i get. and the sixers tweeted, impressed by how the team finished strong. really? count on nbc 10 for complete coverage leading up to taney's next game on wednesday. here's more from our tweet translator right now. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we love you, chris cato. we're just having a good time this morning. let's take a look at your weather headlines. we are going to see a great start to your monday morning. showers will return. the humidity will return. it will take a while for you to see the difference with the humidity. it is coming back. it will feel more summer like next week. mostly clear skies. reading, a cooler start to the morning and atlantic çcity,
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warmer. 50 degrees in the poconos, mid-50s in millville. 57 degrees in mt. holly, 58 in trenton and we are going to see mostly clear skies for the rest of your early morning and mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. we have a weather disturbance that will ride along a front. it will get closer 0 tour area, though it will stay mainly to the south of us, the southern parts delaware. as we approach the overnight hours, we could see a heavy downpour in parts of zodover an sussex county. temperatures range between 81 and 84 degrees. wind direction will shift. it will be a southwesterly wind 5 to 10 miles per hour. if you're going to hang out at the shore, if you're in the shore, monday, 78 degrees, sunny and nice. gorgeous. that's as we head into tuesday, 78 degrees, a chance of showers for us. we have our best chance of storms on wednesday.
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humid conditions expected. temperatures at 78 degrees and your seven-day forecast shows that we are also going to see a chance of showers. not today. today will be great. 82 degrees and take a look at the warming trend we had back above average as we push into thursday and we clear up, temperatures drop back down heading into next weekend. >> nine minutes after 5:00. let's see how the roads are shaping up. >> jillian mele has all the headlines. jillian? >> here's what's happening right now, that accident i was following in plijage township, that has cleared. no accidents on the highways. mass transit starting off on time right now. that's good news. starting off in delaware with live pictures, 95 at 495, the northern point where those two roads meet, that is quiet. no accidents to report on 95 or 495 for that matter. route 1 is clear in delaware. a quick look at the route 30 bypass, no delays to report there. even your drive times are
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looking good. 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. 14 minutes is your drive time on 76 westbound from the vine to the blue route. the vine is clear, the blue route is quiet. northbound from 95 to 76, that trip will take you about 18 minutes. we continue to follow several breaking developments from ferguson, missouri overnight. the national guard is being called in because of clashes overnight between police and protesters. schools there closed again today. we'll have a live report from ferguson in just minutes. and here at home, changing the city's skyline one letter at a time. tornadoes out removing this iconic sign proved harder than first thought.
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we're following a developing story out of california where hundreds of firefighters are battling a brush fire there. so far, more than 400 ache he's of forest in los angeles county have burned. camp grounds are evacuated, some roads are closed and crews continue to fight the fire from the ground and air. so far, no homes are currently in danger. >> federal officials are investigating a head-on collision between two straight trains that killed two crew members. one car that caught fire was carrying diesel fuel, the other alcoholic beverages. they have been allowed to return. the national transportation safety board is investigating. >> more charges could be filed today against the new york couple that's accused of kidnapping two amish girls. they were arrested friday,
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charged with kidnapping, the 7-year-old and 12-year-old sisters. the district attorney said over the weekend that the girls were sexually assaulted before being let go. this morning, we're getting a look at the u.s. air strikes in iraq credited with helping take back a militant-controlled dam. more than two dozen of the air strikes pounded targets near mosul over the weekend. this is individual twro from the department of defense. the strikes were aimed at helping iraqis and kurdish fighters regain control of the facility from isis forces. yesterday, kurdish forces captured the dam. pope francis urge koreans from the north and south to come together. pontiff met with leaders of south korea's 12 religious orders and some north korean defectors. he ended with a mass to pray for peace and reconciliation. some say this trip confirms the importance of asia to this papacy because the church is young and growing there. here at home, a project that will change the look of the philadelphia skyline is now on hold. yesterday workers took down 3 of
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12 pnb letters which stood atop one of the city's mostç -- tallest building. it brought out a crowd. >> it is iconic. li it's something i've been seeing for as long as i can remember. it will be missed. >> work crews say they had problems detaching the letters fast enough. they weren't able to finish the job. it's still not clear when they will be able to complete the job. >> they had to close down streets and clear space. air traffic control had to get involved. >> which they'll have to do today. >> no street closures today, right? >> no. this is a live look near
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passyunk avenue. we had overnight construction out there, one lane of traffic was getting by. this morning we're not dealing with that at all. traffic is moving along on 76. drive times between the blue route and the vine, 14 minutes both directions there. that's good news. 422 is quiet out near the pennsylvania turnpike. we have a small problem in montgomery county. it's at the intersection of warminster road and york road. use caution if you're headed in that direction. >> good morning. it's going to be a nice start to your workweek. beautiful weekend with the exception of the showers yesterday. but temperatures at 84 degrees. we'll be similar to that heading into today. a great start. showers are backing your seven-day forecast. so is a chance of storms. we'll see the humidity increasing. for philadelphia, our humidity is at 68%. a live look at the city skyline.
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mostly clear skies. it is going to be a very nice day for us. right now we're at 50 degrees in the poconos, 56 in allentown, 56 in pottstown, 58 degrees with the atlantic city airport and 57 in mt. holly. close look at the radar, nothing happening really. this is one thing we're watching, this area of low pressure just to the south of high hype. it's going right along a front and head closer to our region. this is what that looks like. it won't happen until after midnight. early morning hours on tuesday when we start to see the clouds increase and the chance of showers. you are going to see the humidity increasing, especially along our southern counties within closer to cape may and the central and southern parts of delaware. if you're heading out to the phillies game tonight, we'll see
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southwest wind 5 to 10 miles an hour. fantastic conditions. 79 degrees by 7:00 p.m. 76 and nice by :00 p.m., 11:00 p.m., 72 degrees. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up when i see you again. we continue to follow the breaking news out of ferguson, missouri where the missouri national guard has been sent in to try to keep the peace there. >> the governor made the decision after the most violent night yet with protesters attacking state police command center. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has been uncovering the unrest there. you witnessed what happened last night. tell us more. >> r%pfrter: yes, tracy, chris, it all changed within a matter of minutes here and well before the curfew that so many were concerned about. as you've talked about, missouri governor jay nixon ordering the national guard to move in. we expect to see the troops on the ground sometime later today after what was another night that was difficult and very dangerous.
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>> reporter: that is the latest, live here in ferguson, missouri, i'm jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> now we have an important warning for peco customers. someone is posing as this utility company trying to rip you off. we'll tell you how to spot the scam coming up. >> and changes could soon be
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coming to your neighborhood. target, what that means for late-night shoppers, ahead.
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5:23 now. a two-day job fair will be held this week for the thousands of casino workers being laid off in atlantic city. a maryland casino is hosting that fair at the sheraton convention center hotel. it continues wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. the upcoming closures of rebel, show boat and trump plaza are
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set to leave about 8,000 people out of work. target is giving their customers more time to get their shopping down. hampton pierce, what is this about? >> how are you doing, tracy? target will be keeping the lights on later at many of its stores, hoping to snag customers who put off shopping until well after dark. target is typically april from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00. reports say stores may stay open until 11:00 or even midnight. tarring set cutting prices to try to whoo back shoppers after a series of missteps, including that massive data breach last year. earlier this morning, target cut its earnings forecast, citing heavy promotion and weak sales in canada. news you can use for consumers. >> and the reasons behind it. great. hampton pierson, cnbc. thanks. pennsylvania state police are warning about a phone scam
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where the calling claims to work for peco. i woman got a call from a man claiming that peco would shut off her power unless she paid within the hour. if you get a similar call, contact peco to verify the information. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> storms and humidity return. i'll have your full seven-day forecast coming up. jillian? good morning, britteny. traffic moving along just fine on 95. this is a live look in the midst of that construction zone. no delays, no accidents to report on 95. comingç up, new information to pass along from septa. she's accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old philadelphia girl taking her right out of her school. >> the case made national headlines. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in
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center city right now to explain what's happening today. jesse? >> reporter: jury selection begins in the case of christina regusters. coming up, katy zachry, i will push to you because you're talking about baseball. >> i am. hi, jesse. i accept your pitch. we are talking about philadelphia's little league team, the taney dragons vying for the world series title. coming up after the break, all of the highlights from last night's narrow win.
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this is nbc 10 news. this video child being abducted inside a philadelphia school. today the trial begins. this one to short. fielded cleanly to first. high throw and philadelphia wins! >> a thrilling win for the local kids at the little league world series, taney kept fans on the edge of their seats in an unforgettable come-from-behind victory. the heat and humidity of summer returns. great news if you're near the shore as we take a live look at cape may. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's start with that forecast, meteorologist brittney shipp in for bill this morning.
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it will be warmer but still nice for august, right? >> really nice for august. a bit below the average which is 86 degrees. the humidity goes up, it will take a little while but the humidity goes back up. temperatures across the region 66 degrees and mild for philadelphia. cooler if you're in heading at 57 degrees, 58 this morning in the atlantic city airport and this is how your day will break down. 72 degrees by 9:00 a.m., by noon, 78 and today at 4:00 p.m., 82 degrees. although the high will be around 84 degrees, similar to conditions we saw yesterday. plenty of sunshine for us to kick off this monday morning with the exception, if you're in the central and southern parts of delaware where we'll see a chance of showers. more details on the storms back in your seven-day forecast, coming up in just a bit. for now, jillian with a look


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