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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 21, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. that's happening right now. part of broad street is shut down because of an accident involving an ambulance. we're live on the scene to find out when the street will reopen and if anyone was open. dragon slayer. las vegas got the best of the team last night at the little league world series. tonight, it's win or go home for the taney dragons. and tracking storms that could move through later today. good morning, everybody. this is "nbc 10 news today" on this thursday. i'm chris cato. let's begin with brittney shipp with the forecast. we're cloud-free this morning but that's going to change.
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>> yes, as we head into the afternoon, we'll see that change with a chance of showers pressing into the evening hours. clear condition, but again that's going to be changing. the temperatures are still going to post into the 80s today but then we're headed for the 70s. 64 degrees in mt. pocono. 70 degrees in trenton. 70 in philadelphia right now. 67 in dover, and 66-sh6h in millville. a few scattered showers looking like they're going to make their way into the pocono. and we'll check in with jillian. good morning. out near broad street, 95 is looking great near girard avenue. we're not dealing with any issues there but then we're dealing with an accident that has a portion of broad street between tioga and venango.
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we have breaking news that we're following that could impact the traffic in philadelphia. a driver is in the hospital after police say he crashed his car into an ambulance. nbc10's katy zachry is live at the scene there. katy, can you tell us the driver's condition? >> reporter: yeah, at this point, we know he was suffering from pretty serious injuries, chris, when he was taken at the scene jut literally at the same block of temple university where this rash happened. this crash happened around 2:00 at tioga and broad at north philadelphia. it was a crash between an ambulance and a black sedan. what police are telling us happened, the ambulance was traveling south on broad. it did have a patient in the back when the black sedan was traveling north on broad which according to police veered to avoid traffic went into the southbound lane and hit the ambulance nearly head on. so you have the driver who was
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operating that black sedan, hit the windshield and dashboard. he has serious head injuries. he was taken literally a few feet away to temple university hospital. and then a patient in the black of the ambulance suffering from minor injuries also taken to temple university hospital. as jillian mention wed do have a traffic problem in the area because this portion of venango and broad street blocked off. you have several septa buses having to detour around this. we do have investigators out here. this is medic 25. it's a city vehicle, so as long as it takes to go through this wages, broad will be blocked off. reporting live, katy zachry, "nbc10 news." the dragon wagon ran into a big road block last night but the team from philly can still make it to the little league title game.
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star pitcher mo'ne davis was roughed up. she gave up the two-run homer. taney who its chances to come back. they beat taney 8-1. the dragons' first loss at the little league world series. more than 34,000 attended the game last night, many of those from the philadelphia area. the clock is 15 hours away from the first pitch of taney taking on illinois at 7:30 p.m. nbc10's tracy davis is live in the digital operation center. tracy, the championship dreams come down to one game. >> right. at least they have one chance, right, since says that double elimination tournament, taney will get a chance to advance to the u.s. championship when they face illinois tonight. last night at the watch party in
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center city philadelphia. all eyes watching at the courthouse in city hall. mayor nutter hosted the party. the crowd was were down but not out. take it from the drand mother mo'ne davis. >> i believe she's going to win. >> go mo'ne. >> how sweet is that. we're all behind mo'ne davis. another watch party tonight. we're waiting for details and keep you posted on that. live in the digital operation center, tracy davidson, nbc10 news. >> the mother was there, her work schedule prevented her from going to williams but she didn't miss one second of the action.
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nbc10's matt delucia has the wake-up call for us in williamsport. we'll go there live to check in with matt in about 30 minutes. stay with us for that. >> you to the unrest in ferguson, missouri, protesters once again hit the streets there but in smaller numbers and there was no violence. thunderstorms in that area did have a and in keeping the crowds down. police say things were relatively quiet. they did arrest six people but that was way down from the night before when 47 were arrested. attorney general eric holder was in ferguson, he met with fbi leaders and michael brown's parents. he's promising a fair investigation into the shooting of brown. and back in this area, demonstrators again gathered in philadelphia to protest the shooting. people chanted and held signs as they marched from love park to police headquarters last night. police escorteded crowds through
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the streets in a second night of peaceful protests in philadelphia. this morning, we're learning of a failed mission to rescue hostages of militants. president obama said he sent a secret mission to rescue a number held by militants but he couldn't find them. one of those is the man seen here kneeling. james foley who was beheaded by his captors on video. right now, they have threatened a second one if they didn't stop air strikes on them in iraq. in camden, a man was shot near the intersection at north 35th street. police are on the hunt for a man who shot and killed a 16-year-old in south philadelphia. it happened last night, the teenager was shot twice. he died at the hospital. police don't know the motive for the murder, they're interviewing
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witnesses now and looking at surveillance video from the area. also, just a few blocks from there, police responded to another shooting at grays ferry. officers found a man and they're still trying to identify that man and look for the shooter. happening today, opening statements will be held on the trial of christina la gusto. nbc10's jesse gary is live. jesse, what can we expect in today's opening arguments beginning? >> reporter: i spoke with christina's attorneys before the judge imposed the gag order. he believes other people involved in this crime who have not been charge. prosecutors say 23-year-old
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christina dressed in a burqa and walked into an elementary school and kidnapped here. the child found her in an upper darby playground and police say she had been sexually assaulted. defense attorney harrison says he hopes to produce new evidence during this two-week trial. we'll talk about what that new evidence would be and where it could possibly come from coming up in the for example hour. we're live outside the criminal justice center in center city. jesse gary, "nbc10 news." >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning, we have changes on the way as we head into your thursday. you'll see a chance of showers and storms into your evening and afternoon. a stormy start for us today. we'll see cooler temperatures at the end of your work week and the weekend. that's going to set us up for a fall-like weekend for saturday and sunday. the average, 85 degrees. heading into the rest of today,
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84. take a look at what happens on saturday, 77 degrees for the daytime high. a close are look at the current temperatures. 70 degrees in philly. humidity at 81%. and just a few clouds. we'll see mostly cloudy skies as we head into the rest of the morning and the afternoon. a closer look. 70 degrees in trenton. 66 in mount holly. 66 degrees in wilmington. we're seeing a few isolated showers outside of the poconos right now. other than that, partly cloudy skies. and what we see is a weather disturbance near the great lakes that's going to send a little more energy our way. and also has a cold front attached to it that's why the temperatures are going to drop down. as we go closer to today, the chance of showers, but by 6:00 p.m., we'll see the intensity
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building. and we could see thunderstorm activity developing here. and we'll continue into your overnight hours. and we have more showers on tap as we head into friday, especially friday afternoon. we'll see mostly cloudy skies as we head into your saturday more than and then things will clear up. taney dragons at the little league world series, a chance of showers and mainly dry, i'll have the seven-day forecast coming up. so rain won't affect your drive at least, but there is that accident. jillian mele has that update. this is the blue route looking great around the midcounty toll plaza. no situation there. same thing past 202. we are following some construction in new jersey, 42 northbound between creek road and 295. we also have in both directions
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on 42 right near route 168. chris. up next, there are new plans to honor the late robin williams. plus, air mail. wait until you see how this postal worker was caught delivering this package. that will leave you shaking your head. also, the ending to the motorcycle crash that you'll ever see. it's not hyperbole. you've got to see this.
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4:14 now, now, no one was seriously hurt when a crash crashed into a restaurant. look at this video, an 86-year-old driver slammed into the restaurant on russell avenue yesterday. you can see the car's completely into the business there. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out.
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there were about 20 people inside at the time the car came crashing through. that surprised me how it car went in between the two poles. and they got poles all over. >> no one else was injured thankfully, the restaurant opened about a year ago and this is the second time someone has driven into it. it's unclear what caused that driver to crash. out of the south jersey bureau, a federal judge has denied class action status to the people who sued two railroad companies. that accident released vinyl chloride into the air. more than 140 people and businesses are suing conrail for damages. the individual lawsuits against the defendants can continue. another man has pleaded guilty in a drug ring police say supplied marijuana and other drugs to several schools on the main line. 23-year-old chris mueller became the fifth person to plead guilty. prosecutors say he sold drugs at
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lafayette college. police say these two men, brooks and scott are the ringleaders of the operation. scott and brooks are waiting on their next court date. look at this in texas, federal officials have seized more than 900,000 pounds of marijuana. street value estimated at $10 million. someone made that discovery earlier this month after two days of handpicking, agents came away with more than 11,000 plants. in california a wildfire has destroyed at least eight homes and threatening dozens of others. the fire stretched around five square miles and is only about 15% contained. investigators are not sure what started. mean i am, evacuees from another fire near yosemite have been allowed to return home. fire crews are getting a handle on that blaze. in new york, a boat exploded while getting refilled at a long island marina. killing a man.
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police are investigating that as a homicide. a dock worker was also jurisdiction. the boat drifted to a dock nearby setting that dock on fire and damage two more boats. police in a chicago suburb have two men in custody who have taken eight people hostage. and cops stormed a house and freed two adults and two children. four other children. >> reporter: rescued the night before. the standoff started 24 hours earlier when police say the man robbed the home and then shot two officers who responded to the scene. passengers are safe after a flight was diverted to nashville, tennessee, yesterday, because of a crash in the windshield. the united airlines jet was traveling from columbus, ohio, to houston when it was forced to make that unscheduled stop in tennessee. the 73 passengers were rebooked on another flight. no word on what called the windshield to crack. take a look at this in atlanta. after delivering someone's
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package like this. surveillance camera here. the final six steps were just too much to walk up. tossed the box on to the landing there. inside that package was a handmade ceramic mug. it was not damaged. a postal service spokesperson said they're looking into the matter. when you tune in monday night, you'll see a tribute to the late robin williams. the show said comedian billy crystal, williams' close friend will honor him during a segment with those who died during the past year. robin williams committed suicide last week at the age of 63. in arizona, a flash flood helped a boy who was not where his mom expected him to be. rescuers helped save that kid and three other people including a woman in a wheelchair. they were all in a park that got swamped by floodwaters.
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the boy's mother was disappointed in her son. >> a friend called me, i panicked. he's here. he was supposed to be at the boys club. this is upsetting. >> me and my friends were just hanging out, all of a sudden, we hear a loud noise and then the park there was like water everywhere. >> aidan, you were supposed to be at the boys club. some areas around phoenix got more rain this week than they did all of last summer. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning, we're tracking changes for the forecast. we'll see a stormy afternoon as we head into the rest of your thursday. a cool stretch and that's where it sets up for a fall-like day. daytime high in the 70s. philadelphia, 70 degrees. humidity, 81%. winds out of southeast at 6 miles per hour. across the rest of the region it's a mild start to the
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morning. 70s degrees in philadelphia. reading, 70. atlantic city, 66 degrees with a few clouds. clouds will continue to increase as we head into the rest of today. a closer look. right now, temperatures 70 degrees in trenton. 68 in pottstown, 67 degrees currently in dover. a closer look at our radar shows that we're seeing a few clouds here. mostly cloudy skies if you're closer to the poconos or the shore, we do have an area of low pressure. that's going to rotate closer to us and that's where we get storms and cooler temperatures. we have a cold front associated with that area of low pressure. closer to 1:00, the showers will continue on and off throughout the afternoon. we'll see the intensity picking up. and south jersey and right along the shore in atlantic city. that's just the beginning, we'll continue with the on and off showers overnight tonight.
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and then we'll see another wet day as we head into friday. especially into the afternoon. clearing up as we head into friday night. definitely clearing up as we head into the weekend. the seven-day forecast shows a high of 84. 77 degrees with more showers expected for friday. take a look at saturday and sunday. the high is 70 for daytime highs. as we head into next week, a beautiful work week ahead for us. 4:21 now. we've got the ambulance accident in north philadelphia. let's see what other traffic problems could be out there this early thursday morning. jillian mele has a look at that. >> good morning. no other accidents to report but we do have overnight construction. you can see we have a lot of activity. this is 202 as you approach 76. but traffic can get by. we saw that accident in north philadelphia, broad street between tioga and venango. all clear on 22. 22, near airport road, no accidents, no delays to report but keep in mind, we have that
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normal construction on the northeast extension. chris. lasers on a local landmark. we have a live look at the "u.s.s. new jersey." a camera there, up next, you can find out how someone was taking high-tech measures of the warship. plus -- >> over a simple sneeze. >> the two simple words that a student says got her kicked out of class.
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4:24 from our delaware bureau. nascar star jeff gordon was in
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suffolk county promoting a coming race. and we also asked him about the tony stewart accident. gordon called it a tragic accident and a senseless one. from the south jersey bureau, gloucester county police said they found the truck involved in a hit-and-run at a wawa. you see the truck back out smashed into another car that was backing out of a spot in summer dale. the vehicle took off. an anonymous tip led police to it. salem couple is under proft, joanna probe of the and joseph deangelo. police say the pair held up four banks and several stores. they're being held on $500,000 bail each. veterans will be soon able to tour the battleship "new
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jersey." behind that, right there on the water front. a team of forensic engineers are creating a 3d image of the ship. those will be used for maintenance and education and will eventually be used for virtual tours. that way, disabled veterans and other visitors who can't climb the ladders and the steps between the ship's deck can actually see what the ship looks like. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather. >> and i'm tracking as we head into the afternoon, showers and storms expected i'll help you plan your thursday. jillian. >> good morning, brittney. this is a look at the philadelphia international airport. you can see we have a little construction there, cones set up. a live look at the boulevard. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. we're following breaking news this morning in north philadelphia. a man was taken to the hospital following an accident with an ambulance. we have new information just within the past few minutes from the scene of the accident. you're looking live at williamsport, pennsylvania. you know, sometimes, you need a second chance. taney will get one tonight when they play in the little league world series mo'ne davis and her dragon teammates came up short. tonight, it's win or go home. and the "first alert" weather team is tracking showers and storms for later today. it's 69 degrees outside. good morning, this is "nbc10 news." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. a lot of people are waking up hoping to hear about a taney win. it just didn't happen. >> maybe a second chance. >> well, they have to shake it
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off. the dragons have to shake it off. they can do it but before we get to that let's talk about the weather. we can see rain, meteorologist brittney shipp has that. >> that's right, as we head into the afternoon and evening, we're tracking showers and thunderstorms, depending on where you live. first a look outside, cape may where we are seeing clear skies. we'll see clouds increasing heading into the morning and push into the afternoon. right now, temperatures 70 degrees. allentown, 68, potts town, 68 in reading if you're waking up in washington township, 66 degrees. right along the shore, 73 degrees. 70 in lewis and 67 in dover. the temperatures will range between 82 and 85 degrees. again we are tracking showers and storms mainly in the evening. i'll go over all the details coming up in the full forecast. right now we'll check in with jillian with a look at


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