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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  August 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a philadelphia police officer shot in a hail of gunfire. the suspect, killed. >> i don't believe that my son would fire at an officer. >> new at 11:00, the gunman's mother reacts. plus, strangers to the rescue. >> god put me there for a reason. >> tonight, a heroic action that saved a woman's life. philadelphia's hometown team gears up for tomorrow's big game. tonight, the added stress that's weighing on the team. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london.
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first tonight, a philadelphia police officer is recovering at home this evening after he was shot in the head. >> a bullet grazed an officer in the city this morning in the city's tacony section ellis fired at police, who returned it, killing him. denise nakano is life, and you also talked to the suspect's mother at a rally for michael brown. >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, police say she took a public stance about the death of her son, speaking out at this rally saying he did not deserve to die. meantime, the officer involved in this shooting is recovering privately with his family. >> this is my belief, and i stand on it until i hear further. >> reporter: marcia lewis spoke about the police shooting that killed her son, david ellis overnight in tacony. a crowd of 100 people gathered in protest at 533 52nd and market that occurred.
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>> i don't believe my son would fire at an officer. >> reporter: the investigation into the shooting is now in the hands of the district attorney. police internal affairs and the justice department, which is reviewing officer-involved shootings in philadelphia. >> the real issue is whether or not the shooting is justified at the time it occurred. that's what we have to really make sure that we have a thorough, complete investigation. >> reporter: police say it was a close call for 15 the district police officer, a 14-year veteran of the department. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> 1500. i'm hit. >> reporter: you can hear the officer's radio call after he suffered a deep graze wound to the left side of his head. police say the shooting started at torresdale and mcgee where the officer and his partner responded to a report of a man with a gun. police say they came under fire then fired back along with two other officers. a neighbor's cell phone video shows ellis in street. he was taken to the hospital where he died.
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>> i commend those officers for being out there doing their job, but i don't commend an unjust, violent, excessive use of force. >> reporter: i reached out tonight to the officer involved in the shooting. he is recovering at home. his family declined to comment. reporting live from police headquarters, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. this is about togetherness. we're about this group right here. peaceful protesters. >> and this was the rally denise mentioned. it was a calm night in west philadelphia as demonstrators hit the streets against the police shooting death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. this was the scene at 52nd and market. a rally for justice kicked off around 6:00 tonight and grew as the night went on. and here is a live look at ferguson, missouri, right now where once again the streets are filling up with protesters as police line the streets. so far, they've been peacefulen
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to tonight and the crowds are smaller than last night. meanwhile, attorney general eric holder is set to go to ferguson tomorrow where he'll be supervising the federal investigation into the teenager's death by police officer darren wilson ten days ago. wilson has already been interviewed by investigators and he will be offered the opportunity to testify to the county grand jury tomorrow who will decide whether charges will be filed in the case. today, we also learned that funeral services for michael brown will be held monday. a local pastor flew down to ferguson to help the community and call for justice. he told us about last night's violent protest. >> i mean, as i stood next to the tanks, we were able to get almost 15 feet away. each of those tanks had about 20 fully armed with what looked like soldiers surrounding it and to think that this is an american city, when you really felt like you were somewhere in mosul, or somewhere in afghanistan. >> on top of last night's violence, there was another officer-involved shooting today
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in st. louis. just two miles from ferguson. a 23-year-old african-american man was killed after he stole some pastries and told police to shoot him and then moved toward them with a knife. here at home, a developing story tonight in camden county. a motorcyclist ran over a teenager walking down powell street in gloucester city around 9:45 tonight. police say the motorcyclist didn't have a tehelmet on but h girlfriend riding on the back did. he's in serious condition. the teenager also in serious condition. the passenger on the bike has minor injuries. skyforce 10 over a deadly crash in montgomery township this evening. two vehicles collided at the intersection of huntingdon pike and spur road before 7:00. one person was killed here, two others hurt. one of them critically. it's not clear what caused the crash. police shut down the intersection and tonight it remains closed. tonight, strangers to the rescue. a group of passersby save the
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life of a driver who lost control of her suv and flew down an embankment into cobs creek. it happened shortly after 3:30 this afternoon at greenway avenue in southwest philadelphia. nbc 10's george spencer rushed to the scene minutes later and spoke to several of those rescuers. george, they told you they feel lucky they were in a position to help. >> reporter: they did, jacqueline. after all, police on the scene tell us the victim's suv could have gone unnoticed in the ravine for hours and possibly longer if not for the passersby stepping in. right flow now the victim is at the hospital stabilized tonight and likely has a group of other drivers to thank. on the banks of cobs creek tonight, you could see where the cut of control suv flew into the water. a makeup bag, a shoe, and broken glass left nearby. after police pulled this badly damaged white vehicle out of the water. >> i didn't think, it didn't
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matter. >> reporter: and rescuers like marcel port caught their breath. >> do you feel like you may have saved her life? >> i thought that i saved her life. >> reporter: shortly after 3:30 this afternoon, the driver of the white suv suddenly lost control along cobbs creek parkway and ran off the road into the creek. police believe the drive r suffered some type of medical emergency. >> i saw a car coming toward in the ravine on the grass. >> and i was screaming, help, help, and calling 911 at the same time. >> reporter: the women flagged down three other drivers including port. that trio broke out a window in the water-covered vehicle, cut off the unconscious driver's seat belt, pulled her up the ravine and began cpr. at first, it seemed little help. >> we gave her cpr. she wasn't responding. finally as we gave up, that's when she started to respond and her eyes started to open up. >> reporter: first the eyes and then a finger move they said. police and first responders acknowledge this group of strangers helped save a9k&u li. >> this embankment is pretty
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deep. if these people hadn't seen her go in, we probably would not have found this person, but then to act immediately is heroic. >> reporter: do you feel like you were meant to be here today? >> definitely, you know, god put me on cobbs creek parkway for a reason. >> reporter: one of the other rescuers got in touch with nbc 10 tonight. he told us how he used his hand to break out the front window of that submerged vehicle. his hand is a bit cut up but he's otherwise fine. the victim was brought here in critical condition but has since stabilized. we do not yet know, however, whether other medical conditions may play into her eventual recovery. live tonight at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. to the pride of philadelphia. the taney dragons taking the field tomorrow in the little league world series. our nbc 10 countdown clock is ticking down to game time. we are 20 hours and 21 minutes
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nbc 10's keith jones is willi s williamsport tonight ahead of tomorrow's big game. >> you found out the kids' nerves are definitely rattled right now. can't blame them. >> reporter: that's right. it's hard not to be. the world is watching what takes place here on the baseball diamond behind me. especially what happens to the taney dragons tomorrow night. and i interviewed them tonight. consideration the circumstances, considering the pressure on them, i'd say they're handling it pretty well. >> can you sign my hat? >> yeah, i'll sign it when he's done with the marker. >> reporter: you could say life has changed for mo'ne davis, taking cuts in batting cage, the 13-year-old phenom has an audience and could get overwhelming she says. >> i can understand if it's an adult and a little kid, but sometimes it's, like, a grown man or grown lady, so that kind of creeps me out a little bit. >> they're on the social media. so they are aware of -- actually they're way more aware of this than we are, the coaches. >> i was kind of shocked that kevin durant, magic johnson
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tweeted about me. >> reporter: in a week, this average teen transformed into a national sensation. davis says she wishes her teammates got more attention. like this guy. jared. >> as the mother of a pitcher, it is pretty terrifying. >> reporter: i spoke with his mother, allison, and older sister, sadie. they say from the stands, with 30,000-plus, it's beyond nerve-racking. >> you know your child's out there alone, and it's scary. it's scary to watch. >> reporter: what do you tell him? >> i tell him he can do no wrong. >> we're in a bubble and trying to stay in the bubble. >> reporter: it's this come r d comrade. >> we're like a major league team. >> reporter: with major league pressure. listen, speaking of the weather right now it's clear over the stadium. that's going to change tomorrow. there is some rain in the nbc 10 forecast during game time around 7:30. with that said, i talked to tournament officials. they said they're going to meet with the committee and decide
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whether to delay the game or reschedule. if that happens, it will happen friday. reporting live from william williamsport, keith jones, nbc 10 news. go, dragons. >> the more you hear from the kids, the more you fall in love with them. sheena parveen has been tracking the storms ahead of the big game. >> what's timeline of the game tomorrow in williamsport? >> we're looking at showers in the forecast. unfortunately. but we will certainly be tracking them through the day right here with you. locally, though, on radar, williamsport, like keith just said is nice and dry. so are we locally. if you look off to the west, you see a line of showers and storms, some of this rain is locally heavy and it is moving in the direction of will wriam williamsport. just in time for the game tomorrow, little league world series, a good chance of showers. by k 7:00 p.m., around 73 degrees. by 10:00 tomorrow evening, 68 degrees and still a chance of showers. so we could see periods of rain or just rain at times with maybe a little bit of a break. either way, there's rain in the
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forecast. coming up, i'll have a closer look at the next chance of showers and storms for us. count on the nbc 10 first alert weather team to follow potential weather threats at the little league world series. i'll be in williamsport tomorrow, actually, bringing you live updates with the debut of stormforce 10, our new weather vehicle. wait until you see this thing. live reports start on nbc 10 news at 4:00 tomorrow. don't want to miss it. >> you don't want to miss this, either. nbc 10 is hosting a big party to celebrate the game. join us and taney fans at xfinity live in south philadelphia. the fun starts 6:30 tomorrow night with comcast little pregame live and watch party. parking is free after 2:00 and there's even a little dragon menu for the kids. xfinity live will donate a portion of the proceeds to the taney baseball association. tonight, a cyber breach has millions in jeopardy of identity theft. >> coming up next, the conngv'íejz to our area and how to know if you're a victim. plus, missing money.
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the new problem and the mystery surrounding a bag of cash.
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tonight u.s. intelligence officials are working to determine whether a video that reportedly shows the execution of an american journalist is authentic. james foley originally from new hampshire was captured in syria nearly two years ago. hasn't been seen or heard from since. today, isis militants claimed to have beheaded foley in a graphic video posted online. this is a still picture from that video. foley's mother released a statement tonight saying, "we have never been prouder of our son, jim, he gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the syrian people." texas governor rick perry vows to fight the felony charges against him. tonight he turned himself in and was booked on two felony charges that he abused his power. police took this mugshot of governor perry. perry arrived to chants from supporters and there were some boos, too. the governor was indicted friday for allegedly threatening to
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veto money for state public corruption prosecutors. perry called the case a political ploy. new at 11:00, an academic adviser at temple university filed a discriminate lawsuit against the sochool saying he ws denied a promotion because of race. he said he was the only african-american among five advisers when his program was reorganized in 2010. he claims two white employees with significantly less experience received the promotions over him. we reached out to temple for comment about the suit. the school said, "mr. ruff who continues to be employed at temple bases his complaint on claims that are roughly four years old. the eeoc reviewed his case and closed it after find no evidence of violation of law." what better way to spend a summer night than with free water ice and a movie? upper darby for community night. police treated dozens of children and families to free water ice and screening of the
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lego movie. officers talked with neighbors and showed off the department's s.w.a.t. truck and motorcycles to the kids. police say it's just a way to give back to the community they serve. a cyber breach has put patients treated by doctors affiliated with nearly a half dozen area hospitals at risk of identity theft tonight. community health systems says hackers stole the personal information of about 4.5 million patients. doctors offices affiliated with a total of 20 pennsylvania hospitals are affected including chestnut hill, easton, phoenixville hospital, brandy wine, pottstown memorial medical center. the company said no medical or credit card records were accessed but hackers were able to get patient names, addresses, birth dates and phone and social security numbers. the problems keep coming for revel. nearly 2 $21,000 in cash is missing from the casino. the money was left on the roof of an armored truck that had picked the money up from the bankrupt casino. the bag holding the cash
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apparently fell off some time after the truck pulled away on august 6th. the company that operates the armored car is cooperating with authorities. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a pretty comfortable evening tonight, and it will stay that way as we go into tomorrow morning. so when you wake up, really comfortable start in store for us, and the temperatures will stay nice and warm as we go through the day. humidity won't even be that bad. so tomorrow, another warm day and we will stay mostly dry. then, we're tracking some thunderstorms. these will move in mostly thursday and friday. so to end out the week, and some of those will be moving toward the little league world series tomorrow. i'll show you the forecast in a second. mid 70s through the lehigh valley. 72 west chester. 74 degrees in philadelphia. trenton coming in at 70 degrees. mt. holly, glassboro in the upper 60s. along the shore, 66 atlantic city.
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68, millville. 74, wilmington. p it's fairly comfortable outside now. when you walk outside tomorrow morning, it will be nice. 8:00 in the morning, 70 degrees. sunny skies. 10:00 a.m., mid 70s. by noon, near 80 degrees. another warm day tomorrow, but we should be staying mostly dry. now, satellite and radar shows we are dry right now. but there's some rain just off to our west. it's approaching western p.a. and it is moving in this direction. we shouldn't really see it here until about thursday, but for williamsport, we may see it as early as tomorrow. that is going to be in the forecast. so for the little league world series, tomorrow, we have rain around by 7:00 p.m. by the start of the game. chance of showers pretty food chance, too, 73 degrees. by 10:00 p.m., still a chance of rain. 68 trdegrees. the rain will hang around williams williamsport tomorrow. we'll see it by the end of the week. future weather, dry overnight tonight. rain approaching bi ining williy 7:00 tomorrow. we will have the rain in the forecast. by thursday it starts to
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approach our area. moves through in the afternoon. and then as we go into friday, some of this rain could be locally heavy at times. kind of lingers through the day friday. and even into the afternoon at this point. and then we start to clear up a bit by the end of the weekend. here's your shore cast. as we go into tomorrow. looks really good. mid 70s. nice and sunny. thursday and friday, though, more clouds around. about the mid to low 70s. so little rainy and quite a bit cooler along the shore over the next few days. partly cloudy for tonight. mid 60s, philadelphia. upper 50s areas north and west. tomorrow, another warm day. mostly sunny for most of the day. mid to upper 80s through the afternoon. the humidity shouldn't be too bad. thursday, showers and storms in the forecast. some of those hanging around for the eagles game. same thing saturday. we warm up a bit though, on sunday. the eagles trade for a running back from chip kelly's pass. a.j. burnett tells us whether he'll return to the
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phillies next year. mo'ne davis is the cover girl for "sports illustrated." why she's not happy with just one time on the cover. that's next. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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hey, i'm john clark. the taney tradragons and mo' ne davis is the best story in sports right now. who's on the cover of "sports illustrated"? mo'ne, the first little leaguer to be on the cover, one of the youngest athletes ever on the cover. here's mo'ne signing autographs in williamsport. mo'ne, was it ever a dream of yours to be on the cover of "sports illustrated"? >> actually it was. a couple years ago when i was
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reading it with my brother, i wanted to be up there, but i didn't know what sport. now it's baseball. so, next is probably hopefully it will be me in a uconn jersey. >> this is fantastic. i'm thrilled for her. thrilled for her family. the city. i mean, the attention that the team is getting, and the city is getting. it's great. >> she's already thinking about her second cover there. a.j. burnett continues to struggle. tonight he gives up five runs to seattle. phanatic trying to get mariners in trouble before the game. a.j. burnett gets into trouble tonight. kyle seager taking him deep. phils down 3-0. let's jump to the eighth inning. burnett still in there. 124 pitches. gives up two more runs. burnett done after 125 pitches. he is winless in his last seven stars. his worst losing streak in nine years. check out the exchange between burnett and sandberg there. phillies lose 5-2.
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a.j. next year will be 38 years old. will you be back next year, a.j.? >> probably not. >> probably not? >> yeah. we'll see. before i sign. >> probably won't be back. eagles traded for one of chip kelly's former players at oregon. another one. barner. the birds give up a seventh round pick to the panthers. josh huff has a sprained shoulder. mccoy has turf toe. don't worry about him. he practiced again today and should practice thursday night. eagles did the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness for al.s. chip kelly diving head first into the pool of ice cold water. players and front office all did it. bulldozers pouring that ice cold watt er all over them. nice job for the birds. i'm john clark with comcast
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sportsnet. live from williamssport tomorrow. it's game day for the taney dragons. live in williamsport to show you how the players are preparing for the big game. how dragon fever is spreading here at home. sunny with seasonal temperatures this week, but the rain will be returning. we'll show you when in your first alert forecast. >> skyforce 10 will be flying above all the morning's breaking news and weather. back here wednesday morning from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. on nbc 10 news.
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grandma, your biscuits are the best! these are from dunkin'. granny! i have a life, you know. [ phone rings ] oh, that's for me. ooh! dunkin's chicken biscuit sandwich is a tender breaded chicken filet on a southern-style biscuit. grab one for $2.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. okay. so everyone's getting into the taney dragon spirit. pico tonight with a good luck message crawling an top of its building there tonight. >> around philadelphia we found taney pride hanging on doors and windows. in fact, many signs were on taney street. you can jump on the dragon wagon, too. go to our website, where you can print out signs
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like these and show the community your taney spirit. if i can remember to wear purple or blue tomorrow, to be in the spirit, and if everyone can. >> we'll remind each other. >> we're tracking showers, though, for the game. >> keep us posted. >> have a good night.
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