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tv   Today  NBC  August 18, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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thanks for watching. good morning. breaking news. missouri's governor orders the national guard to ferguson after the fiercest wave of violent protests overnight. while results on the private autopsy of michael brown bring even more anger. wikileaks founder julian assange will walk out of an embassy in london. why now? landmark bid. the controversial sultan of brunei attempting to buy new york city's hotel. sparking outcry over human rights violations in his country. some workers telling him to take his money some place else.
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and they're what? remember that break in at the so-called largest closet in the country? a man claiming to be the burglar says the items he stole are fake. both the victim and the thief are telling their sides of the story today. monday, august 18, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt with tamron, natalie, and dylan. unfortunately we start the week with images nobody wanted to see especially the people in ferguson, missouri. violence protests overnight. images like this being seen everywhere this morning. tear gas used, some of the people gassed pouring milk over
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their face trying to get rid of the stinging in their eyes. >> it was an emotional roller coaster when you compare those images to the ones from the church service after the clashes resumed. this is our top story this morning. it comes after a private autopsy revealed michael brown was shot at least six times by police including at least twice in the head. ron allen is there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. even the center here came underattack with protesters headed this way. everyone worry what had would happen when the midnight curfew started. but the firie i violence starte that. the most intense night of violence on the streets of ferguson yet.
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shooting, fire bombs, multiple buildings under attack. heavily armed s.w.a.t. and tactical units back on the streets with a huge display of fire power. crowds of angry protesters stood their ground. why are you still out here? >> because this was a murder. it's plain to see. his hands were up when he got shot. >> reporter: hang on. hang on. something's happening. passions inflamed in part by word of a prelim nation autopsy by michael brown's family showing he was shot six times by officer wilson. all the bullets struck the front of his body and did not appear to be from close range. it's a few hours before the curfew of midnight. the protesters say they're not going anywhere. you can see the police are starting to move in. police chronicled a barrage.
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8:25 p.m., first reports of gunfire. then shots fired at police officers. 8:28 p.m. reports of eight armed gunmen. 8.56 p.m., hundreds trying to attack the police command center. 9:20 p.m., a mcdonald's under siege. employees barricaded inside. >> we are all determined to restore peace and safety to the people of ferguson. >> we stand with this family. >> reporter: throughout sunday, attempts to head off the violence. calls for peace and unity at this emotional service for the parents of michael brown. the man in charge of security offered this. >> i'm sorry. i wear this uniform and i should stand up here and say that i'm sorry. i love you. i stand tall with you. and i'll see you out there. >> reporter: hours later, combat on the streets. commanders here called for more
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backup from nearby towns as ferguson descended into more mayhem. when it was over, police say at least six people were arrested. later this morning we expect to hear more from the brown family about the autopsy that they commissioned. and later tonight police expect ferguson to be under curfew yet again. >> ron allen reporting from ferguson. thank you very much. all eyes are on an embassy in london this morning where julian assange has hid in plain sight for two years. he's wanted on serious charges in sweden and earlier this morning he announced he's finally preparing to leave. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tamron nop sign of julian assange so far this morning. but earlier today he did tell a group of reporters inside that he was going to leave soon. he wouldn't say when or why. he's locked himself away in this embassy for the past two years to avoid extradition to sweden
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where he's wanted on a pair of sexual assault cases and he could face 35 years in a u.s. prison as well. assange said again today he was innocent. he says the cases in sweden is part of a politically driven u.s. plot against him. he also said questions about his health or issues that potentially he had heart and lung problems, he said those are not the reasons for him deciding to leave. he says there's been a change in british law which may affect his case. and, of course, on his defense team is amal almudin. if he steps outside of that embassy, he will be arrested. >> thank you. texas governor rick perry is fighting back against a grand jury indictment on abuse of power charges.
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this as the republican was positioning himself for another run for the white house. peter alexander has more on this. >> reporter: good morning to you. rick perry has been in the midst of a political makeover of sorts. but now he's the first texas governor indicted in a century. he argue ifs i had to do it again, i would make exactly the same decision. the longest-serving governor in niervegtzs focused on 2016 recently revamping his image trading in his cowboy boots for stylish glasses. all to help erase embarrassing moments from a 2012 campaign. >> i can't. i'm sorry. oops. >> reporter: but that faces a new obstacle. perry blasting his indictment as outrageous. >> this is not the way we settle political differences in this country. you don't do it with indictments. we settle our political differences at the ballot box.
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>> reporter: a texas grand jury indicted him for two charges of abuse of power. >> you've been arrested for dwi. >> reporter: perry threatened to use his veto power to withhold funds from her agency. when lundberg didn't step down, he vetoed. >> this amounts to nothing more than abuse of power and i cannot and i will not allow that to happen. >> reporter: perry spent last week reintroducing him in iowa and others. his indictment does raise
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another issue for republicans. another 2016 contender with a blemish on his resume. chris christie's bridge gate and scott walker under scrutiny for allegations of campaign finance violence. >> it's going to be interesting. thank you very much. natalie's here with u.s. air strikes in iraq. >> that's right. good morning, guys. the u.s. widening its air campaign in iraq. the latest attacks are aimed at helping kurdish forces. the islamic state extremist group i.s.i.s. took control two weeks ago. u.s. forces conducted about 25 air strikes over the weekend. two crew members were killed and two others in a fiery train crash in arkansas. the two union pacific trains collided head on. two cars and an engine caught fire and smoke billowed into the sky. a spokesman said one carried
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diesel fuel and the other with an alcoholic beverage. police in southern california arrested a 15-year-old boy sunday for allegedly posting threats online to shoot students. deputies received calls about the instagram photos. they included stock guns and dead bodies. the police don't believe the student ever formulated a plan to shoot. pope francis is urging. he wrapped up a visit to south korea by celebrating mass. and he told his young audience how their youth could be a gift to the world. and at the little league world series, the magical run continues for the team from philadelphia and their star
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pitcher mo'ne davis. this girl is on fire. it was a backed house in williamsport, pennsylvania, as they played. mo'ne davis wasn't pitching sunday. but she came through at the plate. that was her first hit of the tournament. the blooper to right field scored a run. fast forward. and shanahan hit the grounder to short but the winning run would come on an error to first base. pennsylvania wins 7-6. amazing team effort there. >> and all of those girls were bringing it. they were amazing. i love it. >> it's so much fun. it is. >> the boys and girls are so good. al's off today. dylan's here. i'm looking at graphics. huntsville, little rock not looking so good today. >> not really.
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we're looking at most of our showers through the mississippi river valley today. we have a cold front moving through right now but then it is going to stall out. right along this front that's where we'll see waves that will trigger scattered showers and storms. we've got some in arkansas, tennessee, west virginia and west virginia. we are going to see those produce heavier down pours through the day today. lots of cloud to ground lightning. most areas will pick up about an inch or two. but some of those heavier downpours could produce 2 inches an hour. we could see 3 to 5 inches in the areas in yellow. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast in 30 seconds. you're finally here. long way from the sandlot. first game in the majors? you don't know "aarp". because this family is enjoying a cross-country baseball stadium trip they planned online at aarp travel. it's where your journey begins with inspiration, planning, booking, and hot travel tips from real pros.
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if you don't think seize the trip when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". find more surprising possibilities and get to know us at i'm meteorologist brittney shipp. plenty of sunshine, temperatures range between 81 and 84 degrees. wind direction will shift out of the southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows a chance of showers and increasing clouds as we head into tuesday, 82 degrees. our humidity continues to build throughout the rest of our week. we'll see a chance of storms, wednesday, thursday, friday, clearing up by next weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. by the way, we've been having an august a lot more like september. you'll have more on that in a second. >> yeah. we look into that. what the heck is going on right now. >> some people like it.
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some people don't. this one likes the chill. now to a growing dispute over a new york landmark. some activists say he is not welcome here because of his country's strict anti-gay laws. kristen da krist kristen dahlgren has this this morning. >> reporter: you've probably seen spot in the movies. now it's at the center of this controversy. it is one of the world's most famous hotels with an almost mythical history. the glamour of the great gatsby. kate hudson and anne hathaway fought over a dream wedding here. and little elouise lived her storybook life in one of its rooms. but now human activists are outraged the hotel could belong to the sultan of brunei. the leader of a small oil-rich
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country that was recently condemned by the united nations for its penal code for muslims including death by stoning for homosexuals and adulterers. >> this is the only nation that has instituted a new series of laws that target lbgt people and women to be stoned to death. >> reporter: the sultan's bid of about $2 billion to buy the plaza and in london. he already owns the beverly hill hotels which saw big protests. showing ellen degeneres and jay leno leading the boycott. >> how many people here nknow a woman? or a gay person? tis is not complicated. >> reporter: dozens of events
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were canceled. a fate that could come to new york if the sale of the plaza goes through. >> we urge all new yorkers to have one message to the sultan. that is to take your business elsewhere. >> reporter: now, in a statement the plaza told us it doesn't comment on rumor, speculation, or long-term management agreements. we tried but were unsuccessful at reaching the sultan of brunei. any other sale is liking to happen quickly. the current owner of the plaza is in jail in india. he's been charged to come up with $1.6 billion bail. now back over to dylan for strange weather we've seen coast to coast. >> how do you think the summer's been doing so far? >> i like it. >> it's freezing. >> i like a 90-plus degree day. >> that would be lovely. >> ask people in the northwest and they might say it's been too
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hot. this couldn't be any different than the summer that happened last year. so why and how? take a look. >> not too hot and not too muggy. >> i like it hotter. >> reporter: these are the dog days of summer, right? well, that depends on where you call home. this year the legendary summer heat of the northeast has been tamer than the pacific northwest. cities like new york and boston usually hit 90 degrees about 15 times a year. but this they've seen only four 90-degree days while portland, oregon, is already triple that with 12. the mercury in dallas didn't hit triple digits until july 13th, several weeks later than usual. so what's causing this? a pattern like this in the jet stream explains a lot. that ridge out west keep us warm and that trough in the east keeps it cool. remember last month when we
7:18 am
flirted with that vortex? all that mild weather is having an economic impact. air conditioner retailers and repairmen say their business is down especially compared to last year's scorching summer. what does this mean for fall and winder? nothing. in fact, this week we're going to notice temperatures warm up in the south. it cools down in the northwest. around here it's going to get cooler. we'll end the week in the 70s. i like it. it's nice. >> see if you still like it when winter starts and we send you on the road. >> that's true. >> i can see your parka right now. >> willie's in for carson this morning in the orange room. >> a lot of people weighing in on this including miss dylan dreyer. where's dylan's head? i think it's at the bar. this was her tweet over the weekend. i'm just so happy shock top
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pumpkin beer is back. #autot #autumn in august. the pumpkin spice latte in starbucks, they're releasing it early. soon. now here's some of our viewers. had to swamp my pointed flats for these today. elena says it's august and my heat is on. something is wrong. and this is from alyssa, her son playing here in the park among fallen leaves. two weeks of summer until labor day. pump the brakes a bit and enjoy summer. i want to hear from you how you're feeling. >> two weeks until the unofficial of summer.
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>> you can always get the indian summer. >> how about the cheese we hear with the whine here? >> i had the car seat heater on. coming up, the strange twist in that robbery of what's called the largest closet in the country. were the items that were stolen fake? >> shaking our heads. that is crazy. a ena special rossen reports in the wake of the tragic boating accident in connecticut. how to keep your family safe while tubing. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up on "trending," your kids ignore your calls and texts? what one mom came up with to make sure that never happens
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get up to two hundred dollars in onboard credit and a fifty percent reduced deposit during our biggest sale of the summer. call today. nbc 10 news starts now. good monday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> temperatures starting off in the 50s and 60s today. we'll push back into the 80s. plenty of sunshine. the sun shining bright already. right now temperatures throughout the rest of our region, 49 degrees in the poconos, 55 in allentown, 55 and mild in philadelphia. today temperatures range between 81 and ç84. there are delays on septa to know about. >> the regional line at bala
7:27 am
cynwyd is delayed up to 20 minutes. this accident on the shoulder on 422. that's in the midst of the normal volume we're used to seeing as drivers make their way from oaks to route 2020. jury selection begins in the trial against a woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from an elementary school and sexually assaulting her. christina regusters has been in jail since february. police think she is the woman seen here back in january 2013 taking the child out of brine elementary school in west philadelphia. investigators say the girl was taken to a home a few blocks away and sexually assaulted. she was found the next day in an upper darby park. we're back with another local update in about 25 minutes. i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching. now back to the "today" show.
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we're back now. 7:30 on a monday morning. it's the 18th day of august 2014. that's a nice shot of sunrise in indianapolis. you can share your photos of the morning in your area using the #todaysunrise. just to remind you, don't forget tomorrow morning we have a great concert lined up, a special tuesday concert from jennifer hudson. so if you're in the area, come down to our play is a. >> fun day. meantime, let's look at what's making headlines. the governor of missouri is bringing national guard troops to ferguson. after the autopsy showed he was shot at least six times including twice in the head.
7:31 am
wikileaks founder julian assange announced his plans to soon leave the ecuadoran embassy in london after staying there two years. and prosecutors expect to file additional charges against a new york couple accused of kidnapping two amish sisters. they were found one day after they were taken from their roadside stand. and coming up, the dangers of a popular family activity. tubing. it could turn deadly like it did for a teenager in connecticut. how to keep your kids safe on the water. but let's begin this half hour with a strange twist in a story we've been following. the million-dollar burglary from what's called america's biggest tl closet. janet shamlian has the latest.
7:32 am
>> reporter: this story has taken a strange turn. we've now heard from someone claiming to be the burglar and he is angry. he said in his haul of expensive jewels and handbags isn't the real deal. that it's all phony. >> all the items that were taken were fake. >> reporter: fake? a treasure-trove from teresa romer's over the top three-story megacloset. the one used by the former mrs. texas to host fancy fund raisers and charity. >> he took all of my rolexs, all of my chanel watches, all of my diamonds, all the harry winston, all the oscar de la renta jewelry. >> reporter: there was this video of someone rifling through the shelves. then a blue came to this reporter from someone claiming to be the thief. >> every single item that she had is fake. >> reporter: apparently using a burner phone with a new york city area code disguising his or
7:33 am
her voice. >> his sort of demeanor seemed like someone who felt like they were wronged. >> reporter: the caller said he contacted romer asking for more than half a million dollars to return the stolen items and not disclose his claim that they're fake. but the deal didn't go through, so he called the paper. >> if you give me an address, i will send you samples of items of hers. >> reporter: they received a brown envelope containing a dozen things to be costume jewelry and a keepsake locket. they said the locket appeared to be hers. she never pretended that everything in her closet was high priced but says she has receipts to back up her claims. >> everything was turned over to the sheriff's office. so hopefully this will help. >> reporter: and romer also told the website that she believes because her story got so much
7:34 am
publicity that he was unable to sell any of this stuff. that's when he tried to extort her. the sheriff's department is still investigating. i think we'll hear more on this one. >> it's hard to get me to feel sorry for a burglar, but i don't know. this may be one of those cases. >> can you imagine him going to sell it. what do you mean it's fake? >> i love the voice disguise. >> darth vader ripped her off. let's get a check of the weather now from dylan. >> we do have some heat and it's building in the south. we have temperatures today in texas well into the triple digits. watch what happens this week. we're actually going to see this warmer air start to build further into arkansas, into tennessee, and eventually into the southeast. by the time we get to the weekend, atlanta will feel hot
7:35 am
temperatures. it'll feel 106 in albany, georgia. we are looking at a lower number than average on 90-plus-degree days. that goes back to the fact it has been a little bit docooler than we would normally see. and by friday it'll feel like 101 in atlanta. today we do still have a couple of scattered showers and storms. we could end up with as much as 3 to 5 inches of rain and some of those heavier down pours. we also have a slight risk of storms back through iowa and western wisconsin. it's not going to be wiet spread. just a few storms could be that's a loo good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the start of your workweek, plenty of sunshine expected. nice kicks, temperatures range between 81 and 84 degrees. wind direction will shift out of the southwest 5 to 10 miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows a
7:36 am
chance of showers and increasing clouds as we head into tuesday, 82 degrees. our humidity continues to build throughout the rest of our week. we'll see a chance of storms, wednesday, thursday, friday, clearing up by next weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. coming up next on rossen reports, safety tips for tubing before you head out on the water. this, of course, in the wake of a tragic accident in connecticut. and on "trending," we showed you this blooper with a modern day water bottle in a "downton abbey" photo. wait until you see how the cast is responding. it's a good one. but first these messages. ve cop. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs
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but she doesn't have to-it's done! you're welcome, mom. ♪ on verizon's 4g lte network? samsung galaxy s5 go! go! take the outside! aw man. not again... oh yes. again. for the win! because you need performance that matters. wow. when it really matters. please stop. get the best devices on verizon, america's largest and most reliable network. like the samsung galaxy s5 now on rollback. the tech you want. online and in-store. save money. live better. walmart. 7:40 now on a monday morning. this morning on rossen reports, the dangers you might face on the water. this comes a a teenage girl was killed in a tragic tubing
7:41 am
accident in connecticut just this month. today jeff rossen is here with more on that. >> reporter: important story for all of us. good morning, guys. i'm sure a lot of you were out on the water this weekend. it was beautiful. some of you even tubing. it is fun, no question about that. and more popular than ever. but deadly accidents keep on happening. the tubes flip over at high speeds dumping you into the water. then people make split second decisions that can end in death. there are simple tips to keep you safe. this morning i'm jumping in to show you what to do when you flip. it's a great way to beat the heat. zipping behind a boat. sweeping across the sea. and while it looks like harmless fun, youtube is full of extreme wipeouts. >> there he goes. >> oh! he's gone. >> when you're out there tubing,
7:42 am
you're going 18 to 25 miles an hour. when you fall off it can almost feel like hitting concrete. >> reporter: last year alone, there were more than 4,000 boating accidents resulting in 560 deaths. many from water sports. the latest just two weeks ago when this 16-year-old girl from connecticut fell off her tube. when the boat turned around to pick her up, emily was struck and killed by the churning propeller. >> she's gone, and so it's just, it's crazy to think it could happen to anyone. >> reporter: now the largest boat association is issuing a new warning. are y >> are you ready to go? >> reporter: ready. putting me on a tube to demonstrate tips. on this turn as i hit the boat's
7:43 am
wake, i wipe out. the tube flying in the air. my body slamming into the water. okay, so when you fall off the tube, your immediate instinct is going to be to swim back to the boat. don't do that. you want to stay exactly where you are and tread water. wearing a lifeboat is mandatory so it's easy. look around for other boats. make sure you won't get hit. you're just a tiny little dot in the middle of this giant sea. they can barely see you. then give the okay sign to your boat make eye contact and wait for them to come get you. and what the boat operator does next is just as critical. >> jeff, i'm coming to you, stay where you are. grab the towline. with the motor off, there's no
7:44 am
chance of you getting hurt by the propeller. >> reporter: that's the biggest tip. cut the engine. when the boat gets close, i grab the line. so the engine is off so this is safe. >> there you go. >> reporter: and now we're safe on the boat, no chance for propeller collision. >> you can have a great time and still be safe. >> reporter: by the way, all those tips also apply to all water sports like wake boarding and water skiing. some other important things to remember, always make sure there are at least two people on the boat. someone to drive and also a spotter so when you're dumped off they can see you and make eye contact with you. experts say you should also be wearing a life jacket. seems obvious, but believe it or not, most of the people who die every year are not wearing them. >> great information. >> jeff, thank you. appreciate it. well, coming up on "trending," wish your kids would stop ignoring your phone calls? now there's an app for that.
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awww. cherished memory. [awwwwww] i'm bringing down the house! [applause. laughs] two things. one package. beroccaaaaaaaa! welcome back to "today." willie is in the orange room with mr. jeter making waves on his tour. >> we know the yankee captain, the great player, 40 years, this is his final year. yesterday in tampa, st. petersburg to be exact, jeter
7:50 am
comes to the plate, he gets an ovation. but in the ninth inning he hits the go-ahead single. okay? brings in a run. the yankees take the lead. huge cheers from the crowd for that. that didn't sit well with joe maddon. he said i understand that people like derek jeter. but you have to come out and root for the rays too. i'm not going to sit here and defend all that noise in yankees' favor in our ballpark. what hasn't been said is there's an awful lot of yankee fans down there. new yorkers retire down there, they're transplanted. on a regular day, yankee fans fill up that stadium as well. nancy is a sox fan. i'm supposed to hate the yankees but jooet ser a class act. i love baseball enough to acknowledge the end of a great career. and this, by the way, this is in new jersey. this is a tribute of jeter.
7:51 am
want to hear what you think about all this. the bottom line was joe maddon was upset because of the second round of cheers that led the yankees to beat the team. >> didn't somebody say there are still three more games in tampa for the yankees so you could cheer then. but the people in those stands might not have the tickets to those future games. this might be their last chance to salute jeter. >> also they don't get big crowds there. but he's frustrated they don't get more fans on a daily basis. >> great for baseball to have jeter there. and a good guy to root for in baseball. >> thank you. coming up, it's my turn to shine a light this morning. an honest and open discussion on domestic violence with a brave group of women. ♪ [ male announcer ] when you see everyone in america almost every day, you notice a few things. like the fact that you're pretty attached to these.
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nbc 10 news starts now. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast to begin the week with meteorologist brittney shipp. britteny? >> good morning. it's going to be a nice start to your workweek. plenty of sunshine for us on this monday. if you take a look at cape may right now, isn't this a beautiful shot. here's a look at the temperatures in our beach community, 67 in atlantic city, 67, low 70s in louis. our temperatures will push into the mid-80s. 82 degrees by 4:00 p.m. if you ride to work, jillian mele is still following delays on septa. tell us more, jill. >> we have this delay on one of the septa regional rail lines, the cynwyd route.
7:57 am
today representatives from revel casino scheduled to appear in bankruptcy court. during the hearing, revel will present its new closing dates to a judge. last week it announced it will close the hotel on september 1st. the casino will shut down the next day. this all comes after the casino could not find a buyer when it filed for bankruptcy a second time. 3,100 people will lose their jobs when revel closes. revel is one of three atlantic city casinos set to close in the coming weeks. show boat will shut down august 31st. trump plaza will be closed on september 16th. meantime, a two-day job fair will be held for casino workers being laid off. it is happening tomorrow and on wednesday at the sheraton convention center. another local update in 25 minutes. for news anytime, go to i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching. now back to the "today" show.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, tamron shines a light on an important issue that's very close to her heart. >> how does that feel? >> unbelievable. >> she talks to a group of brave women speaking out on domestic violence so others don't have to suffer their fate. plus, can you hear me now? tired of trying to get ahold of your teens only to have them ignore your calls and texts. thanks to one frustrated mom, there's an app for that. we'll tell you how it works. and calling all harry potter fans. j.k. rowling reveals more about her little-known favorite potter
8:01 am
character. today, august 18, 2014. ♪ >> spending our last morning as roommates at the "today" show. >> we miss you, savannah! >> 28 years watching it down here. >> we're back now. 8:00 on a monday morning. it is the 18th day of august 2014. we've got a nice crowd under a beautiful blue sky. >> big crowd. >> morning, everyone. i'm matt lauer along with tamron hall, dylan dreyer, and willie geist. do your kids ignore you? they're not old enough to have
8:02 am
cell phones, are they? >> yeah but they ignore me. >> yeah but on cell phone. when you get no response and you know they're looking at it. we're go i think to talk about an app that one mom created to deal with just that. >> and we're getting ready for a big celebration. you ready to party? they don't even know why. this is why. al is turning 60 on wednesday. we're going to help him mark it in style. and what's not to celebrate? oh. that's how you bring in 60. in our recent survey of 60-somethings, 79% said life has turned out better than they expected. that's 60 rocks with al later this week. i love that. >> that's going to be fun having him back for that. meanwhile, a lot going on in the news. natalie has the headlines. >> good morning once again. the national guard has been called out to restore peace in ferguson, missouri. this is a preliminary autopsy
8:03 am
showed that michael brown was shot at least six times by a police officer. nbc's ron allen is in ferguson covering the story. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, natalie. that autopsy was commissioned by the brown family because they don't trust the local authorities here to do a fair job. and it really brought home the horror of what happened to their own teenager when he was shot and killed by a police officer. six times, two to the head. the family wanted to try to show he was surrendering. that he has defensive wounds. a lot of people here were very upset when they heard the news of what that report showed. taking to the streets last night in big numbers. the police here say they were provoked and under attack on numerous fronts. even their command center came under attack with hundreds of protesters descending on the place, some throwing molotov cocktails. we were out in the streets. fire bombs, tear gas, looting. the situation here descending
8:04 am
into mayhem which is while the mayor has called for the in order to step in. >> ron allen, thank you. meanwhile, president obama interrupted his martha's vineyard vacation to return to the white house overnight. he's holding top-level meetings today on ferguson and iraq. he's scheduled to return on tuesday and stay through next weekend. texas governor rick perry says he will fight felony abuse of power charges. a grand jury in texas indicted perry on friday. he's kaccused of pressuring the district attorney to resign and veto to funding after she pleaded guilty to drunk driving. he called the indictment is politically motivated farce. julian assange announced he will be leaving the embassy. he says a change in british law might affect his case.
8:05 am
he could be arrested and sent to sweden for questioning in a sex crime investigation. he fears he might then be extradited to united states about wikileaks and documents. and teenage mutant ninja turtles held onto first place with $28 million. guardians of the galaxy was close behind at second. let's be cops opened in third. expendables 3 opened in a disappointing fourth place. it is 8:05 right now. let's send it back outside to everyone on the plaza. >> thank you. >> want me to do the weather? >> yeah. >> nothing to complain about it. >> still feeling the vapors from this man that gives the tightest hugs in the world. >> you give the best hug i've ever had. and you're from portland. >> you want another one? >> i'll take another one. see how tight.
8:06 am
thank you. and he never lets go. we are going to see really nice weather in the northeast. a little cooler than average. now matt gets it. >> that is a good hug. you're right. willie, you got to try this out. >> oh, yeah. >> come here. >> a little extra there. i need a drink. >> as this guy continues with the best hugs ever, we'll talk about the weather in panama city, florida. we are looking at the chance of showers down there and also back across the upper midwest. in minneapolis we are going to see some heavy air and thunderstorms. in milwaukee today we could see thunderstorms produce some heavier downpours. temperatures today will top out only in the lower 70s. it's below average there. down through the southeast we are looking at those scattered showers and storms up to 3 to 5 inches of rain in some areas
8:07 am
possible today. the west is looking pretty nice. still a little monsoonal moisture through arizona. and the coastline of the pacific northwest is cool, but interior parts of the rockies should be well into th good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. plenty of sunshine expected and temperatures range between 81 and 84 degrees. wind direction will shift out of the southwest. seven-day forecast shows a chance of showers and increase in clouds as we head into tuesday and humidity continues to build throughout the rest of the week. chance of storms wednesday, thursday, friday clearing up by next weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thanks very much. coming up next on "trending," how the "downton abbey" cast is responding after that water bottle showed up in a vintage cast photo.
8:08 am
plus we'll shine a light on something close to my heart. plus the new products that can give you the hair, matt, you've always wanted. >> thank you. >> and we're putting out the call for your hair essential photos for your bed head. send it with this hash tag i woke up like this. is that how it goes? >> beyonce. >> but first these messages and another hug. taco bell brought back these ronald mcdonalds and asked
8:09 am
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♪ this is your bum's best friend. and this is its wingman. you can't have one without the other. bonnie and clyde. they go together. if you don't have a clean bum, what do you have? feel a clean so fresh it can only be cottonelle. and then there's juicy chicken. the difference is hellmann's. hellmann's is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy and so delicious. you can make dinner disappear. hellmann's. bring out the best.
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wow.'s your vacationdinner in a word...appear. and here's the sale to match. royal caribbean's wow sale is going on now. get up to two hundred dollars in onboard credit and a fifty percent reduced deposit during our biggest sale of the summer. call today. it's 8:11 now. here's "what's trending" today. thanks to smartphones, kids have an entirely new way to ignore
8:12 am
their moms and dads. frustrated parents, you're in luck. now there's an app for that. a mom in houston creating an app called no no more. so you get through to them. you put in a password. the app allows you to shut down their phone. they can't text anyone. they can't access the internet. they can't play games. oh, he horror. and only they can make calls to 911. your child is then going to get a message from saying your phone is locked. call mom. the son of the invest inventor a good idea. for other people. i think that's one step too far. >> you do? >> i do. >> i think parents are given the phone for parents to get in
8:13 am
touch with them. and when they ignore them -- >> when i'm paying your bill and you're ignoring me? >> you take the phone away. you're ignoring it, so i'm taking that phone. >> it's awesome to lock up the phone. >> one boy from california had his 8th birthday wish come true. he wanted to see justin timberlake. he got his wish. but it did not stop there. justin had a special surprise for his young fan. >> you know what, julian? this is for you. everybody, one, two, three. ♪ happy birthday to you >> there you have it. 25,000 people joining with jt to sing happy birthday. it took the family over an hour to leave the arena after the show because other fans kept stopping them and high fiving and giving him a fist bump.
8:14 am
look at that cute face. >> well, the cast of "downton abbey" is getting the last laugh this morning. we told you about water bottle gate. that out of place water bottle there spotted in a press photo for the 1920s drama. willie, you thought this was a publicity stunt. well, the cast now using the gaffe for charity. they released this photo of themselves on instagram as you see there purposely holding all the water bottles and asking to promote water aid which helps people get access to clean water. >> all's well that ends well. >> here's a last one for all parents before you head to a baseball game we the kids, might want to explain just what a foul ball is. one father learned the hard way at a game on saturday. nice seats. dad catches the ball and look immediately gives it to his young son. a nice moment. and the boy chucks it back on the field.
8:15 am
>> the most perfect souvenir from the game. so dad almost loses it. but lucky for him he gets the ball back and the game is saved. no harm, no foul. >> nice for the player or coach to throw it back. usually when it comes from the stands, that's not what happens. >> you teach your kids when you get something, give it back. not a foul ball. >> that's "what's trending" today. up next tamron shines a
8:16 am
all right. we're back now with more of our year-long series to give back. it's called shine a light. we've seen natalie run the boston marathon to honor victims there. carson raising awareness about hunger and obesity. now it's tamron's? >> i chose to shine a light on domestic violence. i met with seven women who were beautiful, strong, and brave enough to share their story. they are all survivors. you have young ones in the room, this issue is important, but you may want to ask them to step out during this segment t. >> i think i was sort of the classic example of where you think it can't happen. >> i felt like it was okay for a guy to hit you. >> i grew up in a very small, southern community where you should stay with someone unless they physically beat you up or
8:17 am
make a scene. >> it starts in small steps. starting off we would talk about it and it was calm. then it just started escalating into more of us physically. and the physical altercations. >> controlling behavior. telling me what i can wear, who i can hang out with. you can't wear shorts. >> he wanted me to wear bigger clothes than my natural size. at the time i just felt, oh, he's just -- you know, he doesn't want any other men looking at me. >> a lot of young ladies mistake jealousy over someone caring for you. it gives you a sense of importance. like i'm important to this person. it's also the main reason why it's so hard to get out of it. because this person brings down the moon and hands it to you in a gold. plate and this same person uses that same love to, like -- >> destroy you. do you remember the first time you were hit?
8:18 am
>> yes. we were arguing and he threw me on the bed and duct taped me. my mouth, my eyes, my arms, and my legs. >> what were you thinking when that was happening? >> i thought i was going to die. i thought he was going to kill me. >> why'd you go back? >> i loved him. >> when you heard i'm sorry, did you believe it? >> yes. you think it's something that's going to pass. like it wasn't me. so you kind of believe that. because you're like i don't love that crazy person i had to deal with for five or ten minutes, i love you. >> i remember going to the emergency room because i had a black eye. i didn't have the courage to just come forward and say my eye is black because of this. i felt like if a nurse or a doctor or the person on the floor would have asked me what happened to my eye, i could have got some kind of help. and no one ever asked me. >> when my daughter was born, that's when i told him, i don't
8:19 am
care what you say and what you think in your wicked mind. i'm not with you. whatever i do from this point on is for my daughter and myself. there's no way in hell that i'm ever going to stay with you because what you did is wrong to me. >> i was tired. i didn't want to fight anymore. i didn't want to argue anymore. i just remember him running towards me holding my neck against the wall and just looking at me and saying, you know, talk back to me. i couldn't talk back. i could barely breathe. he then grabbed my daughter's thigh and just squeezed it with the same pressure he was screaming my neck. my daughter was screaming. her leg was purple. i was like, you can hurt me, you can slam me, you can do whatever you want to, but you will not touch my daughter. and that's when i was like, i have to get out of this house.
8:20 am
>> i had to get out when he dragged me down to the basement. he beat me with a vacuum cleaner. he told me that i wasn't nothing. he was going to knock all my teeth out so don't nobody have me. >> when someone tells you you're nothing, how does that feel? when he told you you were nothing? >> i didn't believe it. >> part of my guilt i've shared is that when i was in the presence of domestic violence involving my sister, i got frustrated because i felt like she wasn't listening. and i carry that guilt with me every day that as a family member i didn't know what to do. so how do you think we can save a life? >> no one teaches us how to love
8:21 am
ourselves. if i loved myself enough not to allow someone to do that to me. if my mother had that talk with me, after we talk sex we're going to sit and talk about what a man can do to you. >> i think educating people is never that easy. i don't think one woman would sit here and share that story where it happened once and i left. because no one asked you out on a first date and said i'm going to hit you in six months. you fall in love with this person. >> how do we save a life? >> let them know they're not alone. don't give up. there's help. because at the end of the day you will get through it. and when you get through it, you'll be stronger than you ever would be. >> so if you want to help end domestic violence -- i'm sorry -- >> please go to crowd and you can donate and all proceeds go to
8:22 am
the nonprofit day one. it's an amazing story. it comes from a place in your heart. how did these women get to a place in their lives where they could speak about it. there had to be a long time they couldn't talk about it. >> absolutely. through counseling. through support. a number of organizations. these wonderful, brave women are from all over. many of them philadelphia, new york area. but there are programs that extend coast to coast. they didn't do it alone. they found support. and part of what we want to do in our goal to save a life is to show people that there's someone out there. many of them felt alone. and it takes my breath away to see people survive so much and they did it for their children in some cases. but they are survivors. we resist from calling them victims. they are survivors. and i cry of course when you hear these details, but my tears are also inspirational. because they are there. they are fighters and they
8:23 am
now -- which is a blessing in all of this -- want to help someone else. and they are. >> a couple of things jump out when you hear those women talk. one is that i loved him, so i didn't leave. and somebody said nobody when you start dating someone and the courtship is going, by the way i'm going to start beating you in six months. so they fall deeply into the relationships and then the problem starts. by that time they feel too far into the relationship. >> and what we want to do with this campaign also is bring attention to girls who are suffering under the impact of violence. the girls are younger and younger. we talk about social media and bullying. social media has now lent its hand to abusers who now want your passwords and let me control your facebook. this is inspirational. i hope you can join me in this challenge. i've been open about my sister. i talked to her children and they are joining the campaign now with me.
8:24 am
that's my beautiful sister and my family is in on this. i'm sorry to be crying. but this is about inspiration. >> and courage. a lot of courage of those women. >> and how do they take that first step? >> one of the organizations is day one. you do have to look for those resources, but you're not alone. there are people there and we are part of those there now. >> thanks for bringing that. we're back after your local news.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forkaes with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. temperatures staying a little bit below average. a live look at the poconos. a few clouds have already moved into that part of our area. as far as the city is concerned for reading 62 degrees and few clouds over philadelphia at 68 and atlantic city 64 degrees today. 81 to 84 degrees. now, let's get you updated on a problem that has been happening on septa. >> the railline has been delayed for 20 minutes or so.
8:27 am
that is back on or close to schedule and that's an improvement there and berlin franklin avenue route 30 and then delays on the 42 freeway and northbound you can see that line of red and speeds in the teens right now and we're seeing speeds in the 20s. the jury selection begins in the woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old from an elementary school. police think that she is the woman seen in videotape in surveillance video taken back in january of 2013 taking a child out of brian elementary school in west philadelphia. investigators say the girl was taken to a home a few blocks away and sexually assaulted. she was found the next day in an upper darby park. i'm tracy davidson. another local update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather at thanks for watching. now back to "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 now on a monday morning. it's the 18th day of august 2014. natalie finally getting in on the action coming out and getting a hug from frank the hug man. >> right there. >> my gosh. and i got a little kiss too. we love you, frank. it was very good. >> frank has had some morning, man, i tell you.
8:31 am
don't miss the concert crowd tomorrow. >> jennifer hudson will be here and you still have time to pick out one of her songs. "spotlight," "if this isn't love," "and i am telling you i'm not going." to vote head to >> coming up, we are dedicating the next three days into breathing life into your hair. we're going to kick things off, the hottest new products on the market which matt is dying to know about. >> restlessly. before all that, we're calling you harry potter fans. j.k. rowling is sharing an essay exclusively with "today."
8:32 am
performing in universal's diagon alley. read that on plus more about "pottermore" that rowling created for harry potter fans. >> fun. now a check of the weather. >> let's look at what's going on across the country. looking nice in the northeast aga again. scattered showers and storms in the northeast. we could end up with 3 to 5 inches of rain where it's heavy. it's starting to heat up in texas. couple scattered showers and storms through arizona. little unsettled across a good chunk of the country tomorrow. we will also see them back through the great lakes as well. so unsettled, not a washout, but keep an eye on the sky for those showers and storms. it'll feel like we're above 100 degrees in the northeast. it is still staying nice and that's a look at the weather
8:33 am
good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head to the start of your workweek, plenty of sunshine expected and temperatures range between 81 and 84 degrees. our wind direction will shift out of the southwest, five to ten miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows a chance of showers and increase in clouds as we head into tuesday. 82 degrees. our humidity continues to build throughout the rest of our week and also see a chance of storms wednesday, thursday, friday clearing up by next weekend. >> real quick is couple of an verse sis. you're celebrating 35 and you're celebrating 50. any advice? >> keep going. >> keep going. that's your latest forecast. now to the start of a special three-day series, the hair essentials. everything you need to know to get the hair you want. first up, the best products.
8:34 am
laurie is the style director for good housekeeping and she's with us. good morning. >> good morning, tamron. >> i am a samples junkie and i love a good product. you did the work for us. >> yes. we rigorously tested these items. these are, like, tested and approved. the first is if you have fine or limp hair, which is actually my problem so i love this product. this is a root booster. what we love about this is it got a perfect score in the institute. it's light weight. only $7. it packs a big punch. and people who tested this actually said their hair was root lifted until the next day. >> and this is a moouse, right? >> yes. >> this is the best thing.
8:35 am
this is an anti-frizz serum. it has argon oil in it. 90% of the women testing this said they would use it again. this is complaint numero uno. next, hair spray. you want to lock in that look. so this is called the miracle spray. it is a miracle because what this does, it doesn't leave any white flakes, no chunky mess. i had to spray it in my hair four times. feel my hair. it feels good. you want to get rid of the flyaways? this is $4 from dove. and it has a light, fresh scent. >> the key to good hair sometimes is the right tool. >> that's right.
8:36 am
this is from fhi heat. this is $120, but i want to say hair is the outfit you wear every day, right? so you want to make it the best accessory. >> and if you turn it every day, you pay for it. >> what's cool about this. this beat out 19 other hair dryers. you look -- >> what was behind it? >> this has the fastest drying time and packs serious heat. you want keep it about six inches from your scalp. >> and it doesn't get too hot. because sometimes it can dry it out. >> no, it will not do that. that's one of the tests our lab does. so the institute approved that. now, this is actually a curling iron. $30. what testers loved about this one is it kept the curl in all day. you don't want to curl and have it fall down in an hour.
8:37 am
because it's ceramic and tourmaline, it will keep it. >> another popular point, graying and color issues. >> color your hair every six weeks. now, that's a lot of money. and who has that kind of time? i don't. so what we did here, we found these products that you can prolong the color. so we have the first one here from irene gary. and this is like a little crayon that you put on your hair. our testers found this is good with curly hair or hard to reach roots. >> and blond testers loved this. what we loved about this is it even makes your hair look a little bit thicker. perfect things for the summer. everything is extremely
8:38 am
affordable and approved by testers, by good housekeeping. >> laurie, thank you. and thanks for doing the leg work for us. >> you're welcome. >> for more of the winners, head to tomorrow we'll get insider secrets from ted gibson. and don't forget keep sharing your photos of your natural hair or your bed head. use the #i woke up like this. and up next, the guy who's making it hip to wear hats in hollywood. we just fixed our hair, we got to wear a hat? that's next on "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ we're back now at 8:40. now that you have the perfect hair products, time to top off the look. nbc's joe fryer has got the lock on lids in hollywood.
8:41 am
>> reporter: tucked along the stylish streets of venice, california, you'll find nick's steam-filled workshop. there are no production lines here. rather, either hand-made hat is carefully crafted over hours, even days. >> to do the business i do you've got to be a little crazy. >> reporter: are you a mad hatter? >> i think i'm like a subtle mad hatter. i'm not too crazy. >> reporter: fashion runs through nick's dna. his dad bernard is a well known model, patriarch of the fictional tommy hilfiger family. nick also models and probably didn't have to get his hands dirty, but a few years ago he came captivated by fashioning hats. >> i always loved them and the history of them. but i didn't understand, like, what it really entailed to make a hat. >> reporter: at times it's like a hug of war between man and
8:42 am
felt. takes some strength to do this, doesn't it? >> that's right. >> reporter: there's sewing, there's sanding, there's even fire to distress the high-end lids. was it frustrating learning how to do it? >> yeah, it was super, super frustrating. i found out that there's no right or wrong way to make a hat. there's just your way. >> reporter: nick's breakthrough came at the grammys where madonna wore one of his hats and so did pharrell. the one during his performance with stevie wonder. >> it was good for everybody. that hats are being reintroduced. >> reporter: but not everyone can pull them off so well. >> we're getting there. something like that. >> reporter: so this might work. >> it might work.
8:43 am
yeah, it would work if you want it to work. >> reporter: nick says it takes confidence. though there are limits. >> i think you should try this guy on. >> reporter: definitely has a big brim. >> i think it's perfect. >> reporter: the true irony is nick himself doesn't really own a hat. >> a lot of times we'll have clients come in say i love your hat. they'll ask can i get it? no, like i want the hat you have on your head. >> reporter: instead of a story window you have your head. >> pretty much. >> reporter: part hat model, mat maker. joe fryer, venice, california. >> would you wear the hat? >> that's a lot of hat for me. >> i think they're fun. i wish people went out and wore them more. >> yeah. gentleman's hat. >> you have a hat head, right?
8:44 am
>> i've got a big head. >> you get a big hat. >> i'm not doing a commercial, but j.j. hat store just down here on fifth avenue, one of those great places you walk in all the guys arer ewearing hat. >> we'll meet you there for lunch. speaking of lunch, i'm outing you. he's going on lays chips for breakfast. >> i'm off ice cream all month. don't take my chips. >> breakfast of champions. up next, the ultimate summer camp. an inside look at a place where kids get to play with anything they want and then tell adults what to do. >> kid heaven? >> but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
back now at 8:46. and "today's" american story
8:47 am
comes from the san francisco bay area where there's a new summer camp. lots of kids are thrilled to get a chance to tell grownups what needs improvement. [ singing ] >> reporter: she sings like it's closing time. she's testing a new karaoke app. they want to know how to make this app so simple even a grownup can understand. children are in great demand heez these days as product design consultants. >> was it easy or hard? >> there's so much. like, i can keep scrolling down for ages. >> reporter: elliot rounded up some friends when he was nine and offered their services to high-tech companies. >> when i tell them that it's a
8:48 am
focus group for kids, they're already thinking great. >> reporter: what's it like living every kid's dream being able to tell parents and adults what to do? >> fun. >> reporter: who wouldn't enjoy creating something just the way you'd like it? children have been telling adults what's wrong since the beginning of time. >> there's so search section. you can't search for a song. >> reporter: now businesses pay elliot to do that. the money he got for head hunting bought books for kids at school. companies pay $300 to $400 a session. the kids get free toys, games, and something more. >> i love that one. >> reporter: the chance to play with computer apps before anyone else. digital start-up companies are big in the san francisco bay
8:49 am
area. many of these kids' parents work in them. most don't worry about their children spending too much time on computers. >> get back here, robot. >> kids here are using technology in order to be creative. >> reporter: these small children animated their own cartoons. testing an app that teaches them how to tell stories. >> oh, no! i will help you, captain. >> reporter: they're getting even younger as more and more preschoolers are poking their parents' ipads. digital companies are rushing to begin new apps for them. >> what are you doing here? >> reporter: andy russell offers kids a fun time in return for free testing space at the san francisco children's creativity museum. >> we can make a change and the very next day go back to the museum and say is this right? they don't worry about hurting our feelings. they'll tell us straight.
8:50 am
>> reporter: they meet once a week with the kids. how nervous every day are you to have the fate of your company on a group of 4-year-olds? >> i wouldn't have it any other way. >> reporter: great ideas come from children who are often overlooked. the quiet ones. like reimi. just two. look at those faces. his cartoon is captivating kids three times his age. he may never forget this moment. the first time he got a smile for telling a story well. >> nice job. >> reporter: for "today," bob dodson with an american story. >> i will destroy you. >> good way to end. we're going to be back in a moment on a monday morning. this is "today" on nbc.
8:51 am
8:52 am
back at 8:52. let's start the week with some birthday wishes from our dear, dear friend willard scott. hey, willard. >> here we are back on the farm with all of my friends. pretty kate. sweet kate of the garden state, kate klein. she is 104 years old.
8:53 am
georgia laster-williams. she is 105 years old today from little rock, arkansas, where they have some of the best barbecue in the world. we wish her a happy birthday today. here's jim ryals. he is 100 years old today. montgomery in alabama. and he is a happy man because he loves to tell stories and people love to hear stories. good stories. now, if you will, robert and josephine morace. married now 75 years. great state of new york. and they say every day have one big hug and a kiss and they both grew up in brooklyn, new york. now back to the great state of new york where there's the "today" show. >> all right, willard. thank you very much. by the way, hat's off. about $5,000 raised since we aired our story on domestic abuse. that is a nice start. >> that is. thank you so everyone who donated. day one just tweeted out thanking you all for your support. so please go online and we'll do
8:54 am
our best. thank you so much. what you guys got coming up? >> we've got marisa tomei the actress. and some topics including -- >> how to become a doctor of chocolate. >> there's a doctorate in chocolate analysis. >> i've bee
8:55 am
8:56 am
good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we'll see plenty of sunshine, nice conditions and temperatures staying below our average which is 86 degrees for this time of year. and as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will warm to 83. tomorrow 82 degrees and then
8:57 am
we'll see an increase in our humidity eand a chance of showers for the middle part of your workweek. more than a dozen people are out of their homes after a montgomery county apartment building went up in flames this morning. sky force 10 was over the scene. fire started around 6:00 this morning and under control within an hour. no one was hurt but the red cross is helping 14 people who are displaced. in just a few minutes, the trial is scheduled to begin in bucks county for an aaccused serial rapist. benson is charged as an adult with seven rapes. five happened when he was a minor. he preyed on girls 14 to 17 and forcing them into sexual activity after meeting them online. representatives from revel are scheduled to appear in bankruptcy court later this morning. revel will present new closing dates to a judge. it will close the hotel on september 1 and the casino the next day.
8:58 am
revel wanted to initially close today but state regulators denied that request. about 3,100 people will lose their jobs. one of three casinos set to close in the coming weeks. show boat will shut down on august 31st. i'm tracy davidson. another local update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather on our website. now back to "today" show. thanks for watching. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv?
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9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a beautiful monday morning here in new york city. it's august 18th, 2014. look who's back with us. tamron hall. we missed you. >> i missed you guys too. i had an amazing week. was that oprah? >> yeah, you did. >> i wasn't with oprah. i was with friends. and we hung out. it was fan it's a pick. >> just relaxed? >> yeah. it was my first vacation without my nieces and nephew.
9:01 am
>> that's why she's like it was great. >> sorry, kids. >> you had an adult vacation. >> i had a grown folks vacation. i took my food and wine magazine. i practiced cooking. i cooked almost every day like some challenging things. i swam across the pool. i just learned to swim a couple years ago. made it across the whole pool. eight feet. probably won't do it again. i went to the deep end. >> good for you. >> you passed. >> i passed my first deep water test. i missed you guys. >> we missed you. glad you're back. >> al is going to be back on wednesday. it's the big 60. so we're excited. >> he's an incredible 60, isn't he? the energy and life. >> all the things planned for him and things that have popped up in corn fields. >> right. the corn maze to celebrate roker. >> we celebrate roker year round. >> this is true. al will be back later this week to celebrate.
9:02 am
we've got chocolate on the table. we'll explain why in just a moment. first thing we're talking about is the weather. because it's been a cool summer here in the northeast. new york and boston by the way usually get 90 degrees about 15 times a year. 90 or higher. this day only four days. portland, oregon, is already triple that with 12. dallas didn't hit triple digits until july 13th. >> that is late. >> what do you guys think? >> i feel like i missed summer because i was away for a lot like in july. i was covering the world cup. >> you were in rio. >> but i missed it here. i missed being out with the kids in the pool somewhere. out on a beach. but, yeah, i feel like i missed summer. i feel like a lot of people are -- i think it's great. i don't like air conditioning. i don't like it. i don't like the feel of it. >> i don't have there in my house i don't turn it on here
9:03 am
unless it's excruciating with humidity. if we could get a nice few days of 90 without humidity. >> i admit, i miss just a little summer heat wave. just one. >> yeah. without humidity. kiss of heat. >> no humidity. >> dylan called us goldilocks earlier. >> don't you think this is nice? it's 82, there's a little breeze. >> you know who's loving this? retailers with their fall stuff. i'm tempted even though i'm not breaking my 30-day no shopping rule. i'm tempted to go by cashmere sweaters and just wrap myself up. >> starbucks is in on this. their famous pumpkin spice latte which has its own twiddle handle. >> i'm going to follow. >> they're bumping up release date. >> last year there was a pumpkin shortage because of some kind of bug that went through pumpkin crops. now we're starting early.
9:04 am
>> that was just a bump for this year. good job. >> here's a question. i think we need a body language expert like janine roberts on the show. but has a really good article online right now called how important is your body language? 55% of what you convey comes from your body language. i think we all know that, right? you're shutting me out right now. that's what that says. giving me the cold shoulder. >> or he wants a back rub. >> you know me too well. >> here's interesting. when you're speaking about something emotional, only 7% of what the other person hears really has to do with the words that you're using. they're really analyzing the emotions that are coming through. in five minutes they say you can often elevator people and with approximately 70% accuracy. you can pretty much judge
9:05 am
somebody in five minutes. i don't know if that's really saying a lot about a person. that doesn't tell their life's story. here's another question. you're in a business meeting or job interview, what do cross legs mean? >> you have a skirt on. >> that's what i say. if you're a woman, it's what you do. when you're negotiating, it could have a devastating effect. >> come on. >> i think if you're a guy, perhaps. >> so they want you to go in as a woman and not cross your lelgs. >> that's a different kind of negotiating. >> that's a basic instinct thing. i think you have to be ladylike. janine has the palms down indicates power. if you're on the table. palms up shows submission. she tells us this all the time. so i don't have to worry about
9:06 am
crossing my legs. i walk in stand the whole time, and slam down. look at me, this is what's going to happen. or else. >> in that accent? >> yeah. works every time. >> i'll take you in when i buy a car. >> i think the rules are different with men and women on that one? a woman has to cross her legs when wearing a skirt. otherwise it's inappropriate. >> show time. >> this is the best ever. it reaches all of us. a researcher for a ph.d. of chocolate in the department of chemical engineering and biotechnology. yes. you at home, you can become a doctor of chocolate. isn't that fabulous? the challenge would be to stop chocolate melting in warm climates by studying the fundamentals of heat-stable chocolate. apply by august 29th.
9:07 am
so i think -- >> you have to be a chemical engineering ph.d. right? >> or just a connoisseur of clock lat. >> that's going to cost you five bucks on your detox. is that worth it she gave up sweets. >> i gave up sweets which is detox challenge. i think i was set up to fail. because i owe $170. i was at the women's health party over the weekend. and this stranger, woman, lovely lady came over and said you know that's going to cost you. because they had a when & jerry's stand. >> $175. go ahead. $180. >> it's not per bite. it's per instance. we'll give you a 5-minute. >> i'm turning in my chip tomorrow. i can't do it anymore. >> you're out? >> i'm out. >> you have 13 days. >> i'm out. >> i broke down once. >> you did break down. but you said you've been
9:08 am
eyeballing and putting things to the side. so is that fair? >> well, i have them in my mind i've been saying i want to get that on september 1st. >> you will. >> that's cheating. thinking is cheating. >> they've been added to your cart, you just haven't hit purchase. >> that counts. how are you doing? >> i'm good. it's easier than i thought it would be. >> and you lost a couple of pounds. >> i'm just not having a sandwich. i'm not going to pizza or pasta. chicken, vegetables, fruits. >> so no carbs. >> my kids each goldfish crackers. i didn't count that as a violation. because it's not a bread. >> or a pasta. >> they are bread. those crispy goldfish. misery loves company. thank you. 180. >> are we still reading this one? >> okay. >> i'm so rude. >> here's an interesting thing.
9:09 am
when you get married, there are obviously great traditions. remember this moment from steve martin's film "father of the bride"? >> i love this movie. >> okay so, of course, the father walk this bride down the aisle. question is, is it becoming old fashioned? more and more you hear about now both parents walking the bride down the aisle. in fact, the website distractify looks at the outdated traditions like giving away the bride. others they say are the garter toss, bouquet toss. not seeing each other before the wedding. i love these. smashing the cake in each other's face. >> i don't like that one. >> that's aggressive. >> you did that. >> no. our friend did that. got drunk and smashed his face in the cake. different story. >> who walks you down the aisle, if you have just a mom or a brother. i went to a wedding recently, my friend -- her son's 20 now, he
9:10 am
walked her down the aisle. it accommodates the modern family and your story. >> i love the whole idea of somebody giving away the bride though. i think there's something timeless. >> i do see a way of people seeing it as you own me and you're giving me away. but i get it. >> did you ask for their hand in marriage. whether you're asking the mother of father. i think it's sweet. >> it's a sign of respect. >> but there is a line that people have as far as modern way of looking at life. >> i agree. >> my cup of tea, i'm more traditional. but i get it. >> and people don't have to do any of these things. >> yeah. >> all right, dylan dreyer. what's happening with the weather? >> it's freezing. >> i didn't have a wedding cake at our wedding. we had apple crisp instead. >> i love that. >> speaking of the perfect
9:11 am
month, october, feeling more like october around here. and we also have a cold front that's trying to move through that's going to stall out back through here. and we're going to see these waves along this front. we've got a pocket of heavier down pours in arkansas. one through tends and northern georgia. then we'll see showers and storms begin to move into parts of the southeast. now, some of these storms could produce heavier rain and we could end up with isolated amounts as much as 3 to 5 inches. possible in just a three-hour time period. we could see some of those heavier pockets of rain that could lead good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head to the start of your workweek, plenty of sunshine expected and nice condition and temperatures range between 81 and 84 degrees and our wind direction will shift out of the southwest five to ten miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows a chance of showers and an increase in clouds as we head into tuesday. 82 degrees and our humidity continues to build throughout the rest of our week and also see a chance of storms
9:12 am
wednesday, thursday, friday clearing up by next weekend. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. see you in a few minutes. we are searching for some mom-prnuer success stories. we want to hear their stories if they are an entrepreneur and highlight them here on "today." i know a lot of these women. some people have left the workforce and are still driven and smart and all those things. they do it on their own. >> i love when they figure out or invent the next big idea. >> absolutely. coming up next here, oscar winner marisa tomei and director ira sachs. they give massages. it's going to be a good segment. they're new film "love
9:13 am
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marrying your soul mate could be one of life's happiest moments unless someone doesn't approve of that mate you've chosen. >> a new movie explores the trials of a newly married same-sex couple. >> and marisa tomei plays a novelist faced with suddenly having one-half of that couple as her new roommate. take a look. >> maybe you could start a new painting soon. >> that's the hardest thing, kate, to be honest with you. i brought all my stuff here. but -- >> what? >> it's just that i can't really work if there's someone else around. i can't concentrate. you know? >> and marisa tomei and director ira sachs are joining us this morning. >> good morning. >> it's a beautifully told movie. it's a beautiful story. a lot of buzz already. perhaps even oscar buzz on your
9:17 am
performance. so what drew you to the role? >> i just wanted to work with ira, actually. i was doing another film that has the same producer in common. and they kind of dangled that bait. we're doing ira sachs' next movie. so i was like i want to be in it. >> i'm actor bait. >> without having read the script is what i mean. >> i think the script is -- you know, john lithgow was already in and people respond z to the story about love which is from three different perspectives. from this older couple, then marisa in the middle, then a young boy asking questions about love for the first time. so i think it's a human film. >> so it was the director but also the story and the issues it grapples with. i know they're important to you
9:18 am
not just in this film but life as well. >> yes. well, i mean, it celebrates and talks about love in a very -- how have you been saying it? >> it's human. i think to me there's issues around same-sex marriage, but that's the starting point. >> it is hard to articulate it. it is about same-sex marriage but really about love. >> it's a couple that's been together for 39 years. it's just in the subtleties of that relationship you see how deeply they know each other so well. >> i think what's rare for these actors is to actually be the lead in a story about an older couple. same-sex or not, there's not that many films out there where they're given the opportunity. i had the advantage of working with these incredible comic actors. i couldn't have imagined we could turn this film with a lot of dramatic situations into also
9:19 am
a comedy. but if you've got marisa tomei, yeah. >> how was that with john and alfred? the dynamic there had to be incredible. >> i felt so lucky. i'd worked with alfred many years ago, so it was a sweet reunion. and john is just the most generous, easy to fall into any scene with. he's a great actor. you want to be up there at their level and play with them. and our young gentleman, charlie, is also fantastic. >> ira, what do you hope people take away from this movie when they see it? >> i hope they connect to it in a really personal way. that seems to be what's happening in the movie. people feel it reflects part of their own lives. that can be from a variety of positions and experiences. when my mother and stepfather say that's our story, i feel i've honored them. >> it's beautiful, the long-term love, that intimacy. knowing someone so well and
9:20 am
having those shared jokes over so long and every -- the way that those two alfred and john know each other is so beautiful. and then my relationship with my husband isn't as happy. i have a lot of sour face going on. >> but everybody can connect. >> yeah. >> and i think on a level in terms of the changing notion of the times, i think this film is for a lot of people an introduction to a same-sex couple they haven't had before. and i think people leave the film knowing that they're part of their own family. and i think that's significant. we are in a new time and this film reflects that. >> congratulations on the film. it's a really sweet, lovely story. thank you for bringing it to us. "love is strange" opens in select theaters this friday. coming up next, i'll give you all the news you need before you walk out the door this morning. and later, she plays the gorgeous love interest on
9:21 am
"entourage". now she's coming to talk. she'll talk about her new show ♪ ♪ i and i wondered what it was. pain, everywhere. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia thought to be the result of overactive nerves
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(singing) snack time and lunch. gogurt because lunch needs some fun. dust irritating your eye? ♪ (singing) ♪ visine® gives your eyes relief in seconds. visine®. get back to normal. ♪ ♪ taking a look at the headlines. missouri's governor says the national guard will help restore peace and order to the town of ferguson where there have been protests for over a week now since an unarmed black teen was shot and killed by a police officer.
9:24 am
sunday night police used tear gas to clear people off streets well ahead of a curfew. they're responding to vandalism and looting. new research finds childhood obesity has climbed. while there's been a drop with children with physical disabilities, there was a large increase in those with mental health problems. the largest increases were among higher income families which can mostly be attributed to the awareness of mental conditions. a drug already approved for a bone marrow disorder may help regrow hair on patients with alopec alopecia. the drug was then tested on humans. and most experienced hair regrowth within a matter of months. however, there is no evidence that the drug will work for other types of hair loss including male pattern baldness. turtle power holds strong for the second straight week. brought in another $28 million. guardians of the galaxy was close behind at $24 million.
9:25 am
let's be cops was third. coming up, you know her as let's be cops was third. coming up, you know her as sloan from ♪just to get backting in the kitchen♪ ♪gotta see our favorite kids,♪ ♪the excitement got us twitchin'♪ ♪you got tammy in those sweet jeans,♪ ♪louis rocking blues ♪could maya look any fly-ah♪ ♪in her tricked out shoes?!?♪ ♪jeans and hoodies, kicks, jeans and hoodies♪ ♪shop your way members ♪will be getting all the goodies♪ ♪filling your closets, these deals are insane♪ ♪ooo, ya' styles so fresh, ♪we feel like makin' it rain♪ (corrrrrnnnnnn) kids' hoodies are now just $10 for back to school. plus, shop your way members earn points on qualifying purchases. kmart. where members always get more. cereal and milk ♪ ♪ milk and cereal ♪ cereal and milk delicious kellogg's® cereal and milk. it has protein to help you rebuild, and grains to help you recharge. kellogg's. see you at breakfast. ♪ losing your chex mix too easily? deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag.
9:26 am
with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix has twenty bags of interesting. pick your mix. good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. 9:26. gorgeous morning out there so far. let's check your forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we'll see temperatures warming to the 80s and plenty of sunshine and look at cape may, that would be a nice play place to be today. temperatures some of our locations have already warmed into the 70s. 71 in philadelphia and 70 degrees in wilmington and mild conditions at the atlantic city airport and mid-60s in all allentown. over the next couple of days, we'll stay in the low 80s and take a look at showers and warm conditions on the way for the
9:27 am
rest of your workweek. in 30 minutes the trial will begin for a man involved in a road rage. police say he used a bb gun to shoot out the back window of a car that had two women and a baby inside. that happened on broad street back in may. in an unrelated case police arrested ali after he shot a pedestrian and tried to drive away. a hearing could make or break thousands of drug cases at the delaware medical examiner's office. according to the news journal of wilmington, the state public defender's office will argue that any evidence passed through the drug testing lab should be thrown out. more than 50 incidents of evidence tampering between 2010 and 2014 and they say only those cases should be considered for dismissal. philadelphia taney dragons are moving on in the little league world series. >> this one to short, fielded cleanly to first. >> that was the game winner last
9:28 am
night as taney taked down texas 7-6. i'm chris cato.
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's monday morning, august 18th, 2014. i'm will with natalie and tamron. al will be back later in the week. we've been highlighting issues important to our hearts in our shine a light series. i'm going to later this year help renovate a homeless shelter for children. natalie ran the boston marathon. earlier today we got to see tamron's shine a light. she's shining a light on domestic violence and met with seven women who were strong and brave enough to share their experiences. here's one of those stories. >> i was just tired. i didn't want to fight anymore. i didn't want to argue anymore. and i remember him just running towards me holding my neck
9:31 am
against the wall and just looking at me and saying, you know, talk back to me. i couldn't talk back. i could barely breathe. he then grabbed my daughter's thigh and just squeezed it with the same pressure he was squeezing my neck. my daughter was screaming hysterically. her leg was purple. i was, like, you can hurt me. you can slam, you can do whatever you want to me but you will not touch my daughter. and that's when i was like, i have to get out of this house. >> stories like those brought to you by tamron have so far raised just since we heard the story a couple hours ago, $6600 to help fight domestic violence. you can see here. you can go to crowd if you want to chip in and help out. tamron, obviously people who know you know how personal this is for you. >> yes.
9:32 am
my sister was a victim of domestic violence for many years of her life. she passed away a few years ago. that is renada. she has two amazing sons who have been supportive of this who are both watching. and, you know, this is about inspiring people to open their eyes and to make a change. the women that i had a chance to meet, a couple of them were victims when they were 12, 13 years old. and so people often believe that this is a problem in your 30s or 20s. but it's growing. social media is playing a role. we talk about social media and bullying. when someone says give me your pass code or let me check your voice mail. they're using technology to control you. that's a new aspect of it. but these women are brave. day one is an organization, it was the first group that allowed me to open up and tell my sister's story. they do great work. they talk to boys about what
9:33 am
love is. i keep telling myself, today, not tomorrow. and we're doing this today not tomorrow. i have an incredible team of friends and family and i consider you both family who are supporting me but most important are those women. we're here for you. and we're going to do this. >> absolutely. and tamron has done a lot of work in her life on this issue. this is just you seeing it out in the daylight. >> thank you so much. let's get a check of the weather now from dylan. >> thanks, guys. good morning, everyone. we are looking at the chance of some heavier storms trying to make their way into phoenix. you can see they are a little further to the south of the border there right now. but we are going to start off the day with some sunshine and then see pop-up showers and storms this afternoon. temperatures are pretty hot. about 98 degrees with those thunderstorms producing possibly heavier downpours. we're also looking at heavier downpours in the slight risk area across the upper midwest. and also along the frontal
9:34 am
good morning, i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head to the start of your workweek plenty of sunshine expect and temperatures range between 81 and 84 degrees and wind direction will shift out of the southwest, five to ten miles per hour. your seven-day forecast shows a chance of showers and increase in clouds as we head into tuesday. 82 degrees and5r our hu continues to build throughout the rest of our week. also see a chance of ostorms wednesd wednesday, thursday, friday, clearing up by next weekend. est forecast. >> thank you very much. emmanuelle chriqui was known from the hbo show "entourage." she will be back in the upcoming film adaptation. >> but right now you can find emanumanuelle in "cleaners." she's not someone you want to
9:35 am
mess with. take a look. >> here's the rub. we don't know where that arm is, do we? why he took or where she took her to. do you follow? what do you suggest? >> get all up in her face. >> good morning. >> don't mess with you. >> i'm happy we got your name to the letter. you would have whooped up. took us down. >> thank you. >> chriqui. >> she says she got it down and then she blows it. >> because we were saying it's french and i was trying to have a french accent like willie would. so how many ways have you heard your name? >> okay, let's see. queiquie, sometimes i'll get an "o" in there. not sure where they get that. but whatever. >> i like it.
9:36 am
>> this show is really cool. you're the star but also the executive producer. it's kind of your baby, a passion project for you, fair to say? >> yeah. paul laden is the director/creator. at a barbecue party many years ago he kind of pitched this idea of two women assassins. i was like, yes, i'm in. let's do it. it's nice to do something so outside the box. >> not a lot of female assassins. >> there are a few. angelina jolie. uma thurman. >> you kick some major butt. do you have to train for something like this? >> yeah. we did a lot martial arts training, fight training, gun training. all kinds of training. >> it's like a james bond girl. >> released so you can binge watch. >> which is free.
9:37 am
and you can download all 12. >> cool. you're becoming known for this show, but you're also i'm sure hearing sloan being yelled at you. >> they used it. i think it's simmered a little. >> all right. well sloan is back. we've got the film adaptation. you already shot it. >> yes. >> what was it like being back with the guys? >> it was amazing. it was like coming home to family. it really was. after three years being off the air, we just resumed as though we were all together yesterday. and it was so fun. and i think it's going to be great. >> when's it out? >> well, hopefully -- i mean, they're saying next summer. then there's rumors it could be sooner. but i'm guessing next summer is. >> that'll be nice. >> all right, quiqui.
9:38 am
>> we're going to make that stick. >> thank you so much. "cleaners" premieres tomorrow night on the online tv network crackle. >> good to see you. coming up next, the cost of school supplies can take you to the cleaners.
9:39 am
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even those just below the surface. and see more even, more radiant skin in just 2 weeks. amazing. [ male announcer ] so impressive, 85% saw the difference. so forget about spots and get on with life! [ male announcer ] anti-sun damage daily moisturizer. from garnier. a lot of kids across the country already back in school. others starting in the next few days. for parents and school supplies, it's long and expensive. >> whether or not you have a kindergartner or college freshman, jean chatzky has some tips. the expenses really add up and the lists have gotten longer. >> the average family spends about $670 on back to school shopping. that is a lot. and you can save yourself a ton of money by starting to shop at home. >> let's start with the clothes. and you say it's a great place to start. look in your closet.
9:43 am
>> absolutely. it is still summer. you don't need fall clothes at this point. you also probably have a lot of school supplies that can be recycled. so go through the notebooks, pull out the used pages and use them again. wash the backpacks. you don't need new ones. >> another one is tax-free shopping days. what are they? >> some are right now. connecticut right now. but a lot of states have them. you can save a ton of money. connecticut estimates they lose about $7 million to $10 million in taxes. that adds up in your pocket. >> the back to school rush tends to be more expensive. >> now is the expensive time to buy the fall clothes. mid-september is better. >> it means we start sports again, band, whatever you do. that gets expensive. >> really expensive. turbo tax found the average family spends about $700, about 20% of parents spend over a thousand dollars on all of these activities. >> it doesn't always have to be new equipment. >> no. shop used.
9:44 am
play it again sports has locations around the country. you can save 50% on whatever you're buying. or go online. go on facebook and google the name of your town and sale. and there are all of these tag sales that run all the time where you can buy a lot of great stuff. >> or trade with your neighbors. i know that's something we do. hockey equipment. we pass it around which is good. another thing you say, you want to make sure your child is go i think to stick with whatever hobby they have signed up for. >> rent before you buy for a season so you know it's going to stick. >> you might have to pay for things that once were free. hidden costs you might not see coming. >> there are a lot of school districts that are under pressure these days and they started to load expenses onto parents. small things like kleenex but big things like fees for being in the marching band or taking a.t. courses. you want to know what's coming down the pipe for the year to budget for it now.
9:45 am
just raise your hand and ask about expenses coming your way. >> real quick, for the older college kids, ways to save, meal plans and textbooks. >> meal plan, don't buy every single meal. make sure they're going to use them. if you bout a meal plan, you can usually reduce it. textbooks, rent, don't buy. >> always. >> great info, jean. thank you. >> most wonderful time. when kids do get home from school, we've got a dish you can whip up in just minutes. we'll have it after this. that's why there's a listerine® product for every mouth. one to clean your whole mouth. one for those hard to reach places. one to protect kids mouths from cavities. even one to freshen breath on-the-go. with over 100 years of innovation in oral care... there's a listerine® product for every mouth in your house.
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9:49 am
it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ if you don't have a lot of time to cook dinner tonight, we've got just the recipe. we are making crab cakes. they may look fancy, but they're easier to prepare than you think. >> seth adams is a chef.
9:50 am
i've justed ahead to the finished product. they look incredible. how do you start? >> fresh lump crab meat. very simple ingredients. like six or seven ingredients. all in one bowl. >> all right. how do you want us to begin? >> first of all, the crab meat. then we have red peppers to add into it. diced small. green onion. >> okay. i was too busy looking. >> fresh eggs. two eggs. you don't necessarily have to put the eggs in, but it will help bind it. we will use the mayonnaise for it as well. >> lump crab meat, some people get it out the can sometimes. how do we get the good stuff? >> the can is easiest. it's already done. it's a bit expensive, but it's already done. pop it in the bowl. bread crumbs. we're using japanese panko bread crumbs. >> they're a little bit lighter,
9:51 am
right? >> little lighter. >> how much panko? >> this is about two cups. >> okay. great. >> you just mix all that up. >> then our seasoning. a little tabasco spice. and old bay. >> what does that do? >> it's a seafood seasoning. and then granulated garlic. if you don't have it, you can use garlic salt. but don't put as much salt in the recipe. >> do you squeeze the le mmon o no? >> lemon is going to go in our salsa. so we're going to mix this up. >> it already looks good. >> nothing is worse than when you see a crab cake and it's too fine. >> they're going tro break up just a little bit. >> we want to shape these now? >> yeah. shape them up. >> get your hands dirty. >> dive in. >> what's the secret to a good
9:52 am
crab cake? just patty it up? >> patty it up. >> and it sticks to you. sometimes it falls apart is little, but that's okay. >> that's absolutely okay. we're going to patty these up. >> then how long is that going to stay on there? >> four or five minutes. >> easy. >> nice and brown. quick and easy. >> i see you've got corn and avocado to put on top at the end. to finish it, right? >> yeah. we're pan searing it. we could put them in the oven if we wanted. then corn and fresh avocado. lemon juice, salt and pepper. real simple. >> other than your grab cake, we've been fawning over your daughter. she's adorable. come on and help me. you've got good style. you told me you can cook, right? >> help miss tamron. >> thank you. like i got to drive miss daisy.
9:53 am
do you know how to do that? oh, look. i love your manicure too. >> come on, guys. >> we can't wait to try these when they're done. thank you so much. thanks for your help. the recipe is on our website today.
9:54 am
9:55 am
so we have a little delivery for you, willie. >> what you got? >> she heard you were giving up bread and pizza and all of that. >> not doing it. tamron may have cashed out. i'm still in. i've missed you so. >> it's $5 a slice. you can do it. >> no. i'm not doing it. i'm staying with it.
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. 9:56 and a nice start to this monday. let's get your forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> it makes monday a little easier with temperatures warming to the low 80s and plenty of sunshine for us and nice conditions from the shore to the poconos. we are seeing mostly cloudy skies in it poconos right now and closer look at our temperatures across the region. 77 in reading and philadelphia
9:57 am
with a few clouds at 74 and no clouds in the sky for atlantic city at 73 and as we head to the rest of today our temperatures range between 81 and 84 degrees. jury selection will begin the next few minutes for a woman kidnapping a girl from her elementary school. police believe is taking the girl out of bryant elementary school in west philadelphia. that girl was taken to a home a few blocks away and sexually assaulted. she was found the next day in a park in upper darby. septa will hold a special board meeting in about an hour to discuss a new labor contract. discuss to give the chairman to approve and ratify the contract for ibew, which represents the electrical workers. the union went on a one-day strike in june, along with the regional rail engineers. still no deal with the engineers union. i'm chris cato.
9:58 am
another update in 25 minutes. remember, you can always get the latest weather at now we go back to "today" show. have a great monday.
9:59 am
10:00 am
nbc news. this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is try day friday, indeed. >> this has seemed like a long week. >> it's a little warmer. >> finally it did start warming up. this weekend is supposed to be, in new york, at least, in the 60s. finally. >> a couple of different places to let you know at the end of the talk. hopefully you'll come out and say hello to me. >> you know, tomorrow is brittany shriver's birthday. our little brit. did you know that in. >> you know what, i did know
10:01 am
that. >> brittany has been with the "today" show since she was a little girl. she is forever 21. we're not going to say how old she is. >> happy birthday, brit. >> i don't know how we ever did this show without you. >> i don't either. >> we have one of my favorite people. she's one of the best guests ever. jackie collins gets cooking w h with -- love her. >> hard core pawn are here. >> pawn. who knew, hoda? >> hug an anchor day. >> there are rules, according to the huffington post. >> on hugging in general. first of all, questions about hugging in the workplace. the rule one is it says it's okay to hug your peers, but never hug people who supervise you. >> in other words, your boss. >> why wouldn't you? >> i've done it. >> jerry and roper hugging right now. it's unseemly.
10:02 am
don't do that, guys. really. >> first of all, i think hugging is -- >> hoda is a major, major hugger. >> why are you offended by it? why? >> i don't want to be hugged by just everybody or anybody. there are certain people that i enjoy a hug by, hug from, but other people i'm just a little uncomfortable. >> okay. >> the worst kind of hug is a fake hug. that's the one where you half -- don't even go in. might as well just shake a hand. >> one of the worst things is somebody looks at you and goes, ah, you look like you need a hug. >> i hate that. that is the worst. >> you want to go and you look like you need a slap. >> i don't like that. but i think you can always tell. sometimes i'm clear whether it's okay to go in for the hug. if you open up your arms and you are like this, i'm here. >> hoda goes like this. come in here. i usually do. she tries to get this, but she does keep it right within the -- >> never hug from behind.
10:03 am
>> right. >> don't surprise people that way. and then they say don't close your eyes or whisper when you're hugging somebody professionally. >> professionally? >>. >> some of our guests i hug sfwloosh i think it's a great compliment when someone tells you smell good. >> there are nothing sexier than someone whispering close to your ear when they are hugging you. think about it. >> everything works with you. everything. >> don't you think it's such a great thing when someone says, like -- wow. i like it. a lot. >> if you are young enough to know what that is. they are talking about things that are currently cool according to teenagers. we want the parents to listen up because we want to know if you want to know if you are officially cool, this is what the answers are. red it asks teens about social media. teens said the cool things are -- >> snap chat, vine, and
10:04 am
instagram. >> you know what's not cool? >> they're already over facebook. twitter wasn't even mentioned. >> facebook is -- you know what, i think it's when the parents discover the thing, like as soon as a parent starts vining, the kids are going to be over it and they'll get the next thing. stop trying to keep up with your kids. >> stopped a long time ago. >> beauty. >> yes. >> having pronounced eyebrows now and talking about them a lot. >> that's with teens too. your brows are so good. i like them. oh, my god. are you threading? did you pluck? >> that's what they do. they wax, pluck. have you seen the threading? >> i got on the elevator the other day to go to my dentist, and this guy got on with these two huge bags, and i said hello. we were going to the same floor. he is right next door to dr. larry rosenthal. i said what do you do? he goes i'm an eyebrow threader. that's a big thing. he had great-looking eyebrows. it's harder than you think. >> the men do -- he did his brows? oh, no. >> do you have a problem with that, hoed wra?
10:05 am
>> i don't love that. i don't love it. >> unless they say you smell good. >> abercrombie & fitch. >> i thought they were damaged. >> they're not damaged. owning raybands. >> they've been around forever. >> doc martins and converse sneakers. >> nothing is new under the sun. >> music and film, you know what they like? electronic dance music and the disney frozen song. >> at least this is a song, but i don't want to hear the dance version. >> i don't like techno. just the constant bang -- that's not for me. there are two things that have been combined, obviously. >> this is "let it go" and, finally -- >> this is a good sign. >> they think being smart is cool. >> yeah. that's good. >> that is good. >> even though their frontal lobes are not even formed. >> this is a prankster decided they were going to have some fun with starbucks. they set up a rope line, and they pretended to be a bouncer
10:06 am
so when people walked up, they would have to approach the rope line to buy the coffee. starbucks knew nothing about it. >> jerry kingsly thought it would be funny. >> bouncers who let you in if you're not on the list. you know what else is annoying. if you can't get your morning coffee. >> are you on the list? >> for what? >> for coffee. >> you're kidding. >> you have to have a reservation. >> you know like the genius bar. he checked in earlier. you know like a club if there are too many men and, like, women, so we need to get some women to go in with you, you'll -- >> she could get in, but i can't. >> she's hot. do you want some coffee? you can go in for your coffee. you should go in with her. >> can i be with you? >> can you take him? he has been waiting. >> what kind of coffee are you getting? >> that involves a lot of ingredients. you need to register for that. >> i've been here this morning. >> new yorkers are so impatient. >> that voice.
10:07 am
her voice is totally grating on me. i couldn't even hear what she was saying. >> hoda was out. out, out, out. >> what is it with that voice that everyone does? it's a manufactured thing. people do it. oh, my god. >> it's like kardashian-esque. ro a lot of people are doing it. that was created. oh, my god. you can't come in. >> okay. >> you know what somewhere low tweeted us. she tweeted us after i love you poppy, i love, you love, you love you. >> she liked it. we did it. >> okay. >> she loved it. >> all righty. you're going to like this. this is a two-legged dog. don't laugh. it's -- you need to see it. it's all about overcoming obstacles. look at this guy. he lost his back -- both of his back legs, and look at him. >> oh, my god.
10:08 am
>> how sweet. he had a wheelchair, but he hated it. >> he didn't like it. >> he didn't like it. i think that is so amazing. >> look at him. >> that's unbelievable. >> stop it. hoda, stop it. it was posted by the family. i love rescue animal shelter in vancouver, washington. >> i think it's beautiful. i really do. i really do. >> that dog's name was duncan lou, and he was born with severely deformed rear legs. >> that just shows that when you have to be strong you are. >> i'm sorry. nothing is funnier than hoda laughing, so i'm going to try a friday fun where i. >> here's the thing. honestly, i love dogs, and i didn't even think that was funny. sometimes it's like a funeral. i get weird. i don't mean it. it just happens. >> all right. let's see what you think of this one. i wouldn't want to read your emails after this.
10:09 am
early one morning a mom went in to wake up her son. the son turned over and whined, why, mom, i don't want to go. the mom it is give me two reasons you don't want to go. the mom says, well, the kids hate me for one, and the teachers hate me too. that's no reason not to go to school, said the mom. come on now and get ready. she tried to pull him out of bed. frustrated, the son quickly sat up in bed and yelled give me two reasons why i should go to school. the mom thought about it a second and said, well, for one, you're 52 years old, and for another, you're the principal. >> oh, good. >> i like that one. >> that was good. >> all right. best-selling author jackie collins is hitting us up with recipes inspired by steamy stories. >> get out your junk, hoda. the stars of "hard core pawn" are ready to tell us what it's worth. >> p-a-w-n. we'll meet the gold family after this. mary has atrial fibrillation,
10:10 am
an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts her at a greater risk of stroke. rome? sure! before xarelto®, mary took warfarin, which required monthly trips to get her blood tested. but that's history. back to the museum? not this time! now that her doctor switched her to once-a-day xarelto®, mary can leave those monthly trips behind. domestic flight? not today! like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require regular blood monitoring. so mary is free of that monitoring routine. for patients currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. xarelto® is just one pill a day taken with the evening meal. spinach? grazie! plus, with no known dietary restrictions, mary can eat the healthy foods she likes. don't stop taking xarelto®, rivaroxaban, unless your doctor tells you to.
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10:13 am
autoevery. >> have you ever cleaned yurt closet to find an old necklace or dusty vcr and say what do i do with this stuff? the shows of hard core pawn is going to tell us. >> les gold and his two children ashley and seth, as they run one of the biggest pawn shops in detroit. things can get heated when it's a family affair. >> i bought at least one semi full of television sets. >> where are you going to put
10:14 am
that? >> have you seen how many tvs are in our current warehouse? >> the building across the street that you said we are getting -- >> we haven't got it. >> it's coming. >> so -- >> listen, if the deal is right, how are you going to turn it down? >> what are you doing with 500 tvs? that's the question. >> the golds are here, and we want to know, did you sell that? can you sell that? >> we sold in one week. we sold 100 televisions. >> what's the markup? >> where are the other 400? >> they're the next three weeks. >> i think it's a little obsessive. >> he is a hoarder. >> where do you get a truck full of tvs? >> i buy them from a company that does reclaimed assets, and they have merchandise they sell. i'm buying them. >> who drives the bus in the store? >> he drives. >> i try to. >> we tell him which direction to go sometimes, but he does his own thing. >> do you have anything to say about the buying? you are the dad and all. >> they don't.
10:15 am
they have nothing to say. >> have you ever been as wrong as i just was? >> no, never. >> i'm sorry. >> you can't be right at time, but if i'm right most of the time, it's a good thing. >> does he admit it? seth. >> he is human. he says i'm wrong, which is a lot. >> it's a lot of stuff, and it's wrong, and then we have to try to get rid of it. >> now, often when you think of wropt to generalize, but you think of pawn shops, you think, oh, my god, somebody stole something and took it to the pawn shop and tried to get quick cash for it. >> it can be a negative. >> what's the truth? >> to be honest that's what we're trying to do with our show and help change the perception of pawn shops. every person that comes in we take their id, take their thumbprint and send it to the police within 24 hours. we're very -- >> is that the law? is that something you do? >> it's a highly regulated industry, so by and large that's what most pawn shops are supposed to do. we're very regulated. >> when people walk in and they have a piece, and you say, oh, my god, that's such a beautiful. you know it's worth something. what is, like, one of the best pieces that's ever come in
10:16 am
employ surprised you? >> nothing surprises me. people bring in everything. from a big diamond to, you know, all kinds of stuff which i'll show you later. >> i can't wait. >> vintage broempz. vintage merchandise. they bring in everything. >> that's the excitement in our store and watching our show. >> you can make a good living doing this? >> i have for the last few years. >> you also have a reality show. >> cha-ching. >> it's all about the pawn shop. tv is here for a short time. pawn shop is here forever. >> we had some of our producers and people who work here bring in some things. the first is that necklace back there. bianca brought that in, and she's our food stylist. >> what i'm going to have you do. i looked at this beforehand. kathie, pick up the pearl necklace. rub it against your tooth. i'm going to give you an analogy about the pearl. >> what if my teeth aren't real? >> well, then give it to hoda. honestly, i'm honest about it.
10:17 am
>> rub it at your front tooth. >> the back ones are, but i'm not going to put it back there. >> rub against your front tooth. is it gritty, or is it smooth? >> smooth. >> rub it again. >> you think -- >> this one is not. >> okay. >> is it gritty? >> it is grit where i. >> it should be gritty. >> if you rub it gents your front tooth, if it's gritty, that means it's real. >> how much is that worth? >> it's worth $500. what i also notice is the latch is 14 karat. it's gorgeous. >> jerry gave a baseball. >> the hard part with sports memorandbilia is proving its authenticity. i would appraise that at $200, $300. >> one of our producers gave us these three things. >> this is a beautiful broach. it's 14 karat gold. it has rubies and diamonds. it would probably value around $4,500. when people go into their china closet, royal doll, wedge wood, people don't than they have value. this has a value of, let's say,
10:18 am
$50, but that matters. that has a value of a couple of hundred. look in your closet. look in your pocket. you never know what you might find. >> this is a 1920s broach which is all platinum with all, you know, european cut diamonds. it's worth about $25,000 and i gave $12,000 for it. look through your cabinets. >> good luck with the show. >> hard core pawn. >> i look young. i get it. >> hard core pawn, tuesday nights on true tv. >> yes, we're going to tell you, if sell by really means you should throw it out. >> we're checking accessories coming up after this. go, b.t. wasn't my dress cute? (meow) everyone getting their work done? oh you betcha! reply all! busy busy! "and in conclusion"... because your family needs to always be productive. boom! well... almost always. oh no!
10:19 am
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10:22 am
it's time for bobbie's buzz. to a body foam case to hot headphones, there's always a way to stay in style. >> we know that today's style editor and's bobbie thomas is always looking for the hottest fashion, even when it comes to tech, or like we like to call them -- >> tech-cessories. >> everybody is, like, really? this? we love it. >> all good stuff. >> i have been getting stopped on the street and our makeup room, et cetera, for my phone case. i have been asked. this is a cross-body case that has made my life so much easier. >> do you wear it like a prs? >> you can wear it like a purse. >> cross-body.
10:23 am
>> you can even double it to make it like a regular bag. it's fantastic. it also has this handy strap in the back that lets you hold the phone for pictures or texting. i love this. >> that's genius. >> iphone and the samsung galaxy s5. coming. next, i'm caught with my phone on the back. we have what hoda is modelling for us. >> oh, my god. i'm so excited. >> another fantastic. hand candy. this is all about necklaces that are headphones. they even -- >> it has headphones in it. >> cute. >> in the back when you want to wear it as a necklace and pull the ear buds out, they won't fall down. lots of fun styles. >> these are all affordable, right? >> all affordable. everything that will make your texts even better. then these my ceo are fantastic keyboards that make your ipad into an instant desk or work station. >> it's got a drawer underneath. >> for these people that love their tablet and want to work on the road, greats. >> it just hooks up to the keyboard automatically and you
10:24 am
stick it in there. >> blue tooth enabled with the keyboard. last but not least, phone soaked. there's a charging case that kills germs overnight. phone soap helps to keep it clean and avoids fingerprints during the day zoosh you put it in at night and it cleans it? >> cleans it and sanitizes. >> cleans it. >> everything. everything. >> i think it was great. i only understood a little bit. >> looking for -- looking to save money on food? well, wait until you hear about the expiration dates. >> plus, fashions for the younger members of your family that they'll enjoy wearing this we're. >> who is that? >> a lot of family members. there they are. >> i can't. i can't even. >> that's going on right now. >> we liky. liky. [ male announcer ] when your kids aren't muddling through allergies,
10:25 am
they have more time to travel back in time. try new children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs. children's zyrtec® is clinically proven to relieve kids' allergy symptoms for a full 24 hours. new children's zyrtec® dissolve tabs. do you wannaa baby?like... like a bear? how about like you're on vacation... in this place! (dolphin)
10:26 am
sleep like you haven't seen your bed in days... no, in weeks! sleep like the kids went to nana's house... for the whole weekend! sleep like you just took zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid from the makers of nyquil that helps you sleep easily, sleep soundly, and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing. >> announcer: "nbc 10 news" starts now. good morning. i'm chris cato. 10:26. meteorologist brittney shipp is in with our forecast.
10:27 am
brittney, things are looking good for us? >> here's a look at the skyline for center city. we are seeing mild conditions. 65 degrees in mouchbt pocono. 72 in allentown. 72 in washington township. if you're waking up with us in mount holly, 72 degrees. a bit warmer by the shore at 74 in beach haven. today's high ranges from 81 to 84 degrees. chris? >> breaking force news now. sky force 10. live above the scene in months gom ri couldn montgomery county. this is the back of a grocery store that was on fire. it was amelia's grocery store. it was evacuated because of the fire that was in the back of the store. they have the fire contained. however, amelia's grocery store currently closed and evacuated because of the fire. roads closed in the area. no reports of any injuries. lewis road is closed between chestnut and oak streets. in an hour and a half representatives from revel are
10:28 am
expected to appear in bankruptcy court to present new closing dates. they announced they will close september 1st. the casino will close. revel wanted to close today but state casino regulators denied that. 3100 people will lose their jobs. revel is one of three casinos. show boat will close on the 2 31st and trump will close. i'm chris cato. we have a full hours of news. you can get the latest on have a great monday.
10:29 am
10:30 am
banning on this tri day friday with more on today and the truth about expiration date. >> a three-day-old carton of leftovers, it's got to be safe to eat if it smells okay. >> maybe not. >> all those use by and sell by dates have you confisd, you're not alone. don't worry. diet editor madeline berg strom is here to help you spring clean that refrigerator. >> there's so much food waste no nowadays. a couple of things you may not know, but all these labels sell by, use by are voluntarily. there's nothing mandatory about this except for baby formula. the second is that a lot of this is for quality, not safety. when you see something that is a sell by date, that means that's the last day a supermarket or any retailer can sell something legally. they've got to take it off the shelves. that's to rotate their stuff. the or more confusing use by,
10:31 am
and most oftentimes this is for quality, not safety, but there are some limits. you can't keep stuff in your frig and freezer forever. >> if there's clunks at the bottom of your milk, you're going to be sick. >> there are limits. that's what part of our game is today. is it going to be -- >> let's play keep or toss. now we have some eggs. this says use by today. today. use by today. would you keep? >> keep it, definitely. >> would i definitely keep it. >> you're going to keep it because it just means it will be fine for at least two or three weeks at proper temperature. >> two or three weeks. >> don't leave the eggs in the egg container, that cute thing that's on the side. put it in the middle of the frinl. they need to remain cold. >> a lot of these regulations are all due to proper conditions for your frig. >> what about having a frig thermometer. >> we're going to have turkey. >> that starts to get gel on it. >> it was purchased six days ago. >> definitely keep. >> i say toss.
10:32 am
>> i have eaten mine six days. put them over here. >> they are going to be in the toss. >> they get a gel on them. >> another problem is that you have to ask the deli guy when did they open the big loaf. when you cut it, you'll get four days out of it if it's fresh. >> my head hurts. >> what else? >> okay. yogurt. now we're going to look at yogurt. this says sell by today. >> sell by. >> sell by toted. >> that's a keep. >> toss anything milk. >> something -- no, no, no. you can keep it actually for about seven to ten days because it just -- it says it's for optimal taste. that really would be fine. >> yogurt. i don't know. >> condiments. take a look. typically it's ketchup. this says -- this label is to best if used by two months ago. it's just a month if it's your pantry. then it's bad. let's talk about typical
10:33 am
leftovers. chinese food or petitions pizza. this is first eaten four days ago. >> i'm going to toss it. >> you know what -- >> you don't have to? >> you don't have to, but this is the last day. three to four days. you know, use your judgment. it's got to have been in the frig. it can't be running around. >> if it smells, toss it. >> that's amazing. if i bought chinese food on monday, i could eat it again on thursday. >> up to -- up to four days. >> depends who you bought it from. >> that's the outside limit. you can keep this. >> i'm going to put that right on the line. >> i think that's fair. that's the last day of use. >> i know too much about this. >> let's take a look. we all use this bagged lettuce. it says best by yesterday. >> that's a keep. >> how long can you keep it? >> two days. >> two days. >> no, longer. >> if you don't mind having gnarly pieces or things might be a little wilted or not as fresh, something about -- >> it's about quality, not about safety. sfli used to work in a restaurant, and they would take vats of lettuce, and they would
10:34 am
throw it into a vat of water with some kind of chemical, and it eats away the brown stuff, and then you served it. that's what we did. >> where was this restaurant? >> i can't tell, but that's what we did. that was my job. >> quality issues. not safety issues. you're not going to get poison. it just looks really gross. >> now we have something. we have some ground beef. this is sell by four days ago. >> toss it. >> what does that mean? >> i don't trust any kind of raw meat. >> i say toss it. >> you can really only save this for a day or two. it's highly vulnerable to getting bacteria. chuck this stuff or freeze it. >> chuck the chuck. >> now we're going to go to the last one. >> it's on the line, hod. frozen for six months. >> keep it. >> that will be great. you know, stuff will lose freshness after a while. >> freezer burn. >> frozen for ten months. can you keefe it? >> ten months? >> you're one to talk.
10:35 am
>> freeze the precooked. >> this is one to toss, but you could keep it because it won't make you sick, but it will get freezer burn. you'll have it in your freezer or frig. >> we're going to have the late latest. >> something from the luck where i cook book. >> she's so fun. right after. a card that gave you that "i'm 16 and just got my first car" feeling. presenting the buypower card from capital one. redeem earnings toward part or even all of a new chevrolet, buick, gmc or cadillac - with no limits. so every time you use it, you're not just shopping for goods. you're shopping for something great. learn more at
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♪ well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! tell me more, tell me more... ♪♪ from l'oreal paris. twizzlerize your summer fun with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. there was like an i haderuption on my skingles. and burning. i'd lift my arm and the pain back here was excruciating. when i went to the doctor his first question was "did you have chickenpox?" i thought it was something that, you know, old people got.
10:39 am
it is time for today's travel and the perfect family getaway. >> if are you looking for a great destination for the kids, family fun magazine has some fun ideas. >> they come up with the magazine's annual travel awards, and here is some of the hot spots that took the top honors. this family fun deputy editor mary giles. nice to see you again. >> hi, mary. how did you pick? how could you possibly pick? >> well, we scoured the country to find 400 of the most family-friendly destinations out there. to make our list they had to have a reputation for excellence and be a great value. in fact, all the ones i am going to talk to you today are either free or $18 or less per person. >> zoos and aquariums. >> the families are the ones who rated them and picked them. >> let's start with -- >> our number one pick for sdmroos and aquariums is the henry dorly zoo in omaha, nebraska. this zoo has three of the
10:40 am
biggest exhibits in the entire world. they have a rainforest exhibit. families can pretend like they're on this great adventure through the swrunkle. >> like disneyworld. >> i like that. there's another good zoo you liked. toledo is number two, right? >> that's where a lot of these hidden gems rose to the surface in these awards, and toledo has 74 acres of exhibits and a lot of great news that the last two years as well. they've got a great polar bear exhibit, a new elephant exhibit as well. >> i love that. oh, look at that. >> let's go to museums. those are sometimes hard to get kids into, but have you some good ones. >> we have museum that is rose to the top here, and the number two exhibit was museum was the museum of science and industry in chicago. this is a super fun one. it's the biggest science museum in the western hemisphere. you can explore trains, go through a 727, a higher submarine. you can see a four story tall
10:41 am
simulated tornado. >> it's so intertype of. lots of sizes. >> this is the number one museum. this is another really hidden gem that rose to the surface in our family fun award. >> this is the strong museum. it's in rochester, and this is a museum entirely devoted to play. it has the national museum of play, the -- >> sesame street. >> hall of fame. and you can dress a giant mr. potato head. you can play overseized games like connect four. you can see comic book heroes and some of your favorite toy characters there. >> national parks are your last category. >> so the -- one of the favorite national parks are sleeping bear dunes, lakeshore in michigan, and as the name implies, there are miles and miles of beautiful beaches here, and then, of course, the dunes, and you can buhl actually climb on them. some are as tall as 300 feet. kids just love to climb up those, run back down them. the number one national park is
10:42 am
great smoky mountain park. >> so beautiful there. >> so beautiful. that's exactly what our families said. they just love the gorgeousness of this park, and the variety of things to do there from hiking and biking and fishing and ca e canoeing and kayaking. >> also affordable too. >> yeah. can you see all 60 winners on our website at family fun >> thank you so much. all right. celebrating easter in style. >> the latest spring fashions for kids right after this. some family members of ours. [ male announcer ] there's chicken,
10:43 am
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10:46 am
dressing your kids for daycare and school is one thing, but having them dress up for holidays has a whole new set of challenges. we listed lifestyle editor amy goodman who also happens to be a mom to find dress-up clothes that are affordable and comfortable for kids. >> hello. >> were there any special trends
10:47 am
hitting streets this easter? >> so many of the runway trends are on these kids, but at affordable prices, and as kathie lee said, i'm a mom. i want everybody to be comfortable. including the hair on my face. hopefully you're not -- they can wear it throughout summer and spring as well. >> and not be miserable in them. >> i love you brought real siblings. all the kids you are going to see are siblings. that's exciting. >> florals are big. we have samman that and wheeling out her daughter -- her sister lily. >> oh, yes. the floral trend was abloom on the runways this season, and we have sammy, the older sister. she's wearing the beautiful water poppies. >> she's stopped with a sweater from tea collection. >> i wish you could see the smile this baby has going. >> she's looking at emma. >> this is from old navy. then we have baby lily wearing h & m, and the eyelet, it's classic for easter. this is done -- sewn in a floral pattern.
10:48 am
>> look at the vest. so cute. >> isn't that adorable? >> oh, my gosh. lily. where is mama? there she is. >> thanks to radio flyer for the wagon so we could bring her in and out. >> thank you. >> can you go ahead and pull that way. >> great job. >> very good job. >> next up, we have jacque, maxine, and soleil. >> between the two of them, they're wearing checks, stripes, and che ron, and it all works together. jacque maxine has -- we have big brands like carter that will be known, and we also love the boutique brands. tadpole and lily, haez the zigzag suspenders. soleil has beautiful accessories on her. i love her bracelets from husic cuffs. >> i love rustic cuffs. they're darling. >> everybody is very envious of her gladiator sandals.
10:49 am
buz they offer so much coverage, it's a great trend. >> i think they look adorable on children. so i'll say. >> thanks, kids. thank you so much. >> next up we have sheer layers. >> thank you so much jacque maxine, and soleil. >> now we have ashland and allana. >> come on out. >> then their daddy, dan. producer tammy's beautiful girls. and dan. >> dan is -- >> bring her out. >> bring her out. >> the sheer layers, designers embrace it for kids, and it really does provide volume without the weight. they can twirl. they can spin. they can dance with mom and dad too, and so we have baby allana here, and she's by the piece by wendy ballisimo, and it has an ombre from light cream to peach, and i love the rose that is on the strap. then ashland and carter. >> look at ashland. uber model in the making. >> she's already got some --
10:50 am
>> she's got the total look. >> she has been practicing. i love her carters separates. she's got the cool balance yea shirt. she takes ballet, and that's even better. >> beautiful. >> we rounded out her look with her sweater and shoes. >> it's like she's posing for a picture. >> well, thank you so much. >> bye, kids. >> he now we have our nautical look. we have nicolas maya and jack coming out. >> how adorable with these guys? >> she's remembering her order. i could not escape, ashley. the anchors, ships, and sails on everything from nearly every brand. maya there in the middle is wearing a number by h & m that sells for $9.95. >> beautiful. >> and the tallest, nicolas, is go for fun, up turned collars and look for the sweaters you can play with. he is wearing kenneth cole. she's wearing balleto and land's
10:51 am
end. they're all slip on because when you think about the dock and nautical themes. then we have land's end on jack. >> you guys were great. >> lastly, we have pastels. piper, john, and mare. >> they came to the fitting all wearing black. how do i get them in the hottest color trends for the spring season? >> how cute? >> which is pastel. you offer a different twist. on mare -- >> oh, wow. literally -- >> i love that. >> mare is wearing the green overlay lace, which is so fresh. this is by cherokee. also harper is wearing cherokee. the different twist is the lepered print with the sequins with a neon belt, and last but not least, swron here in the middle, he is actually very accomplished ballet dancer. i wanted to give him clothes he could move in. those are from gap kids, and the bow tie. >> come on out, everybody. >> oh, yeah. >> you guys, thank you so much. >> wave good-bye as we say best-selling author jackie collins gets lucky in our kitch. >> with recipes she cooked up
10:52 am
for her most famous fictional character. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
>> you know jackie collins a best selling author of steamy and glam russ novels, but now she's debuting her tal ebts in had the kitchen. >> the lucky los angeles cook book is inspired by her beloved character and full of recipes as delicious as her plot line. >> oh. >> well, i want you to have a drink first. >> what are we having? >> i have a little -- want a drink? irresistible grin. only if you feel like making one of your famous brazilian drinks. if i do, what do i fwet in return. luck where i chal epg. i got a hunch i know what that is. that brings me to the pumpkin pie. >> the pumpkin pie? >> that's what i was thinking.
10:55 am
>> i call this cook book decadent and delicious. >> okay. >> healthy ones. >> i like you to put these ingredients, if you would like to help cathy. eggs and then we add the water. then we add the sugar. >> the sugar. brown sugar. >> i like brown sugar. >> decadent. >> coagulated. >> these things happen. >> we're going to, like, bring that all up. >> not so good. >> that's a pinch of salt, yes. >> pinch of salt. >> he feel like salt. >> then it's the baking soda. >> you think? >> it doesn't feel like it. then the butter. >> all the butter goes in. >> all right. >> and then when this is melted, we're going put it into that. loo what's this? >> that's the milk. then we're going add the butter and the eggs and everything. >> nothing with this? >> you can add that. >> a pinch of this. >> a pinch? >> that is baking soda.
10:56 am
that's flour. that's baking soda. yes. >> i don't know what it is. i just dumped it all in. >> i want to know what it feels like. that's funny. >> now what? >> dumping this in here? >> we're going to dump it. >> let's see what we did. >> it's not melted enough. >> it does smell good, though. >> but it smells good, though, huh? >> then what happens? >> going to dump it into the pie dish. >> it's going to be like this. >> it's going to look like that, and then let's move on to the chocolate. >> do i put this on here? >> yeah. you do. >> you do that. you're good. >> oh, wait. >> you can't lift it up. >> we have one there. >> that's gorgeous. >> that pie crust is beautiful. >> well, we'll leave this to melt. >> with the chocolate. >> well, the chocolate you just add this to that. and it is really fantastic. it's just melty chocolate. >> look what's happening here.
10:57 am
>> and sugar and milk. and the butter. then you put a pinch of baking soda in. sfwlo what am i making? >> doesn't feel like baking soda. >> kathie. >> we're making a little joke. >> i'm trying to make this as delicate and delicious. decadent and delicious. >>ow what am i -- >> now making chocolate ye, kn, you --is j showing. take them out, and you -- >> you flip it. can you flip it for me? >> just leave it for us. >> just put it down nice. pat it. >> oh. >> you do it. i can't. you do it. >> and it's not coming out. >> i'm just going to eat it. >> oh, my god. >> here's one done. >> this is it. >> you can buy all -- find all these recipes on klg and >> that's wonderful, and i have no whered who else. we'll see -- greg
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> announcer: "nbc 10 news" starts now. right now at 11:00 a.m., more confrontations overnight between protestors and police in ferguson, missouri. good morning. i'm renee chenault-fattah. nbc's sarah dollof is live. >> reporter: good morning, renee. they're ordering in the national guard to bring, quote, peace and order to the area. this following one of the most intense nights of violence and unrest in this entire saga.


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