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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  August 21, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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now, we're checking in with jillian for a look at traffic. >> good morning, brittney. starting out at the ben franklin bridge. all of the area bridges are clear of any problems or delays which is good news. this is a live look at 95 and 495, that is actually looks out ataaroad. route 30 bypass, near 340, no delays to report out there. we do have an accident in upper providence township, lewis road at keokuk road. from king of prussia at frederick street and crossfield road. those are the only two accidents we still have out there this morning. they've been with us for about 45 minutes use caution or extra time heading out in that direction. good news, we're not reporting any problems with mass transit, chris. a live picture this morning, a look at the little league world series complex in williamsport which you can call
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philadelphia north. so many fans went there as they went there tonight everyone deserves a second chance. that's what the dragons have tonight after losing in the little league world series. if the philly hometown team can bounce back, they'll still have a shot at the championship. mo'ne davis gave up the two-run home 34 in the second inning. taney had its chances to come back. they had bases loaded in the fourth. three runners stranded in the fifth. and nevada pitching snuffed out the dragons and taney loses 8-1 last night. >> that's the real good team, it may be the best that we faced this year but i mean, she certainly wasn't looking and pitching like she typically does. >> he doesn't think there was a "sports illustrated" jinx. and he doesn't think that media distractions affected her pitching back in philadelphia,
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the courtyard at city hall was packed with dragons fans. mayor nutter hosted the party for the second time last night. mo'ne davis' grandmother told us she is certain taney will beat chicago tonight. our coverage continues coming up in half an hour, nbc10's matt delucia is live in williamsport this morning. he's talking with the team. also talking to their opponents from chicago. we'll talk to him in about 30 minute. it is 6:02. we have breaking news in the ebola outbreak. the two americans who contracted the deadly virus is being released. just in the hour we learned that emory hospital will be talk about the release of nancy writebol and dr. kent brantly. samantha's purse said they are celebrating dr. brantly's recovery and release from the
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hospital. back here at home, new from overnight, police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 16-year-old in south philadelphia. this happened at 21st at dickinson. the teenager was shot twice and died at the hospital. police do not have a motive. they are reviewing witnesses and reviewing video from surveillance cameras in the area. police responded to another shooting in grays ferry. investigators are trying to identify the man and looking for the shooter and police are investigating a shooting in camden. a man was shot several times around midnight around the intersection of north 35th and pierce. we don't know his condition, so far no arrests. new this morning, temple university is investigating the report of an attack on a student. the school says the student was assaulted yesterday as the attacker made anti-semitic remarks.
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university officials discussed that issue with the leaders of the jewish communities. they're asking anyone with information on the attack to contact campus police. opening statements start today in the trifle a woman who is accused of taking a 5-year-old girl straight out of school. christina regusters has been out on bail since her arrest last year. she's also accused of holding the student captive and sexually assaulting her after taking her from her cobbs creek school. prosecutors say the woman is the one addressed in muslim attire in this video. she posed as the child's mother to take the girl out of school. the girl was found the next day in upper darby. police say it was a relatively quiet night of protests as demonstrations stayed calm and there was no serious violence. nbc10's national correspondent jay gray is live in ferguson. jay, arrests were down, significantly down, from
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previous nights? >> reporter: yeah, tracy, always great to talk to you. you're absolutely right. there were six arrests last night compared to 47 the night before. thunderstorms may have helped to keep the streets kind of clear and calm. at least for a couple hours. and just a few hours after attorney general eric holder left ferguson. and we got a brief peak at his ongoing civil rights investigation and the criminal investigation as well. lightning and rain slowed. >> we're here for the cause. >> reporter: -- but didn't stop the protests overknit in ferguson. >> don't shoot! hands up! >> reporter: earlier, the quest for justice came outside a st. louis courthouse where a grand jury met for the first time to hear evidence in the case. >> i understand the public wants to know what's going on and needs to know. >> reporter: as the criminal investigation moves forward, attorney general eric holder
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travelled to ferguson yesterday to check in on the ongoing federal civil rights investigation, that already includes more than 100 witness interviews and an independent autopsy. >> my hope is that that will have -- give people some degree of confidence that the appropriate things are being done by their federal government. >> reporter: holder met privately with michael brown's family after talking with members of the community, elected officials. captain ron johnson, the officer charged with trying to keep the peace along the front lines of the protest. >> i think it has a great influence. i think it's going to show that the people of ferguson, the people of st. louis, the nation, that their voices are heard. >> reporter: voices in this grieving, angry community. >> we are one! >> reporter: that refuse to go silent. and as they march here, many are calling for the arrest of the officer involved in the shooting. prosecutors say there could be
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the middle of october before a grand jury makes a decision on that. that is the latest live here in ferguson, missouri. jay gray, "nbc10 news." and this morning, we're learning of a failed mission to rescue those two american journalists being held by islamic militants. president obama said he sent special operations troops to syria this summer to rescue a number held by militants but they couldn't find them one of those hostages was this man in orange journalist james foley who was beheaded by his captors. they're training a second if the u.s. doesn't stop air strikes on iraq. foley's parents talked about their son's execution. >> he was american. and he believed in the very best for our country. >> foley's parents are calling him a martyr for freedom. and they say they're praying for the release of the other journalists being held.
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we'll get a preview of a new program for camden. city officials warn of new security measures for students traveling to and from classrooms. it will outline how students have upgraded the environment. the police chief and the school superintendent helped coordinate that program. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning, we're tacking showers and the possibility of thunderstorm as we head into the rest of your thursday. then we'll see a cool stretch, temperatures dropping down into the high 70s. a fall-like weekend on tap for us. a closer look at philadelphia right now. 69 degrees. a few clouds and humidity is fairly high at 84%. we'll see a warm and humid day and showers moving in for the afternoon. for reading, 66 degrees. 69 in philadelphia. atlantic city at 64 degrees at the airport there. and throughout the rest our area. a mild start to the morning. our temperature trend shows the
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average for this time of year is 85 degrees. 84 will be the daytime high. close to average today. tomorrow, 77 degrees on friday. we stay in the 70s for saturday and sunday. we do have an area of low pressure that's going to swing closer to us. a cold front associated with that is going to drop the temperatures down. future weather shows as we head into the morning hours a few passing showers possible as we head into the 2:00 hour. from mount pocono from allentown into wilmington. on and off showers expected and picking up in intensity as we head into the overnight hours and early morning hours. 4:00 a.m., toms river stretching into atlantic city, we could see the intensity of rainfall and thunderstorms picking up. on and off showers expected heading into friday. by 7:00 p.m., dealing with light rainfall in parts of philadelphia and wilmington. again, saturday morning, really early, by the time you wake up, 7:00, 8:00, we should start to see clearing and dry conditions.
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to the pocono mountains, 74 degrees, thunderstorms and showers today. 68 on your friday, and nicer heading into saturday. >> still some rain for your evening drive. the roads are clear at least of any weather problems. >> let's get the headlines from nbc10'" irporter jr >> mass transit on schedule, no jillian mele. delays there. a new accident in montgomery county, jenkintown road, here garfield. you can see speed averaging in the 50s, 55 miles per hour on the pennsylvania turn spike. this is 95 at the cottman avenue interchange. all is quiet there. the vine expressway from 95 to broad street, eventually into 76 you see both direction on the vine very quiet. 76, we see congestion out there but no big delays to report. this is 76 right at belmont avenue. you can see some pocketing of
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volume on 76. your drive time is 15 minutes in both directions between the blue route and the vine, tracy. cross country murders from new jersey to washington. this is the man charged. and police say he's placing blame on the u.s. government. and be careful where you drink. the h2o in two delaware valley communities may not be as presl pristine as you might think.
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just about quarter after 6:00 right now. a live look at the city skyline in philadelphia. brittney shipp says she's tracking showers and thunderstorms for later today. we'll get the timing coming up in just a few minutes. another man has pleaded guilty that that drug ring that police say supplied marijuana and cocaine to several high schools and colleges on the main line. 23-year-old christian uhler
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became the fifth person to plead guilty in the case. prosecutors say he sold drugs at the campus of lafayette college in easton. prosecutors say these two guys, timothy brooks and brian scott are the ringleaders. in south jersey, this couple is accused of a robbing spree. state police say the pair held up four banks and several scenes stores throughout the area. they're being held at the salem county jail on $500,000 each. this morning, the charges pile up against a man in a cross country murder case. authorities have filed a third murder charge of ali mohammed brown. brown pleaded not guilty to killing a college student in new jersey. prosecutors claim the killings are part of a bloody crusade to
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punish the united states for its policies. happening in new york, prosecutors say 25-year-old nicole veasey and her lawyer said she was the victim of an abusive master-slave relationship with her boyfriend steven howell. he's waived his right to a hearing. police are investigating the death after a boat exploded. a dock worker was burned in the blast is in the hospital in stable condition. the boat drifted to a dock nearby setting that on fire and damaging two more boats. u.p.s. says a data breach may have exposed some customers' credit and debit card information. a computer virus is found on systems on 51 u.p.s. stores including pennsylvania and new jersey, the breach involves 100,000 transactions made since january. a spokesperson for u.p.s. said
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it's not aware of any fraud related to that attack. the environmental protection agency says two communities in our area are dealing with water contamination problems with compounds used on navy bases. in horsham and warminster, affected lines have been taken offline and the epa is testing private wells. the navy is holding a community meeting on the issue next wednesday night. public wells were also closed had horsham. the navy says the compounds are associated with consumer products and firefighting foams similar toe those used in the joint naval reserve base in horsham and the naval center in warminster. 6:17 now. let's get a check of traffic on this thursday morning. >>s in 10's "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele has that. good morning. three accidents. let's get you updated. upper providence at keokuk road
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that has clear two king of prussia, president dr frederick street. and 95, definitely seeing the congestion starting to build. from wood haven to the vine, and for drivers in new jersey this morning, is this what 42 is looking like. that's the northbound side as drivers pass creek road and head to the bridges. bridges are clear, so far, in delaware. >> announcer: new your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. we'll see a cloudy start. and as we head into the afternoon, we could see a few storms, showers expected as well. temperatures drop down into the high 70s and we stay that way for the weekend. for fall as we head into the weekend, for philadelphia, 69
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degrees. just a few clouds. 84%. wind speeds across the region. 66 in reading. 64 degrees at atlantic city at the airport there. a mild start throughout most the area. as we push into the afternoon, our temperatures are going to warm pretty close to average. our average for this time of year, 85 degrees. today's high 84. 64 degrees in mount holly. 68 in wilmington. 60s in dover. we have an area of low pressure. you see that counterclockwise rotation. it's going to move into the morning dragging a cold front with us. that's going to drop the temperatures and we're also going to see showers as soon as 9:00 a.m. keep your umbrella handy throughout the day and even through tomorrow. we had an unsettled weather pattern. for the poconos into parts of philadelphia and wilmington just a few scattered showers. on and off scattered showers especially head into the evening. take a look at what happened as
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we get into the overnight hours. we see the intensity of the storms picking up. at 4:00 a.m., we're dealing with ronfall in toms river and atlantic city. another day of showers heading into friday. but temperatures will drop on your friday down to 77. as we take a look at saturday drying out, we could see a few lingering showers 24 in the morning and clearing up. 20 minutes past six. new requirement. high school students in new jersey must take a class more on life skill than a college necessity. getting a second chance. here's a live look at the williamsport complex. that's where the taney dragons are down, but they're not out.5÷
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a man is behind bars in delaware county police say he dressed like a ninja to attack a
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relative with a hammer. police say he admitted to assaulting his uncle and former prosecutor in upper providence. he wore a helmet and face shield. no word on a possible motive. a federal judge has denied class action status to those suing two rail companies and others over that 2012 train derailment. the accident released vinyl chloride into the air. more than 140 people and businesses are suing conrail and others for damages. the individual lawsuit against the rail company can continue. good morning. at 6:24, for drivers in new jersey, this is a very quiet look at route 73. this is right at the base of the tacony-palmyra bridge. you can see 73 is clear. area bridges are looking good. no accidents to report on the majors at all. in fact, 76 is still pretty quiet. this is a live look at girard avenue into center city. drive time is 14, 15 minutes
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both way on 76, between the blue route and the vine, the vine is clear. let's take you outside right now, cape may where things are looking pretty, but showers expected? >> that's right. a possibility of thunderstorms and then as we clear up, we'll set ourselves up for a fantastic weekend, temperatures in the 70s. cooler air is on the way. we have to get through showers tomorrow. i'll go over the timing of my "first alert" seven-day forecast. happening today the jury is seated and ready to hear from attorneys in the kindergarten abduction trial in philadelphia. nbc10's jesse gary is live in center city with details. >> reporter: that's right, chris, the defendant turned down a plea deal and not trial starts in center city. you'll hear the details coming up. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia live in williamsport where the
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taney dragons will play tonight against chicago. these kids are dealing with a whole lot of pressure but how are their parents handling it? i'll have that coming up.
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>> announcer: this is "nbc10 news." dust yourselves off, shake it off and try again. philadelphia taney dragons get another shot in the little league world series tonight. >> and we are going to get a shot and maybe more of rain today. rain on the way but things are looking nice at center city. a live view at the comcast center. 59 degrees, but we are tracking some storms that should move through this afternoon. we are not letting last night's loss to dampen our taney spirits. >> we're all behind the taney dragons big time. >> i'm getting choked up thinking about it. >> let's talk to brittney shipp about the weather and rain that could move in today. brittney. i was wondering what was
6:30 am
going on there. we'll see a chance of showers isolated thunderstorms as we head into today. it's going to warm day, on the humid side of things. beautiful sunrise over the center city skyline. you can see the clouds are barely moving on top of aramark building. we're tracking a few showers that develop into the next hour or so. it's all part of a larger system that's going to send more rainfall our way as we head into today, lingering showers into friday. our temperatures expected to push into the 80s but right now it's a mild start at 69 degrees in philadelphia. 65 in pottstown. 68 in allentown and 64 degrees in atlantic city. i'll go over the timing of the showers expected today and tomorrow with the forecast. >> starting off in the lehigh valley right now, things are looking good at 22, airport road. 22 is clear, northeast extension
6:31 am
is free of any accidents to though we do have that long-material construction. let's get you updated on some of the accidents. king of prussia, prince frederick street. that accident is clear. we still have innardly, jenkintown road at garfield avenue. if you're taking any of the majors in delaware or the majors there, we're not reporting any problems there. mass transit is on time or close to schedule. the countdown it on the taney dragons take the field in the little legal world series first fitch against illinois. the dragons are looking to bounce back. tonight, they will be facing elimination. mo'ne davis great in her last two starts kind of roughed up by las vegas. she gave up this two-run homer in the second inning. taney had a chance to come out
6:32 am
and got the job done. dragons lost 8-1, again, we have tonight. nbc10's matt delucia is live in williamsport. matt, more than 34,000 people at the stadium while the players are on stage, it means tense moments for the parents, i'll bet. >> reporter: yeah, tracy, want to talk about pressure. 34,000 at lamade stadium last night and possibly millions more watching on television. it's intense even from all the way up here. the kids seem to brush it all off, while their parents admit to being nervous. with everybody pitch and every swing, the tension gress. >> it's a great team. >> reporter: but in every game there's a winner and loser, erick lipson's dad talked what about it was like after las vegas scored one run after another. >> it is clear it is much more
6:33 am
stressful on the parents than the kids. especially erick. i'm very proud of him about that. >> reporter: she says she can count on her son and taney. >> they're a great team. >> reporter: but when you're a parent and team manager it would think things are a bit tougher. but he has his sights set on getting this team ready for the next challenge. >> i've been looking forward to playing chicago since we got here. we sit right next to the chicago coaches and kids. yeah, it should be a great game. looking forward to it. >> reporter: and it is clear taney has been getting some major league attention, even from our local teams. the phillies tweeted last night, telling the team to keep their heads up. confident that they will bounce back. the eagles are advising the team to rest up and prepare to fly tonight. live from williamsport, i'm matt
6:34 am
delucia, "nbc10 news." >> you can count on "nbc10 news" to bring you all the action live as the dragons continue their run at the little legal world series. new from overnight, police continue their search for a person who shot and killed a 16 years ago in south philadelphia. it happened at 25th and dickerson et diespital. the mot, and they'reng at surveillance cameras in the area. and in grays ferry, officers found a man in the driver's the city of a jeep on the 2300 block and he died at the hospital. and there's an investigation going on into a shooting in camden. a man was shot several times near the intersection of north 35th street and pierce avenue. no word on his condition and so far no arrests. in philadelphia, two adults go on trial after a 6-year-old
6:35 am
girl showed up at school with heroin. christopher white and maj3",z hunter are charged with endangering the welfare of achild. investigators say hunter's child took several pacts of heroin to the elementary school and had opened one of the pacts. the mother was arrested at the school. opening statements will be heard in the trial of a woman charged with kidnapping a 5-year-old elementary girl out of the classroom. christina regusters is also charged with sexually assaulting that girl. jesse gary is live at the courthouse. >> reporter: that's right, chris, the victim, now 7 years old could be called as a prosecution witness. she could give a first hand account of what happened. and it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for the defense to cross examine her. go ahead and take a look at the video. the child was found in an upper darby playground, partially
6:36 am
clothed and shiverering. they contend that regusters dressed in a burqa and kidnapped the girl from her school. 0 although the victim's dna was found on the child and said other people were involved and that her client is taking the fall. regusters turned down a plea deal earlier this week. a two-week trial starts today with opening statements. live in center city, jessgy gary, "nbc10 news." >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning, we are going to see clouds increase as we head into the rest of today but just ahead, showers and storms as we head into your afternoon and evening. a cold stretch on tap with a cold front coming through. that will drop the temperatures down to the 70s making for a fall-like weekend on saturday and sunday with temperatures still in the 70s. it's a nice stretch of cooler weather. a closer look right now, a few clouds behind the comcast
6:37 am
building in center city. a closer look at current temperatures in philadelphia. 69 degrees right now. humidity at 84%. wind speeds out of the southeast, 65 in pottstown and low 60s to kick off the morning in the poconos. and as we head into the afternoon we will warm close to average or average for this time of year, 85, tomorrow's knew 84 degrees. take a look at what happens tomorrow, down 77 degrees. and the reason why, we do have an area of low pressure that's pretty close to toronto. it's going to swing closer to us. we have a cold front associated with that area of low pressure. that's going to trigger the showers. a few passing showers at 9:00 a.m. by 3:00 p.m., another round of showers. we will see the showers picking up in intensity. even the possibility of isolated thunderstorms in early morning
6:38 am
hours tomorrow. and then another round of showers as we head into tomorrow evening. again, intensifying into the overnight hours on friday. by saturday morning, we'll see another round of lingering showers, and then we'll start to see everything drying out as we head into saturday afternoon. the taney dragons take on chicago today. we'll see a chance of showers. temperatures in the mid-70s in williamsport, p.a. by 10:00, mainly dry. >> let's get you updated on the roads. >> for that, let's go to nbc10's "first alert" traffic reporter jillian mele. >> bridges clear of any delays. no accidents to report on the bridges. volume is picking up on some of the majors and we're following an accident at jenkintown road and garfield area. you see this line slow moving as drivers make their way into center city. this is girard. average speed at 23 miles per hour so definitely seeing
6:39 am
volume. the blue route is looking good. 17 to 18 minutes on the blue route between 95 and 76. if you're traveling 76 this morning we@ y don't have any re big delays out there just yet, we do have pockets near the conshohocken curve. and south street and montgomery driver. majors in delaware, still clear. not reporting any accidents on the majors in new jersey. fighting resumes in gaza and now israel has struck a deadly blow against hamas. find out who was killed. and seeing lots of green. and we're not talking about the jerseys, either. you'll find out how the eagles rank among the nfl's most valuable franchises.
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6:43 right now. we have new information on breaking news we've been following for you about the ebola outbreak. two americans who contracted the deadly virus are being released from a hospital in atlanta. we just found out one will be released today. emory university hospital holds a news conference at 11:00 to talk about the lease of nancy writebol and dr. kent brantly. he is the one we know is going home today. both infected with ebola while working with the aid organization samantha's purse. they were thrown to the hospital after receiving an experimental treatment. samantha's purse saying they are celebrating dr. brantley's release from the hospital. new from overnight, a driver is in stable condition after police say he crashed his car into an ambulance. tioga and broad where that accident happened around 2:30 a.m. police say the driver tried to
6:44 am
swerve to miss oncoming traffic and hit the ambulance straight on. new jersey high school students are now required to learn cpr. the lessons will be taught to all public and charter school students in 9th through 12th grade. students are taught how to do cpr and use the external defibrillators but do not have to be certified. governor perry will be part of a panel discussion at the heritage foundation that's a conservative think tank. perry ordered national guard troop to the texas/mexico border. he said he's troubled by the influx of unaccompanied minors crossing that border. the latest violence could prove to be a setback for hamas. that militant group says three of its commanders were killed in israeli air strike in gaza. a live picture here at gaza city where it's around 1:00 in the afternoon, a series of aerial
6:45 am
attacks have sent plumes of spoke through that city today. palestinian police say six people were found dead. that attack came after indirect peace talks on a long-lasting truce broke down. the california highway patrol officer who was seen on that video beating a woman on the side of the freeway has been relieved of duty. here is that cell phone video from last month. right now prosecutors are deciding on whether officer daniel andrew will face charges but police sent results of a criminal investigation to the d.a.'s office outlining what they call potentially serious charges for the officer. a wildfire in california has destroyed at least eight homes and is threatening more than 1,000 more. officials say the fire near bakesersfield has scorched around five square miles and only about 15% contained. investigators still don't know how it started. meantime, evacuees from yosemite national park had been allowed to return. fire crews are now getting a better handle on that fire. near san diego, a teenage
6:46 am
girl accused of deliberately starting a wildfire that destroyed three dozen homes is competent to stand trial. that ruling came yesterday from a juvenile court judge. the 13-year-old underwent psychological testing. she's pleaded not guilty to arson charges. >> hag tonight, the eagles host the pittsburgh steelers. a survey shows that eagles are now worn $1.75 billion which is a 772% jump in worth since 19 another when lurie bought it. >> nod a bad investment by mr. lurie. let's go to new york for what's coming up on the "today" show. >> matt lauer and tamron hall have a preview. good morning. >> good morning to both of you. coming up on a thursday morning. we'll have the latest on the breaking news, ebola patient
6:47 am
dr. kent brantly set to leave the atlanta hospital. it's a good sign for him. there's encouraging news for the other american being treated as well. also, the fallout from the murder of the american journalist james foley and the failed mission that attempted to save him and other u.s. hostages. and then do you use the time off that you're allowed to use at work. it turns out a lot of us do not. why the u.s. is becoming the no-vacation nation. and al with with the birthday check up. chris and >> see you at 7:00, thanks. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. we'll see increasing clouds. a chance of showers even isolated thunderstorms as we head into the rest of today. a cool stretch is on tap for us. we're talking about temperature it's in high 70s for at least three straight day. and fall-like temperatures will continue right into the weekend
6:48 am
which is nice. in philadelphia, 69 degrees. just a few clouds in philadelphia. humidity's at 84%. light wind speeds at south-southeast at 5 miles per hour. throughout the rest of the region, reading at 66 degrees. mild start, atlantic city at the airport with temperatures at 64. and a closer look throughout the rest of our area, 62 degrees in the poconos. 68 in allentown. 68 degrees in wilmington. we're at 64 degrees in millville. our satellite radar shows a few more clouds into the pocono area. we're watching as showers pop up in the morning closer to 9:00 a.m. it's rotating with that counterclockwise rotation centered near toronto. it's going to slide with it an area of low pressure. the late morning hours you could see a few light showers. bring your umbrellas as you head out the door. you'll probably need them,
6:49 am
especially as you head throughout the afternoon. trenton will see heavier downpours and so will most of the shore as we head into the early night showers. another round of showers heading into friday evening and saturday morning. temperaturewise, everything looking great. showers and storms expecteded more showers on friday temperatures drop down to 77 degrees and they say that way on saturday. plenty of sunshine expected on sunday. about ten minutes until 7:00 now, traffic is picking up. we'll see if there are any delays out there. >> nbc10's traffic reporter jillian mele has the answer. we're not seeing any problems on the majors. i am voluming garfield avenue that is clear. that out of there so you're good to go. route 30 bypass, 322, some volume on the eastbound side to report on that area. speaking of volume, take a look right now, we are seeing delays on the majors, 95 southbound from the wood haven to tvine.
6:50 am
that's 20 minutes. 76 westbound from the vine to the blue route, that will take you 21 minutes. and nine minutes on 422 eastbound if you're making your way from oaks to 202. if you're taking mass transit including the septa rail lines. as we reported all morning, mo'ne davis and the taney dragons have a must-win game at the little league world series. watching it closing will be a woman from delaware county who actually helped to pave the way. joanne played two imgas for the broomall reds back in 1942 before she was kicked out of the little league because she was a girl. this is a letter that arrived explaining that joanne could no longer play because she wasn't a boy. >> just fell apart, started crying. i was upset. i didn't understand it. i was 9. i just wanted to play baseball. >> joanne's great nephew jake
6:51 am
now plays in the same league that this aunt was kicked out of 42 years ago. a pretty amazing story. tonight, it's do or die for the taney dragons. nbc10's matt delucia is live with that. matt, are the dragons ready? >> reporter: i believe they are. the coach says he's getting them ready, chris. i'll tell you last night, the dragon waggen is still rolling. they play tonight at 7:30. i'll have a preview next.
6:52 am
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well, the dragons are coming off that tough loss to las vegas. but they'll get another shot at that team from nevada if they can win tonight against chicago.
6:55 am
nbc nbc10's matt delucia is live from williamsport. matt, it's do or die tonight. >> reporter: yeah, chris, it's not over, taney gets sorry shot at 7:30. the coach says he's looking forward to having two good teams go head to head. here's the good news or bad news, depending on how you see it. if taney plays they will play saturday night. mo'ne davis pitched last night. she is not pitching tonight. yet again, a big crowd is expected. last night, the stadium was packed. it was filled all the way up to where we are here. and they were handing out tickets, first come, first kev last night. that is happening again today. so they are expecting yet again a big attention-draw here in williamsport. live in williamsport, this morning, i'm matt delucia, "nbc10 news." opening statements are
6:56 am
scheduled today in the case against a woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old from a philadelphia school. nbc10 jess a. gary is live at the criminal justice center. >> reporter: both sides will lay out how they will present their cases, and those cases could see the defense looking for new evidence. and the prosecution possibly putting the 7-year-old victim on the stand to give her side of this. let's take a look at our v.o. prosecutors say 21-year-old christina regusters dressed in a black burqa posed as the victim's mother and walked in and out of a west philadelphia elementary school kidnapping the girl last year. the child was found the next morning in an upper darby playground. the jurors were seated monday and now the two-week trial gets under way with opening statements. live in center city, jesse gary, "nbc10 news." all right. good morning. as we approach 7:00, take a look at this construction that we have on 422. this is the westbound side near trooper road. there wasn't supposed to be a
6:57 am
scheduled construction project in this area, but as you can see, we're down to one lane on this westbound side. so if you're heading out on that portion of 422, make sure you leave yourself extra time. on the eastbound side, you see if you have normal volume building. you just got word of an accident, at eastern road use caution in that area. this is a live look at 76, you see that eastbound volume is building now, near montgomery driver as drivers make their way into center city. and both directions, near the conshohocken curve. the ben franklin still looking good. this is the view from philadelphia. you can see we have that rehab project set up there but no delays on the ben franklin bridge. finally for drivers in new jersey, 42 freeway, you can see speeds in the 50s. some pockets out there but no significant delays. and still no accidents in delaware. >> announcer: now your nbc10 "first alert" weather.
6:58 am
here's a live look at lake wallenpaupack in the poconos. if you take a look, we're seeing mostly cloudy skies. you'll see clouds increasing as we head into your thursday, and we have a chance of isolated showers and thunderstorms as we go into the rest of the evening. temperatures will stay warm and humid today, ranging between 82 and 85 degrees. if you're closer to the shore, we'll stay cooler today. much cooler for the end of the work week. for today, mid-70s with that chance of an isolated shower or storm by friday. almost 70 degrees. cloudy and cool, lingering showers. we'll start to dry out as we head into saturday. 76 degrees. then your seven-day forecast shows that we're going to see warm temperatures today then a cool stretch on tap. 77 on friday. take a look at saturday, once we dry out and get rid of the lingering showers. 77 degrees. 79 with plenty of sunshine on sunday. that is a great looking weekend.
6:59 am
and next week looks just as nice, although we're going to warm back up and feel like summer heading into next weekend. but that is like a fall weekend right there, saturday and sunday with high 70s. >> 70s in august. >> i know. >> are we going to pay for this come december? >> i feel like we've paid for it already. >> right. >> all right. the reward. >> you like this weather karma very much. the "today" show is coming up next. we'll be back here live with local update in just a few minutes. >> remember, you can always get the latest news and weather at go taney. >> as we take a look at the little league complex in williamsport, the dragons take the field at 7:30 against a tough team of chicago. the dragons are not ready to return home. they want another shot saturday. that game starts tonight. we want live reports. we'll see you. >> #teamtaney.
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. discharged. those two american ebola patients, kent brantly and nancy have been released from the hospital. nbc news has learned brantly wimorning. failed rescue attempt inside the operation to save james foley who was brutally executed by isis as details emerge that his captors pressed the u.s. for a $100 million ransom. late summer sizzle. temperatures soaring into the 90s from the deep south to minnesota. ushering in a threat of dangerous storms. and baby boom. a week after savannah revealed vale to the world, we have more happy news, this t


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