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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  August 22, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> you can see the wet weather on nbc 10's first alert radar. looks like it's moving out of the area, hopefully we will be in for a rainy day as the showers come back bwfore we hopefully get a nice weekend ahead. nbc 10 news today starts right now. i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about that rain and begin with meteorologist brittney shipp in the first alert weather center. >> most of the thunderstorms have now pushed offshore but if you were in south jersey, that's where we're seeing most of the rainfall, the poconos, the suburbs, you're drying out. though we maintain a chance of showers for the entire airy for the rest of today. the ericmaaramark building, mos cloudy skies. most of the rainfall is confined to parts south jersey, moving through galloway, also parts of millville. we do expect the chance of showers throughout this morning, today even heading into the evening. by 10:00 a.m., 74 degrees by 1:00 p.m., 78 degrees and then today's high, warming to 80
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degrees which is still below average for us. that's just the beginning of a cooling trend that will send our temperatures into the high 70s right over the weekend. i'll let you know when we're getting rid of the showers. that's coming up in my first alert forecast. let's go to katy for a look at traffic. we are dealing with wet roadways as you pointed out. i first want to talk about a breaking news situation in camden. we have a reporter on the scene. there's a fire at 4th and spruce streets in camden. an alternate is 2nd or broadway. i was able to zoom in one of our center city cameras that faces camden. you can tell this is an active scene. you'll get a ground view of that in minutes from now from jesse gary. avoid this area if you're driving in camden this morning. taking a look at some of the wet roadways, route 73 at academy road. some slick spots but there's not a lot of cars on the roadways. it's a friday in late august. we're dealing with not a lot of traffic in the area.
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there's an accident in montgomery county, limerick, evergreen road at rupert road. be aware of that if you're headed in that area. >> katy was telling us about the traffic impact. it's a two-alarm house fire burning in camden. in the past five minutes, that fire spread to a third building there. nbc 10's jesse gary is live on scene. you've caught dramatic video that you're now sharing with everyone. >> reporter: chris, that was of the partial building collapse. let me move out of the way. we're standing on spruce -- i'm sorry, we're standing on 4th and that's spruce intersecting. on the corner, you can see the debris. you see the brick, rubble and debris. that was from the partial collapse. let's take a look at how that got on the ground. g. god. >> reporter: that's what happened about 30 minutes ago. a couple firefighters were standing there and were
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fortunate to get out of the way before the debris landed on them. the lone injury due to the fire is smoke inhalation. no one else has been injured. that's good news. the third building, the fire hasn't reached it but firefighters are using it as a leverage point. they are trying to keep the fire contained to the two buildings that have been destroyed. when we got here 45 minutes, an hour ago, hef low smoke was billowing through this area. there's still a lot of smoke but not as bad. when we were gotç here earlier it was so smoky, you could not see your hand in front of your face. we'll bring you some of the comments from some of the neighbors who woke up this morning to the fiery scene. live in camden, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> keep us posted, jesse. patco riders will see changes because of the new construction schedule.
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here's a live picture. it's part of a two-year, $103 million project to replace the track on the ben franklin bridge. again, here is a live picture of the bridge. patco is closing the track from the north side of the bridge to replace the tracks, ties and other signal equipment. there will be service reductions but pat owe cco says there will fewer gaps in service than a previous work stage. the gaps in the schedule run through october 31st. playable, right field. pierce jones, game over. >> with that, tenny's magical ride in williamsport came to an end last night. the philadelphia team lost to illinois by one run. they were down four runs but fought back hard. taney had the tieing run at third base with two outs in the final at-bat. as you saw there, could not come up with a hit. the players will come home from williamsport today and will do so with their heads held high. we talked with star pitcher mo'ne davis about last night's
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loss. she says this team should be proud. >> to not cry or to not be mad, because we made it this far. so there's no reason to cry or anything. >> the kids are handling that loss very well, so are their parents and coaches. they say it's been an incredible experience. >> i don't even know what to say to her. she changed my life from three weeks ago. i'm speechless right now, even that we made it this far. none of us expected to be here. >> extremely proud. it's been an intense experience. i'm not going to lie to you. it wasn't 100% pleasurable. it was intense on many levels. but i'm very proud of not only my son but all the kids. >> so intense for those young players, too. we know philadelphia is so proud of them. the final score again last night, 6-5. so close to advancing. our matt delucia is live in williamsport this morning. we'll check in with him coming
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up at 5:30. he'll have more with mo'ne davis and a breakdown of that final loss to chicago. 5:06. new from overnight, a man was shot and killed in the frankford section of philadelphia and the gunman waited for police. it happened just after 10:00 on torresdale avenue in a driveway. the 56-year-old shooter turned himself in to police and is talking with investigators. police are not yet saying why he shot the other man. delaware police are investigating the shooting of a liquor store clerk at catrona liquors late last night. the person who was beaten outside the store was also taken to a different hospital. we still don't know either victim's condition. no arrests. happening today, the son of convicted abortion doctor kermit gosnell will be in court today.
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he was shot and seriously wounded during an attempted robbery inç june. officers were behind the online sting that started on craigslist and ended at a planet fitness parking lot in astin. this is cell phone video from the scene. james smith was expecting to meet a 15-year-old boy. instead he was arrested. the d.a. says using craigslist to catch child predators is effective because those predators are persistent. >> he knew he was dealing with a minor. he knew it was only a 15-year-old boy and he nevertheless continued to pursue him. >> never expected the guy to be meeting the kid on craigslist. craigslist is a big worldwide site. >> this morning, smith is in jail. from our jersey shore bureau this morning, police officers in atlantic city are now wearing body cameras. those cameras similar to the ones you see in this video here, they record video and audio but
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only after an officer switches them on. 20 cameras will be split among officers on three shifts. they cost around $300 apiece and were paid for through a community development block grant. happening today, two nasa engineers will share their experiences as part of a preview to the lehigh valley air show. they both work on the agency's new rocket that will be capable of deep space exploration missions. the air show runs tomorrow and sunday at the lehigh valley international airport. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we're tracking showers, even thunderstorms moving through parts of our area this morning. we'll continue with a chance of showers throughout your friday. a cooler weekend on tap, daytime highs staying in the high 70s and then as we head into next week, we'll see a warming trend that will push us above average. in philadelphia, light rain coming down, 69 degrees. humidity is at 90%. gusting wind speeds out of the east gusting to 18 miles an
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hour. here's a look at where the rainfall is. it's pushed out of the suburbs, the poconos, not really into parts of delaware. it's manly situated and confined to parts of south jersey. the heaviest thunderstorm activity and strongest thunderstorm activity is pushed offshore already. here's whatter with seeing the rainfall, just to the north of mays landing, we're still dealing with moderate to heavy downpours. also to the south of mystic island. this is tracking to the south, closer to 5:14. we are going to see some of the rain moving into parts of clover leaf lakes. and a closer look along the shore here, just to the south of maurice river. everywhere else looks to be drying out at this time. we have a flood advisory for parts of burlington county until 5:45 this morning. we could see some of the streams and creeks flooded there. be careful if you see any flooded roadways. on and off, showers expected throughout today. looks like closer to the evening it will be confined mainly to the lehigh valley.
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the poconos, keep your umbrella handy. the average 85 degrees. today, below average, 80 degrees. saturday, temperatures at 77 degrees. i'll have your shore cast and your first alert seven-day forecast coming up. as we follow the breaking news in camden on the house fire, that's also having an impact on traffic in the area. >> you'll have to get around it. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has the get-around way. >> this is still an active scene, smoke billowing from the scene at 4th and spruce streets. jesse gary is on the ground in camden. an alternateç is second streetr broadway. there's a lot of activity there. the scene seems to be expanding. second or broadway, wide enough detours around it. you're going to want to keep that in mind throughout the morning. there's a new accident into our system in montgomery county, route 422 westbound, the off ramp to route 29. we have video of that, here it
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is. you can see the flashing lights right there. it's a little foggy. the rain has moved out. it's grainy. that's not due to the rain. there's an accident in limerick. we've been following this for the last few minutes, evergreen road at rupert road. >> back to that fire situation in camden, breaking news we're following. it's been a stubborn fire to put out as we are still seeing flames from our live camera. this is taped video but we're still seeing flames, our reporter on scene there. this fire started more than an hour ago. it was a two-alarm fire. it consumed two row homes. it was threatening to spread to a third building but firefighters were able to contain it. jesse gary on scene. we'll check back in a moment for more on that. a terrifying scene for any driver, headlights coming right at you. in this case, the car is also headed into the wrong direction.
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we'll explain why police let the driver slam right into them.
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nbc 10 first on the scene of this breaking news. we're in camden where a two-alarm house fire continues to burn. one person was injured. jesse gary has been there for more than an hour. are firefighters starting to get a handle on this thing? >> reporter: it's still a stub around fire, still burning inside the building in the walls and the roof area as they continue to douse the flames. new information, i checked in with camden fire chief mark
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harper just a second ago. he tells me the report of the one person who was injured with smoke inhalation, that is unconfirmed. he says none of his men have seen that person. i checked in with ems and they haven't seen that person. i'm not saying there wasn't a person with smoke inhalation but they weren't treated by the personnel here, maybe they took themselves to the hospital. the chief tells me both the buildings on fire were abandoned at the time of the fire. the men on the third building over, they're not putting out flames on that building, they are using that as a leverage point or a vantage point to fight the flames that continue to burn on the corner here of south 4th and spruce here in camden. it's been going on for a little more than an hour now. they've gotten the upper hand, there's a lot less smoke and flames but still, in the upper corners of the back, there are still flames burning. that's why they continue to
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douse water on this scene. neighbors said they were woken up by the smell of smoke. >> i was sleeping. i smelled smoke. i checked outside. my mom woke me up. i checked it out. there's a big fire at the corner house. >> that's jose figueroa. he smelled the smoke in his house and he's not even that close to the fire scene, he's about a half block away. that's how much smoke has been billowing down the corner here in camden. i'll check in in a couple minutes, try to get more information. texas governor rick perry is scheduled to be arraigned today on felony charges including abuse of power aniko ergs of a public servant. the allegations stem from his veto of funds for a district attorney as office after she was charged with dwi. perry is calling the charges a farce, saying they're politically motivated. perry is not required to appear
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at today's hearing. authorities are saying it could take months to clean up an oil spill. the gasoline spilled into the san juan river. while it has been contained by floating barriers, the head of the water commission says it will take two to three months to clean it up. officers allowed a car going the wrong way to crash into their vehicle. the driver who suffers from dementia crashed into the crew. the officers decided to let them crash into them to prevent serious injury toç any other drivers. >> incredible video. we know about the fire location in camden that you'll have to detour around plus wet roads today. >> let's see if there are other issues facing you as you head out the door. katy zachry has a look at traffic. >> chris and tracy, that's pretty much what's plaguing drivers, wet roadways and that
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fire in camden. you can see smoke is billowing from that building or series of buildings. it's happening at 4th and spruce streets, an alternate around that. it looks like the scene will be out there for quite some time. 2nd street or broadway. keep that in mind if you're traveling in camden. 95, we saw rain moving in. it's since moved out. traffic is looking great. your average speed is 53 miles an hour, headed into center city philadelphia. there's an accident into our system. this is in montgomery county. route 422 westbound, the off ramp to route 29. here's video. you can see the flashing lights right here, over on the shoulder. there's not enough traffic for this to be an issue. as the morning rush picks up, if it's still there, it could become an issue for you. that's the latest in traffic, guys. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning, we're tracking the last of showers and
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thunderstorms that are pulling out of south jersey. friday showers expected for us on and off today. a cool weekend on tap for you. high 70s both saturday and sunday. a warming trend as we head into next week, temperatures push back into the mid, even high 80s. partly cloudy in philadelphia. the rain is stopped there. 69 degrees. if you take a look at atlantic city, rainfall is starting to push into the atlantic city airport. 67 degrees right now with light rain coming down. here's a closer look at the radar. you can see most of the rain is confined to south jersey, also right along the shore. as we head into the rest of this morning, we will continue to see on and off showers but the heaviest rainfall right now is moving into parts of this area and also into mays landing. atlantic city will be next before all of this happens.
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be careful if you see flooded roadways. on and off showers expect as we head into the rest of today and even into the evening. we are going to see clearing as we head into saturday. a few lingering showers expected. but as we push into your early afternoon hours, you'll start to notice those clouds moving out. we'll see nice conditions. a chance of showers, temperatures at 74. 76 on saturday. with a few a.m. showers expected by sunday. beautiful conditions, mid-70s. then your seven-day forecast shows the city dries out as well. 77 degrees. take a look at sunday. 79 degrees. those are temperatures we normally see down the shore. as we head into next week, we warm back into the mid-to-high 80s. >> good god. >> that was the moment that a witness saw part of a building collapse during this house fire that's burning at this moment in camden. started as a two-alarm fire.
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two abandoned buildings. the buildings are abandoned. that's good news. also, the earlier report of a person who may have been injured, that is not confirmed at thisrtime. perhaps there's a situation where no one has been injured which would also be good news. firefighters are having trouble getting the stubborn fire put out. there's still a situation there. we'll keep you posted on the developments, live in camden. a red light reprieve. why 17,000 drivers won't have to pay their fines even though they got caught on camera. ssle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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5:24. if you're just joining us, breaking news, fire continues to burn in camden in a series of buildings on 4th and spruce streets, firefighters now have an upper hand on it, according to jesse gary. the buildings are abandoned. there are traffic impacts. katy zachry will tell you how to get around that in just a moment. >> 5:24. 17,000 drivers in new jersey who ran red lights won't get a ticket in the mail because of a computer glitch. 17 towns contracted a company to run the cameras. well, that company had a glitch from may 28th to june 30th impacting five local towns. township, deptford, glassboro and monroe township. so the new jersey court sent those towns this letter letting them know they cannot issue red light tickets. it's against court rules to send a ticket 90 days after a violation. this morning there's a new investigation related to general
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motors faulty ignition switch. bertha coombs is here in this morning's cnbc business news. bertha, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes, federal prosecutors are looking into whether employees of gm's legal department willfully concealed evidence from regulators about a faulty ignition switch. the ignition switch that led to that giant recall. that may have delayed that recall of vehicles with the fatal problem. according to a source which "the wall street journal" is quoting. the "journal" reports that this latest round of scrutiny to gm's legal department adds to the larger allegation of misconduct. gm's own internal report did say that the legal department was at fault and a couple people were dismissed. back to you. >> likely a lot more to come on this. bertha coombs, cnbc, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're tracking the last of the showers and thunderstorms
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moving through south jersey, right along the shore. i'll let you know what to expect for the ref of your friday as we come back from the break. first, katy. hi, britteny, thank you. yes, we are seeing the rain move through new jersey. this is a live look at mt. laurel, 72 at 295. slick roadways still exist there. i'll tell you what's going on on your majors throughout the area as well. we continue to follow the breaking news out of camden. >> jesse gary is live on the scene. jesse? >> reporter: tracy, the fire has been knocked back but the flames have not been put down completely. we'll have an update on this breaking news right after the break.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> good god. >> only nbc 10's camera was there as part of that building collapsed during a house fire in camden. that two-alarm fire still burning now. we'll go back live to the scene in a moment. showers throughout the area. check out the wind-blown rain in wildwood. this is 1st and new jersey avenue, courtesy of ricky aldridge, an nbc 10 viewer. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. brittney shipp told us the rain was coming.
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>> it continues to move to the south. if you're in the suburbs of the poconos, you're not seeing rainfall. closer to the shore, south jersey, that's where the rain is right now. mostly cloudy skies, low visibility. the heaviest rain right now coming down just over atlantic city. we saw rain moving out of maurice river. as we head into the rest of the day we have a chance of showers. a flood advisory stays in effect for another 15 minutes for burlington county as some of the urban rivers and streams, we could see ponding and elevated levels. be careful, you might see flooded roadways as you head to work. we maintain a chance of showers and temperatures below average, warming to 80 before we drop into the 70s heading into the weekend. i'll help you plan your entire weekend coming up in my seven-day forecast. >> there are wet roadways in new jersey that drivers are


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