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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 20, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. will the dragon wagon keep on rolling? we're just hours away from the taney dragons next game in williamsport. mo'ne davis takes the mound tonight. there's a threat of rain in williamsport this evening. all quiet in 90-day this morning along the schuylkill river, boat house row. welcome to nbc 10 news today on this wednesday, i'm chris cato. let's go straight to meteorologist tedd florendo now. it's another warm morning but not too bad considering it's august, right? >> especially since it's august, we've had a great summer so far. let's hope we can keep the ball rolling on that and give us nice
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temperatures for the day today. outside, things are tranquil. mainly cloudy skies over center city. you can't quite see the clouds but they are starting to push out as well. take a look at our satellite image. it was thicker, now the latest image shows high, thin clouds overhead. current temperatures, 73 for philadelphia, low to mid-60s for atlantic city. in wildwood, the clouds help keep the temperature warm this morning. the high for the day, 85 degrees. sun and clouds, slightly humid but not too bad. your winds are light and from the southeast. coming up in a few minutes, there are some points that coulç see a slight chance of a quick shower today. we'll pinpoint those for you. first, let's check in with jillian mele and our wednesday morning traffic. >> we had a little bit of
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overnight construction, especially in the 95 area northbound as drivers make their way through delaware county and out to the philadelphia international airport. lane restrictions there. the area bridges with quiet as you can see. the this is the ben franklin bridge. the only accident we have is in toms river, route 37 near mule road. the right lane is blocked. here's the question this morning. are you on the dragon wagon? i certainly am. most people in philadelphia are. you can still join. there's still time. the countdown is on to taney's next big game in the little league world series in williamsport. they take on las vegas tonight at 7:30. if they win, they advance to the u.s. championship game, pitching again tonight, the "sports illustrated" cover girl, mo'ne davis. she's signing autographs and taking batting practice. she threw that shutout win
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against tennessee last week. a live look now at the little league world series complex in williamsport. that place will be rocking tonight. a lot of fans from this area are expected to be showing their philly pride at that game tonight. our nbc 10 countdown clock ticking away the seconds until game time. with just about 15 1/2 hours away from the first pitch right now. hope i can stay away for that one tonight. let's go to nbc 10's katy zachry. she's at xfinity live in south philadelphia. >> i hope i can stay up and watch at least the first few innings and maybe when we wake up for work tomorrow morning we'll hear there was another success. so many people have taney dragon fever. even those who have no direct connection to the team from south philadelphia, they've jumped on the taney dragon band wagon. try saying that four times. tonight's game is a big one. they play a team from las vegas. as you said at 7:30.
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the taney dragons are just two wins away from the world championship game. taney fans all over feel confident knowing that pitcher mo'ne davis will be on the mound. she's become a national sensation almost overnight. at just 13 years old, she's on the cover of "sports illustrated" magazine. fans are rallying around her and the e the entire team. >> when i have my son's taney shirt on, people are yelling, yeah, taney, go, taney. seven people when i was running yelled out to me, go, taney. you had a city thing. >> reporter: you're looking live at the big tv outside at xfinity live. at 6:30, nbc 10 along with comcast sports net will be hosting a watch party here at xfinity live. there's a bunch of festivities you can take part in.
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at 7:30 for the game we'll have it broadcast here on the outdoor television and on big tv inside. this is a great place to watch the game because we know so many of us in this area will be watching tonight and rooting on the taney dragons. live in south philadelphia, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. you can jump on the dragon wagon, too.ç go to where you can print out signs like the one i was holding up earlier and put those on display in your home, your vehicle, your clothing, wherever you want to stick it. our coverage continues at 4:30. nbc 10's matt delucia will have live reports for us later throughout the morning. back to those placards i was talking about being on homes, you can see that right here. we found taney pride hanging on doors throughout the area, including the fiddler street community in fiddler's square where the team plays many of its
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games. taney street is of course located in fiddler square where the team gets its name. an example of the placards you can print out on the website, display them to show off your tani bride. breaking news out of north philadelphia. we just got this video in from the 3700 block of percy street. police have arrested two men who they say carjacked a cab driver a few blocks from here. the cabbie was not hurt. officers say they have recovered the stolen cab along with the two guns used in the carjacking. a cab driver carjacked this morning in north philadelphia. two people under arrest for that. there's the taxi that was recovered after that carjacking. let's go to ferguson, missouri now where attorney general eric holder will be in ferguson to meet with the fbi and other officials. protesters were back out on the
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streets overnight in ferguson. things were calmer, though. in the past hour, police officers held a news conference. the state police saying that there were no shootings overnight. police had to use no smoke bombs, no tear gas this time. 47 people were arrested, though. meantime, funeral services are set for monday for michael brown who was killed by that white police officer on august th which touched off the civil unrest in ferguson. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the situation there. we'll have a live report coming up at 4:45 this morning. now to a developing story, president obama is expected to make a statement today on the death of an american journalist executed on camera by isis militants in syria. nbc 10's tracy davidson is live in the digital operations center. the way this journalist was killed is what people are talking about. >> it is very disturbing, chris. it appears that james foley was beheaded and the video of the
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grisly murder was posted online. we can show you a piece of the video prior to the murder. foley was a free lance photo journalist for the global post news agency. he was kidnapped in syria nearly two years ago. now foley's family has confirmed his death. one of his neighbors in rochester, new hampshire, reacted to the news. >> it is horrible. it's uncalled for, you know, it's something that he is just an innocent person here. and it just makes you wonder what this world is really, really like. >> and isis says it will kill another american journalist if president obama does not stop the air strikes in iraq. live in digital operations center, tracy davidson, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, look at this, a car crashed into the fence of a home in philadelphia's northwood section.ç nbc 10 was at the corner of caster and adams avenues. the accident happened just after
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1:00 a.m. you can see the car ended up pretty close to the house there. thankfully no one was hurt. a philadelphia police officer continues to recover at home with his family this morning. he was grazed in the head by a bullet in a shooting that we brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. police say officer stephen korpalski and his partner came under fire after responding to the report of a man with a gun. nbc 10 was in tacony around 1:00 a.m. yesterday morning. they fired back at the suspect along with two other officers. the suspect was killed. this morning we are seeing his picture. we know his name. police say the suspect is 29-year-old david ellis. we talked to his mother last night. she says he didn't deserve to die. >> and i comment those officers for being out there doing their jobs but i don't commend an unjust and violent excessive use of force. >> now the district attorney's office, police internal affairs and the justice department are all investigating that shooting,
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which is standard practice in philadelphia when an officer uses deadly force. happening today, there's a memorial ceremony to mark the anniversary of a philadelphia fire that claimed the lives two of heroes. captain john taylor and ray rubio died in the fire. taylor 54, rubio was 42. that fire happened ten years ago today at a home in belgrade street in port rich monday. they got trapped in the basement where gases from equipment to grow marijuana ignited. the memorial ceremony will be held at that site at 6:30 this evening. the search is on for a peeping tom. police released a composite. a witness reported seeing this man lurking near his neighbor's home. a woman in that neighborhood said she saw the man peeping into her windows in the past. from our jersey shore bureau now, local ministers and a
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workers union are holding a march and prayer vigil on the atlantic city boardwalk. it's a rally for workers who will soon lose their jobs. the group will march between revel and show boat, two of the casinos that are closing down soon. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist tedd florendo. >> warm again for the day today. we'll also see that humidity go up a little. but still, not too bad for august. we're tracking also thunderstorms threat for tomorrow and even for williamsport, too. we'll keep our eye on that. cooler by the weekend as temperatures drop again. wait until you can see what you can expect for later on in the week. i think you'll like it. outside, it's tranquil as we take a look at boat house row. calm along the schuylkill. 73 grows. mostly cloudy skies at the airport. winds remain calm, humidity at 73%.
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how about those current temperatures, 69 for allentown, same goes for pottstown. cloud cover is keeping the warmth locked in. 66 for glassboro, 65 for millville. atlantic city 63. we're about 73 right now for stone harbor, sea isle city for you and 65 for our current temperature in dover. no echos coming back. if you look to the west, a lot of precip, rain here moving to the western part of the state. some of it heavy at times, too.ç we'll see this in williamsport the next couple hours here. we think the bulk of it will be by midday. there's still a chance of showers by game time. 73 agrees at 7:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m. still a chance of showers. there is a chance of rain later on tonight. the bulk will be midday for williamsport. 73 degrees at 8:00 a.m. we're looking at partny cloudy skies for the day today. 75 at 10:00 a.m. noon 81 degrees.
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we'll top out the day 85 degrees for the high. we should remain dry throughout most of the area. we'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. chris? >> and check this out, ted. maybe you've heard. count on nbc 10 first alert weather team to follow potential weather threats at the little league world series. sheena parveen will be in williamsport bringing us live updates with storm force 10, our new weather coverage vehicle. you see it in the photo on the left there. sheena's live reports start on nbc 10 news at 4:00. see what's happening on the roads now. hopefully things are quiet. jillian? >> it's not too bad to start the morning. this is a live look, construction that we're following on 95. right here, the two right lanes blocked in this area. this is 95 southbound at bartrum avenue. we have some on the northbound side as you approach the philadelphia international airport. no problems for drivers in the lehigh valley. this is 22, completely clear in
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both directions. that's a live look at route 309. 309 is also quiet. for drivers in new jersey, we have construction on the turnpike northbound near route 322. the left lane is blocked in that area. that's expected to be blocked until about 10:00 this morning. chris? strangers to the rescue. skyforce 10 was over this scene shortly after an suv plunged in a creek. up next, what a group of good samaritans did to save the life inside. heart break involving one of the most famous people on the planet. we'll tell you why pope francis is in mourning today.
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this morning, a group of citizens is credited with saving the driver of this suv that skidded into cobbs creek yesterday. this is the video of the badly
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damaged chevy blazer after police pulled it out of the ravine yesterday. police believe the driver had a medical emergency when she lost control. several people saw the car crash into the creek. they rushed to help. they broke out the window, cut off the woman's seat belt. pulled her up the ravine and started cpr. >> if these people hadn't seen her go in, we probably would not have founded this person. to act immediately, is heroic. >> do you feel like you were men the to be here today. >> absolutely. god put me here for a reason. >> the 60-year-old victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but she quickly stabilized. in the middle east crisis, the latest cease-fire is over. israel and hamas are once again exchanging aerial attacks. israel launching air strikes on gaza after palestinian militants fired rockets at israel just before the latest truce was about to expire. a gazaen official says a
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2-year-old girl was among the palestinians killed. an explosion in a coal mine in eastern china killed two miners and trapped 25. about a dozen have been rescued from the mine. the cause of that blast is under investigation now. and eight people are dead, at least 13 missing after several landslides in japan. rain huff soaked hills in the outskirts of hiroshima sent mud and debris crashing into homes. rescue workers suspended from helicopters pulled victims from the rubble. more rain today could trigger more landslides and flooding. pope francis is urn monthing the loss of three relatives killed in a car crash in argentina. the pope's niece and her two children died in that accident. his nephew, a son of the pope's brother is in the hospital with severe injuries. his car slammed into the back of a truck. the vatican spokesperson says pope francis is, quote, profoundly saddened by the
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accident. texas governor rick perry has a mug shot. he's officially charged with abusing the powers of his office. he was booked in on two felony counts of abuse power. he's accused of carrying out a threat to veto financeding for a democratic prosecutor who was charged with dui. he wanted her removed from office. he turned himself in yesterday and was later release. he vows to fight those charges stemming from a grand jury indictment last week. perry who is pondering a run for the presidential nomination, calls the case a politicalç pl. the men were initially tolding six children and two adults captive. they released four of the children. the situation began when police responded to a burglary yesterday afternoon. the men fired at police, wounding two officers. then ran into the home nearby. in california, a wildfire continues to threaten homes near yosemite national park. calmer winds have helped the
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firefighters battling that fire which has destroyed eight houses and forced the evacuations of more than a thousand homes. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire. this area near phoenix, arizona, has been dealing with flash flooding. look at this video. crews fought a strong current to pull a person from a mini van caught in the rising water. that mini van submerged up to the windshield there. no word if the person was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist tedd florendo. >> they had 8 inches of rain in phoenix. 8 inches there. unbelievable. of course it's going to cause rapid flooding there. here things are dry for now. looks like outside we have mainly cloudy skies, winds remaining calm as we take a look at center city, rather tranquil. winds should remain calm for the most part throughout the day. manly clear skies for reading. high clouds over philly. right now 73 degrees, atlantic city 63. mainly clear down the shore, all
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the way down to delaware beaches. outside, rather mild. trenton at 68 degrees, bensalem currently at 72. wilmington at 72. millville 65. glassboro 65 as well. along with dover this morning. down the shore, warmer for stone harbor and cape may currently in the 70s this morning. we are dry right now but we are looking to the west as this front starts to slowly push towards our area, bringing rain along with it. probably not going to see it today but certainly tomorrow. this will scatter over the area and give us showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. williamsport, however, will see some of that rain for the day today. the bulk of it, a lot of it is really going to be later on this afternoon. by game time, it looks like we have scattered showers around williamsport. some of the north and west suburbs could get a slight chance of scattered showers tonight. really the best chance will be by tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon. the forecast for the day today, sun and clouds.
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it will be warm. about 85 degrees for our high. that puts us about average for this time of the year. looks like our temperatures will be in the 70s for the poconos. it looks like we'll be 83 for the lehigh valley and the shore at 80 degrees. we'll have your seven-day forecast in just a bit. back to you. 4:22 now. time for a check of the roads. see if there's anything to slow you down on this wednesday morning. jillian mele has a look at traffic. >> normal construction, 95 both directions near the airport. from the northeast extension out near lehigh valley, quakertown and lansdale. right now, no construction to report on 76. it's actually quiet in both directions. this 176 near spring garden street. you can see no accidents to report. no delays out there on 76. it is clear the entire length of the way. so is the blue route this morning. this is a live look at 476 out near 76. your drive time between 95 and 76, it will take you 18 minutes north and southbound. commodore barry bridge, one lane blocked on the westbound side. this is part of a long-term construction project expected to
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be out there until september 1st. chris? up next, mystery solved. wedding photos from 47 years ago, at mazing journey they've just completed. one that beganru)u$ the fuhr ry of hurricane sandy and ended with the kindness of strangers. another mystery here, missing money, a new problem that one atlantic city casino is facing and the mystery surrounding a bag of cash.
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4:25 now. a north jersey couple are reunited with their wedding photos that washed up in new york after hurricane sandy. patricia kerns finally got to show off those photos to her grand children at her home in tea neck yesterday.
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a statin island family found them in their driveway after sandy and were looking to the couple. the current daughter saw that report on the news and called the tv station to say those were her parents' wedding photos. >> saw the pictures. it was just amazing. i broke down crying because we don't have most of our pictures. >> so how did the photos end up in statin island? >> they believe the pictures floated out of his house during the storm. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> 73 degrees this morning. even cooler down the shore. cape may looking mostly cloudy at this hour. we'll clear up later on today. we'll talk more on thatç comin up. how do the roads look, jill? >> we're not dealing with any problems on the blue route as i mentioned a few minutes ago. area bridges are clear with the exception of that construction on the commodore barry bridge westbound. as you can see, speeds looking good, in the mid-50s. 95 is also quiet.
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let's head to williamsport where there is big action out there. matt delucia is getting us ready. >> good morning, jillian. not much action. it's quiet here at lamade stadium.
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this is garthen leslie, a regular guy who invented aros. a very smart air conditioner that learns your habits to save you money. this is ben kaufman, the ceo of quirky. he's rubbing garthen's regular-guy feet because garthen is far more important than ben. at quirky, real people invent all of our products. ben just runs the company. introducing aros from quirky and g.e. products invented by real people like you. nbc 10 news starts now. taney and mo'ne davis will make their biggest pitch yet. live in williamsport, just hours away from the next game in the little league world series.
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>> there could be rain this evening. we're looking at that. that's not the case this morning on the shore as we take a live look at cape may. 73 degrees. all is clear for now. we are tracking rain and storms on our way for tomorrow. >> good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's get straight to meteorologist tedd florendo with theç first alert forecast. tedd, all clear right now. >> that is going to change for tomorrow where you may need your umbrellas by tomorrow morning. today, no worries. we're looking dry, manly cloudy skies. those clouds will also begin to clear out and thin out this morning. current temperatures outside rather mild. we're in the 70s throughout many of our neighborhoods right now. 73 for philadelphia and same goes for wilmington, 72. cooler in the lehigh valley, 69 degrees. atlantic city 63. mount holly, currently at 66. the humidity goes up today. still slightly humid, not too bad to are this time in august. your forecast for the day today, temperatures around 71 at 7:00 a.m. by noon, about 80


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