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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  August 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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one person suffered smoke inhalation. you can see the flames on the roof of the second building which is on the left. they've jumped to the other building on the right. fire crews are dousing this with water, both from the ground and from the air, trying to put it out. but the fire is on the inside. when we first got here it was on the first floor moving up to the second floor and now it is just on the top floor but it's in the roof, well into the roof. there's an aerial ladder on the left-hand side of your screen and they are spraying water down into the building. and on to the roof. there's a lot of smoke in this area. the wind has changed a little bit, so the smoke is blowing towards our camera position. there's heavy smoke in this area. there's a charter school across the street over on spruce. but doesn't seem to be affected. firefighters are trying to contain it just to these two buildings. they're making sure it doesn't jump to the row homes in this
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picture as well. we'll get more information and come back to you in just a little bit. it's 4:30. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. we're following that story. also we have the latest on the end of the road for the tani dragons coming up. first, let's get to the weather. it's pretty rainy out there this morning. meteorologist brittney shipp has that. >> we're tracking rainfall moving through parts of our area. it's pushing into parts of south jersey right now and along the shore. although we are dry in cape may right now. a closer look at our radar, we'll show you where the rainfall is. most of the rain is moving out of philadelphia, along that i-95 corridor and actually to the south. if you're closer to the south of philadelphia, our mystic island, that's where we are seeing most of the rainfall. a current look at our temperatures, it's a mild start to the morning. we're at 61 degrees in mt. pocono, 66 in allentown, 67 in pottstown, 70 degrees in
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philadelphia and 71 in wilmington. our high today will range between 78 and 81 degrees, even cooler as we head into next weekend. we'll send it back to you guys. >> playable, right field. pierce jones, game over. >> so hard to watch. the taney dragon season came to a close last night as they fell just short of pulling off a comeback. the team lost to illinois by one run, bringing an end to their little league world series. despite the loss, the philadelphia tiemaeam enjoyed a great season. a tough loss but they have to be so proud. >> reporter: yes, tracy, the takeny dragons are preparing to head home but what a welcome they will receive. i will tell you, i was out here for the game last night. a much smaller crowd than what we saw on wednesday when mo'ne
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was pitching. we saw people from around the country. they stayed until the end. what a run the taney dragons had. they had quite an audience as well. here's an interesting fact i just found. espn says on tv, 5 million people watched wednesday's game against las vegas. that number was up 155% compared to the same game that was played last year. much of that attention, of course, brought in by pitcher mo'ne davis. we caught up with the mother of zion spearman after the game. her son had two rbis last night. >> it's impressive for them to come so far. philadelphia, for the first time ever made it into the little league. >> she changed my life from three weeks ago. i don't even know what to say to her. i'm speechless right now that we even made it this far. none of us expected to be here.
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>> reporter: and right there on the scoreboard is the final score of last night's game, 6-5. so close. and in the next hour, i'm putting together more from mo'ne davis, what she said after the game, talking about her little league world series experience. stay tuned for that. live in williamsport this morning, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 4:34. new from overnight, police are investigating the shooting death of a man gunned down in the frankford section of philadelphia just after 10:00 last night in the driveway of torresdale avenue. police say the 56-year-old shooter turned himself in and is now talking to investigators. police are not yet saying why he shot that other man. happening today, a funeral will be held for a man who was shot and killed outside a chinese restaurant in philadelphia's overbrook neighborhood. people will take their final respects to 27-year-old paul mckernan tonight. he was shot and killed after an argument near lucky garden last friday. police are still looking for the shooter. mckernan was days from his 28th
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birthday. well, a reprieve for thousands of philadelphia students caught in the middle of the school budget crisis. the school district announced that it would take planned cuts to student transportation off the table at least for now. as the school reform commission, leaders said they are in discussions with septa to help cover the transportation gap. previous plans by the cash-strapped district would have expanded the walking distance from a mile and a half to two miles. effectively cutting busing for 7,500 high schoolers. but even with this progress, district higher ups say their$co bigger concern about entering the school year is because we're doing so without sufficient funding. >> i'm concerned about everything i announced last week. everything i announced last week is going to be an additional burden. >> the district is facing an $81 million budget gap. the critical cigarette tax has not been approved by harrisburg which would help. school district leaders hope to have a a final resolution on the
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transportation issue by next week. take a look at this. a very close call for a woman in idaho. wow. she was nearly hit by that lightning. we'll tell you what she was doing outside with a camera rolling in the middle of a thunderstorm. plus, new information on a deadly landslide in japan. there is grand new video of the devastation. we'll update the search for survivors. britteny? i'm tracking rain moving through our area this morning. plus, cooler temperatures for the weekend. i'll break it down in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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let's get back to that breaking news in camden. part of a building has collapsed. firefighters narrowly dodging injury there. one person is hurt. let's go to nbc 10's jesse gary live on the scene on south 4th street. jesse? >> that partial collapse ended just as i was ending my last report. you can see the brick on the corner of south 4th and spruce
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all over the ground. that came from the side of the building, the left side of the building that is still burning right now.ç as we were wrapping up, a couple of firefighters were standing on that corner when that collapse happened. they jumped out of the way just before the brick hit them. there were no injuries but it was pretty close. they are still continuing to douse this building, one of two that are on fire, to try and keep it from jumping further down the block. you can hear the alarms ringing in the background. they have water shooting down on to the fire and up on to the fire from the ground with multiple fire engines here in this two-alarm fire. we'll get more information and have it for you in the next couple of minutes. live in camden, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> keep us posted. an idaho woman had a close call with lightning this week and her daughter caught it on tape. watch. yes, they went outside because they wanted to film the storm. they certainly did that.
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the daughter says the lightning bolt hit just one foot away from her mom. they say they both lost their hearing for about a minute after it happened. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we're tracking showers and thunderstorms throughout our area right now. friday showers expected on and off as we head into the rest of today. it will be a cool weekend. temperatures dropping down into the high 70s. a warming trend sends us back into the high 80s by the middle part of your workweek next week. for philadelphia, humidity up to 87%. throughout the rest of our region, 69 in reading. atlantic city at 68 degrees. cloudy skies there and we are still dealing with rainfall, even thunderstorms throughout the rest of our area. you'll notice that everything is tracking to the southeast here. if you're in allentown, the lehigh valley, the poconos, everything is pretty much cleared out. if we zoom you in, we'll show you exactly where the rainfall is right now, that's closer just
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to the south of cherry hill also right over washington. we're dealing with light rainfall. galloway seeing thunderstorms at this time. same thing for mays landing. the number of lightning strikes we've seen so far are right around seven. these rinne tense thunderstorms that we're dealing with this morning. it is enough to prompt a flood advisory which will stay in effect for burlington county until 5:45 this morning. just be careful. we've seen heavy downpours within some of these thunderstorms and showers. we want you to be careful as we head to work. coastal weather shows we'll be dealing with showers on and off. the heaviest has pushed offshore. another round is expected as we head into the evening hours. keep your umbrella handy. you are going to need it. some of the most intense rainfall is already gone. for today, we'll see temperatures staying below average or average for this time of year. 85 degrees. today our temperatures will range between 78 and 81. cloudy skies, humid conditions and showers will continue on and off throughout today. i'll have your seven-day
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forecast coming up. 4:41. let's hope your windshield wipers are in good working order this morning. >> we know the roads are wet for sure. that's check with katy. >> that's the case. the good news is we don't have issues on the majors in pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware. but taking a look right now at the vine street expressway, 8th street, you can see how wet the roadways are, though. it's not causing problems. drivers seem to be heeding the caution and going a little slower. there's an accident just in to our system in montgomery county in limerick. evergreen at rupert road. there's a crash there. be mindful of that.ç the rain is moving into new jersey. this is a look at the wet new jersey roadways. route 42, the northbound lane. there is some southbound construction, long-term construction project but that should wrap up into this area in the next hour or so, that's at creek road. the pentagon calls them a major threat to the united states. military leaders explain the
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reason behind the rise of the islamic state army in iraq.
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4:45. nbc 10 first on the scene of breaking news in camden where one person has been injured in a house fire that's now spread to other homes. nbc 10's jesse gary live on the scene on south 4th street. what's happening now? >> chris, we've moved around the corner to get a better vantage point of a lot of the damage and the firefighting efforts on this side. looks like they're shooting water up into the rain gutter and roof area, trying to put the fire out. you can still see it burning on the top brick portion of the building. firefighters have also moved their efforts one building over. now it's these two on the corner and the next one over. they're trying to keep this fire from jumping all the way down the block. you can see a lot of this debris and rubble from the collapse i spoke of earlier. firefighters standing on that corner. part of that building fell to the ground and firefighters scrambled, jumping out of the
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way just in time. one person suffered smoke inhalati inhalation. #r now, we just have one injury. the fire started 35 to 40 minutes ago here in camden. it continues to burn as they try to knock it down. we'll have another update in five minutes or so. defense secretary chuck hagel says the terror group isis is beyond anything we've seen. this follows the execution of james foley and the threat to execute another reporter. nbc 10 national correspondent brian moore reports from washington. >> reporter: the execution of james foley has sharpened washington's focus on isis. >> they are an imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it's in iraq or anywhere else. >> reporter: with u.s. air support, iraqis are gaining background but america's top general insists it will take more than bombs to crush isis. >> this is an organization that
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has an apocalyptic end of days. >> i don't think we've seen more of an american threat to security since the early days of 9/11. >> reporter: they are calling for attacks on other american targets. it's a fight the obama white house doesn't want but can't ignore. >> mr. obama, i think has realized he can't use this narrative any longer of how he's ending two wars on his watch. >> reporter: the united states is now getting a first bitter taste of the terror iraqis are fleeing by the hundreds of thousands. an isis threat that's growing stronger. well, the president promises there will be no u.s. boots on the ground in iraq, the state department has asked for 300 more troops to help secure u.s. facilities there. brian moore, nbc news, washington. we have new information this morning related to the ebola
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outbreak. a patient being treated at a sacramento hospital has tested negative for the deadly virus .patient who returned home from west africa earlier this month had been placed in isolation while the tests were performed. meantime, two american medical missionaries infected with ebola are free of the virus and out of the hospital and one of them is saying he is thrilled to be alive. dr. kent brantly walked out of the hospital with his family in atlanta and declared it a miraculous day. his colleague, nancy writebol was quietly released on tuesday. doctors say they are both weak but should recover completely now that their blood is clear of the ebola virus. doctors also say they pose no health risk. both were infected while treating ebola in west africa. and countries in west africa should install travel precautions to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. the ivory coast already banned all air travel and shut land
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borders with the affected countries. 39 people are now confirmed dead after several landslides in japan. officials say 51 people are still missing. those rain-soaked hillsides gave way early wednesday and swept over numerous homes near hiroshima. rescue crews are looking through the rubble, hoping to find anyone still alive. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we're starting to see some of our isolated thunderstorms dying down but we're still dealing with showers on this friday. keep your umbrellas handy throughout most of today. a cooler weekend on tap. daytime highs are only going to warm into the high 70s. z a very nice weekend. unseasonably cool. then warming trend will send our temperatures above average heading into next week. for philadelphia right now, mostly cloudy skies, even rainfall coming down at the airport, 69 degrees, humidity at 90%, wind speeds out of the east at 8 miles per hour. it's gusty this morning. wind speeds are gusting close to 20 miles per hour. here's a closer look at the
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rainfall. you can see it's tracking to the southeast. most of the thunderstorm activity is offshore at this time but we're still dealing with moderate rainfall depending on where you are. let's take a closer look at where that rain is. runnemede is where we're seeing a good amount of rainfall. same thing for washington, mullica hill, to mays landing and stretching out to leg e-- little egg harbor. millville, stretching out to bridgeton. this is all tracking to the southeast. as we head into the next 20, 30 minutes we should be done with this batch of moisture but we'll still see showers as we head into the rest of today. a flood advisory stays in effect until 5:45 in the morning for parts of burlington county. you could find yourself near a flooded roadway. make sure you turn around and don't try and go through it.
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we'll see showers on and off. as we head into tomorrow morning, it clears up, dries out, temperatures will stay cool because we have a cold front that's coming through. as we head into the weekend, beautiful conditions expected. today below average 80 degrees, 77 on saturday. take a look at sunday. plenty of sunshine, 79. that's a beautiful day. as we head into next week, we push back into the mid-to-high 80s. remember the umbrella and you may need some extra time. >> remember to listen to katy zachry who is going to -- >> i like that. >> always look to the katy. >> could you follow me around and say that. >> sure, be glad to. >> we know that new jersey drivers especially are dealing with wet roadways, brz just showed us the rain moving into new jersey. camden, you're dealing with fire activity. we just zoomed our center city camera in that focuses on camden. let's go to our next map.
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it's in the heart of camden at 4th street and spruce street. jesse gary has been showing us over the last few minutes the fire activity from the ground. just be aware for drivers in that area. expect delays around 4th and spruce in camden. taking a look in pennsylvania, the rain has cleared out. slick roadways in philadelphia and east. this is a live look at 309 at the pen turnpike. no issues to report on the majors in pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware. however, in montgomery county, a minor incident in limerick, evergreen road at rupert road, there's an accident there. be aware. katy just touched on traffic situation surrounding this breaking news we're following in camden this morning where there's a house fire that started as a two-alarm fire 45 minutes ago. it's spread to a third row home, a third building there on south 4th street in camden. we know one person at least was injured. nbc 10's jesse gary on scene telling us that person has smoke inhalation. we also know that our camera was
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following a few minutes ago when part of that building collapsed. we're trying to get the video of that collapse into the system so we can show you that dramatic video. firefighters barely gotç out o the way of the falling debris there. we'll have a live report from jesse in a few minutes. stay with us.
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nbc 10 first on the scene in camden where we continue to follow breaking news. a house fire there has spread to a third home. one person injured, a building has partially collapsed, nbc 10's jesse gary live on the scene for us with an update now. jesse? >> reporter: chris, i've been to the other side. i can tell you, firefighters are on a third building. they've been able to pull their hoses on to the top of a neighboring building, i'm believing to get into position to try to spray water more effectively on the flames which you can still see burning on the top floor and what's left of the roof of this corner building here in camden. two buildings have been destroyed. they've been able to prevent it from jumping to a third
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building. they are on the roof of that third building trying to get a better angle. i checked in with pse & g, the gas company. they believe the gas is shut off but they can't be certain due to the lack of being able to get close enough to the building. we've been talking to residents who wlif nearby, discussing what they've heard and smelled this morning. we'll have that for you coming up in our next report, again, firefighters continue battling hot spots that are flaring up on the roof of this building at thç corner of south 4th and spruce. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. turning do you to the casino crisis in atlantic city. and a new plan to attract gamblers that could mean bigger jackpots. a progressive slots system is in place. it links 100 slots with 600 in nevada.
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the progressive jackpots grow in size as more gamblers play. all atlantic city casinos are participating. this change comes as three casinos prepare to shut down, show boat closing on august 31st, revel will close the next day and the casino will close two days after that on september 2nd. trump plaza will shut two weeks later. the taney dragons gave us a great ride but they ended their little league world series run last night with a 6-5 loss to chicago. have you ever wondered where the name taney came from? the dragons were born on south taney street but historians tell us that the street was mostly named after the fifth chief justice of the supreme court roger tawny. historians think the pronunciation changed over the years from tawny to taney. he's the justice who delivered the dred scott decision writing that african-americans could never be united states citizens.
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good news, eagles fans. the offense looked sharp during a win against the steelers. people are happy about this. nick foles in the first team offense took a 17-0 lead at halftime. they scored on three of their six drives, including a screen pass here to la'shaun mckay. mccoy did leave the came with a thumb injury but x-rays came back negative. next up, the eagles play the jets in their last preseason game. the nfl has a policy that a game cannot be shown on local tv if it's not sold out within 72 hours of kickoff. since 1975, the fcc has told cable companies they have to do the same. in 2000 the rule was extended to satellite providers. now the commissioner says it's time for the blackouts to end.
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>> i think a lot of fans can identify, even if their own team isn't necessarily blacked out with the folks in buffalo, cincinnati, tampa bay or san diego who suffer through blackouts and can't watch their team. >> he's one of five fcc commissioners. he's the first one to talk about being in favor of changing the rule. back in december, the fcc voted to seek public input on the issue. you are watching nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> good god. >> what you saw and heard there was part of a building collapsing during a house fire in camden. right now this fire at two alarms, one person injured. we'll go live back to the scene where jesse gary witnessed that building collapse. showers are moving through parts of the area and they could slow down your morning commute. jesse gary actually got this video along route 309 in
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montgomeryville this morning. >> you can see the wet weather on nbc 10's first alert radar. looks like it's moving out of the area, hopefully we will be in for a rainy day as the showers come back bwfore we hopefully get a nice weekend ahead. nbc 10 news today starts right now. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about that rain and begin with meteorologist brittney shipp in the first alert weather center. >> most of the thunderstorms have now pushed offshore but if you were in south jersey, that's where we're seeing most of the rainfall, the poconos, the suburbs, you're drying out. though we maintain a chance of showers for the entire airy for the rest of today. the ericmaaramark building, mos cloudy skies. most of the rainfall is confined to parts south jersey, moving through galloway, also parts of millville. we do expect the chance of showers throughout this morning, today even heading into the evening. by 10:00 a.m., 74 degrees by 1:00 p.m., 78 degrees and then toda


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