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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 20, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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right now at 5:00, the national spotlight is shining on a small town in pennsylvania filled with big hopes. it is game day for philadelphia's taney dragons. rain is a factor, and it's already caused a delay for a separate game in williamsport. >> so will mother nature be the spoiler for our home team? nbc 10 first alert weather is tracking the rain and the possible impact on the little league world series. but there is excitement there and here at home, a pep rally and viewing party starting in about 90 minutes at philadelphia's city hall. count on our team at nbc 10 to bring it to you live. >> we have every single angle covered. >> we sure do. we have a team of reporters,
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meteorologists, and crews covering the taney dragons on their path to victory. >> we begin in williamsport. the town hosting the big game and nbc 10's keith jones. keith, tell us how the athletes and the fans are coping with the rain threat. we see the dark skies behind you. >> well, the taney dragons are expected any moment now to take to the batting cages way behind lamade stadium here and take their first cuts in anticipation of the 7:30 game. they're practicing as if the game will start on time at 7:30. that's up in the air to the tournament committee. you can see behind me, fans, thousands of them, continue to flock in here, the rain certainly earlier did not stop them. they're hoping that the game gets going on time. and you know what, weather's not stopping them. that's the bottom line. these cloudy sky, umbrellas are ready, the tarp is over the diamond, the lawn chairs are covered, and fans gear up for rain. tournament officials lay out their contingencies plan.
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the director says they'll monitor the radar. if lightning gets within ten mile, they suspend play. >> it will take time if we have to put the tarp on the field and get it back out and get the conditions ready for play. it's almost minute by minute updates to determine when we can return to play. >> hopefully the weather holds up and we can watch some baseball. >> reporter: but if not, you've got the umbrellas. >> yep. ready just in case. any weather comes our way. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, we'll have for you hopefully video of the batting practice. if it happens. it's 5:00. behind me, the taney dragons and mo'ne davis and teammates are set to take their first cuts of the ball. in the meantime, i'll be on the horn with the tournament director and the committee to see when they'll make the decision as to when this game goes on. if it goes on at 7:30 or perhaps later or rescheduled by weather. live in williamsport, in front of lamade stadium, keith jones,
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nbc ten news. >> keith, thank you. our meteorologist sheena parveen debuts the most technologically advanced weather force on wheels. she is joining us now from williamsport from storm force 10. >> and sheena, give us the latest on the rain track right now. >> well, i will tell you the rain has really lightened up. it is not raining right now so, that is the good news. but that's why we came to williamsport today. we brought storm force 10 out with us because we knew it was going to be stormy today. this is our mobile weather center. so we can measure anything from storm force 10. we can take it anywhere and measure any type of weather. if you look up at the top, we can measure wind, temperatures, humidity, dew points, pressure. we can measure how much rain is coming down and we also have our first alert radar here. as you can see on the radar, and i can control it at my fingertips, we have a lot of clearing takes place. as i zoom in, williamsport is right here. the rain is just off to the east
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and the rain has been moving through this afternoon. we saw a couple hours of rain causing delays of the first game, but now we're seeing nice clearing taking place. no lightning in the vicinity so, that is great news too. because of the weather instruments on top, we now know what the temperature is right here where we are standing. 79 degrees. the winds are in from the north-northeast, only around 3 miles an hour, so these are pretty nice conditions. the rain has really cooled things down. we're seeing cooler temperatures and again we're seeing nice clearing. but this evening we may still have a chance for a few more showers. coming up, we'll take another look at storm force 10 and how lit help us with the forecast for the taney dragons. that story ahead. >> all right, sheena. see you in a bit. keeping with this weather theme, the taney dragons, dare i say getting a flood of support and well wishes from people around our region this morning. some fans decided to take the trip to williamsport to watch the team in person. nbc 10 was in grays ferry as parents and kids decked out in taney jerseys and shorts boarded
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buses and welcomed everyone to join them on the wagon. >> i'm happy to have more people on the wag gone. i really am. >> it's important to me that i get to watch them live and i'm pretty proud of them that they made it so far. hopefully they make it to the championship. >> the co-founder of the league is hoping for the same. she told us she's been overwhelmed by all the parties and pep rallies and is now hoping for a parade. now to the fans right here on home turf. >> nbc 10's george spencer live at xfinity live in south philadelphia right now. exciting night expected fans gathering where you are. >> definitely has been already. the crowd across the street at the phillies game, have m are have trickled over here and it seems a lot of the fans will stick around for round two, the other big baseball game happening today. take a look at the video we have from crews at xfinity live setting up for some of the kids
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games at tonight's viewing party. xfinity live tonight is a family friendly event for the taney dragons viewing party. they've got connect four and corn hole for the kids. and right now based on the people we're talking to it seems a lot of philly fans are making the switch tonight to dragons fans. take a listen. >> no boundaries. women just have as much talent as the guys do. >> you're seeing it first hand, right? >> i am. yes pimt's nice to see someone so young and a female at that have that much talent. >> reporter: the ever-popular mo'ne davis. the party officially gets kicked off here at 6:30 tonight with comcast sportsnet's pregame show. we're going to be here throughout the evening as people begin arriving. a family event. parking is free right now, and there is a special kids menu for any of the families that want to come out here and get a bite to eat as you watch the taney dragons tonight. that is the latest live right
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now from xfinity live. i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. and new at 5:30, john clark from comcast sportsnet an the family members of the taney dragons as they await the first pitch. we veal their stories at 5:30. and you can get on the dragon wagon and show your support for the taney team. go to and print out your own taney placards that you can display in your car or home, wherever you want to display your philly pride right now on new at 5:00, police are looking for the man who assaulted a woman in center city. the 29-year-old victim was walking in the 1000 block of grace street when she was attacked monday afternoon. she told police the man walked up behind her and indecently assaulted her. >> six people went to the hospital after an ambulance crashed into an suv in philadelphia. skyforce 10 over the scene here.
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the east mt. airy section. police say it appears the ambulance had its lights and siren on when it went through a red light and hit the suv. the patient riding in the ambulance was already being take on the hospital for serious injuries suffered before the crash. >> he was just laying there. he was -- you know, he was already hurt. he was in the ambulance going somewhere. >> did he look like he was more injured because of this crash? >> yes. yes. i think so. >> that building right there was also damaged in the crash. the department of licenses and inspections is checking it out. a north hampton county teenager died today after a motorized bike accident. a 16-year-old from nazareth was on the bike when he collided with a tractor-trailer yesterday at the intersection of state route 191 and hanover mill road. he died from injuries at the hospital. the crash is still under investigation. award-winning delaware restaurateur has died following a motorcycle accident in india.
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matt haily was there on a humanitarian project. the accident happened monday at the beginning of a six-week trip through northern india and nepal. >> he was doing what he loved to do, which is giving back so, i'm sure he's on the expressway to heaven right now and he's done a lot of amazing things in the culinary world and in the business community and just a great person giving back to his community. >> hailey owned eight popular restaurants in the dem aware beach resort towns. he also received the 2014 james beard humanitarian of the year award. matt hailey was 53 years old. delaware governor jacmar kel expressed his condolences saying "he was a world-class humanitarian and we will miss him greatly. our thoughts and prayers are with his family." developing news now in missouri at this hour. u.s. attorney general eric holder is now in ferguson. >> he is there to talk about the shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown by a police officer. a state grand jury investigation is now under way whether the
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officer should be charged. nbc 10 national correspondent leanne gregg with new developments from ferguson. >> jim and jacqueline, authorities are hoping the relative calm from last night will continue. that as the focus moves towards the ongoing criminal and civil rights investigations. u.s. attorney general eric holder meeting face to face with residents of ferguson, missouri, and then sat down with federal investigators. he's promising a thorough independent civil rights investigation into the death of 18-year-old michael brown. the teenager was shot and killed by officer daren wilson earlier this month. >> how you doing, sir? >> you are the man. >> reporter: while in ferguson, holder met with captain ron johnson, the state trooper charged with restoring peace to the community. >> we'll keep up the good work. >> all right. >> reporter: a small group of protesters gathered outside the building where a grand jury began hearing evidence to determine whether the officer who killed brown should face criminal charges.
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>> everybody need to know, deserves to know, wants to know what and why and that there's something to be done. >> reporter: it's process that could take months. >> we're not going to rush anything through, but we're not going to delay it any more than has to be necessary. >> reporter: brown's shooting sparked days of violent nighttime protests, confrontations that inclulded gunfire and molotov cocktails. authorities used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the street, but on tuesday night, there was a shift. protests more subdued with smaller crowds. >> we're rallying together with the community and law enforcement to tell the criminals we're not going to allow that behavior in our city. >> reporter: a slight easing of tensions as a community on edge waits for answers. many of the protesters say the only justice will be the filing of charges against the officer who killed michael brown. from ferguson, missouri, i'm leanne gregg, nbc 10 news. >> tear gas hit a group of passengers from our area while they marched in ferguson.
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the incidents happened sunday and monday. the reverend mark kelly tyler was one of them. reverend tyler tells us no tear xwas was used last night, but his group was out again protesting peacefully. tonight the u.s. responds. >> new reaction following the murder of an american journalist in an international hotspot. also, paying a penalty for alleged gouging. a local hotel accused of jacking up prices for superstorm sandy evacuees is now forking over big fee. the price tag to set it will case against them. plus this. because they had nothing better to do, nothing better to do than to go out and destroy a life. >> teens in turmoil. the pennsylvania kids accused of throwing rocks onto an interstate and the impact they never expected. and a smart start? the new findings on an early jump on the school day for young children and whether it does more harm than good.
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third baseman of the philadelphia phillies. congratulating the team on making it to williamsport. good luck. >> the pros just as excited as we all are. we're a little more than two hours away now from the first
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pitch of the little league world series as we look live at the situation right now in williamsport. looks like the umbrellas have been put away for now. that's good news. fans hoping the rain stays away. >> three of the star players from the taney dragons go to school here at springside chestnut hill academy. they're getting ready for a big watch party outside the school tonight. but that's not the only watch party. >> city hall complete with a lot of big-screen televisions. rosemary connors is live in center city. what can fans there expect tonight? >> reporter: well, jacqueline and jim, they already have the music going. you can hear it and you see they've got the flat-screen tvs. they've got them covered for now. we felt some light rain drops over the past 15 minutes or so. of course you have to have the baseball bleachers here. what would a watch party be without free food? they got some free hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn, and drinks for all the fans to come out here tonight. the pep rally begins at 6:30. mayor michael nutter is expected
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to address the crowd here at 7:00 and of course the watch party is at 7:30. i think the best thing about watching the taney dragons in the courtyard of city hall is just that, that you get to do it inside of this historic building, inside the courtyard, a rare occasion here in center city, a rare event, a very special event. as i mentioned, we have been feeling some light rain drops so if you are headed out, be sure to bring your rain jacket. just be prepared. reporting live in city hall, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> not many rain drops in the philadelphia area right now. we had a couple hours' worth of rain in williamsport and the question is will it be raining up there. we'll get into that. that rain from williamsport is coming this way. and we have a cool stretch on the way. it's been a cool summer, a cool august. we have even cooler weather coming. the clouds are already increasing, 84 degrees, feels
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like 85. humidity up a little bit from where it has been, but still not oppressive for this time of the year. temperatures in the low to mid-80s across much of the area. but of course it is much cooler toward the shore with this onshore wind. we're going to have an onshore wind i think even into next week, so don't expect any balmy weather at the shore. 75 in lewis, 77 avalon, but the ocean temperatures up to 76 degrees. that helps. now it's dry across much of the philadelphia area. there are the showers, generally approaching the poconos. they're about to get it. we have some in lancaster county. they're weakening. this whole thing is weakening except for this one area that looks like it's headed toward the poconos. now back to the west, there are showers in western pennsylvania, eastern ohio, so we can't promise you that it's going to stay dry in williamsport. but it sure doesn't look like enough of a threat to produce
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any kind of delay or cancel the game. at 7:00 it's mainly dry. the sun may actually be out. and there's chance of a shower toward the end of the game but it's really not that much of a threat. now, by 10:00 tonight, a few showers around our area, even overnight tonight, but most of the activity tomorrow occurs during the afternoon. as you can see here, you don't see anything real, real heavy until we get into friday. look at friday here. now we're going to have an east wind, so it's going to be cool. plus all this rain. then eventually we're going to dry out from the east. cool weather coming in, but that may set us up for a pretty decent weekend. for tonight, clouding up, scattered showers moving in, 70s for the low in philadelphia, 65 north and west. no big thunderstorms or flooding rains or anything like that. showers and storms mainly during the afternoon. nighttime tomorrow could affect the eagles tomorrow evening.
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and then the seven-day forecast, friday kind of a nasty day, cool, east wind, rainy, but dry on saturday, setting us up for a nice sunday and once that sun getting here, boy, we got some nice weather early next week. the united states is standing firm this evening in its fight against islamic state journalists. james foley was abducted in 2012, held for nearly two years and islamics posted a video showing his murder yesterday. they sayed they killed him because the u.s. launched air strikes in iraq. they're also threatening to kill another journalist who was kidnapped last august. for foley's family, 21 months of home that foley might be freed ended in tragedy. his parents say their son die adhere row for revealing the stories of rho o pressed people in war-torn lands. >> he believed in our country, a
5:21 pm
great country. he was a great american. and he believed in the very best of our country. >> when people harm americans anywhere, we do what's necessary to see that justice is done. >> as america continues air strikes against isis targets in northern iraq, president obama vowed to be relentless in doing what must be done to protect americans. meantime, american fighter jets and drones continue to pound islamic state militants in iraq launching nearly a dozen air strikes just in the past 24 hours. officials say the strikes were in the area of the mosul dam and were aimed at helping iraqi and kurdish forces create a buffer zone at that key facility. military planners are also weighing the possibility of sending a small number of additional u.s. troops now to baghdad. tonight, a scare in the air. >> the emergency measures pilots had to take when the windshield of a passenger jet got cracked. also, lasers on a local landmark.
5:22 pm
tonight, the reason someone was taking high-tech measurements of the country's most decorated warship. and putting the brakes on a tailgating tradition. the soundtrack to pregame fun hits a flat note at one local university.
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one of four teenagers accused of throwing a rock off a union county interstate and
5:25 pm
severely injuring a woman testified against his friends in court. 17-year-old kiefer magee said he and his friends planned to go out that july night and hit mailboxes with baseball bats. instead, they ended up throwing a 4 1/2-pound rock off an overpass onto a car on interstate 80. the rock hit an ohio woman traveling in a car below with her husband and child. >> because they had nothing better to do, nothing better to do than to go out and destroy a life. a life is what they destroyed. >> the victim sharon bud lost most of her eyesight and had to have part of her skull removed. we have new information in the case of a new jersey fire director who crashed into three kids walking in a crosswalk. robert rawls pleaded guilty. authorities said he was on duty and driving a city owned vehicle when he hit the kids back in may. the children suffered broken
5:26 pm
bones. the judge fined him about $200. the family of one of the people plans to file a lawsuit. a musical tradition coming to a halt at local university. >> and why someone is using high-tech lasers on a local landmark. plus this -- >> i can't believe this. i'm just overwhelmed. >> separated by sandy, a new jersey couple lost their cherished memories to the superstorm until fate brought them back together again. and it's almost taney time. nbc 10 has a field of reporters and meteorologists watching the stars on the ground and the clouds in the sky as well. in 1972, mo'ne, i was kicked out of little league for being a girl. it's 2014 and you are part of history. go all the way.
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right now at 5:30 we are exactly two hours from game time. the taney dragons from philadelphia taking a swing at fwloir and the chance to advance in the little league world series. a lot of people keeping their fingers crossed that the skies will stay clear. >> watch parties are getting
5:30 pm
started as we look live at this nbc 10 bash at xfinity live in south philadelphia. expect the crowds and the excitement to build of course as we continue to check in here throughout the night. and we will get to the little league world series in just a minute. >> first we want to look at weather at home. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking some rain. >> it is definitely weakening. the clouds have started to increase and we're going to be seeing a lot of that in the next couple of hours. the clouds coming in from the west. we're looking at the western sky here and we'll watch that as the next couple of hours go on. plenty sunny toward the shore. but the rain is approaching the poconos and berks county and will be coming into chester county within the next hour or so. but it has really weakened considerably where from what we saw back a couple of hours ago. lancaster very light now and even this rain that's
5:31 pm
approaching the poconos is weakening. here's carbon county right up in here. and monroe county right to the next one. and this is northern berks county finally getting a little bit of rain. our futurecast shows some showers generally scattered around as we go through the evening hours. but nothing too serious. that is going to be changing over the next couple days. the timing on that rain with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> already, glenn. now back to the little league world series and those taney dragons. you can of course count on nbc 10 and comcast sportsnet to bring you every minute of the excitement. >> we've got these for you if you go to xfinity live. you can print out your own placards. crews everywhere cover this story. the big factor is the weather and will clear skies prevail for the first pitch. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen monitoring the situation with our new mobile weather technology on board storm force 10. >> sheena, what kind of conditions can we expect when the game is scheduled to start two hours from now?
5:32 pm
>> well, i will say as soon as you said are the skies going to clear, we have just now seen as much sunshine as we've seen since we got here today. it was raining for two hours, and, yes, i'm standing right in front of storm force 10 with all of our weather technology. we can go anywhere and find out the weather information with this mobile weather device. what you're looking at now, here's williamsport, here is one shower off to the west that we will be watching. it's moving in the direction of williamsport but a lot of rain moved through earlier today. this is our rafirst alert radar. we can access it from storm force 10. we came here today knowing the weather would be bad and it was an issue for about two hours. let me zoom in as we look at williamsport. we are pretty much clearing up, seeing more sunshine now, which is good, but again, a couple showers just off to west. these will try to move the as we go into this evening. still a few showers in the forecast. take a look at this. we can also find out the current conditions right where we are standing because of storm force 10. it's 78 degrees right now. our winds are in from the
5:33 pm
north-northwest and the way with we do this, all the instruments on top, we can measure wind, temperature, dew point, rainfall, and that is why we have storm force 10 out here, to measure everything for the rest of the game tonight and of course your forecast coming up. we'll take another look at storm force 10 straight ahead. >> what a perfect day to day bu it. these are anxious moment, though. not just because of the weather and not just for the players but for their families as well. >> comcast sportsnet's jon clark met with some of the parents today as they left philadelphia. john, i can't imagine how nervous and proud these parents are. >> yeah, just ran into some of the parents here at williamsport, and they are very, very nervous. two hours before game time. and the stars of the first two games for the taney dragons, mo'ne davis and zion spearman, their parents decided to car pool together to williamsport. they're not here yet, but take a look. we've met up with them before they left, and zion spearman's mom is so, so proud. look, she's got all the newspaper clippings and the front pages up on her house, and
5:34 pm
zion is known as the preacher on this team because he leads the team in a prayer before the games and zion's mom is going to be nervous the whole ride up. she is so proud and happy for all the support taney is getting. >> i'm nervous. i'm excited. everything. of course any nerves are getting the best of me, but i am just totally excited. >> reporter: the whole drive up are you going to be feeling it? >> yes! yes! definitely. >> reporter: what to you do come game time when it actually starts? how nervous are you then? >> i'm even more nervous at game time. i try to say a small little prayer, what have you, and i know all the kid are going to do their very best to do whatever it takes to try to win the game. >> reporter: now, zion, of course, knocked in the tying run in game two and scored the winning run. he's a hero, right? well, he has a twin sister named debra. i asked her and zion's mom, who's your favorite player, your son or brother or mo'ne?
5:35 pm
and they both kind of said mo'ne. that is how big mo'ne is. inspiring women everywhere. i'm jon clark, live in williamsport. let's send it back to you. we'll see you at 6:00. >> is that a fair question to ask, john? i don't know. kind of cruel. >> reporter: not really. i'm a journalist. come on! >> yeah. hard hitting. thank you, john. see you in a little bit. go to you can submit the photos and we'll add them to our photo gallery. new at 5:30, a violent robbery in philadelphia's frankfurt neighborhood. today police released this video. police are looking for two suspect who is beat a 51-year-old man inside the lucky garden chinese store on frank ford avenue last week. while one man punched the victim, the second man took his wallet and i.d. the two got away with $300. thousands of dollars worth of heroin and marijuana, tens of thousands of dollars in cash and a gun. authorities in delaware say
5:36 pm
that's some of what they found at a home in kent county. the bust came after a three-month police investigation. police have two men in custody who they say carjacked a cabdriver north philadelphia. the driver was robbed at gunpoint at sixth and allegheny just after 3:00 this morning. then they took off. officers caught up to them on percy street. they recovered the stolen cab. the cabdriver was not hurt. students may be able to tour the "uss new jersey" without even stepping on board. they're using lazers and high-tech photography. it's team of forensic engineers doing this. they've created a three-dimensional image of the ship. eventually those images will be used for virtual tours. that way disabled veterans and visitors who just can't climb the ladders between the ship's decks can still see what the ship looks like.
5:37 pm
project was done by volunteers with haig 3d solutions. each year the company chooses a historical structure to document. a pregame tradition is no longer at penn state. the school's blue ban says the athletic department is doing away with their tail great rallies this year. the concerts were held before football games at the university's basketball arena. athletic officials say they are looking at new ways to get the bands involved with the football team include accompanying the team as it arooifs at beaver stadium. tonight, the moment of truth. >> a local woman's going to learn if she will get a chance at super stardom, and you'll see it live on nbc ten. also, placing blame. a former phillies ace pitcher pointing the finger at the reason he says he now has cancer. and school starts. but earlier may not be better. tonight nbc 10 with the new findings about the impact of an early bell for your young students.
5:38 pm
hey, taney dragons. chase elliott here. congratulations on getting into the world series. good luck. play hard. hope you guys do well.
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5:40 pm
former phillies pitcher curt schilling says he is battling mouth cancer and he blames his illness on 30 years of using chewing tobacco. he announced he had cancer in february but had not disclosed what kind. he received treatment at a boston hospital. he has had seven weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatments and is now in remission. and earlier start times for elementary school children could be detrimental to their grades and attendance. that is according to a new study. researchers looked at more than 700 public elementary schools in kentucky about half of that state's elementary schools start before 8:00 a.m. researchers say there is a link between early start times and academic achievement. they say it's possible earlier
5:41 pm
start times could lead to lower test scores and attendance. nbc's hit show "america's got talent" has two local contestants competing to stay alive in the quarterfinals. here's one of them. kelly glover of mays landing, atlanta county, actually competed in the show's 2009 season but she was eliminated. ♪ that's marge steen. she's still in the running from galloway, atlantic county. don't miss merck e"america's go talent" the results show tonight starting at 8:00 right here on nbc 10. well, they have taken the world and social media by storm. >> we'll show you the well wishes of fans of those taney dragons. plus this -- >> saw the pictures and was just amazing. i broke down crying. >> photos found. the black and white images that got swept away by hurricane
5:42 pm
sandy. now back in the hands of a new jersey couple who never thought they would see them again. glenn? yeah. i'm closely watching the possible impact of rain on the little league world series here in williamsport. and when the wet weather will move into our area. plus some other weather changes ahead in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast.
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do i think they can win it all? sure. but there's a lot of competition there. they're already champions. they've already prove whan they can do. so no matter the outcome they've have something they'll remember the rest of their lives and i think philadelphia will too. >> philly's top cop there. we're getting closer to the big moment. philadelphia's taney dragons playing tonight at 7:30 an hopefully taking another victory in their quest to capture a world series title. >> bleachers filled and anticipation is building right here at home. fans will be gathering for a watch party at philadelphia's city hall hosted by mayor michael nutter. a live picture for you right there. people getting into it. all there to cheer on their home team. philly definitely has taney fever. >> sure do. people are showing their ride online as well. vince, what have you found? >> we've found a lot. a lot of love for the little
5:46 pm
leergs and lots of people saying they're going to be rooting from the dragon wagon tonight including ann, who took advantage of that printable nbc 10 sign. you can get that at right now. to dress up her cubicle today. and she of course is saying go-mo, supporting mo'ne davis. take a look at this. the city tourism board is getting into the action by saying inspiration comes in all sizes, which is so true. this year with the philly dugout and they had a taney t-shirt hanging in there today. i wonder if that contributed to their win today. take a look at this guy. he came across a big taney sign. and kay showing off her taney pride. she wants to know if it's taney time yet. you can get in all the action and share your photos with us and tweet them to us right now using the #teamtaney so we can see them. you might see them on
5:47 pm
and of course one of the big questions of the evening is will there be a rainy taney? now, they've already had some rain during the afternoon. yeah, i thought of that myself. those showers are coming here next and then we've got a cool stretch of weather on the way over several days. now, the clouds are increasing out here, and that trend will continue. 84 degrees, the high today was 86. humidity, up a touch, but nothing too significant. and the temperatures fairly uniform until you get to the shore. we're talking about 80s. we're not going to be seeing a whole lot of 80s as we go into the next couple of days. maybe tomorrow but not friday and probably not saturday either. 70s at the shore.
5:48 pm
dry across new jersey and delaware. maybe a sprinkle or two. this area from the west, it was really praif few hours ago. it's dying out like crazy. lancaster county may not even survive to chester county. this other area headed up to the poconos and parts of the lehigh valley. what about back to the west? williamsport is right here. a couple little showers back here. but nothing too well organized. we're going to be losing the heat of the day, so think we're in pretty good shape for the game. by 7:00, mainly dry and peeks of sunshine, but there could be a shower during the game, most likely some showers after the game as some moisture from ohio moves in. and as you can see with the futurecast, there's not a whole lot even reaching our area as we go into the evening hours, maybe a little bit more later tonight, then tomorrow everything really
5:49 pm
increases. the atmosphere starts to get more and more moist. but tomorrow is nothing compared to friday. now, thursday night there could be some showers potentially affecting the eagles, but watch what happens friday. rain in a lot of places, but it does not look like it's going to last through the weekend. for tonight, 70 degrees for the low in philadelphia, 65 north and west. scattered showers developing, more showers, thunderstorms, especiallily in the afternoon and evening tomorrow, highs in the low to mid-80s. and then a real wet day on friday, although at the shore may be drying out a little, and the rest of the area drying out on saturday. could start out with clouds and then sun later on but way below average, temperatures with a persistent easterly wind. warming trend through sunday. talk about payback, a settlement tonight in the case of a south jersey hotel accused
5:50 pm
of price gouging in the wake of hurricane sandy. it did by as econo lodge. state officials claimed the company raised room rates to $200 a night after the governor declared a state of emergency in advance of sandy. before that, rooms were going for $80 a night. the hotel has agreed to pay nearly $65,000 to set it will matter. an update now on the story we brought you yesterday about wedding photos that washed up into a driveway in staten island. well, we are happy to report those pictures are now back where they belong. dominic and patricia gint have found the 53 black and white photos while starting to the process of remodeling their garage after hurricane sandy flooded their home. they reached out to our sister station in new york in hopes of locating the happy couple in those pictures. and it worked. the couple's daughter was watching television yesterday when she saw her parents' wedding pictures flash across
5:51 pm
the screen. >> saw the pictures and it was just amazing. i broke down crying because we don't have most of our pictures. i'm going to be sitting here for the rest of the day and probably tomorrow looking at my pictures. i just want to give them a hug and tell them how much i appreciate what they did. >> the photos were returned last night. the reunion came at a great time. the currans will celebrate their 47th anniversary next month. and what gorgeous pictures. nothing replaces having those pictures and bringing those memories back. >> so great to have them back. all worked out really well. glad to see that. he is one of the most famous race car drivers. >> and he's here in our area tonight. our delaware bureau reporter catches up with jeff gordon. he shares his thoughts with us on a tragedy that shocked the racing world. plus a-game changer for girls and baseball. oh, look at that. mo'ne davis is seen as the star player of the little league world series. a first for a mostly boys'
5:52 pm
sport. all new tonight at 6:00, nbc 10 talks to the first female little leaguer and the challenges she once faced on the field.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
it was the tragedy that rocked a the racing world. tony stewart involved in a deadly encounter running over and killing a young dirt track racer in upstate new york two
5:55 pm
weekends ago. stewart hasn't been charged, but many are wondering about his future in the racing business. among those wondering is another nascar star, jeff gordon. >> he's in our area today meeting with fans. nbc 10 tell aware bureau reporter tim furlong talked one-on-one with him about the tony stewart situation. >> reporter: more than a week after tony stewart hit and killed 20-year-old racer kevin ward on a dirt track in upstate new york, still no word on stewart's racing future. >> is he going to drive again or do you -- >> gosh, i hope so. >> reporter: racing superstar jeff gordon visiting the brewery in milton, delaware, today, to promote the september nascar race in dover. he says the situation with ward was tragic accident and a senseless one. between nascar events, stewart races on small tracks. ward got out of his car on a dimly lit track to confront stewart. stewart has not been charged with any crimes. there are now formal rules about getting out of their cars. >> common sense is always the
5:56 pm
way to go. doesn't matter what level you're on. you have to use your common sense. >> on this track in newcastle and on local tracks across the country, the drivers want to win. if somebody spins you out, you'll be mad about it, but the drivers say that's when you need to keep your cool. sure, some of the big inform name nascar guys have been known to get out of their cars and go after their rivals but that's a dangerous move on those tracks and certainly on tracks like this. luke fog is the boss at the airport speedway in newcastle and also a driver. he says it's a continue assistant fight for him convincing angry drivers the track itself is no place for a fight. >> not a good thing to do to be charging after a running race car. the safest place for you is to stay in the car. >> reporter: in newcastle, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. we're counting down the clock until taney's first pitch. >> that's right. live team coverage is next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:57 pm
first alert meteorologist sheena parveen live in williamsport tonight tracking the threat for rain from storm force 10. sheena? that's right. storm force 10 showing us that we could still have a chance for a few showers later tonight in williamsport. coming up i'll show you what storm force 10 is all about, the big debut, and what we can expect for the rest of the evening. in 1972, she was kicked out of little league baseball because she was a girl. now she's cheering on mo'ne davis. you'll hear from her coming up at 6:00. also at 6:00, a growing crowd here at xfinity live for the taney dragons watch party. straight ahead, the family friendly excitement they have planned here.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, philadelphia's pride. one game closer to a world series championship. the stage is set for the taney dragons. >> it's encouraging to me that i get to watch them live. >> from the youngest fans in williamsport to those who paved the way for taney back here at home. >> you are now part of history. go all the way. you're doing great. >> count on nbc 10 for live team coverage of the big story that has the entire town talking, our taney dragons.
6:00 pm
the world is watching williamsport, pennsylvania. here's a live look at the field where philadelphia's very own taney dragons will take on the little leaguers from nevada tonight. >> all eyes are on the forecast because heavy downpours moved through earlier and the threat for rain continues tonight. nbc 10 is on the wagon tonight. the pride of philadelphia, the talk of the town. >> live team coverage. but right now the rain is threatening more than just williamsport. taking a live look from citizens bank park in south philadelphia, showers are expected to move into the delaware valley over the next couple of hours. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the threat for the big game up in williamsport. >> let's start, though weather chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz who's tracking the timing of the showers into our area this evening. glenn? >> yeah, jim. the crowds have been increasing over the last couple of hours, especially as you look to


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