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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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let's seek to heal rather than to wound each other. >> right now at 5:00, a presidential plea. president obama called for calm in ferguson, missouri. tonight, the curfew has been lifted as the clash between protesters and police escalate. >> unarmed teen michael brown was shot six to eight times in the head and chest. they would not confirm whether he was hit elsewhere on his body. >> sarah dallop is live for us. >> reporter: the national guard will protect the area here so that law enforcement can be in the thick of the demonstration. starting this afternoon, a show
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of greater force following another night of violent protests. overnight, the governor ordered the increased security to help quell the escalated violence and to protect the police command center. with the presence of the national guard, the governor has lifted the curfew. >> molotov cocktails were thrown and there was other clashes violence. >> reporter: police move in with riot gear michael brown was shot several times with a fate toll blow to the top of the head. >> at least six shots, at least six shots. could be more. but at least six. >> reporter: the st. louis county medical examiner's office has not released its report but
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confirmed to nbc news that brown was shot more than once in the head and chest. >> we believe, given those kinds of facts, this officer should have been arrested. >> reporter: the case is expected to go before a grand jury as early as wednesday to determine if the police officer who killed michael brown will be charged. >> that was sarah dallof. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage. we'll take a closer look at the situation unfolding on the ground. we're also posting updates as they come in on back here at home, imagine someone killing cats and leaving them on people's door steps. it's happening in a philadelphia neighborhood. christina maddela is live in mayfair. >> reporter: people are really upset and there's a stray cat here on some one's lawn.
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one dead cat was found dumped on a front lawn and in this shed here that you're looking at right now, four dead kittens. it looks like someone stomped on them and killed them. we won't show images of the dead kittens because it's disturbing. but some of what you may hear will also be disturbing. >> it doesn't register in my brain how someone could do that. i don't understand. >> reporter: gina called nbc 10 after her friends found four small kittens stomped to death inside this shed last week. she described what she saw. >> there were bodies, kitten bodies, just fur and head. they stomped the kittens so hard that they were mushed. >> reporter: the pictures of the kittens are too disturbing to show on television. >> they looked like they smashed them because all that is left is bones and fur. >> reporter: stray cats are all over the neighborhood. we spotted several roaming around. boyd has already taken in four
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cats. he's the one who found the kittens in the she hd. >> i can't even picture even harming an animal, let alone a kitten. >> reporter: he says kids are responsible. >> crazy kids trying to harm these animals. i can't do nothing to them. >> reporter: he has since put up these boards to keep kids out. he and his fiance called the animal control and spfa. >> something has got to be done. >> reporter: throughout the day we've been reaching out to find out the status of the investigation but we weren't able to get ahold of anyone. christina maddela in mayfair, nbc 10. now to a story first on, police arrested the
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suspect in connection with a videotaped beating at a philadelphia love park. 19-year-old curtis tanner's charges include aggravated assault and terroristic assaults. he was the aggressor on a city parks and rec ranger on friday. >> what he did was ask them to leave the park if they were going to ride the skateboards and that's what he's supposed to do. he asked that. >> a second juvenile suspect is being questioned by the police. a third man seen smiling and recording the attack as it played out is also wanted for questioning. new information now on a suspicious death we told you about on friday. philadelphia police have ruled the man's death a homicide. lee stanley was found dead on the first floor of his home. he died of blunt-force trauma to the chest. contractors who arrived to do work found the victim. at the time, the investigators
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found no sign that anyone broke into the home. no arrests have been made in the case. >> the search is on for a man who tried to lure a child in south jersey this weekend. camden police approached the 11-year-old girl around 6:30 last night near baird boulevard. he followed the girl but never caught up. he was wearing red markings and a black hat. sky force 10 following a car that somehow ended up in a river this afternoon in delaware county. you can see the fire department at work there. the scene is clear but officials haven't said if someone was taken to the hospital or why the car ended up in the water in the first place. >> were you watching? tonight there's still a glow over philadelphia after this amazing finish in the little
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league world series. the taney dragons came from behind to keep their championship dreams alive. >> there could be a weather threat. >> glenn hurricane schwartz has the details for us. what do youfhthink? >> we have some showers. and first stop, before we get to our portion of the state, will be williamsport, which is nice and dry right now. this is the area of showers across the western great lakes. it would be coming in on wednesday night. it's about 650 miles away right now. not moving real fast but it could get into the area in time for the effect. it could drop to 68 by 10:00. again, chances of showers during the game but it does not look like it would be a steady rain or heavy enough or severe enough to cause major problems but
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certainly something we're going to have to watch. and we'll watch our forecast for the next seven days, see how the stormy it gets around here coming up. >> glenn, we'll see you soon. the taney little leaguers have become a national story. >> the dragons are a he perfect 2-0. they will play next the team from nevada. here's comcast sportsnet harry cicma. >> reporter: the tan kney drago were down by one run going into the bottom of the six by they played a pair of rbis. mo'ne davis will start against the champions from the west. they have scored 25 runs in their opening two games here at
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the little league world series. some good news to report for the tan kntaney dragons, they are focused and have had a few light batting sessions here object the ground in williamsport and there's no question, they are just one game away from the championship game. i'm harry cicma, comcast sportsnet. if you haven't gotten any taney dragons sports gear yet, you may have trouble finding it. there is good news, the team's website is expected to be restocked by tomorrow afternoon.
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>> it's been 15 years since a team from this area has won the little league championship series. one team made it to the big lesion and he's now on the reds. we'll bring you the latest on the philly pride and taney dragons. tweet your response to #teamtaney. apologizing to a local veteran. >> how else the park is apologizing. a woman accused of abducting a local girl from hlocal elementary school. and the increasingly dire situation for the casino due to close in a matter of days.
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in ferguson, missouri, the unrest there less than an hour ago president obama announced he's sending attorney general eric holder to the suburb. >> he'll go there on wednesday. let's turn to jim rosenfield who is live there at the digital operation center. jim, what do you know? >> keith and jacqueline, eric holder will be meeting with federal law enforcement officials who are investigating the police shooting death of michael brown. just this weekend, holder authorized a federal up on brown
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who was shot and killed over a week ago now. today, two autopsy results revealed that a white officer shot the black unarmed teen at least six times, including twice in the head. brown's death has, of course, sparked violent protests leaving the governor to declare a state of emergency there. he's even called in the national guard to help restore order to ferguson which president obama addressed. >> to a community of ferguson that is rightly hurting and looking for answers, let me call once again for us to seek understanding rather than simply holler at each other. let's seek to heal rather than to wound each other. we have to use this moment to seek our our humanity that's been bare at this moment. >> michael brown's case will go before a grand jury as early as wednesday of this week to
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determine if any charges will be filed. jim rosenfield, back to you. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the unrest in ferguson. you can see the brown's family autopsy report for yourself at and now to the casino crisis. representatives from the casino spent the day in bankruptcy court. they hope to auction off of property they are losing more than $1 million every week. they initially wanted to close today but state casino sheet to shut down. the showboat will close on the 21st and trump will close on
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september 16th. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. we have an entire section at with the latest developments from atlantic city. well, an amazingly comfortable summer, at least in this part of the country. out west in california, record heat and record drought but on the east it's a different story. the comfort continues and we have more days of that in the seven-day. showers returning this week. nothing like last week's rain, though. and a possible in williamsport. we have beautiful conditions out there. it's on the warm side but not especially human. it's 83. humidity only 43% and it's near 80 degrees in west chester,
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pottstown, reading. 79 in dover and in millville, 78 degrees atlantic city international. of course, at the beaches, it's even cooler because we have the sea breeze that's come in today. 76 in delaware. 75 in of a val lon. the wind is going to come off of the ocean all week. there will be no warm weather at the beach this week. it's not going to be a bad week but it's sure not going to be a warm one. the dry air conditions across the entire region. there's heavy rain, thunderstorms not that far away. it starts coming up the coast. not this time. it's moving straight out to the sea. that one you can cross off. this one is a different upper air system that is going to
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bring us some we ares. it's going to take a while for that to happen. as we go through the day, we see a mix of sun and clouds and low humidity and probably no showers around. look at wednesday morning. we're still looking kind of dry. this latest futurecast keeps us sunny and showers in williamsport, not all that heavy. certainly not on a steady vain or severe weather. and then on thursday, the threat of showers increase from west to east across the area. at least one day this week we'll get the showers and storms and zero days this week for heat. mostly clear and comfortable. mention of sun and clouds and temperatures pretty close to
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today. we're either near that or below it all the way through the seven days. the best chance of showers and storms is on thursday and that could affect the eagles and then the east wind eventually brings in some low clouds and will help keep the temperatures down even more as we head into the weekend. >> two jet skiers are okay in the 2700 block of bayshore avenue around 11:00 last night. rescuers pulled them from the shore. there's no word how they ended up stranded. from our south jersey bureau, bridge repairs began and the road will be closed between laurel road from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on friday. the project will include the
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main support structure under the bridge deck. >> a portable meth lab is busted in delaware. 44-year-old robert kidler was arrested as they found a methamphetamine manufacturing. neighbors smelled a strong order of pneumonia and chemicals in that shed. peta against princeton. >> why the group is upset with the school. the unexpected announcement that is making coffee lovers rejoice.
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take a look at this. a rescue here caught on video in india. this leopard was searching for food when she fell into a well. they helped her out of the snake-filled water. the leopard was lifted out. they tranquilized her and took her to an animal reserve. talking cars may be closer than you think. the obama administration wants to require future vehicles to be equipped with technology that allows them to warn each other of any potential danger. this announcement comes after the national highway
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transportation safety released a report on that today. technology could prevent an estimated 592,000 left turn and intersection crashes a year. it would also save more than 1,000 lives. the agency announced it was taking the first step towards drafting rules to require automakers to include the technology in new cars. turning now to an update on negotiations between septa and union workers, today a tentative agreement has been reached with the iebd. the chairman was given the authority to sign the new labor contracts. the agreement includes an 11.5% raise. tomorrow, septa will continue negotiations with the train engineers. without a deal, they could go on strike in october when the mediation period ends. well, she ordered iced tea and it turned out to be
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poisonous. >> a woman who unknowingly drank lie while dining at a restaurant. plus, no leads and no evidence until now. police get a big clue in the investigation surrounding a deadly shooting at a peace concert. still ahead at 6:00, the pictures they want you to see that could help them make an arrest. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps.
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right now at 5:30, she says it wasn't her. a local woman denies being the person seen on surveillance video taking a little girl from her elementary school. that later girl was found assaulted on a playground. >> prosecutors offered the suspect a plea deal but she decided to take her chances with a trial. lu ann cahn is live in center city. what are we expecting to happen with this trial? >> reporter: well, first i should tell you it wasn't much of a deal being offered. she was being offered 40 to 80 years in prison. she quickly passed on that. they did finish jury selection and opening arguments are supposed to start on thursday. prosecutors will try to convince the jury that christina regusters acted alone. prosecutors will tell the jury this week that the woman behind this burka kidnapping a
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5-year-old girl in january a year ago is christina regusters. the prosecutor says that she's slowly responsible for the kidnapping and sexual assault of this child. reliable sources say the jury will also be told it was regusters who left her at an upper darby playground 18 hours after abducting her. but from the day regusters was arrested, the family of the young victim believe that she did not act alone. they are convinced that at least one man was involved. she has never implicated anyone else. but always maintained her innocence. police indicate the case is closed. she is the only suspect. it was interesting, potential jurors were asked about if they or members of their family shwe subjected to abuse. testimony will begin on thursday
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after opening arguments and it is expected to be disturbing and graphic testimony. live at the criminal justice center, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. jury selection also started today in the krtrial for a buck county teenager who is charged with seven rapes, five of them that occurred when he was a minor. he preyed on girls ages 14 to 17 and forced them into sexual activity after meeting them online. if convicted of all of the charges, he could be sentenced to more than 80 years in prison. new video of a man breaking into a home in philadelphia through a kitchen window. a woman was inside when she heard someone break in. surveillance video shows the suspect take off after setting off the alarm. he didn't take anything but left the kitchen a mess.
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here's some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. president obama is calling for peace. michael brown was shot by a police officer six to eight times. he was not armed. earlier in the day, preliminary mary results released from a private autopsy ordered by brown's family show he was shot six times. missouri's governor deployed national guard troops to help ease tensions after a week of protests in ferguson. philadelphia animal control is investigating a case of animal cruelty in the city's mayfair section. neighbors say someone is killing cats and dumping them on homeowners' porches. four dead cats were also found in a shed in a community. well, just call them the comeback kids. philadelphia's taney dragons walked off with an amazing win in the little league world series. they are a perfect 2-0.
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coming up at 6:00, we talk to a former philly on the world series team about the excitement of going for a title. i hate to say this, the weather may not cooperate. glenn? >> we have a system that is approaching from the west. we have dry conditions around now. not only in the philadelphia area but all through the state of pennsylvania, williamsport, nice and dry. showers back across the great lakes and there is the chance of some showers as we go into wednesday night. around our area now, we're in the upper 70s to the low 80s. very low humidity. and for the rest of the night we're going to be seeing the very nice conditions all the way through the evening. low humidity for this time of the year. that's going to change. that shower threat for williamsport is also going to
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head through much of the rest of the area. i'll have the timing for that, for the seven-day in a few minutes. an update tonight on the efforts to remove the rest of the letters from the philadelphia national bank building. another date to continue the project has not been set. the city must get approval from the faa, fill out more permits, and reserve another helicopter. yesterday, workers took down 3 of the 13 pnb letters but were not able to finish because it took longer than planned. the new owners want the letters taken down. a local amusement park is apologizing to a veteran tonight for a t-shirt controversy. this is the shirt that mario was wearing when he was asked to change his clothes or leave in jackson ocean county. last week, a six flags' spokesperson said they don't allow people to wear images of
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machine guns in their parks but he's a marine and they issued a statement that reads "we strive to maintain a family-friendly environment and similar to many venues, we have a dress code. the employee did not know that his shirt was related to a military charity and we apologize to any military personnel who may have been offended by our mistake." . his family has been invited back for a v.i.p. experience. prices at the pump have dropped again. according to aaa, prices have dropped 6 cents since last week. the average is $3.22 in south jersey. in delaware, it's 3.35 for an average gallon. the flying fortress has
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landing in philadelphia. this was used in "the memphis belle." it's a replica of the bomber that flew in world war ii. it will be available for flights and tours on this saturday and sunday. a driver beaten while somebody recorded it. what he did to make a crowd turn on him while he tried to help. and hospitals are seeing a spike in kids injured on the playground. the piece of equipment that is sending them to the emergency room. plus, commute congestion. patco drivers can expect more construction. why it will begin earlier than expected.
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abc news an gore elizabeth vargas is back in a rehab for alcohol dependency. she checked into a facility while on vacation. she released the statement, "as so many other recovering alcoholics know, overcoming the disease can be a long and incredibly difficult process. i feel i have let myself, my co-workers and most importantly my family down and for that i am ashamed and sorry." vargas spent several weeks in rehab last fall. the utah woman who drank laced iced tea at a restaurant, a cleaner solution was unintentionally put into a sugar bag and another worker mistakenly mixed it into the iced tea dispenser. it caused deep burns in her upper esophagus.
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she's been upgraded from critical to serious condition. it can soon be illegal to sell and drink alcohol that would instead grant one-day liquor licenses that could be used for social events as long as on private property. city officials are doing it to avoid liability issues. the measure could become law by the end of the month. a lot of people are honoring derek jeter this year as he gets ready to wrap up his baseball career. as far as tributes go, this may be the corniest. check it out. a farm carved the picture of the team's captain into their corn maze. along with a baseball with jeter's number two on it. jeter who is a five-time world champion is retiring after 19 seasons with the yankees. he's been honored at major
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league shows this year. we have several late developments today in the unrest in ferguson. next, we're heading live to missouri where people are reacting to two autopsy reports for michael brown. and the latest with our weather. i'm tracking humidity and thunderstorms. i'll tell you exactly when we're going to get them in my exclusive first alert forecast. a violent attack on a philadelphia city park ranger caught on camera and now some of the suspects are also caught. we're asking how severe the punishment coming up at 6:00.
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princeton university says there's no evidence its researchers mistreated a monkey during an experiment. according to the times of trenton, the university conducted an internal investigation after peta filed complaints with federal officials earlier this summer. the animal rights group claims lab staff put the animal into an exercise ball and had it roll on the floor for 15 minutes for their amusement. princeton says it was part of an experiment. however, it was not preapproved as required and lab staff must be retrained. next week, some starbucks' customers will get an early taste of fall. the pumpkin spice latte will go on sale september 2nd but the customer who is participated in an online scavenger hunt will be able to buy the drink tuesday, august 26th. this is the 11th year that they
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have offered the pumpkin spice latte. well, we have an unusually cool august along with an unusually comfortable one and that comfort is going to continue through the night tonight and tomorrow and actually for much of the seven-day period here. the showers are going to be returning and then they could be affecting that little league world series game on wednesday night. now, for the phillies, they are returning home tonight and great weather for baseball in philadelphia tonight and tomorrow night and much of the rest of the week, too. 83 degrees now. the humidity, only 42% and the temperatures -- well, the average for this time of the year is 85. and we haven't even gotten to 85 over the last several days. friday was only 77. today's high, officially 83.
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and later on in the week, we may be going down even more. of course, nothing near 90 degrees. right now we're closer to 80 within a degree or two of 80 in much of the area. 83 in philadelphia is the warm spot. 82 in ricetown. doylestown it's cooler at the shore and delaware, 76. wind coming in off of the cool ocean. we're going to see an ocean breeze all week. the dry weather is here again. storms not that far again in southern virginia. as you can see, they are moving straight to the east. so only in a southern delmarva getting into any kind of rain. this is the area that we're watching. an upper air disturbance is slowly moving in our direction and eventually it should bring showers. much of the week should stay dry. futurecast tomorrow is showing it's going to be dry. fair amount of sunshine, at least in parts of the area. we have a wind coming off the
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south. futurecast for wednesday is actually looking pretty sunny. according to this model. but wednesday night, while playing baseball in williamsport, there's some showers there on the future cast. not anything really extraordinary. real heavy rain, steady rain, severe weather or anything like that. but there is -- at least a shower threat during that time of the big game. and then, thursday the rain comes and affects much of the area. for the shore, it's going to be a very comfortable week. beautiful weather on tuesday and then clouds will start to increase as we head toward thursday along with the shower chances. but overall, pretty nice week at the shore but certainly not a warm one. mostly clear tonight and comfortable. 65 for the low in philadelphia f. mix of clouds and sun. another comfortable day.
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high temperatures in the low to mid-80s. the seven-day forecast, well, we have the showers and storms most likely on thursday that could affect the eagles and then friday, the humidity goes down and the temperature is down as well with wind coming in off the ocean. nothing close to 90. the missouri national guard is on the move. the curfew in ferguson has been lifted. >> about 90 minutes ago, president obama addressed the volatile situation. sarah dallof is live in ferguson, missouri. what was the reaction to the autopsy, sarah? >> reporter: well, that's a very good question, keith and jacqueline. people here are upset about the finding. the family was present and did not speak. however, their mere presence spoke volumes about these findings. they ordered these results. they feared that there would be a bias in the findings of the
5:48 pm
local authorities. so this autopsy report found that there were at least six shots fired into michael brown's body, two of which were in the head. we are told one of those shots was not survivable. the press conference comes on the heals of one of the most intense nights of violence and unrest in ferguson. there was looting and shots fired by civilians, molotov cocktails thrown at the police. the governor has ordered the national guard here to help the police keep the peace so law enforcement can keep their efforts on the protests. the curfew for tonight has been lifted. there will be no midnight curfew. this is all in hopes of quelling the violence and a return, hopefully, of peaceful demonstrations and protests. >> elaborate if you can more, sarah, on what kind of police presence we can expect tonight after the curfew is lifted.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: the police presence should be very similar from what we've seen the past few days. the national guard is not going to be at the epicenter of the protest demonstrations. they will be here at the police command center. it's in a strip mall surrounded by businesses and stores that have been operating all day. now, meanwhile, about five blocks from here, officers' tactical units prepare for another night of violence and it's been very different and a wait and see what type of response is needed. >> all right. sarah dallof, thank you. you can count on nbc 10 for the unrest in ferguson. brian williams will anchor live on ""nbc nightly news"" at 6:30 tonight. emergency room doctors share some insight on the number one cause of playground injuries.
5:50 pm
>> nbc 10's chris cato talks about your ability to reduce the chances of your child getting hurt while playing outside. >> reporter: nicholas started his summer with a bit of a bummer. >> nicolas got hurt on the monkey bars. i asked him to make a fist, which he could not. i knew right away it was a more significant injury. >> can you give me a thumb's up? >> reporter: she treats a lot of playground injuries in the e.r. she says the monkey bars are the number one culprit. >> maybe one out of every three kids that i see here comes in for some type of injury from a fall from a monkey bars and falls off of ladders and falls off of any kind of climbing toys. >> reporter: picking playgrounds with age-appropriate equipment is the key. >> if you have a preschooler, you want to make sure that the
5:51 pm
slides are not more than 4 feet and that there are tunnels that are on the ground as opposed to something up high. >> reporter: the ground covering is also important. rubber or wood chips will help cushion a fall. >> stay away from concrete or grass covering. >> reporter: avoid rusty bolts or sharp edges and close supervision can prevent a lot of injuries. many caregivers are making a critical mistake. >> playground injuries have gone up because more people are on their cell phones and they are not paying attention to what their kids are doing and what equipment they are on. >> reporter: nicolas' dad says you can't protect a kid from everything. >> when you have a very young boy who is exploring his own world, it's going to happen. >> reporter: but the injury has made him and his wife think twice. >> we were going to have him play flag football in the fall and now it's like, you know, he's only 6. >> i don't think we'll be able to totally eliminate playground
5:52 pm
injuries. but we can reduce severe playground injuries. >> another injury occurs when the parents go down with a child on their lap and they land on the child. if the child is scaled, save it for when the child is a little older or bigger. next, a driver attacked after an accident. >> why the crowd turned on him while he was trying to do the right thing. then, coming up at 6:00, cutting ties for his re-election campaign. why tom corbett is dropping an endorsement from another well-known republican governor and another presidential hopeful.
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a driver was caught on video. >> he hit a pedestrian and stopped to help and then the crowd turned on him. ted greenberg has the story. >> reporter: on ocean avenue in lakewood, waves of chaos when the driver in a deadly accident is allegedly beaten by those who knew a woman who had just been struck and killed while crossing the street. >> there was such a commotion that everything gathered and all. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows juan being punched and falling to the ground the evening of august 9th.
5:56 pm
authorities say when he got out of his suv to check on the woman, her enraged relatives and friends went after him. jose is the driver's uncle. >> they hit him in the head, right? for what? i know they are angry but they don't treat it like this, you know? >> reporter: lakewood police had not yet arrived at the scene when the attack took place. more than once, bystanders appear to try to keep two men away from the man who is lying severely injured on the curb. police charged one man, anthony campbell, with aggravated assault. no one wanted to talk with us at campbell's house. neighbors say martin lived there as well. the new jersey motor vehicle commission told us that juan has no driver's license and had previously been cited twice for driving without one. >> i know it's not right but a lot of people do.
5:57 pm
i know my nephew made a mistake. >> reporter: investigators say it appears martin walked into the path of the suv and did not believe that he was speeding or driving under the influence. >> it's a total nightmare. >> reporter: police charged the man with causing a death while driving without a license. he underwent surgery on his face today for injuries he suffered in that attack. in lakewood, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, one teen charged and a second teen is being questioned right now in connection with a violent attack on a park ranger. still ahead, how the victim in all of this is doing and who is coming to his defense. plus, preparing for the pope. the holy father drops another hint about coming to philadelphia. the u.s. trip he's now considering after an important invitation from president obama. a legendary philadelphia philly from the 2008 world
5:58 pm
series team weighs in on williamsport. i'm rosemary connors. the weather has been great in williamsport for the little leaguers but a change on wednesday. i'm tracking the potential threat to the game's forecast next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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aggravated assault, endangering another person and making terroristic threats. right now at 6:00, those are the charges that park teenagers are facing for an attack in love park. we were the first to show you the violent beating of a park ranger that was all caught on camera. within the last hour, nbc 10 has learned that a second teen is being questioned by police. >> and police expect a third person they want to talk to to turn himself in tonight. cydney long is live. you found out how the park ranger is doing tonight. what can you tell us? >> reporter: jim and renee, that ranger has been with the city park service here in philadelphia for ten years and we understand that he takes his position very seriously. he was hospitalized for a short time on friday night but was treated and released with nonlife threatening injuries. people we spoke to i


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