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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  August 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, we're tracking rain across portions of the region tonight. check out first alert radar. lots of activity for this time of night. and you'll need your umbrella tomorrow, too. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking these storms. sheena? >> that's right. we still have the thunderstorms around in one area where we're seeing the most lightning strikes is moving into parts of cumberland counties, mainly cumberland county with locally heavy rainfall. we've seen quite a bit of lightning in this. but in the past, about 10 to 20 minutes, the lightning has kind of died down a bit. either way, this is a lot of rain moving into cumberland county. maurice river by 11:05, dennis,
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close to 11:30. this one is slowly traveling mainly to the east and northeast. but as we look up closer to the lehigh valley, and up into the poconos, we have scattered showers and storms even in parts of upper bucks county, through northampton county, carbon and monroe counties. because of this continuous rain, we're seeing possibly localized flooding here, flood advisory until 2:30 in the morning. we've already seen 2 inches of rainfall in this area and still have more rain. you do not want to be driving in any flooded roadways or streets. as we go into the morning hours, we have a chance of showers even through the day tomorrow. you can track the radar any time with us, with the nbc 10 first alert weather app. download it on your smartphone or tablet. it's free on we'll take a closer look into the weekend coming up. to our other big story, taney dragons gave philadelphia plenty to be proud of tonight. mo'ne davis and the boys never gave up against chicago. in fact, they had a chance in the last inning but the team, well, they came up a run short
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so their little league world series dreams are now in fact over. nbc 10's keith jones is joining us live from williamsport tonight. you talked to parents of taney's players. what did they have to say to you? >> reporter: jim, this team has so much heart. they put on quite a show for fans at lamade stadium. yes, they couldn't get it done but couldn't have made the delaware valley and their parents any more proud. take a listen. >> i don't -- i don't even know what to say to her. she changed my life from three weeks ago, so -- it's -- i'm speechless right now even that we made it this far. none of us expected to be here. >> ex-freed freedotremely proud. it's been an intense experience. i'm not going to lie you. wasn't 100% pleasurable, it was intense on many levels. i'm proud of not only my son but all the kids. >> reporter: what a run. >> it was a run. it truly was a great game. >> reporter: how did you feel sitting up there in the stands? you had to be so nervous.
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>> of course i was. of course i was. of course i wish the outcome definitely would have been different. the boys really played hard. that's all that matters. >> reporter: and it all came down to one run tonight here at lamade stadium. 6-5, the taney dragons falling to the team from chicago who will advance on saturday. our dragons are third best in the country, though. that's not so bad. mo'ne davis took the country by storm. they took the spotlight and we couldn't be more proud here at nbc 10, of course, of our hometown team, the delaware valley's finest. reporting live at lamade stadium, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> definitely a run to be proud of, right? >> yes, mo'ne davis and little leaguers have inspired so many. >> deserve congratulations. >> reporter: so inspiring. >> thanks, keith. >> great to see. mo'ne davis graced the cover of "sports illustrated," the youngest athlete to do so. baseball isn't even her favorite sport. she wants to be a professional basketball player. tonight, we spoke to her coach as she watched mo'ne become a
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baseball star. >> mone, the sky's the limit. a superior athlete all around. i kcouldn't be happier or proudr for a kid who's worked so hard, been so dedicated. >> we'll have much more on the taney dragons coming up in sports. right now to breaking news in wilmington where police are saying a liquor store clerk has been shot during a robbery. skyforce 10 over north market street. in the last half hour or so, nbc 10's george spencer went straight to the scene. he's joining us live. george, what can you add to this story for us? >> reporter: jim, we found to the owner of the liquor store and found out this was apparently an attack of a group of four young men who rushed up on this store about 9:45 tonight. take a look at some of the video we got since we arrived within the past 25 minutes, as delaware state police continued doing their work at katrona liquorliq
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they tell us the clerk was shot during theo robbery here and rushed to christiana hospital with a gunshot wound. it did not end there. another person was apparently beaten outside of the store as well. that victim also hospitalized. the owner told me his liquor store has been targeted several times in recent months. as we come back out here live, i can tell you just before we went on the air, state police confirmed to me that their robbery detectives are right now at the hospital interviewing at least one of the victims in this robbery and attack. again, it sounds like wilmington area police and law enforcement will be looking for a small group of attackers in this crime. that is the latest live right now in wilmington, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. all right, george. to another robbery. 1 1 robbery victims in fact in all targeted after they left a bank and went home. philadelphia police released this surveillance video of the suspect. the oldest victim, 96 years old.
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nefertiti jaquez is joining us from one of the banks connected to the case in northwest philly. you spoke to one of the people robbed. what did he tell you tonight? >> reporter: the victim is scared and worry the guy is still out there and tonight police tell us they don't believe the suspect was working alone and that's because they have one video that shows the suspect talking to another man moments before the crime. >> i feel paranoid now more than ever. >> reporter: this elderlyman says he used to feel safe in his neighborhood, but not anymore. his fear comes after police say he was attacked and robbed by this man inside of his garage. >> so he pointed me in the face and i fell back and then i felt him ripping the shirt and getting the money out, the envelope out. >> reporter: this all happened july 5th, the 80-year-old says that's when he went to this pnc bank to cash a check. surveillance video from the bank shows the suspect endering the building minutes of the victim.
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once the victim left to go home, the suspect trailed him all the way to his house. this is video from a neighbor's home across the street. in the video, you see how the suspect waited for the victim to pull into his garage before rushing in beating him up and taking off with his money. >> able to digest what happened to me, okay, because i never expected it. >> reporter: he's not alone. police say 11 victims have been robbed at the same exact way, in and around this area since april. they are all senior citizens ranging in age from 72 to 96. except for one who's 44 years old. as for this vick, he says he has lost all sense of security. >> used to feel free and very easy to go anywhere, you know? now not anymore. >> reporter: now, as we come back out live, we can tell you all of the banks in the area including this one have been put on high alert. we're told the suspects have been able to get up to $1,000 per victim. tonight police say if you know anything about any of these
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cases, you're urged to give them a call. live in the northeast, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. more breaking news now from skyforce 10 above the scene of a police-involved shooting in north philadelphia. around 30 minutes ago, police fired a shot at a suspect at the intersection of north ninth and dolphin streets but we don't know if the suspect was hit. skyforce 10 did spot police putting someone in the back of a police van. we know an arrest was made and the gun was recovered. no officers were injured. a missing las vegas boy suspected to be in the philadelphia area with his father who does not have custody of the child. 2-year-old pele watkins iii was reported missing nearly two months ago in nevada. department of human services learned the boy could be with his father on west huntingdon street in philadelphia. they checked out the house yesterday but no one was there. if you see either of them, call police. two young girls in bucks county say a man exposed himself to them and then drove off. the 12-year-old and 13-year-old
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girls went fishing last night in lower makefield township. they told police a man in a pickup truck stopped at east ferry and river roads, dropped his pants and fondled himself and the girls ran away. a new jersey priest is in jail tonight accused of having sexual contact with a teenage boy. police arrested 67-year-old father romannilo apura today. the alex alleged sex abuse happened this summer. it's not connected to st. martha parish in st. pleasant where he served as pastor. watch here as a toyota prius plows through entrance of a deli in northeast philadelphia. we first reported this story yesterday, and tonight we got this new surveillance video. the car smashed into the famous deli on grant avenue, brushing a customer inside. the customer was not hurt. the 86 -year-old driver was taken to a hospital to be checked out. police are still investigating just what caused that driver to lose control. new at 11:00, a reprieve for
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thousands of philadelphia students caught in the middle of the school budget crisis. the school district announced tonight it would take planned cuts to student transportation off the table at least for now. at the school reform commission meeting, leaders said they're in substitution discussions with septa to cover it. previous planned by the cash-strapped district would have expanded the walking distance from a mile and a half up to two miles effectively cutting transportation for 7,500 high schoolers. even with this progress, district higher-ups say their bigger concerns about entering the school year without sufficient funding remain. >> not only am i concerned about that cut, but i'm concerned about everything i announced last week. everything i announced last week is going to be an additional burden. >> reporter: district is facing an $81 million budget gap and the critical cigarette tax still has not been approved by harrisburg. school district leaders hope to have a final resolution on the
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transportation issue by next week. in delaware, the death of a taxi driver found inside his cab is now labeled a homicide. william toomey was found dead last night in millsboro, his van parked on the shoulder of country living road. police haven't released how toomey was killed but if you saw this taxi in the area last night between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m., you're asked to call police. the unrest in ferguson is calming down. tonight, missouri national guard troops are starting to leave the city at the governor's order. governor jay nixon says his decision to pull out the troops follows progress in stemming upheaval in the st. louis suburb. the past two nights of protests have been peaceful. for days, angry crowds wreaked havoc in ferguson, demanding justice after a white police officer fatally shot an unarmed black teenager. authorities have arrested at least 163 people in the protest area since michael brown's death. meanwhile, we have learned
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tonight the ferguson police officer who shot brown was taken to the hospital after the deadly encounter nearly two weeks ago. the department says there was a physical confrontation between officer darren wilson and brown before the teenager was shot. an account the teenager's family rejects. it's unclear how serious the officer's injuries were or whether he was admitted to the hospital. how one local man stole millions from the irs. also, a restaurant explosion caught on video and police need your help. after you watch this video. plus, how 17,000 drivers in new jersey just got lucky. escaping fines from red light cameras. hey, i'm john clark. eagles look great tonight, but a few injury scares. we're going to tell you how lesean mccoy's numb is doithumb and hear from chip kelly. late tonight we have showers and storms on the radar. coming up, i'll be tracking these for you. i'll show you how they'll last into tomorrow, and if they'll linger into your weekend. that's straight ahead.
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an explosion inside a restaurant. check out the video. police want to find the person they say triggered the blast in the francisville section of philadelphia last night around 8:30. the surveillance video shows this guy going into the oriental kitchen on north 18th street. he puts an explosive device in a small access panel before he left quickly. seconds later, you saw it. the device went off. the raestaurant was damaged. no one was hurt. an allentown man pleaded guilty in filing false tax returns in the names of other people. defrauded the u.s. of nearly $3 million in a year and a half. he submitted more than 600 false returns.
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faces up to 115 years in prison. he'll be sentenced in november. two american medical missionaries infected with ebola are free with the virus and out of the hospital tonight, one of them saying he's thrilled to be alive. dr. kent brantly walked out of the hospital tonight with his family in atlanta and declared it was a miraculous day. his colleague, nancy writebol, was quietly released tuesday. doctors say they're both weak but should recover completely now that their blood is clear of the ebola virus. doctors also say they pose no health risk. the two were infected while treating the growing ebola outbreak in west africa. 17,000 drivers in new jersey who ran red lights won't get a ticket in the mail because of a computer glitch. 17 towns contracted a company to run the cameras. that company had a glitch from may 28th to june 30th. impacting five local towns. lawrence township, gloucester township, deptford, glassboro, and monroe township. the new jersey courts sent those towns this letter letting them know they cannot issue red light
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tickets. it's against court rules to send a ticket 90 days after a violation. proposed merger between comcast and time warner cable has support from 5 mayors across the country tonight including michael nutter. today the mayor sent a letter to the federal communications commission showing their support for the transaction. the letter stating the merge r will bring benefits to every affected city. bill deblasio is critical of the plan saying customer service needs to be better if it goes through. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, tonight we're actually tracking some showers and some thunderstorms across the area. so you can tell the atmosphere is pretty unstable for us to have showers this late at night. some thunderstorms are on the radar right now. showers return as we even go into tomorrow. so, a day tomorrow with clouds and some scattered rain around. cooler, though, as we go into the weekend. high temperatures may only be in
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about the mid to upper 70s for part of the area. we're in the mid 70s through much of the area. 74, reading, philadelphia. 73, bensalem. 71 in allentown. the humidity is up, too, tonight. south jersey and delaware, temperatures here about the mid to low 70s and it will stay humid as we go through the day tomorrow. locally on radar, we have some showers and thunderstorms. thunderstorms in south jersey. i'll show you that in just a second. through parts of the lehigh valley, because of these particular thunderstorms, we actually have a flood advisory out until 2:30 in the morning. for parts of northampton, monroe counties, the edge of upper bucks county, this is a flood advisory. localized flooding is possible. we've already seen a couple inches of rain. here you can see the heavy rain continuing just to build and try to push into new jersey. so this is some scattered thunderstorm activity. this will continue as we go through, i would say, the next hour or so. just because it keeps on building with some lightning strikes there as well. now, we go into south jersey, parts of cumberland county,
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cedarville, heavy rain, morris river, heavy rain with lightning. this is one thunderstorm starting to stretch into millville. it's mainly moving to the east. northeast. laurel lake, 11:22. dennis, 11:34. wood swrn bine, 11:37. warner'sville, 11:44. it has been holding together. most of the rest of the area seeing cloudy conditions and humid conditions. now, future weather is showing through the overnight hours we could still have more rain around. early tomorrow morning, 6:00 a.m., some scattered showers. possibly for the morning commute. then through the afternoon, we're going to keep the clouds in the forecast. we'll keep the scattered showers around, too. temperatures will stay on the warm side and the humidity will stick around, too. going into saturday morning, you notice the clouds are still here. so starting off the weekend, we could see some lingering rain, some scattered showers, clouds. then on sunday, we start to see big improvements. saturday will be better than friday. sunday will be better than saturday. we'll see a lot more sunshine as we end out the weekend.
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along the shore, it's going to look better as we go into sunday as well. even though it will be drying up on saturday. but for tomorrow, we'll see some showers around along the shore. temperatures staying in the mid 70s. for tonight, though, still a chance of showers overnight. mid to upper 60s. tomorrow, clouds, humid, scattered showers around. temperatures around 80 degrees. then as we go into the weekend, we'll be drying out. showers left in the forecast. sunday looks good. starting out next week, a lot more sunshine. an unusual night out for thousands tonight in center city. these diners donned in all white enjoying dinner along avenue of the arts. 3,000 people showed up for the popup feast called dinner in white. it's a chic picnic where participants find out about the exact location of the feast. just minutes before it happens. so john clark, what's the takeaway for taney tonight? >> yeah, they made us proud. we're going to have reaction from the taney dragons after losing in the little league world series. and the eagles, lesean mccoy and jeremy maclin, injury
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concerns. we'll tell you how chip kelly says they're doing. that's next.
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hey, i'm john clark. the eagles' first preseason game this season. they looked great but injury scares for offensive players. first of all, lesean mccoy sprains his thumb. good news, x-rays are negative. he will be ready for the regular season. see it wrapped there. jeremy maclin tore his knee last summer. look at the scary moment there. looked bad. he left. he comes right back on the next drive and catches a pass. jeremy says he was scared and so was chip.
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>> i think everybody thought the worst, but he popped back up and went back in, he said he was okay. i went out there and doc with him and he said he was okay so he went back in. >> thank goodness. riley cooper's first preseason action against the steelers tonight. nick foles looked good. hooks up with brent celek. sets up foles to shady. look at the blocks on this play. 50 total yards in just the first quarter. touchdown. he looks ready for the regular season. next drive, foles to celek again. another touch catch for celek. the helmet barely stays on. foles 179 yards passing in the first half. 251 yards of offense in the first half for the birds, darren sproles, new addition. another new addition, nolan carroll, first game as a bird, comes up with a ping eck. eagles all over the steelers. chip kelly hungry for the regular season. we're getting you ready for high school fibl. saturday night, 7:30, for the
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"high school blitz" on nbc 10. the taney dragons, their wild ride in williamsport is over. they made the city proud. take a look tonight. eagles fans in the parking lot during the birds game. they're watching taney. before their game, the taney kids, hey, you want chicago deep dish? nah. we want cheesesteak. yeah. erik lipson pitching. mo' ne davis at first base. taney falls behind 6 -2 to chicago. they battle back. ty cummings. look at this monster shot. they are within one. lipson, hopping on his back. two on, two out in the last inning. jack rice has been great, but he flies out and that is it for the taney dragons. their ride is over. they lose. tears for taney. here is mo'ne davis with neil hartman afterwards. what were you thinking after? >> um, to not cry, or to not be mad, because we made it this far, so there's no reason to cry
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or anything. >> and her manager, alex rice, said he told the players, you gave me the best summer of my life, and look for mo'ne on "the steve harvey show" here on nbc. we're right back.
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final look at weather. >> yes, we still have a chance for showers tomorrow, so just hang on to the umbrella. keep it handy as we go through the day. humid, clouds around, showers around. some of them linger into saturday. we will be drying out. sunday looks like the best day out of the weekend. sunny and nice. look at those high temperatures. only in the 70s. we do warm up, though, again as we go into next week. >> that's good. sheena, thank you. that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. for sheena, everyone here, thanks for watching. "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon" is coming up next.
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>> stay up and watch. have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- josh brolin, artie lange, giada de laurentiis,


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