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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  August 20, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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two people sitting inside. so those individuals were injured. it caused structural damage. a total of six people in the hospital. a man who lives above the laundromat tells me he tried to help the injured, specifically a man on the stretcher in the back of that ambulance. >> there was a guy in the ambulance, you know. >> what was he doing? >> he was just laying there. you know, he was already hurt. he was in the plans going somewhere himself. >> did he look like he was more injured because of this crash? >> yes, i think so. >> reporter: we're still trying to determine if the injuries the man described, bleeding from the head, if that was a result of this crash or that was the reason he was in the ambulance taken to the hospital in the first place. let me do a quick scene setter
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and let you know why so many agencies. lni inspectors looking into whether the building is structurally sound or not. looking into damaged gas lines. then you have the postal inspector out there, too, because in the course of the collision a post office box, federal property, of course, was damaged. you can see it on the property now. postal inspectors need to remove that. an atm machine damaged as well. they don't know if there's money in there. they are waiting for another person to come out and look at that. what we have now, six people injured in the hospital as a result of this morning crash. i'm trying to get details on their injuries. police here who are investigating say they don't know the extent of the injuries but right now no titlities. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. right now at 11:00 a.m., have you jumped on the dragon wagon yet? seems everybody in our area is
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going zaney for taney. getting set for the little league world series. nbc 10 ten countdown clock ticking down, eight hours away from the first pitch. taking a look at the complex in williamsport. fans from our area are expected to show their philly pride at tonight's game. tonight's starting pitcher, the 13-year-old who is getting national attention mo'ne davis. here she is signing autographs yesterday and taking batting practice. mo'ne threw a shutout against tennessee. this morning we have live team coverage as taney gets set to step up to the plate. monique braxton at grays ferry and meteorologist ted florendo will let you us know in mother nature will throw us any curve balls at tonight's game. let's kick it off with matt. >> row, renee, more than eight
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hours to the game. already fans filling the stadium. let me show you this first. right down here, can you see the large group with the foldup chairs. that's the group for little league, they have staked out their spot so they can watch later in person tonight. i want to show you over here. look at this line. this is the line to get tickets for that game tonight. philly against las vegas. we have seen this line grow since about 10:00 this morning. so a lot of people are already coming out here. the folks we spoke with in this line, we're fairly confident tickets to the left. see the empty stadium. the first not until 3:00. a lot of folks out here. early to get the texts. they will come back later. you see all the prepare work that is going on down on the fields at the moment. you've got some of the kids out here starting to play. they are trying to pass the
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time. again, we've got more than eight hours until the folks will be getting here. we already understand some folks are coming from philadelphia. they are coming from all over the place to come up here to watch this game. we're also talking about the weather here. ted is going to talk about that in just a moment. first we want to talk about the rain policy here. the tournament director is going to meet with the tournament committee if they see any rain on the radar. right now we see gray skies out here. the sun has been peaking through a little bit. at this point we're expecting a little rain into this area. we'll keep our eye on it out here. i've been talking to the fans waiting here for this big game. i'll have that coming up in 30 minutes. live in williamsport, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. just about an hour ago, a bus carrying taney supporters left from grays ferry on its way to williamsport. so much excitement about mo'ne davis. let's go to nbc 10's monique braxton who talked with the fans. so excited for tonight's game.
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hey, mo. >> hey, renee. dozens of parents and excited kids showed up at 9:00 to board buses like these for the trip to williamsport. our cameras rolling at 9:00 when excited children and adults arrived wearing t-shirts. they are basking in the notoriety but humbled by the attention focused on their star pitcher mo'ne davis. we spoke with some parents who no longer have kids playing but they are riding three and a half hours to cheer on this south philly teen at the world famous little league diamond. >> i'm happy to have more people on the bandwagon, i really am. it's kind of a scrappy little league. no one ever thought they would do anything. >> we used to joke with each other, every year we'd be down at the shore when little league world series going on. we'd look at the kids, they
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would go, our team will never be that good. we'll never get into the little league world series. lo and behold, here they are. >> we caught up with a dragon and player hopping on the dragon wagon at trolley works. we're working on that part of the story for you at 11:30. live in grays ferry, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. all eyes now on the forecast for the game. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist ted florendo here. we're hoping for no curve balls, ted. >> that's right. the only curve balls we want, of course, are from mo'ne davis. not from mother nature. dry there now. look at the blob to the rest of us. a lot of rain in this headed right towards williamsport and our area, too. take a closer look. you'll notice we are dry across that region but not too far away from williamsport. seeing rainfall just to the west of lock haven. not there yet but i'm thinking next couple of hours we'll see
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the rain moving this way. hopefully everyone there is bringing the umbrella. if you're head 3-d, bring the umbrella with you. we've got storms to the south slowly dissipating. can you see lightning strikes with it. p this is carrying heavy rain with it as well. as it moves up, slowly dissipating. we can't rule out heavy rain will move up to the area there and drench the region. the question is the timing of it. most models are indicating will be early afternoon. by the time the game starts, hopefully that will all just pass, but we will have scattered showers around. 75 at 7:00 a.m. not a bad temperature for the game. mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers, same for the evening as well, 10:00 p.m., a few showers with temperatures around 69 degrees. there is a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms with it. that could bring some good downpours along with it, too. it looks like most of the scattered showers will be later in the evening for the game. coming up in a few minutes, an hour by hour look at what to expect there and your forecast
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on nbc 10, renee. >> thanks, ted. count on nbc 10 first alert weather team to follow potential weather threats at the little league world series. now, schaena will be live bringing you debut of storm force 10, weather coverage vehicle. her live reports start on "nbc 10 news today" at 4:00. you can jump on the dragon taney wagon as well. go to where you can print out signs like these and put taney pride on display. the dragon wagon. you can join us and other taney fans. fun starting with comcast pregame live and watch party. parking free after 2:00. there's even a little dragon menu for the kids. xfinity live! will donate a portion of the proceeds for the taney baseball association. onto other news this morning, police have two men in
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custody who they say carjacked a cabdriver in philadelphia. the cabbie was robbed at gunshot at 6th and allegheny at 3:0030 in the morning. then the two robbers jumped in the cab and took off. officers caught up to them on percy street. they recovered the stolen cab and two guns used in the carjacking. the cabdriver wasn't hurt. one person taken to the hospital following two-car crash in the oxford circle section of philadelphia. this happened before 12:30 on dorcas street at magee avenue. police say one car sideswiped the other and then flipped over. philadelphia police officer continues to recover at home with his family this morning. he was grazed in the head by a bullet in a shooting we brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. police say officer steve korpalski and his partner came under fire after responding to a report of a man with a gun. nbc 10 in tacony there after it happened. officer korpalski and his
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partner fired back along with two or officers. the suspect because killed. police say the suspect was 29-year-old david ellis. his mother says he did not deserve to die. >> i commend those officers for being out there doing their job. i don't commend and unjust and violent excessive use of force. >> i think the officer's actions based on the information i have and what i've seen thus far are proper. >> the d.a.'s office, internal affairs and the justice department are investigating this shooting, which is standard practice in philadelphia when an officer uses deadly force. the search is on for a peeping tom in delaware. police released a composite sketch of the suspect. a witness reported seeing a man lurking near his neighbor's home in the east burn acres community in wilmington. a woman in that neighborhood told police she had seen a man peeping into her windows in the past. journalist executed. more reaction this morning to the death of james foley in
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syria. as the life of another american journal is is now in jeopardy. plus new information about the unrest in ferguson as the nation's top law enforcement officer gets set to visit the trouble town in missouri. >> more clear skies outside but for how long. when will we see those showers? i'll let you know when we come back. stick around.
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today attorney general eric holder will be in ferguson, missouri, to give an update on federal civil rights investigation into the shooting of michael brown. nbc's craig melvin reports from ferguson where protests appear to have settled down overnight. 24 hours ago these were the images associated with ferguson, missouri. overnight cars moving freely in the area where military vehicles stood at the ready the night before. law enforcement officers donning helmets, riot gear took the presence smaller. the air free of smoke and tear gas to diffuse tension. >> crowds were a bit smaller and out earlier. >> the quiet night came after a shooting earlier in the day a few miles away from where michael brown was killed, a 23-year-old robbery suspect armed with a knife and acting
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erratically was confronted by st. louis police. investigators say officers opened fire when the suspect moved toward him killing him. keeping the peace in ferguson has been no easy task. captain ron johnson of the highway patrol took us to a convenience store hit twice by looters. >> those are the same people. same group vandalizing, same group stealing. >> it's the same type of criminal element. >> if the officer was charged tomorrow, there was an indictment, do you think the streets would be empty tomorrow night? >> if charges were brought tomorrow, our peaceful people will be out here. the criminal element is going to be out here as long as they know they can create havoc and cause issues. >> that was nbc's craig melvin reporting. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the unrest in ferguson. we're also posting updates as they come in on
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recent earthquake activity in iceland is raising concerns that one of that country's volcanoes could erupt. geologists are monitoring activity around the subglacier volcano. the area near the glacier is currently closed. people have been evacuated. iceland raised its air travel alert level after an eruption four years ago. more than 100,000 flights, remember this, were canceled because of volcanic ash in the air. a landslide triggered by rain killed 36 people in still and searching for seven others who are missing. early this morning rain-soaked hills in the outskirts gave way sending mud and debris in homes. authorities are worried more rain could trigger landslides and flooding. heavy rain caused these rushing floodwaters in central arizona. this cell phone video is from a mobile home park in the town of
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cave creek. residents living there said after the storm hit, a river of rainwater wiped out a 20 foot embankment. look at the force of that water. the water was about 5 to 6 feet deep. >> announcer: now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist ted florendo. >> that area received eight inches of rain, eight inches of rain in the desert can be deadly, because it has nowhere to go. can't soak up in the ground like here. that's why they have summer monsoons and can be dangerous. outside today the warmth continues. we have the clouds this morning. clouds starting to clear out. now we'll get our temperatures back to the mid-80s but not the 90s today thankfully. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms in the forecast this week, but we will cool down just in time for your weekend. we'll show you the seven-day forecast coming right up. outside right now, we start off clouds, a few sun breaks. mostly cloudy at the airport, 78
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in philadelphia. winds at 3, won't ab problem today. humidity dropping a little but slightly more humid than we were yesterday. still, though, not oppressive like we've seen in august. currently 79 in allentown, pottstown 77, westchester 76, 80 for bensalem, 77 for glassboro, millville and dover 78. wilmington 77. nice warm day, plenty of sunshine especially down at the shore and especially at the beaches, too. right now we're dry and should remain dry for the rest of the day. we're tracking moisture moving into central portions of western pennsylvania. got some thunderstorms along with it, seen some lightning strikes, too. williamsport located there. there's a look at all that rain. the bulk of it to the south but still moving at a northwesterly pace. this, of course, will move up to the area, bring some rainfall
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for williamsport. the question again is how long will it be rain. future cast shows a big chunk going to be later on in the afternoon right over that area where we'll get the decent amount of rain. as the evening and afternoon moves on, it will turn over to scattered showers, at least according to this model. game time, 7:00 p.m. could see showers around and will for the evening. but the bulk of it seems to be in the afternoon hours. of course we'll be all over that to show you exactly what happens in a later newscast. looking at our area, should be dry for the day. tomorrow, however, that's when we see showers develop. chance in the morning but mostly in the afternoon hours. looks like we could see embedded thunderstorms along with it as well. so temperatures for the day today, we're looking at numbers to be right around 85 degrees for our high for the day today. also looking at partly sunny skies for wednesday. showers and storms in the forecast for tomorrow and also on friday. take a look at this weekend.
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we start to drop our numbers back to the upper 70s for saturday and sunday. renee. >> all right. thanks, ted. well, sick of getting stuck in rush hour traffic? who isn't. here is news that may have you leaving your car in park for good. why taking the bus or train to work could be giving you a big health boost. later, disappointment for fans of penn state's blue band. what will be missing from game day this football season.
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this week's wednesday's child is a fun and personal teen who loves animals. she's hoping to find the forever family to reach all of her goals. i'd like to introduce you to jessica. jessica is a warm hearted and energetic 14-year-old who loves animals. we took her to operation ava where she lent a helping hand to all the pets. >> adorable. >> jessica is a very outgoing teen. she has an upbeat and friendly personality and gets along with everyone. >> jessica is just bursting with personality. she's quirky and funny and sweet and a kid interested in everything. always an average with her. >> jess got a chance to talk with the vet and help give the animals a checkup.
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she loved the opportunity because she wants to be a vet when she grows up. >> the reason i want to be a veterinarian, i really love animals to the point i love cuddling with them. >> she's currently in foster care and knows what she wants in a forever family. >> mainly looking for a mother and father and older girl siblings. the reason is i want to sarah girls night out and be able to spend time with them. >> the ideal family will support her unconditionally and help support her goals. >> family would be like someone who i could call my own and someone i could give my love to. >> jess is this week's wednesday's child. >> you can make jessica's dream of a forever family come true or the dream of any child sponsored by dave thomas foundation. go to and search wednesday's child or call the
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national adoption center, 1-866-do adopt. taney dragon fever is sweeping the nation. nbc 10 is your place to lead up to the excitement of tonight's game. anything but little. live with philly pride from here to williamsport and beyond. check this out. skyforce 10 -- storm force 10. we already know skyforce 10 is up in the air. storm force 10 on the ground making the debut for nbc 10. nbc meteorologist will be giving us a sneak peek at this high-tech vehicle taking weather coverage to a whole new level on the ground. >> hey, taney dragons, congratulations on getting to the world series. good luck, play hard. hope you guys do well.
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eight hours and counting until first pitch. we're filled with philly pride for taney dragons. taking a live look at williams support where so many fans gearing up for game three of the little league world series. she's philadelphia new cover girl, mo'ne davis, star of the taney dragons, the first little leaguer on the cover of "sports illustrated" in 60 years of publication. talk about history making. at 13 years old, mo'ne is one of the youngest athletes ever to appear on a si cover. she'll be the starting pitcher for taney against nevada. live coverage as taney gets one step closer to the plate. nbc's matt delucia live in williamsport the site of the
11:31 am
game. monique braxton at grays ferry andeorogist ted letting us k the's any rain delays for the game. let's start off with matt. >> yeah, renee. there are only two u.s. teams left in the little league world series that are undefeated, philadelphia and las vegas. tonight they play each other. you see the stadium, it is empty right now, but the folks here are expecting by 7:30 tonight this place will be packed. hours before taney the field, excitement is in the air and fans are staking out their spot. >> we realize it's hard work getting here. >> they may be little leaguers, but for now lig league attention. league officials taking the rare step of issuing tickets for tonight's game. fans started waiting in line. >> go taney. >> line for will call so we have tickets for tonight. in case it rains, at least we'll be dry in the fans. >> the dragons and starting
11:32 am
pitcher mo'ne davis say they are ready. >> got to be calm and confidence, that's how i'm going into the game. >> confidence is key. nevada won two world series games by the mercy rule outscoring other teams by ten runs or more. their star player shrugged two home runs in the last game. but his dad and assistant coach tells me that taney could be tough. >> they are a good team. we've seen what they have done here and i expect a battle. >> mo'ne and the dragons have been preparing for that battle the last few days. we because the up with them at practice yesterday. >> they are a well hitting team. they are pretty good. but i guess -- i don't know if they saw the greatest pitching. hopefully i'll bring me a game. >> anything that you're doing differently to prepare for that? >> just like i'm sure they are going over stuff and preparing for us, we're doing the same thing, preparing for them. i look forward to it being a good game. we never want to take anybody
11:33 am
lightly and we're sure not going to take them lightly. >> so here is what's going to happen. once the 3:00 international game is over, the workers here are going to clear the stands so people with tickets will get in for taney's 7:30 game. let me show you something now. we've seen this developing throughout the morning. the line to get tickets for that game, it starts behind third base and wraps all the way around here to in front of right field. this line has been growing since 10:00 this morning. this very much clearly is a hot ticket, so we will be talking to these folks throughout the day. again, this game doesn't start for another seven or eight hours. these guys in for the long haul. they are going to be waiting. a lot of folks with the chairs. they are ready for this game. philly, las vegas tonight at 7:30. live in williamsport, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> wow, matt.
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that line said it all, didn't it? well, all eyes are now on the forecast for tonight's game. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist ted florendo is here. ted, no curve balls, except as you said from mo'ne. >> that's where we want the curve balls. we do not want the curve balls from mother nature. unfortunately everybody that brought their chairs there, hopefully they brought umbrellas, too. if you look west, west of williamsport, a lot of rain from the southwest here bringing some pretty good amounts of rain at times, too. it's moving northwest. that doesn't mean all this is going to drench williamsport. you can see it slowly breaking apart here. you can't rule out definitely showers and rainfall going to be happening today. the timing of it, however, looks to be later in the afternoon. williamsport dry. raindrops not too far away, although drifting to the northwest. we saw the bulk of the rain to the southwest and that will be moving through the area. most of the rain seems to be in
11:35 am
western pa, lightning strikes start to slowly die out. that's moving northwest and that's why we have the chance of showers, even rainfall for williamsport. wednesday 2:00 p.m., fairly dry. you get on in the afternoon, 3:00 to 4:00, that's when the clip gives us a chance for rain in williamsport, there is a chance isolated storms with it, too. by 10:00 p.m. scattered showers as it starts to drift towards our region and slowly dissipate. what can we expect for tonight and tomorrow because rain is headed our way? i'll let you know coming up in the first alert forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you, ted. taney dragons getting a flood of support and well wishes from people around the region. this morning fans decided to take the trip to williamsport to watch the team in person. nbc monique braxton live in grays ferry. monique, how excited are those fans? >> so much so that more people than expected showed up here.
11:36 am
people made arrangements to board these buses at trolley works but more people showed up. they had to make special arrangesments for adults and fellow taney league teammates. >> it's important to me i get to watch them live. i'm pretty proud of them, that they made it so far. hopefully they make it to the championship. >> colin flanagan is one of dozens hopping on the dragon wagon headed for williamsport wearing team jerseys and t-shirts. they are basking in the ♪ right but humbled by attention focused on star pitcher mo'ne davis. we spoke with parents who no longer have kids playing but they are riding three hours to cheer on the team at the world famous little league diamond. the founder tells us it was a scrappy little league 20 years
11:37 am
ago. two years ago they were chartered. look at what's happening now. >> it's beyond my wildest expectations. it's so exciting how this community has come together and is behind us. >> what do you think about the cover of "sports illustrated"? >> so exciting. so exciting. just hope it isn't a jinx. >> the mayor's pep rally. >> the mayor's pep rally is awesome. >> jane frankel said there have been pep rallies and parties and now she's hoping for a parade. live from grays ferry, monique braxton, nbc news. >> we're hoping, too. mo'ne davis has been an overnight sensation since she made the little league, we caught up with one of her teachers. >> when i first heard about it, i e-mailed her and said, this is so fun, good luck. that was before the storm hit. it's so exciting that she's like making the end of our summer so
11:38 am
fun. when i see her on tv and when i see her on the news, you know, it's so exciting. >> yes, it is. >> vandergriff says mo'ne has a quiet confidence on her and she's focused both on and off the field. you, too, can jump on the dragon wagon. go to the website,, where you can print out signs like these an put taney pride on display. you can join us and other taney fans at xfinity live! in south philly of the fun starts at 6:30 with comcast little pregame live show as well as watch party. parking is free after 2:00. there's even a little dragons menu for the kids. xfinity live! will donate a portion of the proceeds to the taney baseball association. now to a story we've been following overseas. today israel and palestinian militants traded more airstrikes and rapid-fire. one of the israeli airstrikes in gaza killed five people including the wife and son of a hamas military leader. hamas called this an
11:39 am
assassination attempt. this latest round of violence came after a ten-day period of calm. since yesterday israeli military carried out 100 airstrikes and palestinians fired off more than 140 rockets at israel. president obama is expected to make a statement on the death of an american journalist executed on camera by isis militants in syria. here is james foley in a video before he waskilled. freelance a news agency. he was kidnapped in syria nearly two years ago. now a reaction from one of his neighbors in rochester, new hampshire. >> it's horrible, uncalled for. it's something that he is just an innocent person here. it makes you wonder what this world is really, really like. >> isis says it will kill another american journalist if president obama doesn't stop airstrikes in iraq. a hostage situation in illinois has come to an end.
11:40 am
within the last hour the final four hostages freed. the two men at the center of the standoff are now in police custody. the situation had been going on in harvey, the suburb of chicago since tuesday afternoon. that's when authorities say the men broke into a home and then exchanged gunfire with police. they then ran into another home. two officers were hurt during that standoff. penn state university announces it's getting rid of the blue band's tailgate pep rallies. these concerts held before the football game in the bryce jordan center, university center. after making the announcement, the university didn't feel like the tail grate was accomplishing interaction for the fans as well as exposure to the band. now they are looking at other ways to get the band involved like accompanying the team as it arrives at the stadium. car owners who want information on recalls. a database from the national highway safety administration. by simply searching a vehicle's
11:41 am
vin, their vin number, vehicle information number, you can find out if subject to a recall. the vin search will work for vehicles considered for purchase. we have set up a link to the recall tool at our website, you say your child is brilliant, but have you checked out his or her artwork lately? the new study that reveals what your future picasso's drawing says about their smarts. >> clouds slowly clear out. we are tracking showers headed our way. we'll let you know all about it coming up.
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your child's drawing ability may be linked to future intelligence. bet you didn't know this, researchers examining 7,000 sets of twins at the age of four who are asked to draw a picture of a child. those who included the most accurate facial and body features in their drawings scored higher on the intelligence testing. this remained true ten years later. experts say this does not mean parents should worry if their child draws badly because there are many other factors that attribute to intelligence. using public transportation to get to work could have a healthier weight than those who drive to work. researchers found people who commuted to work by walking or biking or using public transportation were significantly healthier and had a lower body mass index and body
11:45 am
fat. according to u.s. census bureau, 86% of workers drive to work in their own vehicle. something to think about. this morning we're all about girl power and inspiring fitness and healthy living. this weekend you're going to get to do that as city fit girls host its second annual fit retreat. here are the founders of city fit girls. they are here this morning. so good to have you both here. tiara, let me start off with you. tell me what fit -- i should say fit and fabulous girls actually. what it's about. share your personal story. there's a real journey here. >> city fit girls, we hold fitness and wellness sessions throughout the philadelphia region. our mission is to inspire, uplift, encourage and motivate women on their healthy living whether at home, in the workplace or social settings, like if you have a girls night out. we started city fit girls together through my weight loss
11:46 am
journey. >> how much weight did you lose? you look both fit and fabulous. >> thank you. >> talk about your road on this. >> i lost 100 pounds, a little over 100 pounds. it was through fitness, working out and she helped me with healthy eating. so our friends and family wanted to know what did we do, so we created city fit girls as a way to give them the resources, education for them to do their healthy living journey as well. >> talk to me about what's coming up this weekend, the retreat. sounds like you're putting into practice everything you both live. >> we're going to kick off friday night with a preview party at city sports on walnut street. give participants a chance to check in early, pick up t-shirts and meet sponsors. it's sponsored by juice club, giving out food. people have a chance to shop and buy outfits for the next day. >> what happens the next day? sounds like friday getting you
11:47 am
ready -- i'm looking at pictures as you guys are talking to us. >> saturday is a full day of fitness. we have 20 sessions with 20 trainers from all over the city. there's going to be fitness, nutrition, wellness, motivation, anything you can possibly think of. any reason anyone says, oh, i can't get on track, i'm having a hard time. there's no excuses on saturday. we have something for everyone. >> we so appreciate you coming in and talking to us about this. we want people to know again second annual fit retreat. as you just heard, a preparty friday on walnut street 7:00 to 9:00, free, open to the public. no excuses not to get out. next day, fit retreat taken place at impact hub philadelphia. go to for more information. thank you so much. i wish you all the best. sounds like it's going to be a great weekend for everyone. >> thank you. it will.
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>> thank you. >> announcer: now, nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist ted florendo. >> i knew those warning clouds weren't going to stick around all day today. now we're seeing more sunshine, even better down the shore. look at the people cape may in the water. sunshine now across the shore and beaches. that will be around all day today. here is what to expect. warm again. not too bad. rain returns in the seven-day forecast. right now at 79 lehigh valley, pottstown 77, westchester 78, warm now. bensalem at 70, 78, glassboro 78. millville right now at 78 degrees. right now current temperature under mainly sunny skies right now for clouds starting to thin out. we're dry right now. williamsport dry at least right now. we've got a lot of rain from the south heading up towards region.
11:49 am
that's what we're going to see for the day today. hopefully everyone up there has brought their umbrella. still dry for williamsport like we said, raindrops to the west. some areas reporting moderate and heavy rain at times here. very isolated, though. that's going to drift up towards that area as the day progresses. looks like the best chance is really going to be in the early afternoon and afternoon hours. by the time the game starts at 7:00 p.m., taney versus mountain ridge in las vegas, mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers around, 75 degrees for temperature today, 69 by 10:00 p.m., showers around, too. a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast, too. we will be watching that. according to the model, the bulk of the rain is really going to be in the afternoon. today 85 degrees, warm and more humid here. we're looking at partly sunny skies for the day today and overnight showers, too. best chance in the suburbs and north and west. 68 for our morning temperature overnight under partly to mostly
11:50 am
cloudy skies. 82 showers, stray thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow especially by the afternoon, although we could see showers also isolated in the morning hours, too. regional forecast for poconos 76, showers up there, mostly cloudy skies, lehigh valley 83 with a mix of sun and clouds. can't rule out a chance for isolated showers in the afternoon for lehigh valley. shore dry, nice, 79 degrees. warm for the day today, all the way down to rehoboth. trrk for the day today, expecting warm conditions tomorrow, a chance of showers returning. for friday, too, not a pretty day. notice numbers in the mid-80s down to 70s, upper 70s for friday and saturday. hanging around for sunday, too. this is definitely below average for this time of year. the weekend loose good. next week more sunshine in the forecast with temperatures, low- to mid-80s as well. that's your forecast, renee. >> thanks, ted.
11:51 am
we're taking storm force 10 on the road making its debut live in williamsport. nbc news at 4:00, first alert meteorologist sheena parveen gives us a preview. >> we are getting ready to go to williamsport for the little league world series and we're debuting storm force 10. we haven't brought it out. it's really awesome, though. it's like a mobile weather device. we can measure anything from air temperature to wind speeds all on the top of the car. we also have our own radar here. this is the radar system. i'm going to hop in here really quick. this is the radar system. so we can basically zoom in anywhere. i'm going to take this and zoom into tilli.hoeyt williamsport. what basically we're going to do when we get to williamsport, look at the radar, show you the radar, wind speeds coming to williamsport for the little league world series because we do expect some later tonight. back here behind all this stuff there's a huge monitor. on that monitor display the
11:52 am
radar, any storms moving that direction and basically tell you what's happening with our mobile, portable weather device. you're going to know everything happening right around this car and everything that's going to be happening later on this evening. as we look inside, you're going to see this other stuff. we have a lot of technology here. that's where we measure wind, temperature, air pressure, humidity. we're off to williamsport right now, so we will see all of you later this afternoon. >> wow, it does it all. can't wait to see sheena today at 4:00. why don't you take a lunch break with you'll find interesting an unique stories to lighten your day. more on our home page.
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all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, paying a penalty for alleged gouging. a local hotels accused of jacking up prices for superstorm sandy. the price they are paying. mo'ne davis seen as the star player of the little league world series, a first for a mostly boys sport. new tonight at 6:00, nbc 10 talks to the first female little leaguer and the challenges she
11:56 am
once faced on the field. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist ted florendo with a look at the afternoon forecast. >> looks pretty good, some clouds are starting to clear out. all eyes on the williamsport. mo'ne davis, here is what she can expect for tonight. scattered showers are possible by 7:00 p.m. again, the big rain seems to be the next couple hours here. 69 by 10:00 p.m. a chance of showers also for this evening. of course we'll slowly start to dry out for that area later on overnight. of course that rain is headed our way. that's why we're looking at showers in the forecast for tomorrow. today nothing but sun and clouds. warm temperatures 85 degrees. a little muggier this morning and this afternoon. otherwise still not bad. otherwise, let's go team taney. >> that's right. hopefully scattered showers shouldn't affect. >> yes. like we said, bulk in the morning. >> thanks a lot, ted. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm renee chenault-fattah and
11:57 am
ted florendo. have a great day. go, taney. see you on nbc 10 at 4:00.
11:58 am
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12:00 pm
>> sonny: so there's no reaction? >> will: well, the article isn't live yet, sonny. >> sonny: but truvista said it would be posted today, right? >> will: and it should have hit by now. >> sonny: unless your mom used her clout to put a stop to it. >> will: she knows it's going to humiliate her. >> sonny: the one it's going to humiliate is abigail. if people put together she's the one that had an affair with ej... >> will: i-i've got another call. it could be my editor. >> sonny: oh, go, go, go. i'll talk to you later. [knock at door] hey! >> abigail: look who i have. >> sonny: hey, sweet girl. did you have fun with your godmother today? >> abigail: oh, we had so much fun. she is just a little angel. is will around? >> jj: all right, ready?


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