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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 21, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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some rain in lancaster county, rain in southern dell wake not moving much either. remnants can come over the ballpark around 8:00 or so. the chance of thunder with that even later this evening, there's a chance of some showers and thunderstorms, especially south of philadelphia. so, we expect the temperature to be near 80 degrees by 7:00, just a chance of a shower or thunderstorm and lower chances as we get toward 11. for the little league world series, also the chance of some showers, especially near the beginning. talk more about the timing of the rain for tomorrow and if it's gonna clear for the weekend with the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. you can track tonight's rain and plan ahead for tomorrow with our nbc 10 first alert weather app,
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download it, it's free, on you can get interactive radar and an hour by hour forecast right on your smartphone or tablet. other news tonight, nbc 10 has learned the 5-year-old girl who was abducted from her philadelphia school and assaulted will take the stand to testify against the woman accused of kidnapping her. today in court, prosecutors told the judge they mapped tooty throw he deuce new key evidence when that trial get he is under way monday. >> trying to prove christina regusters act aid loan. lu ann cahn heard the developments play out in court today. >> you found out how prosecutors plan to build their case. >> these right r i saw 21-year-old christina regusters shake her head in court as prosecutors told the jim that they have new evidence that they believe that regusters may have also sexually abused a very young relative in addition to the victim in this case. that is why the judge said he is giving more time to the defense
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to prepare and move the trial till monday. prosecutors told jim today they have evidence that this former day care worker not only abducted a 5-year-old from school and sexually abused her, but they now allege christina regusters also inappropriately fondled a 7-year-old female relative, despite objections from regusters' attorney, the jim ruleded the jury will hear that evidence. in addition, prosecutors explain in court they pulled evidence from regusters' personal computer in the bedroom, frequented a site showing sexually graphic car tools of children, showing children sexually abuse. though the car troops disturbing, it is not a crime in pennsylvania and will not be presented to the jury. prosecutors reveal they had believe regusters searched online how to get rid of dna rape evidence and she also searched for the kind of muss garb you see in this surveillance video from january
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2013. regusters is charged with abducting her 5-year-old victim from bryant elementary school and wearing a burqa-to-to pose as the child's mother. the girl was found in an upper darby playground 18 hours aft her abduction. regusters main tapes her innocence. she is expected to argue someone else in her home had access to her computer and there were other suspects involved. prosecutors say -- and said today in court the child's injure police so severe, she needed recop strucktive surgery. again shall the now-7-year-old child, victim is expected to testify in court the first week of the trial again, starting on monday. live at the criminal justice center, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 has a copy of a letter offering more clues what may have caused the plane that crashed and killed businessman, louis katz.
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gulfstream aerocorporation says the pilots didn't follow proper takeoff procedures a fail safe system on the jet play is been overridden. federal investigators say the plane reached 190 miles per hour but never got off the ground, instead it ran off the run way, killing katz and six others. in the leg the company warned pilots not to assume the gust lock device is turned off. the freedom of flight control movement, it said, is the ultimate indicator that the gust lock is fully leased for all gulfstream models. new information tonight at 6:00 about the day care involved in this violent crash on the gray's ferry bridge. nbc 10 has learned the state is now joining the investigation since our report aired last week. jacqueline london joined us live from our digital operations center with what we have uncovered about this investigation. jacqueline? >> reporter: renee, the state department of welfare released a same to nbc 10's lu ann cahn, you saw in that previous story, releasing the is a into lu ann after she made several calls to
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their office about this case. lu ann reached out to the first choice day care center today in south philadelphia and has several times since we first covered this story. now, heaters accident that started it all last wednesday on the gray's ferry bridge in philadelphia, a mother called us after she said her child broke his leg in this crash on the way to a field trip. the 5-year-old boy was attending first choice child care center. we have since learned six people were in a car that was designed for five. the department of public welfare cop firm it had is evaluating status of the facility's child care license. they also told us the day care is now prohibited from transporting any children by motor vehicle for any purpose. and nbc 10 has made multiple attempts to reach out to the day care center for any comment, but for now, they respect talking. live in the digital operation center, jacqueline lon done, nbc 10 news. firm's pride, our taney dragon. s, have one more shot tonight to keep their hopes of a little league world series title alive.
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and the little leaguers respect the only stars in williamsport tonight. look at this. phillies first baseman, ryan howard, meeting with some of the players and his youngest fans to cheer them on. our taney team has been the talk of the entire country can. >> i will same some big bids are proving it. take a look at this. talk about big bids. this autographed baseball supposedly signed by star pitcher mo'ne davis went for $510 on ebay. the initial asking price was just $9.99. now, several other baseballs claimed to have been signed by mo'ne are up for sale on ebay, as well as autographed covers of her "sports illustrated" magazine issue. a live look from williamsport, where all the action is. still ahead this half house, keith jones talks to nervous fans anxiously awaiting tonight's game. new at 6:00, a lehigh valley man is charged with leaving his three young children alone in his suv while he played
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blackjack. a security guard at the sands casino in bethlehem discovered the kids locked in the vehicle yesterday morning, 10:15. the kids were 1, 5 and 8 years ol. their father, maurice cook of easton, was arrested inside casino. police say the kids weren't hurt but they were hungry. cook is in the north hampton county prison with $30,000 bail, charged with endane jerk the welfare of children. all new at 6:00, convicted killer lynn jenoff now questioned police about an unsolved murder dating back to 1995. now, jenoff spent 14 years in prison for the murder of rabbi fred new lander's wife. nbc 10 investigative reporter, harry hairston, caught up with him at his new home and what jenoff have to stay in. >> reporter: police approached him about the unsolved murder of janice bell act one point, a former jenoff cell mate testified that jenoff confessed to the murder. jeepoff denied that and it was never pro proven.
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you were saying vorhees police say you're not a suspect in the janice bell, but they asked you for help. >> i don't want that on air. >> why not? >> 'cause i'm not gonna talk about that on camera. >> reporter: self-confessed hitman lynn jenoff free after the serving nearly 14 years for the murder of rabbi fred neuland neulander's wife, carl, play is information about another up solved murder. >> not on camera, no. >> off camera, you will? off camera, jenoff tells me cops first tracked him down a couple months ago. a police chief and captain came to his home to specifically talking about murder of janice bell that 1995 case is still unsolved. bell, a mother of two, was stabbed to death at her home. police have said it appeared to be a botched robbery. jeepoff tells me police say he is no the suspect. when i told vorhees police about what lynn jenoff had to say they declined to comment stating the camden county prosecute certificate lead investigator, i
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suggested we talked to them. camden county prosecutors declined to anticipate questions investigators talking to jenoff. however, they released this statement saying --. investigators talking to him about what he may know. >> maybe somebody spoke, something came up. >> reporter: i caught up with bell's brother, michael. i'm shocked a cold case. i didn't think anybody was doing anything. >> reporter: jenoff is no stranger to his family. >> he came to the family as if he was a private investigator that says i may help solve this case. why don't you hire me. but we didn't -- we didn't think that he was that credible. >> reporter: sources tell me, police hope what jenoff says now about the bail case is credible. >> i shouldn't even have gotten into that with you. because they didn't want that
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known. >> reporter: jenoff says he is cooperating with police to help with their investigation. jim? >> thanks, harry. turning now to the casino crisis in atlantic city, a new plan to attract gam fwlaers could mean jack potts a progressive system links 100 machines in atlantic city with 600 in nevada. new jersey casino regulators trying to attract other states to join in as well. the progressive jackpots grow in size and more gamblers play them. all atlantic city casinos are participating. this change comes as three ac casinos map to shut document next moment. showboat will close august 31st rebel hotel the next day and rebel casino on september 2nd. trump plaza will shutter two weeks later. showers and storms closing in on the delaware valley, some of them could be severe. rain isn't going anywhere any time soon, glenn? >> well, they are about for a wet end to the week. but the companies are going to
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improve. i'm tracking the rain through tomorrow and a better looking weekend on my exclusive first alert 7-day forecast. next at 6:00, it is win or go home. our taney dragons chase their dream, a little league world series title. we will talk to some fans and some who have been waiting ten hours just till tonight's game, starts at 7:30 an live in williamsport with all the coverage.
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decision day for our taney dragons much tonight's game is going to determine whether philadelphia's pride will continue to play for a world series title. we are counting down to the first pitch in just a limb more than a hour from now. philly will face chug chicago in williamsport. keith jones live there tonight where all the action's going to be taking place. >> keith, all of us on pins and needles for tonight's big game. >> reporter: yeah these right, the excitement is palpable here at lamade stadium, whip or go home i tell you what, the taney drainings are not looking forward a drive home tomorrow, they are going to give it their best. they are not nervous. fans here are definitely feeling the anxieties. the parents of these players, yeah, you could say that they
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are tense in the stands much take a look behind us right now you can see some of the stands are being filled, some of those tickets were first come, first served, waited on lines it morning. fans are starting to pile in, like last night, they issued tickets, i have to say though, there are less people here today than there were last night went draggen were beat by las vegas, 8-1. even still, some of the delaware valley faithful got here extra early and by that i mean, like, ten hours early. >> to have a seat amount hill, what we were out here for. >> we got here about, what, 9:30ish? we will be here till 7:30 tonight. >> got to be there. they should have pulled it out last night, the week before, pulled it out the last inning. almost did it we will get them. we are gonna get them. >> that's right. bottom line if they lose tonight, they are out. if they win, they play then saturday for the u.s. championship against, who? their rivals, las vegas, the team that beat them 8-1 last night. so they get a second shot at las vegas if they win there or pull
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off the upset, play sunday for their dream, little league world series title. what mo'ne davis and the rest of her people teem plate is been dreaming all about all season long, every single game leading up to this point. go dragon. s. live in williamsport, in front of lamade stadium, keith jones, nbc 10 news. count on nbc 10 to bring you coverage of the big story that has everybody talking. live reports from williamsport tonight again on nbc 10 news at 11:00. and i will say it again, go dragon. s. >> absolutely. i will second you on that with you. >> yep. nbc 10 first alert weather is following the situation in the weather department for us. rain, well, certainly would not be welcomed for eagles fans at tonight's first home game, no doubt about that. it looks like we may end the week on a wet note as well. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking it all for us. glenn, what do you have? >> i think more rain is going to be falling tomorrow than what we are going to be getting the next few hours but we are tracking the storms come through the
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state of pennsylvania during the afternoon. we have showers expected on friday, not necessarily thunderstorms but rain and a cool weekend, even when the sun comes out, it's gonna be cool, a lot of includes around right now, most parts of our area not seeing rain though. it's cloudy, 82 degrees at the airport, feels like 85 because the humidity is up pretty high the temperatures are, look at this only in the 70s in delaware and south jersey, while it's 83 in atlanta. that's the warm spot here. we have had a seabreeze come in during the afternoon and that has kept the temperature down. you can see on the radar, getting rain a little closer to delaware, but the lehigh valley, poconos, all of that rain that was headed right at them, it pretty much has weakened, now, you can still see pretty heavy showers in lancaster county, north eastern, maryland, moving to the east, if that would continue, we would at least get some of the rain in the philadelphia area around 8:00 or so. and the north and west a little
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bit earlier. there is more rain back to the west, a lot of moisture in the atmosphere, and so, we are going to be seeing some of that, some later this evening and even more tomorrow. this the latest futurecast and it shows just some scattered areas of showers, not everybody is going to get rained on tonight and one or two thunderstorms, even later this evening, futurecast showing that. and then tomorrow, things get a little bit we are the. watch what happens here, this time with the east flow, we are getting more in the way of showers during the afternoon and most places will get some of that in the poconos, going to be rainy on friday, improving weather on saturday. and sunday at the shore. we are going to be seeing showers and storms on friday, graham ul improvement saturday, and a really nice day on sunday. the rest of the night, scattered showers and thunderstorms developing, so the thunderstorm
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part of that is weakening somewhat. clouds, kind of humid tomorrow, showers at times, temperatures near 80 degrees, the 7-day forecast, drying out on saturday, just a chance, chance in the day, to the south, day goes on, more sunshine, look how cool it is them look how cool it is on sunday, despite the sunshine. lots of sunshine, monday, tuesday, wednesday, the temperatures go back up. >> thanks, hurricane, i'm john clark live at the link for the eagles first preseason game. heard from the birds and the taney dragons a visit from the phillies star. that's all next.
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hey, i'm john clark live at the link. some of the eagles are out on the field getting ready for the most important preseason game, the starters should see all of the first half and it's going to be good. nick foles finally has his starting receivers together. reilly coopers a gonna see his first preseason action, jeremy maclin is back, here they go, talking about getting timing down with nick. >> i think that's big with the quarterbacks. i think that's big with nick, you know, he needs the timing. as far as do i need to play with matthews, do i need to play with maclin? i play with maclin, obviously, for a while it's not as big of a dell for us. >> it looks good to have us all on the field together and playing. i don't think that it's put us behind or anything, because we haven't been out there together. >> how about this for the steelers, the eagles are facial tonight, their top two running backs were arrested yesterday for marijuana possession. le'veon bell and lagarrette
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blount are expected to play tonight though. and our first high school blitz of the summer season, going into the football season, it is this saturday at 7:30 on nbc 10. how about the other big story tonight, the taney dragon. s in williamsport. if they beat chicago tonight, they will play for the u.s. championship on saturday, it's a huge night. here's neil hartman in williamsport. >> reporter: john, a quick turn around for the taney dragon. s, they have rebounded from a loss before en route here to williamsport. they are resilient bump but they face another high-powered offensive team tonight in chicago. this team averages 14 runs a game. but alex right, coach for the taney dragon. s, is confident with his team. >> i think they will be fine. excited to play. they knew going energy the game plan was to play on saturday however we get there doesn't matter go in the front door, back door, we just want to get to the party.
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>> mo'ne davis will be starting at third base. john, send it back to you. >> all right, neil, thank you. and the taney drapgs ginney dra special visitor in williamsport. ryan howard played ping popping, visited, said they are not done yes. remember mo'ne challenged dodgers pitcher clayton kershaw? one of the taney dragon. s challenged ryan howard. >> one of the players challenge node a home run derby. had to stand my ground on them a little bit, really just have fun and try keep it as loose as possible. ryan howard is believing in taney. can they keep it going? we will find out. have it all tonight at 11:00, eagles and taney. i'm john clark live at the link. >> feel they will do it john clark. >> i believe. >> got to believe is what john was saying. as we take a live look at
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lincoln financial field, there are new numbers out tonight that show just how much the eagles and other nfl teams are worth. according to forbes magazine, the eagles are worth $1.75 billion, that makes them the seventh most valuable team in the nfl. the dallas cowboys once again take the number one spot. no way, $3.2 billion. the least valuable team, the st. louis rams. now for a look at what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, red light runners, they are catching a break. why thousands of local drivers won't be getting tickets in the mail.
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the last word on the from glenn. >> yeah, a couple big sporting events tonight. talking about the eagles. now look at the little league world series, severe thunderstorm warning's just been issued for williamsport until 7:30. look at all that lightning, moving right toward the ball field. now, they are gonna get a period of heavy rain, a lot of lightning and gonna delay
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things. not gonna last for hours. but it's there. >> all right. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz, all of us at nbc 10, thanks for watching. i'm renee chenault-fattah >> i'm jim rosenfield. the news continues now with "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. on our broadcast tonight, inside story. the failed rescue attempt to save an american hostage before he was executed by isis. and tonight, a man held captive with james foley now speaks out. the survivor of the american doctor we watched come home and enter the hospital who was once near death from ebola, today he walked out of quarantine. tonight we hear his story for the first time. vanishing, an icon for the american west. the fears for its continued survival as a favorite vacation spot is disappearing before our very eyes. and for love of the game, the team giving chicago's south side a big reason to cheer tonight. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in


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