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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  August 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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off. the dragons have to shake it off. they can do it but before we get to that let's talk about the weather. we can see rain, meteorologist brittney shipp has that. >> that's right, as we head into the afternoon and evening, we're tracking showers and thunderstorms, depending on where you live. first a look outside, cape may where we are seeing clear skies. we'll see clouds increasing heading into the morning and push into the afternoon. right now, temperatures 70 degrees. allentown, 68, potts town, 68 in reading if you're waking up in washington township, 66 degrees. right along the shore, 73 degrees. 70 in lewis and 67 in dover. the temperatures will range between 82 and 85 degrees. again we are tracking showers and storms mainly in the evening. i'll go over all the details coming up in the full forecast. right now we'll check in with jillian with a look at traffic. good morning.
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we're following the construction on north side near broad street. we have police at the scene. you do have lane restrictions. one lane of traffic is getting by. it's still too early so we're not seeing delays. we're following a fire on clifton heights and you can take east providence road if you need to get around it. and we still have this accident in north philadelphia, broad street between tioga and venango street. you can take old york road as your alternate. a driver is in the hospital after police say he crashed his car into an ambulance. nbc10's katy zachry live on the scene. katy, what's happening now? >> reporter: hi, chris, take a look behind me. we're at the intersection of broad street and tioga. you can see the tow truck driver is getting rid of debris behind the ambulance that was involved in the crash. the ambulance, i'm told, in a few minutes, is going to be towed from the scene. you can see the black sedan that
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has significant front end damage. new information i got is that the driver is in critical condition. he was taken a few feet away into temple university hospital because this crash happened right outside temple hospital. the driver is in critical condition. at this time, investigators believe he was speeding, that's because there are very defined skid marks, less than 100 yards from the intersection where this happened. so police believe he was speeding northbound on broad when he was approaching an intersection with a red light. there was stopped traffic. and he veered to avoid the car in front of him because he was going so fast. and when he went into the southbound lane he came head on with the ambulance. the ambulance was transporting a patient here to temple hospital. but i'm told that the patient who was in the back of the ambulance did not sustain any more significant injury. so that individual was just taken right into the hospital. but again, new information is that the driver who crashed into
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the ambulance preliminarily, well, he is in critical condition. fortunately, he's alert and he's talking so they're about to go upstairs and talk to him and get his account of what happened. reporting live, katy zachry. second chance, that's what the taney dragons have after losing the little league world series. if the philly hometown team bounces back, they will have a shot at the championship. taney taking on illinois, at 7:30. mo'ne davis great in the first two starts was roughed up last night. she gave up this homer in the second inning. taney had a chance to come back in the fifth. the dragons lost 8-1. nbc10's matt delucia is live in williamsport. so, matt, a tough loss for taney. the good news, they'll be back at it today. >> reporter: yeah, tracy, not often that you get a second
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chance but this is still double elimination. and taney will get that chance later tonight zens chicago. let me show you lamade stadium. right now it's dark and quiet. they did have the tarp out here. we did get rain but that rain held off until after the game. it was a packed house. i was watching as the team received a warm welcome. every time mo'ne's name was announced there was cheering. it was not mo'ne's night, though. after that "sports illustrated" cover came out featuring the star female pitcher people out here and also media wondered if that old "sports illustrated" curse that has seemingly doomed other athletes would come and haunt this team. but taney manager alan tice said he knew that las vegas would come out and play.
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the coach said there was no question that mo'ne did not have her "a"-game last night. at this point they were playing to get to saturday and it was always the plan to take her out regardless. we'll take another look at the stadium. yesterday, people came up from the delaware valley by the buses. the entire stadium, the fans and the field here were packed. some people staked out a spot and waited for hours. we're talking to the taney fans who still stand behind the people. we're going to get audio from that coach. right now live in williamsport, i'm matt delucia. >> mo'ne davis is staying positive. she tweeted chicago tomorrow #believeindragons. #taneydragons. she also tweeted out the "sports illustrated" cover of herself. and the "daily news" shows mo'ne
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davis with the head line "shake it off." and the back page, the headline "dragon a little. "just a little. once again as the dragons are still in the running for the little league world series championship. on to the philadelphia school budget crisis now. we'll learn more today about how conditions in city schools have been affected by spending cuts. state senator vincent hughes will release a report on that. hughes will give details this afternoon outside of benjamin franklin high school in spring garden. >> from the south jersey bureau, we'll get a preview of a new program in camden. city officials will announce new security measures for students traveling to and from classes and as outline how schools have updated their training program.
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>> out of our delaware bureau, today senator tom carper is giving a tour to new improvements to the sussex county airport. trees were also removed near the runway and lighting and pavement striping was added. now, this all makes it possible pour larger planes to land at that airport. unrest in ferguson, missouri, we are live in the splintered town with a look at what has quieted the confrontation. plus, above and beyond, a police officer comes across a man caught in a downpour. watch what he does next, some are calling heroic. and a dashboard cam caught a motorcycle crash that ends in the craziest way possible. and we're starting off with mostly clear skies but that's going to change as we head into the afternoon and evening. i'm tracking showers and thunderstorms. i'll let you know how that's going to affect your night.
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>> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning, tracking showers and thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon. still going to be a warm day for us, temperatures going into the 80s. and then we'll see a cool stretch with temperatures dropping down into the 70s tomorrow. and that's going to last into your weekend. it's going to feel more like fall. philadelphia, 70 degrees, humidity at 81%. wind speed out of the southeast at 6 miles per hour. 70 degrees in reading. atlantic city at the airport at 66 degrees with a few clouds. we'll continue to seat clouds increasing as we head into the refuse of today. that's going to be ahead of the showers and thunderstorms through the rest of the afternoon and evening. 71 degrees northeast philadelphia, 66 in millville. 70 in reading. 64 in mount pocono. 67 degrees in dover. so it is a mild start to the morning. and a closer look at radar shows
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a few isolated showers. and we have an area of low pressure situated closer to the great lakes. it has a cold front associated with it. that's what's going to drop our temperatures down into the high 70s as we head into the rest of today. a closer look at future weather it shows as we head into afternoon showers that's when our chance of showers is going to develop at philadelphia and wilmington. as we head into the evening hours, the late evening hours by 11:00 p.m., we start to see the storms intensifying. and on and off overnight, and then we see another round as we head into tomorrow, afternoon, closer to 3:00. today, we'll see the thunderstorms, tomorrow, showers as we head into your friday. although we could see more thunderstorm activity as we head into friday night, clearing up as we head into saturday. 76 on thursday. 70 on friday, drying out and beautiful conditions for the weekend. already a couple of issues on the road that could slow you
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down depending on where you're headed. >> right, we know about that accident, let's find out what else we should know about. "first alert" reporter jillian. >> we have a fire in delaware county and overnight construction that's still throughout lingering and i just got word of a new accident in upper providence. this is 95. you see the cones set up here. that's the northbound side near route 420. it's not causing any slowdowns. clifton heights between springfield road and penn pines boulevard. take east providence as your alternate. and east philadelphia, the accident, broad street between tioga and venango. you can take old york road as your alternate. up next, we're live in ferguson, missouri, where the weather is pull ago part the conflict that's taking over that town. and a look at the selfie in
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the burglary. and what teacher had her students re-enact that has her in a lot of hot water. plus -- >> we have freedom of speech. >> a student suspended with two words that got that girl an unexpected vacation.
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happening today in phil, two adults go on trial after a 6 yearly girl showed up at her school with heroin. christopher white and marie hunter are charged with endangering the welfare of a child. investigators say hunter's child brought several packets to the school. officers arrested the girl's mother at school there. the department of human services took custody of the girl. now, to the unrest in ferguson, missouri. for a second straight night there was no serious violence. nbc10 national correspondent jay gray has been reporting live from ferguson. jay, just a handful of arrests as well, right? >> reporter: yeah, tracy, in
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fact, police telling us overnight, six arrests, the fewest they've had since last saturday. so that's a positive step. also, those pointing out there were thunderstorms in the area so it did clear out the streets and kind of helped to keep things calm here. just hours after attorney general eric holder visited ferguson. we got a brief glimpse inside his criminal investigation here. >> reporter: it flowed but didn't stop the violence here in ferguson. earlier wednesday, the crisis justice came from outside a st. louis courthouse where a grand jury met for the first time to hear evidence in the case. >> i understand the public wants to know what's going on and needs to know. >> reporter: as the criminal investigation moves forward, attorney general eric holder travelled to ferguson yesterday
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to check in on the ongoing federal civil rights investigation that already includes more than 100 witness interviews and an independent autopsy. >> my thought is that it will give people confidence that things are being done by the federal government. >> reporter: holder met privately with michael brown's family after talking with members of the community. captain ron johnson, the officer charged with trying to keep the peace along the front lines of the protest. >> i think it will show the people of ferguson, people of st. louis, that their voices are heard. >> reporter: voices in this grieving, angry community. >> we are one! >> reporter: that refuse to go silent. yeah, as they march here, many are calling for the arrest of the officer involved in the shooting. prosecutors say, though, it could be the middle of october
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before the grand jury makes a decision about those charges. that's the latest live here in ferguson, jay gray, "nbc10 news." a teacher in elementary school in alabama is on leave after having people re-enact the shooting of michael brown. she had a white student as the ferguson police officer. and a black student portray brown. she also had students research the shooting. parents claim the teacher is teaching hate. the ebola has now affected 1300 people in west africa. the figures show that the deaths are increasing in liberia. the group also says that countries are experiencing shortages on fuel and food. and several airlines and shipping services have stopped transporting because of the outbreak. this is new from overnight.
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hamas sis three of its senior military leaders were killed on an israel air strike on a house in gaza. palestinian officials say six people were killed in that strike. they say dozens of others remain trapped in the rubble of a four-story building targeted. and u.p.s. says some customers may have had their credit and debit card information exposed by a computer virus. it happened between january and mid-august of this year. 51 u.p.s. stores, two dozenz#pw states including places in pennsylvania and new jersey. the piedmont would resolve allegations that the bank misrepresented the quality of loans sold to investors. the $17 billion deal would be the largest settlement to date from that financial meltdown to which millions of homeowners lost their homes.
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police want to know if burglaries are dumb enough to post pictures. the picture appeared on the account. the picture popped up after thieves broke into her home. police said the victim doesn't know the pair who are now considered persons of interest in the burglary. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning, we're going to see showers and thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon today. temperatures are pushing into the mid-80s. but then as we head into tomorrow, we have a cool stretch that's going to continue right into the weekend. fall-like conditions with lower humidity. lower temperatures and plenty of sunshine expected saturday and sunday. for philadelphia right now, 70 degrees. humidity's at 81%. win speed out of the east at 6 miles per hour. throughout the area, we're seeing temperatures in allentown of 68.
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66 degrees in glassboro. mid-60s here in millville. 67 in dover. 70 degrees in wilmington. for most parts of morning, mild and especially the poconos and closer to the shore. we do have a weather disturbance that's off to the great lakes area. that's going to swing closer to us. and also a cold front as we head into tomorrow. today's temperatures are going to feel hot and humidity and sticky before the showers make their way in. by 2:00 p.m., you have a chance of light showers, allentown, stretching into the poconos. on and off showers extending into the early evening hours. closer to 3:00 a.m. overnight, we'll start to see thunderstorms closer to toms river and the shore. another round of showers for us, closer to 3:00, leading into the 6:00 hour, just as you're heading home, you will notice wet activity for the rest of
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your friday. as we head into saturday week starting to see more clearing as we approach the weekend. a closer look your taney dragon forecast, with the little league world series. a chance of showers mainly dry with temperatures at 68. your seven-day forecast coming up. eight minutes to 5:00. we'll keep you updated on what's going on. >> nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jrillian mele will giv you a heads-up. >> 76 is clear. the highways are looking good for the most part. we still have construction at the airport, the boulevard yoshd near broad street. an accident at providence and also we're following the location in clivnt heights thorndale road between springfield road and penn pines boulevard. east providence road will get you around it if you're waking up in delaware and new jersey, no accidents to report on the
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majors there. chris. you know, we show you crazy video from time to time, i promise you haven't seen an ending like the one that is about to happen here. a crash that no one can believe how it turns out. plus, much more ahead on "nbc10 news" this morning. this video, too, is wild. one officer's act of kindness was caught on camera.
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five minutes to 5:00 now. a man is behind bars in delaware county after police say he dressed like a ninja and attacked a relative with a hammer. police say he admitted to beating his uncle and former lawyer in upper providence. he wore a helmet and face shield. the victims suffered head trauma. no word on possible motive. now, to the casino in atlantic city. nbc10 was at a march and prayer
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last night. showboat and trump plaza and revel all set to close in the next couple of weeks. now marin casino just wrapped up a two-week jump. one worker said moving is not an option. >> i don't know how the local job market is about to do with all of these people. and i'm not about to leave my home. i'm not going to move out of town, i'm not going to go to baltimore which was an offer i had. but i'm not going to uproot my family and go to a casino that may or may not succeed. >> shutdown is part of the shrinking of atlantic city's gambling market. by the end of this summer, there will be just eight. now, revel has received its final approval from state gaming officials to close as planned on september 1st. showboat also got approval this week to close over labor day weekend. and trump plaza is scheduled to shut down september 16th. >> starting this school year, new jersey high school students
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will be required to learn cpr. under a new law just signed, the lessons will be taught to all public and charter school students in ninth through 12th great. students will also learn how to use external detfibrillatodefib. a tennessee community is rallying around a high school girl after suspended for saying "bless you" to a classmate. she said her teacher told her the expression "bless you ""is for church. here's a picture of the teacher's white board that lists other expressions that are bad. >> that's when i said, it's more a confrontational right. it's already to defend god, but it's our constitutional right because we have freedom of religion and freedom of speech. >> the teacher's claim was that kendra was being disruptive by
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yelling "bless" you across the room. about at this, the officer found a man in an electric wheelchair that is stopped in the middle of a downpour. lightning hits nearby. the officer pushed the man one block to his house. helped him dry off and waited until the man's family arrived home. i got to the end of the street, and everything just stopped on me. >> i'm not a hero, just an officer doing my job. >> and the man in the wheelchair said the officer performed way above and beyond his call of duty that day. here's more a pretty incredible video. this is dash cam video from russia showing the wild motorcycle crash. watch when the bike hits the back of the car, hands on the loof. >> unreal. >> that has to be a stunt.
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>> are we sure that's real? >> i think the video's real. i'm not sure if the guy on the motorcycle is some awesome stunt man. >> maybe. >> i don't know, but it's worth watching several, several, several times. i'm wondering what the guy driving the car does. >> you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m." starting right now. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. we're following an ambulance and a car crash head on. the wreckage has broad street blocked in north philadelphia. we'll take you live in the scene. down but not out, the taney dragons lost last night. fear not. the quest for a little league world series title is not over. we're taking a live look at the franklin institute here. and showers this afternoon with a cooldown ahead. good morning, everyone. welcome to "nbc10 news." i'm chris cato.
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cooler temperatures in store for us not today but as we head into tomorrow that's going to last through the weekend. a beautiful week on tap but we first have to get through the showers and storms today. mostly clear right now but as we head into the rest of the afternoon increasing clouds and showers expected. that's going to linger to tomorrow. 65 degrees in philadelphia. 65 in pottstown. 65 degrees in atlantic city. and as we head into the rest of today, expect temperatures to warm into the 80s. we'll see temperatures range between 82 and 85 degrees. mostly cloudy and humid. and showers and storms start to pick up mainly into your afternoon and evening hours. i'll go over the timing coming up in my "first alert" full forecast. first, to jillian for a look at traffic. good morning, brittney. we'll start off in delaware. good news there. 95 is quiet. 495 is clear. route 1 is even looking


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