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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 19, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> struck in the head, he and
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his partner and two other respond i responding, what i've seen thus far proper. >> i worry every day is something going to get hurt. >> a stray bullet cut right through the front door at brooks pharmacy. >> came through this car reader on the lottery machine here. >> the owner has seen her fair share of violence in this neighborhood, including armed robbery at her store, but never an officer gunned down. >> coming in today, finding the door shut again it's almost par for the course unfortunately. >> reporter: while the dolphins and police internal affairs will investigate, residents and business owners on the block dealing with the aftermath of the incident can only hope things around here get better. >> my brother is a detective in the district here. so, you know, he is constantly telling me be careful, be careful, be careful. >> reporter: the department of justice will also be reviewing this incident. you may remember that a few years back, commissioner ramsey
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asked the doj to take a look at their police-involved shootings after there was a high number of them in 2012. according to the police department and the commissioner, that number has has since gone down. reporting live outside of police headquarters, i'm rosemary conner, nbc 10 news. we're following a developing story out of st. louis, missouri, where a man has been shot and killed by two officers this afternoon. the st. louis police chief said the man approached the officers with a knife saying, quote, shoot me now. the officers said they fired when that man refused to drop the knife. the shooting, which happened close to ferguson, is now under investigation. and it's been 10 days now since michael brown, that unarmed teenager was shot and killed by a police officer in ferguson. since his death, protesters have not let up in their demands that the officer be brought to justice. nbc 10's katherine has a look at the story. >> reporter: a grand jury could begin hearing evidence to decide
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whether the officer will face criminal charges in brown's death. tonight there will be no curfew again in ferguson for the second night in a row. this is the scene last night. protests threw bottles and molotov cocktails. police say some protesters fired shots at officers, but they did not return fire. thorpts say they fought back using tear gas and flash grenades. the national guard is there working in a limited roll to protect the police command center. and this video shows officers making several arrests overnight. officials say at least two people were shot and close to 80 people arrested. four police officers were injured. and ongoing violence has postponed the start of the school year in ferguson for the second time. classes are now delayed in august 25th. >> we have to bring calm tower community. our kids cannot stay in their beds for months and not go to school. our officers can't come out here for months and put their lives
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in dangers. peaceful protesters can't come out here for months and put their lives in danger. >> tomorrow attorney general eric holder will be in ferguson to meet with the fbi and other officials to discuss the federal investigation into brown's death. and the third and final autopsy was ordered by the justice department. that was completed today. but the information from that autopsy has not yet been released. and this afternoon, i spoke to a local pastor who is in ferguson right now. you'll hear from him coming up in our next half hour. reporting live from the digital operation center nbc 10 news. >> thanks, christine. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the unrest in ferguson. we're going to check in with christine again at 4:30. and remember you always get updates any time on and we're watching this breaking news coming to us out of phoenix, arizona where there is a dramatic rescue effort under way amid a floodwaters that are raging here. again, phoenix, arizona. these are two rescue crews that have been dropped on to the roof
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of this home where we understand one person inside is awaiting rescues. there has been flash flooding all day in the phoenix, arizona area. you can see the crews peering over the rooftop, apparently looking into the window. they're trying to get that person out. there you see what looks like another rescue crew person in the house itself, trying to get someone who is stranded in this home along raging flood waters out of that home and to safety. again, they've been dealing with flash flooding all day long. this is the rainy season out there in arizona. crews responding to a fire call in philadelphia discovered a grenade in a safe. sky force 10 over the 10. the fire started around 12:45 this afternoon. it was quickly put out. police now looking at the grenade that was found at the scene. the kaz of that fire remains under investigation. now to an outpouring of philly pride. philadelphia's taney dragons are
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the hottest team in town. >> that's right. they go for their third straight win at the little league world series tomorrow night. you can count on nbc 10 for all the excitement. nbc 10's keith jones live in williamsport ahead of the next big game. and keith, how are the dragons getting ready? >> well, at the moment they're resting up before a huge game tomorrow that includes mone davis, the 13-year-old phenomenal pitcher. to give perspective how big the taney dragons are in williamsport, they released this paper. they say policy changes for the game tomorrow night, for the very first time, they'll be issuing tickets to the game because there is such high interest not only for people here in this country, but all around the world, people flew in from everywhere. if you need evidence, latin america is taking on mexico right now. take a look at the auxiliary people in the outfield, just watching the game. speak of mone davis, because there are news outlets from all over the country, everyone wants to speak with her. we traumaticed to her today. she told us she is way too burnt
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out to do anymore interviews. she'll stay out of the spotlight before taking the mound tomorrow night. we also spoke to the manager from the australian team. they flew from across the world. he told me about the commitment and sacrifice required from parents and players. >> oh, it was a huge commitment. it's a long way to fly. and a lot of the parents had to take out loans to be able to pay for the airfare. the kids haven't been on a long flight like that before. and it was hard to adjust. but they knew was going to be here when they got here that us the big enjoyment for them. they're looking forward to getting here. the flight wasn't as bad because they had something to look forward to when they got here. >> and right now over the stadium, there are just a few clouds. otherwise, perfect weather for baseball. one thing i want to point out, there is a chance for rain tomorrow night. starting at 7:30, that's when the taney dragons take on that team from nevada. we got ahold of the rain policy here. what happens is the tournament director, pat wilson will meet then with the committee leading
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up to the game. they're going to decide whether they keep it going, whether they delay it or cancel it altogether and reschedule it, probably for friday. we'll be in touch with tournament officials. 19 time, coming up with 5:00, i want to show you what is happening behind me right now. a ton of kids, local kids that is who came from philadelphia. some came from pittsburgh. for now, nbc 10 is your place to turn for all things taney dragons. let's go dragons, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> a lot of happy kids there. a lot of smiles. and if you haven't gotten your taney dragons gear yet, you're in luck. the team's website is restocked now and open for business. a number of stores in our area like triple play sports and modell sporting goods, they're sold out. nbc 10 is here to help you jump on the bandwagon. >> check out these placards. they're available to show off your team spirit. i'm on the dragon wagon. the good thing about this, you can print these free taney
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dragon signs to put on your windows. they say i'm on the dragon wagon. jim, what says yours say? philly pride, taney dragons. go to our website and you can print them out and join in on the fun. that's not all. nbc 10 and comcast sportsnet are hosting a viewing party at xfinity live. here are the details. the party starts at 6:30 with comcast sportsnet pregame special. parking is free after 2:00 p.m. and in honor of the taney dragons, you'll be able to order from a special little dragons menu with some specials for the kids. 6:30 tomorrow night at xfinity live. come out and celebrate with us. part of the proceeds will go to the taney baseball association. the taney dragons have had a stretch of good weather in their quest for the little league championship. >> keith mentioned this. what about tomorrow night? glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tacking rain heading towards williamsport. glenn, what is the timing on the
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wet weather? >> it's not exactly great. we're going to be dry in philadelphia to watch it. but williamsport, different story. it's dry at the moment. we just have the clouds around. the closest rain is in michigan right now. that's about 400 miles away. moving about 20 miles an hour that would put it in around 20 hours from now. and that means early tomorrow afternoon. at least in the general vicinity. the futurecast is going to, again, show its dry in philadelphia. but not so in williamsport. a few light showers as we go through the night tonight. and then later on, look at that. a little bit heavier tomorrow morning. and then that other band comes in. now these are scattered showers. they are not total downpours. it's not hours' worth of rain. so it's just a question of are they going to be able to play in this. there are chances of showers throughout the game. it will not be raining for three
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hours straight. but the threat of at least some rain is well over 50/50 right now. we'll keep you updated on that and our forecast in just a few minutes. >> remember, nbc 10 is your ticket to the taney dragons and their equest for a world series title. we have crews in williamsport in the neighborhoods where our athletes train, and we'll be at xfinity live tomorrow night for the game. passengers were evacuated from a septa bus in penn's landing earlier today after it caught fire. we captured the dark smoke on one of our towercams. this is the route 33 at front and chestnut streets. we brought you the story this morning at 11:00 a.m. everyone made it off the bus safely. sky force 10 overhead. authorities are now investigating how this fire started. we have new information this afternoon about a lawsuit filed by the son of a pennsylvania congressman. shack jr. has asked to put his
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$10 million lawsuit against the fbi and the department of justice on hold. he has pleaded not guilty that he filed false tax returns. fatah's father, shaka fatah. thousands of drug cases. a superior court judge is holding a hearing involving two drug crime defendants in connection with evidence tampering scandal at delaware's controlled substances lab. public defenders argue prosecutor cannot vouch for the integrity of evidence that was sent to the lab, and that hundreds of cases should be dismissed. prosecutors contend only cases involving evidence tampering or theft should be considered tainted. philadelphia police still looking for a third person in connection with the beating of this park ranger friday at love park. video of the incident went viral. police have arrested two teenagers, 19-year-old curtis tanner is charged with
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aggravated assault among other offenses. they say he punched the ranger in the face after he tried to enforce the park's no skateboarding rule. a 17-year-old faces the same charges as a juvenile. when it comes to a recent gun veto in new jersey, residents are split on governor chris christie's decision. >> the governor vetoed legislation that would have reduced the number of bullets gun magazines can hold. a new poll finds 49% of garden state residents support christie's veto while 42% disagree. 66% believe the governor should have met with parents of the children killed in the sandy hook shooting. the governor declined to do so. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the casino crisis and the thousands of people about to be out of a job. stood new jersey regulators gave the final approval for showboat to shut down at the end of the month. and then another job fair for laid off workers is now going on. nbc 10's south jersey reporter
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cyndey long checked in with applicants of the job fair and also talked to residents who fear all of the doom and gloom will force their property values to drop dramatically. tell us more. >> reporter: homeowners here are definitely nervous, especially if they're in the market to sell. clearly not everyone who works here in atlantic city lives here. but there is a fear that people will pick up and leave and seek employment elsewhere, or simply not invest in atlantic city. as far as investigating in their futures higher up here at the sheraton atlantic convention center didn't let us inside to interfere with the job interview process. but with 8,000 employees soon to lose their jobs since lunchtime, the number of applications submitted, less than 50. with 26 years at trump plaza as a cashier and less than a month left to earn his paycheck -- >> it's a few weeks left. and it's uncertain right now. so i'm a little bit nervous.
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>> reporter: this husband and father says his family is counting on him to find work, even if it means moving to maryland. if you were offered the position in maryland, would you leave atlantic city? >> if i can get job there, my first priority look for job. >> reporter: maryland live's director of food and beverage greg coyle says atlantic city is rich in hardworking, trained quality casino employees, but with 8,000 set to lose a paycheck, we found only a handful of applicants tennessee today. i think what we anticipated was to see people lined up down the sidewalk. >> yeah. >> why rant they? >> i think it's a difficult situation forea lot of people that have been in the same job for a lot of time that they have to think about relocating their lives. >> we've just been kicked all over the place. >> reporter: meantime life-long atlantic resident alma johnson says with for sale signs sprouting up in her venice park neighborhood, and casinos closing shop, she will lose too in higher property tax and a lower home value. >> you know, i'm not going to get anything for mine.
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and i know my house is beautiful inside. you know? it's a shame. >> reporter: and the maryland live job fair continues tonight until 9:00. and then tomorrow from 8:00 in the morning to 1:00 in tavern. the pr folks we spoke to today say they have hundreds of positions to offer, but they would only tell us that they have made dozens of offers. renee? >> all right, thanks for your report. we have an entire section on our website, dedicated to the casino crisis. log on for a timeline of the casino closure and more information on the impact to atlantic city. we have more breaking news now from sky force 10 over an accident in chester county and west pikeland township. what you're looking at here is a piece of farm equipment that appears to have overturned. it has since been uprighted, but there has been some sort of pesticide spill that has been involved as well. we're told 500 gallons of pesticides spilled here. this is on route 113 and routes
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401. both shut down right now, although you see some traffic getting by on one of those lanes there. but we're told this area could be impacted for a while while this accident is cleaned up. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist general hurricane schwartz. >> well, you have problems on the other side of the country. these are water rescues that are taking place in phoenix, arizona. this is live. and there have been tremendous floods out there. they definitely get some very heavy rains at this time of the year once in a while with the monsoon. being in the desert with the way the ground is, the water rushes off very quickly. and you can get some pretty fast-moving floodwaters. and then that causes all sorts of other problems. so pretty bad situation there in phoenix, arizona, one of the
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biggest cities in this country. so it is not just a suburban thing or a rural one. the comfort in our portion of the country continues. we are track showers and storms. that will be coming in. and it could affect the game tomorrow night. right now we have mostly sunny skies. it's not quite as dry as it was yesterday. the 85-degree temperature, relative humidity 46%. still not very high for this time of the year. the temperature is a couple degrees warmer than it was yesterday. it's in the low to mid-80s across much of the area. but it is not that way right at the shore. and we will prove it to you. atlantic city international at 80 degrees. well, that's inland. let's check out the beaches. and the wind coming from the northeast. so it's only 75 in louis. 78 in avalon. it's 81 in beach haven. it's been in the mid-70s in
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atlantic city right on the boardwalk this afternoon. we are still dry around here. but showers, a few showers south and west. the main area still back across the great lakes. that is going to be taking a while to get here. now of course it's going to hit williamsport area first. there it is. tomorrow some showers around. we're not talking about tremendous rains. but nothing over here until thursday. and boy does it start getting wet around here on thursday. and into friday. for tonight, it's not wet. it's partly cloudy. 66 for the low in philadelphia. 59 north and west. tomorrow mostly sunny, warm day. not especially humid. not too different from today. seven-day forecast. definitely starts to get different. thursday showers and storms could affect the eagles game. kind of rainy and cool day friday with the east wind. the east wind continues into saturday. keeping the temperature down. so it looks like a relatively
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cool weekend for this time of the year. still ahead on "nbc 10 news at 4" -- >> we're all cheering for our little leaguers. but what must the pressure be like for our kids? how do we as parents help our own children in pressure situations? i'm lu ann cahn. i'll have that story coming up. longhorn knows what happens when you cross state lines.
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things get interesting. introducing new steaks across america, like the new kansas city bbq sirloin for $12.99 or the texas 3 chili pepper ribeye,
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drizzled with onion straws. longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. it's "saturday night live" -- >> shoe would recognize his face, but who didn't know his voice? today the entertainment world is mourning the loss of don pardo who died yesterday at the age of 96. his booming baritone introduced fans to "saturday night live" for nearly four decades and he also announced many game shows. we're following breaking news. we now know at least one person has been taken to the hospital after this suv you see right here went into cobbs creek in southwest philadelphia. investigators still trying to figure out exactly why that suv ended up in the water. nbc 10's george spencer is headed to the scene on the ground. count on nbc 10 for updates as we gather new information in our newsroom.
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today's move-in day for new class of seminaryians in wynwood, montgomery county. 26 men entering this year and they come from 11 diocese and religious orders. including six from philadelphia and two from sri lanka. during this week they'll tour the grounds, take day trips to philadelphia and attend daily mass. we continue to monitor the developing situation in
4:28 pm
ferguson, missouri. >> christine, what's the latest? >> a pastor witnessed last night's face-off between police, and protesters will show you the video he took of tear gas and flash grenades. and have $2? that's all you need to buy a home in one up and coming area. $2. we'll show you what you'll get if you're willing to put this the work.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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>> developing now at 4:30, more violence involving police in missouri. this time in st. louis where a suspect was shot and killed by police this afternoon. since we've been on the air, a crowd has gathered near the scene of the most recent shooting. >> of course, there is so much tension in nearby ferguson, missouri after the shooting of an unarmed teen. here is the latest from that town. police are urging residents to stay home after dark. but there is no curfew in effect. ferguson leaders released a statement saying they are exploring changes to the police department. officials say they want more black applicants to the law enforcement academy. meanwhile, nbc news has learned at least 78 people were arrested overnight. that's more than double the number authorities reported. nbc 10's christine maddela is monitoring the developments from the digital operation center. >> and christine, you talked to a local man getting involved in ferguson? >> reporter: that's right. he is a local pastor who flew to ferguson yesterday to help that community and call for justice. he was there last night when protesters threw molotov
4:32 pm
cocktails, and police used tear gas and flash grenades. he took some video on his cell phone. take a look. >> the tear gas. >> reporter: that's reverend mark tyler from philadelphia. he flew into st. louis yesterday, and was out on the streets of ferguson last night when protesters and police clashed again. he took this video on his cell phone. >> shock grenade. >> reporter: in his video, you can see the gas rising and the bright flash from the grenades. >> i was out there at 11:00 when the tear gas started. we were not too far from the armored vehicles. the shot cannons or grenades, whatever you want to call them, the canisters started popping off, and loud explosions. this is absolutely incredible. to be out there last night, i mean, as i stood next to the tanks, we were able to get almost 15 feet away. each of the tanks had about 20
4:33 pm
fully armed what looked like soldiers surrounding it. and to think that this is an american city. when you really felt like you were somewhere in mosul or somewhere in afghanistan. but here we are in a neighborhood. >> reporter: reverend tyler isn't the only out of towner in ferguson. >> i actually bought a one-way ticket. >> reporter: he says he is not coming back to is the city of brotherly love until there is more of that in ferguson. >> i want to make sure that the city of ferguson and the county of st. louis recognize that this is not a local problem. that the issue around race is an american narrative. and it is still unresolved. and we've got things that we have got to do. we don't want the attention to fade. we're here to keep the spotlight on. and we want to make sure that, again, the brown family receives justice. >> tyler and other pastors are organizing a march on wednesday night. it's a march for justice. he is expecting about one thousand clerk. >> members and community leaders to participate in ferguson. reporting live in the digital
4:34 pm
operation center, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> and christine, as that unrest escalates in ferguson, norths are looking into possible civil rights charges against officer darren wilson. the justice department probe is seen as unusually quick and aggressive. attorney general eric holder will head to ferguson tomorrow. but dozens of fbi agents lure there questioning witnesses to the shooting. and brown's alleged robbery of a store nearby. they're also asking about police officer darren wilson, whether wilson committed a crime by killing brown is the local issue. whether he took away brown's civil right to walk the street, that's the federal issue. so there are two investigations. >> really not unusual when there has been a shooting of this kind, particularly of an african american by a white cop. >> the third autopsy on michael brown's body is now complete. it was conducted by a u.s. military expert as part of this civil rights investigation. the situation in ferguson continues to develop.
4:35 pm
count on nbc 10 to update you as that situation changes over the next couple hours. and remember, you can always get updates any time on and on our mobile apps. a tractor-trailer careened off the side of interstate 95 in north jersey this morning, sending parts of the truck's cab into a creek below. this was the scene in ridgefield park, bergen county. you can see the front of the truck dangling off the roadway, and partially submerged in the creek below. emergency crews were able to rescue the construct's driver from the water, but no word on his condition. starting tomorrow the b and somerset bridge in west kensington is going to be closed. the philadelphia police department says because rehab work needs to be done. it is expected to take three weeks. detour signs will be posted to help drivers navigate their way around the bridge. if you have a couple bucks in your pocket and you need a house, you might want to head to italy. there is a really cheap piece of
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real estate under way there, and we do mean cheap. how does $2 sound? a town on the island of sicily is selling off fixer uppers for only one euro, which is just under $2. the mayor is trying to attract outside buyers to invest after a lot of residents moved away. along with the $2 down payment, buyers must ante up a 6,600 guarantee that they will renovate in return for priority treatment by the town council. from a primarily unknown team to little league superstars, nbc 10 is the place for all things taney dragons. still ahead on "nbc 10 news at 4," the pressure these young athletes are under as they compete for the championship trophy. a child psychologist weighs in. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," some fast fingers at a local fast food restaurant. surveillance cameras capture a suspect swiping more than his meal at one local eatery.
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shots fired inside a liquor store. new at 5:00, the woman who saved her life. this man takes nearly $400 in cigarettes, but he wasn't acting alone. who helped him?
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ice bucket challenge that is sweeping social media across the country has raised more than $22 million for the als association. golfers tiger woods and rory mcilroy recently took the challenge, dumping buckets of ice water on each other. researchers at business week say if everyone did this challenge in the time allotted, it would take 22 days to surpass 7 billion. that's the world's population. new high-tech resources now available for students and teachers in pennsylvania. it's called pennsylvania learns. and it's available on eye tunes. governor tom corbett launched the program today. pennsylvania learns is a collection of free online educational resources. the program is designed to help educators create courses, including lectures, assignments, books, quizzes and syllabus. >> a virtual one-stop shop of high quality information, hours
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of video footage, and web content created by subject matter experts, as well as thousands of pages from libraries around the world, all at the fingertips of pennsylvania students. >> the first phase includes course for first through sixth and english arts for grades 9 through 12. decades before the taney dragons monedays, there was mamie peanut johnson. >> i wasn't ahead of my time. i was right on time doing what i wanted to do. >> got to see this story. still ahead at 4:00, meet the woman who paved the way for african american girls in sports. plus, what she has to say about the success of mone and the taney dragons. well, dry and comfortable, as we take a live look outside. but i amtraking changes. our next chance for wet weather ahead in the nbc 10 first alert
4:42 pm
seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," gambling goes north. business leaders lay out their plans for legalized gaming in a different part of new jersey.
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the latest now on breaking news we've been telling you about. since we went on the air at
4:45 pm
4:00, two people were hurt after this suv crashed into cobbs creek in southwest philadelphia today. one of them is a woman. she is in critical condition right now at the hospital. we don't know the second person's condition. nbc 10's george spencer on the scene. and our assignment desk is also making calls on this story. count on us for updates as we continue to get new information. back to the taney dragons. they're going for their third straight win in the little league world series tomorrow. they're set to take on nevada. and since it's such a highly anticipated game for the first time ever, you're going to need a ticket in order to watch it in person. watching the taney dragons and pitcher mo'ne davis has been a thrilling experience for one former ballplayer. >> mamie "peanut" johnson says she never thought she would witness the first shut-out by a female pitcher in the little league world series. she travelled to williamsport last week because she said she wanted to watch davis pitch in person. johnson spent three years as the only female pitcher in the history of the negro leagues.
4:46 pm
she pitched for indianapolis clowns, going 33-8 in her pitching career. >> i used to wonder would i ever get the chance to play ball. like when jackie robinson came out and things. and i said oh, my. i wonder if i'll ever get to do that. >> after leaving baseball behind, johnson spent 50 years as a nurse. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, another dry relatively comfortable day across the area. and if anything, it's going to be more comfortable tomorrow with the humidity going down a little bit. and then we have some showers and storms in the forecast. it's going to get wetter as we head toward the end of the week. it could affect the taney game at the little league world series tomorrow night. no rain affecting the phillies game tonight. they're going to be playing in
4:47 pm
good conditions. 85 degrees. it feels like 85 because the humidity isn't all that high at 46%. and our average high temperature, 85 degrees. well, barely reaching it today. it may go up a degree tomorrow. it is really a comfortable august. temperatures well below average. one of the cooler augs we've seen in a long time. 74 mt. pocono. we're in the low to mid-80s elsewhere. you can see the 85 in northeast and swedesboro, while it's only 82 in mt. holly. 81 in wrightstown. and as we head towards the show, only 78 in avalon. 75 in louis, delaware. ocean temperature up to 76. now we're dry across the entire area. right now we're going stay that way as we go through the night and showers down to the south, they're not moving our way. these showers are. this is upper air system. across the great lakes, moving in our direction. and the futurecast shows just
4:48 pm
what is going to happen here. by midnight, still dry. but tomorrow morning, got some showers in the williamsport area already. and williamsport is obviously more under the gun than any part of our area tomorrow. we're not going see rain. they'll probably see some showers. it's not tremendously heavy. then we start to get more impressive rains coming in on thursday. that's a pretty decent area. thursday night, doesn't really move anywhere. and friday it's coming in off the ocean. and so friday looks like it's going to be kind of damp. so for the little league world series, got a chance of showers. any time during the game does not look like it will be hours and hours worth of rain. but this is not necessarily going to be like a major league game where they can afford to have two-hour rain delays. now you can see that the shore is going fob sunny. it's going to be cool tomorrow there is that east wind. the east wind continues, and
4:49 pm
then it gets witter. thursday and friday not looking real good at the shore. not looking too good the poconos either. tomorrow the clouds increase. and then the showers come in. for the rest of the night, partly cloudy. no rain. 66 for low in philadelphia. 59 north and west. tomorrow a lot of sunshine, warm. not humid at all. temperatures into the mid-80s. and the seven-day forecast. the showers and storms most likely thursday into thursday night. periods of rain and unseasonably cool friday. that's 77 degrees for the high temperature. then only 77 saturday. again unseasonably cool for the weekend. a little more sunshine coming on sunday. get ready to vote. america's got talent is back tonight with some amazing acts. ♪ i know a guy whose tough by sweet ♪
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>> 12 acts will take the stage tonight. and you get to decide which four will move on to the semifinals. new jersey singer mara already made it through to the finals which begin august 26 whom. will join her? you decide. watch "america's got talent" tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 10. speaking of talent, a lot of pressure to perform on a national stage. >> you know, it's something our taney dragons know all too well. still ahead on "nbc 10 news at 4" today, the pros and the cons of pushing your athlete to be the best. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5", keepsake concerns. nearly two years later superstorm sandy has left one family wondering about these wedding photos and who the people in the pictures really are. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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with a newon: volkswagen turbo. turbocharged reward card why are we so obsessed with turbo? because we like giving you power, but we also like giving you fuel efficiency. like the sporty jetta. and the turbocharged passat tdi® clean diesel. okay.. and the iconic beetle... and the powerful tiguan... okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you purchase or lease a new 2014 turbo model. can't talk about the taney dragons without talking about mo'ne davis. >> no, you can't. she has become an overnight sensation since the team first made the little league world series. we caught up with one of her teachers this past year at who has been following her success really closely. >> you know, when i first heard about it, i e-mailed her right away and said this is so fun. good luck, go out there. and that was kind of before the
4:54 pm
storm hit. and it's so exciting that she is like making the end of our summer, you know. so fun. and when i see her on tv and when i see her like on the news, it's so exciting. >> vandergriff says mo'ne has a quiet confidence about her and is focused on and off the field. >> you can see that focus in her eyes. with the national spotlight on the taney dragons, many parents wonder if there is just too much pressure on these kids. nbc 10's lu ann cahn joins us now with more on that story. >> reporter: i'm on taney street where everyone is pretty darn excited. almost everyone on this block has put up an nbc 10 placard. but no matter what happens, we should show these kids and a tell these kids that we support them, that we're proud of them. because the pressure can be overwhelming.
4:55 pm
while we cheered the taney dragons' come from behind miraculous victory, you had to feel for the 12-year-old texas pitcher on the other seem shedding tears and applaud his coach for these words. >> you're doing great. you're doing great. >> the pressure becomes magnified for a little leaguer because they don't have the experience yet to know what is a mountain and what is a molehill. >> reporter: sports psychologist joel fish has worked with professional athletes as well as athletes this age. >> they can be highly critical of themselves. and their biggest fears are being judged by somebody else, a teammate, parent, coach. >> reporter: he says one of the biggest winning moments in the series so far is this one. >> it's been an incredible journey, okay. >> reporter: this rhode island coach stopped his team on the field after a hard loss to tell them to hold their heads high. >> that was very impressive to me. those kids, i really believe, win, lose, or draw, they're going to come out of here with a sense of pride records meanwhile, taney pitcher mo'ne davis is not just remarkable because of her fastball, but but
4:56 pm
because of her incredible focus and composure for her age. he believes part of that is just her personality. but we can all teach our children. >> those key moments, if the child really feels from the coach, parent, teammate i'm with you, i care about you, i'm proud of you, we're in this together, the child is going to learn some skills to navigate those moments in competition that don't go his or her way. >> reporter: fish was also wondering if mo'ne has so much composure partly because she also plays another sport. she plays basketball. and he says that research is starting to show that kids who play more than one sport have more confidence and may be more perspective. live on taney street, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> to celebrate taney baseball's little league world series success we want to see pics of your baseball and softball stars. tweet us or upload your pictures on jim and jacqueline? next at 5:00, he was dressed
4:57 pm
like a convenience store worker. >> but he was really a criminal in disguise. what he did once he fooled everyone with his uniform. also, help for hurting heads. something new to treat headaches that involve something patients put in their mouths. but it's not an aspirin. and store scare. a liquor store clerk comes face-to-face with two suspects demanding money. and when she doesn't cooperate, things escalate. next on "nbc 10 news at 5."
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
we begin with breaking news. an suv goes into the water in the cobb's creek neighborhood of philadelphia. sky force 10 over the scene at cobbs creek parkway and greenway avenue. one woman was rescued and tain to the hospital of the university of pennsylvania in critical condition. another person was also spotted being loaded into an ambulance. there is no word on their condition or what caused the crash.
5:00 pm
also breaking tonight, a pesticide spill in chester county. sky force 10 was over the intersection of route 113 and 401 less than an hour ago where a tractor overturned. that tractor has since been uprighted. there were no other vehicles involved and no one was hurt. and the breaking situation from the westbound schuylkill expressway in montgomery county. firefighters had to put out a car fire on the exit ramp just past gulph mills. right now it's not clear if anyone was injured. we do know the fire is under control. count on updates on all of our breaking news stories as we get new information. now to a story we can smile about. it's the eve of a critical and decisive game that could send philadelphia's little league superstars to the world series championship game in williamsport. excitement is building there. >> i'm on the dragon bandwagon. >> we all are. >> here as we root for the taney dragons, we're over one day and two hours away until the first pitch the nbc countdown clock


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