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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  August 19, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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another half inch or so, even a fraction of an inch, and we'd be having a different discussion. >> right now at 11:00 a.m., a philadelphia police officer injured in the line of duty following an exchange of gunfire with the suspect this morning. thankfully that officer is okay. good morning. i'm renee chenault-fattah. right now detectives are working to identify that suspect who was shot and killed. it all happened before 1:00 at the intersection of magee and torresdale. jesse gary is live. what are you hearing from residents?
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>> one resident tells me he thinks he may have seen this unidentified suspect walking in the neighborhood before. he doesn't know his name or where he lives. meanwhile investigators are back out here this morning processing this bullet-laden scene. bullet holes from errant shots are evidence of early morning violence that woke some residents from sleep. this man doesn't want his face shown. >> sounds like it was right out of a movie. >> it was right out of a movie. i couldn't believe it was happening. when we looked at, i couldn't believe it. it wasirw scary. >> the cell phone video shows the chaos, several cops chased and returned fire on a suspect around 12:45 this morning. as many as 30 rounds with one of the bullets striking this suv parked feet from her bedroom window. >> my first instinct was to grab my daughter, her bed was near the window. i grabbed her and pulled her to the ground. >> the officer suffered a head
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wound when grazed by a bullet. he was treated at the million center and sent home to his wife and newborn. >> he's very fortunate to be alive today. >> as a matter of fact the police commissioner said had that bullet been a quarter inch to the right, we'd be planning a funeral now. you see another example of bullet holes in the area. police say they still don't know why the suspect was shooting in the first place, which prompted the police response. we're live this morning, jesse gary, nbc news. renee. >> thank you, jesse. you can count on nbc 10 to keep you updated on the shooting and get updates any time by going to our website, this morning's shooting was not the only activity for police. an officer opened fire in north philadelphia after someone released several dogs on police on north 6th street. this happened around 2:30 in the morning as police investigate add burglary in the area. no one here was hurt but we are
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told there are several arrests. it's become a common sound in ferguson, missouri, police breaking up another protest. officers again firing tear gas at the crowd. they violate add new police ban on assembling in one place. this is going into the ninth night of unrest in ferguson. demonstrators hit the streets more than a week after michael brown, an unarmed teen was shot and killed by police. during last night's violence, two people shot, 31 others arrested. nbc's jay gray reports from ferguson. >> reporter: the streets in ferguson exploded with violence again overnight. smoke and tear gas filling the air as police and protester
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clashed. the cig was at its worst around midnight. >> there are numerous reports of shots fired. we had two fires. one at a business and one at an unoccupied business. our officers came under heavy gunfire. our officer confiscated two guns during a car stop near the media staging area. these aren't acts of protesters but acts of violent criminals. >> rocks and bottles were among several things apparently thrown at officers along front lines. 31 people were arrested during chaos, including a group inside this pickup where police found what appears to be a possible molotov cocktail. the violence continued despite another change in strategy by police that included national guard troops to secure the command center, which allowed for more officers on the ground
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and for the first time on rooftops. despite another showdown, police are confident they can restore order at ferguson. >> i'm going to tell you, if we are going to solve this, we're going to have to do it together, and i am not going to let the criminals that have come out here from across this country or live in this community define this neighborhood. >> the neighborhood that continues to be on edge. jay gray, nbc news, ferguson, missouri. well, with night after night of violence in ferguson, the parents of michael brown say they believe justice will bring peace. this morning they and on the "today" show alongside their attorney. this interview came one day after a private autopsy ordered by the family showed the unarmed teen was shot six times, including twice in the head. his parents say they want to know more, like why excessive force was used. matt lauer asked the parents if nightly violence in the city is a distraction from the real issue.
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>> it is a distraction but we won't let it distract us to the point where we lose focus. we have to remain focused and we have to remain strong and the violence needs to stop. when justice prevails, maybe they will regain their trust in the locals. but right now it's really out of control. >> attorney general eric holder says a third and final autopsy was performed yesterday. that was done for the justice department tomorrow. he will travel to ferguson to discuss independent federal investigation into michael brown's death. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the unrest in ue in on philadelphia boy is in critical condition this morning after he was hit by a pickup truck. police say the nine-year-old was riding his bike around 6:30 last night when he was hit at frank fort and elkhart street in richmond. that person did stop and started to take the little boy to the hospital but flagged down an
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officer who took the boy the rest of the way. witnesses say the driver was on the phone at the time. no charges have been filed. new this morning, police in mount laurel are searching for this man they say dressed up in a wawa uniform to steal from a store. surveillance photos show the man entering the store on route 73 tuesday. authorities say a second suspect stood by the door as a lookout. the two men left with several cartons of cig rece worth $380. cigarettes worth $380. another sunny and comfortable day throughout our area. taking a live look at a beautiful picture of philadelphia. see the philadelphia museum of art there. looks like a good day to be out and about in the city. nbc chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the forecast for us. glenn. >> just another amazing day in this amazing summer we've had.
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we have sunshine all across the area right now. a lot of blue in the sky. this is the poconos, for example, you don't see the sky this blue this time of the year very often around here. the atmosphere nice and clean. a few clouds down to the south towards some of the shore areas. the sun continues to advance across the region. there are a few clouds in central pennsylvania. no rain. this is the area we're going to be watching. that's across the great lakes and will take a while to get here. 79 in philadelphia, 68 in mount pocono. mid to upper received, 80 in georgetown is the warmest spot, temperatures 75 degrees. as we go through the rest of the day, a lot of sunshine here. temperatures in the mid-80s but humidity still pretty low for august. a little higher than it was yesterday but still pretty low for august. no threat of rain today. that is going to change. we'll talk more about the timing
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of the showers and how they could affect little league world series with the seven-day in a few minutes. more than a dozen dogs rescued from an alleged puppy mill earlier this month, now being cared for by animal alliance of new jersey. last week the 16 poodle and poodle mix dogs were transferred to the organization's clinic in lambertville where they will be treated for fleas, ear mites and other problems. animal control took the dogs from picture perfect pets in toms river after receiving a tip about conditions there. the health department shut down the business and the owner is now facing charges of animal cruelty. now to the casino crisis. a two-day job fair starts today in atlantic city with thousands of people now scrambling for work. maryland live! casino will be at sheridan live casino from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 tomorrow and then again 8:00
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a.m. to 1:00. casinos set to close leaving ,000 people out of work. a hearing today could affect thousands of drug cases in delaware. it stems from an evidence tampering scandal at the delaware medical examiner's office. the public defender's office will argue any evidence that went through the state's drug testing lab should be tossed out. prosecutors say there have been more than 50 instances of tampering between 2010 and february of this year. violation notices sent to the owners of the land where illegally dumped piles of dirt damaged the sebs of the 495 bridge. state environmental regulators sent letters to dupont and alma llc. many fines are up to $2,000 a day for the violation. dupont says it never gave approval to stockpile dirt. it caused support columns to shift and thus prompted the bridge to close in june. the southbound lanes have reopened. the northbound sideed to open by labor day.
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another cease-fire broken. we are following new developments this morning in the crisis in the middle east. >> eric. wait. it's still going. look, go up to the lights. amy, quick. >> nothing like a little earthquake to shake up a morning news team. find out where the earth was moving this morning. i wouldn't want to be in a studio when an earthquake is coming. got all these lights hanging down here. enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. i'm tracking showers and storms. what to expect and when just ahead.
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we are following breaking news concerning the crisis in the middle east. israeli military says it carried out a series of airstrikes across the gaza strip in response to renewed rocket fire. taking a live look at the gaza skyline as the crisis in the middle east takes a new turn. airstrikes came minutes after palestinian militants fired three rockets into israel breaking a temporary cease-fire and endangering negotiations in egypt ending a month long cease-fire between israel and hamas. there was no immediate word on casualties from the strikes. we will continue to stay on top of this breaking news and bring you any updates as soon as they come into nbc 10. >> earthquake! wait. it's still going. go up to the lights, amy, quick. >> also breaking out of oklahoma, a 4.2 magnitude
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earthquake hit early this morning in oklahoma city. these morning show anchors because the off-guard as you can imagine by shaking. cameraman zoomed in closer in the studio, still moving there. fortunately no one was hurt. a us airways flight made an emergency landing after passengers reported smelling a strange order. plane taken off from charlotte, north carolina on the way to grpz last night. airline officials say the plane was about an hour into the flight when passengers detected that odor. the pilot decided to return to the airport. four people on a plane taken to the local hospital for treatment. remaining passengers removed and put on another plane. truckdriver rescued after tractor-trailer crashed into a guardrail and caught fire on the new jersey turnpike. the accident happened in ridgefield park where the turnpike connects with i-80. emergency workers saved the driver when they had fallen into
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the creek along the highway. police are now investigating what caused that crash. this morning we are following more breaking news. water rescues are under way right now because of flash flooding. wow, look at this. this is in the phoenix area. can you see all the rushing water there. flash flood warnings in effect right now in phoenix, arizona. we'll stay on top of this story for you. >> announcer: now nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. of course that area is pretty much desert. it doesn't take very much rain to produce flash flooding out there. around here, we're going to get some rain but not expecting flooding this week. the comfort continues. amazingly comfortable for summer. showers are going to be returning before the week is over. still no 90s. we've only had two heat waves this season. barely three days. we haven't even come close to a 100 degree day.
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that's very unusual. a lot of sunshine out there. the park with great conditions for baseball. 79 degrees. feels like 81. humidity up a little bit from this time yesterday. the temperature not very different than this time yesterday. we're going to be pretty close to average. again today 83 degrees for the official high yesterday. the current temperature showing mid-70s to near 80 degrees. 79 at dover and northeast philly along with officially philadelphia international. obviously going to be getting into the 80s, but nobody getting anywhere near 90 today. it's still dry. another day of dry weather. but as we expand you can see showers to our south. there were some yesterday, too, and they didn't come up this way and these aren't either. what we're going to have to watch out for is the great lakes. an upper air disturbance
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gradually moving in our direction. it will be affecting us as we go through the week. not today, not tonight, and even into tomorrow we're expecting a good bit of sunshine especially early in the day. look at that. 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. the clouds increase in the afternoon. look what we have here. wednesday 6:00. williamsport. big baseball game going on there. at least there are going to be some showers in the area for that little league world series game. then on thursday the shower threat increases across the rest of the region including our area. we do have a chance of some showers during the game as the temperature drops into the upper 60s. i don't think it's going to be widespread or lasting for hours that would cancel the game but maybe some shower dodging there tomorrow night. mostly sunny and warm today,
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though. mid-80s. that's about as warm as it will get. the seven-day forecast similar temperature tomorrow. perhaps a few more clouds in the afternoon. the showers and storms on thursday. that's when it's most likely. then as we go into the end of the week and the weekend, it gets even cooler as highs struggle to get even to 80. philadelphia's taney dragons are the hottest team in town. they go for their third straight win at the little league world series tomorrow night. if you haven't gotten your taney dragons gear yet, you'll have a tough time finding it now. the team's website and a number of stores in our area are sold out. triple play sports received a new shipment at 6:00 this morning. the team's website expects to be restocked by this afternoon. now, you can show your taney dragons spirit. you can print out placards to put on your window. they say, i'm on the dragon
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wagon and philly pride taney dragons. print them out. you don't want to be without these. count on nbc 10 to follow our taney dragons to a world series title. look for live coverage from williamsport this afternoon on nbc 10 and throughout the week. they say mother knows best, right? how the nfl is teaming up with moms of student athletes to teach them how to look out for sports injuries in their kids.
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this morning we're celebrating the success of hiring out heroes. laurmed partnership since 2012, 3,000 veterans and counting have managed to find jobs. the leered of comcast vet net affinity group. here with a project manager for comcast. so good to have you both here. steve, let's start off talking about why this program hiring our heroes is so important. >> it's just the right thing to do. as veterans, comcasters, we're an operational company. we need to take care of veterans. we do that bringing into our workforce so they can help us delight every day. technicians and call center. our founder is a navy veteran,
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ceo was a navy s.e.a.l. from s.e.a.l. team six. it's what we do. it's been a strategic initiative for us. >> i know you both are vets. i want to talk to you, dave, about how the skills men and women acquire in the military, how they are transferable into the private sector. >> they are transferable. vets coming out now are most highly trained, highly educated we've had in the history of united states military. in my case i was a master pilot at joint base and here i am working project management. you wouldn't think of a pilot being project manager. a lot of skills are transferable because we lead teams, work under less than idealpzuhp &hc& conditions, make decisions. all those things are obviously transferable to the corporate and civilian world. >> what types of jobs are you being able to place vets in? what are placements. >> front lines. people answering phones every day taking care of customers. we have jobs like me and middle management and dave managing
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teams and driving broad scale initiatives across cable and nbc. we have jobs again, executive level jobs where we have people out of the military and excelled as executives within the cable land and television. >> if a vet is at home right now watching this and looking for employment, what would you say to them in how can they sort of get on the bandwagon here? >> we want veterans at our company. it's real easy. go to that's your first place to start. we're serious about this. we're committed. yeah, we've hired 3,000 veterans since 2012. this is what we do and we're going to continue doing it. >> dave and steve, we appreciate you coming in and talking about this. it is a very important initiative. of course, as you said, there are certainly job fairs that have been taking place throughout the year. several taking place this fall. for more information, go to our website, of course comcast owns nbc universal and is the parent company of nbc 10. again, steve and dave, thanks so much for taking time and thanks
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for what you're doing. >> thank you. >> well, coming up we kin to follow new developments in the unrest in ferguson, missouri, today. the comments this morning from philadelphia's police commissioner and why he was called on once the violence involving the death of michael brown broke out. pain for the pope. word this morning about a tragedy involving family members of pope francis. we're right back.
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checking out our top stories right now, philadelphia police detectives are working to identify the suspect who was shot and killed after opening fire on police.
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officer stephen korpalski, a 14 year veteran from the force was shot in the head. he was released this morning. police searching for this guy they say dressed up in a wawa uniform and stole $380 worth of cigarettes. surveillance pictures show the man in the store along with a second suspect who police say was on the lookout. there they are, the pride of philly, taney dragons going for third straight win at the little league world series. that's when they take on a team from las vegas. show your pride for our hometown team by printing out free taney dragon placards. get them going to the website, to print them out. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> well, look at this. picture perfect conditions in the poconos and throughout much of our area this morning. taking a live look at the water park. good place to be on a day like this. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast for us.
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glenn. >> renee, an amazing looking sky. you wouldn't believe it's august. we generally have all sorts of hazy conditions. humidity is real high. we're very often in the 90s. nothing like that. we're dry across the entire area and we're going to stay that way during the day today. a few clouds from the west. that will take a while to get here. mid-70s, 79 in philadelphia officially, 80 in georgetown. delaware is the warm spot with the ocean temperature in the mid-70s. the feels like temperature, again, often way up in the 90s or triple digits in the mid-70s. north and west are the warm spots. 81 degrees in dover and philadelphia the way it feels. the temperature will be feeling pretty much like the actual air temperature. the humidity is not going to
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make it feel any hotter. the rain will be coming back and we'll give you the timing on that in the seven-day in a few minutes. we are following more breaking news this morning. water rescues right now under way because of flash flooding. this is in the phoenix, arizona area. you can see so much rushing water there. a lot of open space out there. again, we've seen some cars and trucks on their side stranded. a lot of water there because of flash flood warnings in effect right now. we will stay on top of this story and bring you more information as it comes into nbc 10. tense fighting happening right now on the streets of eastern ukraine. authorities say government forces have retaken control of parts of the rebel held city of luhansk. they are now trying to take control of donetsk. during fighting one soldier killed and four others injured.
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according to u.n. 300,000 people have already fled this area and that number is expected to go up. the ukrainian government shopped a convoy at the border claiming to be caring humanitarian aid. leaders say the convoy will be used as a pretext for russian intervention. in one russian border town, hundreds of ukrainians are living in tents after fleeing from the fighting there. today kurdish and iraqi forces defended offensives against isis militants backed by iraqi airstrikes. battled militants on the outskirts of tikrit. kurdish forces pushing to gain control of two villages near erbil. bill nealy reports. >> newly liberated, the biggest dam in iraq. this the first really significant victory over the islamist militants of isis here in iraq. it was won by usair power and by kurdish fighters on the ground. the ground there is littered
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with the destroyed vehicles of isis. they are on the run. kurdish fighters celebrating a rare victory over islamist militants. they displayed ieds and booby traps isis planted near the dam they lost. it was the victory won from the barrels of kurdish guns and rockets but it was one, too, from the air. u.s. warplanes attacked isis vehicles in positions near the mosul dam more than 30 times in recent days. >> with our support, iraqi and kurd f majtep forward by recapturing the largest dam in iraq near the city of mosul. if that dam was reached, it could have proven catastrophic. >> their firepower has tipped the balance of this battle, inflicting a significant defeat on isis. this the first time that the seemingly unstoppable advance of isis has not only been halted but been reversed.
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far from the fighting, yazidi refugees, deeply grateful u.s. and kurdish troops are forcing isis back, they have lost everything. but one small comfort, their enemies have lost ground and perhaps a crucial battle. the dam is now out of their control. the big question now is was this a one off victory over isis or has this victory turned the tide in the campaign against them. back to you. right now crews in china are trying to rescue 27 workers trapped after a mine explosion. this happened at a privately owned coal mine. twelve other workers rescued immediately after the explosion. they say they are having trouble reaching the miners because part of the tunnel collapsed. the cause being investigated. the vatican says the wife of the pope's nephew and his two
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great nephews died when their car collided with a truck in cordoba province. one of the boys was two years old, the other just eight months, a baby. hess nephew survived the crash but was injured. the vatican said the pope was deeply pained when he heard about the accident. mandatory evacuation orders were given to 13,000 homes and businesses because of spreading wildfires in central california. the fire in madeira county has doubled in size from 500 to 1200 acres. it's burning just a few miles from the entrance to yosemite national park. four hotels near the entrance of the park were evacuated. officials are also scared of explosions in that area because the wildfire is burning close to a propane business with 30,000 gallon tanks at that facility. legendary announcer don pardo has died. pardo was the booming voice of nbc's "saturday night live" for 38 years.
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>> it's "saturday night live"! >> what an iconic voice. every week since 1975, he announced, it's "saturday night live," before introducing the cast members. he had guest host and musical acts unlike any rival. now, you need to know pardo began working as an announcer for nbc in 194 $4.he called baseball games. he was a game show announcer back in the '50s. pardo planned to retire in 2004 but was offered a lifetime contract with nbc. don pardo was 96. it has been 10 days now since 18-year-old michael brown was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. protests have been escalating since then as people there have demanded justice. another night of chaos on the streets of ferguson. what started at peaceful protests turned into
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confrontation with smoke and gunfire filling the air. by morning, more than 30 arrested. >> i sat there and listened over the radio and heard screams of officers under gunfire. i went back to our squad vehicle and saw the gentleman laying in the back who had been shot. >> ten days after michael brown was shot and killed by police officer darren wilson, the victim's mother said there's one way to end the violence. >> justice. justice will bring peace, i believe. >> that justice, she says, the arrest of the officer who killed her son. a demand echoed in the streets. >> why hasn't he been processed like anybody else. >> like anybody else. >> like anybody else. that's all we asking, man. >> police say the majority of protesters are peaceful. that a small group of agitators are in citing violence, they have traveled in from out of state. >> today my hope is the peaceful protesters will stay home --
11:39 am
protest during the daytime and stay home at night and let us take those ruining our community. take them and deal with them in the way that's called for. >> police law enforcement rerestaurant as a community vows to be heard. ferguson, missouri. today we talked to philadelphia police commissioner about the ongoing demonstrations inferring. ramsey said he was asked by authorities to participate in a conference call where he gave advice on crowd control. called it a wakeup call for all leaders. >> we like to think that relationships have improved with many of our more challenged communities. obviously there's a lot of issues there. we need to get to it and resolve them. it needs to happen not during the time of crisis but before a crisis occurs. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the unrest inferring. we're posting updates as they come in on
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there's a football safety clinic geared towards the mothers of young football players. it's teaching them how to spot concussions and other sports related injuries. nbc's monica robbins reports. >> crystal is usually the mom on the sidelines or in the stands but not today. she and 150 other moms are learning the fundamentals and safety info to make their kids better players. >> my son how to tackle properly and hydrating during the game and after the game. >> athletes who are even 1% dehydrated are not as accurate with sports performance. once your child is complaining of thirst, they are 3% dehydrated. >> concussion awareness, another topic of concern for this mom. >> i'm learning what things to watch out for and some of the questions asked about concussions and what to do for them, those are so important to me because they are questions i've had. >> if in doubt, sit them out. if your athlete has had an injury, then the most important
11:41 am
from may. >> usa football partnered with nfl teams to provide these camps to moms. >> giving moms the opportunity to gain knowledge about a sport they don't necessarily have the opportunity to play kind of takes a little bit of the fear out of it. >> coach chuck kyle put the moms through the same type of workout they may see their kids perform. >> a mom can go to football practice and look and see what their kids are doing and feel confident, that's a good drill and my son is doing the right technique and it's a safe technique. >> that was nbc's monica robbins reporting. up next, the healing power of a horse. >> horses are extremely spiritual. they can tell us things about ourselves that we're not as in tune with. >> i love horses. how beautiful animals like this one are helping people coping with addiction and depression move forward.
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britta recalling 240,000 children's water filter bottles because of a possible laceration hazard. the company said the lid of the bottle could break into pieces with sharp points. the recall announced after 45 lids cracked. the bottles included, including where they are sold, go to our website, there is a treatment center out in california where animals are helping people with mental
11:45 am
illness or with addictions. nbc's michelle valle. >> they are extremely spiritual. they can tell us things about ourselves we're not in tune with. >> reporter: part of the program for people battling addiction and depression. >> as humans we can put on a mask, act like everything is okay outside but a horse works with that nonverbal communication. >> like the client who was cutting herself. >> so intuitive, would take and pull the clothing where she was hurting her receives. >> can't hide secrets. >> can't hide secrets. >> those horses came with needs, levi was abused and neglected.
11:46 am
>> there was a time you couldn't put a halter on levi. >> levi didn't trust people, now he can't stop shooting. >> more kisses. thau thank you, levi. >> he's come a long way, like the clients. >> absolutely. >> it was hard to be opened minded. >> when his dad died he coped with drugs and alcohol. >> instead of going to a bar, you do to a barn. >> exactly. >> some are volunteering at barns when they leave. parker helps others going through the program. those in cite full walks, guarded were loving and accepting. >> people are going to love me for who i am instead of me trying to be someone i'm not for someone to love me. so that could be it. i don't know. maybe, maybe not. >> whatever it is, it's kept his sober. >> one of the things we say here is we let the spirit of the horse lift us up.
11:47 am
it can be very profound. >> that was nbc's michelle valles report damage. well, students throughout our area are getting set to take on a new school year, of course. a lot of parents may not know this. health experts say one of the most important back to school purchases you can make is the right backpack. a physician at the laser spine institute in wayne. doctor, good to have you in. from what i understand, you're seeing a number of kids coming in with back problems related to backpacks. i told you my daughter had an issue several years ago. >> it's a bigger problem than one would think according to the consumer patient product committee, there's about 5,000 emergency visits per year just based on heavy backpacks alone. according to live science, which is a journal, there's actually been a ten fold increase on children admitted to the hospital for chronic back pain as a result of having a
11:48 am
backpack. >> given my experience, i can believe those numbers. what should parents be looking for? what should we know about these backpacks? >> i think, first of all, style is one thing. safety is another. i think the first thing you have to look for in a backpack is the sides of the backpack. a backpack should not be hanging -- should be according to the midsoutherner college of orthopedic surgeons two inches above the waste and rest on those back muscles. >> four inches below, that backpack is way too big. that should be addressed. because what happens is with that backpack being so heavy, the tendency of our bodies and children's bodies to lean forward to compensate. >> i know. i tried to get my daughter to take one with wheels. she wouldn't do it. we brought in steve and victoria to show us what a backpack should look like and where it should rest on the back. that's where the problem is.
11:49 am
if you and victoria can get close so we can see. >> a couple of issues to look at. not only the size of the backpack, you want to look at the width of the straps. the wider the width, the way it's going to be distributed in the neck and upper back muscles. thinner strips can cause nerve damage and vessel damage because the weight is not managed correctly. as well, those straps should be thick in nature to prevent that from happening. they should also have a waist or chest strap. distributed to the helps and torso. >> i see victoria has it positioned correctly. we're going to have to let that be the last word. maybe you could come back later and show us a little more. this is so important in these last few weeks before we get ready for getting our kids to school. >> my pleasure to be here. >> thanks for being here and talking to us. thanks a lot. you're wearing your backpacks well. good luck with the school year. we want to go now to
11:50 am
breaking news. some pictures we want to show you here. this is a fire it looks like on a bus in center city, philadelphia. these are pictures coming into us from the ground here. it looks to be this double -- if we could get information here on where this is, this is a bus. this is on chestnut street in center city. this is the cross street here. hard to tell, looks like maybe in the 30s on chestnut street. again, the back of this bus seems to be partially engulfed in flames. actually, i'm wrong on the location. this is pins landing. this is way down maybe on delaware avenue and chestnut street, that viaduct, perhaps, over the i-95. the good news here is the route 33 bus, the picture you're
11:51 am
looking at of the route 33 bus, all the passengers have been evacuated. you see the bus in a stationary position. i imagine once the bus caught on fire, they were able to get all the passengers off safely. it's in a stationary position here. in the pens landing area in philadelphia. the rear part of that bus engulfed in flames. just the back, the very back, is one of those accordion buses you see traveling our city streets. it's pretty -- you look at the black smoke there, i see some fire personnel at the rear there. but you see they are just letting this fire burn out. here comes the white. when you see white smoke, you know water is being put on those flames there and extinguishing that. isn't that something, just in the few seconds we've been talking to you, you've seen those billows of smoke go from black and gray to white. it looks like they have just
11:52 am
about extinguished that flame in the back of the bus. our vince, who stays on top of social media for us, i understand you have some information to give us on that fire on the septa bus in pins landing. what can you tell us? >> renee, we're getting the latest information from septa. this is happening right now. this fire is happening on chestnut street, the upper level of chestnut street. anyone familiar with the landing there, they know chestnut and market are elevated over top there. the bus fire happening, like you said, on one of those accordion buses, route 33 bus line which runs in that area. all the passenger have been evacuated. the fire is in the back. we do know those buses have their engines in the back of the bus there. they have exhaust pipes and engine back there. you can see right now from our skycam here that firefighters just arrived on the scene a few moments ago and that white smoke like you were talking about has started to rise from that scene.
11:53 am
unfortunately we have some tents blocking that landing. that white smoke is coming up. the fire department is telling us that it's on front in chestnut, right on pins landing. this is route 33 bus. one of our sky cams caught the fire as it was burning. you can see doors open and no one nearby. fire crews came over and you can see finally get the fire under control. a large scene there as they continue to fight that fire there on pens landing. all right. so this is what's happening right now. a few moments ago we found out septa bus parked on pens landing, the overpass in that area on fire. we brought a skycam around and able to see flames billowing up from the back of the bus.
11:54 am
that was happening in the area where the engine is on the back of the bus there. fire crews arrived shortly after and were able to extinguish that fire. you can see them doing it now watching live on nbc 10 news at 11:00. septa is telling us this is the route 33 bus which travels through the area. penn's landing on the overpass there, the buses will park when they take breaks and pick up passengers and start the route again. septa telling us no passengers hurt. firefighters opening up to the doors of the bus, of the accordion bus. double deckers are two put together with a big pole in the middle that allows them to expand and hold more passengers. we saw the front door was open, no passengers hurt. fire crews arrived on the scene a few moments ago. they rolled up and started getting in the water and started pouring it on that fire.
11:55 am
return from red flames and black smoke went into white smoke off the back of that septa bus right there. again, this is happening on penn's landing in center city, philadelphia. >> vince, thanks so much. >> so this is happening moments ago. renee, that's the layest we're getting right now. renee. >> vince, thank you so much for bringing us up to date on that situation there. the good news people off the septa bus on penn's landing or the back of that accordion bus caught on fire. telling us everyone off the bus. it's been evacuated. more on that story coming up at 4:00. we want to update you on our top story, though, this 11:00 a.m. we just received a picture of the philadelphia police officer injured in the line of duty early this morning. officer stephen korpalski we've been telling you about, a 14 year veteran of the force, he was released from the hospital this morning after he was grazed in the head. he's now recovering at home.
11:56 am
the suspect died after the shoot-out with police. his name yet to be released. nbc rosemary conners working the story this afternoon. we'll have stories in our 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. again, the suspect killed. that was picture of officer korpalski. we'll have the latest. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz wants to give us a brief check on the afternoon forecast. >> yeah. just another beautiful day out there. we'll be seeing temperatures in the mid-80s, fairly low humidity. no rain. it looks like the significant rain would be coming on thursday. we'll get showers and thunderstorms then. and nothing close to 90 degrees all the way through the next seven days. so the comfort of august continues. it's just going to be -- >> hard to believe. >> it really is unusual to be this comfortable this long. >> hard to believe it's in august. all right. you'll have a full forecast starting at 4:00 today. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. i'm renee
11:57 am
chenault-fattah with glenn "hurricane" schwartz for nbc 10 news at 10:00. we'll see you back at 4:00. until then, enjoy your day.
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>> aiden: did you just follow me in here? >> hope: why are you running away? you are running away, aren't you? we weren't finished out there. >> aiden: look, i am sorry if you misunderstood, but it's not my fault that you got the wrong. >> hope: but you and jennifer are dating? >> aiden: [sighs] >> hope: obviously, it's not true. but there was no misunderstanding. it's exactly what you wanted me to think. and what i want to know is why. >> rory: you know what? i think she kind of liked me. >> jj: oh, yeah. >> rory: yeah. >> jj: well, unfortunately, she really hates me. >> rory: wait, why would she hate you? >> jj: because i'm the last dude on this earth that she would want her daughter to be with. >> mary beth: well, at least someone's not snowed by you.


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